Wednesday, March 30, 2022

"Don't Believe The Gloom and Doom Merchants from The Land of the Blind. Turn Your Face to The Sun."

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So often I wonder how people get the way they do. Of course, modern society disconnects you from your humanity. You get alienated and isolated... disenfranchised would apply, like a side order of fries, with the main course being a showing of Cannibal Holocaust. Everything I see in this hurdy-scurvy world serves to convince me how very... very fortunate I am to KNOW that there is a God and to be intimate with him/her/it; however your pronouns handle that.

I wonder if pro-noun means that they are not real nouns, but... someone is in favor of their maybe... someday... becoming a real noun; a sort of Pinocchio story... “I'm a real boy!” How do I remember these things? It's my fault, of course, I grew too fast when I was young, having to constantly get out of the way of things... coming at speed, and... you don't get an instruction manual on arrival.

There are instruction manuals; The Way of Life by Witter Bynner. The New Testament, The Eight Fold Path, The Bhagavad Gita, The Emerald Tablet... but, you don't get these early on. A certain amount of grief comes your way when you are totally defenseless. I can't answer any of that. Karma is all I can come up with, and... I did not come up with it. Reincarnation has been proven many times by prodigies, past-life recall; fluently speaking foreign languages that the person had no exposure to, intimate remembrances of somewhere they have not been in that life. I'm not going to get started on it. The evidence is overwhelming from my perspective and I don't really care if anyone else believes it.

I prove things out to my satisfaction. I await confirmation from within. When the two dovetail... begin to resonate in accord, I have found the truth of it. It may be, and usually is... relative truth, but... it's good to know what it is. One's understanding of something does not survive one's first exposure to it. There is the life you hear about, via degrees of separation and the life you experience. They are not the same. A great deal of our knowledge is wrong or ridiculous, given personal prejudice, and all the countless variations between us in our unique-snowflake way. I'm not sure if a pun is intended there or not.

Whenever it looks like The World is catching on to the people manipulating it behind the scenes, they sow discord among us until the spell (awakening) passes. Not this time. This time you are going to see many a peculiarity... many an anomaly. Several quite different world-changing events are going to be happening in close proximity to one another. An example? Okay... imagine there is a revolution in some major country and just as it is hitting its stride there is a massive earthquake; then you add in something else for that Three Times a Charm thing- ♫ you're once, twice, three times a dingbat ♫

Think of the documentaries they can produce! If they can find their cameras and accessories they will be in business. Right now there are thousands of budding auteurs running around with cellphone cameras. There is a whole lot of crazy out there. I've seen people step off cliffs in the process of a selfie. I've seen them get assaulted for filming. I've seen them fall or trip countless times for not paying attention to spatial awareness or where they are going. There are many examples on rubetube and all the other me ME ME graffiti sites, where people keep you updated on what they get up to, or... others provide you with the details because the main player is no longer with us.

Maybe it has always been this way and I just didn't see it because I was suffering from my own version of it, or... its just gotten really bad over the last 20 years due to The Internet. It has profoundly changed the way we live. Remember when there were no cellphones? I was in possession of them early on, due to being a resort manager and always on call. Before that there were beepers or maybe they arrived at the same time. I can't recall. I don't keep with the empirical side of things. Watching a dog chase his tail got old around the time I was 5 years old.

The Internet has made it possible for us to see The Crazy from a distance. It has put a world of information at our fingertips. To me... that is the most amazing feature of it all. I get to seek and to study... ANYTHING. Sadly... most people do not see The Internet at The World's Biggest Free University. Sure you pay for the service but it is a pittance. You can even get it free, just head on down to your nearest Obama Phone outlet, and... God's your uncle.

Oh, how I travel!!! For some time, I have had the landscapes inside my head, and... fortunately, the walls around me, within, have pretty much fallen away, and I'm in no mood to rebuild them. Now I have The World itself... at a disrespectful distance.

Look at the gadgets we have! 3-D Printers? Virtual Reality for people who can't deal with reality, but... there is a lot of good that can be extracted from all of them, simply by using your tools properly and for the right reasons. We see where it has gone... though... half... or a great deal more of the traffic is Porn. A very large chunk is pure superficiality. Some of the hottest entertainments going are to be found in reality TV, which follows narcissists around or delves into the profane little lives of people without any talent beyond the ability to not be embarrassed for themselves.

You can see that some sort of widespread destruction has to be in the cards. The offspring have been turned into a generation of vipers who react like trained seals to every triggering phrase. They have turned away from God. That is about all I can say on the matter, and every time the masses do this, ruin follows in the wake of their departure. It's clear that many people are not hardwired toward self-inquiry.

When you live riotously... when you eat terrible food and do not exercise, other than a great deal of wrist-action, you are going to be in trouble down the road. When all of your meditation is upon a screen filled with odious vanity... covering a hideous self-loathing, at some point... a profound disconnect is certain to take place. People are being systematically murdered by the vaccine manufacturers, and celebrities are cheering from the sidelines. This CANNOT end well.

The Global Warming Cult is beyond anything Jim Jones ever thought about creating. People are horrified by Charles Manson and Ted Bundy. Yet they laud far bigger serial killers like George Soros, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab. What these men have done to millions of people is far beyond what these tinhorns accomplished. What they intend to do to the world entire is terrible to contemplate... and around The World? Most of them are in bed with each other... The World leaders... the big-name entertainers... the religious leaders... sports figures... you name it. They all bend the knee to The Beast, or they don't get their haunch of slaughtered antelope.

Decades ago, I heard Guru Bawa say that you would know when end times are upon you because cannibalism would be widespread. You can see the breakdown in the social structure all around... at a distance. It is moving very fast. What... oh what is going to be the outcome? I am troubled not at all. It's happening in places that I have no desire to go.

When the soundtrack went to Hell, that is when I knew that end times were upon us. Once grunge brought out the inner, Satanic atheist, RAP took over to celebrate physical excess and rampant hedonism, not to mention a free-fall of the general IQ. Few are learning anything useful. First, you make the people stupid. Then, you tell them what is good for them. Then you enforce it.

It appears as if they can do as they please, BUT... they cannot do what they please. They can only do it to the people who empower them. The Witch-Doctor Curse has no effect on those who are not culturally programmed to believe in it. It ALL takes place in your mind, This is where you sort it out and later see it appear in front of you. Raise your vibrations and they won't even be able to see you.

Get ready for The Summer that Sanity Forgot, prior to the harvesting machines breaking down in the fields. You materialize what you believe in. The World operates on Faith, just like The Stock Market. When that ceases to be present trouble is suiting up in the wings. Everything good and positive that comes about in life is part of a harmonious exchange between Heaven and Earth. This is the ONLY THING you have to get right. Make yourself a tail-flap reflector on The Gospel Train. Let The Good News take you to a good place.

Don't believe the Gloom and Doom Merchants from the Land of the Blind. Turn your face to The Sun. Let Impersonal Love sit upon the throne in the secret chambers of the heart. Let it radiate without respite. Impersonate The Sun. You can just as well spend your time shining on others, rather than to wrap yourself in thunderclouds. You pull grief up out of the well and then complain about what's in the bucket. You really can pull something else up out of there. You should at least try it and see.

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Friday, March 25, 2022

"Unless that Personal Love can Awaken In You an Impersonal Love for All Life, It is Just a Transitory Thing."

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You have Nature... and then you have Nature Adjusted... changed... rearranged, adapted to the imaginings of the human mind. There are basic drives... to survive and to reproduce, so... Nature Adjusted is an accommodation to those basic drives. Look around you, if possible, pay attention. Survival and Sex. There is, of course, more to life than this. This is the physical evidence of the material plane as perceived through the senses. There is, of course, more to life than this.

Those who see life only through these basic drives are Materialists, and Atheism is their religion. Their religious rites are to celebrate the physical plane, as they worship the temporary... in its dance of eternal change. They are going round and round on a loop. There is, of course, more to life than this. There is that other route of The Spiral. It comes out of a loop, initially. Desire drives it. Aspiring upwards will take you upwards, and inwards.

It is glaringly evident that certain mindsets have assembled, and are under the control of certain transmission towers. The access point for mind control occurs WITHIN. Think of the mind's playground as being like the ocean. Ideas travel like ships across the waters, and... in every sense, it is like a real ocean. It has times of calm and times of storm. There are areas in The Mind, like certain areas of our world at present, where pirate ships sail in search of plunder. You... you are that plunder.

The internet is like this too. It is another ocean. You have to watch the currents that you encounter. You have a depth sounder. You need to know where the reefs are. This begins in The Mind. Then one travels in The Mind to places in The World where the mind's desire has taken it. The same happens on The Internet. Your outer world reflects your inner world. You might protest, “I did not order this pain buffet.” Yeah... at one time you did.

It's like when you thought you fell in love with someone. You might have been young and inexperienced, but somehow... the fascination got hold of you. In the process of being with this person, you came to find out a great deal more about that person. Familiarity breeds contempt. You fall out of love. Some years and many experiences pass. One day you are considering this person from that former time and you think, “Yikes! How did I ever fall in love with that person?” The same applies to actions you took at earlier times in your life; things you said and did. Hmm...

Personal love is doomed... sooner or later. Unless that personal love can awaken an impersonal love for all of life, it is just a transitory thing, “How did that happen? I must not have been paying attention.” Ah... yeah, you were not, or... your desire body flamed up and obscured the sightline of your Reason. This happens to everyone. All masters have a secret life of shame.

I like to think that I dance for God. I see others dancing for The World; Babylon rising. I see the performers coming and going. I see their little triumphs and tragedies, these people that Gibran said, “do not laugh all of their laughter or cry all of their tears.” I watch the spectacles of power dancing from their citadels, celebrating this temporary granting of sway over the minds of others for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

I was like everyone else in the pursuit of being someone. I had the goods too. I know what it's like to capture the attention of a crowd, but... once you are exposed to it, it does not take long to tire of it, UNLESS your ego will give you no peace... unless you believe your own press. You prance about for a season before the eyes of The World; in some cases... reinventing yourself over and over. You find that all this fame and its trappings have imprisoned you and made you into a trained seal. In the end, it's just a job like anything else, but not... everything else.

You could be dancing on the mountain tops of The World before an audience much larger than any stadium could hold. People want to be on television and do not realize that they are already on television. There is no privacy, not even in your thoughts, of which you should be having none at all to begin with... so that The Mind of God can be present in your own, which it already is anyway, though unrecognized as such.

I've nothing against performing. I watch various media every day. It is impossible not to be a performer. Every act you engage in is powered by God. You get so much time on the meter which is earned by previous service or industry in one form or another, just as the rain itself is generated by acts of selfless service. You are living proof of the fruits of your industry. Everything is connected. If God were not ceaselessly engaged in his creation, it would fall down. It would come apart.

Now... these days I see that there is no greater fame than Divine Anonymity. What a joy it must be to serve at every level in passing, with no thought of return or recognition; simply the transcendent gladness of doing the right thing and emulating God who is DOING THAT SAME THING... ALL OF THE TIME... ALREADY AND ALWAYS. He comes and goes. He appears in other life forms. He will look at you through their eyes, and he is watching all the time through yours, even if you are not. You can invoke him/her/it. People have a lot of trouble with terms. I do not. I use them all.

Loving God covers all sorts of incidentals that might never even occur to you. It also puts you in a certain light. It is the REAL VIP pass. It will get you in everywhere, AND... more importantly, it will get you out of there too. Because of it, you also know ahead of time what to do and not to do, where to go and where not to go, and... when. When you turn your life over to God; heh heh... see, here's the thing, God is REAL. He REALLY IS. Yes... there is a bumpy period that is usually enough to turn most people away, BUT... if you persist! If you persist, you will find (as HB said) “a joy beyond telling."

The Mind is either... your best friend or your worst enemy. It will deceive you and mislead you, and it will also do the reverse. Think of The Mind as something like a puppy. You can see whether people have trained their dogs or not. If you have your own under control you can, LITERALLY... FEEL IT as well. It all begins in The Mind and it is The Heart that powers it, and also inspires The Higher Mind. The union of The Heart and The Higher Mind causes The Truth to reveal herself. You can think of it as a hydraulic lift. It will come up right within you and turns like a figurine on a music box. Love makes it turn to the music, and love provides the music... OOHHHHHHMMMMM.

The World is in disarray. It needs yellow caution tape that says, “Under construction.” or “slippery when wet.” Some people see it all falling apart. Some people see it coming together. Neither of them are right. It is doing both at all times. SOMETIMES the force of change is more dramatic than at other times... like now. Once again... it's like The Weather. It is weather. It can blow up and storm, and it can be fresh and glistening in the aftermath. Of course... if it just took your house... I've been round and round with that one until it was no longer necessary. Sometimes... the best way for Heaven to demonstrate that it loves you is to take away your attachments and to keep doing it until only one attachment remains.

There are really big doings in The World right now. We are coming upon the denouement. We are approaching The Rubicon. We have come to a parting of the ways. Each of us is seeking that exit gate out of our own material being (whether we know it or not)... toward whatever we have laid up for ourselves. Every day we are engaged in the construction of our next vehicle of transport, engineered for the needs of the terrain over which we will be passing. To what ends do you direct your energy each day?

You don't need any more than this to tell you where you are headed. As you can see... most people are all about treading water, going in circles where habits and routines are formed. If you have dug a deep rut, chances are you will fall back into it again and again until you dig another rut. You will keep upon the course you are on until you change your course. No matter what direction you are heading in, you will find God, though it could take CONSIDERABLY longer in many cases, and include a great deal more suffering. If you catch it quick, your cure is quick. Lao Tzu said something like that.

The Royal Road awaits. The Highway to The Sun awaits. The Road Within rolls up behind you, lest bad companions seek to follow after. The doors are closed to The Profane. “You shall not pass!”

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

"Even The Well-Intentioned Want to be Secure, in an Insecure World, Where Death is an Inevitability. What!?!"

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It's always the same, but... different every time. Like The Wind. Like the waves tumbling on the shore. It's always The Wind. It's always the ocean waves, but each passing by, each coming in... is different. So... you can see how something could be this... and... that; how something could be and not be. What it means when jnana yogis say, “Not this. Not that.”

Some Instagram model got on TMZ. She got a nice spread of publicity for going to Poland and ferrying medical supplies to the border of a town where no one is (presently). She says that the hospital is still functioning, even though there are no people there, (BWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!). Look at the picture of her standing between two goons with their faces blotted out. There is this 'small woodland creature thing' that she is doing with her mouth. It looks like she had been gnawing on bark at some time earlier.

The whole Ukraine thing is a scam of massive proportions, but... since the same clowns from last time, and the time before that, and the time before that have routinely gotten away with massive frauds (and murders), they are thinking... “why not do it again?” Everywhere you look in government and media, morons are bouncing up and down on their seats about how the fine people of Ukraine DESPERATELY need our help. Most certainly you must see this for context. The cry for war is ubiquitous, and they might get what they are asking for... unless cooler heads prevail.

You would think people might have gotten warier about lying, what with Mr. Apocalypse doing that Scarlet Pimpernel thing; (“They seek him here! They seek him there!)” It is a delight for me to be in the state of awareness that I carry with me the way others might carry a wallet... or a handgun... or a passport; for me, this state of awareness is all of these and more. It is the KNOWING that God is in control of every single event in my life... no matter how trivial it might appear to be. The only problem for any of us is that we are attracted to this and that, and repelled by those other things. It puts us in the pleasure-pain syndrome. Once you can extricate yourself from that... it is bliss.

It's that old... really... REALLY old tale about anyone who went anywhere that others had not been before; Marco Polo to China, that songwriter that came from Alabama (yeah, the banjo on the knee guy)... all those tales about places most have never been, to see what most have never seen, AND people lie too. People lie about spiritual and religious verities as well. People imagine things so intensely or with such a desire for outcome that they imagine they truly did do this or that, and went here and there, like a holocaust survivor or what happens when a shark is trolling through a casino and spots a tasty fish; a woman on the make sets a lure for a rich and famous person (just rich will do)... and the next thing you know, they got raped in a hotel room. Later someone also gets screwed... in court.

Ah... but what is this? Deshaun Watson... Donald Trump (linked below), and others are walking away from what never took place. Interesting...

People will tell you Heaven looks like this, and Hell looks like that. They will describe for you how it is as if they had any idea. It's a very subjective thing... this Heaven and Hell environment... and atmosphere. Also... there are heavens above heavens, above heavens, and the same is true about Hells. Meanwhile, you take with you the components that form your Heaven or Hell. You have acquired the necessary qualities to gain entrance to Heaven, like a passport you present at the gate, except that it is written on your form as a vibration that speaks. Hell is the same, your vile acts and negative qualities take you to a place where you suffer alone or in company... because your own soul cries for the repentance. One might say... “IT ALL TAKES PLACE IN YOUR HEAD AND HEART.” That is true... in a way.

In any case, you sentence yourself to either place. This can take all kinds of shapes, depending on your understanding of what you are seeing. This is why there are heavens above heavens, above heavens. It is your degree of understanding and awareness that spiritually gravitates you to the right zone. You've seen flocks of birds in flight. You have seen schools of fish. You have seen both of them, as a group, inexplicably turn on a dime (adjusted for inflation). You could call it the herd instinct, and for people in the teeming mass of commonality... it often works like that... the same way planes go down, and wars and natural disasters take massive casualties.

Then... there are those who take The High Road (and it is an inner road that can work in accord with an external journey) and they find their best moments in achieving a conscious commonality with all life. You rise only to descend again. Here is the second half of The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus;

“Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created. Hence were all wonderful adaptations, of which this is the manner. Therefore am I called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. What I have to tell is completed, concerning the Operation of the Sun.”

The amount of wisdom contained in this brief text is astounding. The whole of the alchemical process is in it. I might as well include the first part as well, lest anyone is inconvenienced by the omission and has to go and look for it (grin);

“True, without falsehood, certain and most true, that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing. And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation. The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, and the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth.”

There is no mention there about being powerful on Earth, ruling a kingdom, or being rich as Croesus; handsome as The Devil (is he really handsome? Charming too I hear.) or Lord Byron among the ladies. Yet... it is in one variation or another that you find the mass of Humanity. Even the good-intentioned want to be secure, in an insecure world, where death is an inevitability. What!!! Inevitable?!? Yeah... if you are going in that direction... yes. There is another road though. Who knows where that might lead? I'm going to find out.

There's no mention in there about fatuous and infantile people, posing with humanitarian aid for a war caused by the people profiting from it. I don't know Ashton... where is your car? Dude? Ashton... following the worst presentation of not being Charlie Sheen (EVER), is now fundraising with his wife so that unknown Ukrainians can leave the country with suitcases, as illustrated in that previous link. The more things change, the more they remain the same (plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose).

Any minute now... Joe Biden/Archduke Ferdinand could walk into The Spider's Parlor over there in Europe; not far from where he was the last time, and certainly right up against his biggest shaking moneymaker. I don't know, because... THERE IS A JOKER IN THE DECK! I guess he could be a good guy as well as a bad guy. It depends on where you are standing, and whose ox got gored. Is Thursday your turn in the barrel? Waiting to replace him is the poster girl for The Peter Principle and a barking mad alcoholic from Never Was Land.

Like I said... God is in control of every detail that we permit him to be in control of, and... is STILL in control, regardless... cause you get it on the back end, or in some cases, it would be the rear end. Yeah, The Wind is always The Wind, though the variations are countless. The ocean is still the ocean, but every wave is different. What happened in one place almost never happens the same way again; “no plan survives first contact with the enemy.” 

Last time Mr. Apocalypse was Potential and this time he is Kinetic. That's a big difference. One of those singular waves is also thundering toward the shore. I call it The Awakening. Behind that is The Limitless Light of the Avatar. It's going to shake out better than we might even have a right to expect... depending on where we are standing or... be one of those, ♫and they said it couldn't happen here♫ things... drenched in irony and rolled in flour.

Bethlehem is The House of Bread.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, March 17, 2022

"This Eye for an Eye Revenge Tour of The Reincarnated, for the Purpose of Getting Even, Goes On, and On, and On."

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There are phrases you hear from The Pedestrian Mind, as it seeks to distinguish itself from The Pedestrian Perspective... and stand out from among its members. Recently, I heard... “he folded up like a cheap suit.” Is that a feature of inexpensive habiliments? Yeah... I could have said, 'accouterments' but... you've probably heard that one before. I've never heard that “he folded up like an expensive suit.” It's always a cheap suit. Something you can probably have made to order in Kiev... but, not this month. Have you tried reaching them on the internet?

Speaking of Ukraine... is it Ukraine or The Ukraine? I've heard both; probably while I was shopping for a cheap suit. Anyway... you can't get truthful reports without extreme difficulty. I NEVER EXPECTED Faux-News to be at the head of the pack of bloviating and hysterical bullshitters. Well... you see why they hijacked the banking system. Look at all the media they had to buy up to keep the comatose public in line. Enslaving, culling, and killing The World does not come cheap.

Ukraine has been asking for it for a while. Under the whip hand of The Trans-humanists (a division of The Usual Suspects),  all manner of cheap suit skullduggery has been going on. Why... they have real Neo-Nazis! I think that means they are, 'new and improved'. They have bio-labs for the production of killer compounds to selectively eliminate certain demographics, like... White Russia and white Russians. No! Not those White Russians, and not that other white Russian either. One should not be surprised to find out that The Ukraine was in line to become The New Israel.

Here's the thing. Present Israel is not sustainable. Those whose business it is to know what needs to be known, know that it is unsustainable. As an increasing technical sophistication meets up with ancient animosities, by way of much larger population percentages... the odds for survival go down... down... down. Those who made Israel what it is today; a worldwide genocide machine, do not put all their psychopaths in one basket. They put the moves on Patagonia earlier on. For some reason, Uganda is not what they're looking for.

They need the teeming cities. It gives them a completely artificial location for the exercise of their twisted sexual nature, that would not be at home in Nature itself. You don't really see cockroaches in the wild. They need a host body, primed for the desiccation. “Hey! Let's turn the entire Earth into a soulless husk!” Even if Thor were an army at the seashore, they could not drain the horn. No one, besides God, has EVER drained the sea. NO ONE has EVER taken control of the Earth, and NO ONE EVER WILL. The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of The Profane, it recedes.

Life here is where you TRY to do certain things. Some are harder to accomplish than others. Some cannot be accomplished. This is the playing field for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is HERE that we act everything out and become an object lesson of one thing or another. Eat too much candy and... certain health concerns come about. Eat too much... drink too much... have too much sex... sleep too much... plunder and ravage too much... (remember!!! It's all on The Clock.) want too much... care too little or care too much; one thing or another will PREDICTABLY happen. You can add to this listing till the end of time, and you will still be adding to it.

There is one mind that imagines itself broken up into billions of independent parts. Control of The Information Highway and The Media permits a certain cabal of vested interests to SWAY human thought and create sympathetic perspectives. When they can whip up a hysteria among millions of people, concerning something ENTIRELY fabricated to that end... why... you might almost call it a Movement!

So it is that a small handful of twisted and tortured souls can manage to twist a far greater number of souls for... The Purpose of Demonstration. This eye for an eye revenge tour of reincarnation for the purpose of getting even, goes on and on, as millions of blind madmen gum each other to death, BUT... none of them stay dead. They just keep coming back to tit the tat. Meanwhile... the unified consciousness field... thrums and hums with harmony toward all life, regardless of the unfortunate dispositions of so many who THINK OTHERWISE.

For as long as you exist in The Separated Mind, you will suffer and long... suffer and long... for more suffering that always awaits as the object of ignorant desire. It is a futile and pointless task, BUT... so it goes for those in search of themselves, who are ♫looking for love in all the wrong places♫ You CANNOT... EVER... find yourself outside yourself... unless you are beside yourself. However... we would have no drama, no pomp and circumstance, no Purpose of Demonstration without the fruitless endeavors of perpetuating errors, ad infinitum... ad nauseum... in the endless pursuit of ad ham-hoc, served on the bone.

We might long for an adhocracy, but... for all the poor wayfaring strangers, a-traveling through this world of woe (as Eddy Arnold put it), you don't really get to pick and chose. You only think you do. Even your ability to imagine that you pick and choose is based on hard-wired preferences that go way... way back in the annals of atavism. You scratch the surface of any smiling android and... you will see the beast within. Some of us find The Way. Everyone else is picking and choosing, finding and losing, settling until they are unsettled, grooving until the groove runs out, chasing and catching, being chased and caught, round and round the Mulberry Bush... the monkey is chasing the weasel. How many people actually think about who or what the monkey and weasel stand for?

Does anyone ask why The Weasel pops?

So much is hidden in plain sight, but you can't see it when the smoke of pedestrian desire obscures your vision. People cry out in their suffering, “why me!? Why me?!” Why not you? STOP WANTING!!! Simply STOP WANTING, and... sustain it. This is directly connected to stilling The Reactive Mind. I've posted a short excerpt from The First Meditation at the back of “The Way to the Kingdom.” several times. Here it is again;

"Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious

striving to be that which you are now, always

were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and

perfection? Why not then let go completely and

let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway

in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein

you know are not My thoughts?"

You don't need to do any more than what is stated there. HOWEVER... modern life has ruined The Attention Span. Look at all this autism and OCD. When life gives you a surfeit of ass... you make assburgers. Man! There is a long list of these maladies that have come about from the pursuit of comfort and convenience. Therefore... people put an hour or two, a day or two into testing something out and then they move on to the next thing. This is how we can now get enlightenment from 3 weekends and a four-day intensive, AND... a certificate that says so!!! That IS NOT how you achieve realization or mastery. You'll never gain mastery thinking you are The Master. You are NOT The Master.

There is one master and he's got a lot of names, and traditions that he picked up and used and then moved on from. I... personally, am not interested in a dead and desiccated God, who only exists in musty old tomes filled with wherefores and begatting begetters. It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it. I prefer The Living and Present God. I have a passing interest in things God said through one of his vehicles; someone like me and you, and which he said that was appropriate to the time and place it got said in, BUT... The World moved on. God didn't move on. He wears the clothes and speaks the language of the times he is passing through, AND... he is speaking right now... if anyone cares to listen.

“Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?” This is a world of appetites and desires. Without them, there would be no world as we think we know it. Stop wanting! Stop wanting, and... everything you could ever want, and nothing you don't want... will come to you by magical agency. Wanting God, and Loving God is the answer to every question you might ever have about how it works. That's too simple for most people. It also fails to answer that “What about me!?! thing. You have to leave the ME behind to find yourself, otherwise, you are looking in the wrong place again.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 14, 2022

"This is the Marxist-Materialist-Atheist Curriculum, Which Seeks to Reduce Humanity to Beast-Mode."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... this is Petri Dish and we've got a real teaching moment waiting under the heat lights. We don't want your food to come to the table cold... do we? Even if Revenge is in the air. ♫Revenge is in the air... doo doo doo doo doo doo doo... Revenge is in the air♫

I, generally, stay away from Reality Programming, because... there is nothing real, whatsoever, about any of it, and it is badly done by people one is committed to avoiding at all costs. Reality TV is one of the media intoxicants, being employed by The Overlords... to keep stupid people occupied. Apparently, there are quite a lot of them at this time. I suppose you understand that when material comfort, ease, and convenience make people lazy, it also makes them stupid. There is no more intellectual curiosity. There is no more drive for learning. All of the attention is focused on experiencing. The press for survival has gone away, and a kind of spiritual entropy arrives; a terrible lassitude rises like mist from the ground.

As often happens to me, I get messages, hints... inclinations; I don't know what others call it. It has to do with The Intuition. The Intuition operates on a number of different levels. It's like a flashlight on a dark night. It lights up whatever it is pointed at. This isn't generally known because most people are not inclined to be concerned about invisible forces; things you can't see or touch... though they can certainly touch you. They are deep into the fantasy lands of The Dream Web, where they believe in what they can see, except that they can't see it.

So... I was told to go watch the Tiger King series. What a time-lapse, slow-mo train-wreck. I have to admit... it was fascinating. I only watched the first season. Because there are a number of productions out there, I will include the IMDB web page for those who might wish to sample this Petri Dish smear.

I have never seen anything like this before. KARMA was writ large throughout. How did all of these specific people wind up at different points in the same situation? It was Shakespearean. Really! I can't remember seeing such a wide spectrum of personalities that were all this disturbed in the mind; talk about character defects! You get one of the Witches of Eastwick to boot, but not nearly as attractive. She's more what you might expect from one of the witches of Macbeth. These are some really crazy people. Meanwhile... it was being filmed while it was happening. Heh heh... My words will not do justice to this scenario that was drawn up by The Lords of Karma.

One of the amazing features of this series is that it is all about the sort of people who would definitely be watching this sort of thing... if they were not already in it.

Somewhere... God is ALWAYS laughing. On the other riverbank... God is weeping. Of course, God is doing neither and both at the same time. God neither laughs nor cries, but it appears so to us who anthropomorphize everything. When he does anything, he does it through the vehicle purposed to that end. There are, certainly... forces outside of us, natural forces that put on powerful spectacles, but... God moves AS what he is moving through, be it a water-buffalo or a waterfall, be it a falling star or a star in disgrace on the world's stage. When God wants to express his higher self... he does so through us, and through his angels. God is the whole of everything writ large, BUT... he KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS far beyond anything the mortal mind will ever be capable of.

So... some drama there was in the saga of The Tiger King, and... it continues. You see those who were drawn into his sphere of influence. He knew how to spot the outcasts and losers or... that is what many would call these people, with their terrible teeth and... Arkansas outback ways. AND YET... here were all these wild beasts called to heel, though they could not contain the beast within. I do not understand how one can control the outer beast unless the inner beast is first restrained. Obviously, there are primers somewhere for how to groove the consciousness of the big cats. Obviously, you want to get them young. Obviously, you have to feed them and GROOM them. There was grooming aplenty going on at all times.

GROOMING is one of the major trade winds that blow through the human theater. Social Media is a relentless grooming machine. The education system is another. The military is another. The marketplace is another. The political system is another, and the culture certainly is one. You don't get through the gauntlet of influences without having been somewhat groomed or turned into a reactionary. Look at this huge body of humanity that has appeared in youthful form, and which has willingly or unknowingly embraced perspectives that essentially cancel them out. They were talked into this somehow... just as they got talked into sexual perversity, Antifa, and Saul Alinsky.

We are going to be seeing epic reveals from the formerly concealed. Life is going to start expressing itself as ubiquitous jack-in-the-boxes, leaping out corners and shadows, jumping down from above or jumping out of the Earth. One is now being groomed to expect the unexpected.

All this time... all this time The World has turned on appearances. Appearances ARE what IS... so they tell us. This is the Marxist-Materialist-Atheist curriculum which seeks to reduce humanity to Beast-Mode. They are the ones who sell us everything. They are the ones who nurture the carnal appetite for the purpose of personal profit. They sell us on Killer Vaccines (that are not vaccines) and they sell us the wars. They hop-stepped from one to the other without even drawing a breath. How long this baiting and waiting game can continue, I do not know. I know that they will fall. This... I KNOW.

Although it may not seem so at the moment, they are being set up to fail... for The Purpose of Demonstration. The World is going to see... and be... an object lesson for itself. Watching The Tiger King... I saw situations and people exposed in ways I had not previously experienced. I cannot tell you how strange it all was... and... it all happened. Certain acts of Justice still remain to be administered to certain players in this Grand Guignol. I am confident that this will take place.

I am confident that Justice of many a stripe is going to come upon The High and Mighty, as well as the poor and unfortunate. There are people who will tell you there is injustice everywhere when there is no injustice anywhere. I read a pretty credible theory on wealth distribution some years ago. This polemic stated that if you took all the wealth in The World and distributed it equally among us all... IT WOULD BE BACK IN THE SAME HANDS IN 60 DAYS!!! I do not doubt that whatsoever.

You cannot make The World safe and just for everyone. That IS NOT how it works here. The whole drama and display of life are about adjustments being made in respect of previous actions. Some are going down and some are coming up. They will later be going down and up, and down and up, again, and again, and again, like some timeless waterwheel. You earn your right to peace and prosperity, to the extent that you manifest it. You earn the right to everything that happens to and around you, by the way you act, in accord or discord, with everything else. AS YE SOW SO SHALL YE REAP! There really isn't any more to say after that.

You can dispute this. You can argue until The Moon turns into green cheese. You can deny it to the heavens and you can whine and whimper as it does and does not please you. That changes NOTHING! It is what it is, and you will SURELY... surely... discover this as you go.

It occurred to me that there must be many similar tales, such as The Tiger King, taking place. I ignored it entirely until just the other day... when I was told to watch it. You really have to watch yourself the moment you set out of your door. You could be swept anywhere... just... like... that... currents there are that move through this ocean in which we swim. It is... an ocean, teeming with fish and sundry... and sand... that covers the tracks of past civilizations beyond counting. There is much that is hidden in The Depths... in the depths at large, and the depths within. You would definitely need a guide. There are many among the self-assured that will tell you... that they.. “doan need no stinking guide.”

There are so, so many of us... that are quite certain we know what we are doing. They know better. Here is what I know; I DON'T KNOW. Deep down and beyond the reach of it... I do not know. That is perfectly fine with me. I know who does know and I know how to reach him/her... as you prefer or... It... for that matter. I just kept thinking, “thank God that isn't me. My God... save but for fortune (karma), that could be me.” There is no place for Schadenfreude in my thoughts. I know better, and I feel sorry for those who do not... because... they are on a relentless and inflexible course to finding out.

So how do I know and not know? It's just one of those things.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, March 09, 2022

"Tumbleweeds and Tombstones. Tumbleweeds and Tombstones. A Rolling Stop at the Wrong Time of Day."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

They are not free from the slipstreams of the sky... these actors. These showboats without life vests, who cannot swim. These Kismet candies without any sweeteners. These centerpieces for a toilet-log dinner. This festival of lights in utter darkness, devoid of light. This excrement on the sandals of angels who only play one on TV. These prescription mills for The Brown Acid. These distortion lenses faking 3-D in the mind. These endless entertainments that are not entertaining. These wide lonesome prairies where it will not stop raining. Words forever fail to capture the depth of the sunken-in wrecks, who fellate demons in the darkness, where the last word is “Next.”

Victoria Neuland could play The Whore of Babylon if she did not look like an ugly man. She has all the other deficits listed as assets. She is a vivid and living tale of the things Dorian Grey could not look upon and live. She is Lovecraft's diseased daughter of the imagination. She makes Cthulhu run for his life in search of therapy, AND... she's still here

Where was I? Boy! Am I glad I don't pay attention to the chatter. There is so much chatter that it sounds like the laugh track at the end of the world. How many times have I seen Porky Pig's face, coming out of a cumulonimbus, cloud circle? Over by the horizon line as The Sun is coming up. Going; “ah-vi-bad-dha vi-bad-dha... that's all folks.” By now, I know it begins and ends in the moment, as proof of time passing, over the face of WHAT DOES NOT CHANGE.

Buddha... Buddha... Buddha-bap says the machine gun scream. The snarling ricochet of actions having consequences, like a racket-ball game in an ever more congested room. Good thing they're using hand grenades; no deposit... no return. That is what I am talking about! Eventually... people pray for death, but Death will not come. It's a far cry from the halcyon days of Spring. It is a place where the crying does not stop. There are such places as that. Now you see the corporations bringing Humanity to heel. Now you see what comes when one loses eternal vigilance.

Where there is money there is crime. Where there is desire there is error. Where there is passion there is impatience. Love is warmth and Truth is light.

Watch them gather. They collect in dark places to scheme against The Light. Should we be at all dismayed? What was your part in the mimesis when childhood was destroyed? Is that your skin in the game? One is either binding or setting free. This should explain all you ever need to know about magic and its ends... as well as your own.

Whut the hayul does that meen?

I hope you remember what has been said so often here about appearances; the way things look and seem. Often we recognize something because we have seen or experienced it before. We might remember it because we associate it with someone or something else. We might remember it because it happened in the same place or at the same time as whatever it was.

In The World of Eternal Childhood, you can no longer be seen by The Mortal Eye. You can see them though, if your attention may fall on them. Some there are who wear their bodies as a disguise. We all do... unless something ineffable is streaming through us. That disguise is what gets between us and God. In an Eastern image, given by... I can't remember who, the narrator is saying that Krishna is walking up ahead of you but Radha interposes herself between you and Krishna so that you can no longer see Krishna.

Nature does this amazing thing by putting a pretty face on your opposite number to attract you into the mating ritual. Those seeking to destroy us know what the result is... if the dynamics of the ritual are changed, altered, distorted. It's like looking at your face in a funhouse mirror. Your features no longer look like you. This is WHY there is so much perversity and sexual ambivalence at this time. They need to kill out beauty and innocence. They need to get rid of refinement and order. They need to plunge our circumstances into chaos by dividing us against ourselves... and then against each other, so that they might rule over us.

During the Segway years, the Supreme Court declared that corporations had PERSONHOOD. Corporations were already at the control panel because they wanted to control how we think... so that they could sell us whatever temporary garbage they have repackaged to that end. Then came The Cellphone and Social Media. This opened billions of egos for Plunder by Vanity, and appetite and by... whatever you desire.

It is only lately that I realize what a great ocean of the unawakened, swims in schools... all around the rotting reefs of a great culture in decline. The scavengers are already junk-bonding the infrastructure. They stole everything that wasn't nailed down, and then they went back for crowbars. I could say that there are going to be a great many dead, but... that's happening all the time, and all of us are dying by increments as we begin to resist CHANGE. That is one of the great features of Childhood. You are very willing to change. If your life should crumble all around you, there is an insight that comes, and it's impact also brings a great willingness for CHANGE. That is what Trauma does for us.

When we don't come up with the magic elixir... the everlasting echo of that first taste of the nectar of Immortality... we die. That is Nature, guided by Divine Intelligence, helping us out of whatever clinging attachments we let drag us down into the grave. Oh! What do you know? The same is happening to whatever the clinging attachments were. Then... angelic servers come in and clear the table and arrange it for the next affair, and... there is ALWAYS a next affair... until True Love blossoms. It is far more rare than the Century Plant.

True Love is an interior union in the bridal chamber of The Higher Mind. It's like that private dining room that all large restaurants have. It's also been called The Upper Room. See... The World outside has all kinds of clubs, gangs, kindred and collective spirits... where they get together to engage in one kind of hoodoo or another. You get those VERY private clubs, up the road from The Bohemian Grove. There are sex clubs and fraternal orders. There is some need in humanity to come together and live as neighbors. It is a very strong drive. It creates cities of compressed souls. These cities are like Propane containers, and just as inflammable.

I am not, myself, a fan of compressed living and there is nothing there that I want. I am fortunate... I suppose. I got a good long taste of The World at every level of interest and amusement. I am no longer interested and I am not amused. Still... God rubbed my nose in it. He didn't want me to forget. What's that saying? Absence makes the heart grow fonder? For some things, there is no reason for good memories. People return... again, and again, and again, and again to the same pursuits; the very image of a fool persisting in his folly until he is made wise. That's what Blake said, but... he was implying something. He also said, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” It certainly can. I speak as living proof in that regard. I make no claim on wisdom, but... I do confess to being made aware of what I cannot... ever... forget.

Tumbleweeds and tombstones. Tumbleweeds and Tombstones. A rolling stop at the wrong time of day. How I wish that everything that isn't there... would simply go away. One day... a bell rings... a dog barks, and a car horn sounds... and it all comes together in your understanding... and the heart swallows the mind. Until that point of Jivanmukti... the wheel of the mind continues to spin. After that point of Jivanmukti, the wheel no longer spins but... The World continues to turn round... and round.

End Transmission.......

I have seen 8 episodes of “Resident Alien”. Sometimes it falls on its face, and sometimes it farts in church or mails it in, but... sometimes it has flashes of brilliance. I haven't seen the like in years. If you can put up with precocious children who are way too cute for their own good, and for which the alien has practical solutions ... you might find it fascinating. They do things... well, I enjoy black humor (is that racist?) and there is plenty of that, and tongue in cheeks abound. You will not forget having seen it. Hopefully, the last episodes stay true to form. The plot is outrageous.

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Friday, March 04, 2022

"There is Spiritual and Terrestrial Currency. Build Up Enough Virtue and You Will See What I Mean."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I do not understand how people can fall prey to the lies of a corrupt media. They actually believe what they are being told on their way to being transformed into cannon fodder or into the people who have cannons to the left of them, cannons to the right of them, etc. By now, even a stupid person should know that The News is a pack of lies, and social media is a consciousness-shaping mind unsettled... and uncertain of itself.

What we are experiencing is a classic example of people not being equipped to deal with greater freedoms of creation and experience. It is why the Wisdom Teachings of the servants of The Light are not put out in The News, which is the empty-headed stepchild of The Media. I didn't see where the redheaded stepchild thing would work unless I segued into Communism, and... I don't want to talk about that today. Are you with me so far?

I see they are creating the New Nazis, same as the old Nazis. You got to have someone to demonize to take the focus off of your being the source of all the problems you say are caused by them. Maybe The Awakening is going slower than I thought it was or maybe... maybe there are a whole lot of people who won't wake up until their world is on fire.

It must be something to be in control of some sector of industry or to be the leader of a country or the face on all the magazines... or the guy with the golden touch. I could see where you could get seriously out of touch with reality. I had a number of courses opened to me as I made my way, while I still thought it was me that was making my way. I did not go for any of them. One way or another they provided a deception I couldn't live with... or no real return on my investment.

There are many currencies in this world that are not money... but are still money. It's why they used to say, “hash is cash.” Time is currency. Influence is currency. Sex is MOST DEFINITELY currency, but you want to be the one selling it. This is one of those areas of endeavor where you don't want a middleman. There is spiritual and terrestrial currency. Build up enough Virtue and you will see what I mean.

To be born into a particular demographic you must show a certain color on the meter. You have to have arrived at an atheistic view of existence, and greed and control must be the driving forces in you. Sometimes the level of materialism is great and nearly all in that demographic are born demonic. Other times they provide occasional great and shining lights. They're like the joker in the deck. God gave them the keys to the candy store. After that, human nature took over. I take people as they are individually by looking upon all of them collectively as if they were the same individual... not overlooking that it is important that you know they are not like everyone else. Well... when you know who you are, you automatically know who everyone else is and that is when life gets less difficult.

Oh! There are still challenges but it's not you who is handling them. People do not understand about Angels and Demons. One is all good and one is all bad. It doesn't work like that. Think of a demon as one who is very passionate in a carnal way, and driven to a specific end, where the morality of it does not impact. I would say that was an undisciplined Rajas force. All you have to do is control it within yourself and no demon has access to you because SOMEONE ELSE IS ALREADY THERE! Angels are more like pure Sattva... but it is more than that because there are ranks of angels.

The Seraphim and The Cherubim... who would have ever thought the second closest to God would be the Cherubs? Maybe I was looking at them wrong the whole time. Maybe it has something to do with “becoming as a little child.” Maybe (likely) it is something that hasn't occurred to me, though I know it is on the way. A lot of what we think we know is much more clearly seen and explained when one bothers to study both sides of the equation... which is ALWAYS greater than the sum of its parts. I was born in The West. I understand God in the Eastern sense. God is, OF COURSE, beyond either, but it was doing this, making the switch perspective-wise that made that clear to me.

One HAS TO remove the fear factor from God. He can be and is... terrible in his wrath. However... you really have to push the river to get that. Mostly he is like you are with only the best parts remaining. It is what you will be when you can let go of those other parts. Sometimes they are called shortcomings or character defects. They are what blocks the free passage of The Light through the stained glass adytum of your being.

I have never seen the level of hysteria in the press before that I am seeing now. The Usual Suspects, who own The Press... The News... and The Media are really wrought about this. Maybe it hearkens back to King Boaz and that mass conversion in the eighth century or whenever it was. Maybe it is all their Victoria Neuland investments. Maybe it's got something to do with Biden. Maybe the killings in the ost-bloc and the endless provocations are what provoked Putin. You KNOW they intentionally antagonized him to the point that he had to react.

People imagine they are writing the script down here, and as far as their own destiny is concerned they are correct. The process of precipitation through the mind explains all of that. Wands... Cups... Swords...Pentacles. It's the Idea, the pattern-making imagination, the process of assembly or method of appearance, and... the physical result. And... I guess this would all be fine and dandy if that were the sum of it, BUT... it is not. There are Cosmic Laws. Sooooooooooo... when you violate them by using this power of precipitation for your own exclusive benefit or the distress of another... another process goes into motion.

It is ALWAYS in motion and you need to learn to surf it, swim it, sail it or even fly over it. You have to be able to negotiate it; LIKE The Higher Mind is ALWAYS in the process of doing, like a ballerina on a music box, only the ballerina is real and is dancing to the Music of the Spheres. The World is the music box. The 21st Trump tells the story, which can never be precisely written because... though there was one Jesus Christ, there has since been some number Christed... and now dancing... somewhere.

Don't let this massive tidal wave of lies have any play in your state of mind. This is the last gasping of tyrants climbing the 13 steps. I don't know what process Heaven will employ to restore order. I do know that this must happen because of what is to follow. Nothing here lasts all that long. Mountains last longer, but eventually even they wear away. However... it is not all bad times unless that is the carpet you are weaving. Some do... for reasons I cannot comprehend, have a deep attraction to Misery ♫The World is treating me bad, misery♫

It is not all bad times, and good times are coming for those sowing them. Well... they are going to reap it. God knows our hearts, even if no one else does, and... as it is in most cases, we don't either. His infallible judgment and discrimination will see you sorted.

It's all predictable. When your government has been called to account before the eyes of The World for all manner of crimes, and an election year has arrived, War is a certainty. Some greater chaos must come about so that they are not driven from power. They screwed it up so bad, through so many, who might not have intended for it to go so wrong when they started, that it can't be fixed unless they depart. They have no great desire to go into that long night of ignominy, BUT... go they shall. You can only steal so many elections before ALL credibility is gone and violent insurrection will follow.

I suspect there are horrors coming... when you think of what The Killer Vaccines (that are not vaccines) are causing. Young athletes are dropping dead with alarming regularity. The Open Borders is a recipe for a Pandemic of Crime. This is all being orchestrated to create such division and dissension that THEY can take over. They were better off when they were operating behind the scenes through proxies. Now they are exposing themselves; being exposed, as Mr. Apocalypse twirls his walking stick... when he's not lifting the carpet with it.

We are officially in Interesting Times... and there is China, waiting to pounce. All the international scavengers are also collecting in temporary alliances ♫and then along came Jones♫ metaphorically singing. Oh wow! Golly gee! What do you think is going to happen? Not my Department.

End Transmission.......

I'll be POSSIBLY doing something this weekend. I will announce it in the comments section here, where that applies. People are informed differently about these things.

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