Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good Day my Loyal, Beloved and Wonderful Friends!

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Good day my loyal, beloved and wonderful friends! You make everything I do worthwhile and meaningful. I know it sounds a tad fantastic and imaginative (perhaps) when I say that I can feel your thoughts and... being one who sees everything in terms of trends and degrees, the overwhelming evidence from what I can glean is that you like me as much as I like you and that really feels good because I like you a lot. Yes!!!

Today I am going to ask you to watch a lot of video. It might come to about 4 hours but I assure you you will feel informed once you have done so.

First off the bat, I want to mention Paul Joseph Watson who has to be one of the most direct and articulate individuals that I have ever come across. To say that he mirrors my thoughts would be accurate. I want to add also that I notice that he has flash editing in play, which you can see if you pay attention. I am one of those people who pay attention. If someone talks to me, I listen to them. I am not just waiting for my turn to speak. So I see that he does this... fine... I'm okay with that but I do notice it as I am also aware that I don't employ it. It would feel dishonest to me but that doesn't make it dishonest. That's just me. I also notice that he works for Alex Jones who I do not appreciate at all. He does more harm than good and I am certain that he works for the very people he puts in the crosshairs. However, I don't damn people by association. He's got a lot of good things to say and he wants a wider audience. I don't blame him for that either. I just notice. It makes me rethink Mike Adams, whose work I have often enjoyed but then he defends Alex Jones when Alex Jones is a bombastic, self-inflated hypocrite. If I'm going to appreciate Watson I should probably cut Mike Adams some slack. I'm thinking about it (grin).

So... these issues aside I'm going to give you a wide selection of Watson; Let's start with this one:

...and then move on to the next one.

He's lucid and dramatic and I've been listening to him over and over in these recent days.

He's really funny too.

I suspect you are going to get real enjoyment from some of these. He's spot on with his issues.

He's pretty fearless from what I observe.

I remember when I was passionate about things like this:

As the ineffable begins to occupy my mind nearly full time I am less aggressive than I once was. Still... the topics he hits are very much like my own.

I see myself in him except I don't have the same ambitions...

I can't see anyone effectively arguing with him. He's absolutely right and his examples are indefensible except by those using these as a part of their argument.

He informs and amuses me...

...and I could leave it at that. I do have to mention that he goes nowhere near the monstrous Holocaust fantasy. He goes nowhere near Israel and dual national neo-cons being responsible for 9/11. He skirts or stays entire away from real hot button issues. I keep in mind that he would not have his position and influence. Here his Islamophobia dances past Israel being behind most terror attacks.

He denies this and so... even though he is right about many things, he is 'big picture wrong' about critical things. I just wanted you to experience him a little more comprehensively than you may have. These are short videos and now we move into much longer and more complex presentations, like this one.

That is part one. Here is part two.

I want you to pay special attention to THIS ONE!!!

This fellow is amazing and you can see his sincerity. Note especially when he talks about child sacrifice and the business he was in and of which George Soros is the chief representative. I think you can extrapolate out from this to the sort of thing Soros gets up to.

The world is in a epic internal struggle as we, all of us, fight against or submit to the devil as he walks the Earth. He's got his representatives in all the important corridors of power. It appears... on the surface (everything that appears is on the surface) that the better side of our possible destiny is no longer possible. I look at items like Albert Pike's prediction concerning World War 3 and I see the systematic follow through on everything he said and it makes the future look scary indeed. What I want to tell you and what I fundamentally know is that we just inhabit our forms. We are not our forms as far as our essential being. Our forms are a snapshot of the level of consciousness we operate from.

I have friends on this planet. There are people I love and who love me. These are my visible friends. I also have invisible friends. I have cultivated these invisible friends through all of my life. Now and again they would let me know they were around but they never had much to say. In times of crisis they would appear but usually not. This went on for decades and there was no way for me to know what the importance of this was but I religiously sought after them and spoke to them and got little back for my trouble except when I was in trouble. A few years ago this all changed and by increments I found myself in a two way conversation in which the volume, frequency and length of the communications increased. These days I can simply address them and get a response right back. I have had periods where we conversed for surprising extent of time. I fell as if I am walking the borders of paradise. There is nothing in this life so sweet as the certitude of these relationships. I would not trade this remarkable phenomena for ANYTHING. Most of the time my communications are with a direct representative of the ineffable. I know it is not God speaking to me directly. That would probably reduce me to cinders (grin) but it has happened often enough now that I am certain... completely certain of the provenance of who is communication with me. How wonderful is this? This is past describing or defining.

The communications have expanded to include action. I ask for something and I get it or I get told, “not now” or given to understand that it's not something I really want but only thought I did and I am recently being told that so many wonderful things are going to happen that it is going to leave me astonished and short of breath. How wonderful is that? Does it matter what I have to endure these days when some unfortunate event happens to me. Yeah, it matters but not by comparison with what awaits.

Heh heh, Watson really is funny sometimes, in a sardonic and brutal fashion.

Back to what I was saying. So... I'm here. Here I am and one day I will be Less Visible, even if I do get immortality conferred on me, which is not impossible. It's really about whether I prove capable of what would be required of me if I got it. Of course, I wouldn't get it unless I were capable. But... that is not the important thing. You know how it is when a good friend comes to visit you and you greet them at the door, or you visit and they greet you? Imagine it for a moment. That is what it is like but so very much more when you pass from this plane and enter into the next one. Tell me... is it important to have friends on the other side? If you have answered “Yes” then I suggest you begin cultivating them NOW. I told you that I have been about this for decades and I NEVER gave up and it is now a reality. Ego... I am speaking from experience and what is true of and for me can also be true of and for you. Think about it.

Some will say, “There's no one out there. We're just meat puppets. You only live one life.” Bullshit! That's all bullshit. I KNOW different from personal experience and I KNOW it over and over and over and over and over again, on a daily basis. Am I insane? Absolutely I am by comparison to most of the culture and I am overjoyed to acknowledge this. In order to experience the truth you MUST first go mad. Madness is just a seashell beyond the sea's kiss. Think of the sea as being material culture. In order to experience the ineffable you must be able to step apart from material culture and that means you will be considered mad because everything here is seen through the lens of material culture.

On certain mornings I have stood outside with the sun rising in the sky, under the influence of a certain psychedelic comestible and have seen angels fling around it in an expanding spiral. The beauty of it is past description. I saw this and more than once. Did my mind project it? Does it matter? It was exactly like some of the paintings I would see by Gustave Dore. God is real. Angels are real and though there are those who have trouble believing this, they seem to have no difficulty believing in the devil.

My friends, if you come here because you believe what I say, then believe what has just been said here as strongly as you have ever believed anything you have seen here and PUT IT INTO PRACTICE! Practice the presence of God! God is not going to come knocking on your door if you have made no effort to reach him. People mock at the existence of God, claiming they can't see him and he's not around. Of course he is not. They have made no effort. Make the effort! Upon my life and upon my soul, I swear this is true. It is the greatest adventure that anyone can embark on. You should be speechless with excitement over the opportunity. Think of it! God is real and all you have to do is look. First you can see the reality of God in every day life in every act of kindness and compassion; in every act of true heroism and in the lives of all good people who allow the ineffable to act through them. Listen!!! God is real!!! Live it as if it were so and it will become so. You will come to host God Almighty in your being. My friends... start now.

Paul Joseph Watson is really funny!

(“I don't care if it's part of your culture!”)

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