Monday, May 22, 2023

"Some Refuse to Learn and They Will Get Pounded Like The Rocks are Pounded into Sand by The Relentless Ocean Waves."

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I think this says what many of us have been thinking for some time. The World of Lies that seduce our eyes and deceive our minds is crumbling because there is nothing to hold it up anymore. It has no invisible means of support, and it is The Invisible that makes all that is visible... possible. OBVIOUSLY... things are going to change in a big way.

We each see The World through the lenses of our appetites and desires. One might say the left eye represents the atavistic hungers... restrained... or by degrees running wild through the human vehicle, and... that the right eye represents that which one sees every day... in real life or the mind's eye... and desires to possess. That would be one way of putting it.

Behind it all is a world of numbers and symbols that are perverted for self-interest or... which reflect the unhindered expression of The Will of God. It's all The Will of God... turned to self-injury or... the greater good. Depending on your intentions and aspirations... you fall into one of these camps, depending on whether you are deluded or... you have your mind's eye open.

Of course... there are degrees of Evil, just as there are degrees of Good. These are the two polarities in The World of appearances. Here it is that we play Pong in the eternity of The World of Change... in The World of Nature... in The World External.

There are two pools of origin from which... what you might call avatars... come forth into manifestation. I use those terms ONLY for the purpose of illustration, and you get Stalin... or Mao or... you get Buddha... or Christ. My thoughts are not precise, but we certainly did get Stalin and Mao, and we certainly did get Buddha and Christ.

I'm not going to argue whether or not the historical Jesus Christ was ever a real person, BUT... that there was some personification of that being is beyond any doubt... in my mind... because of the legacy that followed.

Some people just like to argue. They are not concerned with the truth of the matter. They just like to argue and it is good to be able to see them coming so that you can pass them by... else they snag and tag you... and waste your time... and give you bad directions to somewhere they've never been.

For the sincere searcher, you get humbled to the point that little of who you thought you were remains, and then... you get erased from the roles and rolls of mortal history because you are no longer relevant there. For some... I suppose this would be a disappointment. For me... it is the greatest honor one can attain to. It all depends on who you care to be remembered by; given forever to play with. Your sense of time is the prison that contains you.

Of course, this does not mean you cannot come back. Some do because the suffering of humanity tugs at the vitals of their compassionate nature. There are none so remarkable in this respect as The Amitabha Buddha. If you have not read his story... you should. Let me encapsulate it in simple form. He has vowed not to accept final liberation until every other sentient being has arrived before him. Now... heh heh... that's commitment.

This world of broken dolls and angry souls with long-forgotten reference points... teeming with hungry ghosts, and those lost in purgatories of sorrow and regret... is a hard vision to handle. I have been clairvoyant on occasion... for days at a time... not often, but it has happened. There is good reason that most of us cannot see into the less visible realms. You need to be grounded in something greater than yourself. You need to be grounded in your greater self.

The vast majority of us wander between the competing poles of the heart and the mind... in pedestrian dreams of wanting... wandering in the wastelands of unrequited desire. They are filled with the burning need for acquisition. This is followed by an endless reel of bitter disappointment because what they seek is... not... to... be... found... there.

One can say these things over and over. God knows that I do, but... it means nothing when the heart and mind are blinded and imprisoned by carnal desire. At some point... and who knows how far off that might be... one realizes the futility of it all and turns homeward... homeward to bright angels and celestial realms where sorrow is a forgotten thing... where separation has ended... where longing ceases.

Some things one must take on faith. There is no getting around it.

As The World descends into madness... (and this is visibly apparent) disorder increases... Hostility intensifies. Brother turns against brother, and... scripture speaks of this... in the final times... in end times... but there are no end times except once every thousand yugas when The Night of Brahman comes... and even then... after another thousand yugas, it... starts... all... over... again. Nature does not end. Nature is an eternity of change. Some like it there... I guess... I mean, they keep coming back; something didn't get done... or acquired... or whatever it was that was lacking, BUT... that lacking never ends. The longing never ends. The wanting never ends; not in that theater of operations.

Politicians make promises but they don't keep them, and even when they do; when some rare personality gets a shot and then gets shot... the next guy comes along and reverses it or... reshapes it into something it wasn't before. You have two sources of action that are perpetually at war with one another. You got The Lower Self making war on The Higher Self, to the eternal frustration of The Lower Self who cannot win but is very good at muddying the waters for others.

People enter the contest thinking they can win... thinking they can change things, and they might win... for a minute or two, and... they certainly will change things, BUT... since change is an eternal constant... those changes will also change. Villains and heroes are constantly replaced, for... the... purpose... of... demonstration.

Some learn... and evolve. Some learn and evolve right out of here; consistency and perseverance WILL prevail for those inspired by a higher call. Some refuse to learn and they will get pounded like the rocks are pounded into sand by the relentless ocean waves.

The ill-taught by the ill-informed; they snatch on to cute buzzwords... like “dog whistle”. It doesn't occur to them that that term was invented by the author of eugenics.

I listen to what people say. So I note the absurdities of Stupid convincing Stupid of something stupid. I watch the violence spread toward the victims whose fear attracts it. I see desperate... clueless characters seeking to replace others who knew more and then find themselves like the dog who caught the car and then doesn't know what to do with it.

The Media... in the hands of those about to be exposed by Mr. Apocalypse... is all-out to spread the idea of social and cultural disintegration. They are hoping everyone will forget what they've been up to; “Wait! Look over there! No! Now look over here. Isn't that interesting... or horrible... or terrifying?” Their pathetic efforts to distract humanity, and promote the fear of one Halloween skeleton after another... that they set dancing in people's minds... are going to completely stop working.

The rich and powerful can often protect themselves from external threats... through private armies... social buffers... and secret hidey holes. What they cannot protect themselves from is what can happen in their heads; not to mention what can happen to their health. Of course, that's an old story, BUT... a nameless fear is about to come upon them, and... some of them are reading these very words.

I have it on good authority that their time is coming to an end and... soon... there is no plea bargaining or deals they can cut. That grace period is ending. What they could not see is soon to become visible to them. Some of them are already seeing things.

They keep thinking that all their old tricks will just keep working. Ah... no. They will not. These times come around at rare intervals, so... it's understandable that there's no mention of it in some almanac or historical record. Nonetheless... it's coming, and the window of grace is closing. I recommend giving some thought to the matter.

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Leesa said...

Yes Les,
I was told recently
"Their ship has run aground"
Good riddance...
Vishnu, the cleaner of filth
is sweeping down through the planes
(Another avatar- Sir Galahad)
Meanwhile, back to the electroculture
copper wire gardening project,
while God does his miraculous handy work
Love Leesa

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And more good news. Popocatepetl and Krakatoa are both going off. If Clear Lake joins 'em, I'll be as happy as a cat in front of a dish of buttered langostino. After all, since we didn't get enough rain to plaster the Oroville dam. . .

Is my death wish and generalised misanthropy for the collective showin'? And I ain't talkin' the coffee. Not that I drink the stuff. I'm to pretentious for coffee. Give me tay or give me de. . .

Uh, oh. . .never mind. (Actually, I'm flatlined on coffee, but love hazelnut latte. My nosey-poo is the coffee lover.)

Nostrils to the sky.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dammit, I fergots sumthin'! Me thinks the ultimate purpose of life is to sort ourselves out so we don't have to come back. My final issue was to whack my ego with a 2 by 4. OK, that's done. I'm still here, I'm pissed as Hell about it, and everybody's gonna know it. I guess I'm still here to see what I can't stand finally crash and burn. Well, at least it's on its way.

0 said...

"Some refuse to learn and they will get pounded like the rocks are pounded into sand by the relentless ocean waves."

Curious note, did you know parrotfish eat coral and poop sand?

"The famous white-sand beaches of Hawaii, for example, actually come from the poop of parrotfish. The fish bite and scrape algae off of rocks and dead corals with their parrot-like beaks, grind up the inedible calcium-carbonate reef material (made mostly of coral skeletons) in their guts, and then excrete it as sand."

If all that nature produces, she consumes, whats consuming Self? Lets hope we aren't just being pooped out as Sand. cuz as the sands of an hourglass, so are the days, er lives, of our lives huh... :P


Asil said...

Dear Les Visible,
It is always a great relief to read your essays - like a cold glass of clean water after traveling in a barren desert.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Someone is Scaring The Shit Out of People and Making Them do What Normal People Don't Get Up To on Their Own."



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