Monday, March 11, 2024

"Time Moves at a Much Different Pace... in Realms of Greater Densities of Matter, and... Greater Concentrations of Light."

God Poet Transmitting.......

First the kiss, then the whip... or is it, first the whip, then the kiss? I think it's the former, but that doesn't sound any better than the other one because there is always the whip... before or after. Then I find out that I came up with that phrase in the first place, so... it's what they call a push in Vegas. I sometimes think of how The Truth can sting like a whip when it is applied to a liar.

I've mentioned a few times... these several transformative forces... that The Divine has loosed in The World... a few months ago. Until today... I've never been given any details on their composition or intention. Today... I was told that one of them was meant to reveal The Truth... at the worst possible moment... for The Big Liars, and... before the largest possible audience of the moment. This was revealed to me at the conclusion of Thursday's State of The Union travesty of interactive... partisan... fellatio.

I heard a voice say; “look at that doddering old fool with so much blood on his hands. I don't doubt he sleeps upside down... hanging from the rafters in The While House attic, BUT... does it have an attic? Never mind, I'm being metaphorical... kind of. Lies are combustible, and the bigger the lie, the more flammable are the pants of the liar.”

Ever since I met The Man on The Beach, it has been a matter of some amazement to me, how plain-spoken and... sometimes... even outrageously funny... some of the spokes-entities for the ineffable... can be. Many times when I hear something... it tends to echo for a long period of time, and each time I hear the echo... a different meaning comes to me... as if I were peeling an onion; not something I have ever engaged in... I don't think, BUT... you get my meaning... ne c'est pas?

There's probably going to be a certain amount of French in this posting. It's unintentional really. I can just see that it's going to happen because... some of these things... will make perfect sense to The French, and less sense to other nationalities. Sometimes The French are the only ones who get it. Vive La France!

So these forces crawl round The World like serpents. They go everywhere... through the high... wide... and lonesome, and... around the level of the ankles... in the corridors of power. They hear and understand everything, and... they leave time deposits in their wake, set to go off at The Given Moment. We've all heard of The Given Moment, BUT... there hasn't been a given moment like this Given Moment in a very long time.

I don't know how relevant this is...

BUT... I've been certain... for a long time... of something earthshaking... coming about sooner... rather than later... because of the horrific direction of conditions and events, and... the need for people to be rocked out of their sleep one way or another. When the whole world starts to look like Sodom and Gomorrah, fire is going to come out of the skies. In a manner of speaking.

I felt both sad and grateful... as I watched that Special Olympics Cirque du Soleil rerun today; no doubt... it wasn't intentionally ironic to hold it at The Dark of The Moon... given that Cirque Du Soleil means Circus of The Sun. No... it's just more cosmic happenstance... coincidence if you prefer. I don't think they're smart enough to do that on purpose, or... are they? (Visible raises a finger to his temple and pretends to be thoughtful for a moment.) I was sad it was happening and grateful I was not there.

It does sound like something their Israeli Overlords and paymasters might come up with. They have their own Dark of The Moon coming up shortly. Perhaps it will be a duet of dueling darknesses? Ir will be entertainment indeed for me to watch their sang-froid be the first thing to leave the building... when the lights go out.

How can they sit there and listen to that guy with a straight face, and what strange cocktails did he imbibe before he went on camera? He hasn't been that composed and fluent... like that... for any length of time in a long while, and he still wasn't that good. He looked like a paper mache man with a retarded demon's hand up his ass. Visible! That wasn't very nice! It wasn't? Hmm... and I was being kind... too. Of course, a demon with its hand up the ass of a paper mache puppet will soon cause a fire.

The camera kept panning to The Fluffers in the audience. They had that wide-eyed and yet slightly deranged look of dogs who had been told that licking their privates in public was not polite. I think it was the word, 'polite' that made their brows wrinkle... then it switched to that eager look of expectation like they might just get a treat. Mind... not as nice a treat as they were just having (or thinking about), but... a treat nonetheless.

Dogs really love the smell of decaying carcasses also. I've seen them immediately go to rolling and wriggling over them, and really putting their backs into it. I don't think that's much of a stretch for contemporary members of Congress, who... no doubt... have rolled in things much less appetizing than road kill. Otherwise, they wouldn't be in Congress. I was sad to see that not a single transsexual in uniform was present... sitting next to the sad collection of military catamites who were there, and are all that is left of a once formidable military.

I didn't mean to speak ill of dogs. Anyone should know that is not a likely event from me. It's just in their nature to do certain things... the same as members of Congress, but... not with the same degree of obscenity. I have often prayed that I might have the loyalty and devotion of a dog. I have never prayed that I might have anything possessed by members of Congress.

Don't worry. They are importing tens of thousands of military-age men who will do what they are told once the interpreters arrive. I am constantly astonished... at what these people... with all the appearances of power and money... will do right in front of everyone else, and not think it will eventually come back on them. That is the intention of The Cosmos, and... thy will be done.

The Supreme Court buzzards were also front and center. Can you imagine how careful the people directing the broadcast-camera operators had to be? I wonder if they have a 7-second delay for that... like they do for audio? I mean... some of the heavyweights in the crowd must have been providing all kinds of expressions of distaste in their features, and the tsunami of lies rolled on, and on.

Biden was lying a mile a minute. I kept expecting his hair to catch fire at any time. I remember when he was first shoehorned into The Senate and... he had less hair than he does now; not that I care about such things... one way or the other... but it does speak to the fact that there are people who believe cosmetic adjustments will balance the scale of appearances... when honor and integrity go missing.

It makes me reflect on the creation of a similar location called Las Vegas by Bugsy Segal and The Shapeshifter Crews... with a tip of the hat-trick to Meyer Lansky... Moe Dalitz, and Frank Rosenthal. There were even a few Italians on the set... to make it all look like something it was not. Then again... is that not the magic of The World... to begin with; making something... out of seeming nothing... into something it is not, BUT only appears to be? That's when the real glamour agents and make-up artistes arrive.

Meanwhile... far away... we see signs of these serpentine forces... moving in sinuous certitude... toward NECESSARY change. Many decades ago... The Rothschild Vampire Coven used the Dreyfuss Affair and one of their titled suits... named Lord Balfour... to set the engines revving... for the creation of a sovereign criminal banking syndicate... called Israel. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it.

Ah... these tireless workers for The Greater Good! Now... those forces loosed by The Divine are finding vehicles... people... who seem to know their history and are finally focusing all that displaced revolutionary fervor of directed action... in the locations where it belongs.

This is how it happens, folks... seemingly out of nowhere... coming at those who used similar tactics in Russia, and other locations, and killed millions. Now... the lens of fury is about to be turned upon them.

Every whichaway they turn, The Will of The Almighty is there to direct the event, and Reichstag fires are no respecter of person.

The thing is... if your situation is defined by that old je ne sais quoi, you are in desperate need of some savoir-faire... in your search for credibility. Credibility works from the inside out. It is not something you can applique... probably the reason that prophets, and legitimate seers... do not travel with glamour workers and a gay hairdresser, BUT... if you do... it pretty much defines your target audience. Non?

Things are about to change in a big way. I know I've been saying that for a while, BUT time moves at a much different pace... in realms of greater densities of matter, and greater concentrations of light. Nonetheless... The Day eventually arrives, and... usually, it is heralded by a natural event... like an eclipse... or an earthquake... or... something unnatural like a revolution; and... why would a revolution be unnatural?

Well, my friends... the movie is about to start. I know you've seen the cartoons and The Coming Attractions... being given the old play-by-play here at these locations. Now it's time for The Main Feature. So... get yourself the Big Gulp-size container of some hot-buttered porn, cut a hole in the bottom, and... find a seat in the balcony. You can pretend you are with someone. It's an easy thing... when it's too dark to see. Then again, if it's too dark to see... maybe you aren't alone, and... wouldn't that be nice?

Keep in mind... no one will be allowed to leave the theater in the final ten minutes of the film, or... did you not know that? Don't worry. It's just a marketing scam. At least we hope it is.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

"they leave time deposits in their wake, set to go off at The Given Moment"

Sorta like depth charges but the depth is a moment in Time... Time Charges?!


Still readin...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, banking laws changed today:

That should amount to a bit of chaos shortly. Not that banks ever did anything beneficial for the human race, and I assume they will cease to exist when this era goes bye-bye. Feckin' bed bugs of the world.

What you said in this post is in progress as far as the revealing goes. Now something just needs to be done about it. The waiting is the hardest part. (I don't even like that song.)

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

Since LTPB brought up banks. This might be interesting.

Nobody will talk about it except one guy on tiktok who I found doing multiple different searches for treasury dollars.

The seems to be the "key" to the 3 card money monty. There are some boxes called paper to gold/paper to silver, but they don't elaborate on what that paper is, federal reserve notes?

If you look at the time machine to 2028 you can see that the dollars to gold and dollars to silver are listed but at 0 dollars per ounce for both. But you see the paper to gold and paper to silver boxes and they show modest increase from the 2024 debt clock screen. Presumably paper is treasury dollar bills as the paper, but in the 2024 screen its shown as USA dollars, and its not shown at all in 2028, just back to Dollars and Paper.

Still stewing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Article..

Chillease said...

I guess the cretinous true Dalits (self-named "elites") think we will survive the cataclysms in large enough numbers to impose some entraining mechanisms like the 15 minute cities. I am 70 and do not expect, nor do I want to survive all the excitement coming our way. I will not ask for food but will share what I have til there is no more. I will not kill hungry people scavenging for food for their children. I became well-versed in Y2k survival techniques and knew we would one day face this. I also saw a flesh colored word written on my wall in a dream state. The word was Cassandra. We live in north county San Diego surrounded by hills that I envision having cresting water pouring down on us and also a few years of dreams of a small house on a hill in SD where we are trying to escape to some place safer. I saw that house for the first time after these dreams when a relative bought the very house from those dreams. Time must be so short- the Boxing Day Tsunami had elephants moving to higher ground what, days? before the event. Thank you so much for all you have done to get us into the proper mindset for these times. P.S. Quite the distraction from the Royal families - missing Princess C. etc. My theory is they are already in their safe hiding places but they keep the hotbed of theories raging for the masses for the purposes mentioned. Liz



Joseph Brenner

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