Friday, October 29, 2021

"The Glory and Splendor of The Day, and The Mystery and Romance of Night."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Just like that, the Virginia gubernatorial election has taken a big turn. The sentiment has swept to the Republican side, making their candidate what seems like a shoo-in. This is happening in another state as well. Should they prevail, the Democrat side of things will go into an even steeper tail-spin. I am not here to talk about which are the good guys and which are the bad guys, only about the Trends in motion, and the patterns that emerge from them.

That THEY will try to steal these elections is a given. Time will tell, and we shall see.

The fever pitch hysteria of the Progressives is reaching high heat. Several of the links below illustrate this, but... there is ever so much more! It is as if whatever is inside of us is coming out. This can be very good, and very bad. It could also be, “so what, there is nothing new about that.” It is a riveting sight to see people working through the spectrum of human emotion, in which there is indisputably a polarity of negative and positive, strong and weak, self-serving, or the other side of that.

Mr. Apocalypse can be seen at every level of human interplay, both within and without. Just as there is an ether out of which the four elements are generated, there are states of feeling and states of mind that are like the ether to pedestrian human emotions and thoughts. I mean they are above and beyond them, and all other emotions and thoughts are controlled by them. You want to get into this Ether-State or Aether State. Then... though The World is composed of unruly children, they do not see you.

Very few people, who are eating ice cream for the first time, spit it out and say, “That's horrible!” It's the same with consensual sex. Be like ice cream. You see this with celebrities as a different kind of ice cream. I am talking about invisible ice cream that is so real, you can taste it.

Mystics and yogis who have done their due diligence, find sometimes that a magical liquid is running down the back of their throats. I have had this occur at rare intervals. I don't know how you get it on tap, but I would like to (grin). What I am saying is that there are super-sensual delights that are far beyond pedestrian pleasure zones. You generate these through spiritual practices, austerities, paying reverent attention to every detail in your life; where every drink you have is transcendent. The food you eat becomes living light within, and righteous industry without.

I do have a concern for the way events progress in the wider world. I don't want the sexually bent to be running things. If they twisted themselves out of shape, what do you think they intend for you and your offspring? One political party (mostly) is at least sane. They may not be utterly dependable; these people, generally... are not. So... I am happy when there is a victory for humanity in this ravishing of their fortunes by a cabal of greedy oligarchs. I like seeing parents stand up. I love people calling out behavior norms that are completely abnormal. The thing is... this is all engineered to specific ends by people with zero compassion for... ANYTHING.

It saddens me to see some of what passes before my eyes and mind every day. I am not concerned about Outcome. I KNOW God has it ALL in his/her hands= Sun and Moon-like. The glory and splendor of the day, and the mystery and romance of night. Yes... you can see the spiritual dynamic in a lot of ways. People argue about it all the time. I mean the people who don't understand it, argue about it all the time. People who understand, have fashioned their own Heaven in their hearts and minds. What is the point of disputing anything? It is or it isn't... heh heh... then again...

In my imagination's eye, I can see crystalline temples of fluid ice. They are lit by thousands of gems in locations all through this vast reach of temples. They have cloisters, nooks, and crannies, arbors, and gardens. I know such places exist because I have seen them many times in altered states. Here is an interesting consideration for living. At least it is for me. In Heaven, people are ALL of similar temperament, otherwise, they would not be in Heaven, because Heaven REALLY IS a state of mind. If you carry yourself as a citizen of Heaven, while you are afoot in this world, you will carry Heaven within you.

You can be an ambassador of Heaven as you come and go. When I am about in The World, which is not often, I see opportunities everywhere; lonely people, frustrated people, frightened people, and angry people. I also see a lot of people on Missions of the Appetite, be that of any kind you which to consider (grin). It's not just a supermarket of goods and sundries. It is a supermarket of people, and there is ALWAYS an invisible crowd around. I am never shopping for people, but I can see the need in their eyes.

Our cosmic duty is to liberate others, not bind them with selfish demands. We can do this without getting on a soapbox, whether it be a literal soapbox or a digital soapbox. You radiate what you are. Oh yes, you do. You radiate what you think and feel at all times. What if there were secret chambers in the heart? These chambers are secret because they are invisible. What if there were a portal there that led to The Ocean of Infinite Love? What if you could access that? You could radiate from that portal for all of eternity and never run out of love.

One of the greatest material (and spiritual) sources of Love is The Sun. The Sun radiates Love without ceasing. Sometimes it is a fierce and blazing love. You need some shade. Sometimes it is gentle and warming and... if your heart is open, quite palpably real. Sometimes it seems cold and distant in winter, but it shines all the same, and you can ALWAYS get warmth and love from it AT ANY TIME if you know how.

We are all female to God. Every pore in our bodies is a vagina. When one opens them to the free penetration of the conscious light of The Sun, something VERY remarkable takes place. You do know there are two, distinctly different groups of sun-worshipers? Ah... they are so very different in their objectives concerning The Sun. You have a magical key that is available to you every day of your life. It is The Sun. You can literally be fed by The Sun and there is a method by which one is processed into living, conscious light. You are ALREADY fed by The Sun. All of your vegetables and fruit come from The Sun. They are concentrated objects composed of frozen sunlight.

We have mentioned The Living Book of Nature here, now and again. You can't get it at the library. Well... you can get it at The Library, the shelves of which run far out of sight in your subconscious mind. You need to learn how to fish. That includes the bait to be used, the method employed, and the intention held. It is also a book that is right in front of you no matter where you turn. The problem is, knowing how to read it.

We go to school each day. We are NEVER out of school. We usually watch others far more than we watch ourselves. For many, life exists in the vicarious. Video game junkies and TV addicts are good examples of this. This world of the moment is a junkie's paradise. Addictions of countless kinds are operational worldwide. This is the root of all the neurosis acting out in public life. I choose to be addicted to God and addicted to Love of the highest order. I might well not reach it, but it is something to shoot for. The Brotherhood gets really selective once you get to a certain level of awareness and the schooling intensifies. This is where a lot of people drop out. The cost doesn't change. The cost is ALWAYS... everything.

Some enjoy the heat and action of the cities. I do not. I like the wild places. I like the places people don't usually go, and that is where certain luminous entities reside. There are also embodiments of elemental force, and you have to be in control of your own forces to be in harmony with them. It's not for the timid. I find the cities much more threatening than the wild. It's more like visiting the zoo, but all the cages are open.

Everything has a destiny. Cities, towns, people, animals, and flora. As Lao Tzu says, “Let life ripen and fall, force (or separated will) is not the way at all.” As small as we are by comparison with The Cosmos, this is a big planet, and billions of destinies are outworking. Also outworking is a cosmic plan. If you get with it, that will prove very good for you. If you do not get with it, it can plow you under.

The solution to every problem is within you. Heaven and Hell are within you. Harmony, it seems... is the least egregious route.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, and nighty-night.

Ray B. said...

As regards the Dems vs Reps, I have always said, "Look behind the curtain." Miles Mathis (sorry, Vis) sums this aspect up very well in one paper:

"The story was composed and is being marketed for the same reason as all the other Antifa, BLM, and CRT stories: to make you hate the left and push you right. They want to be sure you don't join any real revolution, like against masks or vaccines, so they have to create these fake revolutionaries to spoil the revolution. They did the same thing a few years ago with Occupy Wall Street, but they have turned the volume up to ten now.
They are paid to get your attention off real issues and onto manufactured ones like race theory, race wars, gender wars, Communism, trannies, white supremacy, neo-Nazis, Trump, Qanon, and so on. They don't want you fighting your governors or the ultra-rich, they want you fighting each other. They are always fomenting discord between men/women, blacks/whites, gays/straights, reds/blues, while I am trying to build coalitions. We all need to ally against the ever-more-corrupt rulers of this world.
My guess is the CIA wants to control the revolution so that it doesn't get out of hand. In real events, there is always a danger a real person may say or do something so true and cutting it starts a landslide, but in these scripted events the revolution is always steered and braked, you see. The writers can keep you on the right sort of slow boil, so that you continue to do what they want you to do even while you think you are revolting.

Plus, by being on your side in this current battle, they can gain your trust. So it will be easier to spin you in the next battle. Control is a long term thing, and it isn't achieved in one or two events. It is achieved over decades of events, as you are corralled through the proper chutes at the proper speeds."
Mathis is good at pointing-out Trends and Patterns, although his mindset does not allow for the "ever-more-corrupt rulers of this world" to be influenced/controlled by non-physical entities. This 'gap' has to be filled-in by discerning readers. Nevertheless, Mathis does a good job of pointing-out how the game is being played, Down Here...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

That changes nothing, Ray. Let me see how accurately and considerately I can put this. He and I are NOT on the same page about many things. I don't agree with him and he is way too cerebral for my tastes. I tried to be as clear as can be but that NEVER seems to work. People will always have their pet sources that affirm what they themselves believe or wish to believe. I have ONE SINGLE ISSUE, as I tried to present it. Unless God is the centerpiece of the commentary and is the motivating force behind the writer, I have no use for them, whether they are right or wrong. As I happen to know, right and wrong are relative. Let's use food as an example. I have had a lifelong aversion to pork. Some can't go a day without it. It makes neither of us completely right. It is a matter of taste. Some like the color blue, some like the color green. There is no accounting for taste. I don't like the way Mathis tastes. It's nothing personal and his writing style puts me to sleep. I lose interest very quickly with him. I'm not into that technical palette.

I prefer lyrical types. I prefer spiritual teachers. He is neither. I am glad he has an audience. I am not a member of that. I don't know why it is so hard for people to get really simple statements from me, that invariably get interpreted as judgments. I am passing no judgments on the man. I simply find him of no use to me. I HAVE found what explains existence to me, and the life one should live in that understanding of it. He does not provide me with this. I am RC Cola, he is Pepsi and never the twain shall imbibe together.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the polite, educated comment. I see the situation as a difference in our 'styles':

In my interpretation of your viewpoint (sorry), you take a top-down view of things. Whatever rolls-down here is correct, because it ultimately comes from all-God. Don't spend time worrying about it. (And this is correct.)

My viewpoint came from my Higher Self informing me that all the Chakras had equal value. The higher chakras were not 'better' than the lower chakras, for example. Each chakra-level of existence did have different consequences in a life, but they were regarded as equal by all-God.

So, since I can never directly experience all-God (no one can; there is no subject:object relationship at that level), I spend time 'investigating' all the different levels of existence which I can reach, higher and lower: (Real) elves, stone-circle-entities, (real) angels, and such. They all have equal 'value' to all-God, but different understandings of Reality. For me, Mathis is one who covers Down Here very well. (Only on Down Here, so his findings have to be integrated with Higher-level understandings.)

My observation is that we have different expectations of life: You appear to like to be 'surprised' by all-God. On the other hand, I like to be 'pre-set to go' as much as possible. (All-God will do as it will, of course.)

Different strokes for different folks...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

You know, that is all irrelevant to me. No matter how you angle it, the square peg has only the most painful access. I have NOTHING against your boy. He's just not for me. A lot of what he says, I KNOW is wrong, but he is slick like that and he can fudge the margins. Believe this... I study the subject BEFORE I comment. I don't appreciate the guy and I have been very reserved in saying what I really think. I keep that to myself. I will say again; when the writer does not acknowledge God as their inspiration, or that they even seek this... and rather peddle some version old and new about how things work, I am left unmoved. I'm sure he's great to hang out with for some people. He puts me to sleep in the same way Rudolph Steiner does. Steiner did a great deal of good and made positive changes, but he put me to sleep and I could not read him. It was the same thing with Kant. Yeah... he might be telling the truth. sort of, but I can't possibly wade through all that to find it, and DIDN't HAVE TO anyway because there are other roads up the mountain. Mathis is not one for me.

I've no use for people like this and don't expect to suddenly think so. He puts me to sleep, and not in a good way. I am truly pleased that he works for you but he does not work for me. I could, actually, point out one event or another where he went left when the cosmos actually goes right... or doesn't move at all, but I retreat from such actions anymore. I would much rather listen to someone else. He's like John Coltrane with jazz. Lots of people like him. I can't stand to listen to him. It's a bunch of screaming noise; are those who like him wrong? Not at all. They like screaming noise. A Love Supreme sounds like Hell forever to me. No argument will change my mind. He is what he is but he's not for me. Let's move on to something workable. This is not.

Anonymous said...

Then there's the other "A Love Supreme" by John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana.

robert said...

Visible One to Many,

How the power of words to create reality has been hijacked!

Those who study know that the implicate order, unseen, generates the projection that we call the physical world.

We know that the objective world is based upon the order of the One mind, so real objective reality must be accessed by more than sense data reporting only the reflections.

The scientific method of western culture and the method of spiritual scientists throughout time involves engaging the physical spill out from the inner perfect order, testing our comprehension of it by the logical consequences that proceed from the laws of the One Mind.

But today's seekers are confounded by pervasive mind control via the language, utilized in cold selfishness and inverted faith to deceive and confuse.

Those who reflect their conception against the Akashic library to test for truth are accused of being "subjective"!

Since the goal of the control freaks under control by the black hole polarity is to render everyone else down to mere subjects, again we see purely inverted projection staining their word wielding.

Just as anyone can search the web of Intermind for information, wading through all the cesspools of ego-limited agendas, if they are armed with intrepidity, so anyone may access the Akashic library, provided their intention and their will is aligned with service to the One and not to that of the selfish few.

It is a mystery why we latch on to other people's authority, playing favorites with limited minds, to abdicate our responsibility to directly comprehend the Source well enough to share without raising error.

In a subtle way, the way we selectively follow other people's digested thoughts feeds our selfish focus, substituting following their minds instead of our own hearts and the Mind of the One.

We are not being self-less, giving ourselves away by nodding in agreement with other human loci, but short-sightedly choosing a false group think to maintain our subjective state of control.

Just as a pinhole camera takes in the entire depth of field with minimal distortion, so the smaller our minds focus, the more clearly we see the entire holistic order.
Narrow is the way, not of heart but of mental focus. If our aperture is too broad, nothing whole is in focus and coherency is distorted into fearful phantoms.

Taking in other people's creative expression is part of the fun but can wear us out IF we choose known deceivers or the ego-centric to run through our reflective comparisons against the Akashic mirror, to sift the chaff down to true kernels of knowing.

The primary problem is our use of language on and about our local locus of consciousness.
All too easy to lie to ourselves ESPECIALLY if we adopt the coarse-grained, NLP-weaponized slang and easy label making patter being sold to the mass mind!

All to hold off our purpose from ourselves, all to divert our responsive nature away from turning our selves inside out and being a conduit from our broken heart to creation around us.

Holding our own feet to the fire is the only way to learn to walk a path of harmless harmony:
Burning our personal preferences which impede the will of the One "who brung us" to this dance.
Turning our loving attention to specific human temples only to provide feedback useful to their own disrobement from self-imposed strait-jackets

Then the Sun's light can light us up properly and we re-radiate with no effort other than keeping our balance by focus on the entirety, the One, the perfect heaven from which we spring.

Letting go of all of our baggage can no longer be put off for some other time
We must learn to float above the carnage, shining like fireflies to light up this stage so everyone can discern what time it is.

Visible said...

That was really well said, Robert.

David Gold said...


Wow !

My favorite Things was my favorite make out song in my parents basement in 1965 which
I psychedelicized and named it "Club Sidney"

Anonymous said...

I always preferred Charlie Parker, Lester Young and Roland Kirk(blind and blowing three horns at once) to Coltrane and his dissonance.


Visible said...

I've never been a fan of dissonance and what I call- Freeway Jazz. I love Jazz but my tastes run between Brazilian Jazz and Al Dimeola. I mostly like a classical touch in the free-form template... oh right... free-form has no template.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It is The Fluid of Your Living, in a System of Your Being, Where It Works Like the Blood Flows."



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