Tuesday, October 11, 2022

"It Woulda Been A Much Different World if Pandora had Only Kept Her Legs Closed and Her Eyes Open."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm going to break with tradition here (breaking with tradition is something I am skilled at) and include a hotlink that I hope you will read all the way through in order to see what this character is representative of.

This sort of setting low standards in order to make all tastes... all inclinations... all sexual pathologies... all perspectives equal with one another, is not only impossible, it will turn your world into a horrorshow.

All religions are under extreme pressure from profane interests. When you see them buckle and go strange behind the introduction of perversity into ordinary workings, you... must... realize... that there are moneyed forces behind this pressure. This pressure is coming from the... not... so... hidden... rulers... of... this... world.

Behind the scenes, and INCREASINGLY more and more out in the open... you have The War on Christmas and Christianity, intensifying... due to The Usual Suspects, Satanism, and Sundry, AND... who are directly involved in pushing their perverted sexual and racial divides onto greater humanity. As has been in evidence for some time now, George Soros and others are waging a war of darkness upon the collective human heart and mind.

This is all being made possible by Materialism. As we have come into greater and greater degrees of convenience... the need for God has diminished... we have come into the time of Deus Ex Machina; God out of the machine. Materialism INEVITABLY trends toward madness. It trends away from The Divine Invisible. It trends away from your well-being... while promising you exactly that. It offers the meaningless and takes away everything that gives meaning to life. It promises and it lies.

People want to believe the lies. It is Human Nature at a particular period of its evolution. Tell people an attractive lie and they will send you money. Tell them The Truth and they will run away, BECAUSE that truth exposes the attractive lies as nothing... more... than... lies.

Materialism... things have to go my way, AND... get out of my way! That is the persona that Materialism shapes in us and our associates. It results in POSSESSION... by entities driven from dark corners of The Lower Astral. up into the human mind. Appearances give the impression of Matter triumphant and devoid of spirit.

I look at The World and I see a dancing illusion that moves sinuously back and forth in snake-like fashion. For decades, it doesn't occur to me that most of the people do not see this. They see their attractions, and their passion for them... gives them the appearance of reality, and... in Times of Material Darkness... they become reality for those so entranced. If you disturb them in their fascination they can become very disturbed. If you break the spell they become angry. It is best to see... and move silently through the madness, and... madness it is.

The tradition of Ageless Wisdom says you must leave footprints that can be followed.

I don't want to tell people what to do. Most of my life, all I wanted to do was to talk about God. Some people wanted to hear it, and it made a difference in their lives. Many did not want to hear it. It never affected my faith... certitude... or my determination. No matter how bad things got for me, and they got bad for long periods of time, I ALWAYS knew God was there. If on some occasion I did not remember that soon enough, GOD... WOULD... REMIND... ME.

When you dance to a different drummer OR... the timeless drummer of eternity... resounding and materializing endless replications of time, you become a trailblazer. Of course, you could be headed Nowhere, BUT... you'll find that out... sooner or later. If you are actually headed Somewhere, you'll find that out too. That has come true for me so... I am leaving footprints... clues... torn bits of fabric on a bush along the way... a blazed tree... drops of blood on white stone... roses on my cross.

It is not for everyone, so... those objecting to my doing it should simply go somewhere else. THE... FACT... THAT... THEY... DO... NOT... speaks volumes. We are ALL confronted by our false selves AND... our real self on the way. How does that resolve? Results may vary. It is ALWAYS best to see your real self, no... matter... what... presents... itself... in... appearance.

I was sitting or standing somewhere yesterday, I cannot remember which, and that is not important. I do remember what was being discussed. I suddenly had one of those fugue states that come to me, and I saw how pervasive the mindset of Materialism really is in these times. My heart wept for those captured in its webs like flies, waiting for the spider. This spider often does not drink you all at once. It sips you through your lifetime, brief as that may be.

This is what slavery is; being chained to Materialism and its demands on you, for your consort and offspring... for shelter and food... for entertainment and distraction. It is exactly like a hamster on a treadmill, and it really is going nowhere at all, except round and round and round. The Slavemasters yoke you to one another to mill grain or whip you to move rocks. The whip is invisible... USUALLY.

Materialism is a world that you walk into and you give over your mind as the price of admission. You accept the limitations and requirements BECAUSE... there is always the chance that you might win the lottery... marry into a royal family... become an international celebrity; have you done the math on this?

Now... I could tell you how to get any of these. This is something I know because I want no part of any of it. When you are neither seduced nor deceived, you can see what's what, and it starts chasing you. You don't have to chase after it.

Fortunately... if you persist, you become invisible to The World and immune to its charms.

Wisdom (not conventional wisdom) is priceless. To be able to see things as they are? That is worth more than ALL of the things in this world, but... but... but... Yeah, but...

It would have been a much different world if Pandora had only kept her legs closed and her eyes open, BUT... that's not the way of it, is it? That's not the way of The World, where fame is a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes... power is a club that will get used on you for having wielded it, a la Cardinal Wolsey and many another. Money is a prison cell without a cellmate... and Saturn is the guard. (Saturn=Karma). Every one of these powerful attractives comes at a cost. You WILL rue the day.

As you pass through this veil of mistaken identity, you can ask God for any of these, and... people... do... relentlessly. However they are crying out for them, and whoever they think they are crying out to, IT... IS... ALL... GOD. By whatever path you go, you WILL run into some version of God; as the instrument of change... as payback... as a reward... as a wakeup. It can be a wonderful experience, AND it can be something else too. You... Will... Encounter... What... You... Bring. It's a mirror. Try to get this clear in your mind.

It is accomplished as an interplay between The Sun and Moon, with the aid of Mercury. Otherwise, you can build your temporary castles... acquire your fortunes and your fame. You can be the big dog till the bigger dog comes. You... will... not... be... happy. IT IS SET UP THIS WAY!!! It is all for The Purpose of Demonstration, to show you what is... and is not... worth having, and... many tears you may shed on your way to finding this out. It can go much easier for you, if you will ONLY seek out the author of it all before setting off on your own.

You can only be happy when you let it go... when you give yourself away... when you love God with your whole heart. He will not only give you The World of your heart's deepest desires, he will show you how to enjoy them, AND... you cannot enjoy them without him present. He is everywhere all the time, in plain sight. Love WILL open your eyes.

Selfishness is a curse and its own reward. Selfishness is one of the first fruits of Materialism. Look at The World going mad all around. It's right there to be seen, AND there are many who are deceived like that fool in the article we opened this discourse with. All this twisted shit that has been percolating in the depths is rising to the surface BECAUSE... a great pressure has come upon it. A pressure has come upon us all. It can lift us up, AND it can cast us down. We determine that by whether we rely on it or... resist it.

End Transmission.......

ADDENDUM... I will be making some posts at the Les Visible Blog because some things need to be explained. You would think they would be understood, but... apparently, that is not the case. We will try to dumb it down... maybe that will help... maybe not.

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Guy Reid-Brown said...

Whenever I read you, it's the right time, Les -

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Stuff. . .meh. Need my tools to do what I'm supposed to do to get to where I'm a'goin', and those tools ain't exactly mint condition. I could care less about trying to impress my fellow mortal flotsam, and why set myself up as a target which so many Rolex wearers do these days?

Reality. I want omniscience that I can't have here, and TIME, that I can have here. I'd like 100% of my time to be discretionary, but good luck with that. I gotta work, run errands, some maintenance on the flat, throw together a meal a couple of times a week. I have more time now than the distant past, and most would wonder what I'm bitchin' about, workin' part time as opposed to averaging 55 hours a week, havin' so few obligations, and a few other perks that I don't think I'll post here. Yet still, I want it ALL, time wise. Ayuh. Give a nose a nanometre, they want a parsec. . .some times, in some matters, and stuff ain't on the list. If ya can't take it with ya, why bother?

Nostrils up to the ends of the Nose-iverse! Uh, that would be eternity I assume.

Oh, and what ya said about Pandora. Well, I assume life would be a bit more static. Pointless for us gluttons for punishment that are here because we are gluttons for punishment in order to appreciate the Pre-Pandora world? Would that be before the bloody demiurge staked a claim in this now Hell Hole?

I dunno. Just a thought.

robert said...

Takk, Visible

This is all being made possible by Materialism. As we have come into greater and greater degrees of convenience... the need for God has diminished

Yes, convenience
But more particularly, it is least effort, more unconscious, more automatic behavior

The tradeoff is longer passive suffering, stretching our attention span to the breaking point!

You can get fed with a few finger touches and swipes on your hand held minder, IF you are a ward of the system
You can watch media and listen with ear buds
You can get your virtual sex
You can stay safe in your comfort zone, moving only occasionally to eliminate

It's all convenient
Minimal action, minimal thinking, minimal creativity, minimal soul involvement
Minimal conscious awareness required.

Convenient implies having some enjoyment from the ease, loving the leisure, which seems to be absent without leave

It appears to outside-the-box observers that people are in tar pits, stuck in quicksand or fly paper

Unable to move freely and getting used to their restricted freedom by indulging in less and less physical and mental action

Like wearers of strait jackets settling into the few moves they are still able to perform

Making it convenient for the locked down condemned prisoners was ALWAYS part of the dark strategy

Advertizing, entertaiment and news shows (to be repetitive) have completed selling the world of lies as the only reality.

Sold as "convenience" but actually a slow crawl into deadly inertia with distractions only a thumb fuck away!

Training the humanimals to rationalize the irrational
Programming the mental subjects to remain in their slaughter lane

Why has confinement into ever smaller range of motion been accepted as modern convenience?

What else is there but to make the best of what time remains to the self-condemned, jabbed to comply with their own death sentence?

How convenient for the underlords believing that they are the chosen overlords:

Self-slaughtering domesticated useless eaters clearing the earth for the future convenience of the elite wannabes!

This is the dream of the endarkened and the nightmare of the still slumbering

It matters not to those whose lives are from the inner heart of creation
We can fall out into dissolution or back in to where we came from

Have to let go of selfish perception and tune in to the grand symphony

A pressure has come upon us all. It can lift us up, AND it can cast us down. We determine that by whether we rely on it or... resist it.

How to be buoyant in a tsunami!
How to surf the century wave, 50 feet high!
Turn into the wave, inhale as much as possible to become buoyant, move minimally to conserve the breath, trust in the birth process....

Go with the flow

Not the rivulets of riveting drama; the flood of passion playing through the course

Seeing the humor from outside of time helps immensely!
The ruffling of feathers of the black birds by Apocalypse, Mister and Misses, is comedy gold in contrast to the tragedy being sold out

Laugh or die crying, is the choice of the moment

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dammit Robert where were your Tagalog lessons when I worked for Shutterfly when 70% of the crew was Filipino?

Convenience. Double edged sword. It's great for those who like to spend their discretionary time on the internet doing real research and learning stuff as opposed to wasting their time on cat videos or what ever. After all, I do have a job and errands to run, and some household maintenance that steals time from me that I relinquish with utmost resentment. Being 60, having spent my life cutting the candle in half and burning all four ends, I've HAD it with being inconvenienced. It hurts to move these days, and I rather relish the respite that convenience provides, though I don't take it to the extreme of others. I actually go to the store myself as opposed to having stuff delivered. Depending on the store and expected take home, I even walk on occasion.

Taas ng butas ng ilong on your comment.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"People Argue Because They Think They Know. People Who Know That They Do Not Know, Do... Not... Argue. "



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