Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Moment, in Pursuit of the Future, out of the Blueprint of the Past.

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Well... on it goes. We're still here on Facebook but hopeful that soon time and circumstance will merge and we will have a new beginning (be back at Blogger and Word Press too) and all will be accessible and well again. In the meantime we find ourselves in Petri Dish land and as you know we follow trends. Trends are our way of telling the future. Trends indicate the course of the present in its pursuit of the Future out of the blueprints of the past.

Sad as the case may be, we visit www.tmz.com routinely so that we can see what the organized Tribe Satanists are up to and that site is one of their main organs for the promotion of the darkest shit they are capable of coming up with. One thing to always keep in mind is that when they are reporting on events, these events are usually completely scripted ...but given the appearance of being life being life acting naturally (while achieving the most unnatural potential available). Most of the time they create all of it. Relationships are put together like scenes from a film, stamped as authentic expressions of life, while being nothing but animated forms of excrement put through choreographed scenarios and here is one of the latest. As you scroll down the main page you will see that there's plenty going on like this fabrication that serves no purpose other than an attempt to generate an audience and... of course, corrupt it as well.

The parallels between the modern day progression of degenerative materialism, show an ever increasing similarity to the courts of Caligula and Nero, among others, in ancient Rome. Of course Babylon and further locations would be mirrors of the same kind. In none of these locations did angels or aliens (so far as we know), sweep down out of the sky or transition in an inter-dimensional manner to set everything right and render the residents sane and of a much needed higher moral character than they had been previously exhibiting.

We don't like going to some of the places we go but each location tells a story. Presently, the media and the entertainment industry are joined together in an effort to destroy the new American administration so that they can continue to destroy it in the fashion they were originally intending to. They are very upset that any number of the terrible things they had planned for the human race, with the objective of enslavement, death and worse are being interfered with.

It is not my place to insist that anyone believe in a divine being or in an infernal being. The proof of both are beyond dispute in the mind of anyone who still possesses an objective reasoning capacity. The proof of an infernal being is literal and obvious as can be seen in any number of events that take place each and every day. It is not necessary for a force to be visible and singularly identifiable in order for it to be present and active. Certain effects of certain applications of a force can be seen in the results of certain behaviors that go contrary to the common good and in many cases, which leave those who performed any number of bad actions puzzled and astounded that they could have ever been involved in any of it. They know that something compelled them to do what they did but... but... well, there you are.

The understanding of the mystery of duality lies concealed in the understanding of the real meaning of Free Will.

There is one force but this force can have a myriad of applications depending on what, or whom it is being filtered through. The divine is the way that those of good heart and good intentions see the ineffable and The Devil is the way the wicked see the same force. In both cases, this force expresses itself according to the disposition of the channel it passes through and that channel is subsequently and by degrees, changed by the passage of the force through them. In all cases there is a destiny attached to all of it and all of it is part of a teaching exercise... a demonstration of existence in terms of everything that happens and the meaning that is accorded to it as it occurs and is remembered in the context of existence.

It is all about Materialism. You take any aspect of life as you encounter it and pass it in the street and observe it through the filter of Materialism, which colors every facet of it the same way a filter acts on a camera, and you will see... more or less clearly, depending on your capacity to concentrate and focus, how life entire is swallowed up in the timeless and predictable dance of the Whore of Babylon (oops! Slutshaming, real sorry about that.), or otherwise as YOU prefer.

Now... because this is an apocalypse and the truth is leaking through the unraveling seams of the fading and disintegrating dreamscape that has held so many of us bound, those who have been generating fake news as a daily enterprise are complaining about fake news. In tandem with this and... because I just watched the NBA Finals and saw a lot of commercials, I got an opportunity to see the Hollywood Hydra portraying humanity as more and more stupid to such an end that I find myself stunned because I have seen so little of this and it only happens during certain playoff times (as far as my exposure goes), which I'm not sure I can endure any longer. AND... in tandem with that we are in the age of anthropomorphism, with talking cars and self conscious robots and life as an ever increasing cartoon and... well the list is long. Meanwhile in this age of formulaic individualism, where there are very few individuals remaining ...but there are zombie armies of poly-sexual gender schizoids, tattooed from the soles of their feet to the crowns of their heads and the eerie jingling of more and more bizarre piercings, as once and perhaps never civilized humanity ...that never experienced tribalism in any of the ways legitimate to primitive cultures (and which I mean no disrespect to in the terminology being as it is a literal reality though no less authentic in its right to be than whatever the Hell it is that we never had or no longer have) ...now attempt to return to primitivism that they never possessed or understood... to a tribalism never experienced and which is impossible in a culture designed where everyone is set against everyone else, where selfishness is promoted as the most natural of human expressions and where every identifier, no matter how strange and no matter that there are maybe only 6 people in the whole world involved in it... it must ALL be accepted as equal and critically viable truths as great as any other. Whew! What am I talking about?

Now we worship people who can toss a ball through a hole or take their clothes off on TV and other people who made their money in the most pornographic and vicious ways, who are held in high regard because Satan put some walking around money in their jeans. We listen to obvious lies that have the intent of millions of deaths and we nod our heads because 'the terrorists are coming!' and the terrorists are employees of the governments telling the lies with the intention that millions should die.

Last night, someone I don't know, that I met late at night in an empty pool complex asked me,”what can we do? I feel like something really bad is going to happen.” Her husband was from Poland and VERY informed about everything. He knows about Israel and 9/11 and was telling me about Victoria Neuland and the five billion dollars she got from her Tribe banker buddies to destroy the Ukraine and... I thought about her question and that led me to mention the ineffable and she said she wasn't comfortable with religion and I told her I had nothing to do with that and the divine gave me the words and in short order she knew where I was coming from and I basically told her that there is only one force and all force is borrowed from that and that the Devil is the way the wicked see God and the reverse is true for the good hearted and right intended and that I based all my concerns and all their solutions on the action of that force through and upon and around me and that since that force is absolute there is no competing power that can come against it and so I have no concerns really and whatever is meant for me will be the kindest expression of summation that the one force can come up with for me; given I might owe a little something here or there. She seemed to get it... in that way that sometimes the unspoken will intrude itself between what is spoken and give meaning beyond what is possible in words.

For somewhile now, everyone I meet is significant. Everyone I meet is important. Every situation is meaningful. It is as if something much greater than 3D but similar... is intruding upon my perceptions and I am seeing things that were not there before, except that they were there and I was not seeing them. Suddenly, formerly invisible windows and apertures open and I see some ordinary life situation lit up like a virtual Christmas tree where the image and the meaning and the understanding are one. I am not even frustrated that I cannot possibly say what I am trying to say because I know that that same something that is more and more slipping in between the words is continuing to do that and I rely on it as I rely on that which is the source of it being possible in the first place.

My friends... God is real. I have no idea what religion is, nor do I have any association with anything other than an invisible order of souls whose name and origin I do not even know. Help comes from somewhere and all help comes from the divine who administers it through his agents. But... when I say God is real, I need for you to accept this at the most fundamental and basic place in your being and KNOW that prayer is answered and that everything is under control and that this divine I speak of is the most merciful and forgiving and compassionate and wonderful being that has ever been or shall ever be and whose essential self will remain unknown to us until that time when we pass completely out of everything else and completely into the ineffable alone. We may know more, or we may know less and come, as a result, to know a great deal more. None of that matters nearly as much as that we love the ineffable with all of our hearts and our soul and our minds. We must Love until Love is all we know and until Love becomes our immediate and automatic and instinctive reaction to every circumstance, no matter what it may be.

We do not need knowledge, though it has its place and its value. We need nothing but Love. Love itself is wisdom and understanding in combination and more, of course... ever and ever so much more. Seek the possession and expression of Love beyond all things and seek the employment of it in everything and you'll not be far of the mark, whatever the mark may be.

Much Love to you one and all!!!

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Visible said...

Looks like comments are back on!

David Alan McBride said...

Hey, it's good to be back home again.
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend.
Yes, and hey, it's good to be back home again.

Voltman said...

Thanks Les!

Is Wiley Wutnot still looking for love in all the wrong places?

Is it more than a figment of his imagination?
Could it be the main feature of (his) creation?

What is love and what's it to you?

Sometimes...all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you...

Love welcomes us
Love accepts us
Love enlightens us
Love liberates us
(from materialism, from our imperfections and limitations, etc...)

But Love is a danger
And subject to anger
And Love is expensive
My heart can't afford it

Love has made me real glad
Love has made me so sad
Love has hurt me as bad
As the cruel lack thereof

I do not wish to scare
Anybody out there
But to Love is to share
Anytime anywhere

Handle Love with care
It can easily disappear
And turn into despair
Even hatred and fear

Stop right there!

'Cause I don't really know
What I'm writing about
So feel free to come out
And slap me on the mouth

Well...maybe not...
How about a little hug?
Ah yes...that feels better
Melts my heart like butter


Wiley Wutnot from Walnut Valley

I Want to know what love is - Foreigner

Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

We Have Come to Armageddon, just to Find the Battle Won.

Voltman said...

Here is my main theorem, or law, or axiom... you decide:

"The addiction to cashisch inevitably leads to Hemorrhagic Stupiditas"

" What stuns me more than anything in the world and what convinces me that, what are considered assets are more often terrible liabilities, are all the presumed smart people in the world who are so easily seduced into believing and defending the most preposterous lies and fantasies."

- Les Visible, The Visible Friend of The Unforgettable, Irrefutable and Irresistible Ineffable.

Here is an inescapable blast from the Past by Diane Harvey:

Contemporary Spiritual Plagues...Part Two: Hemorrhagic Stupiditas


"Our so-called mass culture is little but a gargantuan petri dish overflowing with the virus of contagious stupiditas. Lethal germs of stupidity flourish in each crevice of its glittering crackpot surfaces. And the root cause of such overpowering levels of fatal ignorance is clearly observable. Mass stupification arises directly
from the base motives infesting nearly everything manifested all around us. Cause-and-effect is one single inevitable movement in time and space, from start to finish.

Of course, all are free to deny the reality, if they care to, of enthusiastically participating in a runaway materialism of ravenous greed and supernatural levels of stupification.

And all are free, should they wish to do so, to feign ignorance of the ever-increasing degeneration emerging from every particle of this mass culture.

This civilization is oozing stupidity at every pore. The vital organs of the State, the legislative, executive and judicial members of the Body Politic, are fatally
infected. All the social constructs running our lives are reaching the end of viability in a slow agonizing convulsion of idiopathic idiocy. The remorselessly
self-serving, willfully insolent and shortsighted greed-eaten motives of powerfully criminal fools will certainly result in increasing suffering on a vast scale.

Our entire world is presenting symptoms of rapid onset of the final stages of death by senselessness. Nature itself is unraveling by the day. We have rotting, dying,
fished-out oceans, sterile toxic used-up soil, no more fresh water, a deforested and ever more lifeless planet, and incalculable quantities of innumerable poisonous
substances metastasizing everywhere and in everything. And even at that, apparently the thickening, sickening, enveloping fog of stupiditas was not quite complete. To
entirely finish off the last of the natural systems we depend on, a hidden coterie of Big Brains is secretly altering the entire atmosphere with non-breathable deadly
materials in order to deploy new weapons and communications technology. Human nature, that very potent aspect of the web of life, has fallen into the final
convulsion of pretending it is separate from all other life, and therefore expects to be excused from obeying the laws of nature.

Incessantly mutating forms of the virus of irrationality are proliferating unchecked. The invisible germs of stupidity instantly attack when anyone has a close
encounter with almost any product of our overflowing petri dish of ruthlessly enforced meaninglessness.

Contemporary Spiritual Plagues...Part Two:
Hemorrhagic Stupiditas
By Diane Harvey


May we come down off the shelves and discover our true selves.

May our minds be inspired, our souls infused, our bodies healed and our spirits resurrected.

Let our hearts be filled and enlivened with grace, appreciation and reverence for the manifestation of life born again into something newtiful.

Wiley Wutnot from Walnut Valley
Forever Young-Rod Stewart

A Place Called Gratitude


Voltman's Theorem:

The addiction to cashisch inevitably leads to Hemorrhagic Stupiditas.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Some Words of Comfort for Those in Doubt.



Joseph Brenner

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