Wednesday, April 17, 2024

"The Time to Change is Now, BUT... The Force of Crazy... in The Visible Equation... Makes this... Most Extremely Difficult."

God Poet Transmitting.......

News has come to me that the... less-than veritable Klaus Schwab... has taken ill and been hospitalized. There has been no further news so... the news is less fortunate for him than it is for the rest of The World. Then Clarence Thomas was ill for a time. I lack the details, but he has since returned. Then... that hack that got installed as the head of The Joint Chiefs took ill. I could list other recent examples of ill health coming upon The High and Mighty since the most recent Rothschild went to... wherever it is that Rothschilds go.

This is a trend that is going to be sweeping the manifest realm soon. I was going to say... it will not be only the rogues and reprobates, as Clarence Thomas is included, but then... I remember that Monsanto thing. No one gets to the top of The Dungheap... who hasn't kissed the sphincter of The Invisible Pope of Darkness; not these days.

I wasn't going to talk about that today. I was going to talk about Celebrities, and... I still am. They're mostly crazy, aren't they? The Vanity that emerges from the adulation of the less intelligent or... The Vanity that drove them to seek out adulation, to begin with... generally takes a toll on one's sanity. As the due date for their shelf life passes... the obsession to stay relevant becomes like a high fever.

Cher has to trot a young black guy around so that The World knows she's still sexy, although I cannot remember her ever having been so, to begin with. Al Pacino has to get married and father a child in his 80s because... that virility thing... yeah. Madonna has to travel with a bicycle pump... just to keep her lips plump, and her rear contours rounded... so as to not get that washboard effect in the back... now that it's gone missing in the front.

Dolly Parton... Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are going to be doing a film that I think is called The Grandmothers of The Witches of Leastwick. Botox and bicycle pumps have made it easier for these folks to go out in daylight more. They say that the chemtrails create a nice setting of indirect lighting.

The only one looking normal is Clint Eastwood. Now and again you can find at least one icon to identify with; “so tell me... do you feel lucky... punk? Well, do you?” Many things are going downhill at a breakneck clip, but none have attained the speed of the Hollywood juggernaut. I recently saw a remake of that epic film Roadhouse. Dear God! What possesses these people to not only redo something that did not need to be redone... BUT... to do it in such an embarrassing and humiliating fashion?

It seems as if... whatever integrity... was ever in acting to start with... has left town in the dark of the night. Recently, it has gotten REALLY bad. People will do anything for money and the opportunity to harvest public worship. Vanity... according to someone who played The Devil some years ago... is his favorite sin. Shouldn't you... at least... have a good reason to be vain in the first place?

Now that all films have to have a multicolored cast with at least one spastic... 6 gay scenes... an autistic dwarf... an amputee, a transsexual, and at least two seriously obese women... there's often a credibility problem with the film. For example... imagine doing a remake of Goodfellas or... The Bridge on The River Kwai with this cast.

Once again... we are going to return to what will... in times to come... be called The Visible Equation. This is when the rate of Materialism advances to a specific point... where the flywheels of existence... spin a pervasive and suicidal insanity through The Hive Mind, and... the people no longer reproduce... the men lose interest in the women... and entropy becomes a landscape. I'm looking at it right now.

The people who fill the boardrooms all went to specific colleges... where The Usual Suspects... indoctrinate them with dysfunctional perspectives... that showcase Reality running for the city limits, and howling like a loon.

That's been the case as freefall sets in and Swampland is no longer a theatrical prop. Everywhere... there are people trying to pull their feet from The Murk, and the effort only sinks them deeper. Of course, some people are doing the backstroke, and loving it... because that's how conditions are on their home planet.

In New York, the former president is on trial for an alleged crime that the main player... Stormy Daniels says, DID NOT EVEN HAPPEN. Previously he was hit with a judgment of hundreds of millions of dollars because a certified crazy woman said he raped her in a changing room at Bloomingdale's. There were no witnesses and no evidence, and earlier they had hit him with a ten million dollar judgment for saying that this lying crazy woman was a liar. Is this nuts?

Meanwhile... all of The Media... which is owned by a single demographic... are backing this vile injustice to the hilt. Now... I am on record as not being too fond of this former president, given his Killer Vaccine support; not so much for his original support because he could have been... easily... duped, BUT... because he hasn't told the truth about it since; not to mention all those things he said he was going to do that he didn't do.

More and more... it looks like he will be president again, and then what happens? Never before in the history of this country has The Criminal Element been so firmly in charge... if you go by appearances.

Let's move a little further into The Visible Equation. We won't be using applicable mathematical symbols because most people won't be able to interpret them. We'll do it in analogically allegorical format. (grin) The people who are running the government; not the people with the official titles of office, but the people telling them what to do, are... by-the-day... becoming more and more batshit crazy BECAUSE... those whom The Gods would destroy, they first drive mad.

These people ALSO own The Media, which controls the GENERAL public perception of the day-to-day operations of government. These people ALSO own all of the entertainment industries, and they tell the whores and fluffers who work there what to say OR... they will work there no longer.

They either own and operate all the mediums that have to do with control and deception OR... they can call someone. This is because all of these theaters of enterprise are the province of The Prince of Darkness, and... are owned and operated by his minions.

One part of The Visible Equation is The Fleeing Rat Factor, which says that when the meal ticket begins to sink into a place where rats can no longer breathe, they will run for dry land, and... they will make squealing noises like stuck pigs so... the ratio of whistle-blowers... to the degrees of pressure being brought to bear on them... WILL result in all sorts of hidden secrets being made known; courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse.

Everywhere... the pressure to inform and reveal... is going to intensify until it becomes unbearable not to.

A change in The Wind... can be illustrated and articulated... without The Wind being brought into the picture; as if you could see it even if it was. All you can see is what it does. You can't see it. You can see where it's been, and where it's presently at, but... you can't see where it's going... except in the immediate present, BUT... those who study the nature of The Wind... can have an idea about future appearances and effects, based on previous behaviors, and this applies... across the board... with everything.

So... the name players in every area of enterprise... are being driven crazy... at a far greater rate of speed, and with a great deal more force... than those of us who will be surviving the process. The more a people... or any individual... departs from God... the more deeply they enter into the howling chaos... that is the outer ring... which circles The Center of Golden Harmony and Peace. Remember the spinning disk, and those sitting near the spindle and those further out? Someone has their foot on the treadle. Never forget that.

If there were ever a time to repent and to behave yourselves... that time is now, though... the force of crazy... demonstrated in The Visible Equation... makes this extremely difficult.

So... keep your eyes on those in entertainment. They are the most likely to crack the soonest. Since they were driven to what they do by Vanity AND Self-Interest, and since one of these is the most superficial of sins, and the other the most pervasive... their purchase of what is real is not great. They are already slip... slip... sliding away.

Then... there is the relentless factor of the cancers, and other maladies coming for them, and many who are in the public eye. Panic ALWAYS accelerates crazy. This is also demonstrated in The Visible Equation... just as is the resonance between atheism and materialism. The greater your material success... the greater the departure from The Divine, and... inversely and conversely (whether opposite or contrasting) one is crazier by every degree of separation from The Divine.

Sanity is a hallmark of those who practice The Greatest Commandment, and it is absent from those who do not. Love of the false self, by way of Vanity... because of a performance-driven nature... in search of attention wherever it can be found... WILL render you insane. It is only a matter of time.

End Transmission.......

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AND... what do you make of this???
(did they have to call him Thor?)


M - said...

I too love the original Roadhouse. Don't plan to see the remake. Jake Gyllenhaal is NO Patrick Swayze - and never will be.

I was initially excited that Henry Cavill is going to be the next James Bond until I found out that Rotten Robbie is co-starring. Bleech! There's a reason she keeps getting cast in movies - and it isn't because she's particularly talented or exceptionally pretty.

Visible said...

It was worse than you can imagine. It was... truly awful.

As for Robbie, there is always a great deal more happening off-camera than in front of it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

People will do anything for money. There was a film aboot that. Hilarious. THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN. Gods, the Raquel Welch part alone made that worth watching, and Ringo Starr was at his best.

I'm not in that category. Anyway, livin' in calipornia, if they know the politics, they know the last thing you wanna do here is make a lot of money. In fact, anyone who comes here to live or open or keep a business here is either certifiably insane or dumber than a vacuum.


MGTOW is growin' fast, I hear. It's also big in Japan, China, South Korea, and the chicks feel the same way. The sausage casin's don't think the chicks are cost effective, and the chicks don't feel like bein' kitchen slave breeder cows. (Who am I to talk since yesterday's gourmet meal took me 3.5 hours since I had to do the cooking 1920's style. It was a new invention, probably. Non-yukon yellow potatoes that I can't remember the type of, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, shallots, capers, olive oil, butter, and every Mediterranean seasoning in the book. Thank the gods I only do food prep once a week. Three days worth of culinary Heaven.) In a lot of ways the single life is easier, IF you're higher income since there are times when a backup does come in handy if you can't afford the occasional disaster that comes around.

What does it mean? No attachment? Then why have any vested interest in anything, except to keep the self-imposed prison sentence as simple and cost effective as possible? It took me a while to come to that conclusion to the degree that I have now, but ultimately why go the extra mile to bother with this place. There's the good, the bad, and the LET IT ALL GO TO HELL! I AIN'T PLAYIN' YOUR STUPID MORTAL FLOTSAM GAMES ANYMORE. I AM DEPROGRAMMED FROM YOUR IDIOTIC, COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, UNPRAGMATIC, OFTEN SELF-DESTRUCTIVE 'MATRIX'.

I think (as we know) this planet is a POS, and I think you gotta be a sado-masochist to breed. I know I'm glad I'm starin' 62 in the face as opposed to having been born yesterday. This place is great if you like to be perpetually inconvenienced, not know anything, and have all of your innate OTHERSIDE abilities stripped. I don't, and even though I'm goin' through the motions of bein' alive, I choose identify as a corpse (in addition to bein' a nose, but that's a cult thang. Bein' a member of The Holey Order of the Septum and all).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Visible said...

Anecdotally... in the mid-70s I had come into the possession of quite a bit of magic crystal... gratis, and I was in a room with my songwriting collaborator, a couple of rock stars, a couple of other people, and the guy who helped Terry Southern write (Good grief! It's Daddy!) The Magic Christian. I had put a rolled 50 dollar bill on the mirror... for those present... to use as an intake device. At one point, a friend of mine leaned over and said, "That guy just stole the tooter." It was that guy.

I was in a magnanimous mood. Mostly, I am in a magnanimous mood, and rather than humiliate the guy in the company we were in, I just said something like... "It's only 50 bucks. Imagine what I may have saved by learning this about him now." In fact, that is what I said and he may have heard me too.

Boy! Do I have a lot of moments, not necessarily of The Hallmark category.

Anonymous said...

That song was playing on my internal jukebox all day yesterday Vis.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You Really Have to Go At It With Your Whole Heart. Take Your Mind Off of Whatever Mistakes You Think You Made."



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