Thursday, May 04, 2023

"This Goes On Until Chicken Little Dies from a Heart Attack. All This Bullshit is About Keeping You in Line."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What did we say here last week? Was it last week? We said that Rupert the Sly does not like talk about God, and Tucker was doing too much of that sort of thing, and... apparently it hit too close to home this time, cause... look what I found.

A Fox spokesbot vigorously denied that this was true so... that pretty much confirms it.

A number of powerful psychic weather fronts are converging into the threat of a perfect storm; bank failures... rising interest rates... runaway inflation... these are not areas I generally or... even rarely... pay attention to, BUT... when you factor in other conditions and events... they can lead to a serious eyebrow raise. Let's not forget enforced chaotic migration... looming bigger than ever.

Tribe Ukraine... interchangeable with, Team Ukraine, just did a less than bang-up job on an assassination attempt against Vladimir Putin. Interestingly... (or is it ironically?) they are right next door to Poland, so... heh heh... anyone seen The Tall Ships lately? On further reflection, maybe that wasn't funny... heh heh; moving right along.

Actually, it's not funny... not in Moscow and I think the fecal matter is about to hit the whirling mechanism.

As far as the bank failures... financial trouble zones, etc.; the Gangster Bankers are positively trembling over the prospect of a world war to fix their double bookkeeping problems. They need this war in a big way. They're up against it... mostly because of The Apocalypse and The Awakening.

These are two irresistible forces. It's a coupling of exposure and realization. Both of these supernatural forces are coming down hardest upon the heads of those who dare not have their works exposed to the eyes of a population that is now rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

I'm sure that many think that most people are still deeply asleep. People are asleep in Times of Material Darkness for so long as the ship of life is sailing on untroubled... soporific waters. When the winds come up and begin to howl across the decks... when the waves rise all around the ship... when your world starts lurching from side to side... up and down... it is no longer easy to stay asleep... ♫ how do you sleep when your beds are burning ♫

This is what emergent world conditions are causing. They are causing people to wake up. The silly but dangerous nonsense of the shattered non-binary-sex spectrum, which is just one aspect of cultural disorder that... when you include racial tensions... financial tensions... urban street tensions... and numerous other tensions, you get... a whole lotta tension.

What does tension produce? Tension produces Stress. When it gets capitalized you got big problems. Get too much collective stress and you get... Revolution. Corporations have reached a place of monumental arrogance; We are the reality shapers! “You will have nothing and be happy!” Cancel culture and Wokeness are emergent cultural fascism.

Diversity is a hoax designed to sell shit. COVID was a form of early crowd control that was managed through the hocus-pocus of applied fear and... uncertainty... which leads to more fear.

One of the things you learn from Materialism... IF... you are capable of stepping apart from it for a moment... is that it puts you in a position where you have too much to lose and you can be easily manipulated thereby. Your position in society becomes a real thing. Your reputation (real or imagined) is a palpable object. Your hopes and fears are all associated with conditions that are external to you, AND then feed back into you... creating yet more Tension and Stress.

In Times of Advanced Material Darkness... corporations are in control of the governments, AND... banks are in control of the corporations. It's money that gives the marching orders that result in, “We who are about to die salute you!” Now... money is in trouble. Do you have any idea what that means?

What's really going on is that The Apocalypse and The Awakening; anthropomorphically known as Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... are causing a dramatic shift in values. New forms of currency are coming into play, some of which are designed by The Bad Guys who are... being directed by The Good Guys... without their knowledge. If you want to change the culture and the social order, you have to change the kind and quality of the forces that shape it.

Evil does always destroy itself but... it's a guided process.

When you can change the way people... collectively... look at life, you can lead them anywhere with the promise of it... if it seems like a good thing, AND... away from it when it seems like a bad thing. Corporations and their lapdog governments know all about this... heh heh... in a limited sense. They are not the only ones who engage in this. God and his army of helpers ALSO engage in this.

When the one form of manipulation runs up against the other form of manipulation, guess who wins that encounter? This is especially true when The Shepherds of Humanity are running both ends of the manipulation. This is what needs to be made clear in your mind. Until it is... fear... uncertainty... and doubt are singing the backup harmonies to your progressive misinterpretations of what is really going on.

Everything is okay all the time... unless... you think otherwise... because... as you think, so are you. AS YOU THINK... SO ARE YOU! Everything going on inside of you and outside of you, you... thought... into... being. It was fueled by the level of the passionate intensity of your belief in it... OR... stagnantly pooling wherever it does because there just wasn't enough passionate intensity in what you believed in because you didn't really believe in anything.

Going with the flow can be a real problem, depending on the direction it is flowing in. This is how people become cannon fodder or... wind up dead in any number of other ways. All the corridors of The World run directly onto The Killing Floor. It's one compelling reason to walk in all ways contrary to The World. Most people never get this.

People are routed from cradle to grave through the monitored hallways of the usual traffic. How often does a cow break away and run for its life? People are conditioned. Their fears drive them on. Their fears freeze them in place... and hope dangles like a carrot out of reach. Gee... maybe tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be different ONLY if today breaks the pattern.

People relentlessly focus on The Future. They live in dreams of The Future and often entirely miss The Present. When they are not musing about The Future they are being harassed by The Past. Both The Past and The Future rely completely on The Present. The ones who feed upon you, and drink your life's blood... as if it were fine wine... know all about this. It is how they work you.

It takes real grit and gumption to step off the conveyor belt. It doesn't happen nearly often enough and as a particular illusion of life grows stronger, there is little hope for escape. Heaven knows this. So Heaven does something about it at regular intervals; don't get complacent.

As you can see, everything is breaking down around you, and the manufactured fears that are created for mass crowd control are dancing in the mind's display windows like Halloween skeletons; “Skynet is coming!!!” “AI is going to kill us all!” This just goes on until Chicken Little dies from a heart attack. All this bullshit is about keeping you in line.

They calm you down, AND... they panic The Mob. It all depends on what the game plan is at a certain juncture. The Homo Cabal at The WEF... The vampires at Black Rock, Vanguard, and State Street... The Incompetents at The White House... The Cannibal Bankers and Money Gangsters, they have competing interests, BUT... they have to get along or the whole thing breaks down.

The thing is, they only think they're in charge. They aren't even in charge of themselves and they are finding this out. The Hound of Heaven is on their trail. The Devils that whispered in their ears have turned into witnesses for the prosecution. They are feeling the heat. Believe me. This has all been staged... just... not by the people who thought they were the ones staging it.

Those who have been feeding on the carrion at the whirlpool's edge WILL BE getting sucked down. Anyone within reach of the big machines that build and destroy The World on a regular basis... WILL BE processed thereby. Wherever your heart has taken you has a destiny of its own. Whatever construction your mind created is what houses you now.

There is only one sure and certain course and that is to seek God and to serve God.. sincerely and without making a big noise out of yourself. Even a fish would survive if it kept it's mouth shut.

End Transmission.......

I think they might try to shut us down here in the short term. I know we've said this before but the signs indicate something of that nature. If you know of a more secure web server to post on, do let us know.

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M - said...

♫ how do you sleep when your beds are burning ♫

I cannot listen to that song without tears forming...

So many good quotes today. (I collect them, you know. ≋;> ) When I use them in my Posts, I do credit them back to you.

Siteground is a company that has been recommend to me by several webmasters/techies. If not for the HOURS (and years) I put in tweaking the interface on my site, I'd jump to them in a nanosecond. (I may still do that sometime in the future, as Wordpress is getting more and more wonky).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

There are two things every materialist should read. Theory of the Leisure Class (Thorstein Veblen) and The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde). The world has gone loopier than ever, and all that is, is imploding. Good! Just wish it would happen faster. I await that 'French Revolution' on steroids to hit world wide. It's already started in places, and from the looks of the u.s., the u.s. is gonna be the last place it will hit, being what a mess we are, and the wrong targets are gonna be hit more than the right targets.

As for that invasion, I think those that were 'sent' here are gonna royally regret bein' here before year end.

"Now... money is in trouble. Do you have any idea what that means?" Ayuh, it means GAME OVER! The money was all fiat to begin with. Just a goddamn piece o' paper. NOw, where did I hear that? (Don't answer that. I remember. Just bein' the snarkmeister again.) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA, and BBBBBLLLLPPPHHHTTT!

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY ON THE BEST DRUG ON THE PLANET! LV POSTS! Well, after nose pets and nose getting snorfled, that is.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My noseypoo says post on Substack. Ryan Dawson and Clif High are on it.

0 said...

Did you see this article? it makes good sense regarding the ongoing collapses of banks.

They would want to tell people its all "safe and sound" cuz if they get out before they get collapsed, they would no longer be under Thumb huh.

Guess the Russians are maneuvering for nuclear war now after that wonky, really weak, claimed attempt at assasinating putin.


Visible said...

In some cases, the hand is quicker than the mind. The desire body has a way of compromising the mental body which is why objective perspectives go out the window in Times of Material Darkness.

Ty said...

Substack is now the number one censor free blog on the internet, you might want to give that a shot visible.

Anonymous said...

Even though I require some money to buy things I can't do/create for myself and am sort of dependant on getting a reasonable amount of 'it' for stuff like food or shoes. Just think how utterly dependant those 'higher up the food chain' depend on it. Mind boggeling. We have a system based on bank credits not really money or real stuff. Well that might be changing. In the end there really is only what actually exists or could exist with some earnest effort and clear thinking. Sure I can imagine things for entertainment sake, but they are not real until 'I' decide to make the idea reality. Money, sure okay, how about clean water to drink, wash my hands or dishes, water the plants/animals? Credits come from banks and governments so that you can only purchase from one store.

Anonymous said...

"Both of these supernatural forces are coming down hardest upon the heads of those who dare not have their works exposed to the eyes of a population that is now rubbing the sleep from their eyes."

Here's an honest question - how have they not gone completely insane from the pressure of that force? Are the elite using huge quantities of adrenachrome to barely maintain their failing grasp on sanity? I mean it's clear that most people are starting to go mad, so it's hard to imagine the intensity of the pressure on the elite, since it's coming down hardest on them.

God is great, if we surrender to the divine then we have nothing to fear. Thank you for the reminders of that

Anonymous said...

" If you know of a more secure web server to post on, do let us know"

You may want to suggest Mastadon/Fediverse to whoever runs your blogs, it's basically a blogging platform, like twitter, but it is fully independent and acts like a federation.

They can easily set up your site and then you can post by logging in. Some people keep their site as a personal site and others keep it as a social network and allow others to register and comment and post. It's a pretty promising technology based on libertarian concepts.

brian boru said...

Thanks for that Les, it really resonated.

Dawn said...

You could give substack a whirl

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

A Fool Sees Themselves in Someone or Something Else when They Don't Know Who They are in The First Place.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Agree with all the above, a really, really good column, full of good quotes leading up to that last paragraph.



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