Monday, June 26, 2017

The Colorful Presents beneath Evergreen Colleges Transsexual Christmas Tree.

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I'm giving an alert before you read this posting that it is going to be very not politically correct and seemingly indifferent to the feelings of people that I think should be made into handbags and sold in tourist traps as authentic alligator hide (which is one of the principle ingredients in Gatorade) accouterments for the fashionable Kardashian clone vampires... millimeters short of their coming into contact with the social justice warriors they are made out of.

First let me say I have yet to run into a social justice warrior and I certainly wouldn't behave toward them like this guy at the end of the Youtube video who wants to know if maybe an apology is in order.

I look at this whole affair and I marvel. I marvel at the thought that this person, caterwauling into the void actually has a college education. It's possible but... unfortunate and certainly not in evidence. What I find most remarkable is that she teaches a college course for Performance Art and I KNOW that genre had to be created by the gay and otherwise alternatively shaped squeaky wheels who demand that they either humbly submit and go inside or LEAVE. That wouldn't work with me and I know it's about their jobs... it's about their jobs and they got no cojones and no integrity so they are good to go on the rotisserie soon enough.

I look at this woman screeching into the atmosphere, completely inarticulate, like some drunk on the sidewalk outside an inner city liquor store (I marvel that the sidewalk is willing to hold her up) and the support crowd of lesbians and gay boys are grouped at one end and these victimized professors are there front and center and well...

...let me give credence to the support group of social justice Nazis. It has gotten insane, truly.

It would take me less than ten seconds to see where that person is coming from. I take in the whole picture; I like the shorty shorts and the white socks; that says politically informed to me ...all the way.

Then I think about those who are presently in the American Congress and I know that Israel has video of plenty of them dressed this way and worse... much worse. You can't get video of me doing anything I won't do in front of the whole world but, unfortunately some have weaknesses. I don't understand how a person's sexual fantasies transform into something so licorice twizzled out of shape as it seems they are. Obviously the devil is afoot and this is why I exhort and press and press and press that the reader should seek the ineffable with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their strength and with all their mind because, my friend... bad shit could happen but not on God's watch. When you become a friend of God you do not need to fear these strange and bloated Macy's Thanksgiving Day float creatures. They don't come around and you don't see them. When you are real... the unreal cannot come close. It looks bad for the culture right now... if these Jacobins are ever put into a position of disciplining everyone else, heads... will literally roll; keeping in mind all required torments that precede the event.

Can you imagine the intellectual and economic insecurities of a college faculty that would stand on camera and put up with a steroidal wart-hog bellowing at them in public about issues that don't exist; that have been catered to ad nauseum? and whereas the real rage... the real rage or these, these... I honestly cannot attach a label to these creatures that will not further evidence against me when the tribunal convenes......... Their real rage is when they look in the mirror and see what they are and what they are not. Their real rage is that they have and will have no accomplishments that grant them a legitimate forum for any kind of enduring reputation at having created anything that someone not already so bent out of shape already would stay seated for more than a minute and listen to.

I've seen some amount of performance art. I've seen the new art that passes for art created by people who can't draw a straight line. I've seen rollers and splashing paint, urine and feces transformed into artistic presentations as we climb into the dark uninspired well of our undiscovered self in search of something... ANYTHING with some validity and there is nothing... NOTHING and then you have to use menstrual fluid infused tampons and cigarette butts, human shit and dirty sheets and everything that gets thrown out (or should be thrown out), as the veritable testimony to what we are and you wind up with a season in Hell with Lena Dunham as your dominatrix girlfriend. Could you or any sane and still halfway capable man imagine what it would be like to pass her on the street, much less turn off to that looming brownstone on the corner where the two of you live?; talk about horror movies.

I have looked with dispassionate and objective eyes upon all the incremental deposits of dog shit that line the tracks of time on its way to this social justice absurdity; from Warhol to this. Now... these days, nothing is politically correct unless it is sexually aberrant and in hateful opposition to the family unit. It is the family unit that is the cohesive glue in a society and a culture. You can't have any of it without the family unit... so the Satan worshiping Tribe who controls all the mediums of artistic and informational expression, have declared war on the family unit and on Christianity. I am no fan of the financially driven empire of fundamentalist religious control over the minds of sheared and limping sheep but I acknowledge that there is a great truth in Jesus Christ and what he came here to say and did say and for some unfathomable reason, I prefer what he has to say to what is graced us in The Talmud.

This is an example of the kind of madness that is afoot.

Here is a remarkably sane fellow commenting on the Evergreen College (in Washington State).

It's a bit long but once he is done you will know everything you need to know about what is taking place there at at colleges and universities around the country. One of the main issues at this college is the systematic abuse of black disabled tranny students at the hands of the campus police. According to statistics there is supposed to be 0.1% black disabled trannies at this particular college. As the commentator aptly states it appears that that portion of tranny is composed of Jamil Bee and he would qualify as disabled for being mentally disabled. From watching videos it appears that this Jamil Bee is in charge of the campus uprising and even has the power to allow the college president to permission to go or not go to the bathroom.

This entire Grand Guignol (which means 'puppet show' when translated from the French) is one of those phenomena that, at first appearance most resembles farce and unintentional satire. In the early stages it's like a dirty snowball being rolled down a hill. As it progresses it gains more mass and weight and eventually becomes dangerous and at any point on its journey into the valley it is never under control, except by the sudden and unpredictable changes of the ground over which it passes. Crazy shit comes out of seemingly nowhere and sometimes it dies from a lack of exposure and sustenance and sometimes it turns into a monster that shocks the world, such as The Bolshevik Revolution or the PC insanity of the Khmer Rouge, or some of the antics that took place during the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution.

There will be many reasons given for why what is happening is happening, or has happened... or may happen. There will be pundits and analysts giving their commentaries on how come. Or... they may become increasingly silenced, or... they may, through fear, become agents and spokesbots for whatever this movement turns into. Powerful and mysterious forces, tides and the like, move through existence and cause conditions designed to be staging grounds for one thing or another. My position on the matter is that it is a product of Materialism. Materialism is a breeding ground for insanity and as Materialism moves through its stages, the types of insanity change and the numbers of those so affected increase. Observe if you can, through the lens of 20-20 hindsight the passage of conditions and events to where we find ourselves in the moment. Observe the social changes. Observe the organized anger and near sociopathic outworkings of ever stranger sexual mores. Observe the minds of children being programmed according to particular agendas; here is a classic example of what is taking place far and wide. Observe the areas of focus and interest that occupy the minds of the populace. Observe the pathological thumb humping of the cellphones. Observe the epidemic drug and alcohol abuse. Observe the national health crisis. Observe the indifference and disingenuous posturing of the political leaders. Observe the rattling of the sabers of war. Observe the force of industry lobbies against the better interests of the public. Observe the rage being stirred up against each other by mysterious interests. None of what we are witnessing or hearing about is accidental. There is a war already in progress and it is a spiritual war and there are no innocent bystanders but there is plenty of collateral damage.

In times of cultural upheaval and social transformation it behooves the intelligently acute and the spiritually aware to take refuge with the ineffable. Chaos may ride across the skies like angry cumulonimbus cloud formations, coalescing and threatening everything in range but the ineffable is always out of range. Whatever unhinged riders of spontaneous madness may gallop across the projected planes of existence; those planes that are mental projections are stage settings for the minds in accord with the discord. The ineffable is a point of calm and tranquility at that central point of being within the cloud of unknowing. There is nothing that can disturb the ineffable. Appearances dance across the surface while the ineffable is prior to the point of their appearance and not affected by them. So is the case with all who are aligned with the ineffable. Seek the ineffable in your every moment and your every moment will be in the hands of the ineffable.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hmmm... I Think I'm Walking on Sunshine, Momentarily Frozen in Time Space

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Yes... there was a reason for presenting, from my perspective, serious doubt upon this whole 'breathairian' thing which, like anything else makes me want to look into the Cui Bono end but... then again, it's not that interesting to me but it does fit a pattern of phenomena, like the Earth being flat and the pretty outrageous claims made by the Maharishi's TM enterprise, which is operating in the billions of dollars arena. Some number of them are claiming that through the practice of TM, they can levitate, fly and become invisible. There are Photo-Shopping, Youtube videos of some of these levitators, which does, should it have come to your attention, rhyme with meditators. The videos catch them in mid bounce off of their 'bouncy pillows', which, if I remember correctly, are available through the TM shopping chain; not sure if that's bricks and mortar or virtual; probably both.

There's a sort of interview that happens at this site. A lot of what I read in the initial back and forth I would not argue with because, if you study at all in the Asian Indian, Hindu system you run across a lot of this and it should be noted that anyone has access to this information. Most importantly... read the comments that follow it all. I found the Twinkies mention typical of the kinds of things God sets up ahead of time on the way to WTF? The ads are annoying but just keep reading and you will arrive at some very amusing commentary. I should point out here that I have run into very similar hypocrisies in nearly every one of these movements that come and go and have been coming and going for somewhile. A few centuries ago there was a cult in India where the followers routinely walked into the ocean and fed themselves to sharks because they believed they were then assimilated into a higher order; maybe they were. I'd have been a lot more impressed by Heaven's Gate if the final photos showed only empty sneakers but not the bodies of the people wearing them. Sure, they might have just migrated to some other location in the hinterlands, leaving the sneakers behind but... what do I know? Especially since they did not leave the sneakers behind.

People... I tend to look into things. I look into sources, even sources from atheists and PC junkies. Here's a further extension of the same article from these sensation seekers and both of them were printed in the yellow-sheet (sensation seeking) British press. Who makes a argument for conditions like this by saying that not having to eat gives them more money to travel? AND... if they are eating several times a week then they are NOT Breathairians. I usually eat once a day and these days that doesn't amount to much. The extremes I went to in prison were pretty interesting, given that I survived and thrived but... Oh well, if you are eating a few times a week (for social reasons? Heh heh) then you are not living on breath and the prana extracted from it. People do exist in these miraculous states. People do levitate. There are skywalkers. There are people who have one, or an array of siddhis but it is not GENERALLY (or probably ever) found in these groups of people seeking after celebrity and personal gain and don't tell me this ain't the case here.

Finally, on this subject, let us go to the most financially rewarded and well known Breathairian fraudster presently milking the zombie undead.

This sort of thing and many variations from Eckhart Tolle's paid (and expensive) front row celebrity seating... to representations of permutations of all the things listed in this link, there is a pretty large collection of individuals moving through the populace with milk buckets in hand. Given that there are billions of us now, it stands to reason that there is going to be a segment of psychopathic and sociopathic personalities that will be at work gathering the swag as payment for their singularity in spiritual ways. There are hundreds of Christian evangelists that are doing real good, “bringing in the sheaves” via real and electronic collection plates. The potential for fraud is always greatest when the subject matter deals with what is incomprehensible and unknowable, as is the case with the ineffable.

Anyone can come around and say practically anything and God isn't known for jumping right into the mix at every necessity. This is not the same as anyone getting away with everything because, moments of exposure and epiphany are all arranged up the road for when the time is right. No one gets away with anything and you would think that that should be the first thing any of us would keep in mind as we go about whatever it is that we think our business is but... for some reason, this cold hard fact seems to escape the minds of those most in need of the consideration of it.

I was in a conversation the last day or two with someone who objects to my comments on Breatharians because, basically, don't I want the world to be a better place and on and on from there. All through the conversation I could see we were having two conversations. From his part, he wants to believe certain things are true without it being necessary for these things to be PROVEN and in every case, except for bona fide and rare yogis, they fail to prove. In most cases it is all some variant of sensationalism in search of money and celebrity. God knows I wish this were not true. God knows I wish the world were filled with honest and decent people but it is not. It is filled with potentially honest and decent people.

We have to recognize the times in which we live. We have to be aware of the force, the living conscious force of Materialism as it acts on us. We have to consider what has happened to certain tens of millions of dollars that so called teachers have taken in and I've seen all the apologies for these people; my favorite and the one you most often see is... “well you can get all kinds of stuff from him for free. You don't have to pay for these things, they are there if you want to. Eckhart TV for 20 dollars a month is there if you want to.

It might not be a consideration in the minds of most people who come around here but, I could charge for what I do. There are enough people who would pay me if I refused to do it otherwise, or I set up one of those sites where you have access to a certain amount BUT... if you become a member! You get all that inner circle stuff. I refuse to do this. I get by on donations and they aren't anything extraordinary but I don't want much and I have a small pension and I used to play in clubs now and then and am rehearsing hours a day now to do that again; while I'm still here (grin) BUT... I KNOW what happens with money. I KNOW. There is so much I do not know but I know about money. I know what it does, or rather what the love of and hunger for it does.

I'm sure I've been rich now and again (I hope I handled it well- probably not always). I know I've been poor; more recently on that one but as time has brought me into the latter stages of my tenure here, the ineffable has been more than kind. Let me say the ineffable has got a weird sense of humor and let me point out one more thing which I find of the greatest importance but which others may not find as important; God doesn't just own all the power in the universe. He owns everything, including all the money and if he wants that to rain down on me (or anyone) like a monsoon, he will. Don't believe all that horseshit about The Prince of this World granting you wealth and power over all things. The only place he gets the ability to do any of what he makes it look like he can do comes from GOD... period.

The Devil that took Jesus out on the mountaintop to offer him the whole world was just God in disguise checking in. There is ONE POWER and ONE POWER alone and nothing in books or even experience or anything else is going to give you revelation or the real 'secret handshake', ONLY God does and can do that. Everything else is a load of shit. I don't care how much you read, or how intensely you study. I don't care what siddhis you get. I don't care who your cronies and contacts are... ONLY GOD can deliver what is worth having. Sure... you can be some version of Hitler or Churchill... Alexander or Socrates at some point. You can be THE rock star of the times or the sex siren of a couple of decades, You can get all of this. You are going to have to pay for it and I could go into the cost of it right now but I won't. Let's just say you have to play all of the roles around you that make it all seem like what seems like it is is happening is happening, for it to happen and that is... beforehand or afterwards but you got to pay for it. I get what I get free and I give it away for free. Sure I suffered. Big fucking deal... and I KNOW most would have dropped off to the side before this but, really, I didn't have a choice. I wasn't able to drop off to the side or maybe I would have. I'll never know now. So nothing I did was any great shakes cause I had no choice. The agreement went in before the label went on.

People take themselves way too seriously. You want to be important? You want to have an impact? You want ANYTHING, in the best possible way? Serve the ineffable. Lose yourself in the ineffable and I guarantee he will come up with some surprising denouements, adventure tales, classic endings that turn into endless expressions of the ever more refined and improved expression of LOVE that is what made and really maintains us and what lifts us out of the darkness that conceals it from us.

I'm not here to argue to validity or lack of it in any of these carnival acts. I think the articles and the sources of the articles speak for themselves and they didn't suddenly show up in the Crass Media by accident. If I have offended anyone with my plain speaking, or my not taking 20 pages to go into detail, or my trusting my intuitive nature maybe more than some would like, I am sorry but... that is just how it is... Whatever it is that got me to this very moment is what got me here and I trust it completely. That hasn't always been the case, even recently ...but... it is now.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Weekend for a Muriatic Acid Wash in the Petri Dish

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As we have long maintained here and... which has been maintained by various thinkers over the centuries, the universe is conscious. In their own 'fumbling in the dark' manner, certain scientists are becoming more vocal about this very consideration. Pay careful attention to the wording being used here and there in the article. It will be more amusing if you see it for yourself without me editorializing on it. We have also maintained that stars are conscious entities that were once manifest as human beings like you and I. We've also said that everything is light in a variety of permutations and it is also possible that the stars we see are areas of intensity where the light has burned holes in the carpet of the surrounding darkness of night but... we're just waxing poetic here.

The important point is that what this indicates is an indefinable consciousness that permeates all things. Basically they are saying God is real. They can't and never will be able to say what that is and how it works, with any precision, because God in incomprehensible and beyond the capacity of the human mind to define, ever. To see God you must be God. That, of course, will not sit well with the empiricists. I'm just pleased that they are finding themselves on the brink of discoveries they never wanted to encounter. See... they don't have any choice in the matter... sooner or later you wind up in the right ballpark, even if you never understand the principles of the game. It's a lot like a dog chasing his tail, or a car, eventually he catches one or the other and has no idea what to do with it.

I bring this up to point out, once again a principle of the apocalypse; in fact, one of the interpretations of 'apocalypse' is revealing... also uncovering. This means, in the simplest of terms, the truth is coming out and it doesn't matter so much how it is that people come to certain understandings but that they do come to them. Oh... sure, it matters ...because there are degrees of suffering involved in the particular mediums one passes through in order to come to understanding and then there is the eventual letdown that comes along with partial awareness. It's like being in a dark room with a flashlight. You can only illuminate the area the flashlight hits. Everything else is is in shadow or darkness. What this tells me is that it is always best to turn the flashlight on yourself. The reason is that everything external is internal and can be as even more easily understood from that perspective as it can be from the other.

As the world moves toward a pervasive and unexpected illumination of varying degrees of being made awake, it is, simultaneously also moving into areas where the awakening will be more like an electric shock than anything else and here we have a perfect example of elements of the human order pressing with all the pissing urgency of a horny ram into other areas of interest;

As a Canadian spokessomethingorother recently said, concerning the latest Canadian effort in the “More, Way fucking More than Equal” movement said;

“We will not rest until all straight non alternative sexual genderishmentalist, responsible for naturally produced family unit, fascists have been medically and surgically reconstructed to mirror funhouse mirror distorting mirror images, in line with the legal and literal superiority of those who put things where the sun don't shine. It's not so much that it is alleged the sun doesn't shine into it, as it is that it has been deceptively claimed that the sun doesn't shine out of it, which is why we have taken as the theme of our core group of supranormal humanists, “Let the Sun Shine out of Our Asses.” “

The stool sculpture worshiper spokessomethingorother went on, more or less to say. “It begs to be pointed out here that stool sculpture religious enthusiasts who believe in an animated fecal deity and who make up the largest demographic of our membership and who finance and promote this and related agendas are committed to making it legally enforceable that everyone must accept and proclaim on demand that any and all fecal compounds are the essential metaphysical lubricant that makes possible the ease of the coming and goings of the stool sculpture deity in its passage from this world into the world where fecal matter actually passes on into and not all the long standing slander, which has, until now, so effectively deceived us... that it disappears through some mysterious labyrinth of pipes into a lower region.”

We have come to find that everything we have been told about the natural order of things is unnatural; that all theories of reproduction between a man and a woman are a lie, that it is child abuse to force children to live with biological parents” and pretty much so on and so forth and so on and so forth.

A recent claim by Stool Sculpture Worshiping Yogis is that the entire science and system of yoga as it has been practiced for thousands of years is a complete fabrication and that it should be legally enforceable that no one be allowed to continue to claim that blood transforms into semen, which transforms into Ojas, which moves up the spinal column and eventually causes the Kundalini to arise and result in divine experiences. According to the latest findings of Stool Sculpture Worshiping scientists, it is actually fecal matter that moves up through the spinal column and results in a flowering lotus like, holographic projection, composed entirely of metaphysical fecal matter and which results in authentic enlightenment. It appears they have been proving this to themselves for some time and have become so thoroughly convinced that they are now massing together through major finance and the efforts of lawyers to have laws made to enforce what they have become so thoroughly convinced of.

In a truly Petri dish related matter, we have the ongoing saga of the Life and Times 'it certainly ain't Jell-o Pudding' Once again, if you read closely into the article you can find all manner of hints for why it didn't work out for the prosecution, especially things like the extended time lapses and the 'being paid off but looking for a bigger payoff' appearance. Once again, even though it may run contrary to the idea of 'justice served', we see the apocalypse at work. Things are happening that just don't make sense. Bill Cosby has been an icon for a long time. It goes without saying that there were people on the jury who were not going to allow themselves to be convinced of anything negative about Bill. I haven't brought this up as a matter of being pro or con on this issue. There's no question in my mind about Bill Cosby being a serial sexual abuser at every opportunity. My reason for bringing it up is that nothing, seemingly good or evil is going the way that anyone plans for them to go, even when they think it is. We are in uncharted waters and that is why it is my job to present the most convincing argument I can construct to encourage you to seek the ineffable at every opportunity; to make it clear to yourself that the ineffable lives in and acts through your being and to make this an unshakable certainty in your hearts and minds. Only the ineffable can lead you through and out of what we are all facing at this time.

Love rules everything. It rules what it moves through without opposition and it moves through what moves against it. ONE WAY OR THE OTHER... period. It stands to reason then that if you align yourself with Love then Love will carry you through everything and anything that may come to pass AND... if you Love with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, the one who is Love incarnate then where does that leave you? If you know nothing about conditions coming, conditions existing or conditions gone, this is all you ever need to know in the first place.

Christians are going to tell you that Jesus is the only way and Muslims are going to say the same thing with a different form of packaging. More evolved and ancient sources of truth do not dispute that there are singular paths by which the divine may be found but in the words of Jesus Christ; “in my Father's House are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.” All fundamentalist operations push exclusivity because it gives them control and they like it best when they have command of your mind and your material goods. The reality is that God is Love and IF you Love God then... consider what that means. It means a great deal if you think about it. You cannot reason with fundamentalists and scriptural literalists and if you try you are a fool. God is not going to reject you if you don't wear the uniform and march in rank and file. God responds to Love and in the incredible full time dual simplicity and complexity of Love you will be led and changed with the speed that the intensity of your Love commands. Love is not only power and force, it is conscious. It is aware of you and the more aware of it you become; the more you practice and perform it, the more it lives in you and expresses in you and changes you... into Love and that is what Christ is... a station that Jesus came to in which he became the manifest expression of Love and in the Piscean period, sacrifice was the highest expression of Love. In this age of Aquarius, brotherhood is the expression and that is why the second coming of Christ will be in the hearts of humanity that are open to this presence of Love expressed in this manner. The idea of Brotherhood expressed is in multiples. Sacrifice is often more singular... I'm hoping you get my meaning because there is, of course more to it than my quick and easy off the cuff statement here. We are, as usual;, trying to say things that we cannot say by talking around them and hoping that the silence which knows and does not speak will express itself in the silent chambers of the heart where recognition needs no voice but is heard all the same.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Moment, in Pursuit of the Future, out of the Blueprint of the Past.

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Well... on it goes. We're still here on Facebook but hopeful that soon time and circumstance will merge and we will have a new beginning (be back at Blogger and Word Press too) and all will be accessible and well again. In the meantime we find ourselves in Petri Dish land and as you know we follow trends. Trends are our way of telling the future. Trends indicate the course of the present in its pursuit of the Future out of the blueprints of the past.

Sad as the case may be, we visit routinely so that we can see what the organized Tribe Satanists are up to and that site is one of their main organs for the promotion of the darkest shit they are capable of coming up with. One thing to always keep in mind is that when they are reporting on events, these events are usually completely scripted ...but given the appearance of being life being life acting naturally (while achieving the most unnatural potential available). Most of the time they create all of it. Relationships are put together like scenes from a film, stamped as authentic expressions of life, while being nothing but animated forms of excrement put through choreographed scenarios and here is one of the latest. As you scroll down the main page you will see that there's plenty going on like this fabrication that serves no purpose other than an attempt to generate an audience and... of course, corrupt it as well.

The parallels between the modern day progression of degenerative materialism, show an ever increasing similarity to the courts of Caligula and Nero, among others, in ancient Rome. Of course Babylon and further locations would be mirrors of the same kind. In none of these locations did angels or aliens (so far as we know), sweep down out of the sky or transition in an inter-dimensional manner to set everything right and render the residents sane and of a much needed higher moral character than they had been previously exhibiting.

We don't like going to some of the places we go but each location tells a story. Presently, the media and the entertainment industry are joined together in an effort to destroy the new American administration so that they can continue to destroy it in the fashion they were originally intending to. They are very upset that any number of the terrible things they had planned for the human race, with the objective of enslavement, death and worse are being interfered with.

It is not my place to insist that anyone believe in a divine being or in an infernal being. The proof of both are beyond dispute in the mind of anyone who still possesses an objective reasoning capacity. The proof of an infernal being is literal and obvious as can be seen in any number of events that take place each and every day. It is not necessary for a force to be visible and singularly identifiable in order for it to be present and active. Certain effects of certain applications of a force can be seen in the results of certain behaviors that go contrary to the common good and in many cases, which leave those who performed any number of bad actions puzzled and astounded that they could have ever been involved in any of it. They know that something compelled them to do what they did but... but... well, there you are.

The understanding of the mystery of duality lies concealed in the understanding of the real meaning of Free Will.

There is one force but this force can have a myriad of applications depending on what, or whom it is being filtered through. The divine is the way that those of good heart and good intentions see the ineffable and The Devil is the way the wicked see the same force. In both cases, this force expresses itself according to the disposition of the channel it passes through and that channel is subsequently and by degrees, changed by the passage of the force through them. In all cases there is a destiny attached to all of it and all of it is part of a teaching exercise... a demonstration of existence in terms of everything that happens and the meaning that is accorded to it as it occurs and is remembered in the context of existence.

It is all about Materialism. You take any aspect of life as you encounter it and pass it in the street and observe it through the filter of Materialism, which colors every facet of it the same way a filter acts on a camera, and you will see... more or less clearly, depending on your capacity to concentrate and focus, how life entire is swallowed up in the timeless and predictable dance of the Whore of Babylon (oops! Slutshaming, real sorry about that.), or otherwise as YOU prefer.

Now... because this is an apocalypse and the truth is leaking through the unraveling seams of the fading and disintegrating dreamscape that has held so many of us bound, those who have been generating fake news as a daily enterprise are complaining about fake news. In tandem with this and... because I just watched the NBA Finals and saw a lot of commercials, I got an opportunity to see the Hollywood Hydra portraying humanity as more and more stupid to such an end that I find myself stunned because I have seen so little of this and it only happens during certain playoff times (as far as my exposure goes), which I'm not sure I can endure any longer. AND... in tandem with that we are in the age of anthropomorphism, with talking cars and self conscious robots and life as an ever increasing cartoon and... well the list is long. Meanwhile in this age of formulaic individualism, where there are very few individuals remaining ...but there are zombie armies of poly-sexual gender schizoids, tattooed from the soles of their feet to the crowns of their heads and the eerie jingling of more and more bizarre piercings, as once and perhaps never civilized humanity ...that never experienced tribalism in any of the ways legitimate to primitive cultures (and which I mean no disrespect to in the terminology being as it is a literal reality though no less authentic in its right to be than whatever the Hell it is that we never had or no longer have) attempt to return to primitivism that they never possessed or understood... to a tribalism never experienced and which is impossible in a culture designed where everyone is set against everyone else, where selfishness is promoted as the most natural of human expressions and where every identifier, no matter how strange and no matter that there are maybe only 6 people in the whole world involved in it... it must ALL be accepted as equal and critically viable truths as great as any other. Whew! What am I talking about?

Now we worship people who can toss a ball through a hole or take their clothes off on TV and other people who made their money in the most pornographic and vicious ways, who are held in high regard because Satan put some walking around money in their jeans. We listen to obvious lies that have the intent of millions of deaths and we nod our heads because 'the terrorists are coming!' and the terrorists are employees of the governments telling the lies with the intention that millions should die.

Last night, someone I don't know, that I met late at night in an empty pool complex asked me,”what can we do? I feel like something really bad is going to happen.” Her husband was from Poland and VERY informed about everything. He knows about Israel and 9/11 and was telling me about Victoria Neuland and the five billion dollars she got from her Tribe banker buddies to destroy the Ukraine and... I thought about her question and that led me to mention the ineffable and she said she wasn't comfortable with religion and I told her I had nothing to do with that and the divine gave me the words and in short order she knew where I was coming from and I basically told her that there is only one force and all force is borrowed from that and that the Devil is the way the wicked see God and the reverse is true for the good hearted and right intended and that I based all my concerns and all their solutions on the action of that force through and upon and around me and that since that force is absolute there is no competing power that can come against it and so I have no concerns really and whatever is meant for me will be the kindest expression of summation that the one force can come up with for me; given I might owe a little something here or there. She seemed to get it... in that way that sometimes the unspoken will intrude itself between what is spoken and give meaning beyond what is possible in words.

For somewhile now, everyone I meet is significant. Everyone I meet is important. Every situation is meaningful. It is as if something much greater than 3D but similar... is intruding upon my perceptions and I am seeing things that were not there before, except that they were there and I was not seeing them. Suddenly, formerly invisible windows and apertures open and I see some ordinary life situation lit up like a virtual Christmas tree where the image and the meaning and the understanding are one. I am not even frustrated that I cannot possibly say what I am trying to say because I know that that same something that is more and more slipping in between the words is continuing to do that and I rely on it as I rely on that which is the source of it being possible in the first place.

My friends... God is real. I have no idea what religion is, nor do I have any association with anything other than an invisible order of souls whose name and origin I do not even know. Help comes from somewhere and all help comes from the divine who administers it through his agents. But... when I say God is real, I need for you to accept this at the most fundamental and basic place in your being and KNOW that prayer is answered and that everything is under control and that this divine I speak of is the most merciful and forgiving and compassionate and wonderful being that has ever been or shall ever be and whose essential self will remain unknown to us until that time when we pass completely out of everything else and completely into the ineffable alone. We may know more, or we may know less and come, as a result, to know a great deal more. None of that matters nearly as much as that we love the ineffable with all of our hearts and our soul and our minds. We must Love until Love is all we know and until Love becomes our immediate and automatic and instinctive reaction to every circumstance, no matter what it may be.

We do not need knowledge, though it has its place and its value. We need nothing but Love. Love itself is wisdom and understanding in combination and more, of course... ever and ever so much more. Seek the possession and expression of Love beyond all things and seek the employment of it in everything and you'll not be far of the mark, whatever the mark may be.

Much Love to you one and all!!!

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Friday, June 02, 2017

Nature as a Scoundrel and a Merciless and Duplicitous Practitioner of Deceit.

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Someone told me today that the Zi-Big took the big elevator down to subbasement the other day. I don't know if it was today or yesterday. Time stops the moment you step between the sliding doors . I don't know that much about ZiBig. I know he's a little better (probably a lot) than Little Georgie Sorrows who is a horrid specimen of a human being; to the effect that he in in no sense human whatsoever. Zibig has a daughter who works with committed slime bucket Morning Joe Scarborough. I couldn't find any mention of the passing of Nazgul Boy, Zi-Big but... I saw several mentions of the passing of legitimate rock and roll legend Greg Allman. Most of world will miss Greg Allman. I won't miss Z-Big and I don't know who else will.

Why did I show up today talking about these disparate events along the course of my own passage? I got a few points to make. One is that you haven't seen me much except for Sunday's radio show and most of you didn't see that. I've been away because I moved with friends across the country and have been involved in helping them get the place into what they visualize; my end being helping to move heavy things... insight to my closet interior decoration personality and the other being landscaping. The result is that I am tired most of the time and experiencing some odd physical difficulties. Since I don't know what they are I won't elaborate but these things happen and I go with the flow or find a way to flow around what I can't flow through. Today's posting will be full of ironies, anomalies and strange control features being employed by the Klingon occupiers of planet Earth in these days before the arrival of the avatar. The avatar comes in stages and steps. In an individual sense he is already here for some of us and for others it is a ways coming and for some it will go by like a printed flyer that blew out from under a windshield wiper on the streets where some of us live, if you call that life.

Oh... I could go on and on about many thing singular but let me focus on a collective putsch against society as it has been known, in a fantasy manifested manner, shared in by the masses and in a more specialized vision shared by the few. There is a war on. It is a spiritual war, expressed in a material sense. Its intent is not world domination, mass exterminations, confinements, torments and all such similar features; even though these are certainly part and parcel of it as history (in its usual perverted fashion has shown). Its intent is to bind the unwary into periods of subjugation in areas of Hell. In all cases the desire is for a state of permanent residence but they will take what they can get. How they manage this is to make the material world the primary focus of the senses and... to such a degree that it is all that appears on the screen of every sense in the manner that it becomes palpable... visible... audible... you get it, or you don't. Most critically this materializes in that area that concerns the possibility of invisible realms, the ideas of A God... the unknown, whether postulated or argued in a mathematical fashion; something along the lines of Spinoza or Descartes... or something more passionate, personal and lyrical, like Omar Khayyam, Rabindranath Tagore, Kalil Gibran. These are names I pulled out of a hat. There are many others, better and more precise examples in every case but that's not the point. It's like left brain, right brain... they are both capable of finding the same timeless serenity of place but there are no guarantees, only the exceptional and unfiltered or fiercely determined love of the almighty will account for success. Have fun with any other effort. Some like to masturbate in darkness and some in light... for reasons that should seem obvious but these days... heh heh.

Pornographic Satanic priestess Kathy Griffin just showed up with a severed head of Donald Trump. Few of the people exhibiting shock and chagrin give a shit. It's all a play. These days the exits and entrances move faster than David Geffin's head from one object of fascination to another.. I was never much of a one for bobbing for apples or anything else. Meanwhile the national news is dominated by the most fatuous fake flavors known to the world of ice cream or anything else. Nothing that was once newsworthy is newsworthy anymore, only things like this- front page and center. Crazy is now sane and sane is now crazy. Unless you have a strong spiritual center, you have no center at all. I could post dozens and dozens of these, all from the front page and as I have said before; program the human mind according to specific sexual practices and see what you get. History will tell you what you got but observation will be even more effective, so... watch and see. Unless something happens in the meantime. Watch and see.

Perhaps you are confused about what is going on and perhaps you are not. Perhaps you think this is all natural evolution; long standing things that are wrong, now being set right. Perhaps it is our lack of freedom in expression of our 'true nature' that has hindered the road to wellness as a society. Perhaps the truth is that most of us have been born into the wrong sex because nature is a scoundrel and a merciless and duplicitous practitioner of deceit. Perhaps that is is a lie although there is no perhaps about it. Are you happy with it as it forms around you? Was the long term man woman and family unity a burden for you to bear? Has it been difficult for you to live in a world of cycling flowers and children at play with something other than aroused adult genitals. It seems the only important thing in this world is to be who you want, no matter what that might be and at a cost to anyone no matter to whom or how great it might be. Perhaps, ultimately, all that counts is what you want and even then, it only counts if it has to do with fulfilling the doctrine of darkness as presented by those formulating the steps and strategies for our ongoing passage toward where 'they' want us to go, as opposed to where we actually want to go.

I do not serve Satan, Lucifer, or any of the other cowbell sounds that tinkle as identifying sound effects as descriptors of a form that shapes and reshapes itself as the spokes-being of a nature perverted so long ago that any real recognition of what it may have originally been is long gone. I do not, under threat of torture or any creation of the imagination under the tutelage of fear which be may put before me- at any time... do I have have any intention of submission to it. I have walked through the valley of death and enough said about that.

I am not happy about being isolated from the common flock. I would like to fit in and I have tried to fit in but I cannot fit in. I do not and will not accept what I know to be, if not wrong, surely misguided and of evil intention. Though I may be a fool, I do not consider myself a fool and I believe I know the real intentions of terms like ,'diversity', 'inclusiveness' and all the tedious phrases about alternative sexuality being more legitimate than natural sexuality. I recognize what anal sex is all about. I recognize what Tolkien was talking about when he mentioned that Sauron perverted elves to make orcs and I recognize how and why he did this. I recognize urges of every sort, every sort of urge has passed through me in the form of the one seeking to express that urge through me. What I have done and not done about it all is another story, as is assuredly the case with you.

We have tried and tried and tried to say the same things in one more way. I know in some ways this has proven effective. In other ways it is just rain on the roof. Rain on the roof is the essence of redundancy. Repetition can be a example of good of the highest order, given what is repeated and the intensity given to it. On the other hand it can be evil of the worst kind and best symbolized by the thunder of hobnailed boots on hard stone; a kind of symphony of order enforced by repetition but lacking any kind of music meant to inspire dance without syncopated boot accompaniment. Tell a lie often enough to those young enough and all the promise of youth becomes misery marching on tin roofs where heaven was the source of the rain that made the flowers and trees instead of tenements of solitary pain. Those of us who cannot only endure solitude but crave it have found the answer to life.

For centuries those of the darker races have experienced a multiplicity of suffering laid upon them by one particular group... from slavery... to tenements... to pawn shops to the hijacking of all the beauties of their kind like soul music changed into gangsta rap. If you can see the hijacking that takes place then you know who the hijackers are. You see Jerry Garcia's guitar sold at auction and guess where the money goes? One of the truths of evil is the way it entrenches itself and then uses tradition and longevity of presence to establish legitimacy of existence through repetition of action through the culture so that just like Coca Cola it has a right to be here. It is the same as the productions of most major corporations who simply being around for such a length of time make themselves real and desirable. I could go on and on and on and I have gone on and on and on and I don't know what else to say but I do have one last thing to say and that is, look within because that most precious of beings that have been or ever shall be is looking for you and everything outside you is a lie. The greater the lie becomes and the more pervasive it becomes... the more intensely the one true god is searching for you. Look hard and look deeply because, to that same degree you are being sought after as well. You cannot unsee the truth.

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