Wednesday, May 17, 2023

"It's Day of The Triffids Meets The Bodysnatchers. It's The Mind Parasites... in Organic Soil for The Vegan Menu."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The people who owned The Slave Ships and... for some reason never get mentioned in that capacity... now own The Mind Ships that ferry the Marxist information over The Middle Passage of modern slave indoctrination, AND there will be a meet and greet after the electrodes get attached so that you can ♫ meet the new boss, same as the old boss ♫

What? You thought the medical community was concerned about your health? Then you couldn't go anywhere or do anything unless you got The Kill Shot(s)? Now ze medical community says that men can lactate for breastfeeding the new generation of transhumanists. Who... SPECIFICALLY... is behind this? Who? Besides W.H.O., I mean?

Do you think all these trannies sexing it up on magazines like Sports Illustrated and the like... all the mainstream red-neck beer companies... and all the other pincher efforts to squeeze humanity into unthinking bobbleheads... is simply corporate efforts of a singular kind? No! They're being told what to do by the people who own the banks and print the money. ALWAYS... follow the money. Go to the source of wealth and the power it generates and you are directly in front of The Adversary.

Though the snake slithers from side to side... as it blurs the boundaries between Good and Evil, its intentions are clear. When we... collectively... no longer know what's what, we can be told what's what by The Mouth of Sauron in the separated bodies of Legion.

It's Day of The Triffids meets The Bodysnatchers. It's The Mind Parasites grown in organic soil for the Vegan menu. It's a complex of Hydras giving the impression of being individual units but they are all linked like mushrooms to the ground beneath their feet. It's a mycological horror show that travels by telepathic invasion.

The Sorosian mind programming force in the education system is building an army of robotized thugs, marching in lockstep to make everyone equal or else. There is a massive agenda underway to create a totalitarian nightmare zone where the only deity is The State. There are few things as dangerous as people who are certain they are doing the right thing and that the end justifies the means.

From Climate Change to sexual diversity... comes a new and depressing environment of scarcity and nonsensical rules... enforced under penalty of death. I'm not over-dramatizing anything. It is what they intend. They are already killing millions with their death-shot vaccines. They are racing against time to a point already manned by the winning team. The tension and apprehension are illusions. The game is already over.

George Sorrows should be passing into The Realms of Sorrow shortly. I say this since he just announced that he is still alive. Usually... that means you are on your way. It's a kind of advance notice and it happens a lot to certain kinds of individuals.

A large number of these scourges in human form are going to be exiting soon... transmigrating into their own transhumanist future in a land where thoughts and feelings are things. This is due to the force of cosmic change at the turning of the age. Certain ideas die out with the minds that hold them. It is another factor in the coming and going of generations.

Perhaps some might say it is not my place to determine George Sorrow's next port of call. I am not doing that. I am simply acknowledging the course he has already set for himself and built in his imagination, which has already precipitated into form on the plane where it is manifested for his coming residence. His soul is already present there. I had nothing to do with it.

I send no one anywhere. We each construct our future locations through our present industries of heart... mind... and body... according to the direction of The Will.

How does God affect and control the destiny of nations? He does it through the generations. Each generation comes with the knowledge of what they previously got up to... illuminated in their consciousness during the hiatus point between incarnations. Generations replace each other for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

Ironically... very often it is the case... that whatever someone is making noise about in the present tense... is the opposite of what they were howling about previously. When it comes to ham-handed... inconsistent efforts... no one can outmatch The Human Race when it comes to ignoring highway markers; most perfectly demonstrated in doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Life is all about showing the futility of self-interest ambitions. People's understanding of life would be much improved by a study of the Greek and Roman myths... fairy tales and fables... and... of course... the always difficult art of... paying attention.

Materialism divides the attention through a bewildering multiplicity of objects of desire. This accounts for the constant demonstration of Darwinism in collective and individual human affairs. The ability to focus and maintain attention is the key to success in hothousing personal evolution, AND... meditation is one of the finest vehicles for the employment of Attention via its greatest tool, CONCENTRATION. As Eliphas Levi so succinctly put it, “Concentration is the secret of The Magical Art.”

Consider the epidemic of variants in autism, brought about primarily through vaccinations and a welter of distractions. Consider the madness of sexual schizophrenia that is rampant in a time of identity loss through regimented ignorance or... as I like to call it... Lockstep Stupidity... mostly demonstrated in, monkey see, monkey do.

As The Apocalypse intensifies, and the covers are ripped from the great mattress that conceals the strange bedfellows in flagrante indelicto... as the works of darkness are brought howling into The Light, like vampires exposed to The Sun... as Humanity awakens to the predator class in their midst; the malefactors are raging like a meth-head with too few fingers, trying to plug all the holes in the dike; trying to reverse what is already done.

Hunter Biden... the election frauds... The Killer Vaccines... the Climate Change Hoax... the economy (stupid)... the transhumanist sexual low-jinx... and many other offenses... being committed against us... one and all... are about to be ♫ up in The Spotlight ♫. As Mr. Apocalypse walks the talk through The Valley of The Shadow... the curtains of concealment unravel, and... Kodak-moments appear before the eyes of The World.

As stupid a state as The World has been reduced to... in many cases it will pass like sleep from dreaming minds. People are waking up. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Let us consider focus and concentration again. When enough of The World is brought to an awakened state... the collective focus of attention becomes a powerful force for change, AND... it sends the creatures of darkness screaming into the night... literally praying for The Earth to cover them.

Stupidity is very much like being asleep. Who knows what happens when they are awakened by the force of The Avatar, who... I guarantee you... gets closer by the hour?

Spiritual intelligence is... light. Why do you think it is called, Divine Luminous Wisdom? Why do you think it is called The Living Light? Light contains a great many features, simultaneously in operation. Is there a best defense against The Light? Heh heh... yeah... it involves looking for a dark place to hide. There is no recorded historical memory of what happens when The World is flooded with Light.

My job is that of a herald. Heralds are no big deal. They simply announce the coming of something and then they get out of the way. Their great joy is in experiencing the arrival of what they are announcing. All spiritual states are their own reward. You don't need material backup. Duh!

You are presently experiencing the effect and results of whatever you are hosting, and... that is what you are transmitting. Getting out of the way can... really... make... your... day.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

"They are racing against time to a point already manned by the winning team. The tension and apprehension are illusions. The game is already over...

You can't put the genie back in the bottle."


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, when will the wait finally end? Still, NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

0 said...

Makes ya wonder if all the STAKEHOLDER CEO signatories are gonna be left holding the BAG eh?

Its their agreement to put the Agenda over Profits that has the corporations (signed onto stakeholder capitalism) acting the way they are acting and destroying their own profits just to destroy the economy, so they can play at building it back the way they want it, with everything Automated and anyone not in the club relegated to a class of subhumans serving the clown regimes.


Anonymous said...

What advice would you offer to someone who has lost the ability to feel love, or joy of any kind? Yes, I very much believe in God, but as of now I am finding it very difficult to imagine God being good, it seems if anything God is simply neutral, the killer and the killed, the eater and the eaten. Why should I have good feelings towards such a deity?

I'm sorry, after a lifetime of seeing the bad guys win over and over and over again, I'm utterly disheartened. We all know the basic rhythm of a spaghetti western, how the bad guys run amok for a while, beat up the good guys and get away with it, then eventually a good guy shows up and defeats them. Well, this particular spaghetti western that I'm living in feels like the bad guys have killed the livestock, poisoned the well, neutered the children, salted the fields, mutated the crops, and raped the pets, and now they're looking into finding ways to pipe in radioactive pig manure as a substitute for water. The good guy is seeming to be only a myth at this point.

Personally, I'm about ready to get up and walk out of this movie, and damn the director for being utterly and insultingly incompetent. So tell me, what advice would you give to those who have lost heart and lost hope?


Visible said...

My advice is... don't.

If you do not pray or live according to a code, that's the problem.

If you do and shit keeps happening, it's karma.

If you're not talking about yourself but just The World, well... that's how The World is.

If you are talking about your own life, you need to change your approach.

I kept changing my approach and I found one that works. Now I don't have to change my approach.

I know for a fact that The World you are talking about ONLY applies to those who believe themselves to be living in it and work to continue it. There are many worlds within this world entire. One occupies the zone they are resonant with.

Bad things happen when one has no faith.

God is a loving and beautiful creature beyond description. I say this as one who has had a very difficult life.

Change your perspective. If you ask for help, help will come.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if Levi of Rebel Moon fame is still with us?

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Poetry in Prose from the fingers of the Dog Poet, as is a custom.
Whilst it is where the Finger points to that matters, not the finger itself, on occasions the slight crook , slight lack of precision may result in 'missing the mark' .

From your reply in comments section: God is a loving and beautiful creature beyond description.

God=creature NOT !!! Unless God is the chief Archon.....hmmmmmm
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Visible said...

I see you've come out of remission. It is you that put your own meaning on the word creature which is a derivative of Creation. It is in the nature of a grizzly bear to lack subtlety so... there is no surprise here.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Thank you once again !!!!
I have been confusing coming out of hibernation, with my re-newed interest in honey and salmon, once again , i stand corrected in my self-understanding... it is coming out of remission!!!

Subtlety will become my new mission, re-mission, for those who can 'capture' such. i will have to start doing push-hands for mutual benefit of my practice partner, not to measure it in some competition , as in who 'pisses further'.... and offer my partner even higher quality of honey and fresher wild salmon....

Mnogo Hvala

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"I Notice that The World Makes All Kinds of Noise While I Am Passing Through It and... It Waves Colorful Scarves..."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Levi has graduated this realm last Saturday I heard. He's where I wanna be.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Levi, I was wondering about him myself and feared this may have happened.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Levi. I am going to miss you.
From a long liner.

ChrisD said...

Came here to read Vis's blog, didnt expect to see news about Levi...his last podcast was many weeks ago. If this is true, then yeah.....long liner here too. Don't know where folks have picked up this news but it's been a long journey for me too.
Don't go, Les! Stay and share the forthcoming victory with us !



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