Friday, September 25, 2020

"The Divine is not Fond of Half Measures and Weekend Warriors of The Conveniently Faithful."


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Ah... my friends... Each morning I arrive in my cloister here and engage in a ceremony involving the pentagram, to the end that I and my activities are shielded from inimical and malefic intrusions; basically to 'seal the door where evil dwells'. That last phrase is taken from The Great Invocation. Are you familiar with it? It came to Alice Bailey from the Tibetan master, Djwhal Kuhl. It was transmitted in 1945, just before the end of the World War. For those unfamiliar with it, here it is;

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men–

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

Good sentiments, yes?

So... once I have completed the ceremony, I get to work on whatever projects are before me, or appear out of the cauldron of the subconscious. No... first I take a virtual stroll through the doings taking place in the world this day, that day, whatever day it may be. That has not been a pleasant experience for some time. The levels of delusion, rage, and hysteria; gimme, gimme, gimme- me, me, me, are redlining without cease. In consonance with that, is the relentless presence and celebration of depravity, perversity, and willful disregard for all moral boundaries. It is now cool to 'push the envelope', ♫ purple hair and nose rings and boys who kill puppies, tattoos and butt-plugs, and transgender guppies. Preteens with Tramp Stamps and demons that sing, these are a few of their favorite things ♫

Sorry about that. I was going to show up here today and apologize for some of the graphics that have attended my work at Freakbook and Pocketnet, until I came across this latest bit of artistic garbage that presents Jesus with breasts, in a dress with makeup, dancing for the amusement of children, and giving a sly wink.

Church of Iceland graphic showing Jesus as trans

This is from the National Church of Iceland. It is, allegedly, Iceland's OFFICIAL church. They took it off their website but it is still featured on the sides of buses traveling through Reykjavik “every time I try to get out they pull me back in.” So... I can hardly apologize for the last picture when I am now posting this one (can I?).

Let me be a little more demographically specific; although no one has said anything to me, I am a telepath and I tend to be informed about all sorts of things going on with the readers. I know that some of you are very spiritually inclined and sometime there will be things I say or do that do not conform with what you might 'wish' to expect of me. This is probably because I have that Martin Luther gene that is inspired to nail excrement to cathedral entrances and... like that. This in no way interferes with my love of God, which is unwavering and absolute.

I do not have the same level of affection for the world and MOST ESPECIALLY in these times and I am not one to gaze somberly and with a unique and EXCLUSIVE mien upon the audience accompanied by a faraway look of wisdom in my eyes. I don't play those games and HAVE GONE OUT OF MY WAY to behave badly on different occasions to convince people I AM NOT what they were trying to make me out to be. I did them a big favor but I don't think they got that or appreciated it.

I've stopped acting out in this fashion cause it does no good, choosing instead to isolate and only be available to certain people. This has been working fine. Okay... enough about me. As I was saying, there are these morning rituals and a number of other events through the day that I MUST engage in (still talking about yourself, visible?) because of the external dramas presently being visited upon all of us BUT... NOT ONLY THAT; there are invisible broadcasts going on, from Centers of Evil Intent, which are acting upon the dreaming and unaware and which are responsible for much of the bad behavior presently taking place.

I realize that even to see evil there must be evil within you (according to the REALIZED Advaitist's.) HOWEVER... that is a fine perspective for those further up the road than me and were I to embrace that fully, you probably wouldn't be hearing from me anymore and I get the sense that the majority of you wish that I continue at this so... there it is.

Iceland was one of those places I had considered as a possible SAFE HARBOR. I can forget that now. There are no safe harbors other than beneath the sheltering wings of The Divine; see the 23rd Psalm for further details. It has taken me a little time to realize the truth of things that I have been saying for some time. That's the difference between Intellectual and Visceral apprehension. Either God is ALL POWERFUL or not. If he is... ACT LIKE IT!!!

One must fully live what they believe OR... find another line of work. The Divine is not fond of half measures and Weekend Warriors of The Conveniently Faithful. You are either ALL THE WAY IN or not at all. What does the Greatest Commandment say? “Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your strength and with ALL your mind.” Or... don't bother coming around. I KNOW this now. It has taken me, as I said, some time to get that what I have been saying all along is actually true and that I should follow my own advice, indeed... the angel of The Lord who communicates with me told me that exactly.

Another realization I have recently experienced has to do with RELIANCE on the Almighty for EVERYTHING. This one statement; “rely on me”, I have heard more than all the rest put together. I got this, pretty much, BUT... once again, it had not become Visceral. It had not become a programmed response out of the subconscious. As the result of working on it and contemplating the verities, et. al... it is now becoming a reflex action, directly tied to the revelation I mentioned receiving, in a recent post. Perhaps you know what I am referring to? It is how we can KNOW something is so, but somehow not know it, until... in a flash of Eureka, we find ourselves the recipient of Epiphany, and then it dawns on us that what we already knew was true, really is true. That does not sound like a clarification but hopefully, you can read between the lines.

The venomous lies and bully boy tactics, presently being disseminated and practiced by cartoon politicians, fraudulent spiritual personalities, and a sold-out and morally bankrupt media are a thing to behold. They manifest all of the fascination and rubber-necking of a highway accident to the clueless millions driving SLOWLY right on by, never realizing that it is happening to them until it does happen to them.

Now... the entire world is being held hostage to this mask scam, whose sole purpose is to get rid of the sitting American president. You've been hearing it here for years about the CREEPING INSANITY. It has now gone Full Blown. I try to imagine what the common folk, in all the many, many widespread localities must be thinking and feeling at this time. What of all the small business people who have been ruined? What of the poor children being indoctrinated with vile bullshit, programmed to accept deviant behavior as normal? What of the aging and elderly, tormented with fears about an infection that doesn't exist, except at the level of a seasonal flu? The only real pandemics are IGNORANCE and FEAR. In most cases, the one generates the other.

Dear Lord...

I pray with all my might that you will come soon. I pray that you will appear in the human mind and illuminate it with the real, so that it may banish the unreal. I pray that you open the eyes of humanity to the predators among them and the feckless millions, who serve their demonic agendas, hoping that by serving they will escape notice, that they will be SAFE. No one is safe, if safe means avoiding suffering and death, that is a COUNTDOWN to CERTAINTY. Lord... we know that there are states and conditions which come to us all, but Lord... please let us live with Integrity and Honor and face it with open eyes, not deceiving ourselves and making ourselves culpable in our own destruction. Lord... we know the body is only a temporary habitation but The Soul is in peril in these times. Grant us sanctuary in our seeming jeopardy. Comfort us with your presence and send us The Lord of Light SOON... Lord... SOON.


End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

This song was written for Vietnam veterans

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I have selected these passages from Volume 7, Inspired Talks from The Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda. I expect you will find them hard to read. I did. I know they are true but I AM NOT THERE YET and it serves no good purpose for me to assume I am, no matter what anyone says BECAUSE... assumptions will be made and Pride will slip in. I shall remain a dualist until I am TAKEN out of it.

"All knowledge depends upon calmness of mind." He who has filled the universe, He who is Self in self, how shall I salute Him! To know the Atman as my nature is both knowledge and realization. I am He, there is not the least doubt of it. No thought, no word, no deed, creates a bondage for me. I am beyond the senses, I am knowledge and bliss. There is neither existence nor non-existence, all is Atman. Shake off all ideas of relativity; shake off all superstitions; let caste and birth and Devas and all else vanish. Why talk of being and becoming? Give up talking of dualism and Advaitism! When were you two, that you talk of two or one? The universe is this Holy One and He alone. Talk not of Yoga to make you pure; you are pure by your very nature. None can teach you.”

“Men like him who wrote this song are what keep religion alive. They have actually realized; they care for nothing, feel nothing done to the body, care not for heat and cold or danger or anything. They sit still and enjoy the bliss of Atman, while red-hot coals burn their body, and they feel them not. "When the threefold bondage of knower, knowledge, and known ceases, there is the Atman." "Where the delusion of bondage and freedom ceases, there the Atman is." "What if you have controlled the mind, what if you have not? What if you have money, what if you have not? You are the Atman ever pure. Say, 'I am the Atman. No bondage ever came near me. I am the changeless sky; clouds of belief may pass over me, but they do not touch me.' Burn virtue, burn vice. Freedom is baby talk. I am that immortal Knowledge. I am that purity."

"No one was ever bound, none was ever free. There is none but me. I am the Infinite, the Ever-free. Talk not to me! What can change me, the essence of knowledge! Who can teach, who can be taught? Throw argument, throw philosophy into the ditch. Only a slave sees slaves, the deluded delusion, the impure impurity. Place, time causation are all delusions. It is your disease that you think you are bound and will be free. You are the Unchangeable. Talk not. Sit down and let all things melt away, they are but dreams. There is no differentiation, no distinction, it is all superstition; therefore be silent and know what you are.

"I am the essence of bliss. Follow no ideal, you are all there is. Fear naught, you are the essence of existence. Be at peace. Do not disturb yourself. You never were in bondage, you never were virtuous or sinful. Get rid of all these delusions and be at peace. Whom to worship? Who worships? All is the Atman. To speak, to think is superstition. Repeat over and over, "I am Atman", I am Atman". Let everything else go.

"I am the holiness of the holy" (Gita). I am the root, each uses it in his own way, but all is I. "I do everything, you are but the occasion." Do not talk much, but feel the spirit within you; then you are a Jnani. This is knowledge, all else is ignorance. All that is to be known is Brahman. It is the all. . . . Sattva binds through the search for happiness and knowledge, Rajas binds through desire, Tamas binds through wrong perception and laziness. Conquer the two lower by Sattva, and then give up all to the Lord and be free.

The Bhakti-Yogi realises Brahman very soon and goes beyond the three qualities. (Gita, Chapter XII.) The will, the consciousness, the senses, desire, the passions, all these combined make what we call the "soul".

There is first, the apparent self (body); second, the mental self who mistakes the body for himself (the Absolute bound by Maya); third, the Atman, the ever pure, the ever free. Seen partially, It is nature; seen wholly, all nature goes, even the memory of it is lost. There is the changeable (mortal), the eternally changeable (nature), and the Unchangeable (Atman). Be perfectly hopeless, that is the highest state. What is there to hope for? Burst asunder the bonds of hope, stand on your Self, be at rest, never mind what you do, give up all to God, but have no hypocrisy about it. Svastha, the Sanskrit word for "standing on your own Self", is used colloquially in India to inquire, "Are you well, are you happy?" And when Hindus would express, "I saw a thing", they say, "I saw a word-meaning (Padârtha)." Even this universe is a "word-meaning".

A perfect man's body mechanically does right; it can do only good because it is fully purified. The past momentum that carries on the wheel of body is all good. All evil tendencies are burnt out. That day is indeed a bad day when we do not speak of the Lord, not a stormy day. Only love for the Supreme Lord is true Bhakti. Love for any other being, however great, is not Bhakti. The "Supreme Lord" here means Ishvara, the concept of which transcends what you in the West mean by the personal God. He from whom this universe proceeds, in whom it rests, and to whom it returns, He is Ishvara, the Eternal, the Pure, the All-Merciful, the Almighty, the Ever-Free, the All-Knowing, the Teacher of all teachers, the Lord who of His own nature is inexpressible Love.

“Man does not manufacture God out of his own brain; but he can only see God in the light of his own capacity, and he attributes to Him the best of all he knows. Each attribute is the whole of God, and this signifying the whole by one quality is the metaphysical explanation of the personal God. Ishvara is without form yet has all forms, is without qualities yet has all qualities. As human beings, we have to see the trinity of existence — God, man, nature; and we cannot do otherwise.”

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

"The Operation of The Sun and the Trembling Ground of Kingdom Come."

RATS!!!- I forgot.
This is a must-see. What a powerful work of art and spiritual beauty.

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The clock is ticking. This is the cosmic clock of DESTINY. My SENSE of what is pending is that a MAJOR GEOLOGICAL EVENT is due to happen any moment IN the USA. This is something that is being set in motion, as a needed wake-up call, because SO MANY PEOPLE are not listening, or indifferent, or driven by certain appetites that WILL result in unfortunate outcomes. Though it will appear as a DISASTER, it is actually driven by Compassion because the ELOHIM who are in charge of such things, SEE NO OTHER WAY to get their attention.

I have FELT the approach of this CALAMITY for some time. By the Day, the justifiable reasons for its occurrence amplify. You have all seen what is taking place in these times. Some enduring lesson is required because OTHERWISE, people will continue to pay no attention to the spiritual verities that they, presently, routinely ignore. This has to be brought to their attention and IT WILL BE. I wish it could be a different outcome.

These raging fires, which COINCIDENTALLY... coincidentally STOP at the Canadian Border, are an abstruse phenomenon. WHO is responsible doesn't really matter because they are all warning signs regardless. WE KNOW that some portion is Arson. As we have said many times here, 'when God first tries to awaken you, he gently shakes your shoulder. When that doesn't work, he shakes it a good deal harder, and... when that doesn't work he picks up a Louisville Slugger or similar cudgel.' We are about to see the cudgel, as a direct expression of the cosmogonic maxim; those who cannot hear must feel.

I was talking with my friend earlier this morning and we were in accord about the dangers of Schadenfreude. Whenever it seeks to raise its ugly head in my mind, I shut it down PRONTO. Perhaps some of you are aware of the FACT that once you have reached a certain level of spiritual evolution, the KARMIC reaction time can become VERY swift indeed. I have personally experienced this. Thankfully, the Lords of Karma are more gentle with me than they might ordinarily be. Some might say... “Well, Visible, I wouldn't count some of what has happened to you as being gentle at all.” This is how I CHOOSE to see it. I firmly believe that we get less than we deserve, EVEN THOUGH that Last Jot and Tittle thing is a reality, it often is the case that Grace can intrude; those who love much are forgiven much.

On the matter of a Higher Love, let me point out that it comes with a protective shield and it also comes with a spacial awareness function and warning light; not to mention all manner of other metaphysical blessings. You CANNOT go wrong with LOVE and when your love has a selfless quality to it... an impersonal freely given nature... whoa! Good things come like grapes... in bunches. We have heard many times that God is Love but rarely is this explained in an understandable fashion and I assume that is because it is not often understood by the great majority of us. I will attempt to put this into perspective;

Everything proceeds from God in one fashion or another because God is the source of all motive power. Let me simply state, without going into detail, that LOVE is the Primary Emanation manifesting from The Divine and which explains his only BEGOTTEN son. What is implied here is that ALL of the other qualities of God are contained in this Primary Emanation. Think of it as being like white light passing through a spectrum, where Love is that light and the colors emerging from the spectrum are the other qualities. When God expresses, no matter WHAT God is expressing, it is ALWAYS an expression of Love. Love is the lubricant that permits the wheels of creation to turn. Imagine creation as a massive Swiss Watch, wherein all of the gears turn ONLY because Love is the magic animating fluid that greases them. I refer to this primary emanation as The Dynamic Animating Principle.

When you begin to clothe everything coming forth from you in an atmosphere of Love, you become a microcosmic expression of The Divine. I begin each day, as often as I can remember, or am reminded to state that my ideal is to emulate The Sun. Think of all those songs from our childhood like, “You are my Sunshine.” and all the songs about SHINING. Remember that we are all composed of Frozen Sunlight. All Avatars come from The Sun.

It amazes me how seldom people recognize the spiritual reality of The Sun. All of the older religions from more enlightened times were based on The Sun. Then there was Ra from Egypt. Much later the Aztecs and the Mayans; no matter how wrongfully their interpretations may have been. There was Mithraism, the Sumerians and Akkadians, and many others. Further back there was the Lemurian Sun Disk. This is all a lot of yadda yadda because the simple truth is that The Sun is the source of ALL manifest life; nothing grows or lives here otherwise. You could say, “Yes, but God created The Sun” and that, of course, is true BUT... he created The Sun as the manifest symbol and engine of his divine power, as the life-giving author of all animate forms. Back of the physical sun is The Spiritual Sun that is the source of it and deep at the heart of The Spiritual Sun is the mysterious and incomprehensible, God the Creator, whose essence is the within, within the within. The human mind is NOT capable of grasping it at those points, nonetheless, it is there.

You DON'T have to completely understand something to appreciate it and make use of it. Think of electricity. There are many things we don't understand that operate in and around us in life and we ADAPT to them, which causes us to profit from their operation. In the Emerald Tablet, it is said;

“And as all things are from One, by the MEDIATION of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by ADAPTATION. The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, and the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the FATHER OF ALL PERFECTION or the CONSUMMATION of the whole world. ITS POWER IS INTEGRATING, if it be turned into earth.”

The whole of The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is about THE OPERATION OF THE SUN.

This operation is carried out by an angel who accomplishes it within us, as we are permitting of it. This is the secret known to INITIATES. I should add that ALL WEATHER is caused by The Sun. You might consider this in the context of our INTERNAL weather, based on our SPIRITUAL relationship to The Sun.

It is no longer a matter of if some great disaster shall befall us. It is a matter of when, and my spiritual senses tell me that is NOW. I hope I am wrong, I really do. It would please me greatly to be wrong BUT I suspect I am not wrong. What is coming is not the great disaster. The great disaster is that we have departed, in the main, from God and that is only permitted up to a point. That is the disaster. The material disaster is only the logical outcome of the initial disaster. Consider so much of Biblical and other scriptures that talk about what happens to a people when they depart from God. Consider what happened to Atlantis and Lemuria, when their technological advances outstripped their moral state. Do you not see parallels here?

Look at the steady progression of dissolute and depraved behavior in these artificial insults to Nature that is urban life. Look at the ever-expanding perversities that are the result of too many people crowded up against each other. Read, “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding down the Behavioral Sink” if you can get a copy of it. I think it is in “The Pumphouse Gang.”

Surely you recall the conversation between God and Abraham about the pending fate of Sodom and Gomorrah? I don't care how the social scientist parse the reality of the situation; all those social apologists who rationalize away the behavior, or those whose hedonistic attractions are the whole of their existence now; the endless arguments of moral relativism that justify any and all behavior because it is a legitimate expression of MY TRUTH and YOUR TRUTH. There is no such thing as MY TRUTH and YOUR TRUTH. There is ONLY... Truth.

It is NOT accidental that mention of God is to be found in so many of our documents, inscribed upon our buildings and our currency. This is no accident. It is also no accident that there is a determined group that want all mention of God removed from government and even from human life and conversation. It is no accident that BLM is a Marxist operation, or who it is that funds them and to what end. This coming election is the MOST CRITICAL one in the history of this country and it could not be more clear what the differences are in the two opposing camps seeking control of national policy.

The entire COVID scam has been about putting the election into the process of mail-in voting, so as to steal the election through fraud. These are serious times. My suggestion, AS ALWAYS is that you should love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind and your brother as yourself, because your brother... is yourself. Lord... I appeal to your mercy but I know you have already decided because THEY have already decided.

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I saw a site that wasn't there, whilst i sat at home somewhere, writing up my daily views, but none of that was any news. I posted my work at that missing site and then it disappeared from sight. That site that isn't there is called Parler, drop by sometime.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

"There will be Bobbing for Road Apples on the Highway of No Return and Musical Chairs with No Chairs."


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These are hard and terrible times. Truth has gone and slipped out the window and is running for its life. Love can't show its face in this town (insert name of town). You get these bright spots here and there from the most UNLIKELY places. She is also VERY well-spoken. I love the way TRUTH employs galvanizing articulation. Truth is ALWAYS off the cuff and extemporaneous because TRUTH KNOWS what it is talking about. It is... after all... the TRUTH.

Conversely... or mutatis mutandis (as you prefer), that brier patch of depravity, that literal mangrove swamp at the ass-end of The Sargasso Sea is USUALLY filled with clueless empty-headed, self fellating, Dollar Store celebrities, whose hypocrisy, sense of entitlement and complete lack of awareness, concerning Real Life, form a Perfect Triangular Storm of Stupidity, rounded bout by crystallized arrogance, similar to the Dairy Queen dips that cover their soft serve ice cream cones; I'm talking about Hollywood; metaphorical, literal, and virtual.

I have yet to EVER get my head around how easily 'some people' can say one thing and do another; that being the hallmark of their personalities in action. These air-kissing, “let's do lunch” Short Bus Retards, are the go-to emulation icons for a surprising amount of the public. I am routinely astounded that some of them can have over 100 million followers on Facebook's, Velveeta Cheese spin-off- Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, some number of these witless clowns just got together for a ONE DAY boycott of that site in support of a Stop hate for Profit campaign.

From what I can tell, the campaign is all about restricting the Free Speech of ANYONE who disagrees with their STOP PRESIDENT TRUMP AT ALL COSTS campaign. You might well ask, “Why did these celebrities only agree to a one-day stoppage of their being present on Instagram?” Wayyyul... I'm guessing (I could be wrong) it is because Instagram pays them BIG MONEY to be there and troll the murky waters of The Canker Sore Ocean, in which swim the deluded Dunce Fish, upon which ALL OF THEM depend for their livelihood; talk about shooting fish in a barrel BUT... how can you kill something that is already dead?

My favorite meme of the times is all the corn-row headed white people spouting “Y'all” every time they are addressing their bottom-feeding peers. It really sounds authentic, doesn't it? Can I get a fist bump with that? Now... I could go into something like; what demographic is it that gets its payday from generating endless, hoodwinking bobble-heads, for the stationary dashboards of those going nowhere in a hot humping hurry? Then I could add; “what demographic is it that keeps the fast food and reality TV markets in business?” Meaning... which collective of mindless consumers keeps the ones providing for them in operation? Down the highway to the Abandon all Hope Ye who Enter Here amusement park ride at Inferno-Land they go, dropping down to all fours on the way, twerking like seizure victims, as the hazard lights on their Wide Load posteriors, flash in syncopated harmony to the WAP video playing on their cellphones. Andy Cohen is in the control booth with a bottle of baby oil and some Handy Wipes. This is NOT an artistic rendering of the diseased imagination. This is an actual photograph.

Ah... Visible... Visible... let's just segue on out of here. Time to digress and not return for that complimentary reach-around on The Good Ship Lollipop.

The word that comes to mind, as I reflect on the culture, presently writhing in a living mucosa pudding in The Petri Dish, is... IMPLODE. As Yeats so trenchantly put it in his poem; “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” It is happening right before our eyes. You cannot cut this tension with a knife but... they will try. In less than two months, we will know what we need to know about the Great American Experiment or The Late, Great, American Experiment. The hypnotized and narcotized, drunk on the fumes of entropy's toxic exhaust, population that was once nearly human- in short bursts here and there- will either have a shuddering breath of welcome release (without even knowing why) or... or... or what?

Believe me... the monsters who hate you are 'In it to win it'. They intend to make Brave New World look like Dick and Jane go to Disneyland. There will be nanotech inoculations for all and sundry. There will be musical chairs with no music. There will be bobbing for road apples on the highway of no return. Is it as bad as all that, Visible? I don't know. Honestly... I don't know. There are some few things that I do know and they comfort me with their rod and staff. I KNOW that The Ineffable, who dwells in, center stage speaking, The Sun and who is clothed in The Sun, is in absolute and utter command of EVERYTHING. This I KNOW.

So... when the mind (as it may do when I am not standing guard at The Gateway) ponders what the rents are like in The Himalayas, or Bali, or The Cambodian Highlands (not really), I soon realize that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be, until I am supposed to be somewhere else. If I am meant to be in some idyllic retreat, while the flames of transition consume everything that used to be so that what is meant to be can arrive... so shall it be. It could be that EVEN IN THE MIDST of the flames of transition there will be an idyllic retreat.

I do not know how many of you are feeling what I have been feeling THESE DAYS. I don't know, exactly, when it started BUT... each succeeding day has brought me a greater calm and certitude; a greater sense of well being and a mind's eye vision of some, as yet, unidentifiable PROMISE, precipitating and materializing, like smoke congealing into form, in the Event Horizon. Usually, when you think of smoke congealing into form, it brings less than hopeful thoughts to mind. Perhaps I should restrain, or retrain my Poetic License (I do have one) and speak of LIGHT PRECIPITATING and COALESCING. Yes... that is what I meant to say.

This is how I see The Avatar in approach and arrival. It would be some permutation upon the Spirit of God, descending from above The River Jordan. We KNOW that The Avatar sweeps down from the subtler planes, each one more refined than the next, in its ultimate materialization here. Jesus- who was/is (and always shall be) an avatar, was still Jesus until The Spirit of God entered him... permanent like.

This coming age is an Age of Brotherhood. So says the descriptor that attends the image of Aquarius ♫When the moon is in the Seventh House, And Jupiter aligns with Mars, Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, The age of Aquarius Aquarius!♫ Of course, that's just a song BUT... look it up. Look up the esoteric interpretations of what The sign of Aquarius includes as characteristics. If it is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, then... then... all this violent nonsense is simply prelude. It's the sort of madness and stupidity that flares up for a moment, incinerates the players, and clears the stage for the real act to come. It is happening to Test our Faith and ALSO... ALSO... to identify what side we are on (are there sides?) Are we coming or going? How are we coming and how are we going? Well... that can all be determined by how we are behaving RIGHT NOW.

What are our ASPIRATIONS and INTENTIONS? These it is that guide our course. Are we the children of FEAR or LOVE? It's one or the other; ♫Harmony and understanding. Sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehoods or derisions. Golden living dreams of visions. Mystic crystal revelation. And the mind's true liberation. Aquarius. Aquarius!♫

Yeah... I think I'm going to go with that. If I have my druthers AND I DO, then I am going to go with that, or some variant on the theme.

This posting today is just to check in with you and let you know that NO MATTER HOW THINGS LOOK, that is ONLY appearances and APPEARANCES ARE LIES. You are what you think you are. You are self-creating at all times. Much of this is automatic, due to the FORCE of KARMA, which causes us to behave in a predetermined fashion BUT... it doesn't have to be like that. It doesn't. You can pause. You can stop for a critical moment and ASK FOR HELP.

“The quality of mercy is not strained; It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven. Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes: T'is mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes. The throned monarch better than his crown: His sceptre shows the force of temporal power”

Simply remember that the monarch I am speaking of is GOD and his is the scepter of Divine Power, which axiomatically is the Temporal Power as well and Mercy is a product of Grace and our Dear Lord possesses it in abundance, of which there is ALWAYS more in reserve than there is EVER in action or manifestation.

End Transmission.......

I will close with an excerpt from that brief work titled “Brotherhood” by Joseph Benner. It is from the chapter called “The Enemy”.

The chapter "The Enemy" starts at page 21 and the excerpt below can be found from page 25 onward.

“And the Enemy, who—what is he? Only the entitized form of the mass selfishness of men, that vast cumulation of the evil thoughts and passions of men's lower nature appropriated by Masters of Evil, grown great and powerful by their stealing and feeding off of the vital forces that their unsuspecting dupes at their instigation had poured into such evil thoughts and desires, thus giving them direct power over men through men's own life-force now absorbed and incorporated into their Master-nature, which they could thereby easily use to bend men to their will.

Do such Masters of Evil really exist? Yes, just as surely as evil men exist. These evil men are merely their servants, their dupes, their slaves, practically all unconscious of their Masters or of any outside power controlling them. In fact, all would deny and wholly refuse to believe in the existence of such Masters, so subtly have these Masters worked upon and deceived the thinking minds of men by instilling into them wrong beliefs about a personal God and an abstract devil, thus twisting their understanding of the inner laws of being so they would listen to and follow the prompting of their Masters who could then continue to control and exploit them to the accomplishment of their foul ends.

But, you ask, are these Masters of Evil living men, or do they exist only on the inner planes of being, like the Masters of Good?

If you can conceive of Masters of Good, then you may know also of these Masters of Evil, for if the former exist, so do the latter; and as there is a Christ who rules and leads and inspires the former, so is there an Anti-Christ who rules and leads and inspires the latter.

As the Christ can work on earth only through His disciples, who through love of their fellow men have emptied themselves of self so that their higher nature is ever waiting upon and serving Him; so the Anti- Christ can work only through his disciples who through hatred, jealousy, greed, and a continual exploiting of their fellows have grown so big and fat from self-indulgence and in their feeling of superiority that their lower nature has become a perfect instrument for the use of the great Exemplar of Selfishness.

Also as it is true that there are such Masters of both Good and Evil working on the Inner Planes of being and ever inspiring their disciples, so it is equally true that both these Masters are working also on the physical plane, living in human bodies, and doing the will of their respective Chiefs who abide on the Inner Planes.

Likewise do only those who have earned the right, by "living the life" of their respective Chiefs, the Christ or the Anti- Christ, ever come into personal contact with the Masters under whom they serve; for the Masters always remain in the background, and work through their disciples and agents, whom they have raised to places of influence and power because of their faithfully doing their Master's will. Those working consciously or unconsciously under Masters of Evil are always inspired and influenced towards Evil, while those under the banner of the Christ are inspired and led wholly to forget self and to work only for the uplifting of their fellow men.

All is according to the great Law—"As above, so below; as below, so above." Good and Evil are opposite poles, and therefore where one manifests there must also be the other to complement it and balance its power. But remember, both are but men's concept of an Infinite Reality, which changes, not and cannot be affected by whatever men think of it as Good or Evil.

However, there are only a comparatively few of both so-called Good and Evil Masters working in human bodies at the present time, conscious of their Master degree, although many are preparing to enter human existence as soon as perfect conditions can be found. The Good Masters, under divine Law, will enter naturally into newly born infant bodies, and will over-shadow others —their disciples, while the Evil Masters, where opportunity offers, will deliberately break the Divine Law by dislodging and driving out the Souls of infants, thus stealing their bodies from them, or by driving out Souls from mature bodies, dispossessing them, and thereafter obsessing and impersonating such Souls to their friends and associates. Such in the near future will be of common occurrence, and will be made easy for them by all who succumb to fits of passion, indulgence in intense hatred, jealousy, or self-pity, or continual brooding over wrongs done them, or habitual condemnations of others, and who will suddenly wake one day in another world minus their physical bodies.

And be it known the Anti-Christ is also, preparing to manifest himself, when all is ready and enough of such evil forces to serve his purpose are let loose on the earth and require his direction and control. For he has been preparing for this for thousands of years, training his Masters of Evil, who in turn have been carefully carrying out his plans with seldom any failure, through the agency of their earthly lieutenants — the great Bankers and Brokers of the money centers, the heads of Industrial Trusts, the Politicians, the Newspaper Editors, faithless Government Employees and Public Servants, any and all soulless individuals who seek only for self, and who unhesitatingly strike down ruthlessly those who stand in their way. These know not they are absolutely under the control of these forces of Evil; even if they knew, their moral fibre has become so weakened through habitual obedience to the selfish instinct fostered in them that they would have little power to resist the Master Forces ruling them. When the command goes forth, all these human agents will be compelled to fight under the banner of the Anti-Christ, him whom they have served so long, and who now claims and compels their absolute obedience.

But, you say, what of the Bankers, great Industrial Leaders, Editors, and the many thousands of other high-type minds who are involved in similar exploitations, and who are more or less unconscious of wrong-doing, because of having been brought up and trained in the so-called capitalistic consciousness? These cannot at present accept such unproved statements as the foregoing, and will naturally side with their associates on the enemy's side. What will become of them? Will they be condemned and destroyed with the Enemy, even though ignorant of evil-doing?

Do not be too sure of their ignorance, for there is that in every man which causes him to know when he is doing wrong—when he is taking advantage of a fellow man's ignorance, weakness or inability to prevent it, to benefit self.

While such do not realize the full extent of their crime against God, or know that they are actually serving the Great Enemy of man, yet the Truth is now being declared and is being broadcast over the earth, so that in time every man may hear. When the great tribulations that are shortly to fall upon mankind begin to manifest with ever increasing and unmistakably vindictive violence, such men are going to think as they have never thought before, are going to desire to know Truth for itself with a mighty intensity, and are going to seek every possible way of escape. They will turn first to the churches, who will offer them a Christ crucified, who they say will save them. They will turn to Psychology, to Spiritualism, to the different cults, most of whom will offer them that favorite platitude the Enemy has been instilling into the minds of their followers during recent years—"There is no evil, there is only Good," when evil will be so everywhere about them that they can see, hear, feel, and therefore think of hardly anything else but evil. It is then that these seekers will be led by those Masters of Good, ever on the lookout to help every sincere searcher after Truth, to these declarations, and now they will be ready to listen to and recognize them as Truth. To all such who accept and now know whom they were serving, and who are willing and anxious to renounce forever self and all its claims,— to such will be shown not only the way of escape, but they will be lovingly led into a place of safety.

All this anticipates and at the same time announces to all who read to prepare for the great Battle of Armageddon shortly to begin on the physical plane, and which is already practically won on the Inner Planes, —for the Enemy with all his cohorts are being forced by the Powers of Good to the outermost of such realms, right up against the physical, where many think they can escape by thus stealing into human bodies.

But their existence there will be short lived, for the battle will soon be waging with awful intensity in the outer, and the mighty Forces fighting for righteousness will quickly bring matters to such a crisis that all the forces of darkness will be compelled to come out fully in the open so that all people may see these forces and those who fight with them, and forever after will know them for the fiends they are.

And the battle, by the very fact of its being fought in the open, will be won by the Forces of light; for as darkness cannot exist in the strong light of day, so with these forces of evil (who draw all their life and power from darkness, especially from the darkened minds of men, purposely kept deceived and ignorant of their Divine Nature, their Oneness with the Christ Mind), when the light of Divine Understanding is thus poured into men's consciousness, they will turn about, and because of the very destructiveness of their nature, will begin to destroy each other, until none are left, and their souls will vanish into the chaos and darkness from which they came.

But think not this is not all in the Great Plan, and that the Anti-Christ and all his cohorts are not now wholly under My perfect control. For it is through him and his opposing forces that I provide the discipline and the punishment by which man learns to know unerringly Good and Evil. No man can truly know Good and Evil until he has tasted and eaten to satiation of the fruits of evil—has been so taught and led to the limit of selfish indulgence by the creator of evil —SELF, that he learns the foolishness and emptiness of it all, and finally awakens as a "Prodigal Son," and longs for his Father's house and the place at His table for goodness and abundance which he discarded for the husks of the outer world, and he starts on his homeward journey to his Father's Kingdom.

Those who have not awakened in this life to a knowledge of their spiritual nature must needs wait for a long, long period for another opportunity; for they cannot return to earth during the wondrous New Age I have prepared for My children who have listened to My Voice and whom I intend to lead into the Kingdom of Light and Love I am bringing down from Heaven into the midst of men.”

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Friday, September 11, 2020

"Arson is the New Climate Change and Antifa the New Foot Soldiers of Satan."

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♫ Obama-Banana-Beau-Bahama-Bama ♫ says the fires in Kalifornia are caused by Climate Change. That's what you call it when you start them. Arson is the new Climate Change.

I was asked earlier why is it that so many people hate President Trump. I replied that it is a simple matter; a large portion of the population was sold a phony bill of goods, by those looking to continue the dismantling of the country through Hilarious Clinton. The pledges given were that parity would be established between all of the sectors of society and we would have equality, born of diversity, fueled by the offspring of a massive orgy of Nimrods, UNDER THE BIG TENT, in search of Childhood's End.

Materialism ALSO has created enough of a population of degenerates, criminals, blockheads, animatronic zombies, cellphone junkies, sexual perverts, all-around losers and assorted nutjobs, to create a not insignificant voting block. They are mostly all Democrats, because their managing scheme is that EVERYONE should be able to do whatever the Hell they want to, whenever they want to, until the Hammer and Sickle come down.

The ORCHESTRATORS had control of all of the bit's and bytes of traffic moving on the Information Highway, which made it duck soup to peddle this grand scheme of a brotherhood of man, marching hand in hand, under the hologram, under The Batsign of the Hammer and Sickle, masquerading as Fair and Equitable Socialism, magically transformed into a Communist state, the day after the election. Not everyone was asleep and by the fiat of the Invisible Hand of God... THEY LOST!

They were beside themselves with FURY and from Day One, they plotted schemed and maneuvered to force the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT from his seat of office. The Banker Scum who manipulate the world's currency, through proxy cutouts, then went into OVERDRIVE with a tsunami of lies; endless waves of lies and relentless waves of pain, in this purple mountain's travesty, ABOVE THE LOOTED PLAIN- Amer(hic!)ka... Amer(hic!)ka--- you know the routine. The countenance of the Shadow Banker Empire, the front-face stooge, George Soros, with unlimited funds (AND... if that's not enough= they'll print more out of thin air), began to finance a COLOR REVOLUTION in the United States. He'd been successful 'most' everywhere else AND he also financed an army of ravening thug-beasts that were set loose in the dense urban zones, seeking a Climate of Intimidation and Fear. This... coupled with 24/7 lies and slander, visited upon the less intelligent public, and that portion who already had an ax to grind, amounted to a large number of disappointed, spoiled children and resulted in a polarized society at war with itself.

That is why so many hate President Trump. They were all hypnotized by stage magicians and then were programmed to channel their self-loathing at an external target. It is themselves that they hate AND for good reason. This is the logical product of MATERIALISM -at a certain stage- of its advancement toward ENTROPY. It's not President Trump that they hate. They hate their own undeserved well being that prosperity brings to everyone, IN VARYING AMOUNTS but... not as much as some might have hoped, given how little effort they made in pursuit of the larger share of, “From Each According to His Ability, to Each According to His Needs.” Perhaps you remember who said that. When you don't know who you are, you don't know who anyone else is either.

Even those who should know better have a bone to pick with President Trump BUT... MAYBE it's because THEY DON'T KNOW BETTER!

The powers that think they are, have been holding the human race in indentured servitude and hostage to their dependency on ENERGY and other NEEDS. The bankers start wars for economic gain and use the populace as cannon fodder. Technological breakthroughs are going to change the whole dynamic with the free energy of electromagnetics, hydrogen, and other things. Poverty will end and THEY will lose control of it all and they KNOW this and that is what they are fighting so hard to suppress now; INFORMATION!!! But there is nothing they can do. HEAVEN has decided otherwise and Heaven RULES. The Will of Heaven rules! When I say other things, I mean BOTH material AND spiritual.

One should not lie to themselves. It brings all manner of misfortune in its wake. When you succeed in lying to yourself and creating a fictitious and doomed bad facsimile of reality, it becomes no great feat at all for you to be lied to by others. The reasons that one lies to oneself are NEVER good reasons. This is yet another sad effect of Materialism; lies piled upon lies; lies packaged in shrink-wrap, brightly colored lies, rolling on conveyor belts till they fall off the end of the Earth. This is another place that doesn't exist but this did not stop people from peddling that ridiculous idea and from going in search of it. No one has found this 'end of the world'... in ALL THIS TIME. There are no pictures and no witnesses, like those journeying to that undiscovered country from which no traveler returns AND that is another lie because we all return, again and again, but can't remember where we've been. It should come as no surprise that so many of them also do not know where they are going. They have sussed the matter, however, by lying to themselves.

It also stands to reason that if you do lie to yourself you will -by extension- also lie to everyone else.

An Apocalypse is not a general event. It is a specific event... when considered in light of its importance to ANY individual. It is best to think of it in these terms because... IT WILL CERTAINLY BE THINKING OF YOU IN THESE TERMS!

I've got to segue now. I was headed in a particular direction but when I saw the headlines today, I had to make a “right turn, Clyde.” They have chiseled the FALSE NARRATIVE of 9/11 into stone. They want it emblazoned on the American consciousness like a historical character in bas relief on a piece of metal, or marble, or one of those medals of Catholic saints. ISRAEL orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and if you need IN-DEPTH commentary on the matter then simply scroll down the side menus until you find it. It's right near that other massive lie of a cash cow, 'get out judgment card', they've been milking for near 80 years now. PSST... Mr. Apocalypse is COMING!!! Mr. Apocalypse is HERE.

The whole of the West Coast of America is under threat of FIREMAGEDDON. Is it not interesting AND... it is certainly valid to say that... The larger portion of the population of Kalifornia, Oregon and Seattle have TURNED AWAY FROM GOD and embraced the nihilistic Hell of Self Service Hedonism and Personal License (rather than Freedom) on-demand, like the tap water of Flint Michigan. We have been saying it here, over and over, Materialism= Insanity and you are seeing that in the behavior of all the mask wearing anarchists, screaming about independence of thought, while seeking the death penalty for anyone who expresses it outside the parameters of their Cancel Culture, Khmer Rouge mindset. They are crazy and what you will learn, if you haven't already, is that YOU CAN'T TALK TO CRAZY PEOPLE and especially... most especially, you cannot reason with them.

People DEMAND the right to Live Their Own Truth and never so aggressively as when there is NO TRUTH to be found in it. Unless you can finesse your way around them, without ceasing, you WILL have problems with them. When Fear and Ignorance get a room, it is only a matter of time before hideous progeny are the outcome of their desperate interactions AND the more convenient life becomes, the lazier and more self-indulgent the weaker portions become. It's a Spandex reaction to a complete capitulation to appetite. Unless Heaven is disposed to miraculous intervention, we are looking at an entirely new kind of holocaust; a collective, ritualized, suicide by craving and lust. Most people don't know that Lust turns to Anger. The disappointment generated by the inability to achieve satiety and completeness, through perfunctory and soulless copulation, breeds a terrible rage. You are seeing it now. There are some itches you can't scratch without leaving an open wound.

Metaphysically, Love is a kind of Heat and Truth is a kind of light. I assure EVERYONE reading and not reading this posting that unless you are engaged in the exercise of the one, and/or the pursuit of the other, you are in for a calamity of conscience and regret for the road(s) not taken. In this Apocalypse, what is being revealed to us, is the absolute paucity of pedestrian pursuance (I'm starting to sound like Spiro Agnew). It's seppuku by cellphone. It's Mr. Creosote in “The Meaning of Life.” It's the stagnant end of self-indulgence, gasping for breath in the waiting room for those becoming Hungry Ghosts. It is the terminal stage that is set by Materialism, where we constantly search outside ourselves for a cure for the unbridled longing for a plenitude of empty forms, and fulfillment, in a desert landscape, devoid of life. It is a tragedy that makes existentialism relevant and self-destruction attractive.

As soon as one departs from an awareness of an indwelling presence greater than themselves, they will find nothing ever after. There is ONLY one thing that can be found and it is already present. Recognition is the key and Memory is the engine. The dilemma and cause of reincarnation is the idea that it can be found OUT THERE. It cannot. Ultimately and all through the process, all that one finds is that it is 'not this' and 'not that'. How much time might something like this involve? It could be millions and millions of lives; not years... lives. Perhaps this will serve, as a partial explanation for why we are born without previous knowledge.

God is content to let us wander, near forever, in the thirsty deserts of unrequited desire. Sooner or later it will occur to us what occurred to the Prodigal Son. In truth, we are each an indispensable portion of The Body of God. If suffering is attractive to you, you are in the right place. If you have had it with Suffering, you can change it at any time. It might involve some rocky highway in the beginning BUT... it gets better all the time (cue the Beatles) and there is ALWAYS... the possibility of Grace. You'll never know until you ask.

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You might wonder why I picked Parler as a parking spot for each posting; for when Facebook finally tosses me, or the Incels at Blogger get the go-ahead to shut me down. NO ONE notices me at Parler. Not once, since the day I arrived, has there been a single acknowledgment of my presence. It's like a safe house in the witless protection program. They shut me down at Parler as soon as I got there BUT they didn't stop me from being there. If there ever comes a day when you feel that life is meaningless and there is no point to it, I hope you will drop by Parler and say, “Hello”.

At Pocketnet they are aware of me and I've met some VERY NICE and highly intelligent people there. I've never left the site without having been entertained at least once. I even have my own personal troll. It's been fun, except that I rarely go there anymore. I've not much interest in the news these days. It might be time to lay down in a snowbank in the Himalayas, finally exhausted from searching for the light I have been carrying within me all this time. If you do come by Pocketnet, please extend to me a hearty handshake, if you have the time.

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Thursday, September 03, 2020

"Sheer Panic is Going to Thin the Herd in the Places of Greatest Human Concentration."

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It is being bandied about that September is THE MONTH for radical change coming. I am NOT on the New Age Network and don't know what they are saying BUT... I have seen this. I don't subscribe to predictions; I don't care if they come by way of Nostrildamus or Madame Cleo. What I do know is that no one knows the hour of the coming of anything, outside of the hours, the days of the week, and the turn of the seasons. We 'think' we do and we are especially motivated to support the idea of the arrival of conditions we prefer or agree with. A long time ago, I had it pointed out to me, VISCERALLY, that I DON'T KNOW. I really don't. What I am told is so, appears in my mind, when needed, due to my having emptied it for that purpose and that seldom has to do with dates or specific events. Also, by the same author is this lengthy, well researched, speculation exercise. How much of any of it is true?

I can't say, 'Yeah' and I can't say, 'Nay'. All I can say is that there is BIG TROUBLE looming, like the specter of Sauron, rising over the battlements of Mordor, metaphorically speaking. This trouble is being stirred up by powerful collectives, who hope to profit from it and protect their Place of Power. They are being PERMITTED to do what they are doing, for The Purpose of Demonstration and everyone going in fear of it, or in support of it, are to be considered Players in it.

The REASON it is all coming to a head is because of THE CHANGING OF THE AGE. Those who have held power, through various personas and agencies, wish to extend their control from the passing age into the arriving age. It is for this REASON also that The Avatar is coming down through the planes and evicting The Powers and Principalities and Rulers of Darkness from their Places of Power in the invisible realms. They are, alternatively, being sent directly to Hell, or pressed downward and outward into manifestation for Judgment.

If you have been following these blogs for the last couple of decades, and some of you have, you remember that for years I was trying to form a community in advance of what you now see occurring. I've known this was coming for a long time. I've been getting regular updates all the while. My efforts resulted in spectacular failures. They weren't supposed to happen, at that time- OR EVER; I don't know which it is at the moment. I was also, MY CHOICE, not going to be trotted out as some kind of important figure and this is what happens in circumstances like this. I have learned A GREAT DEAL in the process of my failures and clumsy avoidances; not the least of which is that EVERYTHING... REALLY is UNDER CONTROL. I had to go from intellectual to visceral about that.

There are all kinds of places I could go to facilitate a gathering of kindred spirits and more of them appear as time goes by. Some have larger possibilities and some are offers from kindred spirits to huddle together. I'm not thinking about any of that anymore. I've learned that I am not supposed to do anything. I am only supposed to show up, whether it is here, each day, for the rest of my tenure, or elsewhere when the time comes; pretty much like the rest of you, who are, by varying degrees, aware of the implications.

The BIG PROBLEM with physical life, taking place within a brief period of time, is the LACK OF a wider awareness of the impossible reach of existence and all of the different climates and atmospheres that come and go. There were times, long... long ago, when the world was flooded with light and times that followed that were still much more light-infused than it is now. Each of these periods was far larger than the one we find ourselves in and the one we find ourselves in is a VERY... VERY long time. How do you get a perspective on that? There is a mindset of timelessness, possessed by certain yogis and mystics, and the odd anomaly that appears now and then. This mindset includes the possibility of a timeless perspective BUT... it isn't something we can talk about in this medium.

We are TRULY blind, naked, and dumb. We KNOW less than nothing but that doesn't stop most of us from thinking we do and dressing up in The Emperor's New Clothes each day. The level of Vanity that exists in the present-day worlds of Rich and Famous is incredibly amusing, as well as horribly tragic. One can, with considerable accuracy, classify these people as hopelessly insane. Worse than that are the millions who admire and emulate them and would give ANYTHING to be in their shoes. Those who see clearly, OTHERWISE, are in an incredibly small number in these times and... for the most part, scorned and derided, should they have the temerity to say anything about it.

I look at Racism as LUDICROUS, given that we are ALL born into each color by rotation. I look at the war between the sexes as inconceivably stupid, given that we are each born as male and female on a regular basis, for the purpose of Understanding and an evolution in consciousness. Those who are asleep come back as a member of the other sex with every new incarnation. The CONDITIONS AND ROUTINES change, once one comes awake to a greater degree. Attendant with that comes an ever-increasing FREEDOM and all manner of perks.

AH... THE WONDERS that await for those on the upward path!!! You can't tell the sleepers anything though. Perhaps they have some simple and inaccurate idea of Deity and Heaven. Over the course of regular coming and going that gets clarified. More often than you might think, IT DOES NOT. THE KEY to Understanding and its counterpart, WISDOM, is the enduring and visceral awareness that one DOES NOT KNOW. Only then... ONLY THEN can one be informed and guided and freed out of bondage to appearances and the Web of Lies that contains them. There is a Web of Lies and there is a spider on the web.

I've known about Emmanuel Swedenborg since I was very young. I've come across his work here and there, through quotations and occasional excerpts that have appeared in the works of other writers BUT... I've never given him any greater attention. It wasn't time. It is time now, apparently. I am going to give you a link to a PDF download of his, “Heaven and Hell.”

Hover over the document to view the controls to flip through the pages

I've read a considerable amount of it by now. I've jumped, since yesterday, to the last chapters on Hell (FASCINATING STUFF) and I've jumped from location to location in the book, to get an overall feel. He wrote in Latin and his translators have done a marvelous job of rendering him comprehensible. He's very wordy and Brevity is not his strong suit BUT... he presents the clearest picture of THE WORLD'S AFTER that I have seen, in The Christian Tradition. I believe him. He seems to be sane, although gifted far beyond the rest of us. He spoke with (and saw) angels on a regular basis. I believe he did. He was a true renaissance man of the stature of da Vinci. He may not be to your tastes BUT... what he has to say is fascinating. You need a degree of intelligence to appreciate what he is saying.

I am providing access to this man's work. It would take years to read all of what he has written. He was VOLUMINOUS!!! Knowing me, I will probably read a lot of it, or until I am routed elsewhere. I love to read spiritual work. The reason I am providing these links is because I consider what he has to say VERY RELEVANT to the times we find ourselves in. As I said, he may not be to your tastes but I KNOW there are a few of you who will delve therein.

Materialism= Insanity ...and CRAZY has been insinuating itself into all of the different levels of local, state, and national government. It's been going on for some time and certain deep pockets psychopaths like George Soros, who is the Red Shield Frontman, have been financing these efforts. Here is a classic example of the intentions at work. These deluded stick figures might imagine that they are working toward wider equality in the human estate; not realizing this is impossible.

NO MATTER WHAT, a few of us will be very rich and a larger amount will be substantially rich and an even larger amount will be well off and the masses will be at varying levels of getting by and utter desperation. The world IS FAIR, you just can't see it because the players come and go and whatever you may be seeing are the fruits and results of previous lifetimes. That is HOW IT IS, like it or not and you can arrange for ANYTHING in the future for yourself... if you will just get to work on it, keeping in mind that it may all amount to crushing disappointment and worse.

Perhaps some of you are thinking, as I sometimes do; 'where will God send me next?' Will I go to Bali, or Northern India? Will it be a vastly different locale? It matters not, God knows best and I am in full agreement, NO MATTER WHAT.

You must think of the rolling waves of darkness as being geographically specific and also consider the concept of Passover. You'll want to know that applies to you AND IT DOES... even if you don't get passed over. Hopefully, you know what I mean. Sheer Panic is going to thin the herd considerably and the seriously intense locations are going to be where the larger populations are pressed up against one another. I pray for Awakening and MERCY but Heaven knows the whole of it far, far better than I EVER will. May God be with you!

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