Monday, June 28, 2021

"And ALL OF THEM are LIT, and Nose-Rooting Through the Tunnels of Appetite."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The difference between social change in the '60s and what passes for it in this time is best illustrated by the artists at work then and now. We had Joni Mitchel. They have Taylor Swift. We had Bob Dylan. They have Kanye West. We had Janis Joplin. They have (gasp) Miley Cyrus. These days they are all tattoo graffiti billboards. That is as close to artistry as they come, making themselves into a pastiche of doodling, done by what seems to be a six-year-old hand. I could look for other disturbing parallels but I am unfamiliar with nearly all of the contemporary artists)?) I've heard snatches here and there when I enter some shopping arena, However, I am out the door ASAP so that all I hear is a segment of mindlessness. Many shopping zones have decided to avoid rap over the sound system and instead play other artists from times before this current depravity, like the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

No! I am not old and therefore intolerant of new genius. I KNOW genius when I hear it. I have not heard anything close to genius in a Long Time. I have to look hard to even find anything Normal. Occasionally, someone will release something that exposes the bullshit of the contemporary fascist mind. It gets quickly snuffed at YouTube.

Many strange conditions are appearing. What is the story with the words run and ran? Is it run over or ran over? I thought it was about tense. “If your child gets ran over.” What's wrong with run over? That even sounds better. Everywhere I go now, where people had to go to school to learn to write, I am seeing these new word tortures.

I am CAREFULLY reading the comments sections of articles now. I've noticed that 53% of Americans are vaccinated. I observe the emotion-driven conversations taking place. I've seen friends and family separated over the COVID Myth and the pernicious vaccine, already proven to have killed a lot of people. I am watching the pincher movement (cue Napoleon), looking much like many separate tentacles looking to squeeze the humanity out of humanity; more mixed whateverfors.

The most evident of the forces at work are Confusion, Fear, and Enmity. These are close traveling companions most of the time anyway. They're old standards, and no matter how many times the simple public has been fooled, it looks with wide-eyed credulity at each new scam. People WANT to believe. “This”, they say to themselves, “Can't be all that there is to life.” They are correct on that account, but they are not going to get the 'more to life' that they imagine, or long for, by listening to those who make their living shearing them.

It is VERY CLEAR that our system of government and the state of the culture are in Deep Decline. All that we are seeing is TYPICAL of what happens when a country falls on hard times due to the corruption of the leaders AND the people. Everybody is dressed up in their clown suit and playing the Musical Chairs or Your Life games. There are a lot of chairs. What passes for music is loud. There are a whole lot of people and ALL OF THEM are LIT, and nose rooting through the tunnels of appetite. It hasn't dawned on them how serious the game is. If, occasionally, a couple of people fall off of the party boat, so what if it wasn't you?

You see more psychopaths and sociopaths at certain times than at others. This is because, IN THESE TIMES, very early in life, people become desensitized by tidal waves of information and ready-to-hand attractions. They see themselves as the center of the universe, and it's cool to be that way. So... as Materialism intensifies, so do the numbers of psychopaths and sociopaths.

You might be wondering what the difference between them is. The professionals don't seem to have a clue and bury the distinctions in incomprehensible jargon. I will give you my definition. Both are uniformly the same, except for one distinguishing feature. Both of them might kill you, given the opportunity, BUT... the sociopath will try to engineer it and cause it to happen in a way that the finger doesn't point at them. The Psychopath will kill you themselves, and often for sexual reasons. Both will torture you. One will play mind games and the other will use physical instruments and play mind games.

The misuse of the sexual force is at the core of many of society's problems, AND... there are those who deliberately pervert it for the purpose of Mind Control. The whole of the transgender movement is about normalizing Freak so that the bars for behavior can be lowered until they are out of sight. THEY are full-steam ahead for Train Wreck Junction.

Now... I am not a psychologist but I have a Great Deal of On the Job experience. I also got a lot of my learning DIRECTLY, and not indirectly through a forensic study of the lives of others in a classroom. I got mine from studying myself and from direct and personal encounters. Here is an interesting thing about the two, they have no interest in Self-Inquiry. They are ALL about what you are up to. They know what they want and that is all that matters.

I have met serial killers and pure psycho and sociopaths. For 22 months I was locked up in The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane and all sorts of psycho killers came through there and some were long-term residents. I'll not share with you any of what they did. What I noted was their complete lack of empathy and the constant tracking of their intelligence for ADVANTAGE and personal gain.

I also made a 2-year study of these characters in history, as preliminary research on my first novel. Materialism creates an environment of selfishness. It gives us lauded philosophers who say, Greed is good.” It gives us philosophers who are avowed pedophiles. Philosophy is the personal expression of your understanding of life. That is what I say. Always keep in mind to take what you find useful here and forget the rest.

You will find an alarming amount of sociopaths in the medical field and in the law. There is a dehumanizing aspect to both of them which helps in the progression toward the pathology. You will also find them in abundance in the areas of politics and entertainment. One might say that both of them are applications of the same industry, employing the same forms of deception. Surprisingly, they are much represented in religion as well, AND ESPECIALLY, these days, in sports because of The Money.

We are intentionally brief in these blog postings and yes... we do not explore the minutiae to everyone's satisfaction, “Yeah, but what about this? What about that? What about...” Just because something does not get included in a particular blog posting does not mean it is unknown. There are over 40,000,000 words in the blog collection here. I'm not proud of that but it is what I do, and why you should only take what you need and don't worry about the rest.

I'm mentioning certain features here because states of mind like Confusion, Anger, Resentment, Fear, Panic, and Despair are growth industries of the moment. It is due to the direction, the shift in humanity, toward self-pleasure and the attendant fallout that causes the need for The Avatar to come here, AND the age, the infrastructure, and the archetypes are all in transition as well. There WILL BE powerful currents moving through humanity and the elements at this time. If you have ever been caught in a riptide or high wind, and I've had that misfortune several times, then you know how strong these currents can be. I am talking about Emotional Currents and Mental Currents. These are the sorts of things that drive people to wear uniforms and pick up weapons to defend against an enemy that is financed by the same bankers on both sides. You HAVE TO BE mindful of these currents!

War is a bonanza of a business opportunity and comes around at regular intervals, to fill the coffers of the sociopaths. The same can be said about the sex industry and all the little things people get up to or take in pill or liquid form to improve their mood because life... for some reason, it is not going the way you want it to go. This is what happens in zones where there are heavy concentrations of Materialism. People get twitchy, Sometimes they go postal. Often they lose their minds. You can see this in real-time if you venture into those locales. Mostly, though, they are unhappy and afraid.

I want to say to you that it will all be okay, BUT... IT WILL NOT all be okay. It's going to get very bad in certain locations. I am expecting something of a very large order soon. I do not know if it will be one of those engineered stunts that Israel and the intelligence agencies like to get up to, OR... if Nature will preempt them, but it's coming. OBVIOUSLY, it is coming. All the signs are there, and the COVID Scam and vaccine culling effort have fallen short. They ARE in a limited time frame. Desperation gives wings to their industries. Still... we shall see.

I'm not sure what I was trying to say in this post. Everything WILL work out in some fashion but it is best to be off the main stages when it is happening.

I leave you with something from a Buddha or a Bodhisattva. I can't remember where I got it but it's been on the desktop for a long time waiting for me to do this with it. I'm guessing here (grin).

It matters not what name may carelessly be applied to
mind; truly mind is one, and apart from mind there is naught else.

That Unique One Mind is foundationless and rootless.

There is nothing else to be realized.

The Non-Created is the Non-Visible.

By knowing the invisible Voidness and the Clear Light
through not seeing them separately-there being no
multiplicity in the Voidness-one's own clear mind may be
known, yet the Thatness itself is not knowable.

Mind is beyond nature, but is experienced in bodily forms.

The realization of the One Mind constitutes the All-Deliverance.

Without mastery of the mental processes there can be no realization.

Similarly, although sesame seed is the source of oil, and
milk the source of butter, not until the seed be pressed
and the milk churned do the oil and butter appear.

Although sentient beings are of the Buddha essence
itself, not until they realize this can they attain Nirvana.

Even a cowherd [or an illiterate person] may by
realization attain Liberation.

To give oneself, body, speech, and heart, to the cause of Holy Truth,
Is the best and highest occupation, O ye Tingri folk.

Wealth and riches are illusory, loaned for a moments use;
Show not overfondness for them, neither hoard them, Tingri folk.

One's kindred are alluring visions, glamorous mirages;
Break the tie, sever the knot of sentiment, O Tingri folk.

Fatherland and homes are transient, even as a nomads camp; Let not fondness bind
you to them; renounce all things, O Tingri folk.

Even on one's birthday morning, omens of one's death appear;
Ever be alert and watchful; waste not time, O Tingri folk.

One-pointedly devote yourself to the Sacred Dharma Path;
It shall be in the hour of death, your Guide and Boat, O Tingri folk.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

53% vaccinated? Well, I like lower population density anyway. This town was far more pleasant when we had fields with all the blackberries we could eat, and meadows to run through, and a view of the hills without all the stupid HOA clone buildings that are gonna collapse when the quake hit ruining the view. Lower rent and less traffic is cool, too. Wait a minute. Am I playin' devil's advocate here? On the other hand, how many share my view? Slum clearance, finally? Of the willfully ignorant pro-vaxxers at least. (I have a snarky line that's fun to use amongst the more educated. I'M VERY PRO-VAX. . .FOR EVERYONE ELSE!)

I'm glad I wasn't born today. And one more thing! If one isn't here, they're somewhere else; so why is it so bloody important to people for other people to be here? Might as well wish 'em to be in Rikers for 70 odd years, or what ever the Hell the life expectancy is these days. Prob'ly a lot lower than the official numbers.

I am so privileged to be dead to the ways of world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your untiring works. I look forward to them to help bring some sanity back into my own mind. Admittedly I get fearful, angry, confused and frustrated quite often these days. I retreat back to God and meditation but its a circuitous situation. When you say things are going to get worse I believe it and yet I pray for this situation to start turning around in a more visible’ sense to those of us who need to see concrete proof that the Angels are in this with us. The enemy seems huge. All these hospitals and big corporations demanding vaccines , the C. D. C lying through their teeth about benefit outweighing risk. Doctors siding with the enemy How many bad guys can there be? Do they really want us all dead? I just cannot wrap my head around it anymore, The hatred toward the country by a certain race is unreliable to me. I’m overwhelmed . Anyway, thanks again for the sanity and hope and Faith.
Un vaxed forever

sandy said...

thanks, enjoyed reading this.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an excellent column. Thanks!

Vis: "You see more psychopaths and sociopaths at certain times than at others. This is because, IN THESE TIMES, very early in life, people become desensitized by tidal waves of information and ready-to-hand attractions."

Outside of higher Unseen entities' manipulations, I like to go back to the wisdom in Joseph Chilton Pearce's The Magical Child. After researching across many cultures, Pearce noted that all is well in children as long as parents/society simply let Nature unfold at its (drumroll) natural pace. It turns out that each child goes through a series of unfoldings at its own personal rate. Each of these Stages, as Pearce calls them, is marked by 'tells' in each child. Behaviorisms and focusing of attention. Do what enables Stage 1 until the child shows it is ready (and longing) for Stage 2. Then, do what enables Stage 2. And on. Not too hard...

The harm to the child - and the creation of psychopaths and sociopaths - comes when a Stage is forced upon the child before it is ready to unfold into that Stage. In effect, it short-circuits the natural unfoldment. Inside, the child is often 'stuck' at the level where it was derailed. All kinds of minor and major '-pathys' originate from this non-listening to Nature.

Also, harm will occur to the child when a Stage ready to unfold in the child, but there is no 'modeling' available for the child to expand into that next Stage. No enabling of that Stage, as it were. Pearce includes the psychic and spiritual realms in his unfoldings. Much of the short-circuiting concerning Higher Levels occurs because there was no person available for higher 'modeling' when the time came. (How many real Shamans/Saints/Sages were available for the average person?)

I suspect that one reason for "the need for The Avatar to come here" is because most of the Higher Level 'modeling' people are gone. Eliminated. This almost automatically produces a failing culture. And strange weirdnesses.

It will be interesting to see how Higher Level 'modeling' people are re-inserted... (Unless we go through a reverse "Tower of Babel Moment"...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I love you brother and look forward to reading your new posts and sometimes find myself digging up old ones.

On a side note, something I shared with my fiance Sunday night.

"I despise the entrapment of personal will....utterly despise it. I want every last hair and feather of it gone FOREVER. It still tries to crawl out of the grave and when it does I feel the peace and contentment I have start to slide. The personal will is the root of all wickedness and I absolutely abhor it because I see it for exactly what it is and what it does. It quenches the Spirit and I utterly despise it for that....I wish I was deep in the woods somewhere with not the slightest of distractions from the hubris of the wicked world around me...UGH"
"The personal will is the gulf between man and the Living One. It is what we all need saved from. It's not getting me down right now. I'm just having a moment of extreme clarity...seeing the personal will for the monstrosity that it is...looking back on my entire life and seeing how it worked against me.... I despise it, I absolutely utterly despise's the reason I spent the bulk of 47 years in such a miserable state."

Much love my friend,
Justin Virden

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"We are Even One of His Disguises but We have Hidden that From Ourselves."

Visible said...

Knock off the Les Crooks shit and the pandering passive-aggressive atmosphere that is strong enough for me to be aware of it. I'm watching you and I am not to be fooled, hard as that is for those caught up in their own eliteness of mind to understand. I'm not here to be toyed with. Anymore hostile macroaggressions and you are here no more, neither in the anonymous sense either, lest... for reasons that escape me, you think I am not privy to.



Joseph Brenner

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