Thursday, March 14, 2024

"This is What Comes of Having Vested Interests that Can Be Diminished or Taken From You, If... You... Tell... The... Truth."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The TikTok sale was not about The Chinese owning it. It was about pressure from The ADL which owns the Congress that makes the laws.

Behind the scenes... The Usual Suspects own The United States Government. This is amply demonstrated by their overwhelming presence in every critical area of the government. Most people don't like their mass murder of The Palestinians... because they want their land and resources.

How is it that the masses have not yet discovered what a put-up job October 7th was? Have they learned nothing from 9/11? Oh... right... they don't know about that either. Do they know about Israel's motto being “By deception, thou shalt do war?” From the language used in the statement, one might imagine that motto has been around for a long time.

Well... The TikTok caper shows that The World is waking up, and every effort they make to shut down... the mediums that expose them... will only result in a greater exposure, and... more and more proof of their out-sized influence... in every area of human life.

The control they have exercised over material conditions... is being revealed to The World... through The Power of Apocalypse. Their hour has come round at last, and... there is NOTHING they can do to forestall what is coming for them. It is coming for them in external form, and... it is coming internally as well. The Avatar has got them coming AND going. They don't want to be standing still either; not that they could.

It always comes back to The 9/11 Litmus Test. If you don't know about 9/11, and who did 9/11, BUT... mostly... if you got some kind of a porous argument that will not survive even casual scrutiny... you fail. You are delegitimized in my eyes. If you don't know by now or... can't say that Israel was an architect and main player in the 9/11 attacks, AND... AND... you happen to be a politician, somebody... owns... you.

This is what comes of having skin in the game. This is what comes of having vested interests that can be diminished or taken from you, if... you... tell... the... truth. I had to make that choice a long time ago, once I saw how the game was played. Over the course of history... many souls have had to come to terms with themselves and their conscience. Everyone else keeps their heads down and their mouths shut. They should never have been born at all. What a disgrace!

Everyone who closes their eyes to the truth, and... everyone who denies the truth... automatically betrays their fellows; cave dei videt.

Oh, my goodness!!! Mr. Apocalypse has turned it up several notches. What the Hayul is this??? Remember when I mentioned Macron and his wife... 25 years his elder? Wait till you get a load of this!!!

Can The Tale of Big Bad Mike be far behind? ♫ Big Mike... Big Bad Mike... one testicle of iron... the other of steel. If the left one don't get you then the right one... oh never mind!!! Puleeze! ♫ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

And... elsewhere... elsewhere? Somewhere? I don't know! People are dropping everywhere. It seems there might be pulses that can be sent out... over cellphone frequencies... that trigger fatal reactions, at least that is what I am picking up on other... internal frequencies. This whole Vaccine of Death scenario is a well-orchestrated... culling of humanity... that is tied into 5G, and... and? All sorts of things.

Why am I even bringing that up? Everyone who reads here already (or should already) knows this. Well... I am given to believe that this is now warming up in the on-deck circle. I'm sorry to include this science-heavy commentary, BUT... for those who get it... it gives a launching pad for further speculation... leading to... greater insight.

I have mentioned the Time Bombs... Depth Charges... that have been dropped into the collective unconscious... these are tuned to the progressive advance of Lady Awakening... rising up from the depths of the subconscious... into the surface mind, AND... going Ka-Boom!!! This is a feature of one of those forces loosed into The World by The Divine. It is the cosmic arrangement of events that reflect off of... occur as a product of... the interplay of Apocalypse and Awakening. Call them Offspring if you like.

Step by step... This happens... then That happens, and then? Whatever follows That happens, and then... that leads to the next thing that happens. If you can detach your mind from its investments in outcome on this plane, you will literally... be able to see all of this happening.

Israel and its appearance-manipulating... disinfo organizations... were outraged by TikTok promoting pro-Palestinian narratives. They tried an end run under false presentations of Chinese hoodooery (not that that is not also... probably going on) and? Well... they've been caught out by these depth charges... these time-release-capsule bombs... set to go off exactly when they do.

What's coming up in The Event Horizon? Well... that certain something... that THEY say happened... during World War Two, and... that they tried to get happening in World War One... that's coming up. The truth about 9/11... that's coming up. The Killer Vaccine mass-murder affair... that's coming up. Dark and dirty doings by The Clintons... The Obamas, and... The Bidens, (and a collection of ne'er-do-wells that we have not seen... ever before... in such numbers.) are coming up too.

These are all in the process of emerging from the soil of The Greater Subconscious like Amanita virosa... with a speaker system... communicating over the mycelium telegraph. The waving... trembling... hyphae are telling The Hive Mind... where to look, and... what it means. Each of these PROGRAMMED events of exposure, and... revelation... are linked to revelations within us... having to do with our becoming more familiar... with our own being... by contrast with those who have betrayed their own being. Yikes!

We understand things through comparisons with their opposite numbers... by associations in place and time... through similarities in behavior and appearance. We make connections in our minds by electrical interactions, AND... ALL... OF... THIS... is going to lead to an epidemic of Eureka! Eureka! Not all of us will be sitting in the bathtub when it hits.

The CIA, and other intelligence services... create conspiracy stories... to cover for the real stories taking place; reptile beings masquerading as humans... ill-fitting face masks on public figures... with the intention of making us think we are seeing something... Flat Earth BS... Aliens among us.

They create these tales to distract us from what... is... really... going... on, AND... which you can't generally see in the first place because IT IS ALL made to happen through POSSESSION. It is an internal dynamic. This is why we are told, “By their works, ye shall know them.” They manufacture distractions all through the day... via hundreds and hundreds of media outlets... that they control... or have compromised.... or created for those purposes in the first place.

For the common rat in the maze... the garden variety pigeon... bread and circuses will suffice. However... with The Awakening... that they most certainly know about... there is another group of awakening humans that they have to deal with. They have whole departments that keep up with this sort of thing. Telepathic invasion is a regular feature with them. They broadcast subliminally into The Hive Mind 24-7 from invisible conning towers of darkness.

Just because you see something or... think you saw something... does not mean they didn't put it there for you to see... to begin with. Wake up!!! Meanwhile... you don't actually have to worry about all that. Forces of Light are omnipresent, and... directing traffic... as it pleases Heaven for them to do so. What you do need to do is align with these forces of light, and... you do that by watching what you think, say, and do.

You rely on the ineffable and the ineffable will handle your affairs. Rely on yourself and you will be permitted to handle your affairs, and... good luck with that; given The Purpose of Demonstration et. al.

Pay attention! It is the difference between Life and Death or... should we just say Transition... since there is no Death; not really. That's good news and that's bad news. One of the first things you discover upon leaving your body... which is your anchor into this plane... is just how under control the whole process is.

We can't seem to comprehend The Control Factor because we never see more than half of The Process at any particular time. Something's missing, is it? The more you pay attention... the more you concentrate and focus your attention... the more you see into things... the more they reveal their nature and their purpose to you.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

Funny you brought this up today.

"And... elsewhere... elsewhere? Somewhere? I don't know! People are dropping everywhere. It seems there might be pulses that can be sent out... over cellphone frequencies... that trigger fatal reactions, at least that is what I am picking up on other... internal frequencies. This whole Vaccine of Death scenario is a well-orchestrated... culling of humanity... that is tied into 5G, and... and? All sorts of things."

I noted today that the reflectivity across the southeast of the USA has been busy... its been a couple months since I saw action like this.

I am watching for articles from the south east, ie texas to florida and up the east coast to see if there are reports of sudden increases in events.

This is the originating site for the reflectivity hash over the USA. I keep this open on a tab in a browser so I can check it a few times daily.


0 said...

"Israel and its appearance-manipulating... disinfo organizations... were outraged by TikTok promoting pro-Palestinian narratives."

Did you see the day after congress passed the tiktok thing, mnuchin stepped up to say he'd get a gang together to buy it. Man this shits getting Right in yo FACE(book)!


Beach Dude said...

Yes. That is why i do a digital detox. The internet is a valuable tool. And i appreaciate some of the connections. Alot of what you see going on is distraction these days and a bunch of attention whores. Sometimes i turn it all off for weeks. And not look at it. People say to me, you dont have your phone? I said no, i know where im at and i know where im going and who is going to be there.

And i give myself permission to be present for me. And let things such as you have said recently digest within me and resinate, permiate and percolate in their ripe season. I know there is a purpose for your work.

You kmow, last summer when i got to the mountains. It was a beautiful day. Kids riding bicycles and skateboards on the street, laughing and playing. People mowing their lawns and planting flowers.

I was sitting under a Big Maple tree in a lawn chair. I was in quiet contemplation and perfect serenity. A large monark butterfly fluttered and landed on my knee. I looked at it. It just rested their on my knee. I went back to my thoughts and deep contemplation. Life was happening all around me.

Then all the sudden the sky turned black and it started raining. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Everyone started running inside their houses. Leaving their bikes, skateboards, mowers where they laid.

I didnt move. I was in perfect serenity sitting under that maple tree. The butterfly stayed on my knee.

The lightning flashed and the thunder boomed so loud it shook the windows on the house so much it almost broke them. The rain was just dumping buckets outside.

I didnt move. I was in perfect serenity sitting under that maple tree. The butterfly stayed on my knee.

Booom! BOOOOM! The thunder shook the house.

I didnt move. I was in perfect serenity sitting under that maple tree. The butterfly stayed on my knee. The large monarch buttfly didnt even flutter. I was at perfect peace.

Then the rain stopped, the clouds split open and the sunshined forth. The storm disapated and the sky turned blue again.

The ranchers wife (i rent a room on a ranch) came out of the house and said holy cow! I thought the windows were going to bust out from the thunder. I looked outside and saw you sitting there under the tree with that butterfly on your leg. You looked so peaceful and that storm was just raging all around you. You looked like an Angel sitting there.

The large monark butterfly futtered up and floated away.

I smiled, reached for a cigerette and lit it up.

The ranchers wife says, look! Look at you! Not a single drop of rain touched you. Not a single drop! I smiled and said pretty cool.

The next day when i went out to my lawn chair, under the large maple tree to sit, have coffee and a smoke. I looked down as i was sitting and a heart shapped green leaf had grown up from the ground and was right below it.

It dawned on me there is two worlds present here. The one that rages and causes everyone to run for cover in fear. And the other one that grows heart shapped leaves.

The world that rages, cant touch you with single drop of water, while you dwell in the other one.

That is how your Avatar guy speaks to me. That is how he answers my questions. And that is how i remember who i really am. In that language.

You know, THE DUDE.

With that. Im going to take a break from the internet. Except to pay some bills and a few other things.

Thank you, i will let what you said to me resinate for a while. And see what it says to me perhaps under a palm tree.

Beach Dude said...

P.S. when the liars and assholes who create a storm like that for the world, have their "oh shit!" Moment and come and ask me for help.

I might just sit under a maple tree and watch them run around freaking the fuck out and do nothing other than hold on to my peace.


Beach Dude said...

Afa skin in the game. Im not fighting against late stage dimentia patient. What would that prove? That old world is late stage patient on its death bed.

I wasnt called to stand in that spot by the lady who whispered on the wind to fight for or against a dying world. I was called for the world that is being born. Not their new world order. That is just cheep gimics and marketing. The Brave New World to come. The real world being born.

I talked to THE DUDE about it a long while back. And He said let that world die. Fighting with it gives it purpose and meaning. Let that world die. Its already dead. It just doesnt know it. Dont put it on life support. Its the most loving and copassionate thing you could do.

That whole old world is a fugazi. is all based on a fugazi. Meaning its not real. Its an illusion. A mirage. Wild ramblings of a dementia patient as it takes its last breaths ans shouts profanities.

M - said...

Beach Dude:
Wow that sounds amazing. Where do you live?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure most of us have seen The Big Lebowski. I know Visible did because he mentioned not liking it or understanding its cult status. Why you are using this persona I don't know. You are a teller of tale tales. That's an American tradition and nothing wrong with that. The whole of it raises certain flags for me but none so much as the constant announcements of departure but never quite leaving.


Anonymous said...

What does Mr Visible and anyone here in comments think of the idea that the thousand years reign of Christ as depicted in Revelation has already come to pass and that we are now witnessing the decisive phase of the release of Olde Scratch for a short time before “he” and his little helpers are convicted and incarcerated for a good long prison term and that there has been some serious 3 Card Monty being played on the fundies and the ignorant about these timelines, to fool them into believing the Second Coming is coming. But in actuality, the Second Coming already came?

Hence, it might explain the Herculean and beautiful taste in architecture of our dear Lord. How old are all those buildings, really? It makes even more sense why the ruling junta would want to have as much destruction done to them as possible, at least to the ones they’ve not chosen to utilize for their bloviating credit grabbling. Those little demons only know how to direct construction of glass and metal rectangles, more or less.

It does sorta make sense and i’d say it also lines up with the Vedas and the timelines we’ve (you have) noted previous, and i don’t feel there’s much separation of the Eastern and Western esoteric systems here, in reality. I never did. It all originated from the same source of course, being merely separated by small minds
for personal reasons, which we all know. “Ooohh Wwwilbur!”

There was a great video on YidTube by a woman on this subject but it’s locked up
in private mode, which makes one wonder . . .

Very much enjoying the “Great Masters” book. The region of the Himalayas is Fascinating.

love n bubbles,


Visible said...

I've heard that a few times already. Honestly... I don't know, but my source indicates to me that the reason for the sudden tailspin with humanity is due to The Avatar precipitating down the planes and driving those principalities and powers DOWN before him and finally out into The Material Plane for judgment. it accounts for all the states of Possession everywhere to be seen; the sexual perversity and obsessions... the violent streets... the complete collapse of the systems.

Whether it is the temporary state created by The Avatar... sweeping out the planes on his way to setting everything in order, or The Devil running wild... for a set period of time... I don't know. It is obvious we are passing through the changes of a world in transition. Some aspects from both could just as likely account for the state of things

Anonymous said...

I don’t know either. In earlier times, i’d loathe to say that, but thank God you’ve helped me to be happy to say so now. grin.

Yes, i think your valuations about the driving down of the P & Ps is accurate, as well as profound and awesome. I agree in other words, and i think it also fits. The deception of the fundies and plebes is a BIG issue. the Great Deception ongoing before the Great Apocalypse syncs up, i think.

T’is but one of those food for thought deals that has me leaning in that direction.

Thanks, Viz.



Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Ability to Concentrate is a Great Power. Why Do You Think These Clever Operators Create so Many Distractions?"

Dude said...

A portal is opening.

This current workd is like the refrigerator unplugged. on the outside it looks good. but everything is rotting away inside. you can hire a mathematician, a priest, a quantum physicist, a snap on tool truck man and a magician. and have them come out, open the door and scream equations, blessings, quantum theory, lists of tools a mile long and pull rabbits out of hats until they are all blue in the face. Hire teams of experts and use slide rulers with pocket protectors filled with pens.

but unless someone goes over and plugs the damn cord in the wall. everything inside will continue to rot until it is no longer useful.

even then, no amount of knowledge in this world can make all that rotten stuff inside worth or of value.

like THE DUDE said to me, don’t put it on life support. let it die, it’s the most loving and compassionate thing you can do.

and at some point all that rotten stuff will be tossed out. it will be plugged in again to the power source, and new healthy things will be place inside.

the portal is opening.

I am currently amazed and in wonder that the coming eclipse begins at the exact moment I stood in that place 4 years ago to the minute, on April 8th 2020. to the minute.

The Shaman who was there reminded me of that. He said, you know that the eclipse starts at the exact moment you stepped into the circle of the sacred place. To the minute. 4 years later. I'd expect a suprize. Something good. The Shamman thinks a portal will open.

Then I went to another site to see someone I have spoke with over the last decade. And eh said the same thing today. A portal is opening.

I wonder what will happen. for me, or to me. Or the world as we know it. the timing of such things. not even the sum total of all the computing power of the entire planet including A.I. can schedule something that Grand in occurrence. to the minute. how cool is that?

so I sit here in my car and wonder, Why would THE DUDE schedule an eclipse 4 years to the minute after the lady who whispered on the wind took me to a place where nobody had stood in thousands of years.

there has to be a reason for it.

And two people unrelated who don't know each other said the same thing. A portal is opening. I take note when I see two people say the same exact thing who don't even know the other exists.

Maybe I'm the avatar guy. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm just a witness. Maybe I'm just the guy who got the whole ball rolling. Maybe I'm just a retard in the loop. Maybe I don't have a fucking clue. Maybe if I get out of the way long enough THE DUDE will make it all happen. I Don't know.

But it's sunny outside. I'm not vaccinated, I'm healthy as a horse, I'm sitting outside of a guiser that erupts every hour on the hour singing the old hymnal song, spring up oh well and make me while. Spring up oh well and give to me, that life abundantly.

Dude said...

i got my answer from The Elders.
i do things without being consciously aware of them, because they are done though the meditative mind. the dream mind. then later the consiouse mind or awake mind understands.

when the eclipse happens, the veil between both the consiouse mind and the meditative mind (unconsiouse or subconsious if you prefer) within me, will be removed. the two will become one. there will be no seperation between each like most people experiance.

i will be synced if you will with all that is. trippy.

not sure what will happen. but atleast i will know when i write something or flows through me, i will understand its meening. because sometimes things flow through me and i go back and read them and think wow, i wrote that???

how did i know that???

its like when i was driving trains last summer in the mountains. i was driving Ore Train #11. hauling phosphate. phosphate is the alchmey symbol for spirit and light. i kept thinking merkabah. the chariot of God. i didnt know why i kept thinking it. but cheriot of God was stuck in my mind.

then one day i relized there was an eagles nest north of me (face of an eagle) a mountain lion den east (face of lion), a herd of Cattle to the west (face of Ox) and a man at the stacker down south. (face of a man)

the merkabah has 2 thrones. one by one charity and justice. and i was in train #11. one by one.

now, then i realized the shape of the train route from tipple to stacker is the symbol of infnity. same exact path looping north then looping south the other direction.

a flash of the north and south poles entered my mind.

consiously, i realized one night, im traveling on the shape of infnity hauling spirit and light in a dynamic living expression of a merkabah aka the cheriot of God.

my unconsiouse mind recognized it, but my awake mind didnt until, one day it clicked.

according to the elders, when the eclipse happens, i will recognise these things in my awake mind. there will be no seperation between each.

that is why i kept grabbing the curtains and saying, what is hidden and in secret be known, then ripping them open and saying let their be light. opening the path between the consiouse mind and the subconsious mind. joining the two as one.

as it is in Heaven so it is on Earth.

thanks again Vis, for helping me sort that out. im returning home after being on the mountain for a year.

I wont take up any more of your time.

Dude said...

The Elders said when the eclipse happens. If you dont like this movie change it. You have the power to change the movie. Aka timeline.

I almost gave up today. I quit. Im done. I dont wanna stand in the circle again. I dont. Im tired. Its been a long 4 years. Ive gave everything i owned away to someone and her kids who had nothing and lived out of 2 suit cases for almost 4 years now. And everything since, many times.

Then the elders said, nobody has stood in that place for thousands of years. No american president, no pope, no rich person, not tesla, not the smartest person that has ever lived, not napolian, none of them. Ask yourself how many people have lived entire lives in the last few thousand years? I said countless. They said more than the sands of the desert. All to produce one who was called worthy to stand there. You can quit, but dont give up.

If you dont like this movie, change it to a different one. You have the power to do so.

I said im pretty sure everyone thinks this movie is fucking retarded. This world is run by clowntown. They said change it to something more suitable to your liking. You have the power to do so.its your choice.

I said are you sure? The Elders said you know why we dont have clocks? I said no. They said tommorrow may be a whole different life. So we live each day as a lifetime. I said its that easy. They said set it in motion.

think of the timeline as a movie. They said you have the power to alter the timeline. You do. Its just a click of the button, like changing a movie on the tv. Set the course and the ship will follow.

I said okay, im definently changing the movie.

Right when i was about to give up and quit. Fuck this! I dont want all this on me. I didnt ask for it. I never wanted to be famouse or rich or powerful or any of that shit. I really didnt. I could have been all that many times. I had a website and a podcast and all that. I deleted it all. I dont wanna be popular or any of that shit.

I just want a simple good life. Happy home and a good woman, a new 4X4 truck and a good income.

And they said, and that is why you heard the call. True humility is having power but self disciple to use it wisely. They said some examples and i said, you saw that? They you could have destroyed that fella but you spoke peace into his life instead.

If you dont like the movie, change it? If you dont like the timeline, change it?

Huh. Okay. Im changing it.

What a weird deal. Fyi: we are jumping to a differnt timeline.

Its okay to quit. They said they understood. Just dont give up.



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