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"I Wish I could Convey to You, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the REALITY of a Divine Presence."

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There are different rules in an apocalypse than in ordinary times. In ordinary times, the predators and malefic life forms; the crocodile swine who sit at the table as our betters, snuffling, and snorffling, snout deep in the trough of human misery, drunk on the tears of their victims, s-e-e-m to get away with their psychopathic antics. What changes in an apocalypse is that a mass awakening REVEALS to humanity WHO IT IS that is responsible for their suffering. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! The ones suffering are the ones responsible, in a cosmic sense, for what they endure, BUT... there are 'the facilitators' who do evil for the sheer joy of doing it and... in an apocalypse, NOTES COME DUE. This is why there is such a frantic scurrying about by the ones who SEE WHO AND WHAT IS COMING FOR THEM.

It is in these times that the lies THEY have used to intimidate and enslave humanity are EXPOSED. The tissue paper fabrications, the ill-made origami-paper tigers begin to unravel (or catch fire) and even though they have set in motion safeguards, to protect them from being denuded, it is to no avail.

Try as they might, there is a surge of awakening and awareness that is working to the contrary of all of their feckless arguments.

Article accompanying the above video on the Fox News web site -
"Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Tech giants should stop letting bigots,
terrorists spread hatred online"

YOU CANNOT STOP what happens in the human mind, when it is coming into the human mind from an interior source. This is the same tactic they themselves have used, with subliminal programming and sensory deceptions.

One of the arguments used in the article, linked in the last paragraph, AND I WILL USE THE REFERENCES MADE BY THE AUTHOR is;

“One post claims 'Jewish supremacists actively calling for GLOBAL #whitegenocide.' Hashtags like #kalergiplan (a white nationalist hoax claiming a Jewish plan exists to breed Europe out of existence) also lead to materials related to QAnon and other conspiracy platforms.” Tell me... is it not the Satanist, George Soros who is behind the forced immigrations into Europe who is doing JUST THAT!?!

Now... it is NOT ONLY a vicious cabal of Tribe centric malefactors who are responsible. It is a collective of dovetailing interests and useful idiots, who swell their numbers considerably. HOWEVER... they are the brains of the operation and the financiers of the efforts to topple Western Civilization. The Founding Fathers of THIS COUNTRY warned, in printed form, against allowing THEM to do what they are presently doing. You can EASILY find the evidence of these warnings, just as you can easily source who is financing the mindless automatons who are calling for the tearing down of the statues and memorials of The Founders in present time.

I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO SAY THE THINGS I SAY... BUT... I went looking for the truth and I found it and I can prove it past all possibilities of argument to the contrary. I possess such a wealth of FACTS that verify what I say that it is ludicrous to dispute them BUT... when you have ALL THE MONEY AND OWN ALL THE MEDIUMS ON THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY... well... yeah.

THEY KNOW that the forces of The Celestial Realm are coming for them. This is one of the main reasons for the COVID HOAX; to shut down the system and render America into a docile slave state. It's been coming for a long time, regardless. It has been coming since Adam Weishaupt and The Rothschilds and before.

Saying these things does me no Earthly Good BUT... my love of Truth COMPELS ME to this end. One of the great warriors for truth, Lasha Darkmoon, has had much to say on the subject and she is not alone BUT... our numbers are small indeed, by comparison with The Ranks of the Stupid and Frightened, marching to perdition, under the lash of the galley masters, as they row upon the toxic waters of the sea of The Great Unwashed. Each Stupid is like a drop of water in this Ocean of Stupidity.

Now The Stupids have yet another army forming; The Maskholes. This term was coined by one of our readers, Hereticdrummer.

This is Petri Dish so... some latitude is permissible in terms of language employed and the severity of commentary. The Truth is not always pretty. It is OFTEN not pretty and that is why people don't want to look at it. ANOTHER REASON PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT IT IS... with knowledge comes responsibility. They DON'T WANT TO KNOW. It compromises and endangers their material interests and attachments. It makes them feel vulnerable, AS IF THE TRUTH WERE NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH TO DEFEND ITSELF and them. It is, I assure you.

We are here TEMPORARILY. You WILL DIE. You will pass on and no matter what steps you take, you WILL NOT prevent it BUT... people prefer to deceive themselves. They do not want to think about it. They do not want to hear about it. They want to immerse themselves in the aura of their self-deception and MAYBE it will just go away. It WILL go away AND it WILL take you with it. One of the main tenets of a successful spiritual life is, DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. I could go on and on about the reasons for why lying to yourself is a REALLY BAD IDEA and I have done so, many times here and elsewhere.

The Deep State, the International Organization of Pedophiles at Large and sundry offenders of all that is good and decent, are out to get the president of this country and EVERYTHING you see, from The COVID Scam to the rioting and mayhem is a direct result of this. Were it not for The Realm of the Invisible and of The Ineffable we would be in serious trouble here. It is difficult to believe in what you cannot see when the force of what you can see is so visible and in your face. What is really going on, is not what you think you see and not what you are told it is. This is not what the predators and manipulators think it is either. It is A TIME OF TESTING. Everything that is happening is designed to REVEAL who we are to ourselves and everyone else. This IS the Time of the Summing Up.

I have NO AGENDA against ANY group of people. I number among my friends, members of EVERY race, and color and creed. Of course, saying this will get you about as far as saying, “Some of my best friends are...” I don't have to defend myself. Heaven will do that and I leave my fate and all else in the hands of Heaven. HOWEVER... I cannot IN GOOD CONSCIENCE demur or evade my responsibilities as a Human Being. Given that what SHOULD BE SAID is being said by so few of us, ANYONE who is a Person of Conscience MUST Stand and Deliver OR be found wanting.

I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the presence of invisible forces, which are observing us... every one of us... at ALL TIMES. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that invisible forces are responsible for ALL visible conditions. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the REALITY of a Divine Presence and the unmatched power and control being exercised AT ALL TIMES by said Presence. GOD IS REAL. It may be that nothing else is, given that ALL ELSE is of Temporary Nature and The Divine Presence is ETERNAL and unchanging. Yes... the Divine Presence ALSO has personas that give the appearance of Change for The Purpose of Demonstration.

ALL WILL BE well and ALL WILL NOT BE WELL, simultaneously. I've given similar imagery many times here. We are ALL OF US on a highway, this highway is unique for each of us and is headed in the direction of our intentions. It is a multi-dimensional construct and each highway ends at a portal into the direct reflection of your intentions. IF you are in possession of Faith, Certitude, and Determination YOU CANNOT FAIL to arrive at your 'intended' destination. You will find, upon arrival, that you will then be in the company of kindred spirits and in some cases, in a barren field, with no other company than Saturn (that is not a misspelling).

We are ALL in a labyrinth and there is a Minotaur, who is the personification of base passion and the personal deception engendered by it. You will have no problem if you DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. Ariadne has gifted each of us with a golden thread. Yes, it is all symbolic, but no less true for that. The tales, the allegories, and analogies of the past are all teaching devices. It is a sad commentary upon the times that so few have learned the lessons implicit in them. However sweet you might imagine the voices of The Sirens may be, they intend to eat you, regardless.

God is not impressed by your church attendance. We are in church at all times, given that our body is an Adytum. It is the case, in many cases, that one can be in a place but yet... not be there. The one who so beautifully designed you is NOT UNAWARE OF HIS CREATIONS. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of this. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is, to love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind and all others as yourself, BECAUSE THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE. It is VERY difficult to grasp how it is that this is true, but it is.

DO NOT concern yourself with appearances, the opinions of the world, or with the fear of your vulnerability to what you do not understand, love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind and all others as yourself. I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that this is true.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Adytum? Huh! I see the body as more of a jail cell. Considering the limitations we are faced with by being in it, I can't see how anyone who knows what's beyond it can have anything positive to say about it. All the constraints? Speculations that pass as facts? I HATE MAYA, I HATE NJOT BEING ABLE TO TRAVEL AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT, I HATE HAVING TO TALK INSTEAD OF THOUGHT TO THOUGH COMMUNICATION WHICH I'VE ONLY DONE IN SO CALLED 'DREAMS', I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO VISIT ALL WORLDS WORTH VISITING JUST ON A WHIM, I HATE NOT HAVING A TAIL, OR AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD, BEING A SLAVE TO THE ILLUSION OF TIME, NO NOSE HAIR COAT, AND I MISS MY PET COMET! Riding a comet is more fun than riding a horse, which I have no intention of doing again at my age, considering I have fallen off of them on more than one occasion.

Kray Z8 said...

LTPTB, I hear you,Furry Wise One! Sometimes at my age and in my shape, it seems like physicality is more of a test than a blessing. Then-ding!- it occurs to me that we don't get to choose the forms of the Demonstrations. Or the recipient. Or the lessons therein. If we are perceptive to a certain degree, though, we can choose to embrace the lesson and perhaps learn from it. Probably as close as some of us will come to the genuine exercise of genuine free will. I could be wrong, though. I have been before. Dog Poet, you've known for a long time how I feel about your efforts, your message. I won't waste your time with inadequate verbiage. You do just keep getting better and better. Like a golden Buddha in an ancient pushta the glow becomes more sublime, more inspiring with the passage of time. As always, Thank You. Was thinking today about you mentioning a sense of something BIG happening this month. My paltry sources indicate essentially the same. Then my unruly imagination took over and ran with it. I envisioned "The Great Alien Exposure" taking place simultaneously with the largest known coronal mass ejection in human history causing a full blown polar shift which makes most of the volcanos on the planet to erupt sending enormous tsunamis throughout the oceans and low lying coastal areas of the world, with perhaps a meteor strike thrown in for good measure. Gotta hunch there wouldn't be quite as much facebooking going on after that. I could be wrong, though. I have been before. It might Just be that Mr. Apocalypse will drop in for a spell. Say half a Yuga or so. One thing about it; we'll know by Labor Day, the last Bar-B-Que of the summer. Seems appropriate, somehow. Keep up the good work, Vis. Hang in there, Buttons. Faith. Strength. Perception. NAMASTE

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for your 'highway' column.

Vis: "This is why there is such a frantic scurrying about by the ones who SEE WHO AND WHAT IS COMING FOR THEM."

So true. Slowly and surely, waves-of-change are pressing down from Above. If my journeys with Higher Self (and Others) are true, the higher, 'unseen' levels of Baddies are being Cleaned. This results in them 'leaving the field' or even turning to support the Goodies. (After much soul searching, I settled on what I define as good and evil - or at least good-guys and bad-guys: Good-guys [human or non-human, in-body or no-body] are the ones who are trying to raise the consciousness of humanity. Bad-guys [human or non-human, in-body or no-body] are the ones who are trying to lower the consciousness of humanity, or hold us down at the present, unnaturally-low level. Race, creed, or even species doesn't matter.)

As a result, earth-plane Baddies either are becoming devoid of leadership & support or are even being told to do a 180 (degrees) in their behavior. So, confusion reigns in the ranks of earth-plane Baddie leadership. It shows...
Vis: "I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the presence of invisible forces, which are observing us... every one of us... at ALL TIMES."

In my personal woo-woo experiences, I agree with the first and slightly disagree with the last. Yes, helpers, guides, and what-not are real. And, they do observe us. Sometimes, they even help. However, until lately, there has been a separation in the strata, so to speak. Higher types - the ones who can accomplish Real Change, in the changing-of-reality sense - just 'did their thing' initially, presumed it came-off as they envisioned, and went-on to other things. Down Here was not really Observed by these Players, as it obviously was not necessary...

Now, things are all stirred-up. Higher types have been shown that much 'ill' is occurring Down Here. They 'reacted' in their own way, and Cleaning programs are in motion. (Much of the bad-stuff Down Here is because of various 'carnage' on disparate levels on the way down-to here. Everything downstream of a given 'carnage' was effected/affected, level-wise. Oops!)

The good news is that once the upstream 'pollution' is removed, the downstream 'water' tends to clean itself up...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

LtPtB, you may actually have a "nose hair coat" (as do all of us). Decades back, when I had a longish meeting with (real) elves on the Island of Iona, my 'vision' was affected for hours after that. All the humans whom I encountered sported a "coating" which looked like an slick, greyish-silver, all-over 'fur' - a 'nose hair coat' (grin). (We also sported 'prominences' which arose from each temporal lobe and were around a foot high.) I figure that I was either 'channeling' elvish vision, or being in their higher-vibes for hours enabled me to 'see' into the etheric plane. It diminished and was gone in a few hours. Would be cool to have back, again...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Ray; the first thing the Avatar does, as he approaches the Earth plane is that he sweeps all of the subtle planes on his way down. These are the powers and principalities in high places. These areas have to be cleansed before he sets foot on the material plane. That's what's going on at the moment. At least that is what I am being told.

Kray Z8, it's interesting how so many of us here are on the same page but seeing different text (grin) although the conclusions are the same. I don't know that it will be as dramatic as you say but what I do know, according to what I have been told is that what is coming is going to be so dramatic that EVERYONE is going to pause and EVERYONE is going to have their minds and perspectives changed in a way they never expected to happen. It will be one of- or a series of take your breath away moment(s).

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

After lifetimes of nightmares, we realize that we are dreaming.
Those personas overwhelmed with this realization must share their inner state, no matter what!
Thank you for following your heart wherever it leads your mind!

"ANOTHER REASON PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT IT IS... with knowledge comes responsibility. They DON'T WANT TO KNOW"

The responsibility that comes, says no to despair and ego sheltering in place.
Out of control goes the subjective safe space, even though for most, that subjective space is filled with bad dreams being justified by a lying inner narrative.

"One of the main tenets of a successful spiritual life is, DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF"

Succinct verity which throws a wrench into the machinery of sleeping through the Apocalypse!
Awake is only good for service, not self-gratification, so never a popular place to be...

"It is A TIME OF TESTING. Everything that is happening is designed to REVEAL who we are to ourselves and everyone else"

Revelation, hmmmn.
Choose to be larger than our personality or selfish and too scared to grow out of blind slumber?
Save the children from predation or save your personal cell from extinction?
Transcend ego for the true greater good or reinforce infantile ego with virtue signals to reward betrayal of other human beings

"I wish I could convey to you, HOW CERTAIN I AM that invisible forces are responsible for ALL visible conditions"

As you point out, an impossible task with words but deep Passion impels the attempt anyway!

How all of creation comes from the invisible Mind of the One into being, directed by our inherited power to imagine, so we learn to direct our human experience.

We can imagine doom and gloom, as directed by the deceivers, and add to the weight and momentum of unnecessary human misery, excessive over what is required to learn our lessons!
Or peace and harmony to the limit of our present heart's desire, forever extending that limit, approaching the Unlimited by degrees of hard earned wisdom!

Namaste brothers and sisters and confused!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#2. Ayuh, and I'm glad we don't live forever in this cesspit. According to a message I got, I'm supposed to 'graduate' this year, and I really do hope so. I think all I'm waiting for is to see the end of this disgusting era.

#4. I'm probably gonna have to wait on my nose hair coat, since my flat mate is reluctant to. . .oh, never mind. I'll see it in the next realm. I'll hold a nose hair telethon. Jerry Lewis, eat my dust!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Presently THEY are in a Deeply Troubled Sleep that Borders on Nightmare. God is not Mocked."

Patrick Benford said...

My wife had a Zoom meeting with some of her old friends. They're obviously scared of the 'Rona'. Sad because they used to meet up and have brunch before all of this madness. My wife and I aren't though and we openly defy mask mandates here in Round Rock Texas. Well in the meeting her best friend told them about this reoccurring dream where she has to go back to high school and she is perplexed about it. I commented to my wife after the meeting the reason she is having this dream is because her subconscious is informing her any ideological assumptions she learned after high school (she is a liberal) are going to have to be thrown out the window for what is coming. I also stated just because we're aware of it doesn't mean we will be spared having to change our perception of "reality". I liken it to the difference from being blindsided by something and bracing for impact of an impending collision. She unfortunately will be blindsided.

Interestingly I had a dream just last night of naked cult members waiting outside my home to be invited in. They would NOT leave. Very creepy, and I knew they were extremely dangerous but relatively harmless as long as I don't let them in. I never let them in btw.:) I chalk that up as the dark ones being exposed completely and demanding to be let in my head space. That is a big negatory from me concerning that, lol.

As far as POTUS 45 is concerned if they haven't removed Trump by now they're not going to do it at all. Remember these people feed off of anxiety and fear, so threats of removal are specifically for his base/supporters. The flip side of that is the threat he will not leave if he loses reelection for his detractors, thus keeping his supporters and detractors in the same frame of mind. Presto a feast of fear for the dark ones. It should be of no concern to those who seek the truth and nothing but. Stockholm syndrome sets in for paradigm supporters and Trump is no different. Saw the same blindness with Obama/Bush. The more things change the more things remain the same (shrug). Of course there is a caveat to the last sentence before this one below.

What is coming will definitely take up 100% of the world's attention no doubt. What it will be is up to "God". I found God always has to surprise us. I remember chanting when I joined SGI years ago for a new car, or at least the means to get one. What I got instead was a job as a porter (transporter) at a dealership where I got to drive a different new car everyday I worked, I had to chuckle at God's humor at that one. I learned to be very specific after that (grin).

Vis, we are ALL going to be surprised with whatever is coming. It will be something the dark ones will not be able to co opt or counter. I am curious as to what it is and I would be lying if I said I wasn't just a little scared and anxious about it. That being said good luck....we're ALL going to need it.

Visible said...

Patrick, quite the tale. I remember a similar story about this woman who wanted to have money at hand all the time and she wound up a bank teller. As for the dark ones that you didn't invite in; twice I had this lucid dream about vampires from another system. They offered me incredible power on Earth if I would join them. It was so real it was like real life, or what passes for it. Another time I was in Italy during my fugue state and the elder of an old Italian vampire clan showed up. They had been alive for hundreds of years and they wanted my help on a matter because apparently I am a somebody on another level and possess abilities that I am unaware of. I did agree to help them because it was a one-off and one of those 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' kind of things. I was able to help them and now there is a debt to me but I don't understand what it means.

I had many experiences of this kind that I don't talk about at the blogs because I think it might trouble some of the readers.

Yeah... whatever it is is coming at the speed of an express train and it is a lot bigger. I can feel it sometimes. I think everything depends on our relationship with the one engineering it all and on that account I feel good about my odds.



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