Thursday, October 27, 2022

"Sometimes... It Looks Like a Deranged... Cross-Dressing Ed Gein-Like... Deep-Fried Bacon Cheeseburger Head."

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The Mind... as it traverses the gaslighting antics of Material Culture is a sight to see. It is not pleasant... reassuring... nor a font of optimism. Sometimes, it looks like a deranged... cross-dressing... nouveau Ed Gein... deep-fried bacon cheeseburger head... bobbing for road apples in a Terry Gilliam film.

Obviously... I am having trouble finding the words.

I had some old friends on Maui and I heard from one today who is not doing well, and he let me know that another old friend now hates me for telling the truth. He's incensed at my being outspoken about a demographic he's not even a member of. He is also poorly informed. I was close with a number of people, years ago. I went this way, and that way... and they stayed where they were.

Many of these friends, not only on Maui but in Woodstock... Virginia... Philly and other locations, read and believe the disinfo- mainstream news, and watch network TV and they believe what they hear. These are not stupid people. They are well-read and once were counterculture. I suspect many of them are victims of The Killer Vaccine. All of this has led to confirming what I have been believing for some time now; that... I... have... only... one... real... friend. This friend shows up in everyone I know, and sometimes people I don't know, who are... for whatever the time frame... my friend(s).

That is until I say the wrong thing. People whose loyalties shift like The Wind... are your friends just so long as you don't go out of their comfort zone. So... I have the one friend and I need no other. This friend transforms into any one of my invisible friends whenever there is a need, BUT... it is ALWAYS... still the same friend... who looks out of all eyes... those who are my friend, and those who are yet to become my friend, and those who forgot all the important things as a matter of personal security. (grin)

Many times, I have used a specific series of images to explain the nature of friendship. Our friends wear different faces depending on the situation. So long as everything is on an even keel... there is one face that you see. When trouble manifests, there is another face. Then when danger appears there is a 3rd face. With a true friend, the... face... does... not... change. I have been in places of trouble and danger more than once, and... I... speak... from... experience on this matter.

I wondered a time or two why I didn't hear from certain people that I have known for decades. The Scamdemic put a silencer on quite a few people. Time and distance did what time and distance do. Some people aged into The Land of Curmudgeons. Time rolls by, and you realize you haven't spoken to certain people in years. Perhaps you also know that you can speak to ANYONE at ANY TIME by interior means.

The truth is that this coming and going of personalities has no effect on me whatsoever. I still love my friends, regardless of whether I do or do not see them in this life again. I know the necessities of true friendship. I've gone the distance a number of times. I will continue to evolve... spiritually... because that is THE ONLY THING that is of importance to me; that... and maintaining a mindset of selfless-service, which you do without thinking about it.

I'll come back for them at some point when I am more capable than I am at present. It's what friends do. It's what's been done for me, by invisible means. I am not disturbed by what I suspect are the conditions of dismay on the part of some who have Stockholm Syndrome. Some friends remain. They see beyond the confines of The Personality. New friends arrive. It's always the... same... friend.

We are all the same at the core, but... much can be lost in transition, through accommodations with temporal agencies, for the right to live and breathe. Many believe that external forces are in charge, and they make efforts to appease them. They are loyal to external appearances, which is similar to putting your fate in the hands... of... shifting... sands. There is no point in arguing with people who believe only what they see and hear, and live in fear of temporal authority. Rendering unto Caesar is as far as I go. Caesar can have what Caesar thinks belongs to him. I KNOW who is in charge, right... down... to... the... soles... of... my... feet. I accept no substitutes.

It is a simple trick of The Mind. If you know this trick, you are good to go. If you do not know this trick, you are getting bad information. You simply adjust who you listen to, and how you listen. You find the curious dances of The World to be an amusement. It's there to get... AND HOLD... your attention. The nature of The World is to fascinate, the way a cobra hypnotizes a dove. Uninformed scientists say this doesn't happen, and attribute it to being frozen by fear or... or... something... something... like... U know?

That's not the important point. The bird... or other creature... is stopped in their tracks for some reason. This is visibly evident should you be on location. Many peculiar events happen here ALL THE TIME. We don't see them BECAUSE... we are fascinated by The World. There are... most certainly... more things in Heaven and Earth.

I am trying... as best I can... to say that there are other worlds and planes of being, even more real than the one we are presently inhabiting. Various devices and occurrences can open your eyes; discipline and austerities... the requisite faith to affirm the substance of things unseen... The Indwelling Voice... trauma... and... as ever... The Whimsy and Will of God... who exercises absolute authority over all that is seen and unseen.

Until you experience it, you... cannot... know... the enduring wonder and profound serenity of confirming that absolute authority of God over all that is seen and unseen.

There are several worldwide traditions and each of them uses different terms to identify the same thing. Certain basic truths are left out of these traditions for the benefit of The Priest Class. Then there are the mystery schools that purport to possess the key to The Mysteries, AND... they create yet more mysteries upon which the survival of their organization depends. Then there is Ageless Wisdom, which- in... most... cases... is locked away inside you... to begin with. EVERYTHING you could possibly discover is already present in you. YOU... are the key to the mysteries. YOU are the microcosm that contains... every... element... of the macrocosm in miniature.

You need to contact your personal guide, whose job it is to open the inner doors for you. That guide is ALSO present within you, and... right... this... minute is monitoring your every thought... word... and deed... through the whole of your days and nights. There are the great archetypal guides such as Jesus the Christ... Krishna... The Buddhas... and so on. Each of these have MANY representatives; operators are waiting to take your call.

Find that way that most appeals to you, AND follow it with your whole heart. That is the most important feature of real success; doing it with your whole heart.

I remember any number of people that I knew at one time or another. With all that has happened in The World in recent decades, it truly surprises me to see that so many of them went back to sleep. It is as if a window opened for a few years, and then... the window closed again. WE KNEW that The World was a mockery... on a grand scale... of a much finer and more glorious world of mirrors, facing one another and going round a curve... to an infinite progression of ever more brilliant worlds of light reflecting The Original Light.

People find security in familiar things, and they are willing to close their eyes to the temporary nature of these familiar things. Now... in this apocalypse... all the familiar things are becoming more and more unfamiliar. In Germany, they are tearing down wind generators in order to open the coal mines again. Everywhere... a massive wave of change is sweeping round The Earth... like The Avatar's Broom, sweeping out the invisible planes. Soon... the sweeping begins on this plane; Wheat and Chaff take note.

We move in and out of each other's lives like the proverbial ships in the night. Sometimes, it lasts for a season... sometimes for years, and sometimes for decades, BUT... sooner or later we move on, AND NOTHING YOU CAN DO is going to change that. Adapt to The Will of Heaven and you are on the road to eternal life. You don't have to stay here, and... all those things you keep coming back to get; where... are... they... now?

There is ONLY one thing worth having, and we mistake it for all the other things we think we wanted... in the heat of desire... and all the things we think we still want... because we are trapped on a relentless treadmill of mistaken identity. The answer is not in the multiples. It is in the singular, AND... YOU... happen... to... be... The... Thing... Itself... Polish your mirror.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 24, 2022

"As You Proceed into The False Light, You Move Away from The Luminous Intelligence of The True Light."

So... I'm being harassed now and again, BUT... it's not something I want to get into any more than pandering for donations. All anyone can do now is annoy me... if... I... let... them. It seems they are after all of us who do this work... BUT- their time is at an end.

Now... you can't travel through Truthseeker because a page comes up to tell you it's “unsafe.” Simply scroll down and hit “advanced” and you can travel as you please. The people who are really unsafe seem to think we are part of the reason for their troubles and diminishing power. Heh... heh... little do they know. I know a secret that is not really a secret... but appears to be a secret to them. That means they have a BIG SURPRISE coming, every... single... one... of... them.

It's not schadenfreude on my part. I feel sorry for them, BUT... that's the role they play and... it... has... a... predictable... outcome.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Take a look at this construction in The Land of the Headless Hijab. It seems that many people are planning on making God laugh.

I look at the ZATO build-up, in and around Ukraine... the 5,000 US airborne cannon-confetti in Romania... the war madness runs wild in the minds of those made crazy by Heavenly fiat. The Central Bankers got us into this mess because of THEIR FAILED ECONOMIC POLICIES. They must have a war to reboot the financial game they play on the dumb and dumbers. They must convince the public that war against Russia is NECESSARY, otherwise... The People are going to turn on their rulers. This... is... already... happening.

Now... it seems... Kiev is planning a dirty bomb escapade. I do not see Mister Putin as a liar. My take is he is a very principled fellow who loves his country, which is more than I can say for his counterparts in my country. Sure... I don't know him. I am speaking only to my empathic perceptions and the presence of the man. I also have to take into consideration the invidious and vile nature of those opposing him. He DID NOT start this war. He is trying to remove the agencies that did.

I have no idea what portends. There are so many factors at work in this AshkeNAZI war for their former homeland. That was long before they hijacked Palestine... where their many decades-long genocide is about to come to an end. Then there is the American election... and so many other pieces on The Big Gameboard. They are unable to work their will in Syria. Soon they will also be out of luck in Ukraine. The World is spinning like a roulette ball on its way down into the realm of numbers... and colors... black and red. Where's it going to stop? Only... God... knows.

Black and Red are the colors of The Prince of Darkness who works only in Rajas and Tamas; passion and stupidity. He's no threat unless you have prepared a place for him. It is good to know that God displaces The Devil in us. They can't occupy the same place at the same time, much like Love and Fear.

I feel eerily calm and detached. The appearances are one thing. The Certitude is another. Emissaries from The Blessed Sphere are present in every location... EITHER... close up or at a distance. They are guiding and advising, while The Dark Side crawls out of the subterranean wells of atavistic fear, creating programmed armies from The Soon to be Dead... the same as they have done since Cain allegedly brained Abel. Something like that happened... in a precipitating allegory... down into The Manifest Plane of self-perpetuating disorder degenerating from higher states.

Tis The Curse of Materialism. The more you proceed into The False Light, the more you move away from The Luminous Intelligence of The True Light. The softer it gets, the more the heart hardens. The more of it you get, the less you like it. Ah! to... be... free. Yes? Materialism is a prison of its own design, and it gravitates... eventually... to Kafka Land, right down to the end of Orwell Ave... or does it run the other way? Heh heh...

What is anyone to do? The best you can hope for is not to be present in times like these, BUT... here you are, aren't you? What is this grim winter going to bring? The Age of Convenience is about to be turned into The Age of Inconvenience. What happens when they can't get their double macchiato latte, demi-tasse half-decaf with diet Red Bull? What happens when the network for their smartwatch goes down? What happens when the artificially maintained Vegan diet is no longer available?

What happens when research into artificial wombs for Satanically possessed sex-freaks stops happening? Something wicked that way goes, and does not come again for... a... real... long... time.

It looks extremely menacing, like one of those nightmares you can't wake up from. What to do... What to do... it's not really a question because I don't expect an answer. Love is the answer anyway... so, why... would... I... ask?

I can't shake the feeling that the whole of it is zone-specific... and also specific to the level that one is present on... in The Zone. Utter chaos and serene harmony intertwine like DNA spirals. They are separated lovers that will never meet. They undulate... imperceptible millimeters apart. An invisible curtain demarcates them... some kind of spiritual condom. What is The Zone you may ask? The Zone is wherever your vibrationary signature places you, and... the... level of your state of awareness determines your level in The Zone.

So it is... all round this world, in the countless zones of personal identification... the collective and individual destinies spin accordingly... millions of zone-specific locations are the CHOSEN habitations of billions of vain imaginings which... you may call dreams... dreams are the product of Desire, and... desire is the agent of God's Will. Tell yourself whatever you like... you'll get this... you'll have that... cause your satiation is... where... it's... at. Hunger and Loneliness are star-struck lovers in a cowboy bar, AND... do you know where your children are? More importantly, do... you... know... what... your... children... are?

They follow you wherever you go. They hang in the air around your head. They are the offspring of carnal desire on The Lower Astral Plane. They are also the invisible friends of a higher aspiration. It's your choice what company you keep; whether you can see them or not... they are there, and intricately and inextricably woven into your life. You can't get rid of anything. You can change it into something else. What was that first law of Thermodynamics?

They are the components of your life. Some feed you. Some feed off of you. Some guide you. Some misguide you. Some pleasure you. Some torment you. You are the one who invited them in. If... you... do... not... feed... them... they... WILL melt away. If you continue to feed them, they... WILL... devour... you... be they angel... or... devil. I would like to be a dish at God's banquet table. His friends will be there. They're the same thing... only different.

All those zones and levels. All those invisible hands pulling at your coat. All those quicksand moments of shifting sands beneath uncertain feet... with Death awaiting you at every turn, BECAUSE... you... refuse... to... learn. Pain is The Great Educator. Suffering is the fiery cauldron where the hunger for liberation is born. Sooner or later you will awaken to that higher calling, voiced by the angels who await you within; the final resting place of what... might... have... been.

So long as you think you know, you will be permitted to think you do. Your thinking will take you, step-by-step to the proven fact that... you... do... not... know. In your long journey to True Understanding, you will amass and lose fortunes... kill yourself in other bodies, tumbling through infinite time, and... into the relentless certainty of gain and loss, gain and loss... in the zero-sum-game of life.

There is a solid reason for Love to be the answer. It is because it is The Attractive Force. It is what holds it all together and refines every particle on its way to Nirvana Land OR... Brahmaloka OR...the Western Pure Land OR The Christian Heaven. “In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.” So... it seems like you pick your route... AND NO MATTER WHAT... you persevere.

Then there is that thing where you become the path, which is the job of The Wayshower. It's easier to become President or pope... SEEMINGLY... given that president or pope involves a whole lot of lives, either before or after, when the other is already there and present all the time. What is lacking is the Realization of this. It takes growing into while it is growing in you. It's the other side of Cancer, just like Senility and Regenerated Innocence. The World is upside-down and backwards.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

"Replacing God in Our Mind with Ourselves is The Endless Self-Deception We Struggle With and ALWAYS Lose At."

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I had made up my mind that I had to see the gay rom-com, “Bros.” It is for the same reason that I investigated parts of The World's seedy underbelly, back when I used to move through The Dark Side like a ghost in the night. They say writing is autobiographical so... the detective in my first novel was a lot like me. I got in and out of a lot of places by not appearing as a threat. This will cloister you even in deeper Hells. Always remember that Fear smells like Anger to The Subconscious Mind.

So... I saw half of this film. I don't think the auteur intended for the wider audience to see what he was actually presenting, which is how shallow and empty a life becomes when it is based on the fading temporary, and the mind is directed toward hedonistic excess, to the exclusion of all introspection. Of course, I already knew what the whole temporary trend is about. It shows up when Nature has been closed out... and imprisoned in a façade of concrete loneliness, rounded about with a Petroleum despair of dirty lanterns burning a darkness, eaten by even darker flames.

I paused in my watching so that I could wait for the pins to drop in my head. I imagine that they are going to seek to snatch normality from the hairy grip of depravity, and put the actors and the plot into Ozzie and Harriet-land... but I don't know. What I do know is... because of Mr. Apocalypse... very little looks as it is made out to be. It looks more like what it is trying to conceal.

It's like Mr. Apocalypse got into the filmmaker's head, and then started blowing smoke up his ass.

I recommend that YOU DO NOT SEE THIS FILM. It is perverse and pornographic. I am not affected by these things. Others might be. I am trying to make a point... to which the film... is only tangential.

A massive shift is taking place in the underpinnings of the temporal world, and those with no anchor in anything stable, are cast adrift on a sea of ungovernable passions, which they have... in no way mastered... so, they drown. They flail and founder in the waves and are cut to pieces on the rocks; tenderized food for the undertaker crabs... the atavistic bottom feeders for the devolutionary pull.

I feel really sad for the people that bought into this lifestyle. That scorpion's tale is the stinger of death that comes from unregenerate sex... stinging itself... with Provincetown at its tip. When it is transformed it gives the vision of the eagle and sees into what is hidden from the carnal eyes. This reversal of the kundalini force leads to planetary dimensions of shared misery in a landscape where there is no true counterpart, only counterfeits.

In the Middle East, you have the twisted psyche of the religious zealots, whose repressive anti-feminine postures... lead to the men raping 9-year-old boys. The very same thing goes down in the Catholic Church. When you repress (instead of channel) the sexual force, IT... IS... GOING... TO... BREAK... THROUGH... THE... WEAKEST... LINK. Organized Religion went South a long time ago.

You cannot love God and The World at the same time. You can love those who are trapped in it, where their passions AND their delusions have their hooks into them. You can pull the thorn from their paw. All the while... you know that The World is just God being presented in another fashion; for The Purpose of Demonstration... as a candy store and a funeral parlor... for all your hopes and dreams woven from the dust, until the wearing away that follows, turns... them... into... sand.

You've heard that a lie can be halfway around the world before the truth even gets its pants on in the morning. Well, the actual truth is that the truth doesn't wear pants, for the same reason The Emperor had no clothes. What IS cannot be said. (except by God) It can only be described by someone from the particular perspective of a blind man groping an elephant. You need not fear any lies unless you believe them, AND... life will teach you which is which through alternatives of pain and pleasure... clarity and confusion.

I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate men on Earth. I no longer want anything but God, AND... as it so happens... God is here. It is too bad that so many are going to have to be rudely interrupted in order to be made aware of it. Existence does this anyway as it rises us through the kingdoms of being from mineral... to plant... to animal... to human... to God. All of these are states of consciousness.

I am not saying you first got here as a rock. We were birthed as ideas in the mind of The Creator. We precipitated into flesh for The Purpose of Demonstration. You can certainly be sent back to being a rock if you are of a mind. Reincarnation is an axiomatic fact that should be self-evident in everything. There are severe penalties for the performance of black magic.

Hard as it is for many people to grasp... we know less than a fragment of a fragment about what is going on outside the bandwidth of our primitive sensing apparatus. As you evolve as a life form you find this out. The World is a pigsty disguised by Hollywood and Babylon as a place to roll, and... roll... they... do. I do not include Lady Nature in this, nor do I include those harmonic and wonderful collaborations between The Mind of God and Lady Nature... as constructed by the inspired intermediaries... who have left those beautiful footprints for us to follow.

The rats are epidemic in the big cities. Massive homeless encampments stretch for blocks... and then extend down side streets. People who should be locked up for the safety of others or in closed treatment zones, have been INTENTIONALLY loosed on the public and caused the city to turn into a dysfunctional mental institution, with danger on all sides.

When men wear makeup and ear chandeliers... nose rings and nether rings... when they play with their eyebrows and whatever other twisted mirror games they get into... it is Vanity born of insecurity. Replacing God in our mind with ourselves is the endless self-deception we struggle with and ALWAYS lose at. We enter a hall of mirrors that reflects the creations of a damaged mind. This becomes painfully evident in Times of Material Darkness.

From demonstrations being made in the wider world by the observably insane, many people have come to a twisted and profane perspective of what life is all about. Materialism breeds self-interest that creates a battleground for appetites at war with everything that gets in their way. I don't have to get into the details about how bent out of shape... how horrifically twisted... contemporary culture has become under the press of psychopathic agendas. You can see it for yourself.

Churches are being transformed into bacchanalian worship zones for The Reptile King. It is starting to look like the landscape of Conan the Barbarian. Daycare centers are reeducation camps for drag queen programming. Sick and twisted? Check this out!

It sounds like it has to be a joke, BUT... step by step... inch by inch... they introduce their intentions by subtle means. The intention of high fashion is ALWAYS to go mainstream; that's where the money is.

We can now see that Diversity is Perversity. It is a shapeshifter shadowland, filled with runaway sexual homonyms.

I was on mushrooms one day in the woods of Germany, wandering the logging roads. I came over a hill and went down into a valley where hybrid trees were grown. They were all the same tree... more or less. They were single-use material, AND... as I walked through them. I felt an exaggerated femininity wash through me in waves... looking to dance and caper. That whole section of the forest was Gay... AND... I saw into the programming of The Gears of The World where genetics were manipulated to a specific end. They did not produce any seeds.

This manipulation can take place in the mind as well... cultural shaping is an obvious thing. The Media employs it to shape opinions and perspectives. Cancel Culture is an extreme example of what had previously been subtler. You saw it in Khmer Rouge-Land. You saw it in Revolutionary France. You saw it in the Bolshevik Revolution. (courtesy of The Usual Suspects) You saw it in Mao's Cultural Revolution. You are seeing it again... if you are paying any attention. Look out for the bread and circuses!

They are trying to turn us into freaks and mindless drones. It's Animal Farm... it's Brave New World... It's 1984... if they get their way. They will not. This is all an evidence-gathering production and performance of deviants trapped beneath The Freedom Zone. Everything you can and cannot see is present and active on a particular level of awareness, in search of their birds of a feather.

Certain mindsets and behaviors ALWAYS lead to the same ends. History repeats itself, and there are always returning participants who... did... not... learn... the... last... time. The wheel WILL spin, and there will be riders. The train will leave the station. The train will pull into the station... same as it ever was. It's all an illusion of moving forward while actually going backwards and sideways. The secret of existence is contained in the movement of snakes and serpents. If they are not raised up into a hood behind your head... they might well be moving through the grass.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 14, 2022

"They are Headed for The Denouement of Their Karmic Epiphany, Singing in Four-Part... Inharmonic Cacophony."

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Oh my goodness... crazier... and crazier... and crazier. They are celebrating it. They are singing and dancing in it. I expect it to be bottled and sold as body lotion for the palpably challenged. They are walking... riding... bobbing and weaving baskets in the occupational therapy department of this open-air mental institution called... Planet Earth. They are all headed for the denouement of their karmic epiphany singing in four-part... inharmonic cacophony.

As I become more and more sane, due to the erasure of every other mindset, besides a simple reflection of the all-sustaining conscious sunlight of which I (and you) are looks like I am watching a cartoon of people performing self-abuse in the public square, now replacing the buskers and panhandlers who were formerly there. They've all been sent to reeducation centers for having offended the primary offenders.

The screws are twisting and flattening the grooves that used to hold their make-believe reality together. Things are falling apart; outside... yes, but... more importantly on the inside... things are falling apart inside. It's a great big space in there. You can get lost in it. People do... people lose themselves there all the time, but never so en masse as what we now see. They are packing themselves into dense regiments of programmed lunacy... and... hand in hand... leaping into The Abyss.

Some will tell you that government agencies are responsible for this... or Central Bankers... or the digital revolution... or The Culture... or the poisoned atmosphere in tandem with Global Warming... or some secret cult of shapeshifters... or some external organization like The W.E.F... the United Nations... or Russia... or China... or Israel.

I do not doubt that all of these play a part, BUT... that is not the real reason. The real reason is that this is a Time of Summing Up, and... the force of The Great Awakening is hitting individuals and collectives in a different way. It goes back to The Weakest Link in The Chain. This force is intensifying by... the... day.

Long hidden truths are being revealed and... a great many people can't handle them... can't channel them... can't process them... or simply do not understand them... and that? That brings The Fear upon them. I've walked into The Howling Unknown many times. There is nothing there but what you bring with you... or which you have made a part of you... or which is a part of you. Whatever the contents and composite of that are... pings off of the surroundings AND... attracts their likeness. It's kind of like the way Destiny and Fate work. You program yourself for certain inevitabilities.

You... get... what... you... give. You attract and repel accordingly. You send out signals in search of accord or discord. You wind up at watering holes with similar lifeforms. All of them see their own reflection in the water and declare it to be God.

There is a flavor to the atmosphere of any period of time. There are colors and sounds that attend every trend and pattern within any period of time. They identify the nature of the conditions you will encounter. In The World... at this time... you can find just about anything Good... Bad... and Horrific. If you go to Myanmar, it will be very different from Thailand because of the official structures that have been put into place in those locations. Otherwise... there are great similarities.

There is a general perspective that is proclaimed in Kiev, and another in Moscow. There is a general perspective in Washington DC... another in LA... and another in every enclave you might visit. I haven't been everywhere, BUT... I've been a lot of places. They each have a unique personality that distinguishes them from everywhere else. All big cities have certain commonalities... AND anomalies. All small towns as well. In the wild places. In the civilized zones, there are wide variations in what can be experienced.

It might seem that I am just stating the obvious... or stringing a bunch of words together, BUT... not actually getting anywhere, well... we're not done yet.

One thing many of us can agree on is that we are in an apocalypse... a period of great change... a time of reckoning, and... if appearances are anything to go by... a time of approaching danger. This apocalypse... like any apocalypse, is dual purpose.

On the one hand, you have long-concealed truths; suppressed by priests and governments, now... being... revealed, AND... long-concealed deceivers being exposed for their duplicity and profiteering. This doesn't happen usually. False teachers... demagogues and dictators... profiteers of every stripe... are allowed to flourish until their Karma catches up with their impostures. In these times, it is different. This you will see in due time.

Everything we have mentioned or... gone to some lengths to illustrate, describe, or imply, all have to do with sensory data; it looks like this... it sounds like that... it smells, tastes, or feels one way or another, depending on who you ask, and the same picture shown to a group of people, will provoke a different reading because of the aversion-attraction dynamic that has been developed in each member of the group.

What I mean to say is that EVERYTHING you are picking up on the sensory bandwidth is limited to that bandwidth, BUT... EVERYTHING on that bandwidth is actually being controlled from outside the range of that bandwidth. The Visible is created and controlled by The Invisible. There are fellowships in The Lower Mind, and fellowships in The Higher Mind... and they each work with The Invisible to bring their visions onto The Visible Plane.

The Fellowship of The Higher Mind is ALWAYS in contact with The Supreme Authority that rules The Cosmos. You might then well ask, how everything got so screwed up. Humanity is guided but not controlled. People are left to work it out on their own, and... if guidance is sought... guidance is given. If guidance is not sought, and self-will is allowed to do its thing... that is how it gets the way it does, for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes. For some... this can take a long time... because the force of their appetites and attractions is greater than their wisdom and IN-sight.

Suffering is the harvest that is brought into the silos where Karma is stored until conditions are right.

With everything I am saying here, there are volumes of elaboration left unsaid. There are a multiplicity of perspectives and postures one can assume otherwise, often due to the appetites and attractions which influence them. You cannot clearly see how things are until you no... longer... want... anything. Smoke gets in your eyes... veils are formed between what is... and what you want. If you stop wanting... everything will come to you in time, BUT... none of it will be unwelcome.

If you don't want anything, there is no Purpose of Demonstration required. If you want only one thing... have only one objective... The Purpose of Demonstration will see to its arrival or... the revelation of it already being present, will... occur.

When you stop generating Karma, a period of time will pass in which all the Karma previously created is resolved. You can counteract that Karma through selfless service and the adjustment of the persona that created it in the first place. When it arrives... the persona that created it will... no... longer... be... present. It will be left on the doorstep of a house now abandoned.

What we think we know is only a fragment of what we need to know to understand how things work. Don't try to fix something you don't understand. Route your concern to the proper department. There is a proper department for EVERYTHING. You can talk to The Sun about any concern you might have for ANYTHING under The Sun. You can talk to The Moon about ANYTHING that once was... and all that you have forgotten in your descent into matter. Your mind is The Mercury that facilitates the process between YOUR... Sun and Moon.

Let me say again, that a great deal more is unsaid than is said here. A great deal of elaboration has not been exercised. If you didn't get it all, that doesn't mean I left it out intentionally. I can only speak in terms of what has been revealed to me. You are in contact with the same sources I employ in my efforts to understand.

EVERYTHING is within you. There is no need to become angry when it doesn't show up like The Dominoes' Pizza guy. It will show up. Knowing HOW to wait; how to maintain confident expectation, how to not interfere in The Process, how to know what and what not to ask for... these are all priceless bits of information. Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

"It Woulda Been A Much Different World if Pandora had Only Kept Her Legs Closed and Her Eyes Open."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm going to break with tradition here (breaking with tradition is something I am skilled at) and include a hotlink that I hope you will read all the way through in order to see what this character is representative of.

This sort of setting low standards in order to make all tastes... all inclinations... all sexual pathologies... all perspectives equal with one another, is not only impossible, it will turn your world into a horrorshow.

All religions are under extreme pressure from profane interests. When you see them buckle and go strange behind the introduction of perversity into ordinary workings, you... must... realize... that there are moneyed forces behind this pressure. This pressure is coming from the... not... so... hidden... rulers... of... this... world.

Behind the scenes, and INCREASINGLY more and more out in the open... you have The War on Christmas and Christianity, intensifying... due to The Usual Suspects, Satanism, and Sundry, AND... who are directly involved in pushing their perverted sexual and racial divides onto greater humanity. As has been in evidence for some time now, George Soros and others are waging a war of darkness upon the collective human heart and mind.

This is all being made possible by Materialism. As we have come into greater and greater degrees of convenience... the need for God has diminished... we have come into the time of Deus Ex Machina; God out of the machine. Materialism INEVITABLY trends toward madness. It trends away from The Divine Invisible. It trends away from your well-being... while promising you exactly that. It offers the meaningless and takes away everything that gives meaning to life. It promises and it lies.

People want to believe the lies. It is Human Nature at a particular period of its evolution. Tell people an attractive lie and they will send you money. Tell them The Truth and they will run away, BECAUSE that truth exposes the attractive lies as nothing... more... than... lies.

Materialism... things have to go my way, AND... get out of my way! That is the persona that Materialism shapes in us and our associates. It results in POSSESSION... by entities driven from dark corners of The Lower Astral. up into the human mind. Appearances give the impression of Matter triumphant and devoid of spirit.

I look at The World and I see a dancing illusion that moves sinuously back and forth in snake-like fashion. For decades, it doesn't occur to me that most of the people do not see this. They see their attractions, and their passion for them... gives them the appearance of reality, and... in Times of Material Darkness... they become reality for those so entranced. If you disturb them in their fascination they can become very disturbed. If you break the spell they become angry. It is best to see... and move silently through the madness, and... madness it is.

The tradition of Ageless Wisdom says you must leave footprints that can be followed.

I don't want to tell people what to do. Most of my life, all I wanted to do was to talk about God. Some people wanted to hear it, and it made a difference in their lives. Many did not want to hear it. It never affected my faith... certitude... or my determination. No matter how bad things got for me, and they got bad for long periods of time, I ALWAYS knew God was there. If on some occasion I did not remember that soon enough, GOD... WOULD... REMIND... ME.

When you dance to a different drummer OR... the timeless drummer of eternity... resounding and materializing endless replications of time, you become a trailblazer. Of course, you could be headed Nowhere, BUT... you'll find that out... sooner or later. If you are actually headed Somewhere, you'll find that out too. That has come true for me so... I am leaving footprints... clues... torn bits of fabric on a bush along the way... a blazed tree... drops of blood on white stone... roses on my cross.

It is not for everyone, so... those objecting to my doing it should simply go somewhere else. THE... FACT... THAT... THEY... DO... NOT... speaks volumes. We are ALL confronted by our false selves AND... our real self on the way. How does that resolve? Results may vary. It is ALWAYS best to see your real self, no... matter... what... presents... itself... in... appearance.

I was sitting or standing somewhere yesterday, I cannot remember which, and that is not important. I do remember what was being discussed. I suddenly had one of those fugue states that come to me, and I saw how pervasive the mindset of Materialism really is in these times. My heart wept for those captured in its webs like flies, waiting for the spider. This spider often does not drink you all at once. It sips you through your lifetime, brief as that may be.

This is what slavery is; being chained to Materialism and its demands on you, for your consort and offspring... for shelter and food... for entertainment and distraction. It is exactly like a hamster on a treadmill, and it really is going nowhere at all, except round and round and round. The Slavemasters yoke you to one another to mill grain or whip you to move rocks. The whip is invisible... USUALLY.

Materialism is a world that you walk into and you give over your mind as the price of admission. You accept the limitations and requirements BECAUSE... there is always the chance that you might win the lottery... marry into a royal family... become an international celebrity; have you done the math on this?

Now... I could tell you how to get any of these. This is something I know because I want no part of any of it. When you are neither seduced nor deceived, you can see what's what, and it starts chasing you. You don't have to chase after it.

Fortunately... if you persist, you become invisible to The World and immune to its charms.

Wisdom (not conventional wisdom) is priceless. To be able to see things as they are? That is worth more than ALL of the things in this world, but... but... but... Yeah, but...

It would have been a much different world if Pandora had only kept her legs closed and her eyes open, BUT... that's not the way of it, is it? That's not the way of The World, where fame is a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes... power is a club that will get used on you for having wielded it, a la Cardinal Wolsey and many another. Money is a prison cell without a cellmate... and Saturn is the guard. (Saturn=Karma). Every one of these powerful attractives comes at a cost. You WILL rue the day.

As you pass through this veil of mistaken identity, you can ask God for any of these, and... people... do... relentlessly. However they are crying out for them, and whoever they think they are crying out to, IT... IS... ALL... GOD. By whatever path you go, you WILL run into some version of God; as the instrument of change... as payback... as a reward... as a wakeup. It can be a wonderful experience, AND it can be something else too. You... Will... Encounter... What... You... Bring. It's a mirror. Try to get this clear in your mind.

It is accomplished as an interplay between The Sun and Moon, with the aid of Mercury. Otherwise, you can build your temporary castles... acquire your fortunes and your fame. You can be the big dog till the bigger dog comes. You... will... not... be... happy. IT IS SET UP THIS WAY!!! It is all for The Purpose of Demonstration, to show you what is... and is not... worth having, and... many tears you may shed on your way to finding this out. It can go much easier for you, if you will ONLY seek out the author of it all before setting off on your own.

You can only be happy when you let it go... when you give yourself away... when you love God with your whole heart. He will not only give you The World of your heart's deepest desires, he will show you how to enjoy them, AND... you cannot enjoy them without him present. He is everywhere all the time, in plain sight. Love WILL open your eyes.

Selfishness is a curse and its own reward. Selfishness is one of the first fruits of Materialism. Look at The World going mad all around. It's right there to be seen, AND there are many who are deceived like that fool in the article we opened this discourse with. All this twisted shit that has been percolating in the depths is rising to the surface BECAUSE... a great pressure has come upon it. A pressure has come upon us all. It can lift us up, AND it can cast us down. We determine that by whether we rely on it or... resist it.

End Transmission.......

ADDENDUM... I will be making some posts at the Les Visible Blog because some things need to be explained. You would think they would be understood, but... apparently, that is not the case. We will try to dumb it down... maybe that will help... maybe not.

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Friday, October 07, 2022

"BUT... We are Really in Search of Rest. Here in The Land of Sound and Fury... We are in Search of Rest."

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The Russians... allegedly... have a submarine with a doomsday device that can create a tsunami a thousand feet high... allegedly... and now... ALLEGEDLY... it has disappeared and no one knows where it is. You know what the first thing I think of... when I hear this sort of thing? What kind of nasty business are ZATO and The Bankers cooking up to blame on Russia?

Now we are hearing Russia is in full retreat and all manner of BS told from the posture of what they intend for you to believe as opposed to what is. Whatever Russia is doing they have good reasons for, and I suspect The World will find out what this is, if... certain... psychopathic... parties... don't stop messing with Russia.

Of course... everyone is doing what God wants them to do FOR... THE... PURPOSE... OF... DEMONSTRATION. He hardens and softens hearts at will. He measures The Will allotted. He makes sport with fools. He is The Supreme Commander and you mess with him at your peril. God... is... not... mocked.

That which slithers can also rise. That which is the whole of it does not pick sides. You in The Separated Mind see two where there is only one, AND... everything that is, is his will being done... and then some.

The snake in the grass is the kundalini at the carnal level and represents the deception of the senses in relation to appearances, as they present themselves on the playing field of duality. That is why... what you see is not what you get. That is why all cats are gray at night. That is why it looks one way from Here, and another way from There.

I was talking to the Angel of God today and he said something to me that he has said several times before... because I sometimes wonder why I am so fortunate as to have God in my life. He said:

“I've told you this before. Let me say it again, my criteria for that IS NOT WHAT THE WORLD IMAGINES it to be. I have my own system of rating. I don't care if someone smokes or drinks or uses casual language. I am especially no fan of whitened sepulchers and people who make rules for others and then laws to enforce compliance. I am concerned primarily with the love you feel for me and for others, who are also me by proxy.

“I am not concerned with a person's table manners. As you remember on the occasion when we met in person, I used the word, 'fuck,' and... in a context that many would find offensive. I had a good reason for that. My way is not the way of man, filled with imagined injuries and insults, while handing them out like Halloween candy. I am plain-spoken. I am what I am. People who claim to know what I have in mind, do... not... know... what... I... have... in... mind.

“Why I am fond of some and not so fond of others, is due to my knowing them in a deeper fashion than they will ever know themselves. Yes... I love all, BUT... you remember that quote by Rabindranath Tagore; “God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing.” It's like that. Some people just naturally make me fonder because I enjoy what I see when I look at them in the mirror.

“Some are my own. It is their nature to seek to serve and discover me. Some of them are true friends, and have demonstrated that a time or two, AND... some... have made other arrangements.”

I don't concern myself with outer forms. So many of those who pretend to serve God, do no more than serve to line their pockets. They like to give themselves titles. They like to wear fancy outfits. They like to hobnob with The Dark Side for sleight-of-hand financial returns. They have that glad-handing thing down. They like to talk about what God said here, and what God meant there. They talk a good game but butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

I've had ample time, in this life, to observe the silver-tongued salesmen of self-serving bullshit. Those who truly serve God are little known to The World at large. They have their heads down and their eyes on the prize, which is... to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. God likes me because of what I do in private. He likes what goes on in my head and in my heart, and he feels the same for everyone else of similar kind.

I've been around churches and church-goers. I've been around the sleek car salesmen of The New Age. I have... been... around, and I remember what I have seen. I have heard people talk and I have seen them act. People with true fear of God; more properly called Awe, have a humility and a generosity about them that is palpable. They are NOT out for themselves. They are in public as they are in secret. They are not hypocrites and self-righteous sycophants who make up rules of behavior for others that... they... don't... follow... themselves.

If you don't like what gets said here or... the way it gets said, GO... SOMEWHERE... ELSE; no hard feelings. Give me a swipe left. Isn't that what people on dating sites do on their phones? I AM NOT here to appeal to everyone. Something about that sounds very wrong. I don't charge for this. I don't hammer on the reader for funds. I'm not selling anything. My music is free to listen to. My books are available for free on PDF. I am not out for anything The World can give me. I ALREADY have everything I could possibly need, AND ever... so... much... more.

I'll use whatever language I feel like using, AND... God IS my witness. Believe me, if he were offended by what I say or the way I deliver it, he... would... let... me... know. He's not shy about that, as I have experienced in real life many times. Not so much anymore, however. Once he gets you shaped closer to the heart of his desire, there's a lot less pain in it, AND a lot more leaning into it.

Fundamentalist religious types, your by-the-book Cromwells with The Clerk Mind, know as much about God as they do about themselves, which... is... nothing. They find their way to Torquemada Street or Savonarola Avenue, for... the... purpose... of... demonstration. Everybody is headed somewhere. The Universe has a huge Port Authority... Grand Central Station... JFK combine that is huge beyond the measure or reach of the pedestrian imagination. Souls come and go there... “all ah...bord!” They are bound to where their dreams will take them. Few there are who actually try to awaken. Those who do, make The Web of God tremble, and inform Heaven of their quest.

There are good things to be discovered in holy books, and religious traditions, BUT... the most important parts are neither written down nor said. They are discovered AND revealed to you within The Tabernacle of The Soul.

I don't know what the real problem is. Maybe it is a collection of problems, but... for some reason, no matter what people say, they don't have any grasp of God's presence within. He's somewhere far away, in some distant Heaven. He doesn't really care, because... why didn't he do anything about this... or that... or the other thing? This indicates that people think they know what God is up to... what God thinks... what God is; they don't. They ABSOLUTELY do not know. It is best to come to terms with that earlier on. Rather than to have it visited upon you at the end.

I don't know what God is, except to say... on The Manifest Plane... he can be identified by Love and his qualities, as... they... express... in us and in Nature. That is ONLY a part of it, however. The greater splendor of God is beyond my comprehension, and... always... will... be. This is a beautiful thing, because... I can forever be arriving and never arrive. I can grow in wisdom and beauty. I can increase in the concentration of conscious light. I can go from lighting up a small room to lighting up a solar system. That is a definite and distinct possibility. All it takes is the drive and determination to accomplish it... and that? That... God is pleased to give me.

God is God alone. God is also everything else, and God is something more even beyond that. I love God. Don't ask me why. Given the troubles and misfortunes that were routine to my existence since I learned to walk... there are good reasons for me to hate God... if... say... I was a completely self-involved fool. However... I love God with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength... and with all my mind, and so, I like to talk about him/her... write about him/her... sing about him/her, and ever so much more. This is why you are reading this.

There are people doing comedy or drama... sometimes both... selling shoes... flipping burgers... passing laws... shooting drugs... you name it, someone is doing it. In some cases, almost everyone is doing it. In some cases, very few. Find what it is that lights you up and do it with your whole heart. If you're not going to do it with your whole heart, believe me... it isn't worth doing. If you can't find something you love to do, then I guess it's okay to catcall... deal snark and scorn... wither the timbers of whatever trees are left standing. Hey! Someone has to do it or... thinks they do. Someone has to be one of The Philistines. Someone has to play a hypocrite on TV.

We are ALL actors in search of a play... in search of a scene... in search of a heroic role... BUT... we are really in search of rest. Here in The Land of Sound and Fury, we are in search of rest.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 04, 2022

"Everything is The Outcome of Everything Else. Time is A Promise or A Prison, Depending on How You Look at It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Ukraine is the NUMBER ONE sexual surrogacy zone, in... It is also the number one underage porno nexus. It is a main stop on The Sex Traffic, Silk Road. It's the place for corruption of ANY KIND at ANY TIME you want it. It's the Burger Kink of Depravity for having it your way. It is The One Stop Shop for Weimar Republic zombie attire. It has long been the premier location for an accident waiting to happen. It's where Chernobyl got its start.

It was the hotspot for all viral research of the weaponized variety. It's the It-Girl when she is a vampire queen. It's Israel's idea of The New Frontier, now that they have manifested a unified hatred among all of their neighbors in The Middle East. Their days are numbered in hijacked Palestine. They never came from there in the first place, they... only... said... they... did. Not a drop of Semitic DNA do they possess. They came from Khazaria in The Ukraine as The AshkeNAZI'S of King Bulan and EVEN... recorded history. This is provable fact.

We don't say things we can't prove OR... that you can disprove. You see... sometimes there are enduring arguments about things you cannot see with the physical eye. People say it's there, even though they can't see it, AND... others say it isn't there even though they can't see it. I have other eyes to see with. These eyes have gone vestigial in nearly everyone, because... they... stopped... using... them.

Why did they stop using them? Because The Material World became more palpably fascinating and was humming their song and... doing a little dance through the physical senses.

Long about lately or... recently, a certain group of people within a demographic, and obsessed with the color of their skin, decided to get into the victim game, already perfected by these atavistic Khazarians, and... oh... lets just call it what it is; these Khazarians have been assisting them in the perfection of their trade-craft and have been sharing their bible, Das Kapital.

A hatred toward The White Race is being engineered by The Usual Suspects and is being assisted by compromised members of The White Race, who are being railroaded by intimidation and guilt (sometimes the promise of profit), not... to... mention, being hammered by The Media AND The Government which is owned and operated by The Usual Suspects. THIS... IS... ALL... A... STAGE... PLAY for... The Purpose of Demonstration, which you see in front of you (should you be paying attention) right... this... minute.

Every race has been enslaved at one time or another, and MOST of the members of any race that might have been in possession of slaves NEVER... HAD... SLAVES. Wherever slaves were freed at any time and in any place, members of the enslaving race were ESSENTIAL to their gaining that freedom.

At this time... GOD has chosen to raise all races to parity. For some members of races formerly considered subservient to another race, it has become open season on The White Race. In this Age of Brotherhood... in the beginning... certain criminal minds and perverted sexual degenerates have seized upon the opportunity to profit, and to punish, and to promote depravity through a conditioning of the public and the minds of their children. They are being facilitated in this effort by the vast material power of The Usual Suspects.

A certain group of The Usual Suspects, including various rap partners from every walk of life, with common interests and sympathies, are devoted to the destruction of The World as... we... know... it. All genetic associates from every other demographic ARE NOT CULPABLE in the evil shit that some of their genetic kindred get up to. The psychopathic and Satanic among us do... not... come... from... any... one... race... exclusively. They do tend to come from the more materially oriented enclaves... from the atheistic collectives... from the mercantile mindsets... from the very rich and powerful who want to hang on to their money and power, no matter who or how many are destroyed to maintain it.

Were there not an invisible hierarchy of luminous beings, we would be up the proverbial creek, but also... likely... downstream as well. That's in the direction of flow from everything coming from upstream where our betters reside. HOWEVER... there is an invisible hierarchy that administers The Will of God, at... every... level... of... being.

We are now at a place... since American and ZATO forces have blown up the Nordstream pipelines, where the next step is the tipping of irreversible dominoes. Imagine a contemporary Archduke Ferdinand, in pretty much the same location as the original, getting The Lord Mountbatten Special Send Off. That's what's next, folks. On the one side... are those who utterly refuse to accommodate... since they started the violent nonsense in the first place. On the other side, you have a people that will... not... be... pushed any further.

This group of resistors is aligned with most of The World's population, tacitly or... otherwise, and REMEMBER... it is God who decides what wells up in the heart of anyone at any time. If he wants practically everyone to turn one way or the other... they turn. Period.

Vladimir Putin is playing The Patience Game. Many professional and amateur strategists think this is a bad series of non-moves from him. Swift and merciless is the usual course, and... there is a reason for that, dictated by historical precedence. Vlad has been trying to do... the... right... thing, and many armchair experts consider that lunacy; win by any means... win by all costs. That's what gets it done, and... no... it does not always do so.

It goes the way God wants it to, every time... no exceptions. It is better to observe with true detachment than to stick your spanner in the gears. The battles and the war are already over. We are living in The Echo of The Aftermath. Maybe that doesn't make sense to linear thinkers. It does to me. I see it in action, across... the... board.

ertrand Russell once said something. I'll have to paraphrase but I'll get close enough to make his point. He said, “when a people are down and oppressed, all The World looks upon them with pity and concern. However... when they throw off their chains (usually through the efforts of others) they prove themselves to be ten times more vicious than their oppressors ever thought of being.”

He was talking about pre-Israel and Israel. I'm not a fan of the atheist, cheese, and white wine libertine liberal, Russell... for reasons too numerous to get into. He was another of those guys like Churchill who talked a good game but walked a crooked walk. You need to read Raymond Monk's book to see what I mean, and you probably won't but... there is sure to be a Cliff Notes version somewhere.

My friends... once the metaphorical shit begins to hit the fans, REMEMBER... God is in charge and the only way anything is going to go is the way God wants it to go. EVERYTHING... is just a stage in The Purpose of Demonstration. We are now on the border of the stage called, Interesting Times. We are looking into the kaleidoscope of The Second Coming that Keats waxed so rhapsodic about.

It... is... true that the way things work out is not going to please everyone. At times it may seem to please no one, BUT... one thing leads to another and... before you know it, it's another thing, so to speak. Heh heh or... maybe not so funny at all.

There are no innocent bystanders. The Bystanders were called to their posting by Karma, which they... themselves... orchestrated in a former time. Everything is the outcome of everything else. Time is a promise or a prison, depending on how you see it. Pretty much everything is connected to how you see it. The veils on our eyes are personally constructed limitations, according to our enforced perspective. What you see is what you get, even though a good argument could be made otherwise, given the amount of deception present in appearances. In this instance... it applies.

Angels... unseen... attend to everything. Try to get into the habit of relying on them, and The Sun Too Bright to See from whence they come. Open your heart and let The Love of The Divine pour forth, and... The World WILL take note of it, whether it understands or not. This love is not immediately forthcoming, nor entirely clean at first expression. It is like priming a pump. The water will not run clear at first... if it hasn't run in regular fashion before, BUT... please note the stars in the sky.

Those stars were once like you and I... learning to shine, and it is Love that gives the luminescence, luster, and power of the light that drives all darkness before it. This is where your concern should be, and not the deceiving... outward appearance of things and conditions. God is... REALLY... there. Simply rely upon him more and more and one day you will have no concerns at all.

End Transmission.......

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