Tuesday, May 30, 2023

"Their Greatest Problem is Mr. Apocalypse... Who is Going to Pull Their Pants Down... in Front of The World."

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This is a time of great tension around The World. The troubles in Ukraine are a serious matter. The Bankers are in a great deal of trouble because of their deceitful bookkeeping, and... generally bad behavior.

They have been engaged in stealing the wealth of The World. Their greed and arrogance... which comes from having gotten away with their crimes for generations... has blinded them to the position they have put themselves in. They desperately need a wider conflict.

Wars are the source of the majority of their wealth. The usurious interest they are able to punish the captive nations with... comes from the debt they were able to put them in... through the expenses of war. This is the means by which they steal the resources... the future... and the fruits of the common labor.

A great pressure has come upon these psychopaths. They are unable to define the cause. It is deeply personal and within. Something is happening but they don't know what it is. This is too complicated for me to address and I only know a little. They are up against it. Their greed is focused on the resources of Russia. Ukraine was a trap they set and the trap closed on them, instead of the other way around.

The threat of nuclear war... the global fallout, and the potential ruin of their investments in the countries they are forcing to do their bidding... is constantly in their minds. It is a precarious thing. The Good News is that this is the coming age of Brotherhood. There will be no total extinction. What extinction there will be... will be... selective. Still... the possibilities are terrifying for many.

Their greatest problem is Mr. Apocalypse... who is going to pull their pants down in front of The World. In concert... Lady Awakening is breaking the spell that for so long has held The World in a mesmerized stupor. People will not only see what has been going on... through the agency of Mr. Apocalypse... they will also understand what it is that is being revealed to them... through the force of Lady Awakening.

By the day... the pressure on the human mind intensifies and it is processed through whatever weakness... whatever appetite or carnal attraction... most specifically applies to each and every one of us. For some, it is material things. For some it is sex. For some, it is other appetites. For some, it is power and the desire for influence. In each case, none of them will be able to control the shape their fantasies take.

Some percentage of us are focused on higher things. Where your heart is... there will your treasures be also. As you can imagine... or compute from the obvious... very bad circumstances are going to come about. In many cases, the pressure will cause epidemic insanity.

It is much harder to see the good circumstances that will also come. There is little sign of them, except for the public reactions... FINALLY... to the twisted freak-zone behavior that's been a runaway fire-breathing dragon for too long now.

This pressure will be no respecter of person. It will hit the elite, as is already evident to those whose eyes are open. It will hit the dregs. It will hit the demographics in between. This should be glaringly evident by now... even to those who have not formerly been paying attention.

The old vampire... Henry Kissinger... just became a hundred years old. That's actually pretty young for a vampire, now that I think about it. Nevertheless... consider his porcine physiognomy and utter lack of cardio engagements; ♫ if he only had a heart ♫ You know that something is wrong with this picture. Either that's not him, and they got him from the same backup supply outlet as Stephen Hawking or... they've made great strides in demon DNA.

In other news... the implications of which are not presently being discussed in The World Government propaganda arm; formerly known as The Media... Erdogan is head of Turkey (again) for the next 5 years. Because there was a full-tilt effort to replace him with someone more amenable to the sexually bent... he had to take his attention from other things.

I don't think he's a very nice guy but... that's beside the point.

Recently... the same people who blew up The NordStream tried to blow up TurkStream because Hungary hasn't been going along with the program. Comma Ty Yi Yippee Kai Yay Erdogan is not known for his cool demeanor or restraint. My point is... my reason for bringing this up... is that... on the big gameboard of Risk... loyalties are ALWAYS shifting about... where perception means (just about) everything.

Sauron's Thralldom is breaking down. This may be hard to see when everywhere is Mordor, but... indeed... it is the case. It was all allowed to go on for so long... and become so suffocating around The World... in order for people to be pushed into waking up. They seemed increasingly unlikely to do it on their own. Sometimes the best way to get people's attention is through the agency of Pain.

When conditions get hot... when people feel pressed and confined... when the elbow room is only upside your head... the natives get restless. When people are increasingly loath to be dragged away from their tummy yummies and frottage dotage in the rubbing of the crowds, sometimes The Point is better made ON THEM, instead of TO THEM.

For instance... let's say you've gone on a merry little hike through some pastoral forest, and... ♫ it's all too beautiful...♫ and you've had a lot to drink and snort... you don't notice right away that the landscape has changed and before you know it... you're in a swamp. The mosquitoes get wild. The bull-gators are booming. The cottonmouths are agitated. The leeches are dining, and... it's all very festive.

While you are trying to get out of the swamp, you wind up deeper in the swamp. You begin to panic cause you've lost your way. Sexual perversity is such a swamp. So is all manner of self-indulgence, and... selfish intent.

Your mind becomes a swamp because everywhere you look there is swamp... so The Mind mirrors the swamp. Sometimes this is the best way to get people's attention. Put them in extreme adversity, AND... also rub their noses in the sick shit they get up to.

You add in some bells and whistles like... the specter of war... unsafe streets... financial uncertainty... chaos and confusion, and... widespread diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles, and... you get what you get. People start crying out. They start crying out in their hearts and minds as well, and... this sets up a cosmic dynamic because... Heaven hears their cries, AND... Heaven is soft-hearted.

However... Heaven is not soft-headed. Heaven knows if it changes direction too soon, people will take it all for granted and go right back to what got them into a mess in the first place. God allows Materialism to go to the extremes that it does so that people can see what happens. People need to feel the pain and emptiness that having too much leaves them with when all they have is... stuff.

No matter what anyone says, all they REALLY want is to be loved. HOWEVER... Materialism and material things make people selfish and they no longer know how to love and no one loves them either. Well... God loves them, but... they've gone off some distance from God chasing after not God.

This should be clear to us, but... when you lose the objective perspective... wraparound tunnel vision is the result. It's like wearing sunglasses inside your head. Those lenses mute The Light of God. Still... it's in the darkness that you can do all those fun things that got you lost in the swamp. You see how it goes.

The Good News is that God never stops looking for you, and... as soon as you start looking for God. The distance narrows. Of course... there is always difficulty at the beginning. You just have to put your head down and keep on coming. Otherwise... it's back in the swamp.

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From Book 2 of Patanjali's Sutras=

42 From acceptance, the disciple gains happiness supreme.

One of the wise has said: accept conditions, accept others, accept yourself. This is the true acceptance, for all these things are what they are through the will of the higher Self, except their deficiencies, which come through thwarting the will of the higher Self, and can be conquered only through compliance with that will. By the true acceptance, the disciple comes into oneness of spirit with the overruling Soul; and, since the own-nature of the Soul is being, happiness, bliss, he comes thereby into happiness supreme.

43 The perfection of the powers of the bodily vesture comes through the wearing away of impurities and through fervent aspiration.

This is true of the physical powers, and of those which dwell in the higher vestures. There must be, first, purity; as the blood must be pure before one can attain to physical health. But absence of impurity is not in itself enough, else would many nerveless ascetics of the cloisters rank as high saints. There is needed, further, a positive fire of the will; a keen vital vigor for the physical powers, and something finer, purer, stronger, but of kindred essence, for the higher powers. The fire of genius is something more than a phrase, for there can be no genius without the celestial fire of the awakened spiritual will


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible, I appreciate everything you do here. Today, special thanks for making available The Complete Blog Collection. Thank you!

Visible said...

You're welcome but is was Ty Vincent who compiled them.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Missing Munich said...

Dear Les,

This writing is phenomenal, totally hit the spot today. It gives hope for a better future. Thank you as always for giving it your all in your musings.

Missing Munich

0 said...

Happy Memorial Day. Guess we'll see if the escalation happens in June huh.

Take care!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"God Created This World to Have a Place to Play, and People to Play With, BUT... Hardly Anyone Seems Interested."

Anonymous said...

"Sexual perversity is such a swamp. So is all manner of self-indulgence, and... selfish intent."
Yes indeed..I lived the bulk of my years in bondage to self. Much of that time it was the consequences from my self indulgent life that I loathed rather than my selfish nature, but not anymore. Thank God for consequences, for pain, without which I would still be trapped in that live death existence.
"If we do not die to ourselves, we cannot live to God, and he that does not live to God, is dead." George Macdonald

This is Justin V. I made it out of prison. Got out 15 months early thanks to you know who😊!

Visible said...

Well!!! How about that! Fantastic! May your road be open and singular!



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