Friday, June 02, 2017

Nature as a Scoundrel and a Merciless and Duplicitous Practitioner of Deceit.

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Someone told me today that the Zi-Big took the big elevator down to subbasement the other day. I don't know if it was today or yesterday. Time stops the moment you step between the sliding doors . I don't know that much about ZiBig. I know he's a little better (probably a lot) than Little Georgie Sorrows who is a horrid specimen of a human being; to the effect that he in in no sense human whatsoever. Zibig has a daughter who works with committed slime bucket Morning Joe Scarborough. I couldn't find any mention of the passing of Nazgul Boy, Zi-Big but... I saw several mentions of the passing of legitimate rock and roll legend Greg Allman. Most of world will miss Greg Allman. I won't miss Z-Big and I don't know who else will.

Why did I show up today talking about these disparate events along the course of my own passage? I got a few points to make. One is that you haven't seen me much except for Sunday's radio show and most of you didn't see that. I've been away because I moved with friends across the country and have been involved in helping them get the place into what they visualize; my end being helping to move heavy things... insight to my closet interior decoration personality and the other being landscaping. The result is that I am tired most of the time and experiencing some odd physical difficulties. Since I don't know what they are I won't elaborate but these things happen and I go with the flow or find a way to flow around what I can't flow through. Today's posting will be full of ironies, anomalies and strange control features being employed by the Klingon occupiers of planet Earth in these days before the arrival of the avatar. The avatar comes in stages and steps. In an individual sense he is already here for some of us and for others it is a ways coming and for some it will go by like a printed flyer that blew out from under a windshield wiper on the streets where some of us live, if you call that life.

Oh... I could go on and on about many thing singular but let me focus on a collective putsch against society as it has been known, in a fantasy manifested manner, shared in by the masses and in a more specialized vision shared by the few. There is a war on. It is a spiritual war, expressed in a material sense. Its intent is not world domination, mass exterminations, confinements, torments and all such similar features; even though these are certainly part and parcel of it as history (in its usual perverted fashion has shown). Its intent is to bind the unwary into periods of subjugation in areas of Hell. In all cases the desire is for a state of permanent residence but they will take what they can get. How they manage this is to make the material world the primary focus of the senses and... to such a degree that it is all that appears on the screen of every sense in the manner that it becomes palpable... visible... audible... you get it, or you don't. Most critically this materializes in that area that concerns the possibility of invisible realms, the ideas of A God... the unknown, whether postulated or argued in a mathematical fashion; something along the lines of Spinoza or Descartes... or something more passionate, personal and lyrical, like Omar Khayyam, Rabindranath Tagore, Kalil Gibran. These are names I pulled out of a hat. There are many others, better and more precise examples in every case but that's not the point. It's like left brain, right brain... they are both capable of finding the same timeless serenity of place but there are no guarantees, only the exceptional and unfiltered or fiercely determined love of the almighty will account for success. Have fun with any other effort. Some like to masturbate in darkness and some in light... for reasons that should seem obvious but these days... heh heh.

Pornographic Satanic priestess Kathy Griffin just showed up with a severed head of Donald Trump. Few of the people exhibiting shock and chagrin give a shit. It's all a play. These days the exits and entrances move faster than David Geffin's head from one object of fascination to another.. I was never much of a one for bobbing for apples or anything else. Meanwhile the national news is dominated by the most fatuous fake flavors known to the world of ice cream or anything else. Nothing that was once newsworthy is newsworthy anymore, only things like this- front page and center. Crazy is now sane and sane is now crazy. Unless you have a strong spiritual center, you have no center at all. I could post dozens and dozens of these, all from the front page and as I have said before; program the human mind according to specific sexual practices and see what you get. History will tell you what you got but observation will be even more effective, so... watch and see. Unless something happens in the meantime. Watch and see.

Perhaps you are confused about what is going on and perhaps you are not. Perhaps you think this is all natural evolution; long standing things that are wrong, now being set right. Perhaps it is our lack of freedom in expression of our 'true nature' that has hindered the road to wellness as a society. Perhaps the truth is that most of us have been born into the wrong sex because nature is a scoundrel and a merciless and duplicitous practitioner of deceit. Perhaps that is is a lie although there is no perhaps about it. Are you happy with it as it forms around you? Was the long term man woman and family unity a burden for you to bear? Has it been difficult for you to live in a world of cycling flowers and children at play with something other than aroused adult genitals. It seems the only important thing in this world is to be who you want, no matter what that might be and at a cost to anyone no matter to whom or how great it might be. Perhaps, ultimately, all that counts is what you want and even then, it only counts if it has to do with fulfilling the doctrine of darkness as presented by those formulating the steps and strategies for our ongoing passage toward where 'they' want us to go, as opposed to where we actually want to go.

I do not serve Satan, Lucifer, or any of the other cowbell sounds that tinkle as identifying sound effects as descriptors of a form that shapes and reshapes itself as the spokes-being of a nature perverted so long ago that any real recognition of what it may have originally been is long gone. I do not, under threat of torture or any creation of the imagination under the tutelage of fear which be may put before me- at any time... do I have have any intention of submission to it. I have walked through the valley of death and enough said about that.

I am not happy about being isolated from the common flock. I would like to fit in and I have tried to fit in but I cannot fit in. I do not and will not accept what I know to be, if not wrong, surely misguided and of evil intention. Though I may be a fool, I do not consider myself a fool and I believe I know the real intentions of terms like ,'diversity', 'inclusiveness' and all the tedious phrases about alternative sexuality being more legitimate than natural sexuality. I recognize what anal sex is all about. I recognize what Tolkien was talking about when he mentioned that Sauron perverted elves to make orcs and I recognize how and why he did this. I recognize urges of every sort, every sort of urge has passed through me in the form of the one seeking to express that urge through me. What I have done and not done about it all is another story, as is assuredly the case with you.

We have tried and tried and tried to say the same things in one more way. I know in some ways this has proven effective. In other ways it is just rain on the roof. Rain on the roof is the essence of redundancy. Repetition can be a example of good of the highest order, given what is repeated and the intensity given to it. On the other hand it can be evil of the worst kind and best symbolized by the thunder of hobnailed boots on hard stone; a kind of symphony of order enforced by repetition but lacking any kind of music meant to inspire dance without syncopated boot accompaniment. Tell a lie often enough to those young enough and all the promise of youth becomes misery marching on tin roofs where heaven was the source of the rain that made the flowers and trees instead of tenements of solitary pain. Those of us who cannot only endure solitude but crave it have found the answer to life.

For centuries those of the darker races have experienced a multiplicity of suffering laid upon them by one particular group... from slavery... to tenements... to pawn shops to the hijacking of all the beauties of their kind like soul music changed into gangsta rap. If you can see the hijacking that takes place then you know who the hijackers are. You see Jerry Garcia's guitar sold at auction and guess where the money goes? One of the truths of evil is the way it entrenches itself and then uses tradition and longevity of presence to establish legitimacy of existence through repetition of action through the culture so that just like Coca Cola it has a right to be here. It is the same as the productions of most major corporations who simply being around for such a length of time make themselves real and desirable. I could go on and on and on and I have gone on and on and on and I don't know what else to say but I do have one last thing to say and that is, look within because that most precious of beings that have been or ever shall be is looking for you and everything outside you is a lie. The greater the lie becomes and the more pervasive it becomes... the more intensely the one true god is searching for you. Look hard and look deeply because, to that same degree you are being sought after as well. You cannot unsee the truth.

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