Tuesday, October 26, 2021

"If All the Manufactured Bullshit, Presently in The Shop-Windows of the Moment Were Real...

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My friends. I am not... I hope you know that I am not... an alarmist. I hesitated to share this with you. I have no way of knowing if these people know what they are talking about with the poles shifting, planetary intruders, aliens, and God knows what else they have come up with in their active imagining of what is yet to present itself. Here is the page that briefly illustrates what is LIKELY to happen, according to them, in many varied locations around The Earth. If you go to the masthead above, you can click on ZetaTalk with the alien faces and gain a short summary of what they are up to.

I take it that Space Aliens are the source for all this. I've checked a couple dozen locations they have mentioned around The World. It is not light reading. It is also presented in a matter-of-fact way; cut and dried comes to mind.

Visit this link for pages with country specific information

Over the years, I have come across MANY different narratives about End Times. Many signs indicate we are, indeed, on the cusp of End Times. All ends lead to new beginnings, even if those beginnings do not take place... HERE. All beginnings move, inexorably toward End Times. Day progresses to Night and Night progresses to Day. The cyclicity is indisputable in ALL our affairs. All babies move to Old Age. We come and go here, my friends... we come and go.

Are we on the verge of a form of ending, beginning, or... a combination of both? I suspect it is the last of these. As I am fond of saying, The World ends for any number of people every day. It is the end of The World for each of them, even if only temporarily. Around 170,000 people will die today. Almost 7,000 will die in the next hour. Over a hundred people will die in the next minute. Around 2 people are dying by the second as it passes. It's something to think about if that is the sort of thing you think about. I've never been much for statistics. I'm with Mark Twain on that one.

Will events like this happen? When will they happen? Hmm... I SUSPECT it will NOT happen the way the Zetas allegedly say it will. The reason for that is that it NEVER happens the way anyone says it will happen. There are ALWAYS the inexplicable and unnoticed, and unexamined factors that enter in. The best example can be found in the weather forecasters. They have been so very wrong so many times in my experience.

About five years ago, I was briefly living in New Jersey. I was not comfortable in New Jersey. There were too many people, too much traffic, too many corrupt influencers of life, from government, to Media; the general atmosphere was not to my liking. Before I go any further, I should say that I have an internal guidance system on which I rely. I know this is not the case for everyone, and many who say they do are providing only lip service. It is always the difference between Intellectual and Visceral. People talk all kinds of nonsense, but... ask them to put their money where their mouth is or look more deeply into where the rubber meets the road, and you get the Humanity I generally experience.

They can't help themselves. When it actually comes to walking the talk, I don't see that much of it. This has been my experience. I don't judge people because of it. I really don't. They've got all those hostages to fortune, their investments, their bucket lists, their PLANS... and whatever it is that anchors them to this plane. They cannot think outside of that box. It's human nature. Extremity brings out the best and the worst in us.

I say that last, KNOWING that I have been as undependable as anyone else in the past. Simply because so much that was wrong in me has been corrected, should NOT give me reason to forget past failings. I know what we deal with as human beings because I have been through it. Thank God I was not too attached to any of it to let it go. That is the answer to MANY of the problems most of us face. You HAVE TO LET GO. You have to move on. There is NEVER a time you are not moving. Stop pulling that oxcart full of Stuff. Let go of bad ideas and early programming, telepathic invasion... and whatever part of yourself was holding you down.

Anyway... there I was, sitting in New Jersey when I got one of those messages that are not resistible. This kind of message just keeps coming back until I do something about it. It does not go away before that. I was told to move to a southwestern state. I spend several months researching every location in that state.

When I found The Location, it had everything I was looking for and much that I did not know I was looking for. I moved there, into the home of a friend, and have been here since. It has worked out to be a very good move. Now... I am being told that I might need to move a little further, about 200 miles from here; no pressure yet... I'm told it will all be taken care of this time. It was all taken care of last time, and the time before, and the time before. I don't know what your life is like. I do know what mine has been like.

We all have conversations that go on in our heads. What goes on in mine is not a subject for discussion in this format. You decide things for yourself OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL. If you are prudent and attentive, it tends to work out, unless there is some Purpose of Demonstration involved, and then it still works out following that. I live an untroubled existence, despite a great deal of hammers and tongs running up into recent times. Things tend to work out for me BECAUSE of who it is that I am listening to. Perhaps your receiver does not pick up on the same channel. If you know where The Dial is, you can run across the gamut. Most do not know where The Dial is, or even if there is a dial. Yes... I have been in more dangerous situations than I can remember, BUT... here I am, and no longer subject to them.

Should you pay attention to The Zetas? I know that some of you will. Are they right? What has that got to do with where you are standing? Who's in charge of that? What I do know is that this kind of message is coming from more than several locations, AND HAVE BEEN. When you think about it, every message under The Sun about The Future is broadcasting from somewhere now. They can't all be right. Wait a minute, they could be right if it applies to them. That is something to think about.

What I think is... get away from the cities!!! Be somewhere that they grow, or can grow, food. Mostly, I think, FIND GOD!!! Then you don't have to worry about anything. What happens in this Temporary World is not of great concern to me. What happens in my soul is. I KNOW that God could lift me up in a chariot of light if he wanted. There is NOTHING he cannot do. I don't expect him to lift me up in a chariot of light... but he could. God will arrange my existence, and I... will follow through.

I KNOW this can sound bizarre to some, especially those who think that they are the God in their lives. This also gives all their appetites and desires a benediction in their heads. Time will tell and we shall see. I have spent my life reading the wisest minds that have spoken and written here. It is AMAZING that they all seem to be in agreement. You know what? I'm going to let that be my guide. To each their own. I am also going to listen to my heart, and... what do you know? My heart says the same thing. The Intuition? Ditto! As for my mind... I keep that on a leash. No telling what can happen if one leaves the mind up to its usual tricks. The Heart, of course, can also be wrong, but... just as with The Mind, there is a higher and lower expression of each. That's probably the most important feature.

If climate change was a real thing. If non-binary was a real thing. If all the manufactured bullshit presently in the shop windows of the moment were real things... and if these things were true in the way they talk about them, they would not have to lie, BUT o-b-s-e-r-v-a-b-l-y, they lie. Lies do not have the same power as Truth. The only way lies can have an influence on your life is IF YOU LET THEM!!! Some lies are Fear Generators, ESPECIALLY now. The hydra-headed media is too much with us. Never before has it had such a hypnotic sway over so many of us.

There are carnal, marketplace media, and there are Heavenly media. If all you hear is the one then it is very hard to hear the other. Once you can hear the other, you can still hear the carnal, marketplace media, but it has no effect on you.

End Transmission.......

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zoob said...

See you in the next life <3

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Heh-heh-heh. I told my boss I was going to do the upstairs on 11/4 instead of 10/31 because I have to get home early because I have an appointment to get kidnapped by space aliens on 10/31 at 7:00 PM. She said "Good." Yes, she was kidding. But was I?

Well, we'll find out on Monday.

Visible said...

If you are going to write nasty things with ZERO basis in relation to me, you can't post in anonymity. I don't let cowards muck up the place. If my introduction concerning the Zetas was not crystal clear then you are just looking to stir shit. That was from 20 years ago. I had hoped the general reader would know that I AM NOT promoting anything of this order. I suspect you know this and ONLY want to stir shit and create contention. I just thought it was interesting, and it is. I've never promoted Niburu-Nemesis-Annunaki and similar here. I believe ONLY in the invisible hierarchy, the Initiatic Brotherhood, and The power of The Sun in all matters. You won't find anything else except references to Lady Nature and similar archetypes. Go away.

William Voll said...

Zeta talk had 2003 as the day of arrival for the apocalypse. Came and went just like the leader Nancy. Bunch of bullshit fantacys. I followed the zetatalk for a decade until the 2003 no show. Stupid of me.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for an 'out there' column (grin)...

No idea about the Zeta Talk website, but I had an interesting 'circumstance' around what have become known as the Greys (Zeta Reticulans):

Whitley Streiber had written a book around his experiences with the Greys, Communion: A True Story, in 1987. I was visiting some friends, and that book was laid-out on a table. As some may have seen, the book has a prominent head of a Grey on the cover. Most people I have subsequently talked-with about their first glimpse of that cover have said it shocked them, followed by a wave of fear.

In my case, it was a most unusual response. At the instant of first seeing the head, there was an almost audible 'click' of some form of communication channel being opened between it and I. Then, this strong 'telepathic voice' came out of me (probably Higher Self) which said, "You be careful. I am watching you." Totally unexpected. End 'click'. That was it.

Interesting, in it's implications...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I'm with William. In 2002 the zetas said the pole shift was not years away... not months away... It is (wait for it) merely "weeks away". hahahahaha


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Has the World Been Made into a Better place by the Efforts of These Information, Time-Share, Sales-Beings?"



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