Friday, May 12, 2023

"It's Complicated; You Got Stool Sculpture Deities... and Shit Golems... Fitted Inside Each Other Like Russian Dolls."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Critical Mass gets closer each day. I suspect the pretense and illusion of balance will not survive this coming summer.

Jordan Neely; poster-thug of the month, was arrested 44 times over the course of his now... thug-interrupted life. Recently he was assaulting people (I think that was his day job) on one of the New York Subway Orc trains. At one point he grabbed a woman by her hair... eventually, some of the still bi-pedal travelers objected to this display. Apparently, that does happen... rarely... but it does happen.

At one point in his career as a mayhemer extraordinaire, he tried to kidnap a 7-year-old and got 4 months. That's how they do it in New York these days, as long as you're not white. Daniel Penny, the man who stopped Neely is white. He put Neely in a chokehold to quiet him down and Neely developed George Floyd Syndrome and passed away. It was not Penny's intention to kill the man, but... destiny stepped in, and I suspect all of Neely's future victims felt a lightness in the air at that moment; a sort of moonwalking goose going backward over their graves.

Why did the “No Justice, No Peace” mob show up to howl and stamp their feet about this predator being silenced in the midst of his predatorial act? How did it flash mob its way around The World like a cannon shot from Fort Sumter? How did The Michelin Girls over at The View wind up waving their handkerchiefs as... strange airbrushed tears were shed, and ran down their porcelain... faces? It was The George Soros Commie Telegraph that brought the bad news from Aix to Ghent.

You can tell that they are gearing up for some hot fun in the summertime. Another Civil War is brewing, and the agitators are grasping at every opportunity to summon the troops.

It's a cultural civil war. Some part of it has to do with castrating prepubescent boys. Some part of it has to do with cutting the tits off of pubescent girls. Some part has to do with killing Whitey. Some part of it has to do with Killer Vaccines... and some part of it has to do with humping everything that's standing still or... still moving.

Well... this is Petri Dish; does my ass look gay in these jeans?

A hidden power grab has been going down. George Soros bet against the British Pound in the fall of '92. It was a logical progression of his work as a teenager for The Nazis. Beel Cleenton was on his way to The White House. Certain deck chairs were being shifted on The Titanic. It was all a precursor for The Sexual Identity Wars on the horizon... 911... and a lot of other assorted nasty business...

I don't think Little Georgie Sorrows had a billion when he bet against the pound. He's donated 32 billion... supposedly he has a little under ten billion left. Does this math look a little like Chinese algebra? Where does his money come from? Heh heh... I'll give you one guess. Well... you don't have to guess. He's The Rothschild Crime Syndicate's bagman. He's got basically unlimited resources.

They had to give Soros a little cursory legitimacy, so they arranged The British Pound Scam. It's like The Covid Scam but with a different virus. It was a progression on the original scam by The Rothschild Satanic Dynasty when they also broke a few banks... and started a few more... after Wellington did his thing at Waterloo.

It's all complicated; you got stool sculpture deities... and shit golems... inside each other like Russian dolls. You might ask yourself how they lost Russia after they had effectively destroyed it, and I will point to that Joker in the deck that we mentioned yesterday.

Ya, Berginia... there is a plot to kill most of us and enslave the rest. This is not a new conspiracy. The same conspiracy of ignorance has been going on since the beginning. It involves a collection of people who think they are smarter than everyone else, who are being used as place settings for The Purpose of Demonstration by the people who really are smarter than everyone else.

It's a tale of two brotherhoods. One of them includes all the people whose hearts received the shrunken head treatment... and whose minds became poisonous landfills, teeming with life forms that don't look so good under a microscope. They are drawn together by The Law of Attraction. It is the same energy dynamic that led to the formation of The Brotherhood of Initiates. One was... traditionally called, The Black Lodge. The other was called The Great White Brotherhood.

Those definers are now considered racist, even though they have nothing to do with skin color. They have to do with the color of the soul. In present times, the dark brotherhood is working to change the language in such a way as to make evil seem good, and good seem evil. Georgie Sorrows and his band of knuckle-dragging NGOs are hard at work hijacking the education system, and... well... all of the systems... so that a distorted programming can be imprinted on the human consciousness.

This is why (cause it's been in the works for a long time...) they took over The Federal Reserve so that they could buy up all the publishing sector... the media... the entertainment companies... so that they could control the flow and the content of the information that soundtracks life, AND occupies the attention of the public for every waking moment, even though most of them are deeply asleep.

Well... so are the evildoers for that matter. They are simply having evil dreams. God scripts all of this for his entertainment, and to give him company and things to do, AND.. especially... so that he can play Hide and Seek. You might think it callous of The Divine to treat the whole of life as his playground, BUT... isn't that what everyone gets up to in a smaller format? We are created in his image, even if most of us don't act like it.

So... you know how we get told the fix is in, cause The Bad Guys run The Show? You know how you feel like you can't get anywhere because a select mob of gangsters run all the tables and control the ways in and the ways out? That's appearances. They control, NOTHING. They can't even control themselves. The whole affair is God disporting about... playing select roles and directing all of the other roles for his mysterious reasons.

Jesus Christ came here so that you could have life more abundantly, if... you... follow... the... rules. I call the ineffable... when manifesting through The Divine Persona... Krishna-Christ. The Bhagavad Gita basically says the same thing as The Bible. That Krishna... like Christ... is the be-all and end-all... Alpha and Omega. The Way...The Truth... and The Light. Even the names are eerily similar and meant to be a hint. Dogmatists and Fundies don't want to hear this, BUT... they don't want to hear anything.

God is singular. God becomes The Man with Ten Thousand Faces so that he can get the game on. It's a movie. It's a stage play. As long as you are happy there... playing assorted roles, and heading for The Wardrobe Department on The Moon every time your role ends... you are free to do that. Some there are who have gotten the system down and they come and go in Rakshasa Dynasties.

Of course... you really can't game the system, BUT... as long as you are willing to pay the freight, you can dance in The Fires of Sensation... and swim in The Lake of Fire... which is really a lake of desire. You need to be able to read scripture accurately. You can't do that unless you are inspired. As you move up The Gradient... The Intuition becomes a factor and you can get your scripture... direct.

A lot of this won't make sense to people who bought a pro forma, off-the-shelf understanding of the way things work. They'll live their lives... prodded and poked... until IT dawns on them. What is it that dawns on them? IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole of it is alive... along The Gradient.

Do you feel like you just can't catch a break? Stop wanting what you don't want. Stop knowing what you don't know. Let The Living Light shine in and upon you. Perhaps you are underground... buried in dream-stuff at the moment. You do have a miner's headlamp that you need to turn on, AND... you must dig toward the light.

Well... whatever direction you dig in, you will eventually break through to Somewhere, cause The World is round, so... unless you are going round and round; we'll have to take that up at another time.

God is a delight beyond the telling and... God loves you dearly. God is your own Higher Self. It's not complicated. Only the lies are complicated. Dig out of the darkness of The Personal Self. There are different PROVEN methods. We've talked about these methods here for a long time. Recognize the meaning of Namaste. (I acknowledge The Divine in you)

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

There is a reason the business roundtable in 2019 got all the CEO's of the majority of corporations to sign the STAKEHOLDER CAPITALISM agreement. Its so they all continue to collude and put the AGENDAS realization over profits. The choices these corporations are making are intentional and designed to destroy the economy. But they must obey or be cutoff from the free money tit. Given the last several stimuli are all trillion dollar plus, where did all those funds go? right? Gotta pay the clown stakeholders so they can "survive" their own destructive actions, but it makes you wonder if they're to dumb to realize they also live and consume all these brands as well, how does getting "paid" help when theres nothing to buy?

Shit seems like its about to Finally Get Real. Past Fucking Time really.


Anonymous said...

Gene, ( 0 ) —

I forget which year in the recent past all the former CEOs of corpses either took their early retirements or outright resigned, but it was a definite signal of bad weather on the horizon. It was just before or during Trump when it went on. Obaminator stripped the military and Olde Gropey Joe is finishing the job. Remember all the ded Doctors about a decade or so ago? It all continues, including the nursing profession of course, for reasons unnecessary to mention. Just like all the free energy inventors, have for as far back as can be remembered, also for reasons unnecessary
to mention. Virtually all the governments have been turned and are now occupied by criminals, liars, sellouts, cowards and ignorant participants of hive mentality of every stripe. All for entertainment, of course.

Well, i can admit to badassery (in the destructive sense) being “entertaining” in younger years past; “fascinating” might be a good word for it, but i have reached a point now where it has become a thing to disinfect from, or a more benign comparison of old toys that i’ve outgrown which no longer spark my imagination. I have better things to think about now; “‘… to put away childish things …”’ as the verse goes.

But when shit rolls downhill, it picks up momentum … and a lot of other things.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Daniel Penny needs a case of JURY NULLIFICATION. He did what the cops weren't there to do, if they even would do anything. As for those who want his head, they deserve to get assaulted, whilst surrounded by tons of people, with no one lifting a finger to help them. Penny's a HERO!

Wonder how that there invasions goin'? Next week might be real interesting.

Namaste, may Vasuki lick your nose, and NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'Recognize the meaning of Namaste. (I acknowledge The Divine in you)'

I have a new friend - seriously, a Robin.

He sits on the washing line where I can see him through the window, so I started giving him little bows and saying variations of Namaste, and projecting love rays, and he does these little quick Robin bows - really, seriously - and you can see his little beak opening as he chirrups.

I once saw Krishna as a blue person playing the flute over a bridge, and I think there were sheep - or cows - definitely animals.

Anonymous said...


A case of thuggus interruptus...


Quick Stride said...

You can feel the tension and burn it all down summer is going to be a hot one.
Put away all distractions and lower gut desires because playtime is over.
Have you seen the Feinstein getting wheeled into the district of cesspool belly of Sauron?
It's alive! Just barely.
Failed to escape the shithouse and looks like riding out the firestorm is the only option.
Karens think that they are involved in your life because they live in the same particle board gulag or shop at the same temples of materialism.
Good on all who escaped and we all know you don't vote you way out of socialism.
These things happen when they stop teaching history and tech gadget telescreens have dumbed the attention span down to zero seconds.

G said...

Thanks for the Blog Download.

I can't believe it's all been going on so long now.

This f-ckin nuthouse, since 9/11- and you've been the Man with the Commentary.

You're funny as all-get-out, too.

Also, cantankerous. LOL

But nobody else has had their finger on the pulse like you.

Much appreciate it!

Visible said...

G, It's Ty Vincent that made the blog collections possible. I am simply linking them.

brian boru said...

It's interesting that most of your Twitter links over at Gab were unavailable. I thought Musk was going to make it more open.

Visible said...

How odd. I did not know that.

Thank you!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Wanting Traps You. It is Wanting that Catches Every Life Form Operating According to Predictable Patterns."

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Wanting Traps You. It is Wanting that Catches Every Life Form Operating According to Predictable Patterns."



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