Tuesday, May 30, 2023

"Their Greatest Problem is Mr. Apocalypse... Who is Going to Pull Their Pants Down... in Front of The World."

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This is a time of great tension around The World. The troubles in Ukraine are a serious matter. The Bankers are in a great deal of trouble because of their deceitful bookkeeping, and... generally bad behavior.

They have been engaged in stealing the wealth of The World. Their greed and arrogance... which comes from having gotten away with their crimes for generations... has blinded them to the position they have put themselves in. They desperately need a wider conflict.

Wars are the source of the majority of their wealth. The usurious interest they are able to punish the captive nations with... comes from the debt they were able to put them in... through the expenses of war. This is the means by which they steal the resources... the future... and the fruits of the common labor.

A great pressure has come upon these psychopaths. They are unable to define the cause. It is deeply personal and within. Something is happening but they don't know what it is. This is too complicated for me to address and I only know a little. They are up against it. Their greed is focused on the resources of Russia. Ukraine was a trap they set and the trap closed on them, instead of the other way around.

The threat of nuclear war... the global fallout, and the potential ruin of their investments in the countries they are forcing to do their bidding... is constantly in their minds. It is a precarious thing. The Good News is that this is the coming age of Brotherhood. There will be no total extinction. What extinction there will be... will be... selective. Still... the possibilities are terrifying for many.

Their greatest problem is Mr. Apocalypse... who is going to pull their pants down in front of The World. In concert... Lady Awakening is breaking the spell that for so long has held The World in a mesmerized stupor. People will not only see what has been going on... through the agency of Mr. Apocalypse... they will also understand what it is that is being revealed to them... through the force of Lady Awakening.

By the day... the pressure on the human mind intensifies and it is processed through whatever weakness... whatever appetite or carnal attraction... most specifically applies to each and every one of us. For some, it is material things. For some it is sex. For some, it is other appetites. For some, it is power and the desire for influence. In each case, none of them will be able to control the shape their fantasies take.

Some percentage of us are focused on higher things. Where your heart is... there will your treasures be also. As you can imagine... or compute from the obvious... very bad circumstances are going to come about. In many cases, the pressure will cause epidemic insanity.

It is much harder to see the good circumstances that will also come. There is little sign of them, except for the public reactions... FINALLY... to the twisted freak-zone behavior that's been a runaway fire-breathing dragon for too long now.

This pressure will be no respecter of person. It will hit the elite, as is already evident to those whose eyes are open. It will hit the dregs. It will hit the demographics in between. This should be glaringly evident by now... even to those who have not formerly been paying attention.

The old vampire... Henry Kissinger... just became a hundred years old. That's actually pretty young for a vampire, now that I think about it. Nevertheless... consider his porcine physiognomy and utter lack of cardio engagements; ♫ if he only had a heart ♫ You know that something is wrong with this picture. Either that's not him, and they got him from the same backup supply outlet as Stephen Hawking or... they've made great strides in demon DNA.

In other news... the implications of which are not presently being discussed in The World Government propaganda arm; formerly known as The Media... Erdogan is head of Turkey (again) for the next 5 years. Because there was a full-tilt effort to replace him with someone more amenable to the sexually bent... he had to take his attention from other things.

I don't think he's a very nice guy but... that's beside the point.

Recently... the same people who blew up The NordStream tried to blow up TurkStream because Hungary hasn't been going along with the program. Comma Ty Yi Yippee Kai Yay Erdogan is not known for his cool demeanor or restraint. My point is... my reason for bringing this up... is that... on the big gameboard of Risk... loyalties are ALWAYS shifting about... where perception means (just about) everything.

Sauron's Thralldom is breaking down. This may be hard to see when everywhere is Mordor, but... indeed... it is the case. It was all allowed to go on for so long... and become so suffocating around The World... in order for people to be pushed into waking up. They seemed increasingly unlikely to do it on their own. Sometimes the best way to get people's attention is through the agency of Pain.

When conditions get hot... when people feel pressed and confined... when the elbow room is only upside your head... the natives get restless. When people are increasingly loath to be dragged away from their tummy yummies and frottage dotage in the rubbing of the crowds, sometimes The Point is better made ON THEM, instead of TO THEM.

For instance... let's say you've gone on a merry little hike through some pastoral forest, and... ♫ it's all too beautiful...♫ and you've had a lot to drink and snort... you don't notice right away that the landscape has changed and before you know it... you're in a swamp. The mosquitoes get wild. The bull-gators are booming. The cottonmouths are agitated. The leeches are dining, and... it's all very festive.

While you are trying to get out of the swamp, you wind up deeper in the swamp. You begin to panic cause you've lost your way. Sexual perversity is such a swamp. So is all manner of self-indulgence, and... selfish intent.

Your mind becomes a swamp because everywhere you look there is swamp... so The Mind mirrors the swamp. Sometimes this is the best way to get people's attention. Put them in extreme adversity, AND... also rub their noses in the sick shit they get up to.

You add in some bells and whistles like... the specter of war... unsafe streets... financial uncertainty... chaos and confusion, and... widespread diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles, and... you get what you get. People start crying out. They start crying out in their hearts and minds as well, and... this sets up a cosmic dynamic because... Heaven hears their cries, AND... Heaven is soft-hearted.

However... Heaven is not soft-headed. Heaven knows if it changes direction too soon, people will take it all for granted and go right back to what got them into a mess in the first place. God allows Materialism to go to the extremes that it does so that people can see what happens. People need to feel the pain and emptiness that having too much leaves them with when all they have is... stuff.

No matter what anyone says, all they REALLY want is to be loved. HOWEVER... Materialism and material things make people selfish and they no longer know how to love and no one loves them either. Well... God loves them, but... they've gone off some distance from God chasing after not God.

This should be clear to us, but... when you lose the objective perspective... wraparound tunnel vision is the result. It's like wearing sunglasses inside your head. Those lenses mute The Light of God. Still... it's in the darkness that you can do all those fun things that got you lost in the swamp. You see how it goes.

The Good News is that God never stops looking for you, and... as soon as you start looking for God. The distance narrows. Of course... there is always difficulty at the beginning. You just have to put your head down and keep on coming. Otherwise... it's back in the swamp.

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From Book 2 of Patanjali's Sutras=

42 From acceptance, the disciple gains happiness supreme.

One of the wise has said: accept conditions, accept others, accept yourself. This is the true acceptance, for all these things are what they are through the will of the higher Self, except their deficiencies, which come through thwarting the will of the higher Self, and can be conquered only through compliance with that will. By the true acceptance, the disciple comes into oneness of spirit with the overruling Soul; and, since the own-nature of the Soul is being, happiness, bliss, he comes thereby into happiness supreme.

43 The perfection of the powers of the bodily vesture comes through the wearing away of impurities and through fervent aspiration.

This is true of the physical powers, and of those which dwell in the higher vestures. There must be, first, purity; as the blood must be pure before one can attain to physical health. But absence of impurity is not in itself enough, else would many nerveless ascetics of the cloisters rank as high saints. There is needed, further, a positive fire of the will; a keen vital vigor for the physical powers, and something finer, purer, stronger, but of kindred essence, for the higher powers. The fire of genius is something more than a phrase, for there can be no genius without the celestial fire of the awakened spiritual will

Thursday, May 25, 2023

"They are Insinuated Into Every Organization and Agency... to Control the Specific Applications of Inhuman Policies."

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As we have mentioned any number of times over the course of doing this... we pay attention to Trends and Patterns. One of the reasons is that trends and patterns are what The Enemy of Humanity uses to condition The Public Mind... to groom The Mind into shaped perspectives that are formed incrementally... by small measured steps. The indication is that it all came about naturally. Even when it is... observably... unnatural.

This is what happened with The Gender Confusion Movement... and the sexual slo-mo perversity twister... as well as the twin-pronged devil's horns of Diversity and Inclusion. What is the opposite of Diversity? It is Unity. What is the point of Inclusion? It is to legitimize EVERYTHING... no matter what it is... in order to blur the boundaries of right and wrong... according to what makes a society and a culture stable and workable.

The intention is to tear the whole thing down and then build it back into a forced, group-think, concentration camp. It is the return of The Jacobins and the Khmer Rouge; and how did that work out?

They will not retreat willingly back into the darkness from which they emerged. They have been planning this for a long time. They infiltrated the military... and the educational system... and the political systems... and the religions of The World... they have corrupted the flow of information to reflect their own unclean desires as The New Normal.

They are... in reality... pawns of a higher architect... written in as collateral damage for a more colorful blueprint... for the purpose of suspense and excitement; if that's the sort of thing you go for. Once again... ♫ you can't have one without the other ♫ “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.”

They are a legion of Satanic functionaries from the cellar dwellings of the Cromwellian mind. They intend to, do... it... by... the... book... just as soon as they are done writing it. They are insinuated into every organization and agency to control the applications of inhuman policies... to the formation of world government, administered through the supplication and obedience of The Hive Mind. They want control of The Hum.

This they will NEVER accomplish because they... themselves are a part of The Hum that precedes their soon-to-be-aborted efforts to change the tone to an exploitable cacophony. Like ravenous and insatiable termites, they have eaten their way into the existing infrastructure with the intention of causing it to collapse. This it will surely do... directly upon their heads.

It had ALREADY been decided by The Heavenly Hierarchy to replace the existing infrastructure with something more suitable to The Coming Age. As is predictable for their distorted vision... they misread The Signs entirely. They are adrift upon an angry sea of their own making.

They're not entirely stupid. They are clever... too clever for their own good. They are like a drunken assembly line worker whose garments get caught in the machinery. They became intoxicated by celebrating too soon and in all the wrong venues. They are the latest expressions of the wrong way to go about things... in order to exist... for perpetuity... as a cautionary tale.

Sexual deviancy is a self-destructive force. Whatever goes against Nature... WILL BE destroyed by Nature, and all their howling and squeaky-wheel nonsense will come to naught as the millstone rolls over them... and Justice is served. They imagined that they could pervert an entire generation, in order to create enough confusion to take over at some critical juncture; the when of which they do not know. They expect to wing it, as opportunity knocks upon their door.

However... it is not Opportunity that knocks... it is Destiny. This is the way of the evildoer... immersed in their mind games, and trapped in their own webs. It is The Nature of The Beast to confound itself, AND... to never catch on that it is their own perverse desires that... drove... them... to... The Abyss.

Thank God they have Reuters Fact Check to set us straight. (pun intended).

We all know how righteous and truthful Reuters is. Why... they're right up there with The Associated Press! You don't get much more honorable than that... do you? I've no idea if the clown in the photo is the same clown in The WEF. What I am certain of is that he and his fellows get up to far... more... sinister... depravities... than camping it up on a beach.

You should know that the end is near for all of them when they come out of the shadows into the daylight... which they usually abhor. It is when over-confidence strikes, that Pride goes before a fall. They didn't mean to out themselves; and... this is true. They were driven to it... driven by The Hound of Heaven to their appointed end.

EVERYTHING... everything is designed on the drawing boards of Heaven to the fulfillment of God's Will. However ANYONE plans anything, God plans prior to. No matter what anyone thinks... or dreams... or imagines; whatever they think they have gotten up to on their own... is a delusion.

A great shaking up is coming. It is a physical shaking through the agency of Lady Nature, and it is a companion shaking in the hearts and minds of humanity... in their world and culture... in the appearances collectively agreed upon as being... real; when none of it is real. All of it is going to be shaken AND stirred.

In the present administration, a conspiracy beyond the wildest dreams of Watergate is trending toward its grand exposure. The players are to be stripped naked before the eyes of The World. Long-calculated plots are headed for ruination. A world-class cluster-fuck is booking a suite of rooms at The Hollywood Hotel. Invitations were sent out a long time ago. RSVP'd acknowledgments came in by return mail. The overflow crowd will be tailgating, AND... a good time will not be had by all.

I take no great pleasure from what I know will come to pass. (nearly) Everyone is a member of The Walking Dead. From the moment of birth, life trends... inexorably to death. In the rare instance... there are those who die sufficiently to The World so that they are changed... and need not die. They are no longer mortal, but... for everyone into the fun and games... death is inevitable.

Ah... if it were only death, that would not be such a bad thing... especially since there is no end to life. It just continues in another form. However... there is the matter of disease and old age; Lady Nature's payback. My advice... and I strongly recommend this... get right with God... come into resonance with Heaven and harmony with all life. If you don't know how to manage this... angels are standing by.

How do you get Heaven's attention? You get Heaven's attention by... doing... the... right... thing... consistently... by calling on it... regularly... by depending on it... absolutely... and by channeling The Love that it dispenses on one and all... to one and all... without respite. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

We are intermediary channels... if we choose to be... of the blessings of Heaven raining down night and day. In Times of Material Darkness, people block the light. They cut off the flow to one another, and this is why you see so many smiling faces in poor countries and so many down-turned mouths in wealthy countries. You get what you give. Material things have no love to give. Let your heart be joyful by prioritizing your love!

I had been outside last evening at dusk and was watering my plants that are spread about through the backyard that we are trying to turn into a garden of flowers. I love my flowers... as I know them to be the material children of angelic thought. I try to converse with The Divine Mother... because that is her province... her sphere of operations.

Not infrequently... to my dismay... (when I am done with the work...) I walk back inside without saying, Good Evening! AND... Thank You! Last night... catching myself... as I often do... I immediately went back outside to handle the forgotten salutation and said that I was sorry and she said, right off... “That's okay, I'll just sit here in the dark.” She rarely ever says anything.

There were so many diverse connections that got made... immediately in my head... that I laughed out loud (she intended me to) for... in a certain sense... The Divine Mother is darkness itself when she is personified as The Womb of Matter. However... she is ever so much more than that. She is... literally... everything that you see and hear, and touch and taste. Those who do not love and respect her learn a variety of unfortunate truths.

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Monday, May 22, 2023

"Some Refuse to Learn and They Will Get Pounded Like The Rocks are Pounded into Sand by The Relentless Ocean Waves."

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I think this says what many of us have been thinking for some time. The World of Lies that seduce our eyes and deceive our minds is crumbling because there is nothing to hold it up anymore. It has no invisible means of support, and it is The Invisible that makes all that is visible... possible. OBVIOUSLY... things are going to change in a big way.

We each see The World through the lenses of our appetites and desires. One might say the left eye represents the atavistic hungers... restrained... or by degrees running wild through the human vehicle, and... that the right eye represents that which one sees every day... in real life or the mind's eye... and desires to possess. That would be one way of putting it.

Behind it all is a world of numbers and symbols that are perverted for self-interest or... which reflect the unhindered expression of The Will of God. It's all The Will of God... turned to self-injury or... the greater good. Depending on your intentions and aspirations... you fall into one of these camps, depending on whether you are deluded or... you have your mind's eye open.

Of course... there are degrees of Evil, just as there are degrees of Good. These are the two polarities in The World of appearances. Here it is that we play Pong in the eternity of The World of Change... in The World of Nature... in The World External.

There are two pools of origin from which... what you might call avatars... come forth into manifestation. I use those terms ONLY for the purpose of illustration, and you get Stalin... or Mao or... you get Buddha... or Christ. My thoughts are not precise, but we certainly did get Stalin and Mao, and we certainly did get Buddha and Christ.

I'm not going to argue whether or not the historical Jesus Christ was ever a real person, BUT... that there was some personification of that being is beyond any doubt... in my mind... because of the legacy that followed.

Some people just like to argue. They are not concerned with the truth of the matter. They just like to argue and it is good to be able to see them coming so that you can pass them by... else they snag and tag you... and waste your time... and give you bad directions to somewhere they've never been.

For the sincere searcher, you get humbled to the point that little of who you thought you were remains, and then... you get erased from the roles and rolls of mortal history because you are no longer relevant there. For some... I suppose this would be a disappointment. For me... it is the greatest honor one can attain to. It all depends on who you care to be remembered by; given forever to play with. Your sense of time is the prison that contains you.

Of course, this does not mean you cannot come back. Some do because the suffering of humanity tugs at the vitals of their compassionate nature. There are none so remarkable in this respect as The Amitabha Buddha. If you have not read his story... you should. Let me encapsulate it in simple form. He has vowed not to accept final liberation until every other sentient being has arrived before him. Now... heh heh... that's commitment.

This world of broken dolls and angry souls with long-forgotten reference points... teeming with hungry ghosts, and those lost in purgatories of sorrow and regret... is a hard vision to handle. I have been clairvoyant on occasion... for days at a time... not often, but it has happened. There is good reason that most of us cannot see into the less visible realms. You need to be grounded in something greater than yourself. You need to be grounded in your greater self.

The vast majority of us wander between the competing poles of the heart and the mind... in pedestrian dreams of wanting... wandering in the wastelands of unrequited desire. They are filled with the burning need for acquisition. This is followed by an endless reel of bitter disappointment because what they seek is... not... to... be... found... there.

One can say these things over and over. God knows that I do, but... it means nothing when the heart and mind are blinded and imprisoned by carnal desire. At some point... and who knows how far off that might be... one realizes the futility of it all and turns homeward... homeward to bright angels and celestial realms where sorrow is a forgotten thing... where separation has ended... where longing ceases.

Some things one must take on faith. There is no getting around it.

As The World descends into madness... (and this is visibly apparent) disorder increases... Hostility intensifies. Brother turns against brother, and... scripture speaks of this... in the final times... in end times... but there are no end times except once every thousand yugas when The Night of Brahman comes... and even then... after another thousand yugas, it... starts... all... over... again. Nature does not end. Nature is an eternity of change. Some like it there... I guess... I mean, they keep coming back; something didn't get done... or acquired... or whatever it was that was lacking, BUT... that lacking never ends. The longing never ends. The wanting never ends; not in that theater of operations.

Politicians make promises but they don't keep them, and even when they do; when some rare personality gets a shot and then gets shot... the next guy comes along and reverses it or... reshapes it into something it wasn't before. You have two sources of action that are perpetually at war with one another. You got The Lower Self making war on The Higher Self, to the eternal frustration of The Lower Self who cannot win but is very good at muddying the waters for others.

People enter the contest thinking they can win... thinking they can change things, and they might win... for a minute or two, and... they certainly will change things, BUT... since change is an eternal constant... those changes will also change. Villains and heroes are constantly replaced, for... the... purpose... of... demonstration.

Some learn... and evolve. Some learn and evolve right out of here; consistency and perseverance WILL prevail for those inspired by a higher call. Some refuse to learn and they will get pounded like the rocks are pounded into sand by the relentless ocean waves.

The ill-taught by the ill-informed; they snatch on to cute buzzwords... like “dog whistle”. It doesn't occur to them that that term was invented by the author of eugenics.

I listen to what people say. So I note the absurdities of Stupid convincing Stupid of something stupid. I watch the violence spread toward the victims whose fear attracts it. I see desperate... clueless characters seeking to replace others who knew more and then find themselves like the dog who caught the car and then doesn't know what to do with it.

The Media... in the hands of those about to be exposed by Mr. Apocalypse... is all-out to spread the idea of social and cultural disintegration. They are hoping everyone will forget what they've been up to; “Wait! Look over there! No! Now look over here. Isn't that interesting... or horrible... or terrifying?” Their pathetic efforts to distract humanity, and promote the fear of one Halloween skeleton after another... that they set dancing in people's minds... are going to completely stop working.

The rich and powerful can often protect themselves from external threats... through private armies... social buffers... and secret hidey holes. What they cannot protect themselves from is what can happen in their heads; not to mention what can happen to their health. Of course, that's an old story, BUT... a nameless fear is about to come upon them, and... some of them are reading these very words.

I have it on good authority that their time is coming to an end and... soon... there is no plea bargaining or deals they can cut. That grace period is ending. What they could not see is soon to become visible to them. Some of them are already seeing things.

They keep thinking that all their old tricks will just keep working. Ah... no. They will not. These times come around at rare intervals, so... it's understandable that there's no mention of it in some almanac or historical record. Nonetheless... it's coming, and the window of grace is closing. I recommend giving some thought to the matter.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

"It's Day of The Triffids Meets The Bodysnatchers. It's The Mind Parasites... in Organic Soil for The Vegan Menu."

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The people who owned The Slave Ships and... for some reason never get mentioned in that capacity... now own The Mind Ships that ferry the Marxist information over The Middle Passage of modern slave indoctrination, AND there will be a meet and greet after the electrodes get attached so that you can ♫ meet the new boss, same as the old boss ♫

What? You thought the medical community was concerned about your health? Then you couldn't go anywhere or do anything unless you got The Kill Shot(s)? Now ze medical community says that men can lactate for breastfeeding the new generation of transhumanists. Who... SPECIFICALLY... is behind this? Who? Besides W.H.O., I mean?

Do you think all these trannies sexing it up on magazines like Sports Illustrated and the like... all the mainstream red-neck beer companies... and all the other pincher efforts to squeeze humanity into unthinking bobbleheads... is simply corporate efforts of a singular kind? No! They're being told what to do by the people who own the banks and print the money. ALWAYS... follow the money. Go to the source of wealth and the power it generates and you are directly in front of The Adversary.

Though the snake slithers from side to side... as it blurs the boundaries between Good and Evil, its intentions are clear. When we... collectively... no longer know what's what, we can be told what's what by The Mouth of Sauron in the separated bodies of Legion.

It's Day of The Triffids meets The Bodysnatchers. It's The Mind Parasites grown in organic soil for the Vegan menu. It's a complex of Hydras giving the impression of being individual units but they are all linked like mushrooms to the ground beneath their feet. It's a mycological horror show that travels by telepathic invasion.

The Sorosian mind programming force in the education system is building an army of robotized thugs, marching in lockstep to make everyone equal or else. There is a massive agenda underway to create a totalitarian nightmare zone where the only deity is The State. There are few things as dangerous as people who are certain they are doing the right thing and that the end justifies the means.

From Climate Change to sexual diversity... comes a new and depressing environment of scarcity and nonsensical rules... enforced under penalty of death. I'm not over-dramatizing anything. It is what they intend. They are already killing millions with their death-shot vaccines. They are racing against time to a point already manned by the winning team. The tension and apprehension are illusions. The game is already over.

George Sorrows should be passing into The Realms of Sorrow shortly. I say this since he just announced that he is still alive. Usually... that means you are on your way. It's a kind of advance notice and it happens a lot to certain kinds of individuals.

A large number of these scourges in human form are going to be exiting soon... transmigrating into their own transhumanist future in a land where thoughts and feelings are things. This is due to the force of cosmic change at the turning of the age. Certain ideas die out with the minds that hold them. It is another factor in the coming and going of generations.

Perhaps some might say it is not my place to determine George Sorrow's next port of call. I am not doing that. I am simply acknowledging the course he has already set for himself and built in his imagination, which has already precipitated into form on the plane where it is manifested for his coming residence. His soul is already present there. I had nothing to do with it.

I send no one anywhere. We each construct our future locations through our present industries of heart... mind... and body... according to the direction of The Will.

How does God affect and control the destiny of nations? He does it through the generations. Each generation comes with the knowledge of what they previously got up to... illuminated in their consciousness during the hiatus point between incarnations. Generations replace each other for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

Ironically... very often it is the case... that whatever someone is making noise about in the present tense... is the opposite of what they were howling about previously. When it comes to ham-handed... inconsistent efforts... no one can outmatch The Human Race when it comes to ignoring highway markers; most perfectly demonstrated in doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Life is all about showing the futility of self-interest ambitions. People's understanding of life would be much improved by a study of the Greek and Roman myths... fairy tales and fables... and... of course... the always difficult art of... paying attention.

Materialism divides the attention through a bewildering multiplicity of objects of desire. This accounts for the constant demonstration of Darwinism in collective and individual human affairs. The ability to focus and maintain attention is the key to success in hothousing personal evolution, AND... meditation is one of the finest vehicles for the employment of Attention via its greatest tool, CONCENTRATION. As Eliphas Levi so succinctly put it, “Concentration is the secret of The Magical Art.”

Consider the epidemic of variants in autism, brought about primarily through vaccinations and a welter of distractions. Consider the madness of sexual schizophrenia that is rampant in a time of identity loss through regimented ignorance or... as I like to call it... Lockstep Stupidity... mostly demonstrated in, monkey see, monkey do.

As The Apocalypse intensifies, and the covers are ripped from the great mattress that conceals the strange bedfellows in flagrante indelicto... as the works of darkness are brought howling into The Light, like vampires exposed to The Sun... as Humanity awakens to the predator class in their midst; the malefactors are raging like a meth-head with too few fingers, trying to plug all the holes in the dike; trying to reverse what is already done.

Hunter Biden... the election frauds... The Killer Vaccines... the Climate Change Hoax... the economy (stupid)... the transhumanist sexual low-jinx... and many other offenses... being committed against us... one and all... are about to be ♫ up in The Spotlight ♫. As Mr. Apocalypse walks the talk through The Valley of The Shadow... the curtains of concealment unravel, and... Kodak-moments appear before the eyes of The World.

As stupid a state as The World has been reduced to... in many cases it will pass like sleep from dreaming minds. People are waking up. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Let us consider focus and concentration again. When enough of The World is brought to an awakened state... the collective focus of attention becomes a powerful force for change, AND... it sends the creatures of darkness screaming into the night... literally praying for The Earth to cover them.

Stupidity is very much like being asleep. Who knows what happens when they are awakened by the force of The Avatar, who... I guarantee you... gets closer by the hour?

Spiritual intelligence is... light. Why do you think it is called, Divine Luminous Wisdom? Why do you think it is called The Living Light? Light contains a great many features, simultaneously in operation. Is there a best defense against The Light? Heh heh... yeah... it involves looking for a dark place to hide. There is no recorded historical memory of what happens when The World is flooded with Light.

My job is that of a herald. Heralds are no big deal. They simply announce the coming of something and then they get out of the way. Their great joy is in experiencing the arrival of what they are announcing. All spiritual states are their own reward. You don't need material backup. Duh!

You are presently experiencing the effect and results of whatever you are hosting, and... that is what you are transmitting. Getting out of the way can... really... make... your... day.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, May 12, 2023

"It's Complicated; You Got Stool Sculpture Deities... and Shit Golems... Fitted Inside Each Other Like Russian Dolls."

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Critical Mass gets closer each day. I suspect the pretense and illusion of balance will not survive this coming summer.

Jordan Neely; poster-thug of the month, was arrested 44 times over the course of his now... thug-interrupted life. Recently he was assaulting people (I think that was his day job) on one of the New York Subway Orc trains. At one point he grabbed a woman by her hair... eventually, some of the still bi-pedal travelers objected to this display. Apparently, that does happen... rarely... but it does happen.

At one point in his career as a mayhemer extraordinaire, he tried to kidnap a 7-year-old and got 4 months. That's how they do it in New York these days, as long as you're not white. Daniel Penny, the man who stopped Neely is white. He put Neely in a chokehold to quiet him down and Neely developed George Floyd Syndrome and passed away. It was not Penny's intention to kill the man, but... destiny stepped in, and I suspect all of Neely's future victims felt a lightness in the air at that moment; a sort of moonwalking goose going backward over their graves.

Why did the “No Justice, No Peace” mob show up to howl and stamp their feet about this predator being silenced in the midst of his predatorial act? How did it flash mob its way around The World like a cannon shot from Fort Sumter? How did The Michelin Girls over at The View wind up waving their handkerchiefs as... strange airbrushed tears were shed, and ran down their porcelain... faces? It was The George Soros Commie Telegraph that brought the bad news from Aix to Ghent.

You can tell that they are gearing up for some hot fun in the summertime. Another Civil War is brewing, and the agitators are grasping at every opportunity to summon the troops.

It's a cultural civil war. Some part of it has to do with castrating prepubescent boys. Some part of it has to do with cutting the tits off of pubescent girls. Some part has to do with killing Whitey. Some part of it has to do with Killer Vaccines... and some part of it has to do with humping everything that's standing still or... still moving.

Well... this is Petri Dish; does my ass look gay in these jeans?

A hidden power grab has been going down. George Soros bet against the British Pound in the fall of '92. It was a logical progression of his work as a teenager for The Nazis. Beel Cleenton was on his way to The White House. Certain deck chairs were being shifted on The Titanic. It was all a precursor for The Sexual Identity Wars on the horizon... 911... and a lot of other assorted nasty business...

I don't think Little Georgie Sorrows had a billion when he bet against the pound. He's donated 32 billion... supposedly he has a little under ten billion left. Does this math look a little like Chinese algebra? Where does his money come from? Heh heh... I'll give you one guess. Well... you don't have to guess. He's The Rothschild Crime Syndicate's bagman. He's got basically unlimited resources.

They had to give Soros a little cursory legitimacy, so they arranged The British Pound Scam. It's like The Covid Scam but with a different virus. It was a progression on the original scam by The Rothschild Satanic Dynasty when they also broke a few banks... and started a few more... after Wellington did his thing at Waterloo.

It's all complicated; you got stool sculpture deities... and shit golems... inside each other like Russian dolls. You might ask yourself how they lost Russia after they had effectively destroyed it, and I will point to that Joker in the deck that we mentioned yesterday.

Ya, Berginia... there is a plot to kill most of us and enslave the rest. This is not a new conspiracy. The same conspiracy of ignorance has been going on since the beginning. It involves a collection of people who think they are smarter than everyone else, who are being used as place settings for The Purpose of Demonstration by the people who really are smarter than everyone else.

It's a tale of two brotherhoods. One of them includes all the people whose hearts received the shrunken head treatment... and whose minds became poisonous landfills, teeming with life forms that don't look so good under a microscope. They are drawn together by The Law of Attraction. It is the same energy dynamic that led to the formation of The Brotherhood of Initiates. One was... traditionally called, The Black Lodge. The other was called The Great White Brotherhood.

Those definers are now considered racist, even though they have nothing to do with skin color. They have to do with the color of the soul. In present times, the dark brotherhood is working to change the language in such a way as to make evil seem good, and good seem evil. Georgie Sorrows and his band of knuckle-dragging NGOs are hard at work hijacking the education system, and... well... all of the systems... so that a distorted programming can be imprinted on the human consciousness.

This is why (cause it's been in the works for a long time...) they took over The Federal Reserve so that they could buy up all the publishing sector... the media... the entertainment companies... so that they could control the flow and the content of the information that soundtracks life, AND occupies the attention of the public for every waking moment, even though most of them are deeply asleep.

Well... so are the evildoers for that matter. They are simply having evil dreams. God scripts all of this for his entertainment, and to give him company and things to do, AND.. especially... so that he can play Hide and Seek. You might think it callous of The Divine to treat the whole of life as his playground, BUT... isn't that what everyone gets up to in a smaller format? We are created in his image, even if most of us don't act like it.

So... you know how we get told the fix is in, cause The Bad Guys run The Show? You know how you feel like you can't get anywhere because a select mob of gangsters run all the tables and control the ways in and the ways out? That's appearances. They control, NOTHING. They can't even control themselves. The whole affair is God disporting about... playing select roles and directing all of the other roles for his mysterious reasons.

Jesus Christ came here so that you could have life more abundantly, if... you... follow... the... rules. I call the ineffable... when manifesting through The Divine Persona... Krishna-Christ. The Bhagavad Gita basically says the same thing as The Bible. That Krishna... like Christ... is the be-all and end-all... Alpha and Omega. The Way...The Truth... and The Light. Even the names are eerily similar and meant to be a hint. Dogmatists and Fundies don't want to hear this, BUT... they don't want to hear anything.

God is singular. God becomes The Man with Ten Thousand Faces so that he can get the game on. It's a movie. It's a stage play. As long as you are happy there... playing assorted roles, and heading for The Wardrobe Department on The Moon every time your role ends... you are free to do that. Some there are who have gotten the system down and they come and go in Rakshasa Dynasties.

Of course... you really can't game the system, BUT... as long as you are willing to pay the freight, you can dance in The Fires of Sensation... and swim in The Lake of Fire... which is really a lake of desire. You need to be able to read scripture accurately. You can't do that unless you are inspired. As you move up The Gradient... The Intuition becomes a factor and you can get your scripture... direct.

A lot of this won't make sense to people who bought a pro forma, off-the-shelf understanding of the way things work. They'll live their lives... prodded and poked... until IT dawns on them. What is it that dawns on them? IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole of it is alive... along The Gradient.

Do you feel like you just can't catch a break? Stop wanting what you don't want. Stop knowing what you don't know. Let The Living Light shine in and upon you. Perhaps you are underground... buried in dream-stuff at the moment. You do have a miner's headlamp that you need to turn on, AND... you must dig toward the light.

Well... whatever direction you dig in, you will eventually break through to Somewhere, cause The World is round, so... unless you are going round and round; we'll have to take that up at another time.

God is a delight beyond the telling and... God loves you dearly. God is your own Higher Self. It's not complicated. Only the lies are complicated. Dig out of the darkness of The Personal Self. There are different PROVEN methods. We've talked about these methods here for a long time. Recognize the meaning of Namaste. (I acknowledge The Divine in you)

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, May 09, 2023

"They Move... Like Blind Drunks... Searching for Clarity... in a Construction Site... During The Dark of The Moon."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Day follows day... with absurdity piled upon absurdity. From the top of the dung heap, the royalty of flies, feast upon the decaying matter that forms the altar they have built to themselves. It is naught but a filthy mirror, smeared with the offenses they have committed upon themselves and others.

There in the marketplace of useless things... the merchants buy and sell. They rub their hands together. They are sure that a good deal went down... deep and low. They are as sleek as otters surfing on an oil slick as it washes up on shore. Their expensive custom suits conceal the horizontal expansion of appetites indulged in... at the expense of others... whose lives and dreams they have consumed. Who can ever stop them?

They have purchased the governments. Law enforcement exists as their own army of rent-a-cops. They administer the cash register religions that have been further and further translated by them into the single dictate; me first, you later... maybe. They crucified the one... who lives still... as a testament of what happens when you get out of line with the currency gobblers. Everything is backward and upside down.

From the cradle... they have shaped the masses to see them as the rightful masters. They have fashioned the template of the temporal, and... the controlled opposition too. You can go the wrong way in either direction! It's so fun! Life is a series of amusement park rides where cartoon characters sell you your weevil-ridden daily bread in Styrofoam shrink-wrap; with a straw.

From Pliny the Younger to Strictly from Hunger, your history is written for you to remember as something that happened at another time, as something that is happening now through acclamation, for... this... is the best of all possible worlds. From Candide to Candida, a fungus in the mind becomes a fungus from the mouth. It feeds on itself in a cannibal culture, where... for some... paradise is a parasite with no one the wiser.

They tell you this is the way it must be, and... the way it always is. Better to be on the top than on the bottom, but... in truth... everything reverses itself. Existence is based on trading places. What you serve up... gets served back to you. There is no workaround except for Grace. This is the inflexible law of action and reaction on every plane. On the higher planes, the residents have learned to exchange only the best of what they desire to receive. The lower down you go, the more brutish, callous, and uncaring it gets.

You don't wind up anywhere you didn't arrange for.

The Scamdemic that didn't happen... except in the minds of the people stupid enough to believe in it, AND... trust authority; when they put a Grim Reaper mask on The Common Cold and Flu... and killed a bunch of old people with respirators... well... it left Common Humanity with a collective; why should I give a shit anymore? What about me! What about me... vibration of static selfishness, due to a case of the real virus called Materialism... born of darkness and stupidity.

It changed The World. The psychopathic dishonesty of the ruling control-freak clique... bled like duck grease through a cheesecloth filter into the subconscious of The World. Yes! Even the really stupid got a whiff of... something that crawled up in there and died!

Then they rolled out The Killer Vaccine, and they are still rolling it out... through the hospital scenes in “Jacob's Ladder”.

Through the press and the education system... where all the people neutered of integrity and self-respect, shamelessly lie to everyone in reach... for filthy lucre... or whatever it took to get them on the team.

And... oh my God!!! The Stupid... the really bone marrow deep-stupid; they just bobbed their Nodwell heads like a hooker in a taxi cab... on a traveling... lunch break... outcall. I see walking-dead people everywhere... with no idea of what's going on, and they will never catch a clue until they get poured into the urn.

As I am hauled up out of the rapture of The Deep... as I start to be able to make out the faces of the people on the deck above... as I start to remember things from long... long ago... I can see all the life forms struggling... in the revealing amber murk of... dream stuff... going backward through the phases of water... as the planet does an Ice-9 on the climate change reach-around.

None of them have a clue; not the people doing all the nasty shit, nor the people getting the nasty shit done to them. Not even the people watching have any idea what's taking place. They're like wax figures that come to life after the museum closes, and they think whatever they see in that museum-mausoleum is all there ever was or will be. Then the daylight breaks and the action freezes and it goes on over, and over, and over again... as soon as night falls.

It's just the way it is on that bandwidth. Materialism reduces everything to the lowest common denominator. It compresses life... like a crushed flower... between the pages of a pornographic book, where no one knows what they are doing... so they don't do any of it very well. They move like blind drunks searching for Clarity in a construction site during the dark of The Moon.

Think of it this way. Think of it as a stairwell that goes from the lighted ground floor to a sub-basement filled with shadows. It's a place where ghosts dance in the parking garage of The Overlook Hotel. They do it in emulation of The Living. They believe that they are alive, but everything they reach out for... their hand passes through it. That is the nature of life in material culture.

It is like being submerged underwater by the docks of Marseille-Fos Port. The Material World of the moment is a massive... living... Venus Fly-Trap Plant. Every leaf is an allurement... a Stygian flower garden in a Damiana night.

Everyone is sleeping in a Black Lotus Dream. Will they awaken? Will they sleep forever? This is why The Avatar comes at his appointed times. Even though he is still at a distance between the planes, and yet to be fully materialized, some are already waking up. As he draws closer, more will awaken. There must be a specific proximity for some narcotic states to come to the surface. Some can only be reached once he has fully arrived. Some will remain unmoved. Something else already has their attention.

This is the Karma of The Power Brokers... The Mercantile Mind... the creatures of the underground who hate The Light... the sybaritic hog wallowers... the money counters... the enforcers of The Temporal World and especially... the lying... craven... priests from The Cash Register Religions. Some will not awaken and some will refuse to awaken. The script was written a long time ago.

I have no malice in my heart for any of them. They make life colorful, even when they are painting the towns and cities red with other people's blood. I know they got sent in from Central Casting. Sure... they rehearsed for the role. Sure... it was in their wheelhouse. Yes... inexplicably... they were right for the part. I feel sorry for them. I really, and truly, do. I know God's Justice is perfect, though I do not understand it.

Many things are beyond the reach of my understanding. It is why I may forever be saying; I don't know.

This was not my finest hour or my sweetest message, but it is the essence of The Petri Dish at this time. I had only to take a short walk through Media World. I needed only a glimpse of the gathering storm.

None of these people are where they are by accident. They chose this side of conditions and events. Perhaps it is in their nature. Some are more comfortable in darkness where they cannot be easily seen. If that is the case, then the present world should suit them just fine.

I do not wish to launch Jeremiads... or rage against what passes by my window... on its way to wherever it may be bound. What there is of it... that has attached itself to me... is falling away at this very moment. At some point, not even Time will be relevant... because I will no longer be resident in its theater of operations. There will no longer be a before or an after.

That will remain for those who are entertained and fascinated by it. Some have issues unresolved... enmities that have not been concluded... ambitions to realize... places to go and people to see. These last two... in a very personal fashion... also apply to me, but they do not happen here. Only the preparation happens here, and... the preparation is nearly done.

End Transmission.......

Many thanks to Ty Vincent for doing this. Some people just have The Gene. This is free for those who might wish to own The Collection. It will end in one month. Thank you a thousandfold for your kindness to me, Ty! Now I no longer have to concern myself with The Big Gun Internet Crime Syndicate. Perhaps there is more going on here than I know about. Well... there always is.

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Thursday, May 04, 2023

"This Goes On Until Chicken Little Dies from a Heart Attack. All This Bullshit is About Keeping You in Line."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What did we say here last week? Was it last week? We said that Rupert the Sly does not like talk about God, and Tucker was doing too much of that sort of thing, and... apparently it hit too close to home this time, cause... look what I found.

A Fox spokesbot vigorously denied that this was true so... that pretty much confirms it.

A number of powerful psychic weather fronts are converging into the threat of a perfect storm; bank failures... rising interest rates... runaway inflation... these are not areas I generally or... even rarely... pay attention to, BUT... when you factor in other conditions and events... they can lead to a serious eyebrow raise. Let's not forget enforced chaotic migration... looming bigger than ever.

Tribe Ukraine... interchangeable with, Team Ukraine, just did a less than bang-up job on an assassination attempt against Vladimir Putin. Interestingly... (or is it ironically?) they are right next door to Poland, so... heh heh... anyone seen The Tall Ships lately? On further reflection, maybe that wasn't funny... heh heh; moving right along.

Actually, it's not funny... not in Moscow and I think the fecal matter is about to hit the whirling mechanism.

As far as the bank failures... financial trouble zones, etc.; the Gangster Bankers are positively trembling over the prospect of a world war to fix their double bookkeeping problems. They need this war in a big way. They're up against it... mostly because of The Apocalypse and The Awakening.

These are two irresistible forces. It's a coupling of exposure and realization. Both of these supernatural forces are coming down hardest upon the heads of those who dare not have their works exposed to the eyes of a population that is now rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

I'm sure that many think that most people are still deeply asleep. People are asleep in Times of Material Darkness for so long as the ship of life is sailing on untroubled... soporific waters. When the winds come up and begin to howl across the decks... when the waves rise all around the ship... when your world starts lurching from side to side... up and down... it is no longer easy to stay asleep... ♫ how do you sleep when your beds are burning ♫

This is what emergent world conditions are causing. They are causing people to wake up. The silly but dangerous nonsense of the shattered non-binary-sex spectrum, which is just one aspect of cultural disorder that... when you include racial tensions... financial tensions... urban street tensions... and numerous other tensions, you get... a whole lotta tension.

What does tension produce? Tension produces Stress. When it gets capitalized you got big problems. Get too much collective stress and you get... Revolution. Corporations have reached a place of monumental arrogance; We are the reality shapers! “You will have nothing and be happy!” Cancel culture and Wokeness are emergent cultural fascism.

Diversity is a hoax designed to sell shit. COVID was a form of early crowd control that was managed through the hocus-pocus of applied fear and... uncertainty... which leads to more fear.

One of the things you learn from Materialism... IF... you are capable of stepping apart from it for a moment... is that it puts you in a position where you have too much to lose and you can be easily manipulated thereby. Your position in society becomes a real thing. Your reputation (real or imagined) is a palpable object. Your hopes and fears are all associated with conditions that are external to you, AND then feed back into you... creating yet more Tension and Stress.

In Times of Advanced Material Darkness... corporations are in control of the governments, AND... banks are in control of the corporations. It's money that gives the marching orders that result in, “We who are about to die salute you!” Now... money is in trouble. Do you have any idea what that means?

What's really going on is that The Apocalypse and The Awakening; anthropomorphically known as Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... are causing a dramatic shift in values. New forms of currency are coming into play, some of which are designed by The Bad Guys who are... being directed by The Good Guys... without their knowledge. If you want to change the culture and the social order, you have to change the kind and quality of the forces that shape it.

Evil does always destroy itself but... it's a guided process.

When you can change the way people... collectively... look at life, you can lead them anywhere with the promise of it... if it seems like a good thing, AND... away from it when it seems like a bad thing. Corporations and their lapdog governments know all about this... heh heh... in a limited sense. They are not the only ones who engage in this. God and his army of helpers ALSO engage in this.

When the one form of manipulation runs up against the other form of manipulation, guess who wins that encounter? This is especially true when The Shepherds of Humanity are running both ends of the manipulation. This is what needs to be made clear in your mind. Until it is... fear... uncertainty... and doubt are singing the backup harmonies to your progressive misinterpretations of what is really going on.

Everything is okay all the time... unless... you think otherwise... because... as you think, so are you. AS YOU THINK... SO ARE YOU! Everything going on inside of you and outside of you, you... thought... into... being. It was fueled by the level of the passionate intensity of your belief in it... OR... stagnantly pooling wherever it does because there just wasn't enough passionate intensity in what you believed in because you didn't really believe in anything.

Going with the flow can be a real problem, depending on the direction it is flowing in. This is how people become cannon fodder or... wind up dead in any number of other ways. All the corridors of The World run directly onto The Killing Floor. It's one compelling reason to walk in all ways contrary to The World. Most people never get this.

People are routed from cradle to grave through the monitored hallways of the usual traffic. How often does a cow break away and run for its life? People are conditioned. Their fears drive them on. Their fears freeze them in place... and hope dangles like a carrot out of reach. Gee... maybe tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be different ONLY if today breaks the pattern.

People relentlessly focus on The Future. They live in dreams of The Future and often entirely miss The Present. When they are not musing about The Future they are being harassed by The Past. Both The Past and The Future rely completely on The Present. The ones who feed upon you, and drink your life's blood... as if it were fine wine... know all about this. It is how they work you.

It takes real grit and gumption to step off the conveyor belt. It doesn't happen nearly often enough and as a particular illusion of life grows stronger, there is little hope for escape. Heaven knows this. So Heaven does something about it at regular intervals; don't get complacent.

As you can see, everything is breaking down around you, and the manufactured fears that are created for mass crowd control are dancing in the mind's display windows like Halloween skeletons; “Skynet is coming!!!” “AI is going to kill us all!” This just goes on until Chicken Little dies from a heart attack. All this bullshit is about keeping you in line.

They calm you down, AND... they panic The Mob. It all depends on what the game plan is at a certain juncture. The Homo Cabal at The WEF... The vampires at Black Rock, Vanguard, and State Street... The Incompetents at The White House... The Cannibal Bankers and Money Gangsters, they have competing interests, BUT... they have to get along or the whole thing breaks down.

The thing is, they only think they're in charge. They aren't even in charge of themselves and they are finding this out. The Hound of Heaven is on their trail. The Devils that whispered in their ears have turned into witnesses for the prosecution. They are feeling the heat. Believe me. This has all been staged... just... not by the people who thought they were the ones staging it.

Those who have been feeding on the carrion at the whirlpool's edge WILL BE getting sucked down. Anyone within reach of the big machines that build and destroy The World on a regular basis... WILL BE processed thereby. Wherever your heart has taken you has a destiny of its own. Whatever construction your mind created is what houses you now.

There is only one sure and certain course and that is to seek God and to serve God.. sincerely and without making a big noise out of yourself. Even a fish would survive if it kept it's mouth shut.

End Transmission.......

I think they might try to shut us down here in the short term. I know we've said this before but the signs indicate something of that nature. If you know of a more secure web server to post on, do let us know.

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Monday, May 01, 2023

"Sex Becomes The New Religion and Thereupon Babylon Rises and Falls. God is Displaced by The Rutting Stag."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

For years now... we have been talking about Materialism= Atheism= Satanism= Insanity= Cultural Implosion. The Sexual Force is the driving force that demonstrates through Materialism. In the early days, we had defined courtship rituals. We had appropriate soundtracks. We had romance in the air. It had its seasons... just like Spring for Nature.

Slowly... and then picking up speed, and then... now... on the verge of free-fall, The Sexual Nature was bent ever more and more out of shape, while being bent over on electronic media until The World began to look like the inside of Picasso's mind after two weeks of huffing compressed air... Thunderbird wine... and McDonald's Unhappy Meals from Door Dash.

When the dance between men and women is... more or less... balanced; families are a thing. Life... more or less... flows in predictable routes. Civilization, of some form, exists. Of course... there is always the threat or the presence of war. We need our coming-of-age rituals. There's government and law enforcement that regulates behavior because... some people follow The Commandments and some don't. Most of the time, most people follow The Commandments.

Then... Materialism whips up desire and people want more and more Stuff, which they acquire with more and more disappointment, once The Ozzie and Harriet Happy Hour is over. Normal sex seems confining, and... that is because one cannot find lasting satisfaction in any form of material body sex. This leads to ever greater and greater detours into depravity until depravity is the order of the day.

Everything gets normalized because everyone has to be free to live their own truth... no matter what kind of gruesome lie that might turn into. This includes the ever-increasing demographic of the mentally ill because... Materialism leads to Insanity. It NEVER leads to a greater and more pervasive sanity; not ever. There is no longer any treatment. There is only support and encouragement, with maniacal laughter as the soundtrack.

Satanism is the religion of Materialism... when Materialism reaches a certain line on The Dial. This is how drag queens have become the poster freaks of our time. The single greatest imperative of Satanism is the despoliation of innocence, and that is why the drag queens are coming after the children.

Satanism does not have a compelling vision of some shining city on the hill. Satanism's vision is either a total and unrestrained license or a Draconian totalitarianism. Ideally, it leads to Alan Ginsberg buggering Mickey Mouse in cell-block four of a worldwide concentration camp... where there are no rules and nothing makes sense, BUT... where simultaneously there are rules for everything without exception, such as it presently is in Kalifornia.

Kalifornia is also known as that great pedophile whorehouse on The Pacific.

Satanism exists to create worldwide disorder and a complete breakdown in culture and unity... where everything except Normality is permitted. Diversity is Perversity, Inclusion is Delusion, Harmony is Cacophony. These are interchangeable with, War is Peace... Freedom is Slavery... Ignorance is Strength.

Satanism is not supposed to make sense. The sense of Satanism is nonsense. This was one of the messages of Alice in Wonderland and a host of other... similar... works.

Cultures thrive, for... a... time... due to Religion and some system of self-governance where the public is represented by public-spirited servants. Whether the structure is monarchical or democratic... Roman or Greek... speaking only to fairly recent periods... that originally inspired later constructs... in search of a greater refinement... and achieving mixed results...

Satanism is the Religion of Materialism and that means MONEY... or whatever passes for money... is what sets the rules. There are no other rules. There is only the appearance of other rules. Lesser minds, in possession of less character and integrity, race pell-mell and full-tilt after The Glitter that blinds the spiritual eye. Honorable souls are marginalized and ridiculed by the chorus line that dances to the music of The Organ Grinder... who sets the tempo for the grinding of organs.

Sex becomes the go-to recreation, and MONEY makes it available at every turn. Sex becomes the new religion and thereupon Babylon rises and falls. God is displaced by the rutting stag; rampant on a field of blood; if you need a coat of arms. Humanity devolves into beast mode. Disorder and diseases of every imaginable kind sweep through the populations until they are no more. Some remain, and... the dances begin again.

The more The Sexual Nature is tortured and defiled, the greater is the torment among those so twisted. They seek escape in any and every direction but there is no exit. It is all the confinements of matter due to the mindset of Materialism. It is a prison built of crystallized carnal desire. Desire not turned into aspiration leads... inevitably... to suffering.

At this time, the undertows and riptides of Material Culture become overwhelming for anyone who falls or is pushed into the water. It takes a focused mind and a determined heart to resist the attractions of The Death Spiral whirlpools that appear in multiples across the face of the raging ocean; ♫ a ship there is, and she sails the seas ♫ or so the song tells us.

The gulf is wide or so it seems, across The Ocean of Birth and Death, where on the further shore, The Great Companions disport like children in unbridled joy. They are ever with us... unseen... until our spiritual eyes are opened, and... our carnal eyes have been closed. There is no way for both to be open at the same time. You must die to The World if you will live in an awareness of Heaven.

In these Times of Material Darkness. In these Times of Satanic Disorder. In these Times of Pandemic Insanity. In these Times of Atheism and Faithless Affections... one must find something to believe in that will carry them across the troubled waters of these times. It is good to know that it is all a test to see who will be found worthy... and who will render themselves otherwise.

It is an old... old story. It has been playing out in countless lives and cultures since we let The Garden in our hearts fall into disorder. Now we cannot tell the flowers from the weeds. All of our attention is on outward things. The interior dwelling has fallen into serious disrepair. It has a look of abandonment and into this squalor have come many unwelcome guests. Now you are no longer welcome there.

The noise within is horrific. Creatures of The Underworld suck the integrity from the walls until the ceiling gives way. Life goes out of balance and when life goes out of balance, suffering, and death are the certain and guaranteed results, BUT... as so many minds tell themselves; “live for today!” “Hey, you only live once!” “Eat, drink, and be merry!” Well... time will tell and we shall see.

You do not live only once. This is why I cannot engage with The Christian Religion, though I can follow Christ. His church is not of this world, and the church that the rapacious... despotic... and demonic clergy built up upon his departure... leaves out MANY very important truths that make life more understandable. It is The Agents of Satan that now fold and spindle The Gospel. They are the original drag queens who masquerade as what they are not.

When The Avatar comes he will set it all aright, as he has done so many times before. A recognition of The Sun as a portal to God, and a natural altar in the cathedral of Nature... will be returning into human understanding, once The Troubles have run their course... once The Darkness has lifted... once The World has been washed clean again of the workers of spiritual discord; the deceivers and killers of Hope and Brotherhood will be sent on their way.

I wish I could say that suddenly... The Mysterious Stranger would appear in our midst... wave his wand... and make it all bright and beautiful again. Perhaps he will... in places. In other places, he will appear as The Punisher, for he is both punisher and redeemer. Much that is present will no longer be present. Much that has been missing will be seen to have been present all along.

It seems that those who do evil must be given free rein to lead the blind. It seems that The Purpose of Demonstration in this go-round must be impactful and lasting. It must not be soon forgotten. Sadly there are those who will not see and cannot hear. They... will... be... informed.

End Transmission.......

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