Wednesday, June 23, 2021

"The Shroud of Appearances is Thinning Due to the Intensity of The Light."

Dog Poet Transmitting......

The push-back has started. That Critical Race Theory and Transgender Disney Ride has finally hit the cheeseburger public. We KNOW that this entire destruction of society campaign, flows downhill from the COMPROMISED leadership, that has sold out its integrity for Position, Power and Profit.

New polls are being generated by the people who make them up, depending on the result desired by the people who pay them to run them. Apparently, Biden's voter confidence is dropping, but the polls have it dropping to a point that is still FAR ABOVE the actual support of the voters. They've still got him at a marginally positive result. He has NEVER had that in the first place. However, if they are talking about it and if they are having to manipulate the data then he is in trouble indeed, as well he should be.

It is astounding that it has been able to get like it is. That speaks to the power of The Darkness AND to the restraint of Heaven. So often... I have thought that this whole carnival period of snake oil salesmen with bullhorns was a set-up deal. It has been looking like The Good Guys arranged for The Bad Guys to get a hoist upon their own petards. There is no better way to accomplish this than to let them show their motivations and intentions in real-time on the world stage.

LGBTQ stands for Lets Get Biden To Quit! Or you could use LGBTQLOL which sounds like one of those cough medicines that used to have codeine in it. I lost my grip on the few acronyms that I understood since life has moved into the cellphone abbreviation system. That's now known as CAS in case you were wondering. I am now waiting for the P and the N to be added to the LGBTQRSVP+ for Pedophilia and Necrophilia. Think about those two persuasions as they show a cosmic irony about the times in which we live. It's that old 'Scotty, Beam Me Up, I wish I was Dead Syndrome'. On the one hand, The Infernal Kingdom appreciates and desires the despoliation of innocence above all things. On the other hand, it's been said that the grave is a quiet place. I assure you that the common understanding about where you go and what happens is fantasy. A VERY GOOD place to get some insight is The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Of Course... you HAVE TO understand that the Heavens vary according to the residence of The Founder, and are furnished and colored in accordance with the belief system of the soul who shows up there. I further assure you that the whole process is remarkably precise as is everything that Heaven makes a template for. They change the templates whenever a new age comes into being; like... duh- now? “In my Father's House are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.”

You can get SOME idea of where you are headed by simple observation of where you have been and what you have done. The Court of the Lords of Karma is like no earthly courtroom. They also use recorded sound and video for their presentations BUT... it is a good bit beyond 4K and it is a perfect film clip of your not-so-perfect life. There are an infinite amount of accommodations that The Lords of Karma employ in tailor-making every life to come. You can go an easier route that might take hundreds of lives, or you can go on the hard track, as some of us have done, and make it in a single life. Now... yes, that would be a rare event, BUT it DOES HAPPEN. “Success is speedy for the energetic.” AND LET ME POINT OUT a VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE of this apocalypse. Those who are inflexible in their course and dedicated to Heaven, as it resonates within, can make a QUANTUM LEAP spiritually.

In other words, my friends, there REALLY is no time like the present to blast into the future, whip-like across the lifetimes that now do not have to happen. God is handing out promotions of a greater value than has been seen in some time DOWN here. The Bonus Light is on!!! I am not kidding here. I know I get a little flippant about certain issues that some would regard as a tad heretical if they or I happened to know what we were talking about, which is certainly a debatable consideration. Still... I have something like a clue, except that there have been many clues and never so many as now because the shroud of appearances is thinning due to the intensity of The Light and so... The Real shines through where it might not have done so before.

One of the reasons that Spiritual Prizes are as remarkable as they are has to do with Degree of Difficulty. The Material World, like June, ♫ is busting out all over ♫ It is as slinky-sinuous as ever before and also improved by the software available to enhance it. We have REALLY got some CGI and other tools, so now... it can look even better than it ever did before, even though the real thing does not look at all like that. The Real Thing IN THAT RESPECT is terrifying. You might be VERY surprised at what is lurking behind certain appearances. Anyway... Degree of Difficulty... it is hard to ♫ keep your mind on your driving. Keep your hands on the wheel ♫ because someone is indeed in the backseat, hugging and a kissing with Fred. I always thought Fred did pretty well for himself, and there was a time when we all wished we were Fred... and... each of us gets our shot at being Fred, which we then find is not what it cracked up to be.

I wish I could put flaming letters here so as to startle the reader when I talk about the BLESSINGS which are like planes stacked up over La Guardia. Too many people have their eyes on the ground or on each other and are in danger of missing out. God IS REAL! The Avatar is REAL! And... he gets closer by the day. That said... it can be easy to miss him if your minds are on other things. The MOST CRITICAL item concerning The Avatar is the PLACE IN YOUR HEART that has been prepared for him. You can do that now, in case you forgot about this. This is the CRITICAL item and the location for the best appreciation of The Avatar. It is a whole different thing when The Sun is shining out from you instead of upon you. Yes... both are nice, unless this, unless that, and so on and so forth.

As one of God's many flowers in the meadows of his paradise, you are ONLY expected to lift your faces to The Light. You are only to wait in place while God handles the details unless you are letting The Other Guy handle the details. Both of them are God, but the environment of his presence is very different in each case. God does all the work. You ONLY have to LET HIM. Our chief commission is NOT TO INTERFERE with the Will of Heaven. It is absolute in any case so... you do the math and factor out the costs of attrition. There are MANY locations you can GRAVITATE toward, but they are representative of two distinct camps. One of them is CARNAL and the other is SPIRITUAL and they both intensify by degrees across the planes of that realm.

For some reason, hardly anyone gets the simplicity of the whole affair. It SHOULD BE Self-Evident. It SHOULD BE glaringly evident, but it is not. It is not because we project our idea of God as a bigger manifestation of ourselves. That way lies madness. All this trouble with religious wars and hard enmity between the sects, as in Sunni and Shiite, as in Christian and Jew, is due to people insisting they know who God is and what he wants. It bears a striking resemblance to who they are and what they want. NO ONE knows who or what God is. The closest we can come is to observe the effect of the invisible upon the visible, and that LOVE is the primary expression of God. His Son, who is the gateway between our world and his world, is ALWAYS an expression of Love for humanity.

It doesn't take long for it all to go wrong. Next thing you know you got the Counsel of Nicaea. Someone is bringing the Good News from Ghent to Aix, but we never find out what that is because the message gets lost in translation. One person says something to another. Then they transmit what they heard to someone else. Then that spreads out through the community and bears little resemblance to what got said originally, because everyone along the way writes their hopes and wishes upon it as it passes, AND... it ALL passes, sooner or later.

At first glance, The World seems about to go off its axis, as civilization deteriorates into a snatch and grab extravaganza. As long as Self-Interest prevails, they've all got a bucket full of starlight with no bottoms in their pails. Appearances are DECEIVING, we are on the doorstep of a Golden Age, should that shared intention live in us. In some places, it will not come. Some places will be no more soon.

Obviously, the Self-Styled Elite KNOW something (or suspect, or fear something) and they are trying to head off disaster (for themselves) BEFORE it comes into public view. If they have to wipe out most of us for their own benefit, they have lawyers who explain it all so that you can know that, “Yes... these are hard choices, but we are making them on behalf of The Greater Good and we know all about that.”

There is a Joker in The Deck. There is more than one Mysterious Stranger in the crowd. You won't spot them. They might look like the Old Woman in the Shoe, given that appearances are deceiving, but... they are around, and if one is willing to take the focus off of their Self-Interest, it WILL BE revealed.

We are experiencing only a little of the great changes coming at this point. However... it can ramp up in short order, almost as if it went by before you saw it. If your heart and your thoughts are upon The Eternal, then the pedestrian will not be a concern of yours.

End Transmission.......

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Ray B. said...

(Since this never showed-up in the last SM after being acknowledged as sent, I will repost it here...)

A breath-of-fresh-air column, Vis. Thanks!

Vis: "Most recently, intelligence services and federal law enforcement, orchestrated a riot at The Capitol in order to pin it on supporters of the outgoing president."

In case anyone has forgotten Trump's 'background', I summarized a pre-2016-election article on him by Miles Mathis in an earlier Smoking Mirrors comment. A warning to the wise, in case one thinks he is 'outside the system'...
Vis: "All this time you have been carrying powerful spiritual possibilities around and not exercising them. A world of light magic and freedom is on the doorstep and it is knocking to get in."

My intuitions on Deep History: Once upon a time, we were exercising our "powerful spiritual possibilities." We, as in a group. Then, someone decided it would be neat to split us apart, for fun & profit. (Note that all-God was a part of this.) The best way to do this was through Pain. (Pleasure attracts; Pain repulses.)

So, an enormous amount of Pain was generated on many Conscious Levels. (Note that all-God was a part of this.) At some point, the Pain got so strong that there was a splitting-apart of what had been Whole. This has been referenced in the Bible as the "Tower of Babel Moment." One 'language' before (some form of telepathy/empathy/higher-consciousness); many languages, separation, and wandering since. A mighty fall from Grace, and it split us from our "powerful spiritual possibilities."

Fast-forward several blood-soaked millennia...

Now, the situation is being worked in reverse. Many species (Seen and Unseen) are cooperating to reduce the background Pain, on Seen and Unseen levels. The 'background' Pain is coming-down, quite quickly. That includes everything from eons-old held-pain to more-modern inputs. (It also includes Unseen types who/which had been battered into incapacitation, but were still 'conditioning' the environment through their old Pain.)

The result of all this effort is that we are approaching a reverse "Tower of Babel Moment." At some point, the overall Pain will be low enough that we will naturally reconnect. (Note that all-God was a part of this, also.)

It will be interesting to see what "powerful spiritual possibilities" result from that recognition...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I'm a little confused. I had nothing to say about President Trump. I was remarking on the election fraud. I only mention it because it seemed like... well, I don"t know what it seemed like now that I think about it. Never mind (grin).

All comments get posted unless they are rude and abrasive (without justification of course).

Ray B. said...

Vis: Thanks for the reply. In context, I wanted to address the promoted split between the Reds and the Blues (however one wants to frame the dichotomy). The sub-text has been that "the outgoing president" is somehow outside the system, instead of being subservient to the greater control-system from Day One. Misdirection, so to speak. The linked article from Mathis provided material for the thoughtful reader to chew-on...

(And yes, I believe it is true that "intelligence services and federal law enforcement" were involved in the set-up for the Capitol imbroglio.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

As you know, I'm not a friend of Mathis (Johnny Mathis, yes). I disagree with some of the things he says. This does not make him wrong and me right BY ANY MEANS. I have never thought ANYONE (these days) could get into the seat of power without being part of the situation. I have maintained right along that my ONLY dog in the fight was that Trump was the lesser evil. I can see now that that is OBVIOUS. It doesn't matter though. I even have people who have written me off as a Trump supporter which I've never been. I simply MUCH PREFERED his style of governing compared to the sociopaths who now THINK they are in control of The Ship. Much can be made in arguments pro and con and on and on and on (cue Stephen Bishop).

The FACT is that there are several camps that are into controlling the world, although none of them can, and some are far less toxic than others. I think that writers who present themselves as to knowing what goes on in the soundproof rooms of the flavors of the day, are presuming a great deal and I don't care about them CONNECTING THE DOTS because they CANNOT KNOW what is in the heart of anyone except BY THEIR WORKS and even that seems a blind sometimes. It is easy to connect the dots to support your arguments but NO ONE KNOWS, not really.

I realize that everyone has a perspective, but for me, if it doesn't have to do with GOD, it is of no interest to me. I am going to address me being crazy in the next posting, or so I'm told. Some might consider that offensive, demeaning and dismissive to be censored for being outside the parameters of materially based conversations. I consider it an honor, a privilege and a reward that I am so viewed. One must go mad to get anywhere near the truth and so all of the yogis and mystics I favor say as well. It's just different camps along the endless river of time. I don't look for agreement and I don't look for argument. I simply say my piece and it's take it or leave it. There's plenty out there for people to disagree with; being disagreeable is their profile. I'll concern myself with what Heaven thinks of me, and my interest ends there.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I needed that. I think I can pass out now for the 6.5 hours I have left before my alarm goes off. Nighty-night.

Thomas said...

A fine post, Vis.

I find a very poignant irony in that last link of yours. I get the picture of these rich and vain non-entities mostly, slobbering all over the "lowly" restaurant staff, just to be packed into an eatery full of assholes! LOL!

I mean, I like good food, too, but... oh, it is a rich image. All hail the waiters and cooks! ;)

On a related note, someone long ago said that when civilizations go south, cooks become celebrities (not knocking cooks, here). Strange times.

Thomas said...

Thoughts on Miles Mathis -

He is right to think highly of himself - but he does think too highly of himself.

If the paintings are his, he is close to mastery there, and has a shot at it, I guess.

His mathematics seem to have stopped before the discovery of dynamical systems, chaos theory, and dimensionality. They may work, I don't know, but they feel very old-school.

His various theories on world affairs and well-known people strike me often as far-fetched and absurd, but he does make some good observations, and one must credit him with being consistent in his logic.

One of the more humourous expressions of his self-centeredness is his description of a Russian historical theorist, mathematician and professor, Anatoly Fomenko, who espouses a theory of time warping from around year 1600 AD and backwards, called "New Chronology". The theory is demented, and includes a very strict time-line regards the Apocalypse from St. John's Revelation - around now, as I interpret his outlay. Anyways, this Russian, Miles Mathis says, has been specifically trained and tutored, and created by media, to discredit Miles Mathis and his theories - or something along those lines. Well... that sounds extremely implausible to me, but I don't know.

No... much better - much - as a starting point and foundation is Visibles "I don't know". Seriously. One can - as Visible says in this very post - find evidence for absolutely anything that the ego - Anti-Christ - dreams up. I, at least, have not probed the limits of the ego's ability to fool itself. Ego is not bad, but it can be incredibly stupid, foolish, mean-spirited, weak, stubborn, as well as admirable, beautiful, and strong, if it is put in the Hands of God - or a good teacher (also by the Grace of God) - or sometimes (also by the grace of God) by its own will and near-indestructible tenacity train itself to be of higher quality and create good and noble things... oh, but without the guidance of God, sooner or later...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"A Song in Your Heart and A Good Attitude, Don't Leave Home Without Them."

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful to see you dissolve your character in love....Dear Visible, showing by example the road back to the kingdom within (and without as well). Thank you from my heart.
You have become my daily source of good news and a reminder that there are more people that remembered god (or god has re-membered them in his light and liking). Been reading you from the times when you were so brave and brazen about our "leaders of the pack" and their continuous distancing from god (and from every one else that is, but they are blinded from this themselves) calling out what every one else (almost) was afraid to do. A fierce and fearless warrior you were back in the day (still on rense).
And with you I too have been moving from being critical of the liars to going closer to god, a place of non-criticality where I thought I was a PERMANENT resident for almost two weeks when I experienced a full blown kundalini awakening in 2000 (and the subsequent fall and of course being called and thought off as crazy by my closest people). If being crazy is going from being a critical person to being a non critical person who just doesn’t know anything, I sure am all for crazy!
My real problem is that the first time this happened to me, it was done to me, that is the reason I understood that as you say there is definitely something else out there, and In there also. Now with all this shit being uncovered every day, a dream has been come true and finally a lot more people are waking up to the reality of our society and who runs it to their profit (supposedly) for them its real anyway, but also I am really having a hard time switching off the bad news and tuning into god and becoming non critical. And like a true miracle, you are now preaching this precious peace I am in need of pursuing myself, and all the ways to get there included, because for me there is no second awakening from god, this I now have to do myself by asking help from within as you so punctually remind us.
Thank you also to all wonderful commenters for being on, and making this the best place on the internet for true awakened souls.
A friend from greece.



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