Friday, August 28, 2020

"Oh Happy Day, the Day you Make Parole out of The Penitentiary of the Mind!!!"

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The Macrocosm and the Microcosm... hmmm. Think of existence... the mind as a mirror held up to the sky. Perhaps hold it like that but below eye level, so that you can look into it; held at an angle so that you are not reflected in it and... you will see the sky of blue and clouds passing across it. You are that mirror but you are not the sky and clouds passing. Some Advaitist's might quibble with that but one would have to be far along the upward path for that to have any relevance.

Meanwhile, down here, they continue to present the same distorted image, overlaying the presence of the angel, backwards, and IN YOUR FACE-


My name is Les Visible BUT... I have no connection to LesVisible's Yucatan. The power of The Mind is so much greater than what is commonly understood. In most cases, the mind is limited by The Thinker employing it, or being driven by it. In these times, the accurate term is, The Penitentiary of the Mind. How true that is. Think about it (whoops... there goes the mind again), What is a penitent? Does not Karma, in some regard, make penitents of us all, for so long as it rules the course of our events?

Each generation that appears, is 'mainly' composed of recent generations disappeared. They have returned, en masse to continue that which death had previously interrupted and which, in this life, they are reacting to what they learned about themselves in-between lives. There is no escape from it BUT there are novel ways of dealing with it.

There are twenty-four Lords of Karma and they set the conditions and circumstances for your EVERY coming and going. There is a caveat that is potentially operational in EVERY LIFE and that is when the one living it, tumbles to the core reality of existence and positively responds. On that day when any thinker understands that it is NOT ALL ABOUT THEM and turns their thoughts, feelings, and industry to the service of others, it makes The Lords of Karma TAKE NOTICE. From the moment you choose to stop thinking about yourself and begin to think of others, the Lords of Karma stop thinking about your debts and begin to look for ways to relieve you of them. What I am telling you is true.

Yes... existence is a precise mechanical dynamic, focused on every Jot and Tittle. However, the human spirit is beyond Karma. Those who have achieved to the Kingdom of the Spirit, have risen above Karma. The Lords of Karma are angels from that particular hierarchy known as Thrones. Thrones are notable for STABILITY. For petitioner-penitents like ourselves, exhibiting STABILITY is how you accomplish Friendship with The Lords of Karma. They could alternatively be named, The Lords of Destiny, or The 24 Elders. Their function does not change. What they watch for is A CHANGE OF HEART. Once this is demonstrated and consistency is evidenced, you are ON YOUR WAY.

Each of the Angelic Hierarchies is motivated by a different Virtue. STABILITY happens to be the Virtue of Thrones.

Remember and never forget, “As Above, so Below.” If there happen to be ways around things and if there is wiggle room down here, then there is also the same Above. You simply have to know how to negotiate it. We got lawyers on the material plane that ferry us through the dense complexity of particular conditions we have gotten into, or are faced with down here. They have their mirror associates Above. The ones Above though, possess Integrity and that is why you have that phrase in the Lord's Prayer which states, “Thy will be done on Earth, as IT IS in Heaven.” In Times of Material Darkness, terrestrial lawyers are advised and often controlled by Infernal Forces.

The Thrones abide in the 3rd Sephiroth. If you demonstrate STABILITY to them (and it CAN-MIGHT take a looooooong time to do) they will pass you on to the next Sephiroth, which is the place of Providence, also known as Grace. This is the sphere of Christ, called Chokmah, home of The Mazloth, and the zodiac. The realities of The Tree of Life are not something to interest the pedestrian mind and the complexity of it is far beyond the capacity of the ordinary intellect BUT... we all wind up in the consideration of it at some time. I have chosen to walk The Path of Love and all that knowledge gets added in once I've been GUIDED and LED Home. I don't fancy my chances via 'the other' approach and for those few who are successful on that route, they still have to return and walk The Path of Love; not so if you take The Path of Love to begin with.

I merely add in these few details in the hope of triggering certain correspondences in the mind of the reader. Sooner or later the shoe drops. The terms used here have been spelled differently by different schools. They are still talking about the same thing. This is the area of endless argument and debate that causes the deluded and egocentric to wind up serving time for in The Penitentiary of the Mind. How long they have to remain there is up to them. I'm guessing their stay is predicated on whatever length of time extends in which they think they know.

As has been stated, or at least implied, the mind is a mirror, and those unschooled or lacking the visceral awareness of it, generally PROJECT themselves on to everyone else, ascribing their own motives and inclinations to others. This is another cell-block where the self confined do time. Sooner or later and... it comes to everyone, you have to let go of all you think you know and all you think you are and throw yourself upon the mercy of The Ineffable. If sincerely expressed, angels WILL BE in attendance and take it from there. Knowing, viscerally, that you DO NOT KNOW, is the key to the door to freedom and Liberty, also known by various other terms, it is the SINGLE DRIVING AND COMPELLING FORCE in every single one of us. By whatever means or methods you may explain it to yourself, it is THE SAME THING; something proven by those who walked it long ago and who now wait upon our surrender to their guidance.

I mentioned in an earlier post about an eclipse that happened a couple of years or so ago and how the astrological configuration of America's Progressed Chart showed the same configuration that existed during the French Revolution. Observe this glaring evidence;

Amazon protesters outside Jeff Bezos' home construct guillotine:
Read more at Fox Business

Furthermore, observe the statements of BLM spokestards and Antifa mouthpieces. It might be worth the time to study what their stated intentions are and to consider WHO IS FINANCING THEM.

Every problem that ANYONE has, originated in their mind. Even when it 'might' be seen as the product of environmental circumstances, one's operating perspective, in respect of it, has EVERYTHING to do with the mind's reaction to it. STILL THE REACTIVE MIND and put an end to your every problem. Whoever is controlling your mind and thought processes is controlling you. Whatever the nature of your appetites and desires may be, they fall under the command of whatever Infernal or Supernal entity is in charge of that sector of direction and expression. For as long as you 'think' you know what's going on and you 'think' that you know what to do about it, in the present, tempestuous climate of The Sea of Life, you WILL CONTINUE TO BE out of your depth.

Little Georgie Sorrows is NOT an independent operative. He WORKS FOR SOMEONE. He is an employee of The Red Shield and The Red Shield is a front organization for The Kingdom of Hell on Earth. The Ruler of Hell is he who sits in the 13th Chair. Once again, let me state, unequivocally, there is ONLY ONE Supreme Regent and he IS COMING. He is on the way;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

Wherever there is Fear and Uncertainty, there... is a lack of Certitude. The quality of your Love determines the quality of your life. The great mistake that misguides the life of so many, is the tendency to put God at a distance, to THINK that God is far off when God is closer to you than ANYTHING else. You COULD NOT think or feel if God were not present. You could not breathe and your heart could not beat because, GOD IS THE LIFE IN YOU. It is a trick of the mind. I hesitate to call it a trick because the word 'trick' can have negative connotations. Perhaps 'tactic' is a better term. There is a tactic one employs to RIGHT THE MIND. In many people, the mind is upside down. Everything 'appears' to be other than what it is.

Hover over the document to view the controls to flip through the pages

Patanjali addresses this in his aphorisms, along with many creative options, though perhaps... not always 'directly' as such. The point will still be the same.

One of the unfortunate limitations that keep one an inmate of The Penitentiary of the Mind is the mental resistance to accepting that there is ONLY ONE GOD, who is the same in every religion. Ramakrishna proved this by experiencing enlightenment in each tradition. We really are our own worst enemy and our mind is the representative of that. Our worst enemy can, in a twinkling... be transformed into our best friend.

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Is it worth it to get there after having to jump through all kinds of hoops? I never had a problem myself but that is more likely due to my 'meant to be there' consideration. If you are meant to be there (at Parler), you will find the way.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

"COVID is a Myth Wrapped in a Fairytale Told by Idiots, STUPID is the Real Pandemic."

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Now we know. By this time, every 'thinking person' knows that COVID is a scam, with several basic intentions. The primary intention is to get rid of President Trump (the Impeachment scams didn't work) and... were this not an apocalypse it would have proven to be an effective tactic... maybe. 'Maybe', is because, NO MATTER HOW GOOD ONE'S TACTICS ARE, all tactics are subject to THE WILL OF GOD. Even when someone comes along like Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, or Machiavelli, from the Strategy Department, or Alexander, Hannibal, or Napoleon from the Applied Department, this is also according to THE WILL OF GOD. Yeah... I left all kinds of people out of each department; so what? The point is that NOTHING happens that is not in accordance with THE WILL OF GOD, period. Until you get that, you are more than a day late and a dollar short.

COVID was also for the purpose of CONTROL, precisely because of the 'present' climate of the human mind and culture. The exponentially increasing population is ALSO a factor. The weather is not the only climate experiencing Climate Change. As well... this has been in the planning for some time, just ask Albert Pike; if you can find him.

People, including some (or all) of the aforementioned, have been trying to control the world from the beginning. This is a particular pathology that comes out of a deep and abiding insecurity. NONE OF THEM have succeeded. As Lao Tzu says, “the world is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes.” These usurpers and social reformers are all case studies, for The Purpose of Demonstration. Life is an endless cycling of Object Lessons. It is the outworking of Karma.

A woman got killed in remote Saskatchewan yesterday by a bear; Karma, neh? Her son saw it from the cabin; also Karma. She was talking to someone on the phone at the time; more Karma. The bear got shot; even more Karma. Everywhere you look, it is Karma. Without Karma you would not be here. Karma IS NOT the simplistic, Cliff Notes force of common understanding. It is a complex and profound power whose deepest realities are beyond human ken.

We've provided certain equations here on a regular basis, like Materialism= Insanity= Atheism= Satanism= yadda yadda. That is not the only equation. I am using the term, 'equation' in its, 'to equate' mode. I've got another one, Materialism= Stupidity= Degeneracy= Dodo Bird Motif. Well... it is not just a matter of equating as much as it is a matter of GENERATING.

COVID, is now the present cause of all death. Old Age no longer kills you, Old Age + COVID is what kills you. If you happen to be thinking about COVID when a fatal accident occurs, it was not because of the accident itself but it was due to COVID. The COVID virus killed you and then the accident happened.

COVID IS NOT the pandemic we should be concerned with. STUPIDITY is the real pandemic, epidemic, plague and pestilence. Were it not because of STUPIDITY, COVID would not even exist. Without STUPIDITY, Covid would be no more than a variant on the common flu, only possibly less dangerous. It is STUPIDITY that makes so many things that should not even exist, prolonged and amplified, not to mention, celebrated.

People build IMMUNITY through EXPOSURE! None of this nonsense that is taking place was or is necessary. So some people die. Far, far more people are dying from alcohol and bad lifestyles than from COVID. Nothing is being done about either of these, in fact they are promoted.

Of course, FEAR is a factor, also due to Materialism. This is the fear of loss. FEAR is a byproduct of STUPIDITY. Of course, it is very easy to live in a state of fear when you have no idea of the composition or context of what you encounter. These days, if you can't eat it or fuck it, it is probably a mystery to many people. Okay... so STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE walk into a bar... Moving right along.

You have heard that, “You can't fix STUPID.” That is not entirely true. STUPID can be fixed. It just takes a REALLY long time. That is the thing with evolution. It is in no kind of a hurry. There are, HOWEVER, certain periods of time when specific and particular aspects of the human condition are acted upon with some urgency. That is the case in an apocalypse.

There are periods of Awakening that occur in certain time periods and in those periods certain people with certain gifts appear... for instance, around the turn of the last century there was a technological explosion and we got Edison and Bell, along with a host of others. Of course, as is ever the case, SEVERAL people were independently working on the same thing at the same time but only one of them eventually wound up getting the lion's share of the credit. That period (and others) could be considered as times of Awakening in a limited sense. The present case is much more comprehensive overall and will wind up impacting on that most serious of considerations; THE WAY PEOPLE THINK.

STUPID, no matter what form it takes, gets programmed out of existence at regular intervals. There is a whole plethora of STUPID in action at the moment. You hear or see evidence of it every day and it is a worry in the minds of many, who do not get the real life effect of the DODO BIRD FACTOR. What happened to all the screaming mindless mobs of the past? What happened to the millions who embraced particular lockstep modes of existence that came and went? No good records have been kept over the centuries that concern the details of the presence and departure of STUPID. STUPID doesn't keep records. Its capacity in that regard ends with grocery lists, if it even gets that far. The thing is that it is STUPID itself that programs itself out of existence. This is well and good, except for one unfortunate feature. STUPID does reproduce, so there is ALWAYS some amount of STUPID around and now we come to this present atmosphere of Awakening; The Grand Apocalypse.

Angels are coming near the Earth. Angels are DIRECT EXPRESSIONS of the WILL OF GOD. Angels and... most certainly CERTAIN ANGELS, interact with humanity all the time. They even assume human form BUT... there are times when the influence of angels is far greater than at other times and this is such a time. Everyone who is numbered among the STUPID are receiving the influence of angels at the moment. So is everyone who is not STUPID. IF... if one CAN BE AWAKENED, one will be and one will also be awakened TO THE DEGREE that it is possible. In EVERY CASE where STUPID can be fixed, it will be fixed.

One of the reasons that there is so much STUPID present, at this time, is because the conditions of Materialism have given them far greater chances at survival than was previously the case. These are not the days of the Old West/Civil War. These are not the times before penicillin-antibiotics. There have been no major wars for some time, so there has not been the call for large amount of Cannon Fodder that STUPID usually answers.

Keep in mind that I am aware of leaving a great deal out of my descriptions and commentary. You must needs fill in the blanks. There are space constraints here. I am not in a position to write War and Peace this morning; nor tomorrow or the day after. I can hear the minds of the readers asking, “But what about this and what about that?” Uh... you know about THIS and THAT, yes? Otherwise, why would you bring it up? Ergo, you should be able to answer your own questions; you're welcome.

STUPID is a particularly thorny problem. You can't reason with STUPID. Why? Because it's STUPID! You can't explain anything to STUPID. The ONLY thing that impacts on STUPID are the persistent blows of life that are visited upon it, over and over again, life after life. For more detail on outcome, please refer back to what was said about evolution. Suffering tenderizes STUPID and gives it sensitivity. STUPID can have an exceedingly hard carapace.

An intelligent person protects themselves from STUPID by not hanging out with or engaging it. Unfortunately for some who are not as smart as they think they are, there are things STUPID possesses that they want, like their bodies for carnal reasons and other assets. This does not, in the long run, work out for the predators, NO MATTER WHAT THEY THINK. Keep in mind that The Purpose of Demonstration covers every thought, word and deed that occurs in the realm of Time-Space and Causation and once again we come back to Karma. Not believing in something does not protect you from it IF... IN FACT... it does exist. And Karma, I assure you, does exist.

You don't have to be STUPID to do STUPID things. Temporary STUPID exists, just like Temporary Insanity. Do you see all of these factors in the various equations coming together now? NO? Then what does that make you? STUPID, right? (grin) Sorry... sorry, I couldn't help myself. That could prove to be STUPID as well. Offending people can be STUPID but sometimes... you have no choice, especially when your just being there is offensive to someone.

Don't be STUPID! Embrace the influence of Awakening or... be recycled. A New World is on the doorstep. I don't care what anyone else says about it; a Golden Age is in the offing. It REALLY is but many people are not going to see it. ANYTHING can and possibly will be happening soon. Natural and manufactured Catastrophes, such as have not occurred in recorded history, ARE on the menu. Manufactured or Natural; they can ONLY happen if they are the WILL OF GOD. The same applies to the ever increasing social unrest. There is the specter of food shortages and real pandemics, unlike COVID, which is nothing more than a scam, permitted by the WILL OF GOD. Everything created here by both Good and Evil intent, can ONLY happen through the WILL OF GOD.

Why do I keep saying certain things? Because YOU MUST bring yourself into accord with the WILL OF GOD. This is accomplished by recognizing the presence of The Indwelling and ALLOWING it to operate in an UNHINDERED fashion. There are ONLY one of two things that any of us are doing at any time. We are either opposing or not opposing the WILL OF GOD and The Purpose of Demonstration follows in the wake.

I was trying to communicate something because there are events coming SOON that one must be able to adjust to. I am not sure I was effective and I apologize for my lack of clarity and percentage of STUPID that may have hindered me in the process. I'm doing the best that I can.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

Then there is the matter of Parler. Many people come there, according to the count but... NOTHING HAPPENS. They don't vote. They don't comment. They don't sign up to FOLLOW. What do they do, I wonder? If you think that indicates something you'd like to avoid having anything to do with, why not stop by and let the heart grow fonder? Parler... where NOTHING occurs to you and you can't remember having been.

Pocketnet... Pocketnet... where do you roam? A Knight without honor in a thavage land. Pocketnet, for the discriminating internet surfer.

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Saturday, August 22, 2020

"Pulling out ALL the Stops with Mr. Apocalypse and the Dance of the Headless Chicken."

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I had an unusual experience today. I was meditating this morning, as I do every morning, for an hour to an hour and a half from 6:00 AM on. It was a remarkable meditation in any case. It appears that my friends on the other side, in the wider and more refined reaches of the bandwidth, know that today is my birthday and that was a wonderful present. It doesn't get better than that. It can get more intense, deeper, and more profound. It can amplify and expand but it doesn't get better. Love and ministrations from The Celestial Realm cannot be improved on, only increased.

This morning, while I was meditating, the thought of, the image of Dax Shepard came into my mind. I didn't even know that was his name but I knew who he was because I had seen him in films. He reminds me somewhat of Owen Wilson in his style of humor and I enjoy both of them. Most entertainers are peripheral to me. They are off to the side. There is only one celebrity that is directly in front of me and that is the various personifications of The Ineffable, as he appears in whatever guise he assumes... for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

Having finished my meditation, I came inside and went into the kitchen to fix my second cup of Morning Thunder tea. My life moves in a 'somewhat' clockwork fashion these days. There are certain routines. The Big Pot of Morning Thunder is one of them. It came into my mind that I would like to hear, “Independence Day” by Bruce Springsteen. Rarely do I listen to music at that time and if I do, it is usually Gospel or Worship Music. Those are wide banners for me and under them are songs that many people would not categorize as such. As I went to the Alexa (constantly eavesdropping) Box, the image of Dax Shepherd came up and there was a brief mention that he had spent 7 hours at the hospital due to a motorcycle accident.

Dax Shepherd

Wow! I don't know if that just happened or if it was in reference to another time. I haven't looked into it BUT... he came SO CLEARLY into my mind during the meditation. Hmm... That sort of thing doesn't 'usually' happen to me. Does this presage some new ability? I often get a metaphysical present (or two) on my birthday, especially lately. That would be interesting.

I've managed to detach myself (pretty much) from expectations. What comes, comes. What goes, goes. I've had some revelations of late that have transformed the day to day for me. One of them is the mindset that there is no me. The presence of 'Me' hinders the presence and passage of The Divine. I can either be aware of me or The Divine. In the process of practicing this in every moment that I can remember to, which is... often, I have come into some understanding of The Operation of the Sun. It is often termed, “The Operation of the Sun and Moon with the aid of Mercury.” In the procedure, my job is the fixation of 'my Mercury' upon it being in operation. That is my ONLY task. I DO NOT accomplish the work myself. That is done, entirely, by The Guardian Angel. It proceeds as long as I DO NOT HINDER IT.

This came to me in visceral fashion, as if to say, in the words of John Milton, “they also serve who only stand and wait.” Milton was not referring to this. They say it was about his blindness. Hmm... interesting. Given that this could be about my blindness too. Milton was a towering figure in his time, much like Ben Johnson, Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens. There are a number of these historical icons and that has little, or perhaps nothing to do with the subject of this post... digressing... digressing...

I was 'told' that in all the time when I am not interfering, the process will proceed.

This is what we do. We get in the way. We work contrary to our best interests, through the larger portion of our lives. ALL MOTION is God's, whether it be personal or impersonal, the power to move comes from God. Thought and feeling are motion too. The Tarot Card, The Chariot, exemplifies the posture of one who permits the unhindered passage of The Divine.

Bota Deck, The Chariot
Bota Deck, The Chariot

Its descriptor is, “Intelligence of the House of Influence.” It represents, 'Triumph in the Mind'. I read that as one who successfully stands guard at the Gateway of the Mind. One who has stilled the Reactive Mind. One who is able to step aside and let the Great Life Spirit, change personas like we might change from one set of clothes to another. Think of Arjuna in the chariot with Krishna driving. Think of the Sphinxes like a team of horses. These are powerful horses and they can take you galloping down the road or, should you lose control of them, these mind senses, take you crashing off into rough terrain.

The Chariot has always been symbolic to me of my personal life challenge. There are 3 cards and they are in a row; The Chariot, Strength, and The Hermit. My life is supposed to be a transit from the one, through the other, to the other. Once one has triumphed in the mind, one takes control of ALL subhuman forces= Strength and then one, naturally, attains union with the Supreme, Indwelling Self= The Hermit. I suspect that each of us has a series of cards (archetypes) that we transit through on our particular, personal route up the mountain. It either gets ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION, or... you will depart from it... that window will close AND the default dream of your life will follow to death and then rebirth, death, and rebirth, until THAT LIFETIME when you've had it with death and rebirth, not to mention the 'little chat' you have in-between appearances.

There is the little life that each of us occupies till the tape runs out and there is the greater life of all of us, collected in a common time frame. Some doubt the existence of the one I call, Mr. Apocalypse. Briefly defined, that would be God in a particular outfit and he is VERY MUCH in action at this moment. The whole of Kalifornia is under the spell of a cabal of kindred types. Here is what one fatuous lunkhead had to say about the Trump engine they want to derail, “their coroprste (sic) lobbiests think they be in control.” This is a white guy, culturally appropriating with, “think they 'be' in control.” He just fell into the elevator shaft of my measure of esteem. This is ALL the work of Mr. Apocalypse! The fires... the OVER eleven thousand bolts of lightning that hit in a short period. The extreme high heat and tinder conditions. The homeless epidemic. As James Baldwin said, “the fire next time”. Kalifornia is a case study in irony and mutually clueless self-destruction. Judgment is being done.

We are only in the preliminary stages of Judgment. The Avatar is sweeping the inner planes and driving all of the long-entrenched powers and principalities of negative intent, OUT INTO MANIFESTATION for Judgment. This is 'how he do'. The steaming load of hypocrisy demonstrated by John Cusack and his ilk has made its malodorous way to Heaven's Gate. An appropriate response HAS BEEN SCHEDULED.

In the mean and in-between times, each of us is occupied with those duties or attractions that compel us to our waiting destinies. They are the stuff of our Fate and 'most of us' are blind to the implications that they portend. Life... IS DEMONSTRATING before our eyes and... as ever... “there are none so blind as THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE.” Each of us is presently engaged with our version of what we think is important and... “as a man thinketh, so is he.” I am ASTOUNDED at what I see unrolling and unraveling at the moment. I am further astounded and astonished that seemingly intelligent people DO NOT SEE what is in the Event Horizon.

THEY... whoever 'they' may be, have decided that they will, AT ANY COST, prevent the sitting president from being reelected. This, they have decided, no matter what the cost, to 'pull out all the stops.' Most probably don't know this but that phrase is based on the nature of the pipe organ; the 'stops' on a pipe organ. It means to 'make every possible effort'. This is what I mean when I say, AT ANY COST. What this SHOULD TELL YOU is that there is NOTHING they will not attempt in the process. It is as if their very lives were at stake and... perhaps they are. Certainly, their plans for a REAL HORROR SHOW are on the line. So... what is going to happen when Push and Shove get into that Steel Cage Match? We will surely see. Mr. Apocalypse WILL determine the outcome. The plans of everyone and anyone are of no consequence, except as they apply to the result intended by Mr. Apocalypse.

It IS in motion. Are you in some state of HINDERING or... are you NOT HINDERING? Hindering can involve all kinds of complications. Not hindering is simplicity itself. The pressure WILL INTENSIFY. The pressure will intensify like rising wind. Whatever you are holding on to is going to bend and your grip is going to weaken until the force becomes so great that one can no longer hold on. There is pressure without and pressure within. IF what you are holding on to is holding on to you, the outcome may be different. It also may be that the wind will not be at a fury everywhere and it may be that the pressure within and the pressure without is no pressure at all in some locations. It just may be equal to the degree of the pressure we put on ourselves with our resistance to the overflowing fountain of everlasting love.

God is merciful beyond human understanding. At ANY point, one may relent, one may repent, one may cease their hindering. The Presence of The Divine, within each of us, IS WATCHING AND WAITING. People are going to be spinning like tops. Each of us has a weakest link. Our opposition CANNOT stand against the superior force of Mr. Apocalypse. Will you surf the wave or will it crush you? The power of irresistible change is growing by the hour and the Dance of the Headless Chicken is about to commence. My prayers are with all of you at this time and most certainly with the unfortunate residents of Kalifornia. A great many souls are trapped in a nightmare they are only now beginning to comprehend. May God's mercy release the living waters of his light.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is in the process of being recorded;

♫ Let me stand in the living waters of the light
Let me go where I’m led until you find me
Call it God or love, it’s something you can’t name
No matter how it comes, it will always be the same

You can’t find it in religion or the money that they make
There’s no fish to feed the multitudes, no lady in the lake
And dressing like a vulture well, that can’t be where it’s at
What kind of wisdom comes from a man who’s dressed like that?

You can beat a man with words but the Bible’s not a club
You can change another’s heart if you enter it with love
All that dogma’s just confusion; You can argue there all night
I’d rather stand inside the living waters of the light

I went looking everywhere, I opened every door
It got so sometimes I forgot what I was looking for
And now I’ve just forgotten what it was I meant to say
Make sure you travel light and you will find it on the way

Let me bathe in the water- In the waters of the sun
That flows out of the heavens to wash over everyone
Let me swim in the water that is everywhere in space
And the never-ending source of the smile on my face

For all the things that happened and none of them were real
It’s a world of smoke and mirrors where you don’t know how to feel
Bad magicians in the shadows, it's a prison world of night
Let me stand in the living rushing waters of the light

If God is everywhere then why is he so hard to see?
They say God is invisible. He's not invisible to me
If he's hidden in your heart is that why he's out of sight?
Let me stand in the living waters of the light

Let me bathe in the water- In the waters of the sun
That flows out of the heavens to wash over everyone
Let me swim in the water that is everywhere in space
And the never-ending source of the smile on my face ♫

Oh... what the heck... after all;

If you are considering an opportunity not to vote or comment on the post. If you want to find a place where you don't have to follow this work, I can think of no better place not to do these things than HERE at Parler.

If... as they seek to shackle us with fear of COVID, as they seek to CANCEL us and shut down commentary that provides a different perspective than, 'all fear and confusion all the time' there is at least one place they cannot shut down and that is the decentralized website of Pocketnet.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

"I Rode into the Desert as an Act of Defense, without a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes."

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Any day now... tick... tick... tick... 'IT' is going to happen. What is, 'IT'? I don't know. I 'suspect' that 'IT' will be a series of events which result from a TRIGGER moment. Think of it as being something like an electric shock, which enters the body through some point, be it a finger, or a foot; whatever part of the body it is that makes contact with the force. Then the electric surge will move through the form, setting off sensations at every meridian point of its passage. Think of it as being along the lines of ♫ The toe bone's connected to the foot bone, The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone, The ankle bone's connected to the leg bone, Now shake dem skeleton bones! ♫

For some reason, I feel compelled to include the following commentary. It keeps coming back on and so, I will go ahead and get it out of my head and then move on with the rest of the post. My apologies in advance if I offend anyone. Many famous musicians, singers, entertainers in general, are not very nice people. Unless you run into them on a personal level, you might not know this because of the nonsense and lies being ground out- 24/7 by the Publicity Mill. All famous people need and have publicists. They need them... because... as I already said, they are not very nice people. Think of how your attitude might be if you had to walk around with a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes every time you went out in public.

I KNOW they are 'generally' not very nice people because I have met many of them and if I EVER get this autobiography written, there will be many an anecdotal tidbit concerning the same. I doubt that President Trump is responsible for the music used at his events. That is more likely handled by campaign staff and even more likely the result of experts in the field of public manipulation. There are experts for picking a jury and experts on social graces (or the lack of them). There are now experts for just about anything these days. There are, no doubt, experts on the ingredients used to cook up a successful public display.

I recognize the danger of criticizing another, especially considering how worthy I myself am of criticism, just as any other man is. Masters don't do this you might say. Ah... yes, they do, I have directly heard it occur more than once. That said, I am no master and I thank God Above that I am able to know and understand this because... The Purpose of Demonstration awaits for anyone who presumes to permit themselves to be called a master when they are not.

Certain qualities and talents, God does not hand out like candy at the dentists. It's a known fact to those who know it (grin) that it is often the case that you HAVE TO have certain qualities to get certain talents. The cost of abusing these talents are high and Heaven bears a cost too for handing them out so... some discretion is used but THE FLESH IS WEAK. If you want to hold on to particular VERY HARD TO GET abilities, you have to toe that metaphysical line, unless you have a dispensation but that is going to come with a price for you on the back end too, unless you got put through it for one of those mysterious reasons for which God is so famous.

You know why so many of these sleazy world-famous personalities are famous right? And most certainly the shameless pop tarts of the moment? Satan does it in hopes that it embarrasses Heaven to see humanity portrayed as badly drawn and clueless morons. Heaven has high hopes for humanity and piss poor role models are not the way to reach Heaven's goals. It's also a matter of Karma and whatever dreams coursed through that person in their last go-round. We get the opportunity to be and do ANYTHING OR ANYONE at one time or another here. As soon as you start putting the energy of thought into it, the plastic composition of existence begins to draft the blueprint and shape itself accordingly.

The actual cost of Celebrity is EXCEEDINGLY GREAT. You may well not know that if you are not a celebrity. Some people... and these days... many people are willing to do practically anything to be a celebrity. They don't even care what it is, as long as they can be famous for it. A new theme leaped upon the scene recently... some years ago actually BUT... recently within the parameters of cosmic time. It's called Reality TV. I don't know where the inception occurred. Maybe it was MTV and Big Brother. At some point, Ryan Seacrest and Andy Cohen came along and took a simple infection and turned it into a plague pandemic. If you want to see the length to which people will go to be famous you only have to watch some amount of this... this... this... Yikes! I don't even know what to call it. I have taken BRIEF excursions into this realm. Literally, a few minutes here and there, just to get a sense of the nature of the beast. Now people are famous for being famous and for NO OTHER REASON. The days of actually having to be able to sing and dance or credibly act, or paint, or draw a straight line ARE OVER.

People have made hundreds of millions of dollars from this medium. Each of the Kardashian, Strega Clan have made several hundreds of million dollars. One of them has now made over a billion dollars. You might well ask yourself; “How did this happen?” It is no accident. It DID NOT just appear. It was intentionally designed and NOT BY HUMAN AGENCY. There is a war going on, a spiritual war and the prize is the human soul. From one perspective you can look at it as a competition between the Supernal and Infernal realms. From another perspective, you can see it as a movie and it certainly is a movie in the way that a dream is a movie that is screened in your head by the subconscious. The players are allocated parts BASED ON their predispositions and previous roles at other times, in other movies. The whole of it is far too complex for me to dissect in a limited presentation of this nature.

Lat Tzu said in one of his 81 segments of teaching, something like; 'when a country is well ruled the people do not even know who their leader is. He barely seems to exist. It is worse when they love and admire him, even worse when they fear him and worst of all when they laugh at him.' Where do you think we are now? He also said;

“A man of sure fitness, without making a point of his fitness,
Stays fit;
A man of unsure fitness, assuming an appearance of fitness,
Becomes unfit.
The man of sure fitness never makes an act of it
Nor considers what it may profit him;
The man of unsure fitness makes an act of it
And considers what it may profit him.
However a man with a kind heart proceed,
He forgets what it may profit him;
However a man with a just mind proceed,
He remembers what it may profit him;
However a man of conventional conduct proceed, if he be not complied with
Out goes his fist to enforce compliance.
Here is what happens:
Losing the way of life, men rely first on their fitness;
Losing fitness, they turn to kindness;
Losing kindness, they turn to justness;
Losing justness, they turn to convention.
Conventions are fealty and honesty gone to waste,
They are the entrance of disorder.
False teachers of life use flowery words
And start nonsense.
The man of stamina stays with the root
Below the tapering,
Stays with the fruit
Beyond the flowering:
He has his no and he has his yes.”

I used to take LSD, in those days when it was as pure as the snowfall in the Himalayas and I would take the acid and then take my copy of the Witter Bynner translation of “The Way of Life” and reads it for hours upon hours...

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...more than several times in a row, with the idea of IMPRINTING it on my mind; carving it into the walls of my consciousness (if there is such a thing). I don't know how many times I did this. It was a lot. Everything one would ever need to know about moving successfully through life and avoiding its unpleasantness can be found in that book. A CAREFUL reading of that text, if even partially comprehended, WILL change your life, most especially if you follow the admonitions. You REALLY can't go wrong following the course of thought and action laid out there. I don't have a physical copy of the book now. When I have a copy it is never for long because I ALWAYS wind up giving it away, so it can gather dust at whatever location the one I gave it to sets it down in.

Sometimes I forget how determined I was when I was young. I am no less determined now. The only difference between then and now is that now it is almost all of the time and then it was in spurts of intensity until false life intruded, or somehow got my attention and YOU HAVE TO WATCH THAT! It can get your attention to the extent that you NEVER get it back in that go round. I have observed and do observe this often. This is all about that 'window' I have mentioned when one's mind is engaged in rapid bursts of growth and change. Then the window closes. It doesn't have to but we are PRESSED to adapt and to integrate into false life. Decades down the road... if it lasts that long, moments WILL come when the person wonders, “What happened?”

In these times, the force of sensation is so great that it is no surprise so many people are caught up in it. When I was getting therapy for my shoulder recently, I used to see, nearly every time I was there, clients being treated, limbs manipulated, etc and they would be scrolling or hammering on their cellphones, unaware that they were even being worked on. Youtube has THOUSANDS of video clips of people falling into holes, walking into walls, getting hit by cars; you name it they got it. You CANNOT see all of them. There are too many BUT it isn't considered the public health problem that it is. It's the same with alcohol, drugs, sex... whatever people like getting up to so that they CAN FORGET THEMSELVES. That's what it's all about. When you don't know who you are, there is a basic unease that exists and sooner or later there is mounting pressure to escape that uncertainty.

It is sad what a buzz killer religion is. It turns so many smart people off to the spiritual side of existence. Unfortunately for them, that is the ONLY PLACE where succor, serenity, and sanctuary can be found. You won't find it in the world. What you will find in the world is an ever-increasing sense of doubt and confusion, attended by mounting fear as the end, the inescapable end, approaches. It is right around the corner this very day, this very hour for some but many do not know this.

Make the Greatest Commandment the centerpiece of your life and the table will ALWAYS be set in this manner;

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

"Add in Religion and you've got a Dead Zone, Flayed Man Bacchanal, with no Cellphone Service but lots of Selfies."

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Well... of course... the whole tattered and torn, great unwashed of the Democrat Big Tent, Zombie Revival, which went down in the high wind of Hurricane Antifa, are walking along the virtual sidewalks of spiritual urban blight, talking to themselves ...and party functionaries are scrambling to handcuff them together, so it looks like they are having a conversation with each other. Up comes the Future Bride of Baron Samedi, Kamala Harris, and somehow... SOMEHOW... I am convinced that the Fix is now In, because... no way is the American Public (as brain dead as it is) brain dead enough that they won't see right through her. She makes Evita Peron look like Mary Poppins. Then again... I hope I am not wrong. I hope I am not Pollyanna here. I will get into that in the latter part of this posting.

They'll be holding the wedding on the Island of Corfu at the Rothschild Family compound. Marina Abramovitch is catering the affair with a Spirit Cooking Buffet. Looks like a whole bunch of firstborn are about to go missing and wind up on milk cartons or marinating with the crayfish. There hasn't been this much appetite and excitement since Elizabeth Bathory ran off with Giles de Rais for a dirty weekend. The Gay Men's River Dance Collective of San Francisco will be putting on a production of Satyricon after the wedding dinner, with musical accompaniment from whomever they choose to roast in the Brazen Bull. It should be a festive affair.

Do you think I exaggerate? Mais non. However dark you imagine certain characters in this Armageddon play to be, it is worse than that. We've had Hell on Earth a few times here. Every time there is a war, whether it be a hot zone skirmish, like the Serbian Kosovo conflict, or a World War, it has been Hell on Earth in specific locations and incidents that the normal mind could not visualize took place at times, now and again. Once the beast is loosed, there is no animal more vicious than that portion of humanity gone wrong, in search of vengeance or social reform. Add in religion and you've got a Dead Zone, Flayed Man Bacchanal, with no cellphone service but lots of selfies, cause that's how they do.

Few there are as monstrous as the possessed Liberal Mind when it is in power. Off goes the cloak of concern for the least of us and then it is reversed and you get the Hammer and the Sickle superhero, in a skin-tight latex outfit, replete with Ken Bump. There is no rage like the Rage of Impotence, in a state of full-blown psychosis, transiting through holometabolous metamorphosis.

It is neither my vocation, nor my avocation, to hold forth on the stages of psychopathic, many splintered transitioning, but I have studied the matter. It is something writers do, or they come off as less than informed, and believe me, following the time I invested in it, I wish I had not done so. It's one thing to wash your body and another to wash your mind. What I am trying to say is that those who are presently plotting and seeking to grab the reins of power are truly dangerous. If you are on the fence about this then... SIMPLY RESEARCH WHO IS FINANCING THEM!

I have had a friend since my late teens in Washington D.C. His father was one of those powerful lawyers that operate in the nation's capital and he was truly to the manor born. The family was very rich, with a six-story mansion near Georgetown with the Gore Family across the street. They had a massive beach complex in the Henlopen area at Rehoboth Beach and a sprawling estate in West Virginia called Bear's Den. I stayed a time or two at the last two; not often, because my name was anathema with my friend's mother, who felt I was the bad influence that lead him wrong. This was due to him running away from home several times to find me in my travels here and there, which he never did.

I posed as Leon Norton, of the Norton Motorcycle family for quite a while, until one of the dumb McGregor Brothers called me Les at the dinner table (grin). She pretended not to hear it actually because she had gotten to like Leon, so... there was a kind of uneasy truce after that, depending on how many Vodka Cocktails she had had. There were a few others in our circle and we have remained friends to this day. My friend lost most of his inheritance having to hire lawyers to get him out of a Bolivian prison and later to salvage his colonial home in rural Virginia when he was caught growing pot on his land. He kept a journal of his doings... unreal.

One of the other friends was the son of the former ambassador to Nepal, among other appointed posts he occupied. Another was the younger brother of Fox Newscaster Brit Hume and some were the sons of generals and other powerful types. They were all, more or less well to do. We've visited over the years. Sometimes I would go there to where they have all been living for a long time, in locations around Markham, Virginia and in Rappahannock County. Some of them are still well off (I think) and some of them are kind of shabby gentility, though they've lost whatever manners their early breeding might have conveyed (well... not all of them) and have become hicks from the sticks. They are happy in their fashion BUT... they ALL get their news from network TV and talk about uninformed. Whoa! They insist it's all like they've been told and are taking COVID seriously. I know by now not to argue with them and just love them, because they are my friends, tried and true.

I was talking with my main friend, probably he would be my best friend, among mortals, though I love them pretty much equally when I am around them. It is just that I only stay in touch with the one at a distance. He comes and visits for a while most years. We were on the phone yesterday. I might have a phone call 3 or 4 times a year, unless it is with my friend here, calling from town to ask if I need anything. That also seldom happens. During this call, he was telling me about how COVID has impacted on the local mindset. He told me about this one associate, not really a friend, who was so COVID crazy that along with the de rigueur mask, he is also wearing one of those plastic face shields and my friend said that he wouldn't let him get within 20 feet of him; probably exaggerating a tad BUT... that is crazy. The whole thing is crazy when you consider a virus that might not even kill as many as the common flu. What's up with that?

It breaks my heart to see my friends in a state of delusion, concerning what is and is not real. There was a time in the days of LSD when we could see forever, (♫on a clear day♫) even on a cloudy day. I'm the only one who went on changing. People crystallize in their roles. They have 'a window' when they are young but that closes. For some, that window is open for only a short time. Maybe it was the punishing childhood and the chronic arrested development that followed, maybe it was the recurrent Kundalini episodes but... my window never closed. I find myself peering into life, more and more often. I've learned to avoid certain conversations. No good comes of them. Bringing God into the conversation seems to be the best tactic. God is present at all times and knows when you are talking about him. He puts yellow highlighter underlines in people's heads during the conversations that get called up later, at different times as reminders.

I don't know what's going to happen to everyone. I find myself in that Buddhic state of Unbearable Compassion more frequently now. You want to say something. You want to intrude BUT... it will do no good. It all has to playout for the purpose of demonstration.

BIG CHANGES are coming, REALLY BIG CHANGES. I don't know what form they are going to take but I suspect it will be widely variable. Will there be an Ascension? Will the Rapture come? Are they both the same? Does the gobbledygook of 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensions apply? I have listened, on rare occasions (intentionally rare) where spiritual dilettantes and purple patchouli people go on and on about things that I find it hard to believe can apply to them.

Maybe I'm being elitist and overly judgmental. Maybe they know what they are talking about. It just doesn't sound like they do. You know that thing where something 'rings' true? I can feel and hear that when it happens. Of course, I could be fooling myself. God knows I want certain things to be true with ALL MY MIGHT. The saving grace for me is that I DON'T KNOW. Applied not knowing when you know you don't know, confers a kind of humility that I can't imagine having to do without. I literally tremble when I see people acting all convinced about what they are saying as if they are in the VIP section of spiritual awareness. They're behind those velvet ropes of exclusion; like some of those 'saved' Christians. I have NEVER believed in an easy road... NEVER.

I'd like to be all confident and assured like those for whom every day is a feast day in the high tower, but a sense of dread comes over me, whenever the specter of self-importance tries to slip into my head. I count myself exceedingly lucky that I can tell the bad voices from the good voices in my mind. It's not that hard actually. It's a matter of the integrity of one's character. I sincerely believe that character is fate.

We all have God present within but few of us celebrate it and fewer still celebrate it with an inflexible self-abnegation. Only one persona can be supreme within. It is either self will run riot, or it is perpetual self-diminishing. God becomes more and more present the less of you there is. It's a hard course because that self elevator is VERY HARD to get rid of. It does its thing remorselessly. Shiva Nataraja can ONLY dance when the demon, Apasmāra is under his foot. Then the other foot is raised in dance. That is the conundrum- atavistic difficulty we are always suffering under. Selfless service accomplishes this too. Forgetfulness of Self ALWAYS results in remembrance of God.

My friends are not stupid. I can talk to them about most things but... that is the case with most of us. After the talks, Memory disappears behind a curtain of forgetfulness. Memory is the key to Self Realization. We have forgotten who we are. We are about to be reminded.

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Sunday, August 09, 2020

"From Mucoid Slithers to the Light of Love Alone; God Interpenetrates Everything."

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There is more than one Petri Dish. One of them contains the mucoid slithers of the material world. It is a sticky substance and it will stick to you if you let it. Love is what dissolves the adhesive nature of it when one is securely adhered to Love alone. Another Petri Dish is the one filled with reflected true light.

There has been more than one spiritual messenger, as there has been more than one spiritual message. Buddha taught us the wisdom of nonattachment. Christ taught us the beauty of sacrifice. Mohammad taught us is the quality of Brotherhood. Krishna taught us the value of Dharma. There have been more and all of them were the product of a love that passes all understanding and all of them were an expression of Love and all of them came from The Sun.

All capability of movement comes from The Sun. This is a truth of physics, should you be inclined to comprehend that. The Sun is responsible for all of our weather, both without and within and the nature of the weather within is based solely on our surrender or resistance. We ourselves are the battlefield of life upon which four elements war because they are not harmonized with the principle that unifies them. Until we have addressed our problem with our internal elements we cannot proceed spiritually. Matter in its essence is of the finest substance and comes from God. As it descends it becomes grosser and grosser in composition.

Our proximity to the Kingdom of Heaven is based on our level of purity and purity is accomplished when the four elements are brought into harmonic accord. I would like to include here a prayer from Master Aivanhov where one asks God to send each of the angels that command a particular element;

“Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. I beg you to send me your servants, the four angels. The Angel of Earth, that he may absorb all of the wastes of my physical body so that it may be capable of expressing you and that your will may be made manifest through it. The Angel of Water, that he may wash all stains from my heart and fill it with selfless love so that I may work for your Kingdom and your Righteousness. The Angel of Air, that he may purify my intellect with an influx of wisdom and light so that I may work for your Kingdom and your Righteousness. Send me, Lord, the Angel of Fire, that he may sanctify my soul and my spirit, that your Truth dwells within them and that I may work for your Kingdom and your Righteousness. Amen. Amen. Amen. So be it.”

When we eat, we ingest the material properties of the different elements and when we sincerely bless our food we provide an opportunity for it to be spiritualized within us. There are these items in the intestine called Villi and they are engaged in a process, where under the right conditions, our food can be turned into Spiritual Quintessence and eventually transform us into a body of living light- our Solar Body.

You must ask each of these angels to grant you the qualities that they represent. From the Angel of Earth, you get Stability and Firmness. From the Angel of Water, you get Life and Purity. From the Angel of Air you get Intelligence and from the Angel of Fire you get light and Divine Love. It is for this purpose that angels exist. They are the selfless extension of the Will of God, expressing as the particular quality or qualities that they embody. They are the true servants of God whose mandate is to assist in your Realization and Liberation. The duties of the Fallen Angels are the opposite; to maintain you in Ignorance and Bondage. They BOTH SERVE THE INEFFABLE.

We cannot relate to God in his essence. He is beyond 'mortal' comprehension and he can only be known through his manifest representative, The Avatar, who is also his primary extension. The Avatar, be he Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, or any other which he has sent, are what we have to know The Creator. All of these are Sun Kings and they appear to serve as models for our behavior. You have only to emulate the teachings and actions of the one that most appeals to you. Imitation is the sincerest form of true appreciation and you BECOME LIKE THAT WHICH YOU EMULATE. It may take some time but... Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Unfortunately... there are a great many New Age Charlatans and money-grubbing materialists who claim to be able to put you in touch with angels, who claim to channel angels, who claim- FOR A FEE- to do whatever you want them to do. They make my skin crawl. NO BONAFIDE REPRESENTATIVE of The Ineffable charges money for ANYTHING. These are “the gifts of the spirit, freely given.” I don't care how they rationalize it, they are corrupt profiteers upon the gullibility and suffering of the seeking heart in search of succor.

Of course, it is stated in the Bible and other scripture that one can depend on The Gospel, or whatever name is given to righteous teachings, for their Daily Bread BUT it is not something to be demanded. The cardinal feature of a true representative is SELFLESS SERVICE. It doesn't even occur to a selfless servant that they have to ask and if they do ask, they ask it of their Father in Heaven who commands all and everything at all times and forever.

The problem for so many people is that their understanding of the Truth of the Matter is= intellectual and it must be Visceral. It is a gut awareness that resides in the SOLAR... that's 'solar' PLEXUS. God is Real and this has to be a bedrock solid conviction. If God is Real then anything is possible. Otherwise...

Yes... it takes money and effort to publish books and to distribute them. There is a side to the enterprise which can require a certain amount of commerce but one should ALWAYS BE AWARE of the necessity to GIVE THEMSELVES AWAY AT ALL TIMES. It is a tricky and sometimes difficult body of water to traverse and only you can know in your heart if your intentions resonate in sympathetic accord with The Will of God. I assure you that you will find out whether or not this is the case through The Purpose of Demonstration. It is okay to make it possible for people to contribute. It is not okay TO ACTIVELY SOLICIT IT.

We live, at present, in the majority, in a world of extreme materialism. Unless one is reliant on the good graces of God one runs the risk of becoming an Object Lesson. I STRESS certain issues again and again because I have learned how VERY important they are from what I have seen happen to people who transgress upon and violate particular spiritual strictures. God WILL and DOES take care of you always. He may wish for you to live as a Pasha or in some degree of opulence. He may wish for you to live in penury. There is nothing wrong with being rich or poor and there are good reasons for it or it would not happen, but one must ALWAYS REMEMBER that one is a steward, not a possessor. Nothing belongs to you and if you think anything does, the attachment will BURN you. That is what it does.

God possesses wealth and power beyond both description and imagination but temporary baubles are of no value at all by comparison with gifts of the spirit. We need to get our priorities in order. We need to know what is important and what is not important. Both terrible and wonderful events occur every day and there is always a reason for it, whether you are aware of it or not. People come to their wit's end arguing about it and get nowhere. Pretentious intellectuals scoff at the idea of a living God and receive the fruits of that posture. One needs to be both humble and wary as a traveler crossing an icy stream in winter, as Lao Tzu puts it.

It is so simple. It is child's play. When a person complicates it it is due to the presence of a personal agenda based on the desire for some degree of personal gain. This whole world is a Magic Show. Magic is being performed on the human mind without respite. The vast majority of us are under the spell of a material magic that radiates throughout the Dream Web. There is another magic that is accessed through LOVE. Let Love be your single compelling motive and see what happens. One CANNOT break the spell of the world on their own. It MUST be the result of Grace and I don't think I need to yet again say to whom one must go to have it realized.

There is nothing you cannot acquire if you want it more than anything else. This is both a good thing and a bad thing and one will most surely be informed of which it is at some point in the affair. I close with those telling words, whose truth is beyond question and which has been DEMONSTRATED more than once by those who employed it;

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and ALL THESE THINGS shall be added unto you!”

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"If only we did listen to God in the morning we wouldn't have so much trouble later in the day."

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Thursday, August 06, 2020

"How can God be a God of Love when So Many Bad Things Happen in this World?"

(I have to address a couple of things before I get into what I am going to talk about today- which I don't know what that is- MOST OF THE TIME I do not know what I am going to write about. Sometimes I don't know what I have written until I read it afterwards. I will have an idea of what it is but nothing comprehensive. I think that needed to be said and as is also usually the case, I don't know why.

On to the two items; Number One- Beirut is built on rock. After the explosion, there remains a near 600-foot wide crater. Whatever they are saying happened, is not what happened. Almost certainly, this was done by THE USUAL SUSPECT and if I have to mention who that is then you haven't been paying much attention to events in that part of the world and who it is that is ALMOST ALWAYS the perpetrator, if it is a negative event. Not identifying who it is is wonderful in some ways because I can't be banned or blocked for what I don't say and- by this time- I don't have to say it. You already know or strongly suspect and as has been the case for a very long time, the following evidence corroborates who it is that we already assumed it was.

Number Two (an appropriate number). Something REALLY big HAS TO BE going on with the power-grabbing self-styled elite. In major cities and entire states across the USA, the Democratic governors, mayors, and all elected and appointed flunkies are fining, arresting, and otherwise hassling those of us who KNOW that masks DO NOTHING to hinder the spread of their fictitious virus and refuse to wear them. Yes, there is a virus, which is about as dangerous as any of the other flus that come and go. Protecting you IS NOT their agenda. Controlling and intimidating you is their agenda. I was advised several years ago to move to where I am because this state is the least among the oppressors of individual rights and freedom. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN THESE DAYS, people. My personal choice is... well... to do what I almost always do anyway; keep to myself unless I simply have to go out and then to make that as brief as possible and come directly home. Not everyone has the options I do and I sympathize with you! God is mindful of your plight. Seek the counsel of God and his angels who are ALWAYS NEAR. These are trying times.)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The most unfortunate feature of these times is the stupidity and gullibility of a large segment of the public. I am in awe of how easily they are brainwashed and the high level at which their resident fear is being maintained. We are in a faithless era. The result is that... for the many people who have no stable belief system, beyond what they can see and what they are told; Fear and Lies are their constant diet.

Peer pressure is one of the major weapons being worked by The Bad Guys. They compromise the already compromised and intimidate the already intimidated while programming the credulous and then turn them on the uncooperative, which is us. They use the celebrity prostitutes in their stable to feign outrage at the non-compliant. One witless STUPOR-MODEL was photographed yesterday giving the finger to several policemen standing on a corner who were not wearing masks. You can clearly see that it was a photo-op. As she is interviewed, she refers to her job of standing around like a clueless moron, in various outfits designed by men who hate women, as being art. Everywhere you turn, powerful celebrities in music, film, and D-list celebrity enterprises- like the model, are excoriating the public about wearing masks.

ALL OF THIS COVID BULLSHIT and every other form of social disorder has one objective; GETTING RID OF THE PRESIDENT. Meanwhile, his political opponent has become so brain fogged inarticulate that his every move is being controlled, where it has to do with public exposure but... this being an apocalypse, it can't be hidden. References are made about Biden hiding in his mother's basement and I suppose that would apply if his mother happens to be The Whore of Babylon, which, I am guessing... is the case.

Life has become a free-for-all of chaos and chronic insanity. We've been calling attention to the relationship between ever-intensifying Materialism, breeding ever-intensifying Insanity, for some time now and it is REALLY becoming glaringly apparent in the present. Waves of hysteria are moving across the public consciousness and sooner, rather than later, you are going to see just how crazy it can get.

It is not my desire nor my intent to dismay or trouble the minds of the readers but it is what it is. One can't fix or adapt to something unless they can accurately identify it. Meanwhile, there is a concerted push coming through the media and nearly every portal of power to panic the general public. Can it be that ALL OF IT IS ORCHESTRATED? If it is orchestrated then WHO is responsible? Are the orchestraters being orchestrated? Could it be that all of those who mean the rest of us ill are being manipulated without their knowing it, even when they are engaged in manipulation? Yes... that is precisely what is happening. I've heard it said from authoritative voices across the centuries that GOD IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING... right down to the most seemingly insignificant detail. I believe this to be true. I not only believe it, I KNOW it to be true.

IF... IF there is a single source of control for everything AND we are either cooperating or rebelling against it and... if it is indeed completely in control of everything, is there some rationale that I am missing which justifies opposing it? Of course, being crazy would account for it and... as I think more and more upon the matter... no matter how you are opposing it and to what degree you are opposing it, opposing it qualifies as an act of lunacy, as an act, or several, of insanity. Now... here we come to the Purpose of Demonstration YET AGAIN. The Purpose of Demonstration applies to every act of resistance to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. The purpose of the demonstration is THE LESSON INHERENT. The Purpose of Demonstration ALSO applies to those who are acting IN ACCORD with the Will of the Ineffable.

How do you know what the Will of the Ineffable is? AH... there is the question! If God is incomprehensible, indefinable, and inscrutable beyond discovery or understanding, then HOW CAN YOU KNOW WHAT HIS WILL IS? It is true that you cannot know The Divine in essence but... YOU CAN KNOW The Divine by extension. It has been said by nearly every spiritually realized person who has ever been here that GOD IS LOVE. This is why there is a Greatest Commandment; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” If you do this then a conduit... a resonance is created between you and the almighty! There is already a contact with the almighty between all of us because it is the life in us and we would no way be alive otherwise BUT... it is an unconscious contact and for those who follow the Greatest Commandment, it is a CONSCIOUS CONTACT. There is a big difference.

One can also know God through HIS QUALITIES. This is scripturally referred to as 'the whole armor of God'. Scoffers will say, “If there is a God, look at all the horrible things he does! He can't be a God of Love.” Are all these horrible things really acts of God, OR are they simply part of the dynamic of cause and effect? There are four ages called yugas. The first is the longest and they get shorter until you get to the one we are now leaving. In this yuga that we are leaving, the consequences of actions far beyond in the unremembered past are having their day. IF YOU HAVE FAITH and if you HAVE STUDIED TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED, you KNOW that God is a God of love and you incline to Love in all your doings. You express love in your every action and you reap the results through the Purpose of Demonstration.

I DO NOT HAVE DOUBT. Doubt is for the uncommitted. Doubt is for those who do not believe. I believe... as do most of you. Perhaps the hardest thing for most of us to accept is THE FACT that God knows about us and is intimately involved in our lives. How is that possible? FOR GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! You HAVE TO embrace this and live it as an abiding truth of your existence. If you do not then God cannot help you. You have moved yourself off of his TV screen. God is not interfering in your insistence to have life on your terms and so he has gifted you The Purpose of Demonstration. Sooner or later you will get it, no matter how many times you keep coming back for the same reason and being captured by other interests. It has been said that not everyone gets it. I don't know in that regard. All I know is that I get it.

If life seems complicated then it is you who have complicated it. If life seems confusing then you are the one confusing it. You mirror what you are, according to the LAW of 'as a man thinketh'. You create the world in which you live. If you don't like it, CHANGE IT!!! Change yourself and the whole world changes for you. It does not change for those who refuse to change. It accommodates whatever fantasy they have manifested. If you find it hard to see, I suggest you open your eyes.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, August 02, 2020

"I Wish I could Convey to You, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the REALITY of a Divine Presence."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are different rules in an apocalypse than in ordinary times. In ordinary times, the predators and malefic life forms; the crocodile swine who sit at the table as our betters, snuffling, and snorffling, snout deep in the trough of human misery, drunk on the tears of their victims, s-e-e-m to get away with their psychopathic antics. What changes in an apocalypse is that a mass awakening REVEALS to humanity WHO IT IS that is responsible for their suffering. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! The ones suffering are the ones responsible, in a cosmic sense, for what they endure, BUT... there are 'the facilitators' who do evil for the sheer joy of doing it and... in an apocalypse, NOTES COME DUE. This is why there is such a frantic scurrying about by the ones who SEE WHO AND WHAT IS COMING FOR THEM.

It is in these times that the lies THEY have used to intimidate and enslave humanity are EXPOSED. The tissue paper fabrications, the ill-made origami-paper tigers begin to unravel (or catch fire) and even though they have set in motion safeguards, to protect them from being denuded, it is to no avail.

Try as they might, there is a surge of awakening and awareness that is working to the contrary of all of their feckless arguments.

Article accompanying the above video on the Fox News web site -
"Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Tech giants should stop letting bigots,
terrorists spread hatred online"

YOU CANNOT STOP what happens in the human mind, when it is coming into the human mind from an interior source. This is the same tactic they themselves have used, with subliminal programming and sensory deceptions.

One of the arguments used in the article, linked in the last paragraph, AND I WILL USE THE REFERENCES MADE BY THE AUTHOR is;

“One post claims 'Jewish supremacists actively calling for GLOBAL #whitegenocide.' Hashtags like #kalergiplan (a white nationalist hoax claiming a Jewish plan exists to breed Europe out of existence) also lead to materials related to QAnon and other conspiracy platforms.” Tell me... is it not the Satanist, George Soros who is behind the forced immigrations into Europe who is doing JUST THAT!?!

Now... it is NOT ONLY a vicious cabal of Tribe centric malefactors who are responsible. It is a collective of dovetailing interests and useful idiots, who swell their numbers considerably. HOWEVER... they are the brains of the operation and the financiers of the efforts to topple Western Civilization. The Founding Fathers of THIS COUNTRY warned, in printed form, against allowing THEM to do what they are presently doing. You can EASILY find the evidence of these warnings, just as you can easily source who is financing the mindless automatons who are calling for the tearing down of the statues and memorials of The Founders in present time.

I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO SAY THE THINGS I SAY... BUT... I went looking for the truth and I found it and I can prove it past all possibilities of argument to the contrary. I possess such a wealth of FACTS that verify what I say that it is ludicrous to dispute them BUT... when you have ALL THE MONEY AND OWN ALL THE MEDIUMS ON THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY... well... yeah.

THEY KNOW that the forces of The Celestial Realm are coming for them. This is one of the main reasons for the COVID HOAX; to shut down the system and render America into a docile slave state. It's been coming for a long time, regardless. It has been coming since Adam Weishaupt and The Rothschilds and before.

Saying these things does me no Earthly Good BUT... my love of Truth COMPELS ME to this end. One of the great warriors for truth, Lasha Darkmoon, has had much to say on the subject and she is not alone BUT... our numbers are small indeed, by comparison with The Ranks of the Stupid and Frightened, marching to perdition, under the lash of the galley masters, as they row upon the toxic waters of the sea of The Great Unwashed. Each Stupid is like a drop of water in this Ocean of Stupidity.

Now The Stupids have yet another army forming; The Maskholes. This term was coined by one of our readers, Hereticdrummer.

This is Petri Dish so... some latitude is permissible in terms of language employed and the severity of commentary. The Truth is not always pretty. It is OFTEN not pretty and that is why people don't want to look at it. ANOTHER REASON PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT IT IS... with knowledge comes responsibility. They DON'T WANT TO KNOW. It compromises and endangers their material interests and attachments. It makes them feel vulnerable, AS IF THE TRUTH WERE NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH TO DEFEND ITSELF and them. It is, I assure you.

We are here TEMPORARILY. You WILL DIE. You will pass on and no matter what steps you take, you WILL NOT prevent it BUT... people prefer to deceive themselves. They do not want to think about it. They do not want to hear about it. They want to immerse themselves in the aura of their self-deception and MAYBE it will just go away. It WILL go away AND it WILL take you with it. One of the main tenets of a successful spiritual life is, DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. I could go on and on about the reasons for why lying to yourself is a REALLY BAD IDEA and I have done so, many times here and elsewhere.

The Deep State, the International Organization of Pedophiles at Large and sundry offenders of all that is good and decent, are out to get the president of this country and EVERYTHING you see, from The COVID Scam to the rioting and mayhem is a direct result of this. Were it not for The Realm of the Invisible and of The Ineffable we would be in serious trouble here. It is difficult to believe in what you cannot see when the force of what you can see is so visible and in your face. What is really going on, is not what you think you see and not what you are told it is. This is not what the predators and manipulators think it is either. It is A TIME OF TESTING. Everything that is happening is designed to REVEAL who we are to ourselves and everyone else. This IS the Time of the Summing Up.

I have NO AGENDA against ANY group of people. I number among my friends, members of EVERY race, and color and creed. Of course, saying this will get you about as far as saying, “Some of my best friends are...” I don't have to defend myself. Heaven will do that and I leave my fate and all else in the hands of Heaven. HOWEVER... I cannot IN GOOD CONSCIENCE demur or evade my responsibilities as a Human Being. Given that what SHOULD BE SAID is being said by so few of us, ANYONE who is a Person of Conscience MUST Stand and Deliver OR be found wanting.

I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the presence of invisible forces, which are observing us... every one of us... at ALL TIMES. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that invisible forces are responsible for ALL visible conditions. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the REALITY of a Divine Presence and the unmatched power and control being exercised AT ALL TIMES by said Presence. GOD IS REAL. It may be that nothing else is, given that ALL ELSE is of Temporary Nature and The Divine Presence is ETERNAL and unchanging. Yes... the Divine Presence ALSO has personas that give the appearance of Change for The Purpose of Demonstration.

ALL WILL BE well and ALL WILL NOT BE WELL, simultaneously. I've given similar imagery many times here. We are ALL OF US on a highway, this highway is unique for each of us and is headed in the direction of our intentions. It is a multi-dimensional construct and each highway ends at a portal into the direct reflection of your intentions. IF you are in possession of Faith, Certitude, and Determination YOU CANNOT FAIL to arrive at your 'intended' destination. You will find, upon arrival, that you will then be in the company of kindred spirits and in some cases, in a barren field, with no other company than Saturn (that is not a misspelling).

We are ALL in a labyrinth and there is a Minotaur, who is the personification of base passion and the personal deception engendered by it. You will have no problem if you DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. Ariadne has gifted each of us with a golden thread. Yes, it is all symbolic, but no less true for that. The tales, the allegories, and analogies of the past are all teaching devices. It is a sad commentary upon the times that so few have learned the lessons implicit in them. However sweet you might imagine the voices of The Sirens may be, they intend to eat you, regardless.

God is not impressed by your church attendance. We are in church at all times, given that our body is an Adytum. It is the case, in many cases, that one can be in a place but yet... not be there. The one who so beautifully designed you is NOT UNAWARE OF HIS CREATIONS. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of this. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is, to love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind and all others as yourself, BECAUSE THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE. It is VERY difficult to grasp how it is that this is true, but it is.

DO NOT concern yourself with appearances, the opinions of the world, or with the fear of your vulnerability to what you do not understand, love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind and all others as yourself. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that this is true.

End Transmission.......

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