Tuesday, October 04, 2022

"Everything is The Outcome of Everything Else. Time is A Promise or A Prison, Depending on How You Look at It."

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Ukraine is the NUMBER ONE sexual surrogacy zone, in... The...world. It is also the number one underage porno nexus. It is a main stop on The Sex Traffic, Silk Road. It's the place for corruption of ANY KIND at ANY TIME you want it. It's the Burger Kink of Depravity for having it your way. It is The One Stop Shop for Weimar Republic zombie attire. It has long been the premier location for an accident waiting to happen. It's where Chernobyl got its start.

It was the hotspot for all viral research of the weaponized variety. It's the It-Girl when she is a vampire queen. It's Israel's idea of The New Frontier, now that they have manifested a unified hatred among all of their neighbors in The Middle East. Their days are numbered in hijacked Palestine. They never came from there in the first place, they... only... said... they... did. Not a drop of Semitic DNA do they possess. They came from Khazaria in The Ukraine as The AshkeNAZI'S of King Bulan and EVEN... recorded history. This is provable fact.

We don't say things we can't prove OR... that you can disprove. You see... sometimes there are enduring arguments about things you cannot see with the physical eye. People say it's there, even though they can't see it, AND... others say it isn't there even though they can't see it. I have other eyes to see with. These eyes have gone vestigial in nearly everyone, because... they... stopped... using... them.

Why did they stop using them? Because The Material World became more palpably fascinating and was humming their song and... doing a little dance through the physical senses.

Long about lately or... recently, a certain group of people within a demographic, and obsessed with the color of their skin, decided to get into the victim game, already perfected by these atavistic Khazarians, and... oh... lets just call it what it is; these Khazarians have been assisting them in the perfection of their trade-craft and have been sharing their bible, Das Kapital.

A hatred toward The White Race is being engineered by The Usual Suspects and is being assisted by compromised members of The White Race, who are being railroaded by intimidation and guilt (sometimes the promise of profit), not... to... mention, being hammered by The Media AND The Government which is owned and operated by The Usual Suspects. THIS... IS... ALL... A... STAGE... PLAY for... The Purpose of Demonstration, which you see in front of you (should you be paying attention) right... this... minute.

Every race has been enslaved at one time or another, and MOST of the members of any race that might have been in possession of slaves NEVER... HAD... SLAVES. Wherever slaves were freed at any time and in any place, members of the enslaving race were ESSENTIAL to their gaining that freedom.

At this time... GOD has chosen to raise all races to parity. For some members of races formerly considered subservient to another race, it has become open season on The White Race. In this Age of Brotherhood... in the beginning... certain criminal minds and perverted sexual degenerates have seized upon the opportunity to profit, and to punish, and to promote depravity through a conditioning of the public and the minds of their children. They are being facilitated in this effort by the vast material power of The Usual Suspects.

A certain group of The Usual Suspects, including various rap partners from every walk of life, with common interests and sympathies, are devoted to the destruction of The World as... we... know... it. All genetic associates from every other demographic ARE NOT CULPABLE in the evil shit that some of their genetic kindred get up to. The psychopathic and Satanic among us do... not... come... from... any... one... race... exclusively. They do tend to come from the more materially oriented enclaves... from the atheistic collectives... from the mercantile mindsets... from the very rich and powerful who want to hang on to their money and power, no matter who or how many are destroyed to maintain it.

Were there not an invisible hierarchy of luminous beings, we would be up the proverbial creek, but also... likely... downstream as well. That's in the direction of flow from everything coming from upstream where our betters reside. HOWEVER... there is an invisible hierarchy that administers The Will of God, at... every... level... of... being.

We are now at a place... since American and ZATO forces have blown up the Nordstream pipelines, where the next step is the tipping of irreversible dominoes. Imagine a contemporary Archduke Ferdinand, in pretty much the same location as the original, getting The Lord Mountbatten Special Send Off. That's what's next, folks. On the one side... are those who utterly refuse to accommodate... since they started the violent nonsense in the first place. On the other side, you have a people that will... not... be... pushed any further.

This group of resistors is aligned with most of The World's population, tacitly or... otherwise, and REMEMBER... it is God who decides what wells up in the heart of anyone at any time. If he wants practically everyone to turn one way or the other... they turn. Period.

Vladimir Putin is playing The Patience Game. Many professional and amateur strategists think this is a bad series of non-moves from him. Swift and merciless is the usual course, and... there is a reason for that, dictated by historical precedence. Vlad has been trying to do... the... right... thing, and many armchair experts consider that lunacy; win by any means... win by all costs. That's what gets it done, and... no... it does not always do so.

It goes the way God wants it to, every time... no exceptions. It is better to observe with true detachment than to stick your spanner in the gears. The battles and the war are already over. We are living in The Echo of The Aftermath. Maybe that doesn't make sense to linear thinkers. It does to me. I see it in action, across... the... board.

ertrand Russell once said something. I'll have to paraphrase but I'll get close enough to make his point. He said, “when a people are down and oppressed, all The World looks upon them with pity and concern. However... when they throw off their chains (usually through the efforts of others) they prove themselves to be ten times more vicious than their oppressors ever thought of being.”

He was talking about pre-Israel and Israel. I'm not a fan of the atheist, cheese, and white wine libertine liberal, Russell... for reasons too numerous to get into. He was another of those guys like Churchill who talked a good game but walked a crooked walk. You need to read Raymond Monk's book to see what I mean, and you probably won't but... there is sure to be a Cliff Notes version somewhere.

My friends... once the metaphorical shit begins to hit the fans, REMEMBER... God is in charge and the only way anything is going to go is the way God wants it to go. EVERYTHING... is just a stage in The Purpose of Demonstration. We are now on the border of the stage called, Interesting Times. We are looking into the kaleidoscope of The Second Coming that Keats waxed so rhapsodic about.

It... is... true that the way things work out is not going to please everyone. At times it may seem to please no one, BUT... one thing leads to another and... before you know it, it's another thing, so to speak. Heh heh or... maybe not so funny at all.

There are no innocent bystanders. The Bystanders were called to their posting by Karma, which they... themselves... orchestrated in a former time. Everything is the outcome of everything else. Time is a promise or a prison, depending on how you see it. Pretty much everything is connected to how you see it. The veils on our eyes are personally constructed limitations, according to our enforced perspective. What you see is what you get, even though a good argument could be made otherwise, given the amount of deception present in appearances. In this instance... it applies.

Angels... unseen... attend to everything. Try to get into the habit of relying on them, and The Sun Too Bright to See from whence they come. Open your heart and let The Love of The Divine pour forth, and... The World WILL take note of it, whether it understands or not. This love is not immediately forthcoming, nor entirely clean at first expression. It is like priming a pump. The water will not run clear at first... if it hasn't run in regular fashion before, BUT... please note the stars in the sky.

Those stars were once like you and I... learning to shine, and it is Love that gives the luminescence, luster, and power of the light that drives all darkness before it. This is where your concern should be, and not the deceiving... outward appearance of things and conditions. God is... REALLY... there. Simply rely upon him more and more and one day you will have no concerns at all.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Original slaves here were Celts. They couldn't handle the weather. They died. Not all of them, hence we have the lovely Monserrat. Where Africa and Ireland became one. I'd love to visit if I had the money, and if it weren't so damn hot. Well, it is an island, so it gets wind. Maybe in December it might be OK.

Time. I am a prisoner of time, and I hate every feckin' nanosecond of bein' in that state. I am NOT a fan of obligations, I do have way fewer than most; but even one is one too many for this infernal POS planet in mine opinion.

By the way. I'm a dishwasher/janitor for a restaurant who makes just a wee more than necessary to get by. How much closer to slave can ya get? On weekends, I come home barely able to drag myself up the two flights o' stairs. And I'm a honky-gringo-cracker, so. . .

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"One Works in Concert with Her to Improve You Both. The Other Turns Her Into a Neurotic Harlot Doing Time."



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