Thursday, June 03, 2021

"We are a Claymation Nation of Designer Labels and Knock-Offs at The Cosmic Knocking Shop."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Separated Mind possesses a separated will. This it employs to advance its material ambitions and to generate The Smoke Machine and The False Light Show, which are playing everywhere, all the time. It's more hard-core where the population has a greater density, and more soft-core in the provinces. It has a metered corruption monitor that registers the bio-rhythmic pulse of perversity as it ebbs and flows.

Life is a game show. The luck of the draw puts some of the attendees on the stage and the rest in the audience. It's prizes and prizes galore. Hopefully, you still have a little space left in the garage for these things once you get them home. Or you might win an all-expenses-paid, camping trip to central Andros Island, during Doctor Fly season. It doesn't matter because, as they say, “everyone's a winner” and the studio is giving out goodie bags when you leave.

The World goes through seasons of culture-driven laws. Sometimes they are hard and fast, and sometimes there is a way around them. Usually, there are ways around them. The World provides loopholes for its favored residents. There always seems to be Key Lime pie at the end for them; not the real end, more like the false front Hollywood endings, which tell you what's good for the hero and the heroine is good for you, too.

Yes, or so it seems, The World is eminently manipulable. It has the consistency of Silly Putty in capable hands. We are a Claymation Nation of designer labels and knock-offs. If you can't tell the difference, what difference does it make? It's supposed to put the strut in your stuff and give you the admiration of the lumpen proles. You KNOW how important that is! Does it matter if the impression is a false construct? The whole thing is a false construct to begin with. It's meant to be entertaining, intriguing, AND... fascinating, at least until the shine wears off, right around the time the new models come out.

This is a world of deals and arrangements. It's one of those fishing net shirts worn by The Invisible Man. You can't see him but apparently, everyone else can. It might not go so well for you if you can't see what isn't there. You put others at risk; should you be at all convincing from your end. Everybody wants The Truth, just not in their backyard. Nothing screws up the good life like The Truth can.

You have to be careful with The Truth if for some inexplicable reason you seem to be in possession of it. The Truth is like dynamite. Yes... you need blasting caps, but not if you are a good shot. There is ALWAYS a way around everything. We have people making a VERY NICE living telling us this. You have to pay them more than Ordinary Joe can afford, but then... you are not Ordinary Joe; are you?

If you can pay to get it done, it will get done. Most people cannot pay to get it done, nor to get The Wiggle Machine to operate. The Wiggle Machine costs a lot more than an MRI. It probably, depending on whatever model of Wiggle you need (or want), could cost as much as a bone marrow transplant. If The World is your oyster then you have learned the value of Wiggle Room.

There is no Wiggle Room with God. The Wiggle Room is the problem. That's where lawyers come from. They come from The Wiggle Room. I should point out, lest discouragement seeps in, that as one progresses into the blessed spheres, there is more and more freedom all the time. Freedom is the nature of it. However, some of us have been prisoners for a VERY long time, and often don't take kindly to suddenly being set free. The prospect is terrifying for some reason. Even though they go through their whole lives, with The Howling Unknown keeping pace with them like their shadow does, they are mostly unaware of the proximity, until it gets near the end. You'll know it when it happens, but here is a prayer, asking that you do not encounter this because you took the path Les Traveled. That's some kind of a double-something figure of speech that is above my pay grade.

Les took the path someone else traveled anyway, and he hasn't been Les for about 30 years now, although people keep calling him that, probably because they have never met.

Women have a natural inclination for The Wiggle. It is a sinuous and serpentine, sidewinder-like affair, and it is designed to get your attention. It is THE secondary attractor force. In most cases, most of the time, it appears to be The Primary Attractive Force, BUT... God... surely... is the primary attractor, proving that what you don't know CAN hurt you. It's a good career move, materially speaking, to make The Wiggle your #1 go-to action central. It falls into a regrettable, second-tier hallucination, once the attrition of mortality sets in, AND IT WILL unless you have made OTHER arrangements.

Of course, (before I hear about it from some sector of The Cosmos) I have NOTHING against The Wiggle, as it is demonstrated around The World in millions and millions of episodes daily... hourly. It is an ancient dance, and natural physiognomy determines it as a basic life dynamic. As a poet, I am NOT immune to its timeless antics. However... I found something else, or it found me. I discovered that if I REALLY want to be a Child of God, I must see the eternal feminine as The Mother.

Someone once asked Guru Bawa; “What can I do with the powerful attractions of beautiful women?” He replied, place your hand over your heart and say; “What a wonder!” I didn't get it at the time. It sounded like a poetic device, BUT not of a great deal of use in this electro-magnetic wonderland. Ah... but there is more to it. To be a Child of The Kingdom is the most profound circumstance one can find themselves in. In spiritual terms, it is called, Regenerated Innocence, and grants immediate entry to The Kingdom of God WITHIN. In the most common of alternative mishaps, it expresses as Senility.

The Masters will tell you that every blood-tie situation you are born in can well be composed of individuals from other lives, who at one time previously, was your lover, or your sister, or your brother, or your child, or your former enemy. The roles change constantly, for the purpose of Karmic Solution. Prior to having more input into what happens to you, people switch sexes from life to life. For thousands of years, orthodox Jews have gone to The Wall to implore of The Creator that they NOT BE BORN A WOMAN. Sexual identity is not present in Heaven. EVERYONE is female to God. This tells you (should tell you) that the main trouble zone down here has been eliminated from Up There.

Romance can be a beautiful thing. However, in Times of Material Darkness, it can also be as rare as hummingbird's teeth. As you can see, in real-time these days, romance is a temporary thing, like going to the pastry shop, or an ice cream emporium. It hurts like The Devil too. It tears you up inside if you catch The Carnal Love Virus. I don't think they have come up with a cure or a vaccine yet, and I don't think they will. It is the same principle as trying to fix Stupid. Somerset Maugham, one of my favorite writers, and a master of the short story wrote a novel called, “Of Human Bondage”. Wow! Ironically, he was Gay and unlike many of his contemporaries at this persuasion, he understood the male-female dynamic very well. It should come as no surprise that women's clothes are designed by men who hate women.

To be free!!! To be free of attachment, DOES MEAN having to let all kinds of things go. There are MUCH FINER expressions of conjugal love to be had. Union with God is a super-sensory sexual experience, and it causes every cell of your being to vibrate in an exquisite rapture. Saints and mystics have spoken of this for centuries, but who reads the lives of saints and mystics anymore?

I am NOT saying that we should eschew pedestrian sexual congress. What did Paul say? It was something about it being better to marry than to burn. He said, I wish all men were like me.” That wouldn't help with replenishing the population so they can go on, without respite, repeating themselves over and over for The Purpose of Demonstration, and being an entertainment source for The Divine, in this Human Comedy. Of course, not everyone is laughing.

I was trying to explain to a woman who was hitting on me, that I had stepped away from that side of The Drama. Once she got what I was saying, as diplomatically as I could manage, she went ballistic on me, which I didn't mind, considering the alternative.

EVERYTHING in this life is a sexual dance of some sort. The idea is to become a divinely inspired dancer, like the whirling dervishes. Surely I cannot get into all of the aspects here, AND once again, I am not putting the kibosh on a very human activity that is central to life as we don't know it. I'm just saying it's not for me. I've found a cleaner greener lady in a finer land (to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling). Why is she green? I recommend a study of nature, and also Green Tara.

Green Tara

Each of us will have a suitable permutation for our specific tastes, given that ♫ she comes in colors ♫ This does not make me a Buddhist. I just like her style.

Well... I've run out of space and hardly addressed my point in any detail. God has all the answers and really is the one you should be asking to begin with.

End Transmission.......

I haven't come across any worthy links of late. There has been a real shortage of related information that has anything new to it. It's unlikely that we won't get a Tsunami of mass media sludge, sooner rather than later.


Jamie Wave said...

I was just pondering this very subject matter and you have answered my question before I could ask it.
Green Tara, huh? Dig it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We are programmed to be materialists. Some of us see the light, most of us don't. Must be bitch to be the first born sausage casing in those cultures where they're expected to be the slaves of the parents when they hit adulthood, and the more they make then; the better. Life in the pressure cooker.

Glad I was never into the worst of the mortal flotsam games, and I'm actually glad I wasn't born into wealth. Boy, can that mess you up. I was into being pragmatic, though. That meant going against all the trends, and having no issues with that. Me thinks I'm a better nose for it.

robert said...

Visible One,

"Is the contrast hot enough for ya?"

Is the intensity too much or must it be so to cook off our accumulated goo?

Visible sword-wielding, word-wrangling cuts through the cultural haze that inflitrates our minds from the matrix.

Life is a game show. The luck of the draw puts some of the attendees on the stage and the rest in the audience.

As Lao-Tzu points out, the truly fortunate are those in the audience and pleased to be there!

One aspect of the present pregnat pause is reflecting clearly:
The misery that attends ego-centric ambition always threatens to drown the soul's intentions. Seen clean through, all personal motivations are dark hole inspired anyway.

If desire is directed by the One, though it come through a partial personality, there is a personal price to pay but joy comes along with it, to float the feeling above the mire
How to discern the source of our desire?
By the means by which it is achieved.
People who question their intentions are already ahead of the curve.

By now, the emptiness of "success" defined by the death cult is glaring.
The most vapid and regressed are celebrated and character is a dirty word, clogging up the human disposal mechanism.

Who needs their masks and who can stand naked before the One?
Who needs to hide behind dark intentions and who will let their spirit speak freely?
Who needs gang membership to strut their tired stuff and who finds renewal through their own being?

You have to be careful with The Truth if for some inexplicable reason you seem to be in possession of it. The Truth is like dynamite.

"in the possession of" if we are possessed by the Truth, we no longer think of possessing anything, ESPECIALLY not whatever truth has come to our attention!

Things only matter to the blind, the prize is unseen but can be partially imaged, as our eyes open into revolving doors.

Seeing with eyes overflowing with the unseen is shining the light. Plato alluded to this an age ago.

EVERYONE is female to God. This tells you (should tell you) that the main trouble zone down here has been eliminated from Up There

Droll and roll, roar with laughter or wail with the tragic tune!

Anyone in particular can serve a higher wave or invite us to crash against the reefs of our fears.
Attached to a transitory sensory experience?
Willing to pay to have it last longer than it naturally does?

What about giving with no object in mind?
Being a flow for the One to direct?
Committed to a positive polarity that only varies but does not swing negative?

Disappointed in particular beings?
Not good enough to hold your love focus long?
Fan it out to full spherical pattern without conditions and observe the passion raising all boats, sinking none!

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
was enthralled by this poem of yours until 'The Howling Unknown keeping pace with them like their shadow does, they are mostly unaware of the proximity, until it gets near the end. You'll know it when it happens, but here is a prayer, asking that you do not encounter this because you took the path Les Traveled. ' i KNOW that Les was not an error..... from there it is ALL surreal.....
consider this comment a complaint...
for over a decade i read your works , and appreciate them in what i am able to, have gratitude to the extent i am capable of... but when you do this surreal stuff, in my already surreal life, uffff.....
and then the Guru Bawa comment, ufff... I Have Never Met a Female, even tree, or a plat that exudes the Yin essence, that was not BEATUIFUL.....eveb the my 'mother' and her 'sister', clinical psychopaths i saw and see beauty in...ufff
too much
i will stick to only reading Smoking Mirrors...
Still here boss, doing my best to be ' out of function at Armageddon junction'
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug

Visible said...

Oh... kay. I didn't understand any of that (grin) but I have to point out that there is no consistency in the posting (anymore) just because it is on one site or another. Whatever is primed for the chute comes down the chute, and they vary widely from day to day. I wish I had more to do with it all. I could change things, but I don't have more to do with it. I'm just a horse.

Anonymous said...

"Once she got what I was saying, as diplomatically as I could manage, she went ballistic on me, which I didn't mind, considering the alternative."

Brings back memories. As soon as I became a monk, and put on saffron robes, suddenly it was like every woman was giving me a lot of attention and trying to flirt.

Anonymous said...

Finally the summer riots beginning. Apparently the federal police shot a black man in Minneapolis today, and now rioting is still ongoing. Gonna break out nationwide again, right on schedule... Grab some popcorn for this year's latest Planet of the Apes show

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"When They don't Get It, They Lose It; if That Makes any Sense."



Joseph Brenner

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