Friday, March 04, 2022

"There is Spiritual and Terrestrial Currency. Build Up Enough Virtue and You Will See What I Mean."

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I do not understand how people can fall prey to the lies of a corrupt media. They actually believe what they are being told on their way to being transformed into cannon fodder or into the people who have cannons to the left of them, cannons to the right of them, etc. By now, even a stupid person should know that The News is a pack of lies, and social media is a consciousness-shaping mind unsettled... and uncertain of itself.

What we are experiencing is a classic example of people not being equipped to deal with greater freedoms of creation and experience. It is why the Wisdom Teachings of the servants of The Light are not put out in The News, which is the empty-headed stepchild of The Media. I didn't see where the redheaded stepchild thing would work unless I segued into Communism, and... I don't want to talk about that today. Are you with me so far?

I see they are creating the New Nazis, same as the old Nazis. You got to have someone to demonize to take the focus off of your being the source of all the problems you say are caused by them. Maybe The Awakening is going slower than I thought it was or maybe... maybe there are a whole lot of people who won't wake up until their world is on fire.

It must be something to be in control of some sector of industry or to be the leader of a country or the face on all the magazines... or the guy with the golden touch. I could see where you could get seriously out of touch with reality. I had a number of courses opened to me as I made my way, while I still thought it was me that was making my way. I did not go for any of them. One way or another they provided a deception I couldn't live with... or no real return on my investment.

There are many currencies in this world that are not money... but are still money. It's why they used to say, “hash is cash.” Time is currency. Influence is currency. Sex is MOST DEFINITELY currency, but you want to be the one selling it. This is one of those areas of endeavor where you don't want a middleman. There is spiritual and terrestrial currency. Build up enough Virtue and you will see what I mean.

To be born into a particular demographic you must show a certain color on the meter. You have to have arrived at an atheistic view of existence, and greed and control must be the driving forces in you. Sometimes the level of materialism is great and nearly all in that demographic are born demonic. Other times they provide occasional great and shining lights. They're like the joker in the deck. God gave them the keys to the candy store. After that, human nature took over. I take people as they are individually by looking upon all of them collectively as if they were the same individual... not overlooking that it is important that you know they are not like everyone else. Well... when you know who you are, you automatically know who everyone else is and that is when life gets less difficult.

Oh! There are still challenges but it's not you who is handling them. People do not understand about Angels and Demons. One is all good and one is all bad. It doesn't work like that. Think of a demon as one who is very passionate in a carnal way, and driven to a specific end, where the morality of it does not impact. I would say that was an undisciplined Rajas force. All you have to do is control it within yourself and no demon has access to you because SOMEONE ELSE IS ALREADY THERE! Angels are more like pure Sattva... but it is more than that because there are ranks of angels.

The Seraphim and The Cherubim... who would have ever thought the second closest to God would be the Cherubs? Maybe I was looking at them wrong the whole time. Maybe it has something to do with “becoming as a little child.” Maybe (likely) it is something that hasn't occurred to me, though I know it is on the way. A lot of what we think we know is much more clearly seen and explained when one bothers to study both sides of the equation... which is ALWAYS greater than the sum of its parts. I was born in The West. I understand God in the Eastern sense. God is, OF COURSE, beyond either, but it was doing this, making the switch perspective-wise that made that clear to me.

One HAS TO remove the fear factor from God. He can be and is... terrible in his wrath. However... you really have to push the river to get that. Mostly he is like you are with only the best parts remaining. It is what you will be when you can let go of those other parts. Sometimes they are called shortcomings or character defects. They are what blocks the free passage of The Light through the stained glass adytum of your being.

I have never seen the level of hysteria in the press before that I am seeing now. The Usual Suspects, who own The Press... The News... and The Media are really wrought about this. Maybe it hearkens back to King Boaz and that mass conversion in the eighth century or whenever it was. Maybe it is all their Victoria Neuland investments. Maybe it's got something to do with Biden. Maybe the killings in the ost-bloc and the endless provocations are what provoked Putin. You KNOW they intentionally antagonized him to the point that he had to react.

People imagine they are writing the script down here, and as far as their own destiny is concerned they are correct. The process of precipitation through the mind explains all of that. Wands... Cups... Swords...Pentacles. It's the Idea, the pattern-making imagination, the process of assembly or method of appearance, and... the physical result. And... I guess this would all be fine and dandy if that were the sum of it, BUT... it is not. There are Cosmic Laws. Sooooooooooo... when you violate them by using this power of precipitation for your own exclusive benefit or the distress of another... another process goes into motion.

It is ALWAYS in motion and you need to learn to surf it, swim it, sail it or even fly over it. You have to be able to negotiate it; LIKE The Higher Mind is ALWAYS in the process of doing, like a ballerina on a music box, only the ballerina is real and is dancing to the Music of the Spheres. The World is the music box. The 21st Trump tells the story, which can never be precisely written because... though there was one Jesus Christ, there has since been some number Christed... and now dancing... somewhere.

Don't let this massive tidal wave of lies have any play in your state of mind. This is the last gasping of tyrants climbing the 13 steps. I don't know what process Heaven will employ to restore order. I do know that this must happen because of what is to follow. Nothing here lasts all that long. Mountains last longer, but eventually even they wear away. However... it is not all bad times unless that is the carpet you are weaving. Some do... for reasons I cannot comprehend, have a deep attraction to Misery ♫The World is treating me bad, misery♫

It is not all bad times, and good times are coming for those sowing them. Well... they are going to reap it. God knows our hearts, even if no one else does, and... as it is in most cases, we don't either. His infallible judgment and discrimination will see you sorted.

It's all predictable. When your government has been called to account before the eyes of The World for all manner of crimes, and an election year has arrived, War is a certainty. Some greater chaos must come about so that they are not driven from power. They screwed it up so bad, through so many, who might not have intended for it to go so wrong when they started, that it can't be fixed unless they depart. They have no great desire to go into that long night of ignominy, BUT... go they shall. You can only steal so many elections before ALL credibility is gone and violent insurrection will follow.

I suspect there are horrors coming... when you think of what The Killer Vaccines (that are not vaccines) are causing. Young athletes are dropping dead with alarming regularity. The Open Borders is a recipe for a Pandemic of Crime. This is all being orchestrated to create such division and dissension that THEY can take over. They were better off when they were operating behind the scenes through proxies. Now they are exposing themselves; being exposed, as Mr. Apocalypse twirls his walking stick... when he's not lifting the carpet with it.

We are officially in Interesting Times... and there is China, waiting to pounce. All the international scavengers are also collecting in temporary alliances ♫and then along came Jones♫ metaphorically singing. Oh wow! Golly gee! What do you think is going to happen? Not my Department.

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I'll be POSSIBLY doing something this weekend. I will announce it in the comments section here, where that applies. People are informed differently about these things.

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Guy Reid-Brown said...

'I have never seen the level of hysteria in the press before that I am seeing now'

Since Day One of this, the only non-hysterical MSM outlet I could find was Russia Today.

That got blocked, and I didn't find another non-raving MSM outlet until tonight - and that is the CCP English language news outlet China

So, in MSM terms, one ends up at the Chinese Communist Party of all places.

You know where you are with competent Authoritarians, Westerners are hopeless at it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Seems like most of the news regarding Russia and Ukraine is deemed false a day or two later. Don't think I'll read anymore news on it until it's over.

I'll take the spiritual currency over the terrestrial, any day. Making poverty level wages right now, and livin' in calipornia; this is good. But we're livin' OK. Sheltered in an OK place with lots of perks, cool landlord rarely raises rent, and we are well fed. A little better than well fed, for me. I can also take leftovers home from the restaurant if I want, but it's usually only rice. The veggie served for lunch is usually cabbage or bok choy, and I am sick of both. Well, I love kimchee, sauerkraut, slaw, and Hell knows what else, but they don't serve that. When they do other veggies, sometimes I do take a few days worth of containers home.

Leesa said...

I just received a little birdie message, dod 'cosmic law of war manual' 11.4 (h)"Should have known"...Knowingly, willingly and intentionally!!!.. THEY KNEW!!! Repercussions coming down the pike... Souls are waking up, I am very good at cleaning windows, especially stained glass... Can't wait to see humanities colours and light shining through their prisms... It will be spectacular!! Yep, cherubs are cute as a button!!
Luv Leesa, land of Noah's Ark 2.0 OZ

Guy Reid-Brown said...

From the previous 'blog, but well worth repeating:-

''There are only a handful of sites that tell The Truth part of the time, AND... this I can understand because NO ONE knows The Truth, except The Truth herself.'

I am guessing that Rixon Stewart's Truthseeker is included in that honourable handful -

Visible said...

A new Les Visible Blog is up now=

"Now That I Made the Effort. I Can See This Is not What I Wanted to Do. Let's Go to The Video."

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"That Low Spark of a High-Heeled Tribe Dancer Promised Russia a Number of Things. He Broke Them All."



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