Tuesday, March 01, 2022

"You Don't Have To be a Chemist to Understand the Intention of the Drugs THEY Shoot You Up With."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Why did they change the name Kiev to Kyiv? I suspect there is a great deal that connects to that. Suddenly it is everywhere. It's almost like a vaccine. Already my “Ukraine in the Membrane” has been lifted without attribution. By later today it will have gone wide, like a gaming monitor. By tomorrow it will be a Rap hit. It's great to know one can assist The World in a positive fashion. “Hey, visible... Zelenksky is the one with the vaudeville genes.” Yeah... true, but he's not funny.

For days; a few days anyway, the news has been filled with more lies than usual. It seemed not to matter who the source was. They were all lying. What I see is Vladimir Putin protecting his country. We know who's after it; the same people who killed so many Russians with their Bolshevik Revolution. Isn't there a song that goes, “First we take Kiev and then we take St. Petersburg”? The lies I saw were so contrived and ridiculous. Usually, they can confidently operate at a 6th-grade level. Recently it's like they were sent back a couple of grades. Even the slow kids are laughing at them. Ops! Maybe you can't say, “slow kids” anymore. Aren't those the ones they give Ritalin to? That ought to speed them up.

You don't have to be a seer to see what THEY are up to. You don't have to be a chemist to understand the intention of the drugs they shoot you up with. They've been softening your natural resistance with that Red Pill- Blue Pill thing for a while now, ever since those cross-dressing aliens made a movie about them. You have to pay attention to two toxic currents that run through the culture. One of them is short-term and the other is long-term. The short term is for confusing you and making you doubt yourself. The long term is for enslaving and zombifying you.

It's times like these when you can see which of the world's leaders, and your own domestic politicians... are sold out feckless whores and skells. The news is not good. It looks like almost all of them. Of course, some of them might only be away with their 'niece' or 'nephew', for a little restoration and recuperation at the Bangkok Hilton. They could be in rehab, and... they could be over at the local Tavistock for a tune-up. For all I know, a few of them who are yet to get the memo, are honest or... trying to be.

People will tell you that all of the public figures you know have been replaced by clones. Demonic Possession is just as viable an answer. They will tell you that some of them are reptile people or that Adrenachrome is our real drug problem. I don't know about any of those things. What I do know is that these people who control the media, (and therefore the thought processes of the inattentive gawkers), and the people that control them, and the Lord of the Dark Side that controls them, make up much of what you hear about them and then they laugh at you for believing and repeating it.

If they control the information highways, then... doesn't that mean they control the information that passes over those highways? Have you not watched them burnish the images and phony up the credentials of people who should be working at Dairy Queen? (“Hey! Visible... my mother works at Dairy Queen!” ((sorry about that)) Look how they constantly protect the reputations of the middle management demon-possessed who work for them. Have you ever considered the private life of congressman Schiff? You don't have to look too hard.

First, it was 9/11, although that was also just a part of the continuance, but... 9/11 was a watershed moment. Then it was the marriage equality act (I think that is what it was called) by America's first gay president. That has unleashed a Hell-storm upon us. Then, President Trump was used to help in creating that whole Oceania-Eurasia thing. Then the election was inarguably stolen. They unleashed the virus as a greased skid for Trump's exit and... in came The Killer Vaccines. Enough information had come out about complications. Also, they were ineffective. They weren't created to combat a flu in the first place. They were not vaccines.

THEY saw it wasn't going any further... their virus scam, so... what does an administration do when it is on the verge of historic defeat at the polls, that will be so overwhelming they can't even steal it? They start a war. They had been pushing Russia for a while. They were ringing the country with missile sites. The bankers wanted Ukraine. It is the center of a lot of black money and questionable enterprises. It is also right up against Russia.

It is usually best to leave Russia alone. Many have been taught that lesson about poking The Bear. The only time Russia was really hegemonic was when the AshkeNAZI Bolsheviks were in charge. How do you get the perfect oppressive system? You combine Communism with Fascism. Then you can call it whatever you like. Who is going to object? Right...

Boy! Are they after Putin. Putin has known this for a long time. I should think he is prepared, but they're after him with The Death of a Thousand Cuts and they're not even Chinese. If Blockbuster were still around they would have canceled his membership. It seems like everyone else has, whether he was a member or not. Are they unaware of his energy sources? Are they aware of who depends on them? How much of America's energy needs are met by Russia? That's a murky area. Depending on who you ask... you get a different answer. However... Europe gets around 40%. I would say that is significant. Time will tell and we shall see.

Okay... that was a whole lot of out-the-door and innuendo. You already know these things, or you should and NOTHING lasting depends on any of it. ♫Heaven's gates are opening, into the fields of answered prayer. Out from the prisons of Disneyland, up into the television's eye. Off through the tunnels of mortality, to the Light Up Ahead... Light Up Ahead♫

It REALLY depends on where you think you are headed. The path created by our thoughts, words, and deeds runs through a landscape that reflects the journey. You can see what is going on around you. You can see what is up ahead, most times. I look in the rearview mirror and I see Satchel Paige, but... there is no need to run from shadows. Shadows can keep up, and you will have them for so long as you block the light.

I go out into the backyard every morning, somewhere between 9:30 and 10:30, and... after the usual greetings and salutations, I sit before the shining face of The King of Heaven and I listen for what he might have to tell me. Of course, The True King of Heaven is shining THROUGH The Sun, but that is a light you cannot see. It appears to be black because it is too bright to comprehend. Your spiritual eyes have to be opened for that, like Arjuna in The Gita. When I tell you that you can speak to The Sun and... if you are focused and persistent, you can hear back from him, I am speaking the truth. That is my Information Superhighway; The Sun.

Later, I go out with very little clothing on and I absorb sunlight. The Sun is nearly always shining here. The pedestrian practice of this is called sunbathing. Well... it is sunbathing. The Sun is washing me. It is washing through me. It may not have accomplished all there is of what is meant to pass between us... by next week or next month. However, I am persistent and I am in for the long haul. I don't care how long it takes because I am engaged in it, and it only gets better as it goes on. ♫it's getting better all the time♫

So... there is a yoga that has to do with The Sun OR... I could say that all yogas have a connection to The Sun. Certainly, Bhakti would apply. That is the one I employ, with a dash here and there from others. I've found Devotion to be the best and most secure path, FOR ME. I don't have to think about it. I don't have to remember a thousand and one details that are not for my department anyway. I definitely don't have to wear any strange and heavy clothes and crowns. I just have to love. Did I mention that The Sun is THE SOURCE for the love distributed here? It is. It is a powerhouse, storage center for LOVE. You can find a subtle path across space between you and The Sun, which will INEVITABLY activate your inner sun and cause it to resonate with the greater sun.

I have mentioned Faith, Certitude, and Determination many times here. That is because they are SERIOUSLY important. You have no idea how important until you are compelled to rely on them in matters greater than Life and Death.

I have structured my existence into constantly evolving disciplines and rituals that do not require incense... varicolored robes or uncomfortable headpieces forged of heavy metal and jewels. Chants are not required. Some amount of genuflection does occur as a reflexive reaction to the coming and going of Transcendent Awe. Hah! I just saw Transcendent Ave. ♫We're gonna rock up to Transcendent Ave♫ No... I am not bored. Not ever.

End Transmission.

NOTICE... I did mention I was going to activate another blog for direct commentary on aspects in this world having to do mainly with The Entertainment World, also called Distraction World. I mentioned I would be doing videos again. I had a guest this weekend so that delayed it, AND... something could delay it next week too. However... sooner or later (likely sooner) we'll getter done. I know there are people expecting this so... yeah.

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Gregory said...

Everything happens for a reason. It's just that sometimes that reason has nothing to do with you.

Thanks for the devotion, Les.

Anonymous said...

So glad not to be alone in my thought process . I’m amazed at the short term memory of the sheep.
The last few years ( and moments as well, thanks truckers) erased in a heartbeat and Puti be damned.
Who knows??? Not me. I’ll just wait around to see how this stage play shakes out and meanwhile
I will keep reading your words of wisdom THANKS

Guldur said...

Vis, you made it again! Spot on. This Ukraine insanity is freefal continuation of "their" covid/vaccine insanity, possibly to cover up for when the vaccine victims start pilling ul too much in the near future. Major distraction, even if that should take nuclear war possibly, to cover their footprints... I am afraid.
Be always blessed and well!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Anonymous said...

Watching this lying hypocrite scum on live TV for only one reason.
I am hoping Mr Apocalypse exposes him and them for what they are

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Russia has invaded the Yukon.


Visible said...

I don't know anything about that, bryan.

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You Want Tomatoes, You Plant Tomatoes. You Want Peace and Harmony, You Plant Peace and Harmony."

Ken said...

hey les you really should check out fourwinds10.com oh yea the phoenix journals. I think I know how you feel about that, but really give it a fresh look ,,much love at you. love reading your blog, take care brother

Anonymous said...

"or that Adrenachrome is our real drug problem"

the other day, i was doing some breathing meditation, aka "Breath Work" as the new-agers have taken to calling it a slick new modern term, on a roof top in New Delhi, and it's like everything became golden, and I realized, what if the elite and illuminati are not evil, and that all that talk about child trafficking and adrenachrome is just bullshit disinfo. What if the real secret is that the elite have their kundalini fully awakened, and are basically living as gods? And all of this conspiracy shit is just a bunch of people who are envious, who are jealous, of the lifestyles of the rich and elite?

What if? Who knows. What I do know is I must awaken my own kundalini fully.

Visible said...

I can assure you that that is the proper attitude because no one knows much of anything, especially all they think they know.



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