Thursday, October 21, 2021

"God Likes to Play Hide and Seek. Some of Us Make it Difficult to be Found."

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As most of us know (here anyway) The Mind can be like an ocean. Part of it is an ocean, submerged below your walking around consciousness. I'm like a guy who stands on the shore and watches it go by. If I am focused and low noise, I see and hear things. This world we are walking around in, in our walking around consciousness, is only one plane of enterprise. We actually operate on invisible planes of consciousness every day.

You see it in the world around you. Some people live almost exclusively in the world of appetite. Only what they see is real to them. Some live more on the plane of emotions. What they feel is real to them. Some are on the mental plane. That is, hopefully, ruled by the intellect, and so on in and up to the throne room itself. Ideally... anyway. Each of us exists in a compromise between these planes of being. You could call it an arrangement. When The World is in disorder, the arrangements get murky. The lower should never predominate over the higher. That is not what the media and entertainment world is selling.

The force of Depravity is running wild in The World. I do not want to pass judgment on anyone, but I know what I see. If you want to destroy people, amplify and vary the focus of their appetites. Make the unnatural natural. I do not expect a lot of what is coming, to work out in a positive fashion for certain enterprises, and schools of human behavior. Babylon... usually gets resolved in a certain fashion, also Sodom and Gomorrah; whatever they are calling them now. Two cities in Kalifornia answer to the description.

The stories and legends are timeless. Certain forms of living and behavior come to predictable ends. The names are changed, yes, but the message is eternal. That is why they call it Ageless Wisdom. You are living in a period of history that fits a specific template. You can see where anything is headed by watching it.

It's all going to come out. This is why people are suddenly revealing themselves as good guys and bad guys. It is all being done on the stage of World Opinion for The Purpose of Demonstration. We are deconstructing Mr. Apocalypse and we don't need any modernisms, post... past... or otherwise. An apocalypse is an unveiling of The Good, The Bad, and whatever happens to be your perspective. It's all happening right now. Very strange things are happening in the media and entertainment worlds. You hear about some of it. It's getting more and more extra crispy.

I'm trying to say something that cannot be said. The best I can do is something like... point... and say “it's over there somewhere.”

The Gabby Petito thing looks to me like a staged event. No one saw anything except brief flashes, and all of them suspect. The Dead Girl is found. It is hyped into a nationwide fixation, via the programming media. Then weeks of coverage follow. Then a dead guy is found. Maybe it's The Guy, and maybe it isn't, but... they found his notebook, and some effects. Nobody saw anything. I would expect other dramas of distraction to continue to play out. It's like the way a pickpocket works, only they pick your mind instead. Something is VERY off about that whole thing. It could simply be a lover's quarrel gone wrong, but it is not passing my smell test. That they would orchestrate a network snuff film, I do not doubt. That they did... I don't know.

More and more it seems that the vaccines, as toxic as they probably are, are really about controlling the masses through certain pulses or frequencies. They are using every medium at their disposal to enforce compliance. The bad guys KNOW the game is up. A new world is coming. Everybody is going to have to adapt, one way or the other. Personally, I'm going with God Almighty. I don't know what new persona he's bringing. I'm also not waiting on his arrival cause he is already here. I suspect there are a number of us on this wavelength. It's a Divine Imperative that won't be impeded. People will go up against it, collectively and individually, but it won't make any difference; change... or be composted.

I'm not sure I should talk about The World anymore. I mean the false world, the contrived world, the magician's laboratory, Hocus-Pocus Land. It's like a valley filled with snakes, all writhing and twisting. I wade through it each morning, trying to get a sense of it. The only sense of it I get is from whoever is reporting it to me. I have to see what it is they are selling, even though I'm not in the market anyway.

I lived on Maui, back and forth to Woodstock, New York, over a 20 year period. I was not part of the surfing culture, though I was certainly aware of it. It's one of the constants of life on the islands. For decades certain beaches were surfed and some had been avoided also because the waves were so big. You could not get out. One of those beaches is on Maui, in Peahi, and it is called Jaws. Waves get up in the 70+ foot range. You can't swim out to the waves so as to catch them. You have to use a Jet-ski and get pulled out.

The conditions created another dynamic that surfers now had to deal with. When you tumble in a wave that size, you can be underwater for as much as 3 minutes, maybe more. I'm not a savant in that department. They also say that you don't know if you are swimming up or down for a while. These can be intimidating conditions. So... what did certain surfers start doing? They either found or brought a 20-pound rock out into the ocean at depths of 15-20 feet. Then they would run underwater with the rock for as long as they could manage, before rising to the surface for air. Then they went back and did it again.

I like determination. I admire grit. I like answering the call if call there be. I also like minding my own business. I was asked how I felt about there being so few comments in recent times. I notice it, but I don't think about it. There could be and probably are, many reasons in many cases. I think for the most part people just have nothing to say. They read it. They might reflect on it. I see the traffic numbers now and again. Sometimes weeks might go by and I don't check. Whenever I do, I see the same few thousands coming and going.

I made up my mind when I embarked on this venture, NEVER... EVER be about the money. Be dependent on no one. I confirmed that I had nothing to lose, so nothing could be taken from me. I determined to seek with all my heart to serve God, whom I identify as the love in my heart. Sometimes the moving stage goes this way, and sometimes it goes that way, but it is ALWAYS immersed in the beauties and splendors of God. I have no visible means of support. I owe no one. I am unattached to what I do and to this temporary persona as well. So... before you ask me those kinds of questions, though, mostly, no one ever does (grin). It is probably answered here since this will always be the answer.

Loving God is not a temporary affair like everything else in this world. Loving God is not accomplished unless you give it your all. It was clearly stated in the words of whomever it was that portrayed the actor playing Jesus; “thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind.” He then added that you should love your brother as yourself. The reason for that is that your brother IS yourself. We are all shards of a mirror that God broke and cast in all directions. Then he goes about and gathers them all together again. God likes to play Hide and Seek. Some of us make it difficult to be found. I am like the guy on the desert island who has written out Help in big rocks and is waving at the sky. I wanted to be found, and I was.

It is hard to discuss the allurements of The World in an objective way because its effect is subjective. It is not ONLY the Kingdom of Heaven that is within you. Everything else is too. I set out without fear into the unknown and boy... did that really pay off because I brought nothing fearful with me. The World offers comfort. It offers doors that lock, and an endless meat rack of bodies, carouseling through time. In many cases, those on the meat rack are no different than painted ponies. Have you ever studied the costumes and manners of different ages? Fascinating stuff! Most all of fashion takes place within the dimension of Time, but there really is Timeless Fashion. You can find all manner of things in Timeless Space. Since you are not holding on to any of them, you get to remain in Timeless Space.

There are people in timeless space moving right by people in the Time-Space. They are not seen unless they want to be, and mostly... they look like everyone else. They could have come from anywhere. God... not infrequently, assumes different bodies for different reasons. He is sometimes the beggar on the street. Sometimes he is a shopkeeper. He can come and go in anyone's body for whatever time he needs. This has to do with “treating with angels unaware.” and what you do against the least of us, you do against him. He is the True Self in everyone. He's coming in a new getup soon. He might already be here. We'll see.

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And some links. Not so many this time=

Oh! I was just thinking last night how the present government turning on The Police, with defunding and vaccine imperatives, is truly bad judgment when their intention is to form a Police State. Think about it.

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The Art Institute of Chicago fires all 122 of its (unpaid and volunteer) docents because they aren’t sufficiently “diverse”

Art Institute of Chicago

Fuck Joe Biden

Monday, October 18, 2021

"Similar Minds in Other Cultures Adapted it Because It had The Ring of Ancient Tyrannies."

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I got a peculiar comment a few days ago about something I had said in a posting. As I was reading it, I was taken aback by what he was saying, and which was not my intention when writing it. I know this fellow, virtually. He's been very supportive for years at another location. I always think of him as the guy with the guitar on his back. Because I am fond of his persona, what little I know of it, I took him seriously. I tried to alter a few words here and there. I had a lot of thought about what I should say to him. It occurred to me if I had a lot to say, that wouldn't be good. If I had nothing to say (grin), well... I don't know.

I won't go into any of the details. That's too many words. I will say that the reader is aware that I have concerns about the activities of those I call, The Usual Suspects, and sometimes... The Semitic Pretenders. I've even worked up a parody song based on the template of the Jackson Browne song, “The Pretender”. I am confident it will not appear here. I don't see the point of looking for a fight when its intention is to come to you anyway.

I don't watch any TV except the occasional sporting event. I do see commercials though, on those occasions, and I can see as many as I like on Youtube. I see things in the various sites I visit, and I most certainly watch movies. I see what's going on in the culture. As I have been at pains to say, and it is also the absolute truth... I don't care who falls in love with who; be they of different religions, races, colors or even sexes. I know that in times like these, at the fall of a culture, certain sexual practices proliferate, as do all kinds of behaviors.

When I see certain behaviors, in a very short time, ruthlessly pressed on the rest of us, I am then not okay. When I see material proselytizing, and propaganda shoehorned into the school systems. When I see that the people agitating for race wars are NOT the color of the ones they are inciting AND financing. When I see what should be obvious to anyone paying attention, going on to the detriment of everyone else, I'm not okay. Yeah... I'm okay no matter what but you know what I mean.

I only know one race, and that is the human race. I grew up on military bases, which was the first place where segregation ended. I was exposed to everyone at an early age. I do have some prejudices, I must admit this. I am prejudiced against Stupid, and ill-mannered behavior, and lack of control. Things of that order. I do keep it in check though. I am a witness, not a participant.

I have, of course, been guilty of all those activities, but... since I am not Stupid, I grew out of them.

So I see where the powerful media is PUSHING, and I mean really pushing through every medium, certain forms, and behaviors. Knowing what I know about the people who are pushing it, I KNOW I'm not going to like their version of it. They like to take something that is perfectly natural, as it is, and twist it to fit the tastes of their Stool Sample Deity. I react to these things in these blogs often... it stands to reason that I am not always as clear as I can be. I work in a limited size product. It's mostly the broad strokes, unless we narrow in, which happens.

I'm not that proficient in talking about the things of The World. There is also a lot of contention possible in that field of play. Doubtless, I will rub some people the wrong way. However, I leave it up to me who I choose to offend and not offend. I do not seek to offend anyone, but if it turns out that I do, it won't be the people seeking spiritual content and conversations about God. Since I ONLY care about this end of the equation, what happens on the other end is the interpretation given by PROJECTION. We see in others what we would expect from ourselves. If the bar is low, well... so will then be the projection. I like to keep the bar high and see the best in everyone. You MAY get it back. You might not get it back, but then... that wouldn't be your fault.

There is a lot of tension in The World right now; also a lot of conclusions jumped to, where Reason and Restraint might be better employed. There is a particular group of entities, associated by a common objective, and they are doing a lot of bad things to others on a grand scale, AND... they have been doing this for a very long time. They are not all of the same genetic persuasion. They are, CERTAINLY, all of the same motivations. They are the ones, teaching in the schools... the lies that the students go on to reinforce.

It's like the forced migrations. It's like the sexual messaging, heavily financed to a specific end. The same as with the transgender and gender-bender wave, and all sorts of other constructs that are actually destructs that have to do with dismantling society as we know it so, that someone else can take over and do it their way. Their way is to exterminate and subjugate. The Satanic consciousness in Communism has a specific end in mind. Take a look at what happened during previous experiments. The Bolshevik Revolution was a horror show that the fabricated holocaust is a cover for; a misdirection. Similar minds in other cultures, adapted it because it had the ring of ancient tyrannies. If you pull it off, everyone else, except you and your tight cabal are vulnerable.

We are experiencing the tyranny of the minority which I am certain does not have our best interests at heart.

I write as I do because I know the stakes are high. I also realize that the battle is already won. That is the reason for the unflagging optimism here. It's not so much what I want to believe. It is because I found it to be true on high and it is coming to Earth; may already be here. Certainly is here, influence-wise.

Yes... the battle is won. That does not mean some people will not suffer and cause others to do so. What it means is that that is what is coming, and what will prevail over all the other themes. This is not a new occurrence, but it does happen differently each time. Not everyone believes it. However, everyone who has looked deeply into it does, especially if The Intuition is active; then you get confirmation. Confirmation is a big deal.

It is resident in everyone, but many do not listen for it, as it gets in the way of what they want. They do not miss out on the karmic resolution of that... or any... form of behavior, and they do get a chance to start again, over and, over, and over. I would prefer to be past that as soon as possible, which was some time ago. I don't like repeating errors. I would prefer to always be corrected about something new, not the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, like so many people do. Sometimes it looks like one of those toy wind-up soldiers that walk into a wall repeatedly until it falls down, or runs out of winds.

We are all members of the human race. There is no other race and more and more have dropped out because they stop behaving like a human being. That is REAL self-identifying, bringing us around to “by their works, ye shall know them.”

Do not think discouraging thoughts. Do not let your heart be troubled if you don't want trouble coming upon you. People THINK things into existence. It's a process and it involves the emotions, which color it and give it shape. It's a process and then it's a thing, whether you encounter it or become it, whether it is inside you or outside you... there it is. That's karma, and that is how we bring it into being.

The human mind is being programmed with lies. This has been going on for a really long time. This is going to end. The flame of God's Truth will burn the world of lies to a cinder. In Times of Material Darkness, it can seem like lies are all there are. Then changes come from an invisible hand, with visible results. Your job is to cast the lies out of your mind. You can also simply not pay attention to them, and they will wither and die. If it is something big that you built up, that you fed for a while, don't try to dismantle it quickly. You need finesse and patience. When you have help from above... within, it's no longer in your hands. You no longer need to concern yourself with the details of it working out. In the search for immortal truth, everything is in how you present yourself. What you seek has already been found by others. You attract one of their calling by presenting yourself as a worthy applicant. Heaven has an HR department too.

Beings with powers are going to appear. Some are already here. I am not talking about the impostors who work with shadows that are only a travesty on these powers. These are powers of light and they are going to transform The World as we know it. I recognize that I can sound like I'm in a fairy tale inside my own head, but I've seen how God works and I KNOW that NOTHING is impossible. His powers are limitless. I have been told that we are on the verge of the biggest demonstrations of The Purpose of Demonstration that we have ever seen, for good and for ill, though... ultimately... all resolved.

The World outside you, and The World within you are going to be transformed. You can go willingly, or you can go kicking and screaming. Go you shall. I pray that you find the light within that is already there.

End Transmission.......

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Meantime in Vermont, the most vaccinated US state...

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

"We Are in a Society That Has Lost Its Moorings, and No Longer has Any Sense of Identity."

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I'm going to say some things today that are generally controversial in the madness of these times. I have no hesitation or concern about it. I know these things to be true. We now celebrate mental illness above all Favored States in these times. In these times, celebrating your obesity is a form of living your own non-existent truth. Celebrating your sexual dysfunction, especially if you are of the approved victim coloration, gives you front seat status at Let's Make a Deal.

If you happen to be permanently inabled at being, in present time, social media level disabled, non-functioning, and incapable of anything other than striated pink hair with livestock-sized nose rings, you will be the belle of The Monster's Ball. The graffiti tattoos serve as a roadmap of distinction. What is the purpose of jailhouse tattoos when you can afford the services of an artist? I'm not promoting tattoos of any kind, I'm just wondering about the level of quality control.

Steps are being taken for a new form of Minority Report, pre-cog research, where those offended are gifted the power to tell if you are thinking prejudicial thoughts about them, and empowered to be able to call for you to be sent to the gulags for unspoken thought crimes.

Race mixing can be seen from a number of angles- usually not much is said from the Black Perspective.  People claiming a moral high ground over color should understand that we are all, already mixed, and have been. There are no pure races, except perhaps those people on that island off of India.  The whole of the controversies, whatever they may be, are being engineered by The Usual Suspects and Semitic Pretenders, who are now claiming that they aren't white either. Let me POINT OUT that they came from Central and Eastern Europe. I'm guessing they want us to believe that those were mostly non-white areas back in the day. (I am not sure I did any good but I have changed the tone and sought to clarify the theory in this paragraph. May apologies, Jeffrey.)

We call them Semitic Pretenders BECAUSE... it is their intention to replace the original People of The Book, The Palestinians, with themselves. Unfortunately for them, they have NO Semitic DNA. Therefore, they are pretenders, frauds, and it doesn't matter how many Arab street signs they change. It doesn't matter how they wipe out the history of Palestinian towns and add their own revisions. They will NEVER be what they claim to be. They remind me of a form of HIV that camouflages itself as something else. Now they pretend not to be white because their intention is to exterminate the white race, and they don't want any blowback on being white themselves.

I can say these things, WHICH ARE PROVABLY TRUE, and inarguable, and that will lead to my being slandered because I told the truth, and got accused of some politically incorrect behavior. I'll take my chances. It doesn't matter to me how I go down or if I go down, I won't be going down. The body is no more than a suit of clothes I wore for a while and then discarded. You CANNOT hurt or tarnish what I really am, and your ability to confuse and deceive the less intelligent and more fearful among us CHANGES NOTHING. Your witch-burner mindset is noted by more and more people. You strike others and then you cry out in pain. The Awakening is NOT going to turn out well for you.

The many-pronged assault on humanity, by those who imagine they are in charge, is dedicated to the reduction and totalitarian control of the population. The gay and transgender thing is part of that. It is also to introduce reckless hedonism and the pursuit of pleasure above all, which makes people much more controllable. It's a Babylon 2.0 for the digital age. The universal sex force when mutated and perverted leads to all sorts of pathologies. The Satanic maxim of divide and conquer requires the application of confusion and disorder in the common mind. Sexual confusion accomplishes this.

Much of what I find deranged, exploitive, and self-centered about the New Age can be found in sites like In5D (which is offline suddenly) where instead of letting The Individuality be the central focus, the personality is deified and hijacks the (super)natural order in the same way that gay sex reverses the kundalini. Nothing can justify that, as history proves over and over in the fall of cultures. It is the same thing with the gender-bending, it is a society that has lost its moorings; no longer has any sense of identity, and that puts these tortured souls among the most mentally ill in the human spectrum.

Some will not appreciate what I have said here. I could care less. I happen to be right and can easily prove it, which is why no one challenges me. They couldn't do anything about my calling out The Holocaust Fraud either. I am already marginalized.

A man remains male, even if the profile is distorted. A man cannot surgically be made into a woman and the reverse is true as well. If you want to play dress-up because your mother POSSESSED and twisted your sexuality as a child, turning you into a mini-mommy, and you want every day to be Halloween, you can do this. You won't be happy, but there will be those moments when you convince yourself you are... in the world of artificial constructs. Your happiness will always depend on your level of hope, counterbalanced with self-deception.

The whole idea of legitimizing this mental illness, and making the delusional a protected species is the work of The Usual Suspects and their Satanic handlers. Oh... you didn't know they had HANDLERS? Everyone has a handler, and sometimes several.

All that you see in this trans-humanism, sexual identity revolution, is the result of the wrong reactions to the return of The Divine Feminine... by the carnal mind. Once again, the Personality seeks to starve out the higher mind or The Individuality... which is how I term it.

What is happening NOW is beyond the control of those seeking to control it. Everything they do goes wrong and WILL come back on them. The Awakening is NOT their friend. Mr. Apocalypse is NOT their friend. The Avatar would like to be a friend to all, but all will not permit it. Since The Avatar is an unstoppable force of conscious, living light, I suspect it will not turn out well for those in search of darkness.

It happens OVER and OVER and OVER again. The Avatar comes and sets the soundtrack for the next age and everyone dances to it! Some-Most dance very badly, and are noted for it. Usually, The Avatar is martyred... because his blood is the currency that pays for the age. I suspect this is a different model coming because he also comes as The Punisher. Accept that the impossible is now the possible. Anything COULD happen. Huge swaths of the population might simply disappear, without warning or explanation. Parts of humanity could be transformed beyond recognition. Many will most certainly lose their minds when confronted with REALITY.

Yes...God IS Love, insofar as we are able to understand what God is. Love is as close as we can get. It goes further than that, however. The union of Love and Wisdom produces Truth. The Avatar is a living embodiment of this. It can take MANY... MANY lives to attain the state of World Savior. The level of commitment and determination required cannot be measured!

Look to what you are getting up to. It will be the determinant of your fate. As one thinks, so they are. Everything we are presently seeing is a form of ground-breaking. The Earth is being turned over and sown with the seeds for the coming age. Incomparable minds are engaged in this (call them Rishis or The Elohim), at the direction of the most incomparable mind of all. This greatest mind is the divine template for ALL minds. How we respond to the fiat of The One Mind, builds the schematic for our transport, whither and wherever we are bound and fueled by our own desires for The Purpose of Demonstration. At all times we are engaged in The Purpose of Demonstration. We are the acting out of what we think we are. The Purpose of Demonstration happens when what you think you are meets up with WHAT IS.

They are presently intent on destroying the former coach of The LV Raiders for some minor league emails from TEN YEARS AGO. The alleged racist comment was given slack, BUT... when he said the word, “Faggot” that was the end. I am not a fan of Dave Chappelle. I do not consider him in the same league as Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy, and he is gratuitously profane and racist, but he was spot on in his latest Netflix doc. Race is nowhere near as bad a No-No as negative commentary on transgenderbenderism. Powerful temporal forces are behind this. They are The Usual Suspects and their footpad hirelings. Everything of bad intention for the rest of the human race is being stirred up by them, and this is INARGUABLE. If you can't see this, you are self-blinded by cowardice and self-interest.

God IS coming. God is HERE. God is ALWAYS around because there is no one to be around otherwise. HOWEVER... sometimes he makes a cameo appearance. Sometimes he steps from his place on the invisible plane and becomes visible. This is about to happen in a Big Way. I am surprised more people cannot see this, all appearances point to it, BUT... if you are fear-driven, you can see nothing but the alter ego your fear has fashioned him into.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 08, 2021

"A Tawdry, Mind-Numbing Festival of False Lights, with Tables of White Wine and Cheese."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every day, for half an hour to an hour, I scour the news feeds, which kind of circles the planet. In the last six months, one feature stands out above the rest, and that is the intensifying Insanity in The World, and The Work of Mr. Apocalypse. There are many links below that show some amount of it. I'll be gone for a couple of days, so... it's something to do (grin).

Here is one of the places they set policy for The Central Banking Satanists, AND The Prince of Darkness, who is the inspiration for their Intent. It's a who's who of visible icons for The Infernal Realm come to Middle Earth. Middle Earth is that plane which exists between Heaven... and The Depths. There are planes ever more and more rapturous, beyond the ken of the mortal mind... finer and finer. I again recommend reading Chapter 43 of “Autobiography of a Yogi.” A CAREFUL reading gives a clear indication of what is there. Beyond that... words do not go, but existence continues all the way to the throne of The Most High.

It goes in the other direction as well... denser and denser, hotter and hotter, as would be expected from increasing compression. It becomes more alien, and fear is alive and palpable. Both of these actually exist in you and can be accessed to one's delight and terror, depending. Those presently tormenting Humanity are booked for passage on the down escalator. Others are ascending Jacob's Ladder or some similar trope associated with a particular tradition. There are MANY sections to Heaven, and also to Hell.

We are, simultaneously, a tiny particle in a vast and immeasurable body, AND also contain the whole within us as well. We are the government in an ungoverned land, UNTIL... until we come to an understanding and permit good government to be visited upon us, If you follow the laws of Heaven, you will undoubtedly find yourself in Heaven. If you follow the call of Mammon, you will find yourself in Hell. Everything exists in The Mind BEFORE it becomes a physical reality. When you purify The Mind and The Emotions, nothing otherwise can come near you. Whatever you have made yourself attractive to will be drawn to you, be they angels or demons. This is The Work of one who is aware; to sort your companions, to put out one welcome mat and withdraw the other. Like consorts with like.

When you KNOW that Mr. Apocalypse is a real and conscious force. When you have convinced yourself that an Awakening IS in operation. When you can see the Trends and Patterns making mosaic-like, and acting like paisleys poured from a teapot, to make a magic carpet of colors, traveling on a wavelet of sound that is caused by God humming to himself, you are in a place you can't talk about and there is no one you need to explain yourself to.

We imprison ourselves. One of the main functions of death is to get us out of what we got ourselves into. The intent of evolution is to make us known to one another as gods, in a reflection of The True Light of the one who makes it possible, and without whom it WOULD NOT be possible. Elsewise, we can descend into the quicksand and entropic murk; where it is... that carnal desire and appetite WILL take us. Everything is upside down. You start out seeing the world upside down and reverse the process when you learn to walk, which is one of your greatest accomplishments... learning to walk.

Life has devolved into a snatch and grab free for all, whether it is earthly goods, power and fame, a smorgasbord of carnal delights, certain to rot your teeth in every sense or... wherever the carrot leads; remembering that the whip cannot be far behind. MANY of us have opted out of self-restraint, in order to be an indentured slave to the hard hand of stomach troubles and STD-s. Anyone driven to dance on the lower floors will find that they are chained to the galley. People lie, and connive, and offer their necks to vampires unseen.

For The Purpose of Demonstration, I went through the gauntlets of The World, got whipped with knotted ropes, and... somehow... in the night, was cut loose of the dock. I floated far out to sea and woke up. It was a thrilling few moments of fear and surprise. I was fortunate there were dolphins in the area and they brought me safely to another land. Certainly... I deserved death for my sins if the Wages of Sin are Death. Having directly experienced the mercy of Heaven, I am a True Believer in what I cannot see, though... I am told, I WILL see at some point further on.

The whole of The World is composed of tissue paper lies, a kind of flammable, crepe-like paper-mache on which all objects in extension are moved about by invisible rollers. It is a carnival ride of thrills and chills, followed by a sense of lasting disappointment and regret. People feel their shame is reason enough to stay. In these times it can even make you rich for a moment. None of us has to be in the soup. We are not frogs made comfortable by the company of those we call friends, as the heat rises and we grow sleepy. So many of us have hostages from a fortune we CANNOT protect them from. Those who live in mortal fields will have their mortality harvested in its season.

Once again... we are in a Time of Summing Up. Everyone is being exposed to others, and later... even simultaneously... to themselves, as the costumery melts away under the gaze of Mr. Apocalypse. You see them on the big stages and smaller stages, cluelessly embarrassing themselves for all The World to see. It is as if some fiendish hand is at work, both setting the stage, and clouding the mind. The makers of the vaccines have all now found themselves on The Forbes 400 list. Everything you see and hear is being manipulated by those showing it to you. A cabal of obscenely rich sociopaths is at work with a burning fury to enslave The World and kill most of the inhabitants. This is not up for dispute.

Unfortunately for them, the battle is already OVER. The Good Guys won. We are now living in the echo of that victory. It can take some time for the results to precipitate down into our day-to-day. Think about how fast a thought can fly as you imagine yourself running along behind it... way... way... behind it.

If you are troubled by appearances, which are manipulated to that end by those working them, it is a simple task to free yourself from the rodeo. Your mind is an airport. Thoughts fly away, and land constantly. Most of us are inept thought-traffic controllers. Empty your mind of all thought or hold your mind to one thought. Either of these will work. All bondage begins in The Mind. Fear is the bonding agent, and it is what your Underlords drink and are intoxicated by. These Underlords roil the waters of your being... IF YOU LET THEM. They are full-bore-spreading doubt and confusion, and this is glaringly evident. Don't give these things a place to land. Send them on their way elsewhere. The time WILL come when you can incinerate them in their tracks and they will not fly on any further. For the moment, you must leave this in the hands of those who can.

We are ALL guided and guarded to the extent that we will accept that it is so. In the process, WE LEARN to be the co-pilot. We learn to consciously allow The Light that banishes the darkness to be resident within, as it already is. It is a simple acknowledgment, an Act of Faith... if you will. You ARE NOT alone, even though you are most certainly alone if that makes any sense. Both of these are good things when properly understood. You are also far more powerful than the appearances being directed at you by the agents of The Father of Lies, who is also God as he is understood by The Wicked. There is ONLY God, angel, or devil... as perceived through the lens of your perspective, formed out of your attractions, your fears, and your superstition.

Why oh why do people take the fabrications of another mind as the template for their own beliefs? Why not go in search of it yourself? Why not venture into that undiscovered country BEFORE you are put in transport? Why not find what is there, as it applies to you, instead of the version someone else laid on you? It has no meaning unless it is Visceral and the fruit of your own direct experience. Otherwise, it is a listless song and dance of the intellect; endless whimsical projections of angels dancing on the head of a pin... a tawdry, mind-numbing festival of false lights, with tables of white wine and cheese; the endless chatter of how it looks from that angle, in a peep-show looping video of blind men groping elephants.

All you need to know is that God is Real. Then... a sane mind seeks and strives for a closer proximity. The veil of the High Priestess closes behind you forever, and you are on your way. When The Truth takes off her clothes, The World disappears.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

"Perhaps That is One of the Motivations, Aside from Culling, and Banned Research into Dreadful Things."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Day by day... step by step... in increments of time and distance. Sometimes it seems to be moving very slow, and sometimes it is almost a blur, but the real pandemic spreads wider each day. Crazy is the new sane. This comes out of all the Possession that has been happening because of The Avatar sweeping out the planes. This is yet more evidence of his approach. When this starts happening, it's close by.

There are a lot of subjects one could cover, and depending on what you set out to do, you could bring it always to the same subject at the end. For me... that is The Divine and the angelic realm; called The Devic Realm by others. Heh heh... I call them both. The same quality of Heaven can be in different expressions of it. That is the beauty of Hinduism, and Buddhism, and Sufism, and Christianity. They all have a Heavenly Realm that suits the expectations and imagination of the residents. Hell works the same way, with different motives, tactics, conditions, and results. Here is another illustration of As Above, So Below. I'm a fan of Hermes Trismegistus for a number of reasons.

This Possession I mention. I've brought it up several times recently. Depending on your ability to see it, it can be easy to see. For some it might be more difficult, but... if you put a forensic perspective on present-day life in The World, you will see the Crazy. One of the things I consider about the vaccines is that they could well make people more open to Possession. Perhaps that is one of the motivations, aside from culling, and banned research into dreadful things.

Wherever evil is loose in The World, it spreads a net. This accounts for neighborhoods in cities and towns, but... what is Evil? Evil is the raw material of Good. Some work this in reverse, of course, and many do it unconsciously in reverse. However... those doing it the right way have the ability to melt that net of evil atmosphere, just as what happens when you turn on a light at night. The snares of the Infernal Realm are devious only to the devious. If you work for the forces of light, the Other Guys are no real concern of yours and are turned into Good Guys, even if only temporarily... when anyone employed by The Light encounters them.

In the search for God, I studied everything I could find. Most of it I discarded early. Some of it has stayed with me from the moment I found it. Truth is there to be found. ALL good things are there to be found, but... you got to do like what that song says. This won't be verbatim, “you got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don't mess with Mr. In Between.” I think hang on to the affirmative is in there somewhere. Yes, I could look it up. It's not that important. Oh right! Yeah... it is (grin). I'm still not looking it up.

IF... you want to do The Right Thing, the Right Thing is not hard to find. However... when people find out what it costs, they look for another way. There are Biblical tales of this, and poems that cover it. It is not unknown. Only a few ever really stick to it cause it takes everything you got, BUT... if you are willing, eager even... to give it all you got, there ain't NOTHING like it! I consider giving up everything... to have the only thing worth having is a wonder and a miracle, indeed. The only thing worth having also includes everything one needs in order not to want anything EVER AGAIN.

Back to that Possession thing. This also accounts for all those world leaders of the sold-out kind. It accounts for all the religious perverts. If you are going to dress up like someone who goes around and speaks and acts for God, that had better be your sole intention. I don't suppose I even have to bring up the mercantile side of the equation where all the cui bono goes to dine... the corporate sociopaths, and the rest. However... they are not really in bed with each other. They strike deals between them for particular crimes, but they will turn on each other in a heartbeat. They are ALWAYS in search of an advantage.

What if you don't have anything they want? What if you know God has it all in hand so you don't interfere in wars you weren't suited up for? My objective is to be in harmony with all life and to emulate The Sun. Yes... those are ambitious objectives, but... “Reach high,” I say, and who knows how far you will actually get? Especially... if you are already giving it everything you've got, and The Cosmos... greases the wheels, because The Cosmos LIKES that kind of action. When I keep coming across it, I know I am going the right way.

Well... this was supposed to be a Petri Dish. You'll get enough of that sort of thing in the links, which is some of the shit I encounter that is not The Shit (as some might say. I don't actually use the term that way... except for right now... heh heh. Moving right along...

The truth is that I love talking about the ineffable. I love how REAL he/she/it is. This is because The Father and The Mother are simply two aspects of the same thing that is neither of them, but both of them whenever they are either. Yeah... okay, and moving right along.

Possession is moving like a virus, and it is exacerbated by The Awakening. This is what is making all the strange events taking place in the world, which are a response to Mr. Apocalypse... happen. The cosmic objective is to bring as much of Humanity into a new state of consciousness as possible. Not everyone WANTS to go, but... God loves them and is patient. I think we can all say he has been patient with us, considering how many TRY his patience. Finally... he gives them what they want, as it REALLY IS. What are you gunna do?. This is the essence of Karma and Shraddha at work or just Karma alone as is often the case, especially in times when people have lost their faith, and so many have no faith at all, except in what comes next, according to their industries. Such is Materialism.

What is it that stops people from believing in a finer world or MANY finer worlds at a higher rate of vibration? We even see that on this plane. Consider the difference between a strip club and a picnic in a meadow with angels unseen. Consider the difference between a bank and a food bank; a home, and The Street. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth can be found wherever there are those who carry it with them. There will be many more of us than there are at present because The Age of Aquarius is The Age of Brotherhood. It's a given, just as the passing age had its overall theme.

Yes, there will be people opposed to the concept of Brotherhood, and also those who will newly interpret it for financial gain. HOWEVER... all will not be as it has been, with foul play being the order of the day, where the darker spirits of Materialism have been feasting and making merry. The Avatar, who is The Sun King of the Age, will cleanse the human heart and mind where permission has been given. Elsewise... there is Possession.

One can go to where Time is a palpable force or one can go where it is Timeless. Both exist. A day in prison is not like a day at the beach. If you have sentenced yourself to The Penitentiary of the Mind you are going to want to have a friend on the parole board (as above so below). The Avatar is a Liberator. He literally sets you free... if you will let him. I am not suggesting one join some Avatar religion, and... whatever true spiritual course you are already on... is FINE. The Avatar is the expression of them all in unity and will flood all temples whatever they may be. Everything will be new, and yet... somehow still the same.

I suppose you learn if you have been through a round of yugas. That's a lot of lifetimes. Alternatively, you could do it all in one yuga, because each yuga has a portion of all the others as it goes through its season. OR... you could do it MUCH more quickly by just going to The Source, which is, I can say with absolute conviction... resident in you at this very moment. You would not exist otherwise. That is a cosmic truth.

It is ESSENTIAL to remember that no matter how crazy it may get Out There. If you are on your center, and they are off their center, why would you even encounter them at all? It takes two to tango.

God does NOT leave his servants and friends defenseless. Each of us is attended by entities drawn to us according to what we think... and say... and do. Change that and you change your Crew. Bottom line; the forces of light are ALWAYS more powerful than The Darkness. FAR... far more powerful. They don't come around where The Light is. There is no up-side for them (grin).

You cannot effectively live if you are influenced by Fear. It indicates a poor possession of Love, which displaces Fear. Then that would lead to another kind of Possession. Increase your Love and you will decrease your Fear, until you find yourself in the demonstration of the 23rd Psalm, however it expresses itself for you. I see now why I was put through so many dark and dangerous places when I was young. The power of Spirit and your shining Shraddha will get you through anywhere, and also keep you free of it on up the road.

I keep seeing forms of behavior in the wider world. It looks like this and then it looks like that, almost like the Hokey Pokey again. I pray that China does not run into trouble with Taiwan.

End Transmission.......

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