Tuesday, August 18, 2020

"I Rode into the Desert as an Act of Defense, without a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes."

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Any day now... tick... tick... tick... 'IT' is going to happen. What is, 'IT'? I don't know. I 'suspect' that 'IT' will be a series of events which result from a TRIGGER moment. Think of it as being something like an electric shock, which enters the body through some point, be it a finger, or a foot; whatever part of the body it is that makes contact with the force. Then the electric surge will move through the form, setting off sensations at every meridian point of its passage. Think of it as being along the lines of ♫ The toe bone's connected to the foot bone, The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone, The ankle bone's connected to the leg bone, Now shake dem skeleton bones! ♫

For some reason, I feel compelled to include the following commentary. It keeps coming back on and so, I will go ahead and get it out of my head and then move on with the rest of the post. My apologies in advance if I offend anyone. Many famous musicians, singers, entertainers in general, are not very nice people. Unless you run into them on a personal level, you might not know this because of the nonsense and lies being ground out- 24/7 by the Publicity Mill. All famous people need and have publicists. They need them... because... as I already said, they are not very nice people. Think of how your attitude might be if you had to walk around with a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes every time you went out in public.

I KNOW they are 'generally' not very nice people because I have met many of them and if I EVER get this autobiography written, there will be many an anecdotal tidbit concerning the same. I doubt that President Trump is responsible for the music used at his events. That is more likely handled by campaign staff and even more likely the result of experts in the field of public manipulation. There are experts for picking a jury and experts on social graces (or the lack of them). There are now experts for just about anything these days. There are, no doubt, experts on the ingredients used to cook up a successful public display.

I recognize the danger of criticizing another, especially considering how worthy I myself am of criticism, just as any other man is. Masters don't do this you might say. Ah... yes, they do, I have directly heard it occur more than once. That said, I am no master and I thank God Above that I am able to know and understand this because... The Purpose of Demonstration awaits for anyone who presumes to permit themselves to be called a master when they are not.

Certain qualities and talents, God does not hand out like candy at the dentists. It's a known fact to those who know it (grin) that it is often the case that you HAVE TO have certain qualities to get certain talents. The cost of abusing these talents are high and Heaven bears a cost too for handing them out so... some discretion is used but THE FLESH IS WEAK. If you want to hold on to particular VERY HARD TO GET abilities, you have to toe that metaphysical line, unless you have a dispensation but that is going to come with a price for you on the back end too, unless you got put through it for one of those mysterious reasons for which God is so famous.

You know why so many of these sleazy world-famous personalities are famous right? And most certainly the shameless pop tarts of the moment? Satan does it in hopes that it embarrasses Heaven to see humanity portrayed as badly drawn and clueless morons. Heaven has high hopes for humanity and piss poor role models are not the way to reach Heaven's goals. It's also a matter of Karma and whatever dreams coursed through that person in their last go-round. We get the opportunity to be and do ANYTHING OR ANYONE at one time or another here. As soon as you start putting the energy of thought into it, the plastic composition of existence begins to draft the blueprint and shape itself accordingly.

The actual cost of Celebrity is EXCEEDINGLY GREAT. You may well not know that if you are not a celebrity. Some people... and these days... many people are willing to do practically anything to be a celebrity. They don't even care what it is, as long as they can be famous for it. A new theme leaped upon the scene recently... some years ago actually BUT... recently within the parameters of cosmic time. It's called Reality TV. I don't know where the inception occurred. Maybe it was MTV and Big Brother. At some point, Ryan Seacrest and Andy Cohen came along and took a simple infection and turned it into a plague pandemic. If you want to see the length to which people will go to be famous you only have to watch some amount of this... this... this... Yikes! I don't even know what to call it. I have taken BRIEF excursions into this realm. Literally, a few minutes here and there, just to get a sense of the nature of the beast. Now people are famous for being famous and for NO OTHER REASON. The days of actually having to be able to sing and dance or credibly act, or paint, or draw a straight line ARE OVER.

People have made hundreds of millions of dollars from this medium. Each of the Kardashian, Strega Clan have made several hundreds of million dollars. One of them has now made over a billion dollars. You might well ask yourself; “How did this happen?” It is no accident. It DID NOT just appear. It was intentionally designed and NOT BY HUMAN AGENCY. There is a war going on, a spiritual war and the prize is the human soul. From one perspective you can look at it as a competition between the Supernal and Infernal realms. From another perspective, you can see it as a movie and it certainly is a movie in the way that a dream is a movie that is screened in your head by the subconscious. The players are allocated parts BASED ON their predispositions and previous roles at other times, in other movies. The whole of it is far too complex for me to dissect in a limited presentation of this nature.

Lat Tzu said in one of his 81 segments of teaching, something like; 'when a country is well ruled the people do not even know who their leader is. He barely seems to exist. It is worse when they love and admire him, even worse when they fear him and worst of all when they laugh at him.' Where do you think we are now? He also said;

“A man of sure fitness, without making a point of his fitness,
Stays fit;
A man of unsure fitness, assuming an appearance of fitness,
Becomes unfit.
The man of sure fitness never makes an act of it
Nor considers what it may profit him;
The man of unsure fitness makes an act of it
And considers what it may profit him.
However a man with a kind heart proceed,
He forgets what it may profit him;
However a man with a just mind proceed,
He remembers what it may profit him;
However a man of conventional conduct proceed, if he be not complied with
Out goes his fist to enforce compliance.
Here is what happens:
Losing the way of life, men rely first on their fitness;
Losing fitness, they turn to kindness;
Losing kindness, they turn to justness;
Losing justness, they turn to convention.
Conventions are fealty and honesty gone to waste,
They are the entrance of disorder.
False teachers of life use flowery words
And start nonsense.
The man of stamina stays with the root
Below the tapering,
Stays with the fruit
Beyond the flowering:
He has his no and he has his yes.”

I used to take LSD, in those days when it was as pure as the snowfall in the Himalayas and I would take the acid and then take my copy of the Witter Bynner translation of “The Way of Life” and reads it for hours upon hours...

Hover over / tap the document to view controls / change page

...more than several times in a row, with the idea of IMPRINTING it on my mind; carving it into the walls of my consciousness (if there is such a thing). I don't know how many times I did this. It was a lot. Everything one would ever need to know about moving successfully through life and avoiding its unpleasantness can be found in that book. A CAREFUL reading of that text, if even partially comprehended, WILL change your life, most especially if you follow the admonitions. You REALLY can't go wrong following the course of thought and action laid out there. I don't have a physical copy of the book now. When I have a copy it is never for long because I ALWAYS wind up giving it away, so it can gather dust at whatever location the one I gave it to sets it down in.

Sometimes I forget how determined I was when I was young. I am no less determined now. The only difference between then and now is that now it is almost all of the time and then it was in spurts of intensity until false life intruded, or somehow got my attention and YOU HAVE TO WATCH THAT! It can get your attention to the extent that you NEVER get it back in that go round. I have observed and do observe this often. This is all about that 'window' I have mentioned when one's mind is engaged in rapid bursts of growth and change. Then the window closes. It doesn't have to but we are PRESSED to adapt and to integrate into false life. Decades down the road... if it lasts that long, moments WILL come when the person wonders, “What happened?”

In these times, the force of sensation is so great that it is no surprise so many people are caught up in it. When I was getting therapy for my shoulder recently, I used to see, nearly every time I was there, clients being treated, limbs manipulated, etc and they would be scrolling or hammering on their cellphones, unaware that they were even being worked on. Youtube has THOUSANDS of video clips of people falling into holes, walking into walls, getting hit by cars; you name it they got it. You CANNOT see all of them. There are too many BUT it isn't considered the public health problem that it is. It's the same with alcohol, drugs, sex... whatever people like getting up to so that they CAN FORGET THEMSELVES. That's what it's all about. When you don't know who you are, there is a basic unease that exists and sooner or later there is mounting pressure to escape that uncertainty.

It is sad what a buzz killer religion is. It turns so many smart people off to the spiritual side of existence. Unfortunately for them, that is the ONLY PLACE where succor, serenity, and sanctuary can be found. You won't find it in the world. What you will find in the world is an ever-increasing sense of doubt and confusion, attended by mounting fear as the end, the inescapable end, approaches. It is right around the corner this very day, this very hour for some but many do not know this.

Make the Greatest Commandment the centerpiece of your life and the table will ALWAYS be set in this manner;

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

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BlackBelt Yogi said...

Ooh yes with the autobiography. The sun is shining here my friend. Much love and harmony to you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, but I read Dewey Bunnell wrote A Horse With no Name. I also heard Neil Young was someone you didn't want to run into. The only celebrity I'm into these days though, is Geddy Lee's nose. I'll assume it's pretty cool.

Visible said...

How is it that after removing all reference to Young from the post over an hour ago, it got put back in and not by me? This has been one of the strangest events in quite some time, right from the beginning when I thought I was being cute, which I do sometimes and which never works out well so I should have learned but HOW do several paragraphs that I know I removed, and that I checked to see if they were removed, show back up in the post?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #3. In my best Church Lady voice, "Could it be google?"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible,
Humanity has been misled, bribed, coerced, lied to, cheated, tortured, deceived into believing utter nonsense. No wonder then that some of us detest what has become of it. Things/people start out with talent and merit and then they are perverted. TV for instance, great way to educate the masses they slowly perverted into utter shit, internet the same, industry, finance, banking, art utterly perverted. Why? Well its the agenda of the antichirsts. Suck everyone down into their shit, as in misery loves company. Hard to escape from the whirling toilet flush, down you go. Flush again if there are any floaters left. Eventually the toilet bowl is clear enough that a dog can drink from it again. What a place! Yes hate the sin, don't hate the sinner. We are weak and stupid creatures, yet still posses that little spark that the creator gave us. Hang on to that.
We need to try a bit harder. I hope that I did not offend you. We have had bad 'parents' is all, get over it and move on as best we can.

Anonymous said...

"When a country is well screwed the people do not even know who their screwer is."

Ray B. said...

Vis, I enjoyed the column, and particularly the Lao Tzu commentary. Thanks!

Vis: “I used to take LSD, in those days when it was as pure as the snowfall in the Himalayas..."

Vis, was your 'imagery' anything like remote viewer Ingo Swann while he was researching brainwave biofeedback courtesy of Elmer & Alyce Green at the Voluntary Controls Program at the Menninger Foundation?

From middle of article:
“It seemed like strips of movie footage were being run, sometimes at high speed, somewhat as if time was being contracted or compacted. After a few moments of this, several movie strips began running at the same time. ... A transparent, but almost tangibly 'thick' dark orange 'mist' had appeared. The mist seemed to be composed of 'particles'. ... To my utter shock, I could see the bones in my hand very clearly, and in more than just a black and white X-ray way.”
“That night, while watching TV in my motel room, I noticed that the orange luminosity was glowing in my head, or in my consciousness, and that my body was surrounded by it. ... I could again see the bones in my hands, but now could also see the larger blood vessels and arteries.”
“I again looked down at my hands with my eyes, and saw (in addition to the blue network and all else) that the surface of the skin was peppered with small glowing spots... composed one-half of pink light, the other of turquoise blue light. Inside of each of them was a transparent lusciously green whorl, or a minute circulating motion and which penetrated through the skin into the muscles, themselves now seen as a kind of liquid light like red Jell-O. ... I had always wondered how the ancient Chinese could make maps of the acupuncture points WITHOUT having sensitive instruments which could detect their minute voltages.”

“Dr. Green was present in the red-lit computer room... It was then I noticed a circular whitish 'light' in the center of his forehead just slightly above his eyebrows. And THIS I understood to be an important chakra.”

“During the night in the motel room, I had decided to try something which seemed to require some courage— to look into my body at the internal organs. ... When my hands again turned transparent I shifted my attention to the bio-body’s heart — to find it either encased in or radiating a soft golden light.”

“...the energy-brain extends out through the skull and interpenetrate the entire bio-body, envelope it, and extend at some distance from it. In this sense, the brain is a 'fountain' emitting sprays of light out from the top of the head in the ways magnets have been determined to do. These then curve downward, like an ultra-fine mist or dew, cascading all around the body and then move back up into the body through, of all places, the soles of the feet. The whole of this SPARKLES with a wild assortment of colors.”

“Associated with this are some darker-colored 'bands', which, in my way of expressing them, are 'more heavy' These, too, rise up out of the top of the skull, often to a height of three to five feet, and then turn downward. They then encapsulate the body at about a distance of one to two feet on its exterior, and reenter the soles of the feet. They extend into the floor or ground usually about five feet.” (And much more, but I don't want to space-hog.)

(I do not know much about Ingo Swann. Elmer Green was an authentic Good Guy. Later, Swann submitted to experiments by Michael Persinger, whom I consider a probable Bad Guy. Proceed with caution...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Nice one, Visible.

That Tao Te Ching is a veritable treasure trove.

Visible said...

It is the most beautiful piece of metaphysical truths that I have ever encountered. A person who models their life on it CANNOT FAIL!

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

"Heaven has high hopes for humanity and piss poor role models are not the way to reach Heaven's goals"

As you have highlighted, depressing the already depressed captured mass mind and demoralizing the remaining hearts yearning to be free is the primary weapon in the spiritual war named Armageddon. Disconnecting from the media Matrix is crucial, then learning to wear the armor of God all day long to walk through zombie land.

Beyond that requires higher than egocentric will power, the trade off of futile control by limitation for cooperation with the Unlimited, doing our best at all times!

Are we having fun yet? Trading a losing survival game for a winning fade away and radiate passion play?

"The actual cost of Celebrity is EXCEEDINGLY GREAT"

Any heart observing the fickleness of the mob mentality shudders in sympathy with those withstanding the orchestrated slander fired at anyone who resists the will of Sauron in this critical moment!

Through the high school gauntlet, it was clear that those so broken as to crave the attention of the group thinking zombies were acting like addicts of the most potent drug of all: fame

Feeding the ego its daily dose of fear fueled adrenaline, in ever increasing required amounts, was painful to watch, as personalities melted down to dross, animated by demented demonic wet dreams, of wresting power from solar sovereigns by capturing souls to degrade.

Demonic nightmares end now

"There is a war going on, a spiritual war and the prize is the human soul"

Too bad for the demented, demonic agenda that all souls are ransomed in the end, should they retain enough feeling to ask!

The present chaos factors down to basic forces, in moments when the mind is still enough to focus on the big picture, the transcendent vision which includes ALL-THAT-IS.

Go on pretending to be limited by short sighted intellect or learn to be the Mind Unlimited
Wasting all of Life's potential chasing the need to be a separate-seeming point of control over experience?
Or realizing the open-ended nature of Nature, the underlying fact that the entire world of human perception is a mere projected overlay we throttle down!

"It's the same with alcohol, drugs, sex... whatever people like getting up to so that they CAN FORGET THEMSELVES. That's what it's all about"

Since we have fallen for the inverted, perverted perception of reality, we must invert the inversion and REMEMBER OURSELVES, as the precious few have reminded us and paid the price to convey against the tide of tyranny!

To forget the insistent false self, alter-ego and remember the timeless neutral center from which we live, takes a consistent mindful discipline, which appears to the world not to pay off, inverted to appear to be a losing proposition!

What could be worth peace of mind and joy of heart, in a world of sensual madness? To ask the question brings the answer

"It is sad what a buzz killer religion is. It turns so many smart people off to the spiritual side of existence. Unfortunately for them, that is the ONLY PLACE where succor, serenity, and sanctuary can be found. You won't find it in the world"

If smart = intellectual, where does that leave intelligence?
If intelligence = awareness, when the intellect is running programs which preoccupy consciousness, where does that leave awareness?

The world is filtered through human consciousness, by design.
Smart minds are stuck in a tautology, chasing their tales!

Trying to create meaning from the very mechanism which distorts reality, spinning in hamster wheels of narcissistic assumptions.
Confusing little mind for the One Mind

Anonymous said...

GREAT comments here! I hate to get lost in cyberspace (along with the whore with no name) but...oh,well,...
we all make mistakes and who cares? On to today’s words of wisdom which, I can pretty much guarantee,
will be waaay more interesting than celebrity bullshit. Remember: it’s all for the purpose of - yeah.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"Keeping in Mind that your Heart WILL BE BROKEN and that the World WILL BE Ruined for You."

Asil said...

Greetings Visible,

You wrote: Satan does it in hopes that it embarrasses Heaven to see humanity portrayed as badly drawn and clueless morons. Heaven has high hopes for humanity and piss poor role models are not the way to reach Heaven's goals.

That brings to mind my thoughts along those lines . . .

I have thought about the war between God and Satan. My interpretation is that Satan’s rage was so great because he could not control his jealousy, and consequently he was hurled down to earth.

God had showered love upon creatures Satan believed were a disgusting and inferior subspecies. (He may have been onto something, well in certain cases – for sure) Can you imagine what a punishment for Satan, to find himself amid the gross creatures he reviled. Anyway, for lack of a more definitive description, he was like a woman scorned. He decided to use all his power to pervert humanity into a herd of depraved savages.

I think Satan believes his seething rage will be justified when he proves to God that humanity is indeed nothing more than a sordid group of degenerate creatures, unworthy of God’s love. (Actually, he may be doing fairly well at the moment.) In particular, Satan often makes misery of the lives of those who love God completely.

Anyway, this is my fantasy about the war between God and Satan. I just wonder what is Satan's end desire to this war of wills.



Joseph Brenner

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