Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Batshit City and Organ Harvesting, Disney World

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to the countdown, 9 days and moving right along. How weird is weird? How strange is strange? You're looking at it everywhere in the world around you. 12/21/2012 approaches. What does it mean? I don't know but... much of it, like anything, depends on the collective perspective and anticipation of the public mind. Everything comes out of the mind and everything is composed of mind-stuff. We all live in a world of our own creation. It looks like the real world but it isn't. Few of us see the real world but... that world we live in, whatever world it may be, is real enough. Oh yeah, real enough for all the pain and uncertainty we experience in it, all the temporary joys and triumphs, such as they 'appear' to be.

The berserker mentality of the law enforcement wing of Western Powers Central, along with the observable insanity of the administrative and legislative wings, is a wonder to see; not a pleasant wonder either. Nutjob police goons are shooting up their own vehicles, in a frenzy of fiery murder and mayhem. All of this has been happening, since the Israelis began to train the American police, in their despicable tactics. They keep pushing the river to nowhere, as the sands of time run out for them. From every corner of the world the opposition is rising. Ambassadors are being recalled from that snake-pit in the Middle East; that Rothschild, Central Banker combine, masquerading as a country. That's some sick shit going down in Organ Harvesting, Disney World, to put it as mildly as I can. There is nothing so dark and depraved as what they are into as a matter of general policy and the world is seeing it and finally, finally reacting. What impact is this having on all those bought off little rodents in the corridors of power, that have been rubber stamping all this nonsense for so long? You can see the rats marching in lock step, down the gangways and docking ropes of the ships of darkness. Oh yeah! Can I get a witless?

I've been waiting for this uprising response for a long time; often despairing of the intransigence and continuously, perpetuating ignorance of the great unwashed; all that is changing now, according to some unknown schedule, in the playbook of Mr. Apocalypse. I hear that walking stick tapping on the hard concrete, of Unbridled Greedville. It is a consummate pleasure to see these creeps getting hammered from all sides; to see Monsanto starting to get it in the neck. Make no mistake, there are few things as dangerous as a wounded beast and few wounded beasts as dangerous as a psychopathic, wounded beast.

We are so close and yet so far away. Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran are all on the chopping block, as the twisted elite, strive to tear apart the fabric, of what passes for civilization, in these days. It's so close, the distance between a lasting victory and a horrible defeat; 'hanging in here, Boss'. How deep is their Valley of Darkness? I can hear the invisible hand of the cosmos, jangling the handle of the cosmic toilet. It's calling for it's natural food. It's calling for evolution's waste products. It's calling the maldoers home, back to the universal, reclamation system. You can hear the recycling engines, cranking it up.

Meanwhile in Bat Shit City, the beat goes on and it keeps going on in the Bat Shit boroughs. It's all Mr. Apocalypse, 24/7; seven come snake eyes, in Snake City, the capital of Viperville. Nice house eh? It's not in Bat Shit City, where it would cost about 100 million dollars. I lived in Bat Shit City for awhile (also know as Snakeville Downs), where they have the annual, Kentucky Derby style running, of The Beasts of the Apocalypse. It's a terrifying event, where the beasts snap and tear at one another and regularly run into the crowds, on either side, tearing and rending with a will. Cheers erupt from the sidelines, as the blood madness consumes the spectators, laughing and jeering at the maimings and deaths. It's all bad unclean fun. Batshit City is the one place in the country where you can send out for anything, ANYTHING, and have it delivered to your door at any hour of the day or night. It doesn't matter what it is, someone will bring it to your door. If you want to see the menu, all you have to do is pick up any one of the massive, telephone book sized, classified papers that you can find in the ubiquitous new's vending machines, at any corner. I used to get miles of laughs from these things. My favorite was all the advertisements from the massage practitioners offering, “stress relief management”. You can probably figure out what that is; oh yes my brother.

No doubt Susan Shumsky of Divine Travels, knows about 'stress relief management' and she don't come cheap. She's been writing me a lot, ever since I inquired about Kumbha Mela and regardless of my snarky replies, the offers keep coming. India sounds like a scary place. I'm glad I don't plan on sharing needles with anyone, or having protected or unprotected sex with the locals. Well, you never know. One wonders as far as not being involved with drugs of any kind ...but I will keep in mind about 'boiling it, cooking it, peeling it, or forgetting it'. I keep trying to find out if I actually do have to have a return ticket but I can't seem to get any answers on that one. From the outrageous price listings, I can only assume that she is a member of dubious standing in the Roger Nietzsche Network. Oh yeah, I got me 99 Rolls Royces! No doubt someone will have a trenchant explanation for that and I'll just have to nod my head and go along with the program. Unlike Susan, I don't have any 'Professional Industry Affiliations'.

Here's what I got in the email a couple of days ago;

"I had an awesome experience with the Divine Travels tour to the Kumbha Mela. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime."
-Deborah, hairdesigner, Ohio.

"My experience with Susan Shumsky and Divine Travels (to the Maha Kumbh Mela fair in India January 2001) was truly excellent. Everything was well organized, hotels and meals were very good, and it was possible to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that would have been extremely difficult to arrange through any other company. Guiding a diverse group of Westerners through a fair attended by close to 100 million people was a difficult challenge but the Divine Travels staff managed it with great efficiency, patience and kindness. Above all, I was impressed by their constant dedication and concern for the welfare of those on the tour."
-Paul Lowe, author, England.

"The tour was very well organized. I was very comfortable and felt really protected amongst 30 million people at the Mela. I felt very included and appreciated by the tour organizers. I went alone, but felt welcomed! The hotels, transportation, and food were remarkably high-end. Our dinner out as a group was one of bonding and excellent food."
-Tour participant.

"It was a not to be missed, life expanding experience. We had exclusive audiences with powerful spiritual beings, witnessed unique ceremonies, met gurus that we could only have met through Rajiv, our tour organizer. We were very comfortable, safe, and secure. We were very well taken care of by kind and delightful organizers. Highly recommended."
-Barbara, artist, NYC.

"I have taken the Kumba Mela tour with Susan Shumsky and I feel it was the best tour I have ever taken. The tour was extremely well planned, which in a country like India is quite important, but also had the ability to be flexible, intimate and to respond to everyones needs. Susan's experience and knowledge of India is extremely valuable and the tour company used in India is of the highest level. I myself am planning to take additional tours with Susan in the future and would recommend her without any hesitation."
-Dr. Randy Meltzer.

"It has been a year since I toured India for the Kumbh Mela tour. I think every day I mention to someone something about that experience. I feel so lucky to do this tour with Divine Travels, because of their ability to organize a tour taking care of all the logistics, making sure our food and water are safe so we don't get sick, but still covering a lot of territory, being flexible, and adventurous. This is not your typical bus riding tour. You get in the heart of the culture, and get in to do things that the average independent traveler could never do. I went on this tour by myself, made many friends, and consider it a life changing experience with nothing but positive things to say. I highly recommend Divine Travels to take you so you can relax and focus on the spirit of India."
-Angel F., Bellevue, WA.

"Bathing in the Ganges River on the most auspicious day of the Maha Kumbha Mela was like basking in nectar. My consciousness was lifted and my perceptions awakened. Kumbh Mela was the most deeply moving experience of my life. There is no expression in our language to describe it adequately."
-Tour participant.

"At the Maha Kumbh Mela, I communed with God, which I saw as everything contained within myself. It was the awareness of my path and expanded freedom that brought me to tears. There exists no words to fully explain the depth of that communion. I know only liberation and the utmost kindness was totally re-enforced."
-Deborah, hairdesigner, Ohio.

Discount expires shortly.



Deborah Hairdesigner, shows up on the front and back end, always a nice touch. Well folks, we've come to the end of another posting and I'll see you next posting, if there is one; now if I can only get a radio show together.

End Transmission.......

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

If you're going to be in India, let me know where and when and we will see about getting together, with, or without Susan Shumsky.


Anonymous said...

"Where Have All the Porn Stars Gone?"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?", by Paula Cole.)

Oh you get me ready
In your Frederick's teddy
Why don't we go downstairs in the dark?

Take shelter in the basement
And watch some porno tapes, and
I'll slip a roofie in your Cutty Sark?

I will write bad checks if you pierce your labia...

Where is my Lanny Barbie?
Where is my Linda Wong?
Where is my happy ending?
Where have all the porn stars gone?

Why don't you stay the evening
Kick back and watch DVD's
I'll order take-out for us both to eat?

Oh I know your feet hurt
From working your three jobs
How do you take your Smirnoff, my sweet?

I will give you children if you dress like a cheap whore...

Where is my Lanny Barbie?
Where is my Linda Wong?
Where is my happy ending?
Where have all the porn stars gone?

I am wearing my new Skechers tonight
But you don't even notice me
Say our goodbyes
Say our goodbyes
Say our goodbyes...

We finally ditched that teddy
When we had another baby
And you took that job down at the Lucky Thong

You made friends while you pole-danced
And you joined them at the bar
Almost every single night while you were gone

I will play "Call of Duty" while you go have a beer...

Where is my Lanny Barbie?
Where is my Linda Wong?
Where is my happy ending?
Where have all the porn stars gone?

Where is my Jenna Jameson?
Where is my Anette Dawn?
Where is my golden harlot?
Where have all the porn stars gone?

Yippee yaw, yippee yay
Yippee yaw, yippee yay
Yippee yaw, yippee yay...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Uh, bathing in the Ganges? Uh. . .I've seen pictures. I think I'll pass. Just a tad worse than falling into the canals of Venice, I imagine.

Is Rishikesh on the menu for you?


That's the only city I'd want to see in India.

Visible said...

I'll slip a roofie in your Cutty Sark (heh heh).

Rishikish is definitely on my list but we will see. Goa, Pune, Kerala are also on my list and of course Arunachala. We shall see. I am meeting up with different people and that will decide a lot.

Sim said...

Thanks for the heads up on that Vis.

I just booked me in on the

Single Super Deluxe Tent: $3749
(including $600 nonrefundable reservation fee) -

A snip at just shy of $3800.00 - particularly as it includes staying on a reservation. Woot!

Visible said...

I'm so happy for you Sim.

preacher said...

Just to show it is not just the States going bonkers:

Police strip-search teens over missing €5

Great house you showed us Vis! I would love to live in it.

Maybe this has become Israhel's downfall:

How Israel threw Barack Obama 'under the bus'

Visible said...

Isn't that a gorgeous house? and in a beautiful part of Arizona too.

Boy, am I getting a lot of invites in India. Looks promising and I don't want you people making me paranoid about India. With an activated kundalini where could it be better? I'm not going to be sleeping rough and my immune system is one of the strongest I have ever seen.

Goy George is something else (heh heh)

I'm hoping to do a regular live video feed. Anyone savvy about setting something like that up let me know. It should be really cool and I'll be sending mucho photos to the Les Visible blog site.

The Kumbha Mela should be a real trip, provided that I can hook up with some sort of a guide.

Here's a strange coincidence. My friend Akram, who lives in both Delhi and Bhopal, is coming to India on the same day I get to my location and my fantastic musician friend, Scott Armstrong is also arriving on the same day. We be rocking in the free world.

Best cellphone carrier for India?

preacher said...

Snordelhans vid included:

Rabbi Says We are All to Become Slaves of the Jews (Jerusalem Post) –Tee hee

Mark said...

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

If Kurt Vonnegut couldn't figure out why things are the way they are, how can I? Yet, there is no shortage of people who claim to have the answer. Here are some of the suspects: the Zetas (remember them?), the Reptilians (pulling strings from another dimension), the Archons (which remind me of Cylons), the Khazars (have we figured out who and what they are?). Here's another I wasn't aware of: http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2012/11/my-entry.html This reminds me of 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Some of the current crop of omniscients include Clif High, Howard Duff, David Icke, Alex Jones, the Pleidians, the White Knights, the Dragons, Alex Collier, and Benjamin Fulford. There are many others, far too many to keep track of. Clif High says look for a megaquake on the west coast, followed by $600 silver. Lots of people, such as Wier, Sinclair, Butler, Embry, Hathaway, Murphy, Mannarino, Furguson, Organ, ad nauseum, have alerted the gullible to the imminent liftoff to infinity and beyond of the price of gold and silver. They've been saying this for roughly 15 years, but this is what actually happens: http://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html What none of them are saying is that, even if all the gold and silver disappears, the London Fix (it cannot be any more in your face than this term) each morning sets the price for precious metals, and it will be what they want it to be, no matter what.

Why are there 20 million vacant homes in America? Many of them don't even have a for sale sign on them. Who are these homes being held for? Could things possibly get any weirder? No, but they probably will.

the gardener said...

"Could things possibly get any weirder? No, but they probably will."

while reading that ... my phone rings. Number is 000-000-1111. I say 'hello' and auto voice replies "sorry, wrong number". *bangs head for falling for that one*

I was finding myself maybe a little too attracted to the '3 days of darkness turned into a two week stay' courtesy of Mr A travel services... funny how many don't realize the massive 'changes' 'endings' that have been going on for reals for a while now. Maybe they got too much football on their heads?


All kinds are being outed by the Light and outing selves due to that Light. This will continue to escalate to way beyond crazyville.

Or try telling their third grader lies to the Judge, like this one-

"Koko the communicating Gorilla who, when asked about the sink ripped out of the wall of her room... simply blamed it on 'the kitten'". I love her.

the gardener

bholanath said...

Visji -
I haven't been India-side since 2007, but you can probably use your own cell. If it has bluetooth you can get internet card (was $10/month) and use laptop anywhere. I had to get a new sim card when I moved from state to state. Aircel seems to be the biggest provider nowdays, but there are others. There will probably be shops even in Tirru/Arunachala. Ask your friends or anyone. Indians are mostly super friendly and helpful, and you can easily find a service suitable for travelers. Anyway, I was always able to plug my laptop in at a cyber-cafe when necessary.
Forget paranoia on any level, heh. You might want to be carryin' some whole-grain biscuits for dog-snacks though.
>onelove< and cool runnins

katz said...

I didn't understand why you went to Mexico, and I don't understand why anyone wants to go to India.

I did see a documentary about IOF morons having time off in India, and treating the locals like garbage. I think the video is called
"Defamation". it was on youtube.

Good luck. Take lomatil and compazine with you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 Ginger Lynn, Blondie Bee, and Candy Evans! L.V. when the rats figure out the formation all time great QB Mr. Apocalypse will call an audible at the line and burn them! Ahahaha! It's the end of the world as we know it and not a fuck was given that day.

Anonymous said...

Invisible Empire by Pungent Stench

I often wonder and ask myself
Who is that hidden force
Who is that corporation
Whatever named secret source
Who's that in the back
The one who pulls the strings
Who dominates all the world
And becomes King of all Kings

Invisible empire - world wide

Who's leading the leaders
Who got all the might
Regulates the markets
Maybe masonic right?
Who's behind world bank
And dictates a world war
Judges about life and death
A world domination Corps?

Invisible empire - world wide

Invisible empire
Power and might
Templars clash

Dominate humanity
Power and cash
Conspiracy clash

Kol Nidre
Financial might of the USA
War finance
Masonic Lodge & Judae
Black Reich
New world order strike
Templar Knight
Just a name for greed & spite

Invisible empire - world wide

Invisible empire
Power and might
Templars unite

Dominate humanity
Power and cash
Conspiracy clash

©+® El Cochino

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I think you should carry your own phone and keep your current sim. I'd recommend the nail bed massage though for relaxation. Is there a TSA guru on your way through the airport, or vice versa?

Robin Redbreast said...

Hi Visible
Good to have you back. Please give plenty of notice when you do come to the UK and I'll email you and hopefully we can meet up if you are up for it.
Off topic (I have given you my advise already about India: trust your instincts and don't be persuaded to do anything you don't want to do, eg. If a man asks you to come see his..... beautiful handmade rugs- or whatever, just say no- they can be very persuasive "very cheap"! It worked for me).

Just wanted to touch base and say how I'm feeling so at peace at the moment. I feel in a very good place, things are just falling into place and happening easily. Am able to be completely mindful in what ever I am doing and am grateful for this current state. I also feel hopeful, a sense of positivity but am extremely grounded which means nothing is stressing me at the mo, and I am so great full for this. I seem detached from all the negativity/crap/stresses/focus/materialism/news(sic) that seems to pull so many down and sucks them out of the real them, and their ability to perceive and see and be.
I've had some magical/ miraculous experiences of late and feel a sense of happiness and pride (a word many might have issue with) at how I am living my life, my interactions with others, my focus and achievements, my values, my patience.
I have been tested to breaking so many many times and in so many different ways I've lost count. I'm learning and adjusting as I continue on my journey and hope and pray I can continue.
Much love to all

preacher said...


Why the dog snacks?

preacher said...

Just saw this commercial on comedy central. What?

Bizarre commercial - STELARA

bholanath said...

Sir, may I recommend a high-class tailor to fit you with the all-white flowing garments?...just kidding...JUST KIDDING!
The combination of your most excellent humor and bhakta vibe will open all doors.
Don't hesitate to converse with the wonderfully intelligent working-class English-speaking Indian ladies (they will love you, and much enjoy talking with western gentlemen of your caliber).
Time of your life comin' up, dude!

Rob in WI said...

I agree with most of your comment, but the Khazars are pretty well documented. That the ashkenazi jews are their decendents, is also pretty well agreed on. To compare Khazars and zetas is a bit of a stretch, IMHO.
It certainly is strange to have 20 million vacant homes and millions of homeless. Weird seems to be the playlist these days.
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

Vision is mind

Mind is empty

Emptiness is clear light

Clear light is union

Union is great bliss

Anonymous said...

Brace yourself – you’re lucky enough to be jumping on board one of the wildest culinary trips of your life! Frying, simmering, sizzling, kneading and flipping a deliciously diverse variety of regional dishes, feasting your way through the subcontinent is certainly one hell of a ride. You can look forward to a bountiful smorgasbord of tasty delights, YUMMMM! Roll up your sleeves, put on your chompchomp hat and rumble your way down India’s gastronomic highway!

Visible said...


As it so happens, Indian food along with Thai are my favorites and of course, Sushi and Sashimi with salads.

Katz; I think it has to do with (wait for it), different personalities inhabiting this zone and having different predispositions. As for India, the cosmos set that up without my doing a thing (initially) and... as for Mexico, well, that was a mistake on one hand and an eyeopener on the other. Not everything happens for the purpose of a joy ride or pleasure cruise, sometimes it's an educational event.

Every long time close friend of mine has been to India. I am the only one that hasn't. I am also the only one having that Kundalini experience and it's ongoing peerpetuation. Given that status there is nowhere like India for what might possibly happen.

Anonymous said...


insiam said...

If i could offer some advice :)

Local sims are very cheap and many places will unblock your current phone - if necessary for next to nothing.

Personally i would keep your current phone but make sure to ask your service provider to put it on to roam.

If it is a pay as you go then you will need to put 20 or so euros top up on.

Don't answer this phone as if someone calls then they simply call the same number and you pick up the massive balance. They can't be charged as they may not know you are overseas.

So why have it.? For emergencies so you can be contacted and also so you can make a call back home if absolutely necessary.

So> For calls when you are there you simply buy a cheap phone. Cost about 500 rupees> Or buy one owhere you are -or take an old one you have tucked in a draw.

On arrival buy a local sim. Very cheap and calls will be very cheap. Thats it. Standard procedure.

Return ticket. You will need a return ticket to validate your visa. When you check in the airline is obliged by law to ensure you have one - or at least an onward destination - ticket to that is.

You may get away with not having one as it is often depends on the person checking you in.

Having said that you could get checked in then the immigration on arrival could stop you entering.

Not many people understand this so i am not surprised that you cant get a straight answer.

Hope that helps Vis.

If not clear let me know and i will elaborate :)

insiam said...


even when calling back home to europe, you use your new indian sim/phone as it is 1000% cheaper than using your EU phone.

again your eu phone is simply a back up also a good way to have quick reference and back up to all your phone numbers.

when you get your indian phone/sim you will simply copy from phone to sim to phone to sim.

Visible said...

Apparently you do not need a return ticket for India and there are creative ways around that should the rare event materialize. Research has shown this to be the case.

I've got to go now and get my all white outfit.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

From Jonestown to the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Completely agree with bholanath!

Visible prabhu's sense of humor and bhakta propensities will surely attract success and support from heavenly and earthly benefactors!

I pray for very much success, inspiration, wisdom and love to manifest.

Blessings to Les Visible prabhu and all his friends!

Mark said...


Sure, it's a stretch, but i wasn't aiming for accuracy; rather, I wanted to express a feeling that obfuscation is one of the purposes of the internet. Well documented, you say, and perhaps you're right. If you trust the mountains of data you've ingested off the internet. Myself, I do not believe or disbelieve, and there is very little I take for "truth." Because of the massive engineered distortions of "documentation," I can honestly say that I don't really know very much at all. Do you?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A Celebration of Vipers and the Trembling Dominoes.

katz said...

No doubt that is correct. I felt that something bad was going to happen to you in Mexico, for some reason.

But, this trip doesn't seem like it's dangerous, or bad in any way. I just get the impression that once all the hoopla is done, you will find India less than what you hoped.

Have fun. You will have some good times, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

pierre said ...
if you dont mind vis,

@ PatrickW
I am looking for the "there was no earthquake" yt vid, which I think you and heretic did. I'd like to pass it on to the no quake professor. tia

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mark. I can't tell where the truth gets off and the propaganda begins. One could write everything I know on a postage stamp. I find life incomprehensible.




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