Wednesday, November 03, 2021

"People Don't Get that The Aquarian Age is A Real Thing. It Has an Atmosphere; The Age of Universal Brotherhood."

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It may mean nothing to you at all, and... true, it might come to nothing at all, but... last night, evidence of a change in the winds, that blow certain information into the mind of humanity, has made a shift. Instead of what looked like an ever more depressing environment, lo and behold; Critical Race Theory went down last night. So did a lot of other ugly Patterns trying to turn into Trends. Will it all be better? I can't speak for everyone. What is certain is that “Let's Go Brandon” was the death knell for this front exercise toward Socialism, which takes more and gives less, but... that is not the intended destination. Communism was the intended destination.

I've been trying to tell a tale of positive outcomes. The World does not have to devolve into chaos and uncertainty, though... in some places, it probably will, for The Purpose of Demonstration. You don't have to be in such a place. People are seeing their way of life exposed to all kinds of undesirable activities. When you come for people's children... that's over the line. Sometimes when you push a nation, it responds. That brings a change for the better throughout humanity. The bad guys have overplayed their hands.

This is one of the things about seeking God and finding God, is that God can be found in his qualities. If you practice his qualities, he will come to you. He is present in all of us at all times. He can activate himself in anyone he chooses. This is how The Awakening is coming about. It is going to lead to a spiritual renaissance.

People don't get that The Aquarian Age is a real thing. It has an atmosphere. It is called The Age of Universal Brotherhood. Life does not have to go on in humdrum patterns until the humdrum is the desired frequency. Then you just turn The Dial; the dial that has been mentioned a time or two, and you adjust the temperature to your liking. The World was created for you. It is up to you what you make it. I have always believed that one should be a giver, not a taker. Take only when it is an act of giving.

Something that often holds people back is their regret and disgust at the way they might have been at one time. It is this collective guilt that has trapped much of the rest of humanity. The nature of The Coming Age breaks that spell. It's okay to be in high spirits if your heart is right. Some celebrate evil with the same enthusiasm. I don't fancy their chances.

The past two thousand years (a lot of events took place in that time span). There was a lot of cross swimming fish, sacrifice, regret, suffering on the cross. We are coming into a new permutation of that. This period is more to my liking, once it gets the noise settled. Right now it's kind of Bouncy Castle, with predictable results. It appears we are getting a reprieve on the horizon. Maybe it will still be Doom and Gloom in places, but not everywhere. If it is not in your heart, it is not in your life... or it bears thinking about... heh heh.

God has his finger on the pulse of existence. A great many people do not want to talk about or hear about God. And those that do are often involved in some belief system of the approved variety. I don't care who wears what outfit and goes around making hand signs. That is their area of theater. I care about the sweet living springs of The Almighty, who is a sanctuary in the wild and a fastness in the heart. God is a living presence. If you practice that, you will... eventually... maybe (grin) find yourself in that presence. Results vary, depending on Karma.

There are times when God, in unknown presence, is right in the midst of us. You have to keep your eyes open. He ALWAYS has his eyes open even when he is dreaming. It comes with the territory. You can... absolutely... have God in your life. You have to prepare a place, but that might take no time at all. Then... depending on his schedule, and depending on your karma, which kind of dictates his schedule; "Johnny Lonesome, appt in Samara, on the Road to Damascus, 9:00AM." Next!

I realize that I inject humor (try to) into the postings. The jury might be out on the matter of whether it is humor, but... it is good to point out that I am not one hundred percent serious at all times. There are different ways to make a point. That is one of them. At the same time, what is the point? If you can find a way to tell people the truth without offending them, I suggest you do so. Sometimes it is ill-advised to tell the truth. Does that mean being dishonest? Absolutely not. It just means you don't have to say anything at all.

Of course... let us say, you have a sense of humor. Some people don't. Seriously. You have got to know that going in. The good news is that God has all sorts of ingenious humor, and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks to the contrary. Good things are going to happen. Do I have any proof of that? It's an inner thing, and all outer things precipitate from inner things. So... yeah... I have that sort of proof. It's what I call self-evident. Not everyone can see it. Once again, that doesn't matter.

If you go with what God thinks, you will find yourself in divine surroundings. Otherwise, look around you. Who is it that brought you there? God is multi-purpose. He has a tow truck service that operates 24-7 and he WILL pull you out of the ditch. You got to call though. Some people have the number. God gives you a number. The Devil gives you his card. Both are, “At your service!” Everybody gets what they came here for.

Though my life has sometimes spoken otherwise, I am a man of peace. Life puts you on the mean streets and you have to learn how to look after yourself. This is especially true if you are on one of those Mission Lives, where you are purpose-driven. It can take you through rough country, but... it WILL take you through. There is NO ONE to be found ANYWHERE that can be relied on like God can. I am living proof of this, and I suspect it is true of others too. Miracles are dispensed every day. Often they are not seen. It is also a blessing that allows us to continue free of strife if we put ourselves in the way of it.

I don't live in Virginia, or in New Jersey, where it looks like it has ALSO happened, but... I know what a siege they have been under. I don't live where people are shoved around for masks and where vaccination paranoia is a problem. I don't CHOOSE to live in such places, and there will ALWAYS be other places where the passing is more serene. There will be places for kindred hearts wherever there are kindred hearts.

This country has gone sideways quite a few times in its history. Bad things were done, and good things too. These days people are going at history with a blowtorch revisionism. Well, history has never been recorded right... wait, surely a few times the truth was told. I've come across it, here and there in all sorts of ways. Whatever this country has been, I suppose this is all part of that, but... if you ask me, I would say this country has good bones, and it beats what is happening everywhere else, AND THAT IS WHY they are trying to make it like everywhere else. The system works here. Yeah... the game may be rigged, but I don't see things the way that temporal eyes do. God is in charge. I don't concern myself with right and wrong in my life. That battle is over.

There are ALWAYS two sides to The Will of God in the human mind. That might be why he doesn't spend a lot of time in either of them. He is what he does. The outcome? I don't know, but He does, and he will let me know what I need to know when I need to know it. He has already proven that on several occasions. We all have what 'looks like' divine intervention in our lives. If it is a Mission Life then it is required more often. The Divine Life expresses through those on a mission for humanity. He leaves footprints. I have seen the footprints and followed them. I am still following them. I will ALWAYS be following them because his will is absolute. Most people don't get that because of the Two Sides to The Will of God argument.

Sometimes it goes your way and that is the side of it that you are on. Sometimes it does not go your way, yadda yadda. IF... and that is a big IF... you just go the way it goes in a positive fashion, you resolve the need for asking questions or having arguments. It IS The Way IT IS. It's like a slippery fish or trying to hold Mercury steady on a mirror on your hand; though why you would need to do that. Okay... as an image then. God is motionless, in utter stability. When human minds come into contact with that... well they have a lot of terms that are used. There IS a System. It has been in existence since well before recorded history. It is a kind of reservoir from which pours Divine Love and Ageless Wisdom. You could call it the Fountain of Truth.

Some look for the Fountain of Youth. They are both the same. It is a miracle cure-all for everything. Yeah... if only they would bottle it! It doesn't work like that. The Fountain is within. Humanity has been going the wrong way for a long time. It is the absence of Brotherhood that made so much carnage possible. Yes... there are specific bad guys who have done foul things. They are not my department. Now... humanity is being re-directed en masse, but because of so many different levels of being in need of adjustment, the trauma will be severe in some places, and wondrously fine in others. It is a matter of personal preference where you wind up.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This totally resonates. Know it when you need to know it, get rescued from dire circumstances. . .

Just lately. . .I went to petrol station and actually filled up my own tyres. Discovered one had a leak, took it to a garage, and lo and behold! Nail in tyre. (I suspect sabotage, have suspect, no proof of course, and am contemplating putting a curse on him. 😉 Then again, from what I'm reading it seems I may not have to.) Tyre had to be replaced.

I swear, sometimes it seems like your posts get better every day.

Duntoirab said...

God speaking to me through you seems to be how he chooses to do it.
Or maybe I'm finally paying attention.


Innokentiy said...

Karma, I'm ready bring it on !!!!

Visible said...

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