Wednesday, October 19, 2022

"Replacing God in Our Mind with Ourselves is The Endless Self-Deception We Struggle With and ALWAYS Lose At."

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I had made up my mind that I had to see the gay rom-com, “Bros.” It is for the same reason that I investigated parts of The World's seedy underbelly, back when I used to move through The Dark Side like a ghost in the night. They say writing is autobiographical so... the detective in my first novel was a lot like me. I got in and out of a lot of places by not appearing as a threat. This will cloister you even in deeper Hells. Always remember that Fear smells like Anger to The Subconscious Mind.

So... I saw half of this film. I don't think the auteur intended for the wider audience to see what he was actually presenting, which is how shallow and empty a life becomes when it is based on the fading temporary, and the mind is directed toward hedonistic excess, to the exclusion of all introspection. Of course, I already knew what the whole temporary trend is about. It shows up when Nature has been closed out... and imprisoned in a façade of concrete loneliness, rounded about with a Petroleum despair of dirty lanterns burning a darkness, eaten by even darker flames.

I paused in my watching so that I could wait for the pins to drop in my head. I imagine that they are going to seek to snatch normality from the hairy grip of depravity, and put the actors and the plot into Ozzie and Harriet-land... but I don't know. What I do know is... because of Mr. Apocalypse... very little looks as it is made out to be. It looks more like what it is trying to conceal.

It's like Mr. Apocalypse got into the filmmaker's head, and then started blowing smoke up his ass.

I recommend that YOU DO NOT SEE THIS FILM. It is perverse and pornographic. I am not affected by these things. Others might be. I am trying to make a point... to which the film... is only tangential.

A massive shift is taking place in the underpinnings of the temporal world, and those with no anchor in anything stable, are cast adrift on a sea of ungovernable passions, which they have... in no way mastered... so, they drown. They flail and founder in the waves and are cut to pieces on the rocks; tenderized food for the undertaker crabs... the atavistic bottom feeders for the devolutionary pull.

I feel really sad for the people that bought into this lifestyle. That scorpion's tale is the stinger of death that comes from unregenerate sex... stinging itself... with Provincetown at its tip. When it is transformed it gives the vision of the eagle and sees into what is hidden from the carnal eyes. This reversal of the kundalini force leads to planetary dimensions of shared misery in a landscape where there is no true counterpart, only counterfeits.

In the Middle East, you have the twisted psyche of the religious zealots, whose repressive anti-feminine postures... lead to the men raping 9-year-old boys. The very same thing goes down in the Catholic Church. When you repress (instead of channel) the sexual force, IT... IS... GOING... TO... BREAK... THROUGH... THE... WEAKEST... LINK. Organized Religion went South a long time ago.

You cannot love God and The World at the same time. You can love those who are trapped in it, where their passions AND their delusions have their hooks into them. You can pull the thorn from their paw. All the while... you know that The World is just God being presented in another fashion; for The Purpose of Demonstration... as a candy store and a funeral parlor... for all your hopes and dreams woven from the dust, until the wearing away that follows, turns... them... into... sand.

You've heard that a lie can be halfway around the world before the truth even gets its pants on in the morning. Well, the actual truth is that the truth doesn't wear pants, for the same reason The Emperor had no clothes. What IS cannot be said. (except by God) It can only be described by someone from the particular perspective of a blind man groping an elephant. You need not fear any lies unless you believe them, AND... life will teach you which is which through alternatives of pain and pleasure... clarity and confusion.

I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate men on Earth. I no longer want anything but God, AND... as it so happens... God is here. It is too bad that so many are going to have to be rudely interrupted in order to be made aware of it. Existence does this anyway as it rises us through the kingdoms of being from mineral... to plant... to animal... to human... to God. All of these are states of consciousness.

I am not saying you first got here as a rock. We were birthed as ideas in the mind of The Creator. We precipitated into flesh for The Purpose of Demonstration. You can certainly be sent back to being a rock if you are of a mind. Reincarnation is an axiomatic fact that should be self-evident in everything. There are severe penalties for the performance of black magic.

Hard as it is for many people to grasp... we know less than a fragment of a fragment about what is going on outside the bandwidth of our primitive sensing apparatus. As you evolve as a life form you find this out. The World is a pigsty disguised by Hollywood and Babylon as a place to roll, and... roll... they... do. I do not include Lady Nature in this, nor do I include those harmonic and wonderful collaborations between The Mind of God and Lady Nature... as constructed by the inspired intermediaries... who have left those beautiful footprints for us to follow.

The rats are epidemic in the big cities. Massive homeless encampments stretch for blocks... and then extend down side streets. People who should be locked up for the safety of others or in closed treatment zones, have been INTENTIONALLY loosed on the public and caused the city to turn into a dysfunctional mental institution, with danger on all sides.

When men wear makeup and ear chandeliers... nose rings and nether rings... when they play with their eyebrows and whatever other twisted mirror games they get into... it is Vanity born of insecurity. Replacing God in our mind with ourselves is the endless self-deception we struggle with and ALWAYS lose at. We enter a hall of mirrors that reflects the creations of a damaged mind. This becomes painfully evident in Times of Material Darkness.

From demonstrations being made in the wider world by the observably insane, many people have come to a twisted and profane perspective of what life is all about. Materialism breeds self-interest that creates a battleground for appetites at war with everything that gets in their way. I don't have to get into the details about how bent out of shape... how horrifically twisted... contemporary culture has become under the press of psychopathic agendas. You can see it for yourself.

Churches are being transformed into bacchanalian worship zones for The Reptile King. It is starting to look like the landscape of Conan the Barbarian. Daycare centers are reeducation camps for drag queen programming. Sick and twisted? Check this out!

It sounds like it has to be a joke, BUT... step by step... inch by inch... they introduce their intentions by subtle means. The intention of high fashion is ALWAYS to go mainstream; that's where the money is.

We can now see that Diversity is Perversity. It is a shapeshifter shadowland, filled with runaway sexual homonyms.

I was on mushrooms one day in the woods of Germany, wandering the logging roads. I came over a hill and went down into a valley where hybrid trees were grown. They were all the same tree... more or less. They were single-use material, AND... as I walked through them. I felt an exaggerated femininity wash through me in waves... looking to dance and caper. That whole section of the forest was Gay... AND... I saw into the programming of The Gears of The World where genetics were manipulated to a specific end. They did not produce any seeds.

This manipulation can take place in the mind as well... cultural shaping is an obvious thing. The Media employs it to shape opinions and perspectives. Cancel Culture is an extreme example of what had previously been subtler. You saw it in Khmer Rouge-Land. You saw it in Revolutionary France. You saw it in the Bolshevik Revolution. (courtesy of The Usual Suspects) You saw it in Mao's Cultural Revolution. You are seeing it again... if you are paying any attention. Look out for the bread and circuses!

They are trying to turn us into freaks and mindless drones. It's Animal Farm... it's Brave New World... It's 1984... if they get their way. They will not. This is all an evidence-gathering production and performance of deviants trapped beneath The Freedom Zone. Everything you can and cannot see is present and active on a particular level of awareness, in search of their birds of a feather.

Certain mindsets and behaviors ALWAYS lead to the same ends. History repeats itself, and there are always returning participants who... did... not... learn... the... last... time. The wheel WILL spin, and there will be riders. The train will leave the station. The train will pull into the station... same as it ever was. It's all an illusion of moving forward while actually going backwards and sideways. The secret of existence is contained in the movement of snakes and serpents. If they are not raised up into a hood behind your head... they might well be moving through the grass.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yet chicks are encouraged to be decorative, vain bimbos. Is that any better? I don't play. I never have. And I can't say 'If ya don't believe me, I'll strangle ya with my 5 inch armpit hairs', 'cause they don't grow that long anymore. Two inches just ain't long enough to do any damage.

What would the world be like if there were no double standards, and everyone was indoctrinated with the idea that they should be self-sustaining and not to inconvenience others to the best of their ability?

Looks like ManBeef has gotten real. Another thing I used to joke about that manifested. Happens a lot. Maybe I should be careful what I joke about. Sometimes it happens many years later, some times sooner.

I do not like this place. I do not like waiting for my parol date from the sentence of life, but I know I must, and I'm getting increasingly pissed off. I feel like quitting to a a higher degree than I already have by not acknowledging anything the second I step outside that front door except the fact two places cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Why should an unwilling prisoner not try to make itself as useless as possible to its prison? This realm of the demiurge can go where the sun don't shine with tapeworms.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

Anonymous said...

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M - said...

You hit the nail on the head when you stated: They did not produce any seeds.

They are burning the witches all over again. Hatred for the feminine spirit and all that it embodies. Envy comes into play, too. Mankind would like nothing better than to get to the point where females are no longer needed - in both flora and fauna.

They talk about "penis envy". How about "uterus envy"? I think THAT'S more approriate.

Visible said...

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"It's a More Strident Alarm for The Ears Attuned to The Sound of The Birds Going Silent, and The Wind Holding Still."



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