Thursday, November 11, 2021

"A Great Amount of the Real Luster and True Beauty is Obscured by its Passing Through the Carnal Mind."

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All the many lives of people... famous for a brief hour. Then they are gone; actors and actresses all. Politicians, Industrialists, Hookers, and depraved followers of The Back Door Process of Reversed Kundalini; perhaps they believe redemption may come sooner if they have a lot to regret. They take themselves so seriously, and... after many a trip to the high tower, the petals fall and they are no longer here at all until they return for the harvest in the next life... and what will they harvest?

Why would people chase that hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes called Fame?

The seasons of a mortal coming and going here, inexorably and relentlessly go through their paces; the sadly redundant, endless occurrence of mistakes. When you stop being a child, Time becomes a factor. That factor intensifies as it passes... until you are passed.

You get to play any role you can think of here. Keeping in mind that your previously incurred debts will follow you in and add their color and commentary to what comes after. So it is that one can become famous and infamous at the same time. One can be remembered through many seasons for their works, but what of the life the works were created in? Sometimes the conditions were terrible indeed, because all of what you were, factors into what your present experience exhibits... and what you are becoming.

All of it is irrelevant... beyond the moment all traces of your works have gone away. Who do we remember from Atlantis now? Who do we remember from Lemuria, and what came before that, and before that, and before that? What an endless reach of time it is. There were, of course, heroes and villains; the odd genius who sang through a few centuries. We have no record of them now. Fame and accomplishment are overrated... unless they come as testimony to a sincere devotion to the ineffable.

What is the point of being remembered by people who will soon not remember any of this at all? It is far, far better to be remembered by The Sun... at whose command the Wind and Rain do dance. The Sun works through the moon, to move the tides and the human moods. That is the realm of The Personality. The Sun is the realm of The Individuality. One light shines through them all. It is present in every star in the sky. It is present within all life because there is no life otherwise. It might be useful to note that The Moon is a dead planet, and The Sun is the very source of life.

We've heard of being moonstruck. We see why Hecate and others have been associated with The Moon and what their characteristics are. We know there is a false light, and a true light, and that ALL light comes from one source, but as it moves from the most rarefied and sublime of sources to ever denser expressions, some... maybe a great amount... of the luster and true beauty is obscured by its filtering through the carnal mind.

It is not that so many things are wrong in life. If it is true that Woman was the cause of The Fall From Grace, it is also true that ONLY through woman shall we rise again. In other words, the whole thing was a set up for The Purpose of Demonstration, in order that life might have an enduring drama, as it moves through all the costumery and buffoonery of the performances. God doesn't like being alone, even though a part of him is eternally so. Another part is deeply and intimately involved in life. He wants playmates! That we do not know the rules of the game does not make him a bad playmate.

God wants to have fun, but much of what humanity gets up to is no fun at all. EVERYTHING has consequences and that is what teaches us The Rules. HOWEVER... when you want something that carries a lingering and unpleasant aftertaste, you will be sure to get it. It is not God's fault that you don't know what to ask for. He does his level best to give you everything you ask for. Are you now happy with your earlier requests?

Ask for what is worth having. Pay no attention to the pain and pleasure that visit, due to previous errors in judgment. They WILL pass away, and if you don't spend your time pursuing the one... you won't wind up with the other.

One of our biggest hindrances is that we do not know how to properly visualize and imagine. We are also far too much invested in the temporary dances of matter. This binds us to unpleasant experiences. LITERALLY, and I do mean LITERALLY... want nothing and see what happens. Conversely, want something to the exclusion of everything else... LITERALLY, and see what happens. There are principles of Magic that are there to be had, but no one seems to want to pay attention. When someone says that “Concentration is the secret of the magical art.” What do you think that means? When someone says, “All Magic is in The Will.” What do you think that means?

According to a source that I trust, The Tarot was invented in the 12th Century in Fez, Morocco. Wise teachers of men, from the far reaches of what passed for civilization in those days, had gathered to discuss The Coming Dark Age, and what they might do to preserve The Initiatic Teachings UNTIL the Light of The Avatar arrived. As legend has it, one of them took a stick and started drawing in the sand. As they were all wise people, they immediately understood his intention. They took the cosmic principles and archetypes and put them in pictorial form, for the same purpose that symbols and sigils are used.

They, perhaps... discussed in whose hands they should leave this device. Someone suggested the gypsies who were known for fortune-telling and gambling. They were also known for traveling through the lands. They were nomads, as many of them still are today. The Tarot was concealed as playing cards, because The Wise KNEW that Vice was not going anywhere, and... what better place to hide Ageless Wisdom than there? Perhaps... this is all artifice and happened differently. As we have been at pains to mention here... there are two sources for History. There is the folded, spindled, and mutilated revisionist version of History, and there is Occult History.

There has been a big shift in the climate of life. One can see much evidence of Doom and Gloom in The Event Horizon. All over The World, you can hear the horses of The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse stamping their hooves. That is not the shift I am talking about. That is the climate being shifted. All sorts of events that should not have happened, and conditions that should not have appeared, are now happening and appearing all over. The Light is breaking upon The Darkness of The World. The plots and schemes of the agents of Darkness are unraveling. One of the ways in which Evil destroys itself is that it trusts no one. It is always projecting that others are as desperate and untrustworthy as it is... so they are endlessly hedging their bets and betraying one another. The metaphor of rats abandoning a sinking ship is most appropriate.

What you imagine is likely to happen, according to your observations, may well prove to be wrong. We have to remember that many of the politically correct-minded, the social justice warriors and similar types... are not wrong in their desire for a more fair world. Unfortunately, The World IS NOT FAIR, not by any stretch.

You know? Let us rather say that The World does not appear to be fair. This is because we NEVER have more than half the story. We don't know the events that set up what we see in the present. They might have happened a long time ago. It is also QUITE LIKELY that those pressing for wider equity, diversity, and acceptance-without-exception, were the greatest offenders in the past against what they are now promoting, as they try to clean up their messes, using the same stupid tactics that got them into this sequence in the first place.

The power of “I don't know” is PROFOUND. Few realize this because their understanding is Intellectual, not Visceral. A lot of The World's problems will be solved when more people have a gut understanding of what they only give lip service to now. When great change comes upon a society, USUALLY... the rabble-rousers and murderous misanthropes are pushed to the margins, or done away with, in the secondary stages of change. It is The Middle that holds the extremes together, and the best government comes out of understanding this. This is why the revolutionaries are now seeking to destroy The Middle Class.

And who is it that is behind the terrible policies of these times? Who owns The Media? It is The Media that brings everything to our attention that is not word of mouth. Who owns the entertainment companies that make the films and music we see and hear? Who composes The Central Bankers? Who FINANCES all of the alt-sex organizations? Who created Communism and were its major players? Who ran the show? Who is NOW promoting it through CRT and all sorts of other vehicles? Who is behind BLM and Antifa? Who was Saul Alinsky? Who heads the teacher's union and The CDC? Who is financing these massive immigration movements? Who controls the flow and content of information? What is The Frankfurt School?

Who manufactured the vaccines that are not vaccines???

There is a reason I call them, The Usual Suspects.

If you take a morning or afternoon to get the names that are the answers to these questions, please let me know if you came to some other result than I did. I checked who all the players are in these areas, and many I have not mentioned, that are ancillary to it all. It's like 2 and 2 equal four. Every time I add them together it comes to the same sum. Some people like to serve The Darkness, and some to serve The Light, regardless... they are all birds of a feather.

End Transmission.......

I saw a mini-series called, “Hidden Japan.”

Because I liked it so much, I kept looking for similar, and so I found, “Wild China” which is a six-part documentary.

If you like Nature films I will be listing many examples in coming weeks.

Some few links=

This guy can be truly brilliant. He's firing on all cylinders here. I had a falling out with a Facebook reader who thought I was addressing mixed marriages in life itself. I felt really bad about this because I really like the guy, but in this age of Woke, there is nothing you can say. What I was actually talking about is amply portrayed in this video (timestamped from 7m 9 seconds)=

He is also very good here. He's actually pretty consistently good and one of the few that I watch because he isn't selling me something=

I had a trial very much like this. I was facing a life sentence, or... let me put it this way. I was facing 60 years mandatory. The same thing happened. God showed up in the courtroom. My trial had much funnier events and it had NEVER happened in that state before, where someone facing 3 Class A felonies was acquitted due to entrapment. It has not happened since. Here is VINTAGE Mr. Apocalypse at work=

Unz is Tribe-monitored, but this spells it out regardless=

Mike Whitney; The Unz Review-
Via The Truthseeker

Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda

Jewish Slave Owners


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Still a'waitin' fer ma Akashic Library Card, and 'icing on the cake'.

Uncomfortable for a while, but good is everything that is destroying the system. If it 'kills' someone, they transition outta here to where they deserve to be; be it good, bad, or indifferent. They still are, only somewhere else; so whoop-de-doo. I can't wait to be outta here myself, and I no longer mourn the transitioned, though I don't like how it happens many times. Watching a cat run into a moving car and dying in front of me did NOT make my day. The possibility of me having spooked it into running into the street was not a good feeling, despite the fact that cat was sent to where I wanna be.

Me thinks we get what we deserve, bein' here. I asked for this. I also wanna kick my former self for asking for it, but I may change my mind after I'm outta this infernal effluvia vat of a realm. After all, I'm at the point where I never wanna see it again, and I suppose getting to that state of mind was the point. I seemed to have programmed my life to get instantly corrected when I go off track, too. Sometimes I get a warning, and I better heed it.

Oh, what can I say; other than 'Nostrils up'?


Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for this column. Appreciated.

Concerning Manifestation and The Usual Suspects:

To change a given system, one has to "get outside" the system. So, one has to entertain the possibility that there is Something beyond the all-enclosing-bubble which The Usual Suspects have set up. We have been denied viewing of that Reality for so long that it may seem nonsensical to even imagine Something Greater. But there is...

The way I have approached Manifestation and The Usual Suspects is to learn all I can about the present 'System', seen and unseen. Vis gives a good overview of this System in many columns.

Then, one has to 'collect' all of this in a kind of bubble. Put everything associated with The Usual Suspects into this 'container' (make it anything you are comfortable-with). This includes everything - good, bad, ugly, and beautiful - and includes both the past and present. It is a BIG bubble...

The next is a three-part process: First, get quiet and do whatever you do to get in touch with Higher Sources (all-God, Angels, Helpers, etc.). Second, when you sense you have 'contact', present the bubble and explicitly say that you perceive a Problem. (Yes, all-God is perfect and all that, but the Universe may be waiting for you to notice what might be a less-than-optimal situation.) Have the Higher Source note what is in the bubble, and your intuition that there might be a higher 'solution' than that which is currently manifesting. It is best to do this from a dispassionate state, without anger or sadness.

Third, really, really be aware that you (as a human, Down Here) have No Idea of the Bigger Picture. Be humble. However, you do have a good snail's-eye-view how things have worked-out, Down Here. You can impeccably report on that. As part of that, simply ask for the "Best and Highest" (or whatever phrase fits for you). That acknowledges you have no idea of the many Possibilities, and leaves it for the Higher Source to sort-out what is "Best and Highest" in it's view.

Then, simple thank the Higher Source and sign-out. You have done all you could. Whatever happens now will be "Outside the System". Cool...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible One among Many,

One of our biggest hindrances is that we do not know how to properly visualize and imagine. We are also far too much invested in the temporary dances of matter

When our proper use of imagination has been subverted and hijacked by passive trances passing as entertainment, we imagine only what we are told is possible by the media industrial complex, the real and present danger (MIC)

When we feed with our creative energy the demented dragging design of the self-centric soul sippers.

When we hold ourselves in thrall to our own vain excuses rather than face the music rising from our spirit breathing

When we have been tricked for untold generations into trading our birthright for things which bind us to delusions of mattering

When we use up all our power against our best interests just to rationalize suffering in slumber

Then wonder why our part time dreaming only brings us experiences partial to pent up feeling....

Withdraw our consent and the con spins way into darkness and the conners crave surcease without success.

Where I don't know, feeling will flow

Where I don't know, knowing will follow

Where I don't know, the will to live is unending

Why not let go of what anchors us to drowning moments?

When did we become so locked in to our mental basket case?

Who are we emulating but dying examples, servants of the damned dangling over their death throes?

What a difference our experience will be when we become nothing more that all that is?

Peace after pain, power after surrender, Love before all else

Anonymous said...

Once you start looking, you see "the usual suspects" turning up everywhere and over a very long time and it's impossible to miss. It's as you said the other day most people don't care. If it does not directly involve them, they will just keep their head down and hope not to be singled out.
What's to be done? I'm not sure there's anything any of us can do but watch and perhaps 'plant seeds'.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You Even Get a Certificate that You Can Put on Your Wall. Now... How About That?"



Joseph Brenner

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