Monday, June 28, 2021

"And ALL OF THEM are LIT, and Nose-Rooting Through the Tunnels of Appetite."

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The difference between social change in the '60s and what passes for it in this time is best illustrated by the artists at work then and now. We had Joni Mitchel. They have Taylor Swift. We had Bob Dylan. They have Kanye West. We had Janis Joplin. They have (gasp) Miley Cyrus. These days they are all tattoo graffiti billboards. That is as close to artistry as they come, making themselves into a pastiche of doodling, done by what seems to be a six-year-old hand. I could look for other disturbing parallels but I am unfamiliar with nearly all of the contemporary artists)?) I've heard snatches here and there when I enter some shopping arena, However, I am out the door ASAP so that all I hear is a segment of mindlessness. Many shopping zones have decided to avoid rap over the sound system and instead play other artists from times before this current depravity, like the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

No! I am not old and therefore intolerant of new genius. I KNOW genius when I hear it. I have not heard anything close to genius in a Long Time. I have to look hard to even find anything Normal. Occasionally, someone will release something that exposes the bullshit of the contemporary fascist mind. It gets quickly snuffed at YouTube.

Many strange conditions are appearing. What is the story with the words run and ran? Is it run over or ran over? I thought it was about tense. “If your child gets ran over.” What's wrong with run over? That even sounds better. Everywhere I go now, where people had to go to school to learn to write, I am seeing these new word tortures.

I am CAREFULLY reading the comments sections of articles now. I've noticed that 53% of Americans are vaccinated. I observe the emotion-driven conversations taking place. I've seen friends and family separated over the COVID Myth and the pernicious vaccine, already proven to have killed a lot of people. I am watching the pincher movement (cue Napoleon), looking much like many separate tentacles looking to squeeze the humanity out of humanity; more mixed whateverfors.

The most evident of the forces at work are Confusion, Fear, and Enmity. These are close traveling companions most of the time anyway. They're old standards, and no matter how many times the simple public has been fooled, it looks with wide-eyed credulity at each new scam. People WANT to believe. “This”, they say to themselves, “Can't be all that there is to life.” They are correct on that account, but they are not going to get the 'more to life' that they imagine, or long for, by listening to those who make their living shearing them.

It is VERY CLEAR that our system of government and the state of the culture are in Deep Decline. All that we are seeing is TYPICAL of what happens when a country falls on hard times due to the corruption of the leaders AND the people. Everybody is dressed up in their clown suit and playing the Musical Chairs or Your Life games. There are a lot of chairs. What passes for music is loud. There are a whole lot of people and ALL OF THEM are LIT, and nose rooting through the tunnels of appetite. It hasn't dawned on them how serious the game is. If, occasionally, a couple of people fall off of the party boat, so what if it wasn't you?

You see more psychopaths and sociopaths at certain times than at others. This is because, IN THESE TIMES, very early in life, people become desensitized by tidal waves of information and ready-to-hand attractions. They see themselves as the center of the universe, and it's cool to be that way. So... as Materialism intensifies, so do the numbers of psychopaths and sociopaths.

You might be wondering what the difference between them is. The professionals don't seem to have a clue and bury the distinctions in incomprehensible jargon. I will give you my definition. Both are uniformly the same, except for one distinguishing feature. Both of them might kill you, given the opportunity, BUT... the sociopath will try to engineer it and cause it to happen in a way that the finger doesn't point at them. The Psychopath will kill you themselves, and often for sexual reasons. Both will torture you. One will play mind games and the other will use physical instruments and play mind games.

The misuse of the sexual force is at the core of many of society's problems, AND... there are those who deliberately pervert it for the purpose of Mind Control. The whole of the transgender movement is about normalizing Freak so that the bars for behavior can be lowered until they are out of sight. THEY are full-steam ahead for Train Wreck Junction.

Now... I am not a psychologist but I have a Great Deal of On the Job experience. I also got a lot of my learning DIRECTLY, and not indirectly through a forensic study of the lives of others in a classroom. I got mine from studying myself and from direct and personal encounters. Here is an interesting thing about the two, they have no interest in Self-Inquiry. They are ALL about what you are up to. They know what they want and that is all that matters.

I have met serial killers and pure psycho and sociopaths. For 22 months I was locked up in The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane and all sorts of psycho killers came through there and some were long-term residents. I'll not share with you any of what they did. What I noted was their complete lack of empathy and the constant tracking of their intelligence for ADVANTAGE and personal gain.

I also made a 2-year study of these characters in history, as preliminary research on my first novel. Materialism creates an environment of selfishness. It gives us lauded philosophers who say, Greed is good.” It gives us philosophers who are avowed pedophiles. Philosophy is the personal expression of your understanding of life. That is what I say. Always keep in mind to take what you find useful here and forget the rest.

You will find an alarming amount of sociopaths in the medical field and in the law. There is a dehumanizing aspect to both of them which helps in the progression toward the pathology. You will also find them in abundance in the areas of politics and entertainment. One might say that both of them are applications of the same industry, employing the same forms of deception. Surprisingly, they are much represented in religion as well, AND ESPECIALLY, these days, in sports because of The Money.

We are intentionally brief in these blog postings and yes... we do not explore the minutiae to everyone's satisfaction, “Yeah, but what about this? What about that? What about...” Just because something does not get included in a particular blog posting does not mean it is unknown. There are over 40,000,000 words in the blog collection here. I'm not proud of that but it is what I do, and why you should only take what you need and don't worry about the rest.

I'm mentioning certain features here because states of mind like Confusion, Anger, Resentment, Fear, Panic, and Despair are growth industries of the moment. It is due to the direction, the shift in humanity, toward self-pleasure and the attendant fallout that causes the need for The Avatar to come here, AND the age, the infrastructure, and the archetypes are all in transition as well. There WILL BE powerful currents moving through humanity and the elements at this time. If you have ever been caught in a riptide or high wind, and I've had that misfortune several times, then you know how strong these currents can be. I am talking about Emotional Currents and Mental Currents. These are the sorts of things that drive people to wear uniforms and pick up weapons to defend against an enemy that is financed by the same bankers on both sides. You HAVE TO BE mindful of these currents!

War is a bonanza of a business opportunity and comes around at regular intervals, to fill the coffers of the sociopaths. The same can be said about the sex industry and all the little things people get up to or take in pill or liquid form to improve their mood because life... for some reason, it is not going the way you want it to go. This is what happens in zones where there are heavy concentrations of Materialism. People get twitchy, Sometimes they go postal. Often they lose their minds. You can see this in real-time if you venture into those locales. Mostly, though, they are unhappy and afraid.

I want to say to you that it will all be okay, BUT... IT WILL NOT all be okay. It's going to get very bad in certain locations. I am expecting something of a very large order soon. I do not know if it will be one of those engineered stunts that Israel and the intelligence agencies like to get up to, OR... if Nature will preempt them, but it's coming. OBVIOUSLY, it is coming. All the signs are there, and the COVID Scam and vaccine culling effort have fallen short. They ARE in a limited time frame. Desperation gives wings to their industries. Still... we shall see.

I'm not sure what I was trying to say in this post. Everything WILL work out in some fashion but it is best to be off the main stages when it is happening.

I leave you with something from a Buddha or a Bodhisattva. I can't remember where I got it but it's been on the desktop for a long time waiting for me to do this with it. I'm guessing here (grin).

It matters not what name may carelessly be applied to
mind; truly mind is one, and apart from mind there is naught else.

That Unique One Mind is foundationless and rootless.

There is nothing else to be realized.

The Non-Created is the Non-Visible.

By knowing the invisible Voidness and the Clear Light
through not seeing them separately-there being no
multiplicity in the Voidness-one's own clear mind may be
known, yet the Thatness itself is not knowable.

Mind is beyond nature, but is experienced in bodily forms.

The realization of the One Mind constitutes the All-Deliverance.

Without mastery of the mental processes there can be no realization.

Similarly, although sesame seed is the source of oil, and
milk the source of butter, not until the seed be pressed
and the milk churned do the oil and butter appear.

Although sentient beings are of the Buddha essence
itself, not until they realize this can they attain Nirvana.

Even a cowherd [or an illiterate person] may by
realization attain Liberation.

To give oneself, body, speech, and heart, to the cause of Holy Truth,
Is the best and highest occupation, O ye Tingri folk.

Wealth and riches are illusory, loaned for a moments use;
Show not overfondness for them, neither hoard them, Tingri folk.

One's kindred are alluring visions, glamorous mirages;
Break the tie, sever the knot of sentiment, O Tingri folk.

Fatherland and homes are transient, even as a nomads camp; Let not fondness bind
you to them; renounce all things, O Tingri folk.

Even on one's birthday morning, omens of one's death appear;
Ever be alert and watchful; waste not time, O Tingri folk.

One-pointedly devote yourself to the Sacred Dharma Path;
It shall be in the hour of death, your Guide and Boat, O Tingri folk.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

"The Shroud of Appearances is Thinning Due to the Intensity of The Light."

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The push-back has started. That Critical Race Theory and Transgender Disney Ride has finally hit the cheeseburger public. We KNOW that this entire destruction of society campaign, flows downhill from the COMPROMISED leadership, that has sold out its integrity for Position, Power and Profit.

New polls are being generated by the people who make them up, depending on the result desired by the people who pay them to run them. Apparently, Biden's voter confidence is dropping, but the polls have it dropping to a point that is still FAR ABOVE the actual support of the voters. They've still got him at a marginally positive result. He has NEVER had that in the first place. However, if they are talking about it and if they are having to manipulate the data then he is in trouble indeed, as well he should be.

It is astounding that it has been able to get like it is. That speaks to the power of The Darkness AND to the restraint of Heaven. So often... I have thought that this whole carnival period of snake oil salesmen with bullhorns was a set-up deal. It has been looking like The Good Guys arranged for The Bad Guys to get a hoist upon their own petards. There is no better way to accomplish this than to let them show their motivations and intentions in real-time on the world stage.

LGBTQ stands for Lets Get Biden To Quit! Or you could use LGBTQLOL which sounds like one of those cough medicines that used to have codeine in it. I lost my grip on the few acronyms that I understood since life has moved into the cellphone abbreviation system. That's now known as CAS in case you were wondering. I am now waiting for the P and the N to be added to the LGBTQRSVP+ for Pedophilia and Necrophilia. Think about those two persuasions as they show a cosmic irony about the times in which we live. It's that old 'Scotty, Beam Me Up, I wish I was Dead Syndrome'. On the one hand, The Infernal Kingdom appreciates and desires the despoliation of innocence above all things. On the other hand, it's been said that the grave is a quiet place. I assure you that the common understanding about where you go and what happens is fantasy. A VERY GOOD place to get some insight is The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Of Course... you HAVE TO understand that the Heavens vary according to the residence of The Founder, and are furnished and colored in accordance with the belief system of the soul who shows up there. I further assure you that the whole process is remarkably precise as is everything that Heaven makes a template for. They change the templates whenever a new age comes into being; like... duh- now? “In my Father's House are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.”

You can get SOME idea of where you are headed by simple observation of where you have been and what you have done. The Court of the Lords of Karma is like no earthly courtroom. They also use recorded sound and video for their presentations BUT... it is a good bit beyond 4K and it is a perfect film clip of your not-so-perfect life. There are an infinite amount of accommodations that The Lords of Karma employ in tailor-making every life to come. You can go an easier route that might take hundreds of lives, or you can go on the hard track, as some of us have done, and make it in a single life. Now... yes, that would be a rare event, BUT it DOES HAPPEN. “Success is speedy for the energetic.” AND LET ME POINT OUT a VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE of this apocalypse. Those who are inflexible in their course and dedicated to Heaven, as it resonates within, can make a QUANTUM LEAP spiritually.

In other words, my friends, there REALLY is no time like the present to blast into the future, whip-like across the lifetimes that now do not have to happen. God is handing out promotions of a greater value than has been seen in some time DOWN here. The Bonus Light is on!!! I am not kidding here. I know I get a little flippant about certain issues that some would regard as a tad heretical if they or I happened to know what we were talking about, which is certainly a debatable consideration. Still... I have something like a clue, except that there have been many clues and never so many as now because the shroud of appearances is thinning due to the intensity of The Light and so... The Real shines through where it might not have done so before.

One of the reasons that Spiritual Prizes are as remarkable as they are has to do with Degree of Difficulty. The Material World, like June, ♫ is busting out all over ♫ It is as slinky-sinuous as ever before and also improved by the software available to enhance it. We have REALLY got some CGI and other tools, so now... it can look even better than it ever did before, even though the real thing does not look at all like that. The Real Thing IN THAT RESPECT is terrifying. You might be VERY surprised at what is lurking behind certain appearances. Anyway... Degree of Difficulty... it is hard to ♫ keep your mind on your driving. Keep your hands on the wheel ♫ because someone is indeed in the backseat, hugging and a kissing with Fred. I always thought Fred did pretty well for himself, and there was a time when we all wished we were Fred... and... each of us gets our shot at being Fred, which we then find is not what it cracked up to be.

I wish I could put flaming letters here so as to startle the reader when I talk about the BLESSINGS which are like planes stacked up over La Guardia. Too many people have their eyes on the ground or on each other and are in danger of missing out. God IS REAL! The Avatar is REAL! And... he gets closer by the day. That said... it can be easy to miss him if your minds are on other things. The MOST CRITICAL item concerning The Avatar is the PLACE IN YOUR HEART that has been prepared for him. You can do that now, in case you forgot about this. This is the CRITICAL item and the location for the best appreciation of The Avatar. It is a whole different thing when The Sun is shining out from you instead of upon you. Yes... both are nice, unless this, unless that, and so on and so forth.

As one of God's many flowers in the meadows of his paradise, you are ONLY expected to lift your faces to The Light. You are only to wait in place while God handles the details unless you are letting The Other Guy handle the details. Both of them are God, but the environment of his presence is very different in each case. God does all the work. You ONLY have to LET HIM. Our chief commission is NOT TO INTERFERE with the Will of Heaven. It is absolute in any case so... you do the math and factor out the costs of attrition. There are MANY locations you can GRAVITATE toward, but they are representative of two distinct camps. One of them is CARNAL and the other is SPIRITUAL and they both intensify by degrees across the planes of that realm.

For some reason, hardly anyone gets the simplicity of the whole affair. It SHOULD BE Self-Evident. It SHOULD BE glaringly evident, but it is not. It is not because we project our idea of God as a bigger manifestation of ourselves. That way lies madness. All this trouble with religious wars and hard enmity between the sects, as in Sunni and Shiite, as in Christian and Jew, is due to people insisting they know who God is and what he wants. It bears a striking resemblance to who they are and what they want. NO ONE knows who or what God is. The closest we can come is to observe the effect of the invisible upon the visible, and that LOVE is the primary expression of God. His Son, who is the gateway between our world and his world, is ALWAYS an expression of Love for humanity.

It doesn't take long for it all to go wrong. Next thing you know you got the Counsel of Nicaea. Someone is bringing the Good News from Ghent to Aix, but we never find out what that is because the message gets lost in translation. One person says something to another. Then they transmit what they heard to someone else. Then that spreads out through the community and bears little resemblance to what got said originally, because everyone along the way writes their hopes and wishes upon it as it passes, AND... it ALL passes, sooner or later.

At first glance, The World seems about to go off its axis, as civilization deteriorates into a snatch and grab extravaganza. As long as Self-Interest prevails, they've all got a bucket full of starlight with no bottoms in their pails. Appearances are DECEIVING, we are on the doorstep of a Golden Age, should that shared intention live in us. In some places, it will not come. Some places will be no more soon.

Obviously, the Self-Styled Elite KNOW something (or suspect, or fear something) and they are trying to head off disaster (for themselves) BEFORE it comes into public view. If they have to wipe out most of us for their own benefit, they have lawyers who explain it all so that you can know that, “Yes... these are hard choices, but we are making them on behalf of The Greater Good and we know all about that.”

There is a Joker in The Deck. There is more than one Mysterious Stranger in the crowd. You won't spot them. They might look like the Old Woman in the Shoe, given that appearances are deceiving, but... they are around, and if one is willing to take the focus off of their Self-Interest, it WILL BE revealed.

We are experiencing only a little of the great changes coming at this point. However... it can ramp up in short order, almost as if it went by before you saw it. If your heart and your thoughts are upon The Eternal, then the pedestrian will not be a concern of yours.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, June 18, 2021

"They are in the Self-Annihilation Zone and Looking for Companions in Crime."

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Let's see... 3 mass shootings in Chicago in recent days. A Yale professor said that prohibiting Critical Race Theory was the same as suppressing Holohoax fantasies in the classroom. Did I misstate anything there? No. The Thug-Mind is running crazy in the urban streets of Blue Cities. The DA doesn't prosecute crimes in SF unless they come to around a thousand bucks worth. So people are going into the shops with duffle bags, on bicycles and it's filler-up! They are LITERALLY flying in the families of newly arrived immigrants so everyone can be cozy and Live their Own Truth.

It is both fascinating and terrifying to see this country, for which so many endured so much, crumble to ruin and mold into dust away; or however the poet put it. A progeny of this... and I am going to mention it again, is that simmering resentments and rage are aborning in these times. Fear gives birth to so many red-headed step-children. This means tempers will flare and brother may well turn upon brother. I warn you to be advised of this and not to be surprised at what might present itself in the heat of the moment. I have myself, experienced several occurrences of the inexplicable in recent times. Of course, in my case, it is mere lurkers in the underbrush who've been waiting for times like these. It is of no matter and they are of no matter, BUT... there are violent opportunists looking for opportunity. Be mindful and mind how you go.

I REALLY do not want to make the reader paranoid. Therefore I hesitate in feeding negative mindsets. Some of us are more vulnerable than others. Always remember that The Light of God is far, far greater than the mass of every shadow and darkness that has ever been and gone. NOTHING that happens to The Faithful, is going to result into anything more than a testimony for greater faith. We make ourselves apprehensive by projecting our idea of God as a bigger version of ourselves, replete with all the petty spite, schadenfreude, and other shortcomings that attend the human experience. God is not at all like us, except when we are a faithful representation of his unhindered presence within, and not even then, entirely. There is ALWAYS that portion of the pristine ineffable that is somewhere that only God knows about.

It is hard for us to consider that God could be so forgiving when we have not been. It is hard for us to love Impersonally when we are not yet impersonal. All of our suffering in this life is due to our Attractions and Aversions. We need to put these aside as well as our concepts of Good and Evil. We need to learn to live in the moment as a Heavenly Ambassador, as a steward of The Finer Realms, and we will assuredly find ourselves there ♫ one fine day ♫.

I recognize the intimidating hesitations that present themselves as Rolodexing uncertainties in our minds. These uncertainties are the offspring of our doubt, and our doubt is the offspring of our Separated Minds. Doubt is similar to Gravity in some ways and it will surely weigh you down, as will grief and despair. Why is it happening? We have a foot in two camps. One camp hosts the perspective of The Personality. The other camp hosts the perspective of The Individuality. These are routinely at loggerheads with each other over Purpose and Intention. The War can go on for a LONG, LONG TIME. In some cases, The Personality has had its way for lifetimes. Look at all the trouble in the world. This is ALL caused by The Personality in contention with other personalities. This is near the root of Karma; the whims of The Personality.

When an apocalypse comes around, most especially a Grand Apocalypse, bills come due, and there is a great deal of Instant Karma as well, depending on how quickly the ineffable wants to wrap it up. Despite that, The Divine has a lot more patience than any human being would. Look at his restraint with Kalifornia and other locations where The Dark Side holds sway. I cannot believe that God would allow this country to go down without resistance. Therefore, I am presuming that those who have sold out their souls for a mess of pottage are going to encounter singular cosmic reactions to their goals as they proceed. Presently they are making themselves out as fools on the world stage. They are violent and ill-intended fools, nonetheless. You need to give them a wide berth. They are in the self-annihilation zone and looking for companions in crime.

It all flows downhill. When there is venal and Satanic corruption in the leaders, the criminal mind trickles down and persuades the uninformed to imitate them. Then it becomes a snatch-and-grab free for all, as is presently being demonstrated street-side.

Do not get sucked into the appearances. Remember to be, “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” God is everywhere alert and attentive. He is not, despite our continuing fears, asleep at the switch. He will bring his people home, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

I want to caution you, YET AGAIN, about parasites in the woodwork and false friends. You never really know anyone until danger appears before them. Then you learn volumes in fast order. One can rely on Heaven. Humanity is another matter. Do you remember the Biblical tale about Abraham finding one hundred, and then ten righteous men so that God would not destroy the city? He could not find them. There was that thing with Lot too

My biggest disappointment in life is having discovered how Stupid so much of the population is. I had always known they were a little slow. I figured materialism accounted for that. Now... having seen what I have seen this last year, I can no longer hope it will all turn out OK. If you are driving cattle you can get lulled into a sense of relative peace. Then, you are on the Kansas plains with 20,000 head and a thunderstorm hits around midnight one evening. It changes your whole perspective. Nothing registers as so much of a memorable moment like watching the lightning dance on the horns of the rampaging steers

Or you are coming up on the North Platte River in Wyoming on the Oregon Trail, and you are in a wagon train and a Sioux war party comes out of the trees. Or you hit the lottery while working at Discount Tire and Brakes and wind up in Vietnam. Today... you might simply live in, or near, the wrong part of Chicago, or any city, and the Natives are restless. That could be seen as a racist statement but I am talking generically. I would have said the same thing about being in Beijing during Mao, or Moscow at the start of the First World War, or The Left Coast anytime recently.

You may have noticed Kamala is mentioned every day at Breitbart; 85 Days and still no visit to The Border by the Vice-President. Back around the time when Israel conspired to create the 9/11 attacks, we had The Second Gulf War, and I remember Bush talking about those WMDs. I wrote at The Best of the Fray at Slate Magazine around then. It was nothing glamorous (though I was a Star Poster... woohoo!), I was only commenting. Still... I started mentioning the days in which no Weapons' of Mass Destruction were found. As I remember, I got to about 145 days. I was roundly mocked at the time. After a while... yeah... begrudgingly they had to admit I was right. I was the reason they stopped the Star Poster program, where good writers were acknowledged. My commentary on The HoloCOST in that heavily Tribe-infused environment was something to see. It wasn't long after that when they closed down all the commenting sites to get rid of people like me, getting away from all that First Amendment nonsense. Sigh...

Conditions creep up on people and then they wonder why it happened. The very worst Marxist intellectuals come from the far east, from India, and Pakistan. You might not think it but if you do the research you will find a considerable number of them are working in the education system, politics, and other incendiary occupations. They are all funded or compromised in some way by Little Georgie Sorrows. That's probably both racist and anti-diuretic. This is probably all part of the long-term insurgency of China into the affairs of The West. It is driven by commerce at this time. They want to run the show. I think it was Marx who said, all wars are economic wars. Of course, The Usual Suspects make up the majority of The Workers of Bad Shit in these times. That is self-evident. That statement is also racist AND something THEY call “a trick. We always use it.”

As we mentioned here years ago, The Truth is Antisemitic. Well... The Truth is also racist, according to contemporary interpretations of it, especially with so many people living their own truth. Both of these are game strategies in Real Life Risk. Risk is a game from the last century about geopolitical gambles. Don't get in people's way. What business is it of yours anyway? Yes... someone should have interfered for Kitty Genovese, and one should speak out about crimes against the public welfare, but there is doing the right thing and there is also knowing when the right thing might be the wrong thing. Going by appearances, you can never be certain about what's what. It's kind of like being an actor in Rashomon, but you are in real life. Is this real? Mostly it is not, but WE THINK it is and there you go.

We can convince ourselves of anything if we want to be convinced. It doesn't mean it's true, or good for you, or safe to engage in; “We wants it. Yes, precious.” Well... you are about to see a world event filled with quite a lot of people who are looking out for their own interests. There is a solid core of good-hearted and decent people. There is a solid core of those who mislaid their morality, and... there are The Stupids. This is the fastest-growing demographic, which is in tandem with raging Materialism. It accounts for much of the information spread on social media. Some mindless followers number in the tens of millions, literally worshiping the personalities of people who cannot chew gum and read Saul Alinsky at the same time. All the Dark Side has to do is control them, and they have a Mandate for Ignorance. Most of them don't even vote but the Dark Side votes FOR them.

I saw this coming almost 20 years ago. I was trying to form a community and every effort resulted in disaster. In one case, I would not cut loose a dear friend who is still with me today, because the power brokers in the whole affair wanted him gone. That... and people asking me if I was The Avatar, was all it took for me to be convincing in my fashion (grin). Meaning, “Wow! No avatar would behave like that.”

Ah, the things we do to avoid being recognized for someone we are not.

I'm about to start going on and on here so... we'll bring this to a close. We didn't talk about The Divine as much as we would have liked to do but... Origami is soon to follow.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 14, 2021

"The Bad News is that Some of the Changes to Restore Order Will be Extreme."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All the greater troubles, at present, in this world are related to one another by a singular trend. The people have turned away from God. The Media in all of its forms outright ridicules people of Faith and the war is on to tear down the traditions. I'm guessing that is what the demolition crews are doing without knowing what they are doing. The structures must and will be transformed to accommodate the directions being set for the INCOMING new age. This has thrown traditionalists into confusion and their flocks are drifting in all directions.

Of course, IF this turns out to be true...

Many people Talk about how we are now in that New Age. The New Age is brought into being by The Avatar and doesn't happen until he's been here. It is from The Mind of God that it comes. Here is a statement I consider to be more true and more relevant than most of what I hear from those who wish too much and work too little;

"In Hinduism, Kalki is the tenth and final avatar of the God Vishnu in the current Mahayuga, foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga, the current epoch. The Purana scriptures foretell that Kalki will be atop a white horse with a drawn blazing sword. He is the harbinger of the end time in Hindu eschatology, after which he will usher in Satya Yuga."

Of course, there is allegory and metaphor there (duh).

Much of the present nonsense has to do with the programming that has conditioned the human mind to look outward for its solutions. This puts them into a reliance upon government and technology, as well as fashion and celebrity worship. Every time some D-list celebrity NEEDS to increase their celebrity and INCLUSIVENESS in the larger moshpit, and makes a public announcement about their sexual orientation, it is headline-making news all through the bugger-land of contemporary media

Turning away from God, en masse, especially the young, is at the root of all of the problems of the present. It is to be expected though, with the long present infrastructure and institutions crumbling and losing all credibility with the masses, except for the fanatic wing, which gets even more consolidated and paranoid. Meanwhile, the non-stop onslaught of information from electronic media, and through computers, tablets, cellphones, and whatever else there is, all come with an atheism and appetite-stroking massage; “if it feels good, do it!” “You only live once!” “You've got to treat yourself right!”

External events have a great deal to do with the human mind, as it connects to other minds, and creates force fields that hold certain mindsets and traditions together. When large parts of humanity turn away from God, and self-interest is what replaces it, trouble is coming. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

How we collectively think in a society, impacts on everything that comes about in our lives, while we are members of it. The weather is affected. There is a subconscious meditation that radiates from us and accounts for whether we live in harmony, or if there is disharmony all around us because that is our internal state. The Mind is VERY powerful and where people are jammed together in massive hives, you get the bad magic of negative group-think. This is self-evident. If you have need to prove it to yourself, you simply travel to LA and you will see a kind of history being made before your eyes.

Move up the coast to Montecito and it is a whole other ball game. Then follow on to San Francisco and have a gander. From there you can go cross the Sierras to an entirely different mindscape. Come down to Scottsdale, which is a part of greater Phoenix, and have a look and a feel. From there you can head to urban St. Louis. You can pass through the south-lands and hit the East Coast. Then you can lazy-like make your way up that coast and watch the pulse and vibratory nets shift and change in frequency. It seems like both of the coasts are now one extended urban sprawl.

Modern life is not healthy or harmonious. Not only is it out of balance but it is moving further out of balance with an ever-increasing speed. This is not tolerated by the one who set the stars in space and to whom we are like living cells in a vast and incomprehensible body. He has a plan in mind that is so far-reaching no mortal mind can grasp it. If we study what few records there are of past events, we can see that there has been a great deal of coming and going and not much in terms of staying. Life from a particular perspective makes it seem like a slaughterhouse when viewed in extreme fast forward.

The general climate of life has gone wrong. The good news is that IT WILL be set right. The bad news is that some of the changes for restored order will be extreme, depending on where it is extremely out of wack.

I tend to talk in a folksy manner and seem, sometimes indifferent to grammar and traditional forms of schooled expression. This is intentional. I could just as easily present in more elegant and articulate forms, with a lot of large words, and I sometimes do for brief instances (when I'm not paying attention), but my desire is to communicate, not to bedazzle, nor to be in search of an admiration which can also turn bad in short order. A man is a fool who thinks he has many friends, or that any loyalty is unconditional. You get your noble and remarkable exceptions, but they are exceptions. One has to be aware that people can change on you in a heartsbeat, so... you are either committed to the message, or you are engaged in currying favor.

There are many ways to get lost in this life. There are few recourses to getting successfully through it. I have found one and it has proven out. My concern is to please that agency that is my deliverance and to not care a wit what anyone else thinks. Life WILL and DOES prove over and over again that one MUST have a firm foundation. This is not found in Christianity, or Islam, or Buddhism, or Hinduism. It is found within yourself, and any of these can be a vehicle or delivery system for this, but in most cases, religions are training wheels, and at some point, the training wheels come off. You can see around you that it is LITERALLY Sink or Swim. It might require a little time-lapse thinking and historical references but YOU SHOULD be able to see that life is a serious business that needs to be handled with a sensitive touch.

Another feature that we can't help but notice is how unfair life seems to be. How is it that such ignorant and clueless individuals can prosper? Why are lies and deceptions rewarded? How come some people can get away with murder or buy their way out of trouble? Part of the answer is in the ever-shifting tenor of the times in which we live. It is not the cream that is rising to the top these days, but road apples. Also... NO ONE gets away with anything, and Justice is served to the last jot and tittle. You cannot, usually, know what is present behind those smiling faces, as the privileged go by on the red carpets. You do not see how they spend their days and end their days. You do not see the dread and fear that grows in them as they continue on their way. You do not see to which far country they are bound.

Granted, there are people who will argue against every single word that appears here. Here is a classic example of what shows up here and there, and now and then in certain comment sections;

Quote #1: “... Because they (ACTUALLY) know (inside) that they don’t know ...”

Knowing is absolutely worthless, unless it implies seeing.

A man does not need to know that he does not know... he simply needs to see that he does not know... and that means he should see the truth that he is unable to see the truth of a particular phenomena.

You may say this is the same... but it is not! Not going to accuse Les Visible of pride and arrogance but he sure is resistant to logic and reason. On multiple occasions this was explained in solid logic.”

What do you say to something like that? You don't. You don't say anything. That portion of the mind which I call, The Reactive Mind, MUST BE stilled. Elsewise you would be arguing till Doomsday's Break about NOTHING, with people who know even less than that. If you should be fortunate enough to discover The Truth, you must treasure it. You must protect it from those who seek to pervert it. Of course, The Truth DOES NOT need your protection. That is not what I mean. What I mean is that you must protect its presence within you, lest it flees from your contentious nature

God and the elements of his being DO NOT conform to Temporal Logic and Reason. Those are tools employed by Religion, to validate the right of venal priests to interpret that which can not be interpreted in that fashion. Why else would one be admonished to become as a little child?

Many there are who rose to spiritual heights and who then fell an equal distance. You cannot advance a righteous cause through argument. One way that I take the pulse of this country is by reading the comments that are made at different news organs. They are most revealing and also expose a certain characteristic of those who have made little self-inquiry. They are REACTIVE. If you can still the Reactive Mind you WILL find Peace. You have to make peace with yourself before you even think about it with anyone else.

How do you still The Reactive Mind? I would recommend asking Heaven for assistance, but you train The Mind the same way you train anything else from a Bonsai to an elephant, and there are two basic ways to go about it; the gentle way and the hard way. They both work but they are prone to different side effects. You see these two techniques at work all over The World, usually, more of the hard way comes into evidence. The gentle course requires you to be much more careful and informed.

All things are subject to time, including our words. Household names are completely forgotten once their time on the meter runs out. If your Ideal is timeless it will have a lasting effect. It matters NOT AT ALL if The World remembers you, but... if you can get God's attention, The World doesn't matter at all. Few are so inclined because the cost of it becomes apparent soon enough, and... what is the cost? Nothing you can't afford to lose in the exchange. It really depends on your values. That will be a strong determinant of your destiny. Go with God.

Word has it that this particular Avatar will be born in Shambhala. This means that the ordinary route, the usual route of appearance here does not need to be taken. He CAN appear at any time. Here is more information on Shambhala.

Here are pictures of the Altai Mountains where Shambhala is said to be located.

Altai Mountains
Follow image link for more examples, or click here

End Transmission.......

I will include some links where you can check the pulse of The World if you want to;

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Stanley Johnson, father of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and author of the fictional novel The Virus
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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

"This is The Root Cause of the Present State of The World; Self-Will run Riot and Unbridled."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You can see where things are headed by the events that mark the progression of them. I used to have an allegorical construct, which I employed to explain how conditions come about in a culture, or a person, in decline. Think of a flushing toilet. The water swirls at the top and winds its way down and out. It's a simple process. Let's put it into a simple construct. Let us compare it to the stages of alcoholism as the degeneracy goes through its unvarying pattern.

At the top of the swirl is a continuum of sorts, in which you see a routine series of events that repeat themselves in a predictable fashion. Then the toilet water drops to a lower circling and occurrences that seldom ever happened, begin to happen. The swirl drops lower and these occurrences become habitual. Then the swirl drops even lower and incidents that were once rare anomalies, start to take place in a regular fashion. As long as there is water in the bowl, the anomalies continue to mutate into a regularity of appearances, into a remorseless pattern, as the swirls descend to each new level. Then, inevitably, the water disappears and heads to the septic tank, the sewer, or the waste reclamation center... or a leach field for that matter. The point is that it is adios to your drinking problem... for the moment.

Let's clarify the process a tad. You've been drinking for a while and it's been, more or less, manageable. Then you get a DUI. You've never had a DUI before. Time passes and you've had enough DUI's that you are not allowed to LEGALLY drive anymore. This doesn't mean that you don't drive anymore. It just means that you keep getting DUIs. You have an accident. You've never had an accident before, some close calls, but... no accidents.

Now accidents happen in a similar fashion. You lose friends. Your lady or boyfriend moves out. The situation worsens. It ALWAYS does. You lose your job. You can't pay your rent or mortgage. They say if you keep drinking there are ONLY 3 things that happen; you can wind up in prison. You can wind up in an institution with wet brain, or you can be dead. People who have studied the matter say that these are your options. Of course, there is a great deal of suffering until the final denouement, especially if it isn't final. It's an ugly way to go and no mistake about that.

That's one kind of pattern and it is not only alcohol that can become a gorilla on your back. There are other patterns that are exercised by both individuals and groups, and they are symptoms of social disorder. Here is one of the individual events that were once an anomaly but are now becoming ROUTINE.

In the group action arena, we have incidents that were formerly uncommon. Now they are a daily affair. Every time anyone of a specific skin color gets into a conflict with law enforcement and it costs them their life, an angry mob of manipulated street crazies goes wild in the streets. This is now routine. There are also the Soros paid agitators of Antifa, and other gangs of opportunistic looters, reavers, and rampaging nihilists in the mix. This is NOW a regular affair. The shootings in Buckhead are part of an ongoing pattern, in development right now, just like a Hollywood film. They know what they are after. They have an end game in mind and it is Confusion, Disorder, and Chaos, and finally... Despair.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this matter, but if you do not accept the presence and help of the ineffable, help will not be forthcoming. That is what Free Will will get you. You want to take care of it? Have at it. This is the state of The World. This is the cause of the state of The World; Self-Will run riot, in competition with every other self-will. It happens at certain times for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is a crisis of Faith and it happens for a reason. This is spiritual boot camp, my friends, but... there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Light has always been there, but... if you turn away from The Light in search of carnal enterprises, this too is a simple matter, with a guaranteed result.

I came across a comment at another location. It was about as long as my post was. With this character it USUALLY is. His presumption of intellectual superiority is breathtaking, and he is not alone. He proceeded to go off on a tangent that had nothing to do with the post, except to criticize my reliance on what he called “an external force”. Where he got the idea of an external force is beyond me. Perhaps, in his own life, it is an external force, which puts him at the whimsy of Fate. His position is that we must all rise up collectively and overcome the conditions of life with FORCE. This is one of those eternal cheerleaders that urge their fellows to rise to the occasion, while they stand in the back strategizing policy. You CAN'T change the way people behave UNLESS you change the way they think. Their thinking is presently programmed by others for their own venal intent.

This is what the Dark Side has been up to. Good parenting says that you must get your children, while they are young, and instill good character. The Dark Side also believes this, minus the good character. They have succeeded in creating a generation of vipers, who have no vision, therefore “the people perish.” Scripture is not only about informing you on the proper way to behave. It is also filled with admonitions on what happens when you don't behave. I have personal experience of Going the Wrong Way! MORE THAN ONCE! Fortunately, I had the necessary credit in The Bank of Karma, and other than some nicks and bruises and assorted broken bones, I got out of it okay. I did not get out of it quickly. I had my nose RELENTLESSLY rubbed in it, so as to impress me with the truth of the matter. This has had a lasting effect.

I used to react to bombastic blowhards like this fellow. I didn't know any better. I got some paltry satisfaction from shooting them down, but at the cost of my peace of mind and self-respect. Now, with rare exceptions, I say nothing to them. It is a pointless escapade in a Zero-Sum Game. There will always be slick and oily types whose ONLY motive is to stoke the embers of a dead argument. The honest truth is that I now feel sorry for them. I KNOW how the course they are on is going to resolve itself. Insignificant egos are ground into powder here to make unleavened bread.

How is it, that people will routinely turn away from The Gates of Paradise in order to wallow in the sty of their appetites? It is because... at The Gates of Paradise, you have to check your base appetites at the door. This is just another permutation of the rich man trying to get through a needle's eye. Many people DO NOT want to enter the Heavenly Spheres because they do not want to turn down their fires to a blue-white flame. They come and go here, over and over, endlessly suffering, BUT... ALWAYS wanting more. This is a horrific disconnect, and you can tell them nothing. They do not want to hear it. Walk away. Do not engage the children of misery who only want to pull you down into the hole they are in. May God have mercy on them.

We are experiencing a pandemic far worse than COVID and no one says anything about it. This pandemic is a global POSSESSION by Hungry Ghosts and other malign spirits. Watch carefully as you move through The World. It is like the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, or “The Day of the Triffids”. It is somewhat like They Live.” It is a bit like all of them. If you can surreptitiously study the eyes of passersby, you can clearly see their mesmerized state. Few of us remain sane, but that is ALL going to change.

From the looks of present world conditions, it REALLY seems that a large number of us will not be here shortly. This has been coming and building for a long time. Billions and billions of dollars of Ghost Money have been spent in bringing it about. After all, they print it out of thin air. They take their cut and then toss the rest of it in the direction of their minions.

Money and the power it brings is everything now. Reputation and Integrity are for sale, as is EVERYTHING that can be sold or rented. They can outshout you, so don't shout. They can argue with you, so don't argue. The REALITY of God is a self-evident fact, BUT... only in those for whom it is... Self-Evident. KNOWING that God is REAL. What else do you need to know? The purpose of life is the discovery of this. All else is meaningless, but you CANNOT tell people this when all else is meaningful to them. We make our beds and lie in them until the nightmare comes.

If you are drawn to The Inner Kingdom with such a passion that all else is secondary, you are truly fortunate! As Shankara is reputed to have said, "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones." This is something to reflect on deeply because of what remains unsaid but is implied. I have given it much thought.

One MUST treat all souls with compassion, even the most distasteful of their kind. One succeeds to greatness when they can accomplish this, as The Sun does through every day. I have not reached this place yet... but I shall... because there are no longer any competing or conflicting alternatives for me to be concerned with. All it takes is to want it more than anything else.

I've been inspired by poetry and poets all my life. I will leave you with some selections for your consideration;

(by Rudyard Kipling)

(‘Brother Square-Toes’—Rewards and Fairies)

If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,

Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,

And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;

If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken

Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,

And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings

And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew

To serve your turn long after they are gone,

And so hold on when there is nothing in you

Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

“How Did You Die?”
(by Edmond Vance Cooke)

Did you tackle that trouble that came your way

With a resolute heart and cheerful?

Or hide your face from the light of day

With a craven soul and fearful?

Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,

Or a trouble is what you make it,

And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts,

But only how did you take it?

You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what's that!

Come up with a smiling face.

It's nothing against you to fall down flat,

But to lie there-that's disgrace.

The harder you're thrown, why the higher you bounce

Be proud of your blackened eye!

It isn't the fact that you're licked that counts;

It's how did you fight-and why?

And though you be done to the death, what then?

If you battled the best you could,

If you played your part in the world of men,

Why, the Critic will call it good.

Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce,

And whether he's slow or spry,

It isn't the fact that you're dead that counts,

But only how did you die?

“The Night has a Thousand Eyes”
(by Francis William Bourdillon)

THE NIGHT has a thousand eyes,

And the day but one;

Yet the light of the bright world dies

With the dying sun.

The mind has a thousand eyes,

And the heart but one;

Yet the light of a whole life dies

When love is done.

“Work Without Hope”
(by Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

All Nature seems at work. Slugs leave their lair—

The bees are stirring—birds are on the wing—

And Winter slumbering in the open air,

Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring!

And I the while, the sole unbusy thing,

Nor honey make, nor pair, nor build,nor sing ...

(by Emily Bronte)

Hope was but a timid friend;

She sat without the grated den,

Watching how my fate would tend,

Even as selfish-hearted men.

She was cruel in her fear;

Through the bars one dreary day,

I looked out to see her there,

And she turned her face away!

Like a false guard, false watch keeping,

Still, in strife, she whispered peace;

She would sing while I was weeping;

If I listened, she would cease ...

“Spring Morning”
(by A.E Housman)

Star and coronal and bell

April underfoot renews,

And the hope of man as well

Flowers among the morning dews.

Now the old come out to look,

Winter past and winter’s pains,

How the sky in pool and brook

Glitters on the grassy plains.

Easily the gentle air

Wafts the turning season on;

Things to comfort them are there,

Though ’tis true the best are gone ...

It's only when you write about Hope that the sky darkens a bit. My Hope is tied to my Faith. Let us all be stalwart in vigilance, that we do not argue with fools, nor let us be carriers within of the doubt of others. Our lives are far too precious to be spent arguing with people who do not even listen to themselves, much less to you. Nothing troubles me like Vanity. God spare me any sense of it. The very sight of it causes me dismay. If I can look into others and bypass their fears and contentious natures that are born of their fears, then I can see The One who resides in us all. It is our choice whether we talk to God, or The Devil when we speak to anyone. Once the conviction is in us that God permeates everything, we shall have a clue as to how we should proceed.

End Transmission.......