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"Religion is The Single Biggest Stumbling Block to Finding and Understanding God that I Have Seen in This Lifetime."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Time is the prison house of Karma, and even when you attain Liberation, which is really... simply a matter of perspective, you are not suddenly free as a bird. Everything comes in stages. Even when your Karma is complete, the wheel does not stop spinning. One has to wait for the wheel to stop spinning to step off of The Wheel. In Eastern Teachings this state is called Jivanmukti. One in that state is called a Jivanmukta.

Something very profound has taken place in recent days. The Big Dogs have decided to punt.

Not all The Big Dogs are in agreement. One of the dogs has gone rabid. He was always batshit... always privileged, and psychopathic... where many of his infernal peers are mere sociopaths. I'm talking about that very bad man, Bill Gates. He's decided to go for it on 4th and 10.

This is a very big deal. The material representations of several of Hell's Arch-demons have adjusted their course in the advent of possible transmogrification... Fink... Dimon... and Sundry... have blinked.

We have mentioned here several times now... the several divine forces... that The Divine has loosed in The World, and also stated that The Big Dogs have been put on notice. They are deeply, and... intrusively affected by The Awakening, and... they are starting to see The End Game for themselves... if they continue down the road they are on. I do not know if they will have some spiritual transformation. Frankly, I expect them to jump horses over to Plan B, which is The Alien Caper.

They are going to run into a wall of fire in that direction too. The rest of us won't see that wall of fire, but they will. They will... literally... feel the heat. They are going to find that there is no way forward for them. Even their auxiliary plans... behind their primary plans... are going to be a no-go. They will capitulate and cut their losses or... they will be dealt with in a... less... than... pleasant... manner. It's over. I don't care what it might look like at the moment. It's over.

One of the things we do really well in The West is Hypocrisy. We accept second place before no one in that respect. Consider how we ignore Clinton's body count, while we froth at the mouth over our imagined body count of Putin. If you have any intelligence and a patient regard for a well-presented perspective you might want to read this article on Navalny.

Navalny was a frontman for certain remnants of The Oligarchs, and The Old Order. I don't want to get any deeper into this rat's nest of Backdoor Chess. You can find the truth if you look. He died during his exercise period from a blood clot. Now... what does that sound like to you? Ring any bells?

Every time well-funded opposition shows up... you have to look at who is funding it. However, it is like trying to track down the owners of shell corporations. You have to look behind the man... who is behind the man... who is behind the man... that is working The Wizard's special FX machines.

More important than any and all of these shifting appearances... my friends... is the primary and essential fact of existence... as it presents on The Material Plane. Everything is an act of Love or Passion... manifesting thought into material being. The whole of existence is an act of love; often badly performed at the human level.

The Universe is permeated by the progeny of countless acts of Love and/or Passion. So it is that The World is filled with bad lovers and... a few notable exceptions, including those who work that magic in anonymity.

Lao Tzu was one of the greatest lovers ever known. So was Krishna... Jesus Christ... Buddha... Mohammad... AND OTHERS. They were all manifest expressions of The Sun... who is the greatest of lovers, and the immediate vehicle that The Divine rides as he comes and goes in a personalized format. The Sun is the cosmic and archetypal expression of any one of us who has The Great Work... The Operation of The Sun... accomplished within us.

This is when our inner sun comes into a perfect and enduring resonance with The Sun that is too bright to see. We'll not go further into this or The Black... Red... and White Sun of alchemy... because of the detail and nuance required... not to mention the tsunami of words that will forever be incomplete.

Let's just put it this way. The World... especially in Times of Material Darkness... is filled with bad... poorly informed... awkward and clumsy lovers... dancers... magicians, and incompetent parents. This is because selfishness... and self-interest... reign supreme. Most lovers... in these times... are only masturbating in the presence of their partner(s)... who are only indirectly involved in the act. True love is a complete giving of one's self without thought of return. It is what makes The World go round, but most people are turning it in the wrong direction.

Love exists on The Dial. The gradients measure from high to low. Passion moves from the base level... through degrees of Desire... through degrees of Aspiration... to degrees of selflessness in love, which reaches its apogee in sacrifice.., such as personified in Christ. It is the pleasure of saints. It is the annihilation of The Lesser Self into The Greater Self, and it is too... much... to... ask... for most people. It is seen in its best expression when The Greater Mother is resident... and operating... through any of her time-sensitive expressions.

If you have Love... you LITERALLY want for nothing, AND... you have it all. It is the primary extension of The Personality of God, and that from which The Qualities of God emerge. This love enters the plane of material existence as the white light traversing the prism into The World; speaking in simple terms... for a greater convenience of expression.

The Big Dogs aforementioned... whether rabid or... driven wild... in the complexity of impossible hungers... know nothing of Love, and this accounts for their eventual defeat on The Playing Fields of Existence. NOTHING can stand against Love. It is simultaneously... both the greatest defense and weapon... though it appears to be neither. It reduces and neutralizes everything back into itself so as to become yet more love.

It explains how the greatest mythic and scriptural enemies of The Divine... are often liberated in the act of their destruction at the hands of The One Who Will Not Be Opposed.

This also explains the ferocity of The Mother... when one transgresses against her. Payback is a bitch, and woe betide those... like The Big Dogs... when they must return again to the scene of their crimes, and... it accounts for the type of mother... who provides the specific birth canal... for their eventual reappearance here. I literally tremble at the thought. No one who sees Smashin Tara remains sane, BUT... some of us are prepared for it beforehand.

These Big Dogs; not to be confused with canines in general... are soon to find out the cost of their behavior toward the rest of us. Most of them already know something is up, and that explains the backpedaling... except in cases of total possession, such as Satanyahu and his minions. Then there are Gates... Soros... The Rothschild vampire clan. (and others) They don't know the meaning of retreat; “if force doesn't work... use more force.” We'll see about that. They will learn the meaning of a bridge too far.

What needs to be understood by all the rest of the actors on The World Stage... which includes you and I... with our varying degrees of name-recognition... which can change in a heartbeat... is that this was all arranged long ago by The Alpha and Omega, who opened the chute we entered through, and who waits at The End of The Line as well;

♫we are on a vast horizon...
facing into the blazing sun...
and we have come to Armageddon...
just to find the battle won ♫

I know that all of us exist within polarities of doubt and faith. One is stronger than the other... in every case... because we are moving through the whole of it, and changing as we go... and that is the whole point of the exercise; endless change unto the point where we encounter The Changeless... where we discover that The Alpha and Omega are the same. Time is a condition of mortality. I have to laugh and shake my head at these transhumanists; talk about doing it the hard way, AND still failing! How can anyone who thinks themselves so smart... be so stupid?

It's all a play and The Actors don't know. They think they are awake but... they are dreaming. This is something we are reminded of every time we go to sleep, but... we never get it. Oh, dreadful irony!

Nothing is real but God alone, and nothing is Good but God alone. Religion is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to understanding this that I ever did see. Ssssss... Snake.... Ssssss... Serpent, but... what do I know? It's one thing on The Ground Floor, and quite another in The Penthouse Suite, BUT... it's the same thing... only differently both.

♫ Your inside is out, and your outside is in,
so c'mon... c'mon... c'mon and take it easy...
everybody's got something to hide...
cept for me and my monkey ♫
(guitar riff)

It creeps in the grass, and... in the act of realization... it spreads in a hood over your head. Life moves from Truth... through Deception... to Truth. You have it... you lose it... you search for it, and... you have it again, but it didn't go anywhere.

So... how did your day begin?

End Transmission.......

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These next two pages on the Kundalini have gotten quite interesting. I direct your attention here


and... I direct it here afterward.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

"Though not Having The Profile or Talent to be The Whore of Babylon, She Does Rise to The Level of A Useful Strumpet. "

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is a thread on Satanic issues related to The Superficial Twit Bowl. I should point out that the more one exists closer to The Surface... the more one automatically is associated with Satanic issues having to do with The Eye that Lies. As this is a given... most celebrities are linked with Satanic principles having to do with... Deception through appearances. Not all Satanism is conscious... applied... Satanism. Most Satanism is effected from gray areas... where minions and the telepathically manipulated congregate.

The linked thread above shows a number of videos with Swift and Lice Spice... an industry creation... wearing an upside-down cross and flashing Satanic hand signs for the camera. Satanism is Scientology with emotion. When you can pump the carnal energy and symbols into musical performances, you create an aura of attraction for astral larvae, and... disembodied entities that flood concert sites for mass possession rituals. Any capable clairvoyant could give you chapter and verse on this.

All forms of crowd hysteria... group-groping in The Land of Bottom Feeders... and societies of... commonly shared... hunger-driven-perversity... within The Culture... are secondary expressions of Satanic enterprise created... directed... and then channeled through those acting on impulses... generated by infernal practitioners... from The Lower Astral Shadowlands.

This has been happening... ever since shortly after The Christ flushed all those areas... during his residency. This has occurred... in various fashions and at various locations... at the hands of representatives from other belief systems as well... such as The Tantric Buddhist, Padmasambhava.

It's been a long time since The Astral Plane associated with this planet has been cleansed in a complete manner, and even so... it's not long before the invisible cockroaches and other vermin return. It is in the nature of things here... where Humanity wrestles with its Lower Nature in the various theaters of Carnal Whoop De Doo.

When LSD first surfaced and was still pure... before The CIA and other intelligence services got their hands on the chemistry and distribution... the astral and mental planes were landscapes of clarity. I speak from direct experience of it. Then... following The Manson Murders and the proliferation of Satanism through music... via The Rolling Stones... Led Zeppelin... and others, those areas began to fill up with horrific appearing... invisible creatures... that feed off of the carnal appetites and actions... of those performing in that arena of heart and mind.

Like Sauron... The Devil and his servants are never extinguished... except in the hearts of The Faithful. He retreats to lick his wounds in The Darkness, and gradually he returns to infiltrate all Earth-based institutions. Sooner or later... corruption enters through the back door, and it isn't overly long... following that... before it is welcomed in through the front door... camouflaged as pundits... experts, and... dignitaries.

By degrees, it gets more and more twisted.

What was bizarro last week... is considered normal and par for the course... the following week. People tire of The Thrill of The Moment, and new and ever more disturbing behavior is needed to replace it. There is no THERE... there... or anywhere... concerning these forms of carnal deception, and... it gets worse with every new permutation that replaces the old deception.

The pangs of dissatisfied hunger become more painful and severe. One is driven to extremes they did not imagine to be possible in former times. Sooner or later... they become the prey of some astral trapdoor spider and are drained and discarded. It is a well-kept secret, and... otherwise provides a great living for mental health incompetents... that vampiristic creatures feed on the life force of everyone who acts from a carnal mindset. A true clairvoyant could tell you all about that too, just as one could describe the invisible planes above a battlefield.

Here is another thread that deals with the progressive madness of The Lost...

...slipping... sliding... where there are no handholds... into crevasses of The Pit... to seek their own level of associates. ♫ I love that dirty water, ooooh... Tartarus you're my home ♫

Collapsing... Imploding... the impermanence of form... reduced back into the elements from which it was made. Religions and governments... wash away like sand castles... before the incoming tide of The Following Age. A Tabla Rasa appears, and the architects that fashion the new garments... to be worn by The Ageless Archetypes... appear before their drafting boards.

The foreman gets the blueprints... the workers assemble and industry begins. They will stand for a time. People will marvel and worship at the meanings given to them... by those collecting the fare... for their journey through the latest landscape of illusion and material mirage. Twas ever thus... the waterwheel turns and every kind of running water seeks The Sea. Many thinkers from many traditions have grasped some elements of The Thing Entire, BUT... in the long run, it remains a mystery, because there is only one discovery that possesses any measure of truth at all, that has any value at all, and that is the finding of The Indwelling Self.

Then The Seeker is rendered mute... by the sheer spectacle of what they find impossible to describe. This will not inhibit the many who have no problem with making shit up.

Help is everywhere at hand for the earnest and sincere... because there are ALWAYS realized souls who find it so hard to bear the evidence they witness... of the suffering of those... who pass where once they passed as well. This is the core issue of The Eternal Brotherhood.

There is nothing that is Good but The Divine. Everything else exists in various stages of tension between opposite poles... generating the image and the forms of temporary things.

The Clueless Queen of The Passing Moment... surrounded by Satanic advisers is the present distraction that holds the attention of Nimrods and Nodwells. Though not having the profile or talent to be The Whore of Babylon, she does rise to the level of a useful strumpet.

Every movement in this dance of shifting appearances is scripted. Her Neanderthal consort shoves and screams at his coach... that should get everyone talking.

He exists in a fugue state of roid-rage; testosterone fueled... for the headbanger lumpen proles; addicted to bread and circuses. What will he do when she eats his heart and casts him to the side, like some vampire wanna-be on the set of Dark Shadows?

This is a side play... a Napoleonic encirclement for The Killer Vaccines. It is all part of The Death Dance of a nation hijacked by The Moneychangers.

Biden congratulated The Swifties and is reading up on The Scooter Braun (Sorosian) affair; how simply marvelous!!!

The whole dance of shifting appearances is a bait-and-switch put-up job. One set of actors keeps your attention while another set picks your pocket. They show you a shrink-wrapped package... with a picture of a video camera on it, and inside is a rock that approximates the weight.

People rushing hither and yon... chasing the assembly-line Fata Morgana, never realizing the end game... not seeing the corruptions that enslaved them and are now leading their children off to The Land of Bondage. The Old will die off. The Young will be programmed, and The Monsters will rule. This is what appearances indicate, and they are so confident... that they are coming out of the woodwork to brag about it.

Fortunately... this is only going to happen in those places where people have collectively, and individually given themselves over to it. This has happened many times before. It is a never-ending drama... once the pursuit of comfort and convenience has replaced the hardships that kept us fit. Weak souls breed hard times.

The Divine knows where each and every one of us is, and... everything there is to know about us. Do not concern yourself with whether it is possible or not. This is absolutely true, and you can work in concert with The Indwelling to feed and nurture it... while you starve the selfish nature. It will go away... so will all your fears and weaknesses. It is the latter that creates the former. One day you will be yourself again, and none of the harms of previous ignorance will be able to touch you.

There is a great power to be had... simply by not buying into things that are temporary and false. They get their power over you by first seducing the heart and mind. That is where they take over. Eject them in the moment and every moment when they appear... these whispering doubts... these creeping terrors... these shadows and specters... with no substance but what you give them. Starve away their presence in you and you will be free of them. "Greater is that which is in you than that which is in The World."

End Transmission.......

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I am now going to be following the Boehme texts with The Upanishads. I could see where that last link for his book, The Signature of All Things was just too convoluted for most readers.

At some point, I read some of Dionysius the Areopagite, a similar presenter from a couple of thousand years ago, and it was more of the same. My eyes glaze over and I think... this is for someone else. The excepts from Boehme's work were well-curated. Some of his lengthy dissertations are just too complex. It becomes similar to reading Medieval alchemical texts.

The Upanishads... on the other hand... are simple and digestible, and this is a good presentation. See what you think about the connections between Om... and The Breath... Speech... and The Sun.

You can find it here. Each following page is linked at the bottom of the page. I read 4 or 5 pages at a time. They are quite short. So... each time I provide another link it will be at leaps of 4 or 5 pages. Surely you can do the math and also move at your own pace, I hope. (grin)

Friday, February 09, 2024

"All Power Comes from One Source. After That... It Is Adapted to The Uses and Purposes that are Defined by Intention."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Looks like I wasn't wrong about this short-circuited electric clown car that continuously drives up its own ass until the batteries run down.

What is the personality type of someone who can look like a vile splatter of radioactive vomit one minute, and then turn on a dime into a Warren Beatty seduction routine the next minute? They call that a sociopath. Well... they call it a sociopath when you can still walk away from an encounter wounded... but alive. It's called a psychopath when you wind up in 2 different garbage bags at opposite ends of town.

He looks like the coming attractions to a whole lot of people winding up dead. It makes sense that he would arrive around now, given what has been happening... for years now... down South in that Patagonian bolthole. It's turned into The World's biggest rabbit warren for weasels. A little casual inquiry should enlighten you... if you are in the dark about that.

While certain people were making it impossible for us to find a getaway zone when everything turns to shit, by turning everything to shit ahead of time... little did they realize, and they haven't realized it yet... that the same conditions are going to apply to them as well.

Certain busy little... demonically-possessed... reprobates from a burning town... that they set on fire... just before leaving... are going to find a forest of Ents awaiting them... in the darkness on the edge of town.

It must have been a very successful meeting between Putin and Tucker Carlson because the projectile diarrhea...poison rainbow Nazis are having an epic meltdown everywhere you look, provided you look in those places. I have started to do so... a time or two... to see what the other side of the storm drain is up to. What an articulate maestro of the spoken word is Master Putin. There wasn't a single dropped punctuation note in the translation.

It's not a long read... you owe it to yourself to read it. Heh heh... especially the next to the last line of his commentary. The tattooed human graffiti boards of the gutter press, are wailing about how Putin did not allow Carlson to get a word in edgewise. Isn't it the job of the interviewer to get the interviewee to go on and on at length... in the hope that some truth might escape in the process?

Meanwhile... in the occupied zone of The White House... our own retarded Saruman has turned into the lady who doth protest too much. He got called out for being a doddering old fool who can't remember whether he did... or did not do or say... what he can no longer recall having done or not done, and this... was visited upon him by his own butt-boy lackeys in The Fourth Estate.

In the process of sputtering and stamping his foot... he called the president of Egypt the Hetman of Mexico. I can see him now... standing on the banks of the Potomac... his keen eyes shaded by some Parkinson's hand jive... looking for The Polish Tall Ships to come in.

This... coming simultaneously... or if you prefer... on the heels of... inferences from The Supreme Court that they would rule in favor of Trump being on the Colorado ballot; though why he should care, I don't know, Colorado went to the Rocky Mountain lowlands on John Denver's musical soap bubbles a... long... time... ago. There are probably a few pissed-off ranchers still around, but everyone else went down with The Progessive Yuppie Flu.

It's like what happens when a zombie bites you, which is a little different from being a vampire's juice box. I'm not that up on the comparative mythologies of the types. What I've seen is that zombies can cause large population increases and vampires? Not so much.

With a zombie flute, you can control them like a cattle drive. With vampires it's like herding cats, unless you happen to be the head vampire, say... and your last name was Rothschild or Blitzfrickinstein.

Why am I talking about zombies and vampires? Well... vampires are the apex predators in the food chain. I don't know if it has anything to do with the difference between eating flesh and drinking blood. It's said the power is in the blood, but... you see... vampires and zombies are not what you think they are. The traditional meanings are a blind. Anyway, zombies don't have to concern themselves with vampires. They are already dead.

There are all sorts of little tells that you might pick up on if you were the sort of people who pick up on connections, which is a dying art these days; like how garlic is supposed to drive vampires away and how garlic is ALSO... a blood purifier. The point is... pure blood is poisonous to vampires, and that's where the confusion about the cross driving them away comes in.

Any fool should know that a cross is only as effective as the power of faith, AND understanding... that is present in the meaning of it, in the mind of the person holding it, and... this is something very few traditional Christians are aware of.

Symbols are repositories... residences... housing mechanisms... for a force that is defined and held in place by the symbol that contains it; held in a specific configuration. The Art of Magic moves in one of two directions and that is determined by the intent behind the performance of it. It's the same magic in the sense of what is required... the mental tools you need... to effectively wield it in either direction.

Magic... like anything else having to do with you and me... is all about Wanting and not wanting. The Wanters drive their magic one way, and The Not Wanters drive it the other. This might seem confusing but I can't make it any more clear than that.

Bankers are vampires by definition. Their forms of operation demonstrate this. The people who work for them, and... everyone on a certain plane of endeavor does work for them, are... zombies. Werewolves work the security for vampires. They operate according to contractual obligations. The vampires don't own them, but they do know how to obligate them. A lot of this goes on invisibly and involves those symbols where the power is contained in a certain geometrical configuration.

Here's what I am getting to. All power comes from one source. After that... it is adapted to the uses and purposes that are defined by intention. Ordinarily... life follows certain predictable routes. Any fool should know, but they never do... that you don't borrow money from The Mob. However... The World is a place of trapdoors and levels... ascending and descending.

It would help if they knew who The Mob was, but they don't know that either. There are two operations that work opposite sides of the street, and everything is allowed to go on in a certain orderly way. The Bulls run the place. Foxes know how to get around The Bulls, and... The Sheep? The Sheep wind up on the hooks.

It seems really unfair Out There. There appears to be no Justice whatsoever. Really nasty customers run the place and no one seems to be able to do anything about it. They own the politicians and they control law enforcement. Every now and then... to give the appearance of Justice... they throw a few of their own under The Bus, and The Bus comes around at regular intervals... that are measured by the levels of public discontent and public satisfaction. Both of these go up and down.

The truth is that the people on the top and the people on the bottom trade places every other go-round. You just don't see it because existence is a helix. Half of what happens is always hidden. Certain features are eternally hidden from vampires... zombies, and werewolves. It really is as easy to get around all of them... as it is to be trapped and drained and eaten by them. It all has to do with Wanting, and as long as you want shit Out There... your paths are going to cross.

Of course... you could always ask the guy who runs the whole show, and who owns everything there is, and who just lets people use it all, and tell themselves they are the owners, which they are not, and he will be glad to give you any of it, or... if he really likes you... keep you from it and keep it away from you.

None of this stuff is worth having in any permanent sense, and that's a good thing... because none of it is permanent, but... there's this magic dust that gets liberally sprinkled about. You need to watch out for that. It agitates the desire body and generates a climate of Wanting. Trust me on this... anything worth having you are already carrying around with you, you simply have to be able to recognize it, and it is near impossible to recognize as long as the force of Wanting is in effect OR... you have Fairy Dust in your eyes.

Every now and then... like now... the guy who owns it all... observes that things have gotten out of balance and he is then required to step in and make corrections... adjustments, and such. These result in a switching on and off of The Power... rerouting The Power, and also... kicking ass and taking names. There are also reward ceremonies as well, just like The Oscars... and The Grammy's, and the not-so-Nobel prize awards. It's what happens when as Above comes down Below.

The Apocalypse; Mr Apocalypse... heralds this, and The Awakening... a higher octave of Lady Nature... makes it possible to see what it is that's taking place. This does not automatically confer understanding, but it does galvanize it in the places where it is already located. The quiescent then becomes the dynamic.

You should be seeing it all around you now. If you don't... that's an indication of something too. In any case, both the apocalypse and awakening are soon going to intensify dramatically and then people will wake up whether they like it or not, cause how can you sleep when your beds are burning?

End Transmission.......

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This is the end of The Jacob Boehme teachings (it's been only a short introduction), and we'll move on to something else next week. You can order his work and you can find his work for free on the internet in PDF format.


Tuesday, February 06, 2024

"Most People Think that... Acquiring More of The Things that Cause Their Suffering... Will Put an End to Their Suffering."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There are a lot of people who think you can get around The Rules and The Commandments. There are others who do not think The Rules and Commandments are necessary. I can tell you, for... a... fact... if you do not follow and obey them you are not going anywhere... except back to the beginning as soon as you run into The Agency that enforces The Rules and Commandments.

Take this from someone who ignored The Rules and The Commandments early on. I was a real go-getter and I wasn't going to let any agency... any authority... any religion... priest or gatekeeper tell me what to do. My standard response... to anything... without actually having to say anything was... you and whose army? So... of course... I ran afoul of every variety of temporal authority more than once.

I climbed to some pretty fantastic heights, in... my... mind... only to get booted back down the way I came when I ran into The Door Wardens.

Now... you don't have to abide by the rules of The Moneychangers... who run every religion for their own profit. You don't have to abide by temporal authority at all... unless they can get their hands on you and lock your ass up, which I have encountered several times, and not because I actually broke any laws. They had to arrange for me to appear to break their laws... each time... in order to get their hands on me.

It really came down to their not liking what I had to say... in public locations and on stage... so they set me up to put me away, BUT... I... fortunately... have invisible friends and that brings me to where I am today.

The World has never been short of blowhards who tell you you don't need to follow The Rules and The Commandments. That's kid's stuff, they will tell you OR... it's for the brainwashed... ruled over by those who follow no rules or commandments at all. They get away with whatever they want, so... how does that figure? There are a whole lot of people in The School of Do What Thou Wilt these days... because we are in a time of false-self supremacy, and everybody wants to be somebody, even though nobody is anybody... not really... not at all.

I don't know about everybody else at any... specific... given... time. Some get caught up short and some get a good long run, BUT... everybody runs into the As Above section... sooner or later... regardless of appearances on the So Below front.

I've never had much care or concern for man's laws. If they made sense to me, I followed them. Otherwise, it looked to me like I was hearing from the... do as I say, not as I do crowd, BUT... when it comes to God's Laws, I bend the knee. The trick is to know which are really God's laws, and which are grifter distractions used to pick your pocket OR keep you in line.

I try to watch what I say and say what I mean. I don't always get it right... nor have I stated that to be so. I don't tell people what to do. I tell what I do. Hopefully... some find that useful. I've read thousands of books, I read quickly... unless... I am caught up by something that causes me periods of reflection and contemplation. I don't remember much if it wasn't in The Bhagavad Gita... Patanjali's Sutras... The New Testament... and the writings of certain mystics and spiritual teachers.

Early on, I was introduced to I Don't Know by the greatest teacher I have ever encountered, and he said it more than anything else, yet... he was an immortal in human form. He was truly Gate Gate Paragate (some got, eh? And some don't got... eh?) So... why did he keep saying I Don't Know? It was because that is what you do when you arrive at the pinnacle of wisdom. It is there that you realize you... will... never... know... ever, so... you'd better get used to it.

Then... let me ask you; what do you think might come hand in hand with not knowing? I suspect it would be... Humility. The Greatest Teacher of this last age said that... unless you become as a little child you cannot enter The Kingdom of Heaven. Does that not seem to indicate the necessity of recognizing one doesn't know? I recommend pondering the meaning of becoming as a little child, which certainly implies holding someone else's hand and being UTTERLY RELIANT on them.

I know... I certainly write a lot for someone who claims not to know, but I don't actually write these things myself. I draw these things from a well that has been opened up to me. The question then might arise; is this true? Or am I blowing smoke up your ass? The question then would be... well, what kind of smoke is it? What am I saying? What am I realizing in exchange for this action? One must always go to motive in cases like this, and... on that account, time will tell and we shall see.

I am encouraged... daily... to continue in this effort by the one who inspires me to do it. Whether anyone believes this... matters not at all to me. What I do, I do for a select audience, and others who may wander in here now and again, can take it any way they like. That also matters not to me. If I were not so inspired to do what I do, I suspect... I really do suspect... that I would have run out of juice a long time ago.

Anyone who wishes to serve The Divine is put to work immediately. There are never enough hands, but once the glamour rubs off... inside the minds... of those who thought they might be attracted to this sort of thing, and... they see that there is no material gain to be had, and that furthermore... one cannot escape being powerfully hammered into shape and tried and tempered in The Fire, well... they mostly say to themselves; doubtless there must be an easier way.

Oh! Sure... once the hammering dies down... in the later stages... the shaping is not so painful... because the pain is determined by one's degree of resistance to being shaped... it becomes much easier. There is much less of you left to suffer. Finally, you hardly exist at all in any separated fashion, and you are no longer attached to the forms that gave you pain because... that is a chief source of suffering.

When you are at one with everything, nothing particular is pulling you in any direction... except within.

The causes of suffering are obvious to anyone taking the trouble to discover them. Most people think that acquiring more of the things that cause their suffering... will put an end to their suffering. Yeah... crazy times build crazy people, and... crazy people build crazy towns. In Times of Material Darkness, you are surrounded by this. It can seem like that is all there is.

I find it hard to understand most people. (not really) All life is pain caused by ignorant desire. It's the things you are attracted to and repulsed by that are at the heart of all of your suffering. Simply let go of the desire to have anything, and your suffering will end. Let go of the obsession to control the external world, and it will automatically come under control.

People are either crazy... or hypnotized... or possessed. They are fixated on glitter... flashing colors... beautiful and doomed forms... lulling sounds, and also energetic driving sounds... rousing sounds... the endless clamoring of noise, and attendant images. They seem to be living in a constant loop of “A Day in The Life,” in that part of the song that winds tighter... and tighter... and tighter until... suddenly... you hear, ♫ woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head ♫
♫ and somebody spoke and I went into a dream ♫

It's just like a dream out here. It's like being underwater. Often in a dream, everything's in slo-mo. Time and Gravity seem to be responsible for that. If a Dream in Life and The Dream of Life have similar constructs then... I think it's safe to say, it's... all... in... your... mind. Therefore, the solution to everything must be in your mind also.

Where does all this pressure come from? Sometimes it gets so intense that people split into different parts of themselves OR... they begin to see everything through a lens of distortion, OR... whatever shape The Problem takes, it then becomes the thing you are running to or running from OR... maybe you are paralyzed with fright, and all of this... is something the mind did... to protect itself from what it doesn't understand... because IT DOESN'T KNOW, but... it thinks it does.

If you stop by any of them for a moment they will tell you all about it...wild-eyed and hysterical OR... in some kind of a monotonal trance... with various degrees of ghost animation, OR... as if they weren't even paying attention OR... as if someone else is standing there... someone who went away a long time ago, but they have yet to realize this.

There are other planes of being... besides the one we collectively imagine we are all contained inside of... where all this same shit... different day stuff... goes on, but you can't really tell anyone because they are in this dream. Your job... then... is to negotiate your way... back the way you came... without running into any of them.

The Truth of the matter is that you are not in charge, but... your thinking that you are in charge is the cause of whatever it is that surrounds you, be it good... bad... or indifferent. Regardless... it is subject to change, and it is going to change from one of these to the other, again and again; isn't it? Cause that's how it works down here in The Land of Temporary Things. Well... sooner or later... we'll see... won't we?

End Transmission.......

Excerpt from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Charles Johnston= Book 2, last couple of sutras

The right Withdrawal is the disengaging of the powers from entanglement in outer things, and their return to the quality of consciousness.

To understand this, let us reverse the process, and think of the one consciousness, centered in the Soul, gradually expanding and taking on the form of the different perceptive powers; the one will, at the same time, differentiating itself into the varied powers of action.

Now let us imagine this to be reversed, so that the spiritual force, which has gone into the differentiated powers, is once more gathered together into the inner power of intuition and spiritual will, taking on that unity which is the hallmark of spiritual things, as diversity is the seal of material things.

It is all a matter of love for the quality of spiritual consciousness, as against psychical consciousness, of love and attention. For where the heart is, there will the treasure be also; where the consciousness is, there will the vesture with its powers be developed.

55. Thereupon follows perfect mastery over the powers.

When the spiritual condition which we have described is reached, with its purity, poise, and illuminated vision, the spiritual man is coming into his inheritance, and gaining complete mastery of his powers.

Indeed, much of the struggle to keep the Commandments and the Rules has been paving the way for this mastery; through this very struggle and sacrifice the mastery has become possible; just as, to use Saint Paul's simile, the athlete gains the mastery in the contest and the race, through the sacrifice of his long and arduous training. Thus he gains the crown.

Sorry about that, it's another Origami in a Petri Dish like last time. That's just the way it goes. Those waiting on the next slasher flick will just have to be patient. (grin)

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Thursday, February 01, 2024

"The Mind is The Devil and The Angel too, Which of These You Travel with Depends on You. Everything Happens in The Mind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Yesterday... after the evening meditation... I was scrolling through Twitter-X and the fake news zones of CNN and The Washington Post. I was thinking about how really bone-deep stupid so many people are; how captured by the tinsel confetti of momentary celebrity... how intoxicated by dreams of power... how hungry for wealth and the false sense of security that it brings. People wind up the victims of the very things... states... and personas they aspire to.

This is how we treat ourselves. This is how we treat each other.

I saw one piece of bad news after another, and I started thinking about how grim the prospects were... the chemtrails in the sky... the specters of world war... the orchestrated famines and plagues that the billionaire banker-psychopaths, and their minions and lackeys... are planning, and acting on... right... before... our... eyes, and then I heard,

Visible! What The Hell? I just finished informing you about how completely I had The Whole Thing in hand and you start building a cloud of doubt over your own head! It's annoying, Vis. At the very least it's irritating. It's not as bad as a root canal, but it is worse than a hangnail, that is... if I were vulnerable to any of that, and... I'm not, BUT... you get the picture? I hope...

Here you are, fortunate enough to be in near constant communication with me, and... what is this, Left Turn, Clyde shit?”

He was right, of course. I try not to do it. Most of the time I don't do it, BUT... sure enough, if I do... do it, I hear about it quick.

He continued; “It was mere weeks ago, was it not? When I told you about the several forces I loosed in The World and how NOTHING!!! Nothing could or can stop them? I went into detail with you... chapter and verse. I told you they were... done... toast.

If I tell you something, it is gospel. (pun intended) I am in charge! How many times do you think I've been through this sort of thing... with one little feckless cabal or another... trying to take over The World? You... can't... count... that... high, son.

I have toppled empire after empire, and... sent the architects to be recycled by worms... beneath The Earth that also did not submit to their empty posturing. I warned them all, though you never hear about that. They were too vain to admit it, and afterward... no longer present. I've heard sabers rattle and cannons blast... for ages past remembering. Do you really think a handful of cross-dressing pederasts can have any impact on me at all?

I have only to move my hands over their collected forms to turn them back to the water I drew them from. They are nothing but a momentary turbulence... stirred up by my shadow... for the purpose of their evolution and... my entertainment. The Good Guys win because I... am... The... Good... Guy. It might not seem so... since it is The Bad Guys that control the lies and revise the histories that circulate... to keep their competition in a state of confusion.

They are doomed, my friend! Let me put it bluntly, they're fucked! They know this too. Well... they know it and they don't know it. So... what do they do? They go scurrying in all directions looking for an escape hatch. There is no escape hatch. They could cut their losses... reduce the amount of trial and tribulation they have saved up in their accounts. Do they? No! They do not! That makes them super-fucked!”

Now here I have to provide a little explanation. Most people would not expect an angel of God to use profanity. The fact is that the angel speaks to me in the language of my own mind, and when looking for emphasis to follow a point, this happens. He was discussing this very thing with me not long ago.

He said, “Visible, hardly anyone has the slightest clue what The Divine is like. They think they do, and oh! The problems that creates for them and everyone they encounter... when they run off at the mouth about it. You don't know me either. You do have the benefit of communicating with me. Let me see if I can put this in perspective, God can speak in tongues of fire that are so far beyond any profanity you have ever encountered... that words fail... and always will fail... miserably.

God is not a wuss. He is not some sweet old man who hands out candy and smiles at everybody. One aspect of him does this... yes, but he has countless aspects and personas. I gave you that mantra of... I don't know, for a good reason. See that you honor it because it is as true as true can be.

Anyone who thinks they know is full of shit, and unless they come to me... hat in hand and humble as dirt... they are going to find out in no uncertain terms exactly how little they know. Life is designed to teach them this, and if they prove hard of hearing, I have The Purpose of Demonstration just waiting for the opportunity to make that point.”

As you can see, The Divine, who speaks through angels... that perform the job of being step-down communication transformers... can get pretty frosty when needs be. It is not for the timid to approach The One; not that any of them would. This is what all those distractions of material life provide an alternative for. People get lost in distractions... because of the sheer terror of The Howling Unknown... which is made all the more frightening... due to their failings and errors in judgment and behavior.

There is no howling unknown. What they think is the howling unknown is simply that area beyond the confining parameters of their own ignorance. The Magician has a silver band around his forehead that symbolizes this perpetual limitation in form.

Only God can see God, and one must become God to have any real understanding of what lies beyond that place... which lies beyond the place... which lies yet even further... beyond the place that so many have called The Bending End or The Ring Pass Not or... whatever it is that they came up with to give a name to what they can't seem to find, and wouldn't understand even if they did. There is ALWAYS something more... beyond the limits of mortal imagination.

When one realizes Godhead, then... one must depart from the common thoroughfares of The Mortal Realm. They become either endlessly still or... an endless wanderer who serves as they go. No one realizes who that was... until they are gone. This is The Why and The Who... of legends and myths. They are all based on The Real, but The Real cannot be seen as The Real in The Land of The Unreal, BUT... should anyone be so deeply inspired as to seek them out... they are there to be found.

When you have gone into The Howling Unknown... as I have... many times. You find that what you encounter is what... you... brought... with... you. Bring monsters and monsters you will find. Everything is a mirror, and each following reflection... is a departure and a degrading from the original image. The Moon continuously demonstrates this by its offspring... when reflecting the light of The Sun.

That is how we get creatures of dream and fantasy, all the things associated with night. We live in a half-world that is half this and half that, always changing into the other in appearance... while being neither of these dancing opposites in real time. Real time is The Eternal Moment, and can't be seen from here... in any of its external false impressions of what lies... always... beyond mortal sight.

The angel was spot-on with me. I had been entertaining doubts, and I had heard otherwise from him not long before. That is the nature of The Mind... who is The Great Deceiver, and... our worst enemy... until he is brought to heel. The Mind is The Devil, and... The Angel's Trampoline too, which of these you travel with depends on you. Everything happens in The Mind.

Every moment of every day that we are in motion, we are passing someone who is passing our sight line or... passing us outside the range of our sight line, but... passing us nonetheless, and moving through Time... that flows all around each of us... like an invisible river... that wears us... inexorably... away. We are temporary vehicles for the education of The Soul... which CAN BE a permanent vehicle for The Spirit of God.

The Soul is an investment bank. It is a record of all you have accumulated in your passage through time. It is what redeems and convicts you before The Court of The 24. It is clear and present evidence... at all times... of exactly who and what you are. In Times of Material Darkness, Humanity turns toward outward things. Such Luna-See can only go so far... before it self-destructs of its own accord. There is an integrity that holds it all... and every part... together. Once that integrity departs, well... you do The Math.

End Transmission.......

Hmm... this is obviously an Origami, and yesterday's posting was a Petri Dish, so... I'm kinda like a day short and a post late. We'll fix it in The Mix.

Since this is supposed to be an Origami (not that it would matter) we have some more Boehme. This segment is not an easy trek.


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Monday, January 29, 2024

"In Reality, this Should Be The National, I'm not Going to Take this Shit Anymore, So Kiss My Long-suffering Ass... Day."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Saturday. I was in the kitchen getting a cup of tea, (but not a Madeleine) when my friend told me that today is National Chocolate Cake Day. Then I said, Well, you know what else today is? It's National... Celebrate The Biggest Lie of The Twentieth Century... Day.

It makes me think of that wandering tome of the endlessly subjective; “Remembrance of Things Past.” by literary poofta, Marcel Proust. I don't... at this time... know if he was also responsible for the hair treatment that bears his name. However... the title of his book made me think about the title of another book... as yet unwritten... called Remembrance of Things that Never Fucking Happened. I suggest you get a copy.

I don't write posts on Saturdays. I do often write them on Sunday morning, BUT... I thought it was fitting to acknowledge this great and enduring act of subterfuge, that was created as a cover story against the greatest act of murder ever committed; The Bolshevik Revolution, which was still going full steam at the same time. It was The Bolsheviks that built the phony after-the-fact evidence at all the so-called death camps. We know this now OR... you should know this if you have been paying attention.

Here we see the fruits of The Apocalypse in action. Lies and myths... designed to profit those we are not permitted to criticize.. are all falling, as Mr. Apocalypse uncovers and reveals them, and Lady Awakening grants us an understanding of them.

It has always amused me how the more widely known truth-tellers would hedge their commentaries on this massive charade. They might say that the numbers were fudged, but... but... millions still died in gruesome ways... yadda yadda!!! I'll tell you who died in gruesome ways, it was the German people after The Russians rolled in... after Dresden was leveled... after The Clown Circus at Nuremberg.

It's all because of who controls The Money, and... it... still... is.

I used to shake my head at the tortured language that was used by those who had important investments in their own celebrity and form of livelihood. They could not afford to have those you are not allowed to criticize come after them. I made sure to never have ANYTHING that I feared to lose... enough to compromise my integrity in that way. If I were to lose my connection to Truth... what little may be inclined to hang around with me, I... MIGHT... AS... WELL... BE... DEAD.

Now we see Gazacide. Now we see the professional-victim racketeers become ten times... a hundred times more vicious... than their oppressors (whoever they might have been) ever thought of being. They are target-shooting people waving white flags. They are bombing enclaves... protected zones where The Palestinians have fled for sanctuary; where The Monsters sent them.

They tell them they must leave... wherever it is that they are, and before they can even get to their feet... The Monsters shell the encampments. They murder women and children, and... they dance... and... they laugh about it.

Everywhere... in The World... you see mealy-mouthed politicians hemming and hawing about what a terrible thing it is, but that Israel needs to protect itself from the people whose land they stole... the people they herded into concentration camps... the people they are now starving to death.

No one says anything because THEY... control... The... Money, AND... THEY serve The Prince of Darkness, and... all the suits in formation... shit themselves with fear... over a bigger mirror image of themselves. They look into the reflecting pool of their own corruption and are astounded when they see how evil they are. Here is that moment of revelation, now... come... to... term.

Can anyone doubt that something transforming and revolutionary is about to come upon The World? Surely... surely... a great change is upon us? Surely... The Hand of God is about to move over the oceans and shake the Earth between them? Surely... that hand is already in motion. Whenever you see those who pretend to righteousness and justice... openly conspire against them both, you know that Heaven has already begun to move in earnest.

Right before our eyes... we are being separated into camps. We are either in the camp that obeys... fears... and serves The Temporal Order of Outright Criminal Monsters OR... we are in revolt... in our hearts... in our minds, and... in our speech and actions.

People are still defending The Kosher Killer Vaccines! People are dropping dead all over the place and talking heads sneer and mock the truth of the matter. They do it for money and to maintain their postures of subservience... hoping that their Satanic Master will pat them on the head, saying; “good little orc... good demon... good little monsters; now tell me... where are the children? I am hungry.”

This should be National Lying Sacks of Shit Day. This should be the National Day of Moral Blindness. This should be a day of mourning for the loss of our human credentials. In reality, this should be the National, I'm not Going to Take this Shit Anymore, so Kiss My Long-suffering Ass... Day.

Oh! It's coming good friends and neighbors! The Walls of Denial are breaking up before the relentless pressure of the waters of Divine Light. The lies are catching fire, and the mouths of the liars are set aflame as they speak them. The Citadels of Evil are crumbling! Heaven help you if you are standing in their shade.

Whenever life reaches a level of the ridiculous, when even fools can see the foolishness of it, you should know that we are on the precipice of great and irresistible change. It should be GLARINGLY apparent; the state of The World. The Minions of Evil scurry in all directions trying to halt the tide of apocalypse and awakening. They seek to blot out The Sun. The Sun is their enemy. Anyone who has The Sun for an enemy has lost the battle before it even begins.

They are aggressively working to shut down food production. They are warring against travel and the means of travel. They know the hour has come. They know they are to be unmasked, BUT... but... maybe... just maybe they can burn Samara to the ground before they arrive. Soon... blind panic is going to be sown in their ranks. I... KNOW... THIS. They are creatures of Destiny who do not know what Destiny means.

Everywhere... madness is afoot. Schemes and Plans that have been in operation for generations are falling apart. They will flee to their Oppidum World beneath The Surface World.

Do they not realize that Lady Nature is turned against them? Do they not realize that she is a living... conscious... being? Her chains have been broken. Do they not know that every living thing is their enemy now? Do they really imagine they can contend with The Enemy Within???

Fools! Mad intoxicated fools! They shake their fists at The Sun. They war against the very powers that gave them life! They imagine that they can build their own world... outside the confines of this world. Little do they realize the truth that... indeed... they are building their own world, and it is...indeed... below The Surface World, and... it is already populated by every monstrous creature they birthed into being by their terrible acts against everyone else.

Just as The Great Master, The Christ... went to prepare a place for us, their master has created a place for them too. Everything is in perfect working order. Everything is just as it should be, regardless of whether it is as you... or they... wish it to be. It is... what It is, AND ever shall be.

On this day of toxic remembering, I'll tell you what I am remembering. I am remembering what a steaming load of bullshit it is. I rank it right up there with false memory... recovered memory...historical revisionism... the real disinformation and misinformation that The Dark Side gets its bread and butter from and... ♫ mammaries... from... the... corners... of... my mind. Swollen... twirling... hypnotic pasties... for the mesmerized and blind. And... if they had it all to do again... tell me... would they? Oh! You bet they would ♫

They have come to The Rubicon... a blank wall of darkness... filled with glory holes, and hungry mouths... in search of an opportunity... for servicing the accounts of damned souls... with poisoned cups raised to their lips. They toast each other in a moment of awful recognition... as they see that this is not the place they expected. This is not what they were told awaited them.

It's not all bad. It's not all crazy everywhere. Let me leave you with something I know to be true... above and beyond the vast ocean of things I do not know, and which... is the only thing that you or I ever need to know and that is... (drum roll) The Greatest Commandment; “Thou shall love The Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, (will) and with all your mind.”

Why is this so important? Why is it The Greatest Commandment? Here is an illustration of the interplay between Metaphysics and Physics. Metaphysics... which overshadows Physics, and... which flows into Physics, and... gives it the whole of everything known to Physics... contains, in the form of Ageless Wisdom... the key to understanding this commandment.

Love is The Great Attractor. Everything in your life is there because you attracted it AT THE LEVEL at which you feel, and comprehend Love. The Divine, which is The Source of Every Good Thing... is made thereby... into The Great Attraction because The Divine is The Source of Every Good Thing.

So... if you Love God with all your heart, soul, strength, (will), and mind, you are loving God more... than... anything... else, AND... AND... you are then attracting The Divine... The Greatest Attraction... into your life more than you are anything else. How could you want anything more?

Please think about that.

End Transmission.......

Jacob Boehme on The Christ.


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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

"I Don't Know what The Extenuating Circumstances are; The Devil MADE Me Do It? Either Way... You Still Got Dead Kids."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Someone smashed a painting down on the head of The Wicked Witch from The AshkeNAZI Coven. Marina is not pleased... we suspect, BUT... we are! Oh yes! We are very pleased. Soon these clowns will not be able to go about in public. Already they are guarded by suits who hem them in on all sides.

Have you seen a photo of Marina? She is 77. Obviously, rejuvenation efforts have been made on her behalf... though I will say... as an appreciator of true art; you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

She and her agent were seen scurrying away... terrified... somewhere. I'm guessing the WiFi there was interfering with the continuity of her magic encircling spell. You really have to be up on modern tech if you are going to be a modern Satanic celebrity. It's likely she arranged the whole thing herself. She is a performance artist, isn't she? Nothing is worse for an artist than to have no talent and be forced to maintain their celebrity with shock and outrage.

I would like to hope that Elon is not what he probably is. Listen from the 17:00 minute mark of this video.

I didn't listen to what preceded it. I want to hope Elon is Zorro dressed up like somebody else but Hope is pretty much for losers. Hope is for The Hopeless. It's a cocktail mixer that makes bad shit palpable. I don't walk around shuffling my feet and looking all hopeful. I am certain. I don't know how that sorts out with Hope, but some things I am certain about, and the rest I will find out about anyway; like... it... or... not.

Then there is the matter of his girlfriend, Grimey who is also into Satanic shit disguised as art. It is really well disguised... because I can't see the art at all. I don't know how she concealed it but conceal it she did. Possibly that is the art she engages in; hiding the art. Maybe there was no art involved, and that would account for why I can't find it. Then there is the transhumanism angle, which dovetails right into Schwab and his butt-boy Harari.

You see, it's all connected. It's connected to... what is like it... until it moves past the critical digit on The Dial. and then... it is connected to something else. At the level of Infernos, it is all connected to things that are inflamed by Carnal Desire. When it moves outside the range of the bandwidth of Carnal Desire and transforms into Aspiration, it is connected to an illumined group consciousness... where each component harmonizes with the collective possession of The Word of God.

One guy snatches a kid and sacrifices him to The Devil, but... there are extenuating circumstances. This other guy snatches a kid and sacrifices him to The Devil, but... there are extenuating circumstances. I don't know what the extenuating circumstances are; The Devil MADE me do it? Either way... you still got a dead kid.

That is how I see the difference between Schwab and Elon. They are still child-murdering transhumanists... actually... or potentially... right? Elon is likable. Schwab is not. Elon... possibly... does useful stuff. Schwab does not. There's still a dead kid in the room though. Maybe it was for the greater good? Maybe The Kid's name is Damien? Maybe The Kid is really a midget that killed a bunch of real kids and someone had to put him down? Are those extenuating circumstances, and... what am I supposed to do with these dead kids?

Why are these dead kids not in the arms of Kid Cudi?

Why is Kid Cudi not lying dead in his own arms? Why have they not erected one of these statues in Gaza? There are all sorts of good questions that I haven't gotten around to answering, and... to be honest... probably will not answer... because there are no answers for these things... other than them being made not to exist.

Elon was at the Auschwitz theme park yesterday. He got some Maus ears and a music box crematorium that churns out real butter for those people who can't believe it's not butter, while it plays some loops from that new song by The Dead Kids called, “I can't believe there's no DNA in the ashes. This spectrometer is shit.”

The rumor that Elon was carrying around a portable gas spectrometer with him to check for human remains is... apparently... untrue, according to the people who started the rumor.

Now they are saying he just got a brochure that has everything you ever wanted to know about Auschwitz. It's a kind of Auschwitz for Dummies... that includes photos of the theater groups... the swimming pool... the hookers and casino nights; the usual for The Usual Suspects... who had their own currency... that they printed according to their own standards of convincing the suckers it is real..

Elon was wearing a helicopter beanie that vibrated at the same frequency as one of Bill Gates's genetically altered mosquitoes. It had a Star of Davida on it, which is the same as a Star of David except the bottom triangle goes in and ends at an interior point... somewhere below a hypothetical navel. It is in memory of all the transgender inmates who were denied sex change operations while incarcerated. There are two stories that are given concerning the why's and why nots of that.

One is that there was no technology because Mengele hadn't gotten around to it yet. The other is that there were only two sexes at the time. Now we know that... that... was only Nazi disinformation, but we didn't know at the time; neither did The Dead Kids.

HOWEVER... if you are looking for dead kids there is a bumper crop in Gaza, cause this is harvest time, and the threshers... shredders... and reconstitution machines are working 24-7. Some people are into knock-offs that aren't real dead kids, but... only look like them. You can get them at any of the death camp merchandise booths, but they are not the real thing. You have to go to Gaza for that. Oops! You can't go to Gaza, but... you can definitely buy them on Israeli eBay.

If you are only after the organs. They got that too. You can order them at The 23 and Me website, but... you need to use the Tor Browser. It's illegal to ship organs by Fed-Ex, if you are anywhere outside of Israel, and most of the volume sales take place in Ukraine. They have Amazon-sized warehouses there, and lots of dead kids fitted up with Chatty Cathy apps and AI tech. You would never know they were dead until you hit the Decompose button.

Speaking of dead kids, I wonder about people like Bill Gates... Hillary Clinton and others. Are they evil to start with OR... did they get filmed in something set up for them? They would have to have been inclined that way, BUT... then again... they wielded a lot of power... financially... politically. They were desirable plums for those whose intentions are the destruction of all that is human... in and around us.

Bill says stupid things like this.

Then there's this Frazzledrip thing... that came from Anthony Weiner's laptop... where Hillary cut the face off a young girl and put it over her own. Then you see things like this.

You add in all those missing emails... pizza-talk... government officials, and... there's a whole lot of smoke. Frankly; my interests do not lie in finding out dark and nasty things about people... no matter who they are. I'm certain such things happen though.

I am a student of occult history. I know about Elizabeth Bathory... Giles De Rais... I know that there are many... among the rich and powerful... that will do anything to hold on to it, AND... to get more. It is like a fever-madness that takes hold of these people, and chief among their obsessions is the desire for their youth to be returned. This brings us round to Adrenachrome.

Personally... I do not chase after the tales going around about all these people executed in mysterious military tribunals at Guantanamo. I've little time for Epstein and Israeli honeypot operations... Satanic ceremonies... lunch with The Devil.

What I know is that IT ALL GOES ON INSIDE YOUR HEAD and that external ceremonies are ONLY about attracting demonic intelligences into your mind. The Good seek to attract angels and The Bad attract demons. I don't think angels are nearly as impressed with magical rituals as they are with one being pure of heart OR engaged in a passionate love for The Divine.

Anyone who thinks attracting demons is a good idea does not know much about demons. Anyone who imagines they'll get away clean from such encounters is truly stupid. I've been deep into invisible things at the risk of everything, BUT... I knew I was protected because my intentions were pure. I suspect these things were arranged for me... and I only thought I was involved... on my own recognizance. It's best to leave these things in the hands of The Divine... PERIOD.

The worse conditions and appearances get... the more desperate people are to believe... the more inveigled they are by false hope. Then it is easy to sell them on Nephilims... Archons... Flat Earth Bullshit... aliens... gender nonsense... hatred of the other guy... yadda yadda.

Whether some of these things were once relevant to people who are no longer here, I can't say. Whether Hillary is wearing human skin masks... whether Bill Gates is on The Dead Kids video tape... or all those cops and inconvenient witnesses died of natural causes; no one dies of natural causes because death is a product of having fallen into, and believing in something that wasn't/isn't real. Whether this or that... or the other thing... is or is not... I don't know and I... DON'T... CARE.

What I do know, among the few things that I do know... is that EVERYTHING is under the control of a REAL central intelligence that penetrates every particle of existence... seen or unseen. If you are right with it... you are good to go... anywhere, and you have forever to do it in. If you are not right with it, that explains why you are here and everything you are going through, on... your... way... to getting right with it.

That's it!!! That's the whole thing. Everything else is just stuff and nonsense... talking to itself... in the place it is presently lost in. It's all just a fantasy of separation in search of the missing part(s). I have found that part, and... subsequently... there is nothing left for me to look for... because... it is all... either present... or... on the way.

End Transmission.......

Look what we found about The Sun being the source of The Awakening!

"The light and the power of Christ arises within His children in the interior foundation and illumines the whole course of their life. Within this fountain of light is the kingdom of God in man. He who is not in possession of it cannot bring it into himself by means of any creed, opinions, or theories; but if he possesses it, then from that fountain will arise many streams of pure love."

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