Tuesday, April 30, 2024

"That Part of The Operation is like The Subconscious Mind. A Lot Goes on There, but You Can't See It... Except in Dreams."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Existence is like a waterwheel. Try to put that image in your mind because it is very important. It's important if you have any interest in knowing how things work. Many people do not. Lots of people are like crows... crows like bright shiny things. Many people are like many different kinds of animals and that animal nature keeps them from seeing the process they are locked into.

Once again, but not in some while, let me include the quote by Shankara; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones." Life runs in currents like the ones in the ocean, Current go to specific locations. Some lifeforms ride the currents because it is their nature, and... some lifeforms get caught in the currents. Currents have a lot to do with mating and feeding. These are two principal causes of mortality, and two places in your body where Prana operates.

Prana also operates in the breath. Of course... Prana is more complicated than that, but...

...nothing beats Tantra for complications. It has always amused me when people try to pass themselves off as Tantra Masters. Europe has plenty of them, and... they come and go in The Hawaiian Islands... where there are rich host bodies of trustfunders, and people who have money for whatever the reasons. Usually, the reason is that Heaven is not fond of what you've been up to, and wants to teach you a lesson, OR... you spent a lot of time building up treasures where rust and moths do corrupt; same thing.

I do not treat with complexities. My setup is much simpler than that, and getting simpler by the day. As The Divine comes more and more into presence within, one has less need to know anything, and... since most of what we know is not so... in the way that we know it, and... not true to begin with... once the emptying out process goes into operation... most everything goes away... somewhere. Perhaps there is a knowledge burial ground somewhere. Schools of higher learning would be an excellent location for it.

Knowledge is the sworn enemy of wisdom. Knowledge is dense and complex. Wisdom is light and simple, though... it can be incredibly deep because real wisdom runs all the way to The Fountains of Conscious Light.

I said that existence is like a waterwheel. Oh! There are plenty of metaphors one could use, but... for the purpose of this explication, a waterwheel is a good picture.

Let us get a handful of examples of people on the waterwheel. Let's start at the top. Hmm... The Clintons... Taylor Swift... Donald Trump... Joe Biden... Satanyahu... a Whitman's Sampler of pimps and ho's, and anyone you want to add that is at the pinnacle of worldly success. I left some obvious names out because I am not certain they are either a pimp or a ho. This waterwheel turns on an axle of Time. It is connected to a mill that sits in the middle of a body of water that flows around it like the water in a moat. The water in most moats does not have a current. This one does and the waterwheel drives it.

The waterwheel and the small circular island that the mill sits on are stationary... except for the mill wheel that turns in the center. The substance that the mill is grinding is concealed within the structure that contains it. Also... you cannot see where the substance(s) is/are coming from... or where it goes after it is ground fine. Think of that part of the operation as being like The Subconscious Mind. A lot goes on there, but you can't see it... except in dreams.

The waterwheel has spokes... as many wheels do, and each spoke is a demarcation line... marking a transitionary phase between planes of existence. The planes stay where they are, but the people on the wheel keep on moving.

There is another waterwheel that turns here, but... you can't see it... often you do not know the names of those who come and go on this wheel. Sometimes you will hear their names from out of the lands of myth and legend.

That hour in The Sun... for those in pursuit of temporal success... comes at the top of the wheel, as the ambition and dreams that carried them... comes... in its inexorable fashion... to the top of the wheel... from which it begins its decent. When the wheel reaches the bottom... the lifeforms are routed toward further destinies... through slot portals that open for transmigration, and also... transmogrification.

One portal opens into The Devic Realm... then a number of portals open into various locations within The Devic Realm. One opens into The Infernal Kingdom of The Rakshasas and The Asuras; everything may go by different names... depending on the traditions you associated yourself with. A portal opens into The Mineral Kingdom... The Animal Kingdom... The Insect Kingdom... The Human Kingdom, and so on... and so forth.

So... one should never be resentful of the SEEMING success of others. Failure follows success like day follows night, AND... the more spectacular the success... the more spectacular the failure. The more intense the pleasure... the more intense the pain. The greater the good and service that is associated with one's passage on the wheel, the greater the return in kind. The greater the evil and disservices rendered... well... you do the math.

Everything... is... under... control. I know it doesn't seem that way, therefore... there follows the anxiety and resentment that accompanies everyone... who sees only injustice... in every direction they turn. The two wheels overlay each other... both of them are turned by Time. One opens into portals that lead to other sequences of Time, AND... even forgotten and historical periods of time. You'd be surprised what is possible because ... ANYTHING is possible. The other opens into portals of Eternity.

Everything inter-phases with everything... in every area where relevance... similarities, and whatever associations there may be... do apply. You have heard of the journey of a thousand miles. You are familiar with every road... that does not end in wilderness... leading to another road. Whatever you set your sights and your will upon... if you remain consistent with that objective... YOU WILL ATTAIN TO IT.

In every moment one has the option of continuing on or... well... the possibilities are endless. However... something there is that keeps so many bound to the waterwheel... and this something... is also endless in its permutations. The wheel turns forever, just as the fires of desire burn forever... only the direction of the latter changes or... can change.

Here is an interesting dichotomy. Why is it that passion advertises so much that it never delivers, and then... almost always ends with a sense of loss? Yet... people go back to the well again, and again... ad infinitum... expecting something different each time. The same sense of loss attends each effort, BUT then... the pressure builds once more, and it will build, and continue to build... until the life force is once again spent... until it can no longer sustain itself in that form.

Everything you see going on around you or that you hear about at a distance... through the filters employed by those... who package information... in the way they want it to be consumed... is artifice. It is Nature... invisibly conformed to appearances... dictated by those who shape appearances... to maintain subliminal control... over The Walking Clueless.

Have you ever seen so many troops show up for campus protests? Have you ever seen so many arrests for peaceful protests? Only a couple of years ago... they were arresting almost no one. Have you seen the snarling... cursing... teeth-baring scions of The Overlords? Do you see The State coming out in force everywhere for their Israeli masters?

Yesterday, I mentioned this in the links at GAB.

It is what I have been saying. I did not know it to be true, but that voice within me confirmed it, and then I saw this article. Kapow!!! That voice does not only speak on spiritual matters. It speaks on everything, including the most pedestrian and prosaic things. It turned out I was absolutely right without actually knowing it. Well... I wasn't right. The one speaking to me was right. I love The Voice of The Intuition!

What you see happening is all orchestrated, BUT not by the people who think they are orchestrating it. Now they are putting real pressure on the people who front for them in elected office. They want to get control of the narrative again, so... they are activating their people to come to the front of the opposition, just like they did with The Civil Rights Movement... so that it will appear that THEY were the authors of change the whole time... instead of the original cause of what they are now fighting against. Their empire of lies and financial control is falling apart.

They just did this in the place where they herded all those people for target practice.

Why... it's just like shooting fish in a barrel, AND... the whole world is watching. Look at what else is just coming out, and which the media they control has turned a blind eye to.

Bigger wheels are now turning. These are the wheels of destiny that handle nations... and populations. These are the wheels that shift the balance of powers, that route the force of will that we all use to get things done.

This is The Wheel of Ages... The Celestial Clock... fixed upon The Rock of Ages... and turning, and turning... indifferent to every effort to stop or reverse it. Indifferent to the suffering and tears... that will end... at some point... further up the road, because The Wheel is turned by the one who also spins The Loom that weaves all fate... by the one who unrolls The Scroll of Destiny... already written.

Jolly... jolly... jolly good! Okay! Pack it up, boys. We're done here. We've got another show in another town tomorrow. That caravan needs to arrive at the nothing it set out from. Hurry up now! Hurry up and wait. Jolly Good!

End Transmission.......

My friends... a few of our readers are experiencing difficulties with their health; serious difficulties. There is NOTHING so serious that The Divine cannot resolve it between one heartbeat and the next. So... I ask you to pray-believing for our friends Jeff and Twee... as well as our friend, William. God hears your prayers and He likes nothing better than when we pray with our whole heart for someone else. Thank you.

For a week now, I have been reading this commentary on Sufism. At first, I was a bit put off by the rigid fundamentalism in the beginning, BUT... I kept with it and it has repaid me in priceless teachings and... well... you'll have to read it yourself. Every so often something comes along that is worth the time. This is one of those!!!!!!!

by Reynold A. Nicholson

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Again, parents, societies, PROGRAMME us to be materialistic idiots. A minority wake up and overcome it. Also, I consider physical existence to be a self-imposed CURSE! But hey! A asked for it for a reason, the reason has been taken care of, but I'M STILL HERE, DAMMIT! But hey! I've gone minimalist, have been feeding the system a starvation diet for many years, and contribute as little as possible to this Hellscape in every way I can, so NEENER-NEENER!

There's a bit more freedom with that 'tude, and living like that. It does help big time to exist for the next world as opposed to this piece of rubbish we infest.


M - said...

The Voice of The Intuition is never wrong.

0 said...

"Perhaps there is a knowledge burial ground somewhere."

What we call knowledge requires a context and variables to be made use of so that the knowledge people generally learn comes from the time they are inserted into iteration of form within.

I tend to quantify knowledge that requires context to be useful as something apart from knowledge that has eternal consequence and is Not limited by the context of the time its present in.

Course knowledge unapplied is not worth much huh.

I wonder if I have managed to locate any knowledge of eternal consequence. I wonder if its knowing of it will have any effect on my next iteration of form, should there be one and should I be "of mind" to remember anything else outside of that iteration.

I don't know, but given age and health I expect I'll find out before to much longer. Hopefully I'm still in a position to make use of what shows up. But if not, then it is what it is.


0 said...

That sufi link is curious.

Its amusing to me that each "religion" variant, treats they who go it without a Guru like Satans children.

As if the only way to understand a thing rightly is if someone ELSE TELLS you how to understand it.

That sufi link noted:
"A 'seeker' who attempts to traverse the 'Path' without assistance receives little sympathy. Of such a one it is said that 'his guide is Satan,' and he is likened to a tree that for want of the gardener's care brings forth 'none or bitter fruit.'"

The irony being that not all fruit is brought forth for Humans to be the consumer of such.

Fruits that they who are constrained by religion produce are consumed by they within such a vein or current as reinforcement for their worldview. They will produce nothing but that which has been repeated over and over again. What is the product of religion? more Members who believe? Religo means To Bind. If ones binding oneself to a bargain, what might be required to unbind such from self?

Ah well, from the nothing one iterates and to the nothing one recedes back into... till another time when Accountability is the Call of the Day.


Visible said...

Which is why I, at first, was turned away from it. However... it gets deeper and deeper, and there's a large section that deals with the lives of saints and some of the things they did. Yikes!

Anyway... I went from not much impressed to seriously impressed.

AL said...

"My friends... a few of our readers are experiencing difficulties with their health; serious difficulties."

Message and prayers sent Brother.

I know of this well and have been afflicted with something since Christmas myself, been battling it without even knowing what, where when or how but one day or two after asking The Christ for help after trying so many things and on what to do if anything a name popped into my mind one morning out of no where. Amyloidosis, never heard of it, so my researching brain proceeded to delve deep.

I came to find very little is known of it, no cure for it, usually takes a year to be even diagnosed but my symptoms matched far to well to ignore it. "They' give you 5 to 10 years to live with "treatments mostly dealing with inflammation". They say it is caused by "folding proteins" building up in almost any location of our body.

I did find something I have used in the past having success with it and that is DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide both of which seem to be able to control it to some degree "inactivate it". Yesterday I saw an article come out by a Dr Mercola on the apparent pandemic of various Prion diseases coming our way, how they are coming from the vaccinated and are spreading to everyone now. Seems they cause "protein folding" to occur and are responsible for many life threatening dis-eases Madcow being only one.

I don't what's going on only that these two things are reversing my symptoms totally and that my Lord has given me help and "with Him in faith" maybe they can help others with the plethora of diseases the bad actors are spreading.

May God have mercy on your friends and sending healing hopes to all.

0 said...

"Which is why I, at first, was turned away from it. However... it gets deeper and deeper, and there's a large section that deals with the lives of saints and some of the things they did. Yikes!"

I see, I have a couple books on sufism but they're all boxed up. I'll keep reading thru it over the next few days and see if theres anything there for me. Thanks for the link!


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Sad and Punishing Routines of Life Amidst The Clutter of Endless Variations of the Same Thing, and... Searching in Vain."



Joseph Brenner

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