Friday, June 18, 2021

"They are in the Self-Annihilation Zone and Looking for Companions in Crime."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Let's see... 3 mass shootings in Chicago in recent days. A Yale professor said that prohibiting Critical Race Theory was the same as suppressing Holohoax fantasies in the classroom. Did I misstate anything there? No. The Thug-Mind is running crazy in the urban streets of Blue Cities. The DA doesn't prosecute crimes in SF unless they come to around a thousand bucks worth. So people are going into the shops with duffle bags, on bicycles and it's filler-up! They are LITERALLY flying in the families of newly arrived immigrants so everyone can be cozy and Live their Own Truth.

It is both fascinating and terrifying to see this country, for which so many endured so much, crumble to ruin and mold into dust away; or however the poet put it. A progeny of this... and I am going to mention it again, is that simmering resentments and rage are aborning in these times. Fear gives birth to so many red-headed step-children. This means tempers will flare and brother may well turn upon brother. I warn you to be advised of this and not to be surprised at what might present itself in the heat of the moment. I have myself, experienced several occurrences of the inexplicable in recent times. Of course, in my case, it is mere lurkers in the underbrush who've been waiting for times like these. It is of no matter and they are of no matter, BUT... there are violent opportunists looking for opportunity. Be mindful and mind how you go.

I REALLY do not want to make the reader paranoid. Therefore I hesitate in feeding negative mindsets. Some of us are more vulnerable than others. Always remember that The Light of God is far, far greater than the mass of every shadow and darkness that has ever been and gone. NOTHING that happens to The Faithful, is going to result into anything more than a testimony for greater faith. We make ourselves apprehensive by projecting our idea of God as a bigger version of ourselves, replete with all the petty spite, schadenfreude, and other shortcomings that attend the human experience. God is not at all like us, except when we are a faithful representation of his unhindered presence within, and not even then, entirely. There is ALWAYS that portion of the pristine ineffable that is somewhere that only God knows about.

It is hard for us to consider that God could be so forgiving when we have not been. It is hard for us to love Impersonally when we are not yet impersonal. All of our suffering in this life is due to our Attractions and Aversions. We need to put these aside as well as our concepts of Good and Evil. We need to learn to live in the moment as a Heavenly Ambassador, as a steward of The Finer Realms, and we will assuredly find ourselves there ♫ one fine day ♫.

I recognize the intimidating hesitations that present themselves as Rolodexing uncertainties in our minds. These uncertainties are the offspring of our doubt, and our doubt is the offspring of our Separated Minds. Doubt is similar to Gravity in some ways and it will surely weigh you down, as will grief and despair. Why is it happening? We have a foot in two camps. One camp hosts the perspective of The Personality. The other camp hosts the perspective of The Individuality. These are routinely at loggerheads with each other over Purpose and Intention. The War can go on for a LONG, LONG TIME. In some cases, The Personality has had its way for lifetimes. Look at all the trouble in the world. This is ALL caused by The Personality in contention with other personalities. This is near the root of Karma; the whims of The Personality.

When an apocalypse comes around, most especially a Grand Apocalypse, bills come due, and there is a great deal of Instant Karma as well, depending on how quickly the ineffable wants to wrap it up. Despite that, The Divine has a lot more patience than any human being would. Look at his restraint with Kalifornia and other locations where The Dark Side holds sway. I cannot believe that God would allow this country to go down without resistance. Therefore, I am presuming that those who have sold out their souls for a mess of pottage are going to encounter singular cosmic reactions to their goals as they proceed. Presently they are making themselves out as fools on the world stage. They are violent and ill-intended fools, nonetheless. You need to give them a wide berth. They are in the self-annihilation zone and looking for companions in crime.

It all flows downhill. When there is venal and Satanic corruption in the leaders, the criminal mind trickles down and persuades the uninformed to imitate them. Then it becomes a snatch-and-grab free for all, as is presently being demonstrated street-side.

Do not get sucked into the appearances. Remember to be, “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” God is everywhere alert and attentive. He is not, despite our continuing fears, asleep at the switch. He will bring his people home, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

I want to caution you, YET AGAIN, about parasites in the woodwork and false friends. You never really know anyone until danger appears before them. Then you learn volumes in fast order. One can rely on Heaven. Humanity is another matter. Do you remember the Biblical tale about Abraham finding one hundred, and then ten righteous men so that God would not destroy the city? He could not find them. There was that thing with Lot too

My biggest disappointment in life is having discovered how Stupid so much of the population is. I had always known they were a little slow. I figured materialism accounted for that. Now... having seen what I have seen this last year, I can no longer hope it will all turn out OK. If you are driving cattle you can get lulled into a sense of relative peace. Then, you are on the Kansas plains with 20,000 head and a thunderstorm hits around midnight one evening. It changes your whole perspective. Nothing registers as so much of a memorable moment like watching the lightning dance on the horns of the rampaging steers

Or you are coming up on the North Platte River in Wyoming on the Oregon Trail, and you are in a wagon train and a Sioux war party comes out of the trees. Or you hit the lottery while working at Discount Tire and Brakes and wind up in Vietnam. Today... you might simply live in, or near, the wrong part of Chicago, or any city, and the Natives are restless. That could be seen as a racist statement but I am talking generically. I would have said the same thing about being in Beijing during Mao, or Moscow at the start of the First World War, or The Left Coast anytime recently.

You may have noticed Kamala is mentioned every day at Breitbart; 85 Days and still no visit to The Border by the Vice-President. Back around the time when Israel conspired to create the 9/11 attacks, we had The Second Gulf War, and I remember Bush talking about those WMDs. I wrote at The Best of the Fray at Slate Magazine around then. It was nothing glamorous (though I was a Star Poster... woohoo!), I was only commenting. Still... I started mentioning the days in which no Weapons' of Mass Destruction were found. As I remember, I got to about 145 days. I was roundly mocked at the time. After a while... yeah... begrudgingly they had to admit I was right. I was the reason they stopped the Star Poster program, where good writers were acknowledged. My commentary on The HoloCOST in that heavily Tribe-infused environment was something to see. It wasn't long after that when they closed down all the commenting sites to get rid of people like me, getting away from all that First Amendment nonsense. Sigh...

Conditions creep up on people and then they wonder why it happened. The very worst Marxist intellectuals come from the far east, from India, and Pakistan. You might not think it but if you do the research you will find a considerable number of them are working in the education system, politics, and other incendiary occupations. They are all funded or compromised in some way by Little Georgie Sorrows. That's probably both racist and anti-diuretic. This is probably all part of the long-term insurgency of China into the affairs of The West. It is driven by commerce at this time. They want to run the show. I think it was Marx who said, all wars are economic wars. Of course, The Usual Suspects make up the majority of The Workers of Bad Shit in these times. That is self-evident. That statement is also racist AND something THEY call “a trick. We always use it.”

As we mentioned here years ago, The Truth is Antisemitic. Well... The Truth is also racist, according to contemporary interpretations of it, especially with so many people living their own truth. Both of these are game strategies in Real Life Risk. Risk is a game from the last century about geopolitical gambles. Don't get in people's way. What business is it of yours anyway? Yes... someone should have interfered for Kitty Genovese, and one should speak out about crimes against the public welfare, but there is doing the right thing and there is also knowing when the right thing might be the wrong thing. Going by appearances, you can never be certain about what's what. It's kind of like being an actor in Rashomon, but you are in real life. Is this real? Mostly it is not, but WE THINK it is and there you go.

We can convince ourselves of anything if we want to be convinced. It doesn't mean it's true, or good for you, or safe to engage in; “We wants it. Yes, precious.” Well... you are about to see a world event filled with quite a lot of people who are looking out for their own interests. There is a solid core of good-hearted and decent people. There is a solid core of those who mislaid their morality, and... there are The Stupids. This is the fastest-growing demographic, which is in tandem with raging Materialism. It accounts for much of the information spread on social media. Some mindless followers number in the tens of millions, literally worshiping the personalities of people who cannot chew gum and read Saul Alinsky at the same time. All the Dark Side has to do is control them, and they have a Mandate for Ignorance. Most of them don't even vote but the Dark Side votes FOR them.

I saw this coming almost 20 years ago. I was trying to form a community and every effort resulted in disaster. In one case, I would not cut loose a dear friend who is still with me today, because the power brokers in the whole affair wanted him gone. That... and people asking me if I was The Avatar, was all it took for me to be convincing in my fashion (grin). Meaning, “Wow! No avatar would behave like that.”

Ah, the things we do to avoid being recognized for someone we are not.

I'm about to start going on and on here so... we'll bring this to a close. We didn't talk about The Divine as much as we would have liked to do but... Origami is soon to follow.

End Transmission.......

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comfy clown shoes said...

Greetings El Vee!

Uncanny about the same thoughts as I was thinking some of this last night and glad that there is no house, mortgage or trophy arm decoration just waiting for an upgrade.
I am just a foolish immature joker on the internet and it can be fun in Clown World.
The laughs are endless and the head in the sand zombies out in about in Chiquitastan or former USA are wildly entertaining.
The 2025 forecast is a feature and not a bug for the Long March to burn down Western Civilization comrades from the Frankfurt school.
It took about 100 years when they expected about 50-60, once the education and corporate was conquered only the brainwashing remained.
It was just getting started when I graduated and grampaw laughed so hard when he heard about participation trophies and said this won't end well.
The whole equality thing is all about the devil being equal with the Source from which all things depend.
I almost feel sorry for those content of character dupes who fell for that bravo sierra.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kalipornia, puleeeease; and Enlil ain't my god.

I seem to still be in the Halcyon Zone, and I wonder when I'll be knocked out of it or if I'm even gonna be knocked out of it. Never has the news been so weird. The dumping of the kalipornia reservoirs into the oceans really tops it.

In some ways, I find the current times amusing. People consider me weird for being a non-conformist, but due to that fact; I have been minimally effected by the crap that's been going on. I'm also waiting to see inflation somewhere else besides the petrol stations due to where we shop.

Anonymous said...

Les, had I known, truly known how stupid most people are, how little they read, research, and comprehend, and had I been able to suspend or cancel my scruples, I would be a multi-millionaire today. Silly me - I gave them more credit than they deserved and believed there was some sh_t they just wouldn't eat. How wrong I was!

Visible said...

A NEW Visible Origami is up now=

"The Fort Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Lusitania Moment is Waiting in the Wings."

Anonymous said...

Attached to a void dance

There I was
thing king
here I am
and then
oh well
gone again



Joseph Brenner

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