Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Cusp of 12/21/12 or Whatever

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Well... tomorrow is the day; that long awaited day and today seems like any other day, before some ordinary day to follow. Yesterday I was sitting somewhere, I forget where and a flash of images came into my head. This happens to me a lot. Things come out of nowhere, which is actually an invisible somewhere. I don't always process and comprehend whatever it may be, because my personal perspective intrudes upon the cosmic perspective; not always, sometimes I get it right. Is this one of those times? I don't know.

It occurred to me that very few people know very much about the Mayans and those who think they do may not have the essence of it all right either. The Mayans are a vanished people. Oh, there are still descendants of the Mayans around but the culture got swallowed up by something. They left us a calendar, which purported to signal the end of things, when the last day of that calendar arrived and that would be tomorrow. Doomsayers have been predicting all kinds of things; reversed magnetic polarities, a reversal of orbit. We haven't seen much of that up to the moment but... here is what occurred to me yesterday-

What if this is the actual end of The Kali Yuga? What if tomorrow is the demarcation line between the darkness of the old world and the bright luminescence of that awaited golden age? This thought struck me pretty hard and would not leave my mind. This is interesting, given how occupied my mind is with my present surroundings. It seemed to be very possibly true. I know such a time is coming and it seems to fit with a lot of things I won't get into at the moment because I am operating under certain creative constraints, which I hope to address and rectify shortly.

I do not mean to say that on the morrow, someone will wave a magic wand and all the sucking mud of our previous grayscale existence, will release our footsteps, metaphorically speaking from the ooze and slime of suffocating material culture. I don't think it is any mistake that I am where I am at the moment or that any of us are where we are at the moment; who we are at the moment and doing what we are doing at the moment. I think there will still be some amount of bad judgment and evil doing that may continue for a time but that all of it will start to meet up with positive resolution and transformation, into what it should be instead of these travesties we have been afflicted with up until this point.

Where I am at the moment, I could believe almost anything to be possible. The are no limits whatsoever upon what the ineffable can accomplish in the hearts and minds and- to some degrees- by the hands of those so inspired to channel the cosmic intent.

This has been a sick world for a good long while. Some will argue with me about this; those jived up clowns from the lucrative new age, who say if all we allow ourselves to see is the hidden beauty around us, or whatever the spiel is, that is all we would see and experience. I am afraid I hold these perspectives to be Polyannaland. It might be they are right but I haven't seen it. I am sure it does exist in a limited fashion, somewhere in a gated community, or some remote beach where you can have all your needs attended to by impoverished natives, whose industries and bodies are at your command, so long as you have the jack. Thailand answers to that description,or did, until each more and more remote beach, was eventually over run by the hedonists and headcases in search of paradise and uncomplaining pussy. Certainly some portion of that is still going down, along with people trying to play Decaprio in The Island.

It used to amuse me (not really) after I had run into a few dozen of a particular sort, who would take regular trips to these locales for the purpose of human trampoline action, or the horizontal hula (if you prefer). They all had a certain body type and mindset and deplored the state of western women, as it particularly concerned them.

If you really want to hear the whiners on this subject you only have to go to Hawaii. I guess I could see what they were talking about but it didn't impinge on me. I always found the exceptions and managed to see the rule coming way ahead of time. This is what material culture will create though. It makes people stupid and selfish and that increases, until all kinds of psycho-sexual and other pathologies come into being. As a student of this whole dynamic, a fascinated observer, I've seen enough to show me what comes around when full bore, material realm hypnotics come into full expression. This is one of the reasons I tend to stay inside my own little bubble, or walk in Nature, where there is a deal less of what I don't want to see, except when I am studying it, like a lepidopterist or something. I probably misspelled that word but you get the idea.

So, maybe the Mayans had a whole other thing happening with that calendar. My invisible friends have been telling me for a long time that a mini golden age was going to come. Of course, I hear all kinds of things and like I said, I don't always get it right because the personal can intrude on the cosmic but... sooner or later it gets clarified for me like some kind of ghee.

Obviously the old world is breaking down and that is why the trolls and goblins are in such a rush to imprint their will on it or hold it together with bailing wire, duct tape and chewing gum. They've always been demons behind the scenes but these days they are right out there in full daylight, doing all sorts of obnoxious things. It's like they know it's got to end soon and they want to get all their licks in and all their ya ya's out. They're not like you and me. They killed off the human inside themselves some time ago. They might not have been human when they got here or they might have gotten hijacked on the road. I don't know.

As you know, I am an optimist, even when things aren't going all that well for me, as happens here and there and probably more than I would like, although it is showing signs of change now.

I saw this guy who was doing parrot astrology (don't ask). A parrot was involved and making selections and it turned out that I was from the family of Shiva and Ganesha was my special friend. This I already knew. Then he told me that I had had 16 years of bad highway and that it had all just ended this month and prosperity and all kinds of good things would be coming to me; always nice to hear that sort of thing. Oddly enough a jyotish astrologer told me that some while ago and he didn't have a parrot. I don't know what to say so... no comment.

Anyway, I feel as if I am on the lip of great adventure and I suspect the same may be the case with some number of you. Something new is in the wind. Of course, I went into the wind recently and maybe that is why I am getting that sensation. I'm going to end this here; always fearful that the post might disappear on me. By this time next week I should have it all pretty much together and be more regular and usual length and all that. Good wishes to you all,

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just Streaming Through

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There are hacks and there are bought and sold whores of the trade and then there is Michael Isikoff, doing what he does for all things bright and beautiful. It's a wonderful thing. Never let it be said that those who should have gone to the gallows, like Pollard and sundry, shouldn't rather be kissed on the cheeks (what cheeks we talking bout here?) and sent home, with an apology for having caught them trying to do some kind of evil to you that would have enslaved your nation instead. Certain people play by different rules. That must be fine and dandy for them, these VIP chosenites and for their lickspittles and lackeys Who worship the funny money, prayer rugs. Rugs on their heads and rugs in their billfolds and you are the rug beneath their feet. Ain't that sweet?

There are things going on that make you weep but the next thing you know, they're new and improved and doing better. There are greed pigs sitting in legislatures . You see what's going here? The same business as usual types are doing business as usual. So I imagine they have clever continuance in progress as I write. We shall see. There are bad things happening all over the place and they are being exposed.

One has to come to grips with their consciousness, concerning Mr Apocalypse and what he does. One has to get the measure of The Man, oh yes my pretties, one must have scope. Then there is hope and à bientôt--Okay. Would you like fries with that? It's all about freedom burning in the morning and The Bad Stranger is around. I am hammering on the same things, again. For a very good reason. Mr. Apocalypse's walking stick is tapping and tapping. Unfortunately, that leads to more and more of this kind of thing. Football stadiums, malls, fast food eateries. It's all coming up in the windshield of your drive a life. It's not all bad, and maybe you can figure that out. Maybe we got wrong, as to who is who; lost tribes and all that but I be I and all that.

People! You must resist against these things. You must find the power and the purpose in the hour to rise in outrage about what is being done to you and also being done in your name. A good brother, who is a maestro himself, sent me this. We are the people that could have been. It's a shame we can't get in touch with them then.

Brevity may be the soul of wit. I don't know how much wit is in this posting but it will be brevity indeed, as concerns this posting because I got to go real soon and things need to be taken care of so...

there may be a transitory delay in postings and Sim will mind the host fires. Let's all remember that we are not as young as we used to be, subject to miraculous intervention, and the cost of our thoughts, words and actions may well be at critical mass in these uncertain times. Do your best. I will see you in a different format soon, hopefully (grin) if I can fast-track the learning curve on these tablets; some mystifying thing known as android. Carry on.

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Check out the symbolism behind them speaking at the end.

Let's all have a thought and a Bon Voyage and Hare Krishna for Ravi Shankar and the beauty his music brought into our lives.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Droit de Seigneur in Last Gasp Country

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It's not necessary to link any one of the many, totally bullshit, Crass Media stories about Syria, supposedly arming missiles with chemical weapons to use on their own people. All this has come about because of the near total ownership of the Crass Media, by the ZioNAZI-Ogre and their near total control of the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Defense. Obviously there are dark and damning video and voice recordings of Hilarious Clinton and Leon Panetta. It is possible that Hilarious's doggie style diplomacy, is accented by the endemic corruptions of Wild Bill Clinton ...but we have to assume she's been mainlining many and varied, toxic corruptions on her own as well.

Big oil and Big banking are behind all of the genocide and mass murder of recent times. That's the tie-in to the destruction of every nation that wanted to shift trading in dollars to other currencies, or wanted to set up their own currencies and banks, instead of using a Rothschild bank. It's obvious how good it is for the welfare of a country when they go after The Central Banks or kick out the oligarchs; witness Iceland and Russia. You may be sure that there are any number of behind the scenes transitions, under consideration around the world. Mr. Apocalypse is working on all of this as well.

The pedophilia department at Mr. Apocalypse LTD, is working over time on the skells at the BBC and sundry locations. Now we learn just a little more about Satanist Jimmy Wales and The Synagogue of Satan. At the beginning of the video, doesn't it look and sound like the fellow doing the reporting is sitting on the toilet? No reflection on the cat. We all got to go sometime. It's probably not the case but the sound effects are impressive.

There is some very interesting news about sex lately and I'm only linking to a very few, there and here. I guess the strangest part is how very much she looks like Sarah Palin. I have to admit that this is a terrible dilemma to be in (not the looking like Sarah Palin part, well, maybe that too). We are hearing about and witnessing some truly bizarre thing and you can lay all of this at the door of Mr. Apocalypse.

Here is an article that really says it all, about who is behind so many of the awful trends going on. Now, I recognize the profane nature of organized Christianity but what I find puzzling is why Mikey Weinstein and company, from Inferno.Org, are out to sabotage the Christian fundieland schematic, when that constitutes the largest demographic of their robot army. Of course, this grandstanding, self promoting, self satisfied, celebrity seeking doofus, is writing a book.

Serious madness is afoot, as the terminal virus of Political Correctness, runs amok through the ruins of a dying empire. How seriously crazy it has all gotten, is exemplified in the comments that follow this creative effort of indisputable truth. The ink black darkness, in the souls of the committed materialists, is a frightening wonder to behold. You keep thinking they can't get any lower but somehow they manage it and don't blink an eye when engaged in it. How did such a number of us get like this? I'll say it again, when the transformative force of the age, begins to descend down from the inner planes, it sweeps out all of the long resident, malignant entities that have been operating like conning towers, through the butt ugly moments of this departing cycle. They are forced out and down, into human form.

In times of runaway materialism, the self aware consciousness, of some amount of people; a distressingly ample amount, is not rooted in a sustaining awareness of self, so as to protect the individual from telepathic invasion, followed by possession. It's like leaving your car parked on a Detroit street with the keys in it. This analogy is accurate and has been echoed by others in former times; not the same analogy but, with the same point being made. If you are not the master of yourself, you will be the slave of another. This should go without saying. If you are a slave to appearances and the electronic and otherwise generated imagery of the false world, then you are a slave to those generating the imagery. We can see the truth of that in the wholesale acceptance by Mr. and Mrs. Dumbass, of whatever absurd claptrap, is being generated by the cabin boy politicians and their pederast overlords. I know, Bend over and Wait.

One has to keep in mind that the majority of what is going on at the moment, are acts of desperation. All the despicable stealing and unnecessary, over the top, acquiring by the super rich, is about having your hands on the control mechanisms of the culture. It's about high end, panic rooms and underground bunkers, in remote locations, to weather the result of conditions brought about by them, or natural forces reacting to them. The violent and parasitical activities of that shitty, little country in the Middle East are about desperation. The litany of laws, designed to oppress and deprive, are all about desperation. By this time, alert observers are aware that Mr. Apocalypse, is an actual working force and is dragging hidden information and nefarious deeds, kicking and screaming, out into the hard daylight of exposure, to the eyes of the world and... where those eyes are attuned not to see, or are deceived in the impressions that they draw, Mr. Apocalypse is reorienting their perspective. It might not seem that way at the moment, because notice of this, is being concealed by those who took control of the Crass Media for that very reason.

Once you control the money supply, your agents can buy up all the necessary industries, to accessorize their march for world domination. They've been at this for quite awhile. Multinationals are hooked up in a cooperative effort to head the cosmic awakening off at the pass. However, since it is a cosmic event, good luck with that, you're going to need it and... since it is a cosmic event, luck's not going to have much to do with it.

One of the primary weapons of The Dark Side, is our despair and propensity for deception, based on pandering to basic human appetites, which are being ramped up by a relentless full scale sensory assault. Despair is a killer. You feel overwhelmed by appearances, which are confirmed by events and the perceptions of your fellows. The jobs and homes are being disappeared, while the resources of the populace are deposited into the pockets and bank accounts of the super rich. The politicians feed off of the promise of payouts to come. No good man or woman have been allowed to stand in opposition. They get marginalized, censured and setup, slandered and picked off, by those who have had the run of things for so long that they look upon it as some kind of droit de seigneur' “take my wife, please”.

Things are not what they were. We're in last gasp country, as one age leads into another and all of the institutions and infrastructure that have been, are tumbling and transforming, into what is to be. This is why rampant and pervasive corruption are the OS of the times, a sort of Windows Decadent. Things fall apart or move into the No Exit Zone, like Windows 8. There is no logical or sensible reason for this. New and improved is no longer a reality, though it seldom was in any case. Look at the new Window's Surface tablet, with it's screen cracking and peeling away.

The rulership regent of The Surface Plane is changing. The reins of power are being handed over from one to another and all of those so terminally reliant upon the former, are finding themselves on the field of Morannon. From Pelennor to Morannon, it goes ...and in the end, the agents of the darkness lose their minds and spin off in panicked flight, crying out for the stones and The Earth to cover them. Yes, my precious.

Well, one more stirring call to optimism, preceded by so many examples of why we shouldn't be optimistic. The shitheels like Soros and his ilk are still hammering away at what they don't want to see but see they will; one way or another. Sooner or later the word gets delivered to all of the stooges and wooden puppets, who don't know their posterior from a post-hole.

Hang in there.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Batshit City and Organ Harvesting, Disney World

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to the countdown, 9 days and moving right along. How weird is weird? How strange is strange? You're looking at it everywhere in the world around you. 12/21/2012 approaches. What does it mean? I don't know but... much of it, like anything, depends on the collective perspective and anticipation of the public mind. Everything comes out of the mind and everything is composed of mind-stuff. We all live in a world of our own creation. It looks like the real world but it isn't. Few of us see the real world but... that world we live in, whatever world it may be, is real enough. Oh yeah, real enough for all the pain and uncertainty we experience in it, all the temporary joys and triumphs, such as they 'appear' to be.

The berserker mentality of the law enforcement wing of Western Powers Central, along with the observable insanity of the administrative and legislative wings, is a wonder to see; not a pleasant wonder either. Nutjob police goons are shooting up their own vehicles, in a frenzy of fiery murder and mayhem. All of this has been happening, since the Israelis began to train the American police, in their despicable tactics. They keep pushing the river to nowhere, as the sands of time run out for them. From every corner of the world the opposition is rising. Ambassadors are being recalled from that snake-pit in the Middle East; that Rothschild, Central Banker combine, masquerading as a country. That's some sick shit going down in Organ Harvesting, Disney World, to put it as mildly as I can. There is nothing so dark and depraved as what they are into as a matter of general policy and the world is seeing it and finally, finally reacting. What impact is this having on all those bought off little rodents in the corridors of power, that have been rubber stamping all this nonsense for so long? You can see the rats marching in lock step, down the gangways and docking ropes of the ships of darkness. Oh yeah! Can I get a witless?

I've been waiting for this uprising response for a long time; often despairing of the intransigence and continuously, perpetuating ignorance of the great unwashed; all that is changing now, according to some unknown schedule, in the playbook of Mr. Apocalypse. I hear that walking stick tapping on the hard concrete, of Unbridled Greedville. It is a consummate pleasure to see these creeps getting hammered from all sides; to see Monsanto starting to get it in the neck. Make no mistake, there are few things as dangerous as a wounded beast and few wounded beasts as dangerous as a psychopathic, wounded beast.

We are so close and yet so far away. Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran are all on the chopping block, as the twisted elite, strive to tear apart the fabric, of what passes for civilization, in these days. It's so close, the distance between a lasting victory and a horrible defeat; 'hanging in here, Boss'. How deep is their Valley of Darkness? I can hear the invisible hand of the cosmos, jangling the handle of the cosmic toilet. It's calling for it's natural food. It's calling for evolution's waste products. It's calling the maldoers home, back to the universal, reclamation system. You can hear the recycling engines, cranking it up.

Meanwhile in Bat Shit City, the beat goes on and it keeps going on in the Bat Shit boroughs. It's all Mr. Apocalypse, 24/7; seven come snake eyes, in Snake City, the capital of Viperville. Nice house eh? It's not in Bat Shit City, where it would cost about 100 million dollars. I lived in Bat Shit City for awhile (also know as Snakeville Downs), where they have the annual, Kentucky Derby style running, of The Beasts of the Apocalypse. It's a terrifying event, where the beasts snap and tear at one another and regularly run into the crowds, on either side, tearing and rending with a will. Cheers erupt from the sidelines, as the blood madness consumes the spectators, laughing and jeering at the maimings and deaths. It's all bad unclean fun. Batshit City is the one place in the country where you can send out for anything, ANYTHING, and have it delivered to your door at any hour of the day or night. It doesn't matter what it is, someone will bring it to your door. If you want to see the menu, all you have to do is pick up any one of the massive, telephone book sized, classified papers that you can find in the ubiquitous new's vending machines, at any corner. I used to get miles of laughs from these things. My favorite was all the advertisements from the massage practitioners offering, “stress relief management”. You can probably figure out what that is; oh yes my brother.

No doubt Susan Shumsky of Divine Travels, knows about 'stress relief management' and she don't come cheap. She's been writing me a lot, ever since I inquired about Kumbha Mela and regardless of my snarky replies, the offers keep coming. India sounds like a scary place. I'm glad I don't plan on sharing needles with anyone, or having protected or unprotected sex with the locals. Well, you never know. One wonders as far as not being involved with drugs of any kind ...but I will keep in mind about 'boiling it, cooking it, peeling it, or forgetting it'. I keep trying to find out if I actually do have to have a return ticket but I can't seem to get any answers on that one. From the outrageous price listings, I can only assume that she is a member of dubious standing in the Roger Nietzsche Network. Oh yeah, I got me 99 Rolls Royces! No doubt someone will have a trenchant explanation for that and I'll just have to nod my head and go along with the program. Unlike Susan, I don't have any 'Professional Industry Affiliations'.

Here's what I got in the email a couple of days ago;

"I had an awesome experience with the Divine Travels tour to the Kumbha Mela. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime."
-Deborah, hairdesigner, Ohio.

"My experience with Susan Shumsky and Divine Travels (to the Maha Kumbh Mela fair in India January 2001) was truly excellent. Everything was well organized, hotels and meals were very good, and it was possible to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that would have been extremely difficult to arrange through any other company. Guiding a diverse group of Westerners through a fair attended by close to 100 million people was a difficult challenge but the Divine Travels staff managed it with great efficiency, patience and kindness. Above all, I was impressed by their constant dedication and concern for the welfare of those on the tour."
-Paul Lowe, author, England.

"The tour was very well organized. I was very comfortable and felt really protected amongst 30 million people at the Mela. I felt very included and appreciated by the tour organizers. I went alone, but felt welcomed! The hotels, transportation, and food were remarkably high-end. Our dinner out as a group was one of bonding and excellent food."
-Tour participant.

"It was a not to be missed, life expanding experience. We had exclusive audiences with powerful spiritual beings, witnessed unique ceremonies, met gurus that we could only have met through Rajiv, our tour organizer. We were very comfortable, safe, and secure. We were very well taken care of by kind and delightful organizers. Highly recommended."
-Barbara, artist, NYC.

"I have taken the Kumba Mela tour with Susan Shumsky and I feel it was the best tour I have ever taken. The tour was extremely well planned, which in a country like India is quite important, but also had the ability to be flexible, intimate and to respond to everyones needs. Susan's experience and knowledge of India is extremely valuable and the tour company used in India is of the highest level. I myself am planning to take additional tours with Susan in the future and would recommend her without any hesitation."
-Dr. Randy Meltzer.

"It has been a year since I toured India for the Kumbh Mela tour. I think every day I mention to someone something about that experience. I feel so lucky to do this tour with Divine Travels, because of their ability to organize a tour taking care of all the logistics, making sure our food and water are safe so we don't get sick, but still covering a lot of territory, being flexible, and adventurous. This is not your typical bus riding tour. You get in the heart of the culture, and get in to do things that the average independent traveler could never do. I went on this tour by myself, made many friends, and consider it a life changing experience with nothing but positive things to say. I highly recommend Divine Travels to take you so you can relax and focus on the spirit of India."
-Angel F., Bellevue, WA.

"Bathing in the Ganges River on the most auspicious day of the Maha Kumbha Mela was like basking in nectar. My consciousness was lifted and my perceptions awakened. Kumbh Mela was the most deeply moving experience of my life. There is no expression in our language to describe it adequately."
-Tour participant.

"At the Maha Kumbh Mela, I communed with God, which I saw as everything contained within myself. It was the awareness of my path and expanded freedom that brought me to tears. There exists no words to fully explain the depth of that communion. I know only liberation and the utmost kindness was totally re-enforced."
-Deborah, hairdesigner, Ohio.

Discount expires shortly.


Deborah Hairdesigner, shows up on the front and back end, always a nice touch. Well folks, we've come to the end of another posting and I'll see you next posting, if there is one; now if I can only get a radio show together.

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

If you're going to be in India, let me know where and when and we will see about getting together, with, or without Susan Shumsky.