Thursday, May 25, 2023

"They are Insinuated Into Every Organization and Agency... to Control the Specific Applications of Inhuman Policies."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As we have mentioned any number of times over the course of doing this... we pay attention to Trends and Patterns. One of the reasons is that trends and patterns are what The Enemy of Humanity uses to condition The Public Mind... to groom The Mind into shaped perspectives that are formed incrementally... by small measured steps. The indication is that it all came about naturally. Even when it is... observably... unnatural.

This is what happened with The Gender Confusion Movement... and the sexual slo-mo perversity twister... as well as the twin-pronged devil's horns of Diversity and Inclusion. What is the opposite of Diversity? It is Unity. What is the point of Inclusion? It is to legitimize EVERYTHING... no matter what it is... in order to blur the boundaries of right and wrong... according to what makes a society and a culture stable and workable.

The intention is to tear the whole thing down and then build it back into a forced, group-think, concentration camp. It is the return of The Jacobins and the Khmer Rouge; and how did that work out?

They will not retreat willingly back into the darkness from which they emerged. They have been planning this for a long time. They infiltrated the military... and the educational system... and the political systems... and the religions of The World... they have corrupted the flow of information to reflect their own unclean desires as The New Normal.

They are... in reality... pawns of a higher architect... written in as collateral damage for a more colorful blueprint... for the purpose of suspense and excitement; if that's the sort of thing you go for. Once again... ♫ you can't have one without the other ♫ “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.”

They are a legion of Satanic functionaries from the cellar dwellings of the Cromwellian mind. They intend to, do... it... by... the... book... just as soon as they are done writing it. They are insinuated into every organization and agency to control the applications of inhuman policies... to the formation of world government, administered through the supplication and obedience of The Hive Mind. They want control of The Hum.

This they will NEVER accomplish because they... themselves are a part of The Hum that precedes their soon-to-be-aborted efforts to change the tone to an exploitable cacophony. Like ravenous and insatiable termites, they have eaten their way into the existing infrastructure with the intention of causing it to collapse. This it will surely do... directly upon their heads.

It had ALREADY been decided by The Heavenly Hierarchy to replace the existing infrastructure with something more suitable to The Coming Age. As is predictable for their distorted vision... they misread The Signs entirely. They are adrift upon an angry sea of their own making.

They're not entirely stupid. They are clever... too clever for their own good. They are like a drunken assembly line worker whose garments get caught in the machinery. They became intoxicated by celebrating too soon and in all the wrong venues. They are the latest expressions of the wrong way to go about things... in order to exist... for perpetuity... as a cautionary tale.

Sexual deviancy is a self-destructive force. Whatever goes against Nature... WILL BE destroyed by Nature, and all their howling and squeaky-wheel nonsense will come to naught as the millstone rolls over them... and Justice is served. They imagined that they could pervert an entire generation, in order to create enough confusion to take over at some critical juncture; the when of which they do not know. They expect to wing it, as opportunity knocks upon their door.

However... it is not Opportunity that knocks... it is Destiny. This is the way of the evildoer... immersed in their mind games, and trapped in their own webs. It is The Nature of The Beast to confound itself, AND... to never catch on that it is their own perverse desires that... drove... them... to... The Abyss.

Thank God they have Reuters Fact Check to set us straight. (pun intended).

We all know how righteous and truthful Reuters is. Why... they're right up there with The Associated Press! You don't get much more honorable than that... do you? I've no idea if the clown in the photo is the same clown in The WEF. What I am certain of is that he and his fellows get up to far... more... sinister... depravities... than camping it up on a beach.

You should know that the end is near for all of them when they come out of the shadows into the daylight... which they usually abhor. It is when over-confidence strikes, that Pride goes before a fall. They didn't mean to out themselves; and... this is true. They were driven to it... driven by The Hound of Heaven to their appointed end.

EVERYTHING... everything is designed on the drawing boards of Heaven to the fulfillment of God's Will. However ANYONE plans anything, God plans prior to. No matter what anyone thinks... or dreams... or imagines; whatever they think they have gotten up to on their own... is a delusion.

A great shaking up is coming. It is a physical shaking through the agency of Lady Nature, and it is a companion shaking in the hearts and minds of humanity... in their world and culture... in the appearances collectively agreed upon as being... real; when none of it is real. All of it is going to be shaken AND stirred.

In the present administration, a conspiracy beyond the wildest dreams of Watergate is trending toward its grand exposure. The players are to be stripped naked before the eyes of The World. Long-calculated plots are headed for ruination. A world-class cluster-fuck is booking a suite of rooms at The Hollywood Hotel. Invitations were sent out a long time ago. RSVP'd acknowledgments came in by return mail. The overflow crowd will be tailgating, AND... a good time will not be had by all.

I take no great pleasure from what I know will come to pass. (nearly) Everyone is a member of The Walking Dead. From the moment of birth, life trends... inexorably to death. In the rare instance... there are those who die sufficiently to The World so that they are changed... and need not die. They are no longer mortal, but... for everyone into the fun and games... death is inevitable.

Ah... if it were only death, that would not be such a bad thing... especially since there is no end to life. It just continues in another form. However... there is the matter of disease and old age; Lady Nature's payback. My advice... and I strongly recommend this... get right with God... come into resonance with Heaven and harmony with all life. If you don't know how to manage this... angels are standing by.

How do you get Heaven's attention? You get Heaven's attention by... doing... the... right... thing... consistently... by calling on it... regularly... by depending on it... absolutely... and by channeling The Love that it dispenses on one and all... to one and all... without respite. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

We are intermediary channels... if we choose to be... of the blessings of Heaven raining down night and day. In Times of Material Darkness, people block the light. They cut off the flow to one another, and this is why you see so many smiling faces in poor countries and so many down-turned mouths in wealthy countries. You get what you give. Material things have no love to give. Let your heart be joyful by prioritizing your love!

I had been outside last evening at dusk and was watering my plants that are spread about through the backyard that we are trying to turn into a garden of flowers. I love my flowers... as I know them to be the material children of angelic thought. I try to converse with The Divine Mother... because that is her province... her sphere of operations.

Not infrequently... to my dismay... (when I am done with the work...) I walk back inside without saying, Good Evening! AND... Thank You! Last night... catching myself... as I often do... I immediately went back outside to handle the forgotten salutation and said that I was sorry and she said, right off... “That's okay, I'll just sit here in the dark.” She rarely ever says anything.

There were so many diverse connections that got made... immediately in my head... that I laughed out loud (she intended me to) for... in a certain sense... The Divine Mother is darkness itself when she is personified as The Womb of Matter. However... she is ever so much more than that. She is... literally... everything that you see and hear, and touch and taste. Those who do not love and respect her learn a variety of unfortunate truths.

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M - said...

"You can't garden without thinking about the future." - Rules for Visiting

"Nature is only wild to those who seperate themselves from her." - Raven Grimassi

I love my bit of Concrete Jungle, too, Vis. Home to plants and visiting animals, it is a Sanctuary and altar to Nature.

BTW, I and a friend of mine are setting-up electroculture "antennas" in our respective gardens. I used crystals last year and am very curious to see how this will compare.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky, for yesterday's too.

Strider Aragorn said...

LV! Late night recon return, the Big Dipper looks like it is right overhead, not a cloud in the sky.
The AM blowtorch station won't come in for some reason, could be rainy there.
I always give thanks for any wisdom or a warning to heed, it was put there by God, just a standard issue dumbazz myself so it isn't something that I came up with.
Dreams lately are of wild adventures, pretty women, fortunes to be had and I wake up laughing.
There is a quickening where some people are on the same wavelength with similar thoughts.
An example, you thought of something earlier, go on Gab and there is someone with the same idea.
Not a member an of those apps but it is pretty cool and free speech first amendment zone.
Also some are exercising their 1st amendment in a negative way but it sounds like gibberish or they are expecting some overreaction.
Without Lady Nature it really would be unbearable and plotting out the exits just in case it is on foot with what can be carried, lived over here since the 1980's and it is like second nature.

Anonymous said...

people are the Walking Dead because of religion raping their spiritual energy as children and filling them with fear, shame, and guilt. It's funny how judgemental religious and "spiritual" people are, when the very root cause of all of the problems are religion and the idea that "God" is separate or outside of us.

Anyway, at least you're helping expose the Chosen Race, that is pretty much the vital need of the hour. As long as the world is controlled by the satanic zionist scum, no real change is possible.

Visible said...

Show us on the doll where the bad spiritual teacher touched you.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Align with Your Higher Self. Come Into Harmony with All Things by Virtue of Non-Intrusion Into Anything."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Les. I, too, tend to be optimistic about the insane clown milieu we are now forced to live in. But, Nature will always win in the end.



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