Tuesday, April 30, 2024

"That Part of The Operation is like The Subconscious Mind. A Lot Goes on There, but You Can't See It... Except in Dreams."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Existence is like a waterwheel. Try to put that image in your mind because it is very important. It's important if you have any interest in knowing how things work. Many people do not. Lots of people are like crows... crows like bright shiny things. Many people are like many different kinds of animals and that animal nature keeps them from seeing the process they are locked into.

Once again, but not in some while, let me include the quote by Shankara; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones." Life runs in currents like the ones in the ocean, Current go to specific locations. Some lifeforms ride the currents because it is their nature, and... some lifeforms get caught in the currents. Currents have a lot to do with mating and feeding. These are two principal causes of mortality, and two places in your body where Prana operates.

Prana also operates in the breath. Of course... Prana is more complicated than that, but...

...nothing beats Tantra for complications. It has always amused me when people try to pass themselves off as Tantra Masters. Europe has plenty of them, and... they come and go in The Hawaiian Islands... where there are rich host bodies of trustfunders, and people who have money for whatever the reasons. Usually, the reason is that Heaven is not fond of what you've been up to, and wants to teach you a lesson, OR... you spent a lot of time building up treasures where rust and moths do corrupt; same thing.

I do not treat with complexities. My setup is much simpler than that, and getting simpler by the day. As The Divine comes more and more into presence within, one has less need to know anything, and... since most of what we know is not so... in the way that we know it, and... not true to begin with... once the emptying out process goes into operation... most everything goes away... somewhere. Perhaps there is a knowledge burial ground somewhere. Schools of higher learning would be an excellent location for it.

Knowledge is the sworn enemy of wisdom. Knowledge is dense and complex. Wisdom is light and simple, though... it can be incredibly deep because real wisdom runs all the way to The Fountains of Conscious Light.

I said that existence is like a waterwheel. Oh! There are plenty of metaphors one could use, but... for the purpose of this explication, a waterwheel is a good picture.

Let us get a handful of examples of people on the waterwheel. Let's start at the top. Hmm... The Clintons... Taylor Swift... Donald Trump... Joe Biden... Satanyahu... a Whitman's Sampler of pimps and ho's, and anyone you want to add that is at the pinnacle of worldly success. I left some obvious names out because I am not certain they are either a pimp or a ho. This waterwheel turns on an axle of Time. It is connected to a mill that sits in the middle of a body of water that flows around it like the water in a moat. The water in most moats does not have a current. This one does and the waterwheel drives it.

The waterwheel and the small circular island that the mill sits on are stationary... except for the mill wheel that turns in the center. The substance that the mill is grinding is concealed within the structure that contains it. Also... you cannot see where the substance(s) is/are coming from... or where it goes after it is ground fine. Think of that part of the operation as being like The Subconscious Mind. A lot goes on there, but you can't see it... except in dreams.

The waterwheel has spokes... as many wheels do, and each spoke is a demarcation line... marking a transitionary phase between planes of existence. The planes stay where they are, but the people on the wheel keep on moving.

There is another waterwheel that turns here, but... you can't see it... often you do not know the names of those who come and go on this wheel. Sometimes you will hear their names from out of the lands of myth and legend.

That hour in The Sun... for those in pursuit of temporal success... comes at the top of the wheel, as the ambition and dreams that carried them... comes... in its inexorable fashion... to the top of the wheel... from which it begins its decent. When the wheel reaches the bottom... the lifeforms are routed toward further destinies... through slot portals that open for transmigration, and also... transmogrification.

One portal opens into The Devic Realm... then a number of portals open into various locations within The Devic Realm. One opens into The Infernal Kingdom of The Rakshasas and The Asuras; everything may go by different names... depending on the traditions you associated yourself with. A portal opens into The Mineral Kingdom... The Animal Kingdom... The Insect Kingdom... The Human Kingdom, and so on... and so forth.

So... one should never be resentful of the SEEMING success of others. Failure follows success like day follows night, AND... the more spectacular the success... the more spectacular the failure. The more intense the pleasure... the more intense the pain. The greater the good and service that is associated with one's passage on the wheel, the greater the return in kind. The greater the evil and disservices rendered... well... you do the math.

Everything... is... under... control. I know it doesn't seem that way, therefore... there follows the anxiety and resentment that accompanies everyone... who sees only injustice... in every direction they turn. The two wheels overlay each other... both of them are turned by Time. One opens into portals that lead to other sequences of Time, AND... even forgotten and historical periods of time. You'd be surprised what is possible because ... ANYTHING is possible. The other opens into portals of Eternity.

Everything inter-phases with everything... in every area where relevance... similarities, and whatever associations there may be... do apply. You have heard of the journey of a thousand miles. You are familiar with every road... that does not end in wilderness... leading to another road. Whatever you set your sights and your will upon... if you remain consistent with that objective... YOU WILL ATTAIN TO IT.

In every moment one has the option of continuing on or... well... the possibilities are endless. However... something there is that keeps so many bound to the waterwheel... and this something... is also endless in its permutations. The wheel turns forever, just as the fires of desire burn forever... only the direction of the latter changes or... can change.

Here is an interesting dichotomy. Why is it that passion advertises so much that it never delivers, and then... almost always ends with a sense of loss? Yet... people go back to the well again, and again... ad infinitum... expecting something different each time. The same sense of loss attends each effort, BUT then... the pressure builds once more, and it will build, and continue to build... until the life force is once again spent... until it can no longer sustain itself in that form.

Everything you see going on around you or that you hear about at a distance... through the filters employed by those... who package information... in the way they want it to be consumed... is artifice. It is Nature... invisibly conformed to appearances... dictated by those who shape appearances... to maintain subliminal control... over The Walking Clueless.

Have you ever seen so many troops show up for campus protests? Have you ever seen so many arrests for peaceful protests? Only a couple of years ago... they were arresting almost no one. Have you seen the snarling... cursing... teeth-baring scions of The Overlords? Do you see The State coming out in force everywhere for their Israeli masters?

Yesterday, I mentioned this in the links at GAB.

It is what I have been saying. I did not know it to be true, but that voice within me confirmed it, and then I saw this article. Kapow!!! That voice does not only speak on spiritual matters. It speaks on everything, including the most pedestrian and prosaic things. It turned out I was absolutely right without actually knowing it. Well... I wasn't right. The one speaking to me was right. I love The Voice of The Intuition!

What you see happening is all orchestrated, BUT not by the people who think they are orchestrating it. Now they are putting real pressure on the people who front for them in elected office. They want to get control of the narrative again, so... they are activating their people to come to the front of the opposition, just like they did with The Civil Rights Movement... so that it will appear that THEY were the authors of change the whole time... instead of the original cause of what they are now fighting against. Their empire of lies and financial control is falling apart.

They just did this in the place where they herded all those people for target practice.

Why... it's just like shooting fish in a barrel, AND... the whole world is watching. Look at what else is just coming out, and which the media they control has turned a blind eye to.

Bigger wheels are now turning. These are the wheels of destiny that handle nations... and populations. These are the wheels that shift the balance of powers, that route the force of will that we all use to get things done.

This is The Wheel of Ages... The Celestial Clock... fixed upon The Rock of Ages... and turning, and turning... indifferent to every effort to stop or reverse it. Indifferent to the suffering and tears... that will end... at some point... further up the road, because The Wheel is turned by the one who also spins The Loom that weaves all fate... by the one who unrolls The Scroll of Destiny... already written.

Jolly... jolly... jolly good! Okay! Pack it up, boys. We're done here. We've got another show in another town tomorrow. That caravan needs to arrive at the nothing it set out from. Hurry up now! Hurry up and wait. Jolly Good!

End Transmission.......

My friends... a few of our readers are experiencing difficulties with their health; serious difficulties. There is NOTHING so serious that The Divine cannot resolve it between one heartbeat and the next. So... I ask you to pray-believing for our friends Jeff and Twee... as well as our friend, William. God hears your prayers and He likes nothing better than when we pray with our whole heart for someone else. Thank you.

For a week now, I have been reading this commentary on Sufism. At first, I was a bit put off by the rigid fundamentalism in the beginning, BUT... I kept with it and it has repaid me in priceless teachings and... well... you'll have to read it yourself. Every so often something comes along that is worth the time. This is one of those!!!!!!!

by Reynold A. Nicholson

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Thursday, April 25, 2024

"Don't Worry about What's Going on Out There. That's for People too Stupid to See that They've been Swept Up into a Mob."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Recent times have been a real eye-opener for me. I used to hear about a Phoenician Dynasty. Now I hear about a Venetian Dynasty, and I'm pretty sure that both of these are blinds cooked up by the people who actually are running things behind the scenes... or are allowed to think that they are... for a little while... until The Purpose of Demonstration shows up.

I am fortunate that... on several occasions... I was allowed behind the curtains of material appearances to get a look at the hierarchies that contain and control the two areas that both manipulate and inspire The Human Experience. I'm speaking of The Supernal and Infernal governments that rule The Hive Mind from different locations. One involves an angelic hierarchy. The other involves a demonic hierarchy, and it's pretty much a choice that each of us makes... which of these is to be the ruling authority in our lives.

In Times of Material Darkness, the pull of carnal enterprises and material things is quite strong, so... most people... possessed of weak wills... are easily led into traps where they are bled dry and discarded. The fires within eventually consume the one who hosts them, and one either desires or aspires. If you are descending into The World of Appetites, you will be chewed up and digested by them. If you are moving out of The World of Appetites... these same fires fuel your escape... in similar fashion to how booster rockets work.

It is in just such times as these that a person... who is mindful of the situation... can accomplish a quantum leap spiritually. Not everyone wants to do this. The lure of material things and carnal experiences is too great. You should also keep in mind that there is a not insignificant portion of the population that is dedicated to self-interest and this is a big highway, and it leads to Hell. Both Hell and Heaven are quite real, and people have good reasons... they think... to want to be in either one of these.

As we mentioned... there are two hierarchies, and as the song goes, ♫ you got to serve somebody. Well... it might be The Devil and it might be The Lord, but you got to serve somebody ♫ (you think Tavistock wrote that?) Make no mistake on that account, and they both hinge on how an individual handles that issue of service; whether it be self-service or... selfless service. There are the two main determiners of Destiny.

I hear names batted about from time to time. I hear about bloodlines... Orsini... Van Duyn... Rothschild... Russell... Reynolds... Onassis... Li... Most of those names are actually latecomers. One could say that they are the ones in front of ♫ the man who squats behind the man who works The Soft Machine ♫ If you've heard any names... they aren't the names of the families that are actually behind the families you've heard about.

People are very mistaken about how they understand what is called Good and Evil. The fact is that ONLY God is Good. Everything else, and everyone else is less than Good, and dwells in that metaphorical region of Shades of Gray. Evil flourishes because of the shades of gray. Real and accomplished practitioners of Black Magic and White Magic are few and far between. It's Gray Magic which is the functioning force that operates in The Land of The Gray Flannel Suits.

As you move up in the hierarchy of either one of these systems... certain sacrifices are expected of you at each stage of the process. That involves...on the one hand... an absorption into a deeper and darker version of yourself OR... the willing surrender of that... which you imagine as yourself... into the greater unity of The One. You become... in certain ways... an anonymous expression of God... particularized to specific ends... demonstrated in specific services rendered.

If you are under the mistaken assumption that those who are in the service of The Light are in a state of perpetual conflict with those who are in the service of The Dark Side... you are very much mistaken. These are two separate kingdoms of enterprise that are BOTH ruled over by The Divine. They each have their areas of operation, and they are allowed to continue because that is how it goes in The World of dual interactions of opposites. Yes... on a superficial level... the cops chase the bad guys... except... sometimes the cops are the bad guys, and... sometimes... the bad guys are actually the good guys.

It very much depends on what stage the culture has devolved to... once it stops evolving. In those times when material conditions are at their very best... not much gets written down and people don't actually know who the rulers are. There is no real reason for them to know because everything... everything is in a state of harmony with everything else.

At a certain point... human affairs have fallen upon bestial dog-eat-dog times. Everything is seriously out of wack. When that happens... a representative of The Ruling Authority descends downward and outward from the interior kingdoms of light... through the less dense planes of existence... until he arrives at LITERALLY... Ground Zero. He is attended by vast hosts of angelic entities... who enforce the adjustments... that his will transmits... to each section of workers... who do different tasks.

What possible difference do you think it makes to have some vague idea about who you think is running things down here? What are you going to do about it? You can... of course... fuck around and find out, and... plenty of people do. I ALWAYS recommend doing what Lao Tzu suggests in his statement about The Superior Man who... by blocking no one's way... no one blames him. Take that however you like.

EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. PERIOD. It is ALWAYS under control. What is it that is not under control? It is You, and until you are under control... you will not understand the meaning of; everything... is... under... control.

I do not mean to denigrate anyone. If your idea of a good time is to live in a world of all-night dorm sessions of chatter about Archons, and Annunaki... Black Nobility and life as a video game inside your mind, you're free to do that, BUT... how will you feel about getting to different ages... in your time-sensitive life... where you find that it came to nothing, and mattered... not at all?

Find a clan of kindred souls under the guidance of The Invisible Kingdoms of Light and work your way into becoming ever more useful to Heaven... to life... and to humanity, and you will. You will. The Celestial Realm NEVER... EVER... has enough sincere and dedicated workers. Everyone wants to be important from the start. Everyone thinks they know a lot more than they do, and life has a mysterious way of putting them into situations where they find out how much they really know.

Taylor Swift may be having a fine time of it... flitting about like a gaudy little butterfly for less than a second in cosmic time, BUT... directly ahead of her is a long stretch of loss and disappointment. Mark my words. If you are around to see it, you will see it.

Slowly but surely... a tight little band of international sociopaths have banded together to turn The World into a prison camp. For those whose minds are in lockstep with their agenda... this has already happened. 9/11 set it off... Homeland Insecurity followed as Israel's police force. Then the same people brought you COVID, and they got more of the same that is waiting in the wings.

What are you going to do about it? You going to run around and make a nuisance of yourself like Issac Kappy or Danny Casolaro? You gonna do a Vince Foster or come at the establishment like a reactionary nuclear scientist or microbiologist? They're all dead. Everything is on a timeline. Certain cabals of evil are permitted to flourish for great lengths of time, in the human sense. That's no time at all in the cosmic sense.

There are shining cities on the hill, and one day that city is gone. Then the hill is gone. The oceans of The World are filled with the tears of those who tried to change The World BUT did not bother to change themselves. There are no greater murderers than social reformers.

Bide your time and the time will come. For those looking for The World to change... that time has come. That time is here. You don't have to do anything about it. That's all taken care of.

The key to personal success is to not divide your will. Let there be no hesitation between your saying you will do something and doing it. It could be immediately. It could be the next day. It could be on a given day but... always follow through. Otherwise... it won't be long before you have very little will at all. Be true to yourself. Don't worry about what's going on Out There. That's for the people too stupid to see that they've just been swept up into a mob action.

The Bad Guys get theirs. Don't you worry about that. All those Illuminati bloodlines... those Israeli psychopaths... arrogant billionaires... feckless and insincere politicians... hypocritical religious leaders... they all get theirs. They are not your concern. You'd better get yourself in hand before The Sun goes down. You'd better make hay while there's time and get it into the barn... metaphorically speaking.

Pick a side and give it everything you got. You want to be evil? Be evil. You want to be good? Be good, but give it your whole heart or you might as well not even bother. Evil and Good both come to an epiphany. If you're gonna be bad you'd better hope it works out for you like it did for Saul of Tarsus, BUT... that had all been arranged long before.

You don't have squat to say about what goes on here, except in a small and insignificant way, BUT... you could be a world shaker if you know how to associate with that which does shake The World. You want to change The World? Pray believing. You want to change people's lives? Pray for them. The power of prayer is greater than what comes from splitting the atom.

The Bad Guys are like the poor; these you have always with you, just like Jesus The Christ said. Buddha said to... only pursue an offender to show him the way. Dazzling people only works for a little while, and it does them no good. Be truly brilliant and lead from within... BECAUSE... you are following someone who already knows the way.

All these people who are presently so important for a New York minute will be forgotten OR remembered as someone they would rather wish they had never been. It's really bad news when the echo of your career... follows you through the space-time continuum... long after you are gone. It can be good news too, BUT... to attain true anonymity... to be realized as a selfless worker in The Kingdom of God? There is nothing finer than that. When angels speak your name, you know you have arrived. Who cares what anyone here thinks?

End Transmission.......

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Monday, April 22, 2024

"Trample The Weak... for a Moment's Eye Contact... with The Singing Android Made Out of Cannibalized Cellphone Parts."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It's Petri Dish... The Taylor Swift Machine released a new product. The two dovetail and I am left with... at least... the opening salvo for today's posting. Some might think I bring this creation up too often. It is not me who brings her up. It's wrap-around Billboard World... Time's Square news-flashing in a trenchcoat... LED ticker-tape readouts... the Alexa machine on the counter... every mass media... internet tabloid... that brings it up. I don't have to look her up. She looks me up.

I have a few thoughts about this... whatever This is. Then I'm going to move on to something more interesting, like the mating habits of the sloth... or funereal fashion... or... golf.

I am not the one who... usually... goes to the supermarket. I do go... now and then, but... it's never more than once a month... if that. I go there for specific items. I have no use for 90-some % of what is on display, but... I do see it as I pass it by. Most of the time I pay no attention, BUT... it is my very nature to pay attention. It is what I do, so... even though I seem not to be paying attention... sometimes even to myself... I am paying attention.

There are more of certain things in the supermarket than there are other things, and some sections grow over time, and some shrink. The biggest sections in most supermarkets... are the soft drink aisle and the potato chip aisle. I don't drink sodas or eat potato chips or... the various derivatives, BUT... like Taylor Swift... mention of them comes to my attention... through advertising... even telepathically... if I am not minding the mind.

Potato chips are like most quick food... and most snack food. You can eat any of it. You can eat a whole lot of it, but... half an hour later you are hungry again. I've never eaten Funyuns, BUT... I've seen them. They even show up in movies sometimes. Taylor Swift is to music what Funyuns are to food. I once... recently... listened to clips from half a dozen of her songs because... I wanted to make sure that my disinterest in her was a legitimate thing.

Half an hour later, I could not remember what I heard. The only impression that remained was that my disinterest was legitimate. There is nothing inspired or inspiring in what she does. She's pocket lint brushed with rainbows... in a petting zoo filled with plastic unicorns. I've heard the same thing at open mics over the years. All that has happened is she got better tech... better makeup, and a whole lot more background dancers than a sidewalk Buskerina.

I don't listen to RAP music, but I have an idea of what goes on there... the same way I am aware of Taylor Swift and Funyuns, and... jock itch... which I don't have either. It seems that modern RAP creations are... these days... mostly DIS creations... because it is all nothing more than a stream of mentions about other people in the industry... putting each other down, and making oblique references to events and the people in them.... that you... as a dumbass fan... have to keep current with.

The same thing is true in Taylor Swift's music. It's all about her body count and this guy or that guy who broke her Valentine heart. I can tell you why she can't hold on to a man. She's boring. She has no depth at all. She is a surface creature, and even shallow people soon tire of surface creatures. Apparently... Taylor Swift's music is like an Easter egg hunt, and the song that is listed as Track 5... in each album... is supposed to contain all kinds of secret clues about her romances.

People are obsessed with looking for meaningful references in her songs. Are they retarded or what? Meaning??? It's like an archaeological study of gum wrappers. Then the mind-scavenger hunters get on Social Media and trade information like Pokemon cards.

Sexually... from what I can see through observations on body language... and my physio-gnomic read, she is like a trampoline. She has no bounce of her own whatsoever. You have to give her the bounce, otherwise it is non-existent. I suspect she is very good at rolling over and playing dead, but not much good at Frisbee catching and ball return.

That is the worst kind of sexual partner and there are many... many millions of men who are counterparts to this dead-on-arrival sexuality. There is no spontaneity... no grace, no actual romance, and no awareness present. They are like five-year-olds trying to repair the inner workings of an expensive watch, and... we don't wonder why it's broken.

She's an animatronic human tchotchke. Something one sees from afar... on a shelf... in a display window... an object of desire that is out of reach, but that cannot do anything at all. Your imagination has to be the trampoline. That is why porn is so epidemic. It feeds into the nature of cowards and selfish people... who can't risk anything, and now... no longer have the capacity... even if they were driven to risk anything.

The Gay Lifestyle does this. It encourages selfishness and lack of commitment. There is the endless search for someone who looks like you... so that you can have mirror masturbation sex. Back when Freddie Mercury was THE gay icon... there were thousands... tens of thousands of Freddie Mercury clones in leather vests, and leather Luftwaffe motorcycle-cop... cruising hats with RAF mustaches. It was quite a cultural trend for about a minute. They are strangely reminiscent of The Swifties of the present. Get the merch! Get the look, and then... get lost!

The Gay Life is a pretend life... where movies are real, and you are in the movies. It's all an absurd and infantile acting-out. It's what happens when materialism gets to a certain stage. It always comes around at the decline of a culture, along with suicide... ever lower birth rates, and all the other elements of The Negative Female Manifestation... as it is expressed through the males who co-opted it... in the death throes of a culture. Women have been turned into mindless fireflies... in love with a candle flame, and men have become a mockery of the type.

Material culture turns men into bitches, and... women into hysterical harridans of duplicity... caused by a compromised internal nature; real has been replaced by Memorex. This is not the case with all men and all women, but of an astonishing amount, nonetheless.

Taylor Swift doesn't actually exist. She is a media creation. She is meant to distract the public from what is actually going on. It is one more temporary theme... in the endless procession of Bread and Circuses. It is especially tuned toward the activation of naval gazing and self-absorption. There is an endlessly replenishing stable... of variations on the theme... of The Whore of Babylon.

Many millions are tuned in to this, and other shitstorms of trivia... that come and go... in the deceived and hypnotized eye of exteriorized focus. It's all happening... Out There! Rush the stage!!! Trample the weak for a moment's eye contact with the singing android that is made out of cannibalized cellphone parts.

Everything is an act of mislabeling... on a conveyor belt of deceptions... running through The Penal Colony Hive Mind. Breast Cancer Awareness month makes all the fountains run pink... while the cash registers ring, and Cancer blooms like Spring in Hades. Autism Awareness Month brings blue waters and should be called Vaccine Injury Awareness. It's all marketing and sheep shearing. It's all the sociopathic smart guys... in a rigged casino... running a crooked game on The Stupids.

Some talentless yahoo gets famous and everyone wants to inhabit the vacuity behind their eyes. People wait in lines of lifetimes... on a karmic waiting list for fame; any... kind... of... fame. People cut deals... so that they can cut the lines, and get ahead of those not smart enough to sell off the good parts of existence for a long run of the bad. If there were a cattle call for hosting The Price is Right... millions would show up, and it wouldn't matter if they could do it or not; just give me a chance! Give me a chance!

What kind of a waiting line do you think there is for someone to spend a year in a fire tower in the forest? I would be in that line. If it were a lottery for a penthouse in NYC... or a cabin in the woods by a stream, where do you think the greater interest would show? Right.

The things that people will do to be able to do something that is not worth doing is... well... words fail. The Glitter and The Glow call them. The Bright Lights promise them that... maybe... just maybe... they can become one of a hundred thousand forgettable characters in a limited time frame... who lived the rest of their lives... thinking about a brief moment in the past. When you look at the sell-by date... on the back of Taylor Swift's head... right under the bar code, you can see that the date has long passed.

This is the case with everything promised by The Father of Lies. The only thing that the rich, successful... and famous have... is the illusion that they are better off than you and are something to shoot for. In reality... they have bigger and more powerful enemies. They have far more false friends. Their lives are not their own, and still, they die from the most pedestrian diseases.

Unless they are among the very few, they don't even get to pick and choose what they do, AND... the ritual humiliations on the way to any of it... oh my! Well... you'd have to be there.

When you fuck up, maybe the neighborhood knows about it. When they fuck up, the whole world knows... or it will... as soon as the videotape is released... if someone doesn't do what they're told.

You know who doesn't want to be Whoopi Goldberg... or any of the rest of them? Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of them is who, but... it's too late for that. Any minute now... Taylor Swift will be cast to the side. She's like money and the stock exchange... none of it is real. It's all held in place by artificial means. It's all smoke and mirrors. It's held in place by Hope, and Hope is a fragile thing. When the money isn't based on something real... when the artist is devoid of talent and inspiration... Destiny and The Recording Angel will tell the tale in the aftermath.

The World is the place where you get to be Warren Beaty or Hugh Heffner... even Stalin or Ted Bundy. All you got to do is pay the freight and acquire the bonus points. You can be a complete two-dimensional airhead named Taylor, who likes to be called Tay Tay. It's almost like a Barbie doll came to life with the personality to match and... a public equal to the admiration required.

Hear me, people! Anything!!! Anything!!! Long as you can pay the freight. You want to be like Hillary? Done! You want to be Bob Barker? Done! You want to be Mickey Mouse? Done! You want to be the next Walt Disney or Elon Musk? Done! Done! Done! You want to be like ANYONE... Jesus... Martin Luther... Queen Victoria? Just get in line.

It's all a show here. Like Hassan-i Sabbah said; “Nothing is real, everything is permitted.” How rare they are who search for the road out, and do not spin forever in the coils of religion... or carnal excess... or any number of the countless delusions... that wait between what you see here, and the unspeakable splendor and glory that lie up the road.

Well... there are only so many hours in a day. Yeah... but some days are longer than others.

End Transmission.......

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How about some Sufi Mysticism?

by Reynold A. Nicholson

They are all so different from each other, but still very similar, and always about the... same... single... thing. There is ONLY one. I like certain aspects of Sufism a great deal. I have little interest in Islam because they are so hard core... stern... unyielding... unforgiving... mean. I'm sorry but it's what I see and you will see what I mean when... and if you read this link.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

"The Time to Change is Now, BUT... The Force of Crazy... in The Visible Equation... Makes this... Most Extremely Difficult."

God Poet Transmitting.......

News has come to me that the... less-than veritable Klaus Schwab... has taken ill and been hospitalized. There has been no further news so... the news is less fortunate for him than it is for the rest of The World. Then Clarence Thomas was ill for a time. I lack the details, but he has since returned. Then... that hack that got installed as the head of The Joint Chiefs took ill. I could list other recent examples of ill health coming upon The High and Mighty since the most recent Rothschild went to... wherever it is that Rothschilds go.

This is a trend that is going to be sweeping the manifest realm soon. I was going to say... it will not be only the rogues and reprobates, as Clarence Thomas is included, but then... I remember that Monsanto thing. No one gets to the top of The Dungheap... who hasn't kissed the sphincter of The Invisible Pope of Darkness; not these days.

I wasn't going to talk about that today. I was going to talk about Celebrities, and... I still am. They're mostly crazy, aren't they? The Vanity that emerges from the adulation of the less intelligent or... The Vanity that drove them to seek out adulation, to begin with... generally takes a toll on one's sanity. As the due date for their shelf life passes... the obsession to stay relevant becomes like a high fever.

Cher has to trot a young black guy around so that The World knows she's still sexy, although I cannot remember her ever having been so, to begin with. Al Pacino has to get married and father a child in his 80s because... that virility thing... yeah. Madonna has to travel with a bicycle pump... just to keep her lips plump, and her rear contours rounded... so as to not get that washboard effect in the back... now that it's gone missing in the front.

Dolly Parton... Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are going to be doing a film that I think is called The Grandmothers of The Witches of Leastwick. Botox and bicycle pumps have made it easier for these folks to go out in daylight more. They say that the chemtrails create a nice setting of indirect lighting.

The only one looking normal is Clint Eastwood. Now and again you can find at least one icon to identify with; “so tell me... do you feel lucky... punk? Well, do you?” Many things are going downhill at a breakneck clip, but none have attained the speed of the Hollywood juggernaut. I recently saw a remake of that epic film Roadhouse. Dear God! What possesses these people to not only redo something that did not need to be redone... BUT... to do it in such an embarrassing and humiliating fashion?

It seems as if... whatever integrity... was ever in acting to start with... has left town in the dark of the night. Recently, it has gotten REALLY bad. People will do anything for money and the opportunity to harvest public worship. Vanity... according to someone who played The Devil some years ago... is his favorite sin. Shouldn't you... at least... have a good reason to be vain in the first place?

Now that all films have to have a multicolored cast with at least one spastic... 6 gay scenes... an autistic dwarf... an amputee, a transsexual, and at least two seriously obese women... there's often a credibility problem with the film. For example... imagine doing a remake of Goodfellas or... The Bridge on The River Kwai with this cast.

Once again... we are going to return to what will... in times to come... be called The Visible Equation. This is when the rate of Materialism advances to a specific point... where the flywheels of existence... spin a pervasive and suicidal insanity through The Hive Mind, and... the people no longer reproduce... the men lose interest in the women... and entropy becomes a landscape. I'm looking at it right now.

The people who fill the boardrooms all went to specific colleges... where The Usual Suspects... indoctrinate them with dysfunctional perspectives... that showcase Reality running for the city limits, and howling like a loon.

That's been the case as freefall sets in and Swampland is no longer a theatrical prop. Everywhere... there are people trying to pull their feet from The Murk, and the effort only sinks them deeper. Of course, some people are doing the backstroke, and loving it... because that's how conditions are on their home planet.

In New York, the former president is on trial for an alleged crime that the main player... Stormy Daniels says, DID NOT EVEN HAPPEN. Previously he was hit with a judgment of hundreds of millions of dollars because a certified crazy woman said he raped her in a changing room at Bloomingdale's. There were no witnesses and no evidence, and earlier they had hit him with a ten million dollar judgment for saying that this lying crazy woman was a liar. Is this nuts?

Meanwhile... all of The Media... which is owned by a single demographic... are backing this vile injustice to the hilt. Now... I am on record as not being too fond of this former president, given his Killer Vaccine support; not so much for his original support because he could have been... easily... duped, BUT... because he hasn't told the truth about it since; not to mention all those things he said he was going to do that he didn't do.

More and more... it looks like he will be president again, and then what happens? Never before in the history of this country has The Criminal Element been so firmly in charge... if you go by appearances.

Let's move a little further into The Visible Equation. We won't be using applicable mathematical symbols because most people won't be able to interpret them. We'll do it in analogically allegorical format. (grin) The people who are running the government; not the people with the official titles of office, but the people telling them what to do, are... by-the-day... becoming more and more batshit crazy BECAUSE... those whom The Gods would destroy, they first drive mad.

These people ALSO own The Media, which controls the GENERAL public perception of the day-to-day operations of government. These people ALSO own all of the entertainment industries, and they tell the whores and fluffers who work there what to say OR... they will work there no longer.

They either own and operate all the mediums that have to do with control and deception OR... they can call someone. This is because all of these theaters of enterprise are the province of The Prince of Darkness, and... are owned and operated by his minions.

One part of The Visible Equation is The Fleeing Rat Factor, which says that when the meal ticket begins to sink into a place where rats can no longer breathe, they will run for dry land, and... they will make squealing noises like stuck pigs so... the ratio of whistle-blowers... to the degrees of pressure being brought to bear on them... WILL result in all sorts of hidden secrets being made known; courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse.

Everywhere... the pressure to inform and reveal... is going to intensify until it becomes unbearable not to.

A change in The Wind... can be illustrated and articulated... without The Wind being brought into the picture; as if you could see it even if it was. All you can see is what it does. You can't see it. You can see where it's been, and where it's presently at, but... you can't see where it's going... except in the immediate present, BUT... those who study the nature of The Wind... can have an idea about future appearances and effects, based on previous behaviors, and this applies... across the board... with everything.

So... the name players in every area of enterprise... are being driven crazy... at a far greater rate of speed, and with a great deal more force... than those of us who will be surviving the process. The more a people... or any individual... departs from God... the more deeply they enter into the howling chaos... that is the outer ring... which circles The Center of Golden Harmony and Peace. Remember the spinning disk, and those sitting near the spindle and those further out? Someone has their foot on the treadle. Never forget that.

If there were ever a time to repent and to behave yourselves... that time is now, though... the force of crazy... demonstrated in The Visible Equation... makes this extremely difficult.

So... keep your eyes on those in entertainment. They are the most likely to crack the soonest. Since they were driven to what they do by Vanity AND Self-Interest, and since one of these is the most superficial of sins, and the other the most pervasive... their purchase of what is real is not great. They are already slip... slip... sliding away.

Then... there is the relentless factor of the cancers, and other maladies coming for them, and many who are in the public eye. Panic ALWAYS accelerates crazy. This is also demonstrated in The Visible Equation... just as is the resonance between atheism and materialism. The greater your material success... the greater the departure from The Divine, and... inversely and conversely (whether opposite or contrasting) one is crazier by every degree of separation from The Divine.

Sanity is a hallmark of those who practice The Greatest Commandment, and it is absent from those who do not. Love of the false self, by way of Vanity... because of a performance-driven nature... in search of attention wherever it can be found... WILL render you insane. It is only a matter of time.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, April 12, 2024

"We Need Good Guys and Bad Guys for The Ongoing Drama of The Purpose of Demonstration as God Makes His Points."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The modern non-dualists are not much different from the modern scientists. They seek to remove God from the conversation. Who do they put in God's place? They put themselves. I don't care what the argument is... a servant of The Divine should not be in possession of tens of millions... hundreds of millions of dollars. I've heard all the justifications. They're all bullshit. I may not know much, but I know that. Amazing things happen to people when they don't lie to themselves.

The Mind is a subtle, and devilishly ingenious thing. It can rationalize anything. It only has to convince itself, and then it sets about convincing everyone else. In what seems like no time at all... it is far down the road of self-serving interests. Humility and The Qualities of The Divine are not on their radar.

People appear out of the foliage of The World. They surround this fool and assure him that The People... his followers... want him dressed in fine livery... want him to eat at the finest dining emporiums... want him to have high-end modes of transport... want him to have the best of everything... BECAUSE... they live vicariously through him/her. They find ways to enrich themselves in the bargain. When the leader is seduced by glamour, and... living an illusion, no one... is... minding... the... store.

None of these affluent mountebanks talk about selfless service, which is the single most important aspect of the spiritual path after The Greatest Commandment. They are intellectuals. They like to separate doctrine from the source of the doctrine. They like to state and to imply that there is no God... there is merely a nothing that everything comes out of. This is the same as speaking of The Black Sun. It is not black. It is simply too bright to see.

I know that all the dynamic and successful people of The World see someone like me as a fool. I am not seeking their approval. That is how The World seduces you. You become convinced that you need the approval of others to be a success. You lie to yourself... you buy into The Lie... because it promises you comfort... and security, but... you get neither. You get the illusion of comfort and the illusion of security. I've seen what happens. I watch. I am after The Truth. I don't give a shit about the trappings.

Later on... down the road... you are too entrenched to break free, and you dare not anyway. People are depending on you. You will disappoint them, and then... they will abandon you. Yeah... that's how strong their love is. Then disease comes a calling like a suitor. The aging process starts to lean on you... instead of you leaning on what you left... somewhere back down the road. All the ills of Time start to pay you a visit... like those annoying relatives... that you only have to see on holidays. Every day is a holiday for these unwanted guests.

I watch people eating garbage... garbage for their bodies... garbage for their minds. They're young and invincible. You can get away with all kinds of things when you are young, and... if you do develop some unfortunate problem... well... there's a pill for that. I don't eat that garbage. I didn't eat it when I was young. I don't take their pills. I am living proof that I know more about medicine and health than these doctors, and I know a real doctor too... who does not lie to me, and has a remedy for EVERYTHING.

I watch. I see the shape these doctors are in. How can they let themselves go like that when they are doctors? They should know better. And... these philosophers... these spiritual teachers... they get headlines and the crowds. They get the money... the prestige... the entrée... then they run into God or one of his representatives, and... he doesn't know them. The Christ spoke about this.

Hard times come, and then they cry out to The Invisible for help, and... The Invisible tells them to go talk to their fancy friends. That's who they spent all their time with. That's who comprises the important moments of their existence... not that invisible something... that you can't take to a broker or a pawn shop. It's got no material value. Even when the hucksters are selling it, they're not selling it. They are selling the idea of it. They're selling the sizzle... not the steak.

There is The World of Forces, and there is The World of Forms. Certain aspects have defined characteristics and some don't. Some are formless... like Fear. Don't let Fear get a room with Imagination. Oh! The mind images those two can give birth to. Um hmm. You'd better get a handle on that one, I'll tell you that.

The problem is... these spiritual teachers get themselves a nice long run down the highway. It's only later on that The Archetypes start calling, Wassup Homie! When The Divine likes you, he doesn't let you get very far down those roads before he smacks you upside the head. When he likes you, he's going to give you all kinds of grief. If you are not getting all kinds of grief, you're the basic ingredient in The Purpose of Demonstration... coming to a theater of existence close to you... soon.

Yes... God loves everyone. He put The Sun in the sky as a daily example of that. He might love everyone... that's his job... after all, BUT... he doesn't like everyone.

The Divine has friends, and he has people who are not his friends. That's a choice you and I make. God doesn't make these choices. We are the ones who determine the parameters of the relationship. I suggest you listen more carefully to these intellectual poseurs. How often do they mention God? Oh! I know that your brimstone and bullshit preachers and televangelists mention him all the time.

He didn't stop them before. He didn't stop them here, and he didn't stop them there, so they are comfortable dropping his name all over the place. He's off in the clouds somewhere chasing rainbows. He's not worried about Joel Osteen or that wonder of physiognomy, Eckhart Tolle, or... so they think.

It's like The Reverend Billy Sunday used to say, “Throw all your money up in the air, and all of it that stays up is Gods, and all of it that comes down is... mine!” Things are not what they seem. THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM!!! Sooner or later an archetype comes to the door, and... at the changing of an age? Boy, Howdy! You can't swing Schrodinger's Cat in a room without hitting an archetype.

At the changing of the age is when Time speeds up... when instant karma becomes a thing... when stuff happens that didn't used to happen, it gets freakier, and stranger... and unpredictably fluctuating... constantly in motion... like Mercury on a mirror. It takes a cool hand to control the mirror. It takes a dispassionate mind. It takes one who is detached from outcome or results.

I don't care how fancy your robes are... or whether you dined with Anderson Cooper at some uptown Hamburger Mary's. I don't care if you've got The View on speed dial or certain people wave to you in The Hamptons. If you are focused on outcomes and results you are going the wrong way.

If you expect to get anything out of whatever it is you think you are doing, well... you might get that, and... you might not get that, BUT... you are certainly not going to get peace of mind... internal harmony... or any lasting spiritual states... because they... are... mutually... exclusive.

The Truth has not changed since they started keeping a record of events... this time. Conditions of life change all the time, BUT... The Truth does not change. Money and spirituality... material excess and peace of mind... are like oil and water. I know people have all kinds of slick rationalizations for acquiring money, power, and fame... while they tend the sheep... out of the sight line of the processing plant, AND... I surely do know that sometimes The Invisible showers certain individuals with all sorts of material blessings. That's another thing. Then... it very much depends on what you do with it.

If you are not giving it away... intelligently, it is pulling you down, and eventually, you will not be able to out-swim the undertow... of the eternal fate... that attends the possession of material things. Either you are attached to it or you are not. If you are not... it is quite possible you won't even notice how prosperous you are... because you will also be so incredibly well off... in much more important ways.

I'm not here to declaim against the poseurs and pretenders. We need them both to give life that certain je ne sais quoi. We need The Good Guys and The Bad Guys for the ongoing drama of The Purpose of Demonstration as God makes his points. Some love the conflict and the struggle. Some love the debate and the argument. Some can't stop wanting to have it all. I want it all too, BUT... my idea of what constitutes that... is different than the general perspective... on what is, and what is not worth having.

All these lifetimes... the seemingly endless struggle... is about finding out what is and what is not worth having. Once you can grasp The Simple Fundamentals AND ALSO recognize the perpetual and everlasting presence of God within...you're home free. The key is in forgetting yourself. The key is in being useful, and losing yourself... in service to others, AND THAT DOES NOT MEAN working in soup kitchens and Black Magic Hospitals for years and years.

There are all kinds of ways to serve God, and... by extension... Humanity. In the beginning, you may have to do a lot of scut work. I did. God is not a fan of pretense... dilettantism... or weekend warriors. He will put you through the paces to see if you are sincere. Then you get to do what you love. You should have been doing that already, BUT... the quality of your love has to be operating on the frequencies of Higher Love. In the difficulties of existence, we find out what Higher Love is.

It gets better... my friends... as you get better at it, and that consists in getting... out... of... the... way, by becoming a matador... by learning to bullfight with a scalpel. Only God does it well. We are the clumsy fools on our way to learning that.

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And now... Chapter 3 of Wu Wei.
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I recommend you go back and do that.
It is exceptional in the clarity AND beauty of expression.
There is no question that this whole short treatise is divinely inspired.


Tuesday, April 09, 2024

"They Want Us to Believe A Gay Jesus is Dancing with Eunuchs in The Catacomb Sewers of The Great Cloaca in Fat City."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... yesterday I went by this location.

I think it was once The Unity Church of Sedona... or something like that. It's run by this fellow Michael Mirdad. He's got a hundred... probably more than that...CD's on every new age subject presently known. He's very much into The Curse of Miracles.

I went by the Events Tab on the masthead... that led to videos of people healing The Akashic Record... rolling back the cosmic video... wiping out the evidence of whatever they selectively hit the Delete button over. I couldn't stay long because I kept nodding off.

This character, Bill Foss was doing a 3-day workshop on healing the Akashic Record. Three days!!! How could anyone stay awake that long?

Then there was this fellow doing Light of Two Worlds healing. Maybe it was some kind of invisible gender thing. I don't know. I got annoyed about 5 seconds in, and the nodding off started even sooner. There was this dissonant kirtan thing that looked a lot like the drunk tank at a Rainbow Gathering. It was seriously retro. All I could think was whether God would last longer than me, and... I don't think so. I really don't.

So... I went to tell my friend about it. My friend has always had a thing for Sedona. I like the area... the red rock hills. Then there are all the wealthy newagers... trust-funders... people making bank on the pseudo-healing industry... hangers and glommers-on; all the people that stay in certain neighborhoods... looking to see if anything drops out of the pockets of the movers and shakers.

I started getting into one of my comic rants about this particular area of mental illness. It happens. I don't have total control over myself in every area of my being, and... certain things set me off. I object to people being misled for the purpose of material profit. I guess there are some who feel I am misleading too, but... I'm not charging anyone for the experience. There's a lot of money to be made there.

So... I was doing one of the extemporaneous routines that I make it a point not to videotape and put up on the web... for all the right reasons, and... I hadn't done my meditation session yet. Just as soon as I sat down and did my greetings to The Invisible Friends (who show up to interact with me), I began to hear about it. I was told... clearly and distinctly... that I should show care in criticizing those who have wandered away from The True Path... which doesn't include all those material fishhooks.

I was told that I was very fortunate to have gotten past the perils of merchandising spiritual experiences, and that... at some time previous... surely I had gone astray as well. I was reminded of that comment by Lao Tzu that I am so fond of; “for blocking no one's way, no one blames him.” I was told that it didn't matter if I was right, I am not a policeman. It is not my job to set these people straight. Someone else handles that.

I had already been thinking all of these things and was in full agreement with my angelic mentor. I just agreed to everything I heard, and... I always do... because those who speak to me are far wiser than I am. I had always been a real wise-ass. I can filet certain kinds of fish like the very best Asian chef, but I'm sure the fish are not happy with my efforts... given that the fish is still alive. I've been moving away from that sardonic... scatological... Aghora persona.

The spirit of Voltaire and others of revolutionary and reactive manner... has been a mainstay in me. It's been difficult cutting that personality defect loose, but... it's got to go. Everything except The Everlasting Essentials has to go. It's like stilling The Reactive Mind. I've made tens of thousands of efforts, BUT... it is a deeply entrenched facet of The Separated Mind.

A greater detachment is settling on me these days, and I expect it to take, and to replace my cynical perspective... concerning all of the people... who are out for themselves. That includes practically everyone... consciously or unconsciously... whether they know it... whether they admit it... or not.

Then I ran into this.

The comments that followed give a clear picture of the percentages of people who agree with them and do not agree with them. As with most Satanic agendas... most people do not agree, by a large margin. It made me wonder what it is that has taken such control over nearly everyone in Hollywood... in the music industry... in The Media... in political offices. What is it that has bent these powerful personalities into such twisted allegiance to The Dark Side?

Neil Young is definitely no longer rocking in The Free World. Bruce Springsteen is on his knees before The Goat of Mendes. The exceptions are few and far between. All I can think is that some kind of message went out sub-rosa... sotto-voce... for your ears only... telling them to comply or lose all they have. It is similar to what the aptly named, Fink... over at BlackRock... got up to with his DEI enforcement, and... most mysteriously... is now backing away from.

Fink, and others like him... have been purchasing stock in corporations large and small... to garner influence... that gives them the power to set policy, and... to enforce it. That is how all these companies came to give lip service and money to sexual perversities... BLM... forced migration... and every form of political correctness... from the worship of obesity to the war on Christianity and The Family Unit.

They want us to believe that a gay Jesus... is dancing with eunuchs... in Fat City. Did I encapsulate that... effectively... into pidgin-mind-control-speak? When you factor in The Protocols... The Kalergi Plan... The Frankfurt School, and a host of sister sewer lines that run through The Great Cloaca... maybe you can connect a few dots here and there.

Somebody is whispering in The Shadows of The Dark Space... before the dawning of The Light of God upon the human mind. Those shadows are going to get lit-up in military terms soon, and... getting sooner. They have agents and emissaries... in every manifest industry... where artists ply their wares before The Public View. They tell the artists what to think and say or they will take away their favored status... which keeps them above the people they deceive.

They will turn the cannons of The Media upon them, and give them a broadside volley of shot. They will drain their bank accounts and ruin their reputations... such as they are. This must be the biggest open secret there is. It's not public knowledge, BUT... what else can account for their cringing acquiescence before the throne of The Dark Lord of Lies?

No one speaks out. No one with any kind of wider profile... of greater name recognition... says a word. Even in politics... where they agree to disagree... some things are never said. So... it's an illusion, isn't it? It's an illusion that money... power... social influence... name brand recognition... who you know... actually sets you free of the restrictions... that those without any of these... generally labor under. They are trapped... even more trapped than Nobody and Anonymous is... aren't they?

Oh what a terrible thing it is to possess that which you are unwilling to lose, and fearful of losing. There is one place where all of these people are trapped, and... that is... in their minds. They can't get out of their heads! Why is that? It is because of The Separated Mind factor that reduces their consciousness to a small barred room. Somehow they convinced themselves that they have a mind of their own, and so does everyone else. It's a honeycombed thing... devoid of honey, and I call it The Hive Mind.

The fact is, and one day... each of us will discover this... there is only one mind. On the night of my first Kundalini awakening, I had gone to a cabin in the woods of Virginia. I was with John Hall, who later formed the band, Orleans... Jack O'Connor, a drummer, and a few other musicians. We'd gone there to take acid and make music.

At some point, I felt this irresistible force rising up in me. I had no choice but to let it through. At first, I thought it was witchcraft. I said God help me! And... I let go. Then this indescribable sensation washed over me. At that moment, I was in everyone's mind... because... in fact... there is only one mind. John caught it immediately. He felt my presence as an intrusion, and he pressed with force at me to drive me out of his head, BUT... there wasn't anything to press against because there... is... only... one... mind.

I was suddenly able to do all sorts of things. A couple of guys were standing in the kitchen. They saw me and there was a lot of nervous laughter. I pointed my finger at their feet, and their feet went right out from under them. I didn't intend it. It just happened.

Everyone was freaked. This was only one event of many that night. Very soon... everyone wanted to leave and go back to DC. It was 70 miles away, and... no one said a word the whole time. They drove right to DuPont Circle to let me out of the car, and then they were gone.

I would have liked to hear the conversation in the car afterward. Up to that point, John and I had been the closest of friends; not anymore... not after that. I guess word got around. One thing led to another, but these stories would take a very long time to tell in any detail.

I was telepathic for some time after this happened. It took a lot of concentration to tamp it down. It's still there with some of the other goodies that are on the shelves of my own personal Dr. Caligari cabinet.

I don't know a great deal, but I am USUALLY able to know anything I need to know when I need to know it. Otherwise, my head is mostly empty. I learned... in convincing fashion... that there is only one mind. That is not the only thing that was impressed on me... viscerally... on that night, and following that night. The World most people think they are looking at is not real, and most people live like slot cars... on tracks that spin them... along predictable routes... from life to life.

Oh Boy! There are some changes in The Wind now. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......


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Thursday, April 04, 2024

"Some Are Now Seeing The Writing on The Wall... Where It Just Appeared ... After The Graffiti Angels Passed Thru Town"

God Poet Transmitting.......

Something's going on... under the covers... where the people who own everything... breed the mind parasites... that operate the conditioned bodies... of those who do what they are told. There's more of these conditioned bodies than there ever was before; these people who take their marching orders from the snake-people in The Mind... The Slitherings.

They bottom-feed on all the mind garbage that drops from The Carnal Buffet Table; all those wasted thoughts... self-serving... grasping and acquisitive... vengeful... progeny of the couplings of Rajas and Tamas. The Material World provides the setting for all those unwelcome visitors inside everyone's head; there being only one mind in reality, and many separated minds... in the replicating delusions of The False Self. That's what The Mind does. It replicates.

Well... the people who create the thought patterns... trough-attraction imagery... those dreams of writhing bodies in the burbling primordial soup of sexual hunger... the objectives of Pride and Ambition... the ownership papers that give everyone the sense of identity that... they... just... have... to... have... these people are having some kind of problems.

All of a sudden... the relentless stream of shit-golem media campaigns about The WEF... Climate Change... howling for Trump's head... DEI and other race-hatred agendas... the usual sex-freak necessities of being front and center... in the attention windows of the latter-day zombie workforce... as they come and go from their cubicles... to the vending machines and food trucks... the hallway conversations around some metaphorical water cooler... this has all slowed down considerably.

It's like they're all waiting for something. There's this mingling of fear and expectation in the air. It could be wonderful... it could be horrible, BUT... everybody is at the window... hoping they'll get to see some of the action anyway. People these days are rubber-necking voyeurs who tell you they can't bear to look... while their unblinking eyes are fixed upon whatever is taking place.

Those people in the sky-boxes... behind the velvet ropes... in the limousines and private planes, you know... your betters? Something is seriously not right with them. It seemed like only the other day when they were so unshakably certain about their status, and... your status too. It seemed like there was a general understanding that The Culling would only be collecting the bodies from the flotsam and jetsam waters of never-ending collateral damage.

They had... an understanding... that they would be immune. Of course... the men and women of privilege wouldn't be suffering in any way, and then? And then... The Royal Family started catching cancer... or Cancer started catching them. Piss Diddy was getting his freak on night and day, and no one was gonna touch his protected form, and now? Could they be going after Jay Z next?

I'm getting this sense. It's a kind of spidey sense. Those of us who are sensitive, as opposed to thenzsatiff, have this extra-awareness thing that's come into play... as one of the emerging accessories to The New Age. It's a different kind of 'wired'. It's less a matter of implants than it is the awakening of powers that had been resident in a state of dormancy for some centuries.

It has to do with a continuing awareness of The Web of Existence... sometimes called The Web of Maya, and information travels on the tendrils of this web. It's the interior counterpart to The World Wide Web... The Information Highway... the medium and the massage. Those are the external forms of it. The internal aspect has been around... like... forever, and those of us who have had the system activated are able to get all kinds of input that is like... yet unlike... what everyone else is getting from their cellphones... computers... yadda yadda.

The external thing relies on devices. The internal thing relies on the sensory network that sits on top of the physical senses. I... myself... had this system activated some years ago. It's taken a lot of time to become familiarized with the workings. Just when you think you've got the hang of it... another door opens... and there's a whole new control room that you didn't even know about before. The Inner State is at least as big as The Outer State, so... as you go... one room opens into another room... that opens into another room... that opens into another room.

Then... there are those times when you come into a much larger room... like the central space of a large cathedral... or sometimes it is like an arboretum, but both of them have these transparencies... which are similar to stained-glass windows and light is streaming through them. These larger rooms are always circular and there is a row of doors that go around the whole of it. I suspect these are the same doors that one passes through... to get from room to room, and then to these larger rooms. It's all very Escher-like.

You might know about The Mind Palace... Memory Palace construct. It's a mnemonic device that is associated with people like Matteo Ricci, and then later with Sherlock Holmes and Hannibal Lecter. What I am talking about... is like this... only it is considerably larger and more complicated. One might say it is The Subconscious Mind that is both orderly and disorderly by turns... or maybe it is the job of The Self-Conscious Mind to do the ordering... even though The Superconscious Mind has it all in order, and had it all in order... from the beginning.

Some of us like to go at these things on our own... intrepid voyagers that we are... like Ulysses... Burton... Stanley, and many others. These are the folk who are always getting in and out of trouble, BUT... they are all adventurers... after adventures. I got enough of all that in the process of looking for a guide through the cloisters and catacombs. I was also NEVER looking for any physical treasures, AND... that puts a whole different light on the process.

See... at the inception of each new age... new abilities and capacities are activated in Humanity. Some rare few get the full boat, but even they don't master it all. Everyone else gets what they can handle. We have different levels of depth. We are NOT all equal, and only a fool or a Communist thinks so. The one is clueless and the latter is a predator. It's like the ocean. There are all kinds of creatures who live there. Some of them want to eat you, and some of them have defense systems, so... you need to know where to step, and... what you can and can't touch.

Anyway... the long-sheltered elite... those privileged types... to the manor born, and flushed with self-interest from the cradle to the grave. They are getting The Word now. Some are hearing it in their heads. Some are hearing it from others. Some are seeing the writing on

the wall... that just showed up there... after the graffiti angels hit town. They're gone now. No need for them to stick around.

These tycoons of the misery of other people... these jet-setting... ivory tower dining... pleated leather reclining... single malt imbibing... sad clowns of wretched destiny; the ones who always got off singing

♫ we're poor little lambs who have lost their way... baa baa baa... gentlemen songsters off on a spree. Doomed from here to eternity. Lord have mercy on such as we... baa baa baa...♫ They are the titled young of Rakshasa royalty... filled with faux Bonhomme; brothers all until extremity arrives. Yeah... their time has come around and they are all hearing about it.

You'd think the twisted behaviors of their children would have clued them in, BUT... they were too busy banging their friend's wives, and laying waster to their competitors... until they accidentally fell off that yacht in Tangiers; fell did he? Or was he pushed? Yeah... it's like Death at The Grand Ball... death at The Met Gala... showing up in costume like everyone else, and... touching each dancer as he moves through the crowd. They fall to the ground, BUT... Death never looks back.

Death has come to The Party. He's traveling with Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. They all work for the ineffable who likes to set a good example so he never capitalizes himself. He is... after all... the one who capitalizes everyone else. He's the one who bankrolled me with coin of The Invisible Realm.

Now it seems that The High and Mighty are about to get the same treatment they've been dishing out to everyone else. Hmm... actually... it's going to be considerably worse... on a case-by-case basis. You see... what you've been hearing about; The Royal Family's Carcinogen Christmas... Piss Daddy's Golden Shower of Realization... Whatever happened to Ellen Degenerate? Bill Maher's discovery that no matter how much pot he smokes... his stomach acids are digesting him, and Satanyahu? Oh! It won't be long.

Eventually... The Wheel comes round. Eventually... the scales are balanced... scores are settled... playing fields evened... and the deeply hidden find there is nowhere to move to. The Lightbringer has lit up all the dark places, and the only place left for them to flee... is into the darkness of the human mind, and there they wait... peering now and again... out of the balistraria... that are the eye-holes of The Possessed... hoping this last bastion of darkness... will pass by the notice of The Illuminated Man. Heh heh... that was always his final port-of-call from the beginning of his descent.

End Transmission.......

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