Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day... 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who has something to be grateful for and appreciates it, even though the times in which we live grow increasingly strange and unpredictable; the shit has yet to hit the fan and possibly, if enough of us can maintain a positive proactive attitude, it might not happen. Maybe this is just my irrepressible Pollyanna persona that somehow got fashioned as a result of a seriously hard knocks existence and the only reason that was the result is that all the alternatives would have been much harder to bear. Regardless of how it might turn out in the end it is still better to go out with a smile on your face even if there seems to be no reason for it (grin). We're guessing that not everyone is going to agree with this but... that puts a smile on our face too. Hey! It's Thanksgiving and I am going to spend the day being grateful and give you all kinds of reasons why; gratitude for what we are and for what might be and especially gratitude for what we are not and hope never to become.

Just in case anyone thought that what got said yesterday in Smoking Mirrors was exaggeration and the state of emergency we live in- as relates to our Constitutional guarantees and those freedoms that you are sure to see if you have ever read the Bill of Rights- please cast your eyes on this lovely message coming out of ground central for the hypothalamus, or would that be the neo-cortex of The European Union? Whatever... it is still right next to the Land of La Marseilles. Hey!!! "Allons enfant de la patrie", dear readers. We used to sing that song as a child when we lived in Paris. We are guessing it no longer means what it did, just as The Star Spangled Banner is an ironic laugh riot now, should you be one of those people who find that sort of thing funny. I don't. Like the guy in Airplane said, “I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue.” However... as a paraphrasing take on that let me say in reverse... “I picked the right time to hasta la vista out of the European states.”

I am grateful that I no longer live in Europe because I have said in print similar things to what that courageous French comic said and the saddest reality is that both of what either of us have said happens to be true. When powerful interests have to go to this length to repress freedom of speech, what is being said is very likely true. I am grateful on this Thanksgiving that I do not fear the truth and I am grateful for all those others, no matter how few they may be. I am glad that for whatever the reason, I am lucky enough to be able to see that the Paris attacks were orchestrated by the same people who intend to put this brave man in jail for telling the truth and I am grateful that I am ashamed for the rest of the human race that refuses to see the truth and who do not rise up and protest this injustice.

I am filled with gratitude that I know Israel did 9/11 and once again I am ashamed for all of the people who could easily know this as well but who, due to ignorance or cowardice, self interest or indifference, refuse to see that this is true. I am grateful for every stripe I have suffered under the whiplash of the truth descending on me and for the recognition and realization that followed the pain of whatever it took for whatever is decent in me, to possess enough force of conscience to overcome my fear of whatever the cost of it might be.

I am intensely grateful for the strength to endure the absurdities and outrages of this unfortunate time in which I live. I am awash in gratitude for the sacrifices of everyone who has paid the price for having the stones to stand up to the only terrorists of whom we should be concerned and that is the psychopaths who run the governments and armies that dispense their terrors upon whomever they wish to torment and murder, simply because they love to do evil for the sheer joy of it and whom, despite the fact that there is often a profit motive behind the horrors they inflict, would still do it, even if there were no other motive than the enjoyment they take from it. I am of everlasting gratitude that I am not one of these doomed and damned souls.

I am grateful that I do not live in one of the presently war torn countries that are being besieged by the Zionist predators and their mercenary armies from other nations that they control because they control the presses that print the currencies of the countries where these soldier for hire are taken from.

I am so very, very grateful that I am not so unbelievably ignorant that I would be willing to go and kill innocent sheepherders and subsistence farmers and their wives and children, under the orders of bankers who control the government of the country I come from and set the parameters for whatever sad excuse for a foreign policy it possesses. I am grateful that I know that whatever other terrorists appears in these countries, they are created and financed by the same people who sent the soldiers of other nations to kill the people who were driven to these extremes, due to the violent evils visited upon them by the people responsible for what they became and who were formerly shepherds, or store clerks, or street vendors, or students ...but who could no longer be any of them because their sheep got blown to bits by anti-personnel mines and cluster bombs and Hell-fire missiles, or... automatic weapons, or whose stores were leveled along with the entire surrounding neighborhood including the streets that the vendors used to set up and all the schools and universities they used to attend.

I am grateful that I sit here writing this today and am not consumed with the thought of all the stupid useless shit I intend to go out and buy tomorrow. I am drenched in a sense of Thanksgiving that feeling thankful, for me, is far more important than stuffing myself with so much food and drink that I fall asleep on my couch in the middle of watching a football game in a country where material excess has become a religion, even through something like half the world's population often goes to bed hungry. I am so thankful that I am not complicit in causing this.

I am thankful for the readers who come and visit here and whose continuing return makes it possible for me to write these things and without which there would be little point to it and whose solidarity of heart and mind contributes to my being consistently inspired to get up to this sort of thing on most days and who bear as much responsibility for anything good happening as I do. I am grateful that I realize this and grateful to be aware that I am just one among so many of us and that I am not consumed by so many outbreaks of brain fever that manifest in self importance and vanity and far more grateful that I realize one never accomplishes anything of any lasting significance if they so full of themselves that it winds up being exposed in the work that is done and then becomes nothing but an embarrassment and a pedestrian exercise in futility. I am so thankful that I am mostly (grin) aware of this.

I am grateful that despite my failures and shortcomings that I am generally motivated by high ideals even when I am not always able to reflect on or live up to them and I am further grateful that I never stop trying and I am even more grateful for all the people whose lives and beautiful efforts make me want to be a better person, despite the inconsistency in me that has been demonstrated now and again.

I am thankful for those who link my work, regardless of my having disappointed them on occasion. I am grateful they have the generosity of spirit to overlook this. I am grateful for those who have supported my work and without which support I might not have been able to continue.

I am grateful for my faith in ultimate justice, even though I have seldom seen it and I am incredibly grateful for Mr. Apocalypse, whose ceaseless efforts at exposing the liars and murderers and nasty plots of the temporarily privileged and self chosen and without whose presence and determined efforts this world would be far worse than it is and I thank him for upping his intensity and for unmasking the predators and sonsofbitches that seek to bring about Hell on Earth and who will fail, regardless of how hard it might be to see sometimes. I'm grateful and thankful for so much more but I have run out of space, so I will close with a Thanksgiving poem I wrote a few years ago and a link to the remarkable Patrick Willis who gave voice to it in a way that only he is capable of doing. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Disclaimer; my use of the word 'fat' is metaphorical. I am well aware that we come in all shapes and sizes but I could hardly write at all if I have to watch every word I say, so just know that this references something more than anyone's appearance and is more a matter of a certain way of being.

Thanksgiving the Day After

Thank you for liberty as license
in excess to
make us fat and stupid

like turkeys portrayed
as what they are not
but they taste sweet
like the memory of
what we lost

God Bless us for being a nation of assholes
in every country where
they don't celebrate
what we have
lied ourselves into believing
was representative of our gratitude

irony is
the cranberry sauce
and the gravy lines the arteries
of our super highways
in the portable mashed potatoes
of wide load bodies
yearning to be free

where our children are pierced with
navel rings
and tongue studs
the one hidden in folds of flesh
and the other hardening Daddy's
fat cock
while mom cruises the aisles of the
open 24 hours Giant supermarket
in a Valium haze


I been searching

I been searching every day

and generating vipers
like The Bible in hiphop
done by Snoop Dog and
dressed by Diddy
and available in Spanish
and Braille for those who
need to touch what they can't feel and

joined at the hip to
the country we fought to achieve
independence from
who never stopped running the show
and who joins us now
in another nation where
death is the technicolor
dream coat

and we like it better from behind
with a reach around than
we do on our backs and looking
into the face of the rapist
who made sure that the only people
walking on the sea of Gallilee are
Palestinians running too fast to sink

Yeah, I got your
gratitude swinging
I got your illuminated text
and the bloated bodies that
Rumi might have mentioned
if he had been Nostradamus instead

or Nosferatu
in the White House where
they don't get mentioned

We hold these truths to be

we hold these dark woods and
serial killer drop zones in the
ice plants along the sides
of California freeways to be

I wish I had a country to love
I wish I hadn't died in the loading zone
I wish I had not
shit in one hand and
wished in the other

I wish

I wish

I wish

we thank you lord for these blessing we
are about to conceive
with no kind of fucking justice
in thrall
to the Homeland Security pigs
in the hall.

(there was another Thanksgiving
that wasn't on Thanksgiving where my
Mom made me hotdogs because the chili
the family was having for dinner on the
night I got back from the hospital
was too spicy for my 12 year old stomach ulcer

that I got because
someone was so angry and cruel
that I
burned my insides out

I lost it-

for awhile before
I even knew it was there

my health
my life
my heart broken inside

I cried

I wept

I died

My father called me a
special privileged character
he whipped me
like a dog

that's what I got for Thanksgiving

that's what I got

that's what I got
for Thanksgiving every day
and he was a soldier for life
in the army that protected
the land of
fat blessings
for which Thanksgiving is the
day before shopping is celebrated
and the day after the two day wait to shop)

and succotash
cartoons and life
animated characters poping up out of the sidewalk and one of these days

one of these days

"ba ba bada ba bada 'bing' that's all folks."

cartoon spiral sucked back into the real spiral
"buddha budda budda" said the machinegun scream

"Down on your knees!"

"Good grief, it's Daddy!"

For these gifts we are about to receive
from a god that looks like John Wayne Gacy in a clown suit
on a bed of clouds with handcuffs

we thank you god for the rain of fire that
we richly deserve
more for the fundies and missionaries than
we do for the porn

What does it take to paint sugar water under the
eyes of starving black children for
photo-ops in a Banana Republic Safari Suit?

the same thing it takes to be in charge of
exploited children
the same kind of photo-op
of men congratulating themselves for
killing half a million people
so that
their buddies in supply and demand can
make enough weapons to defend the bottom line

I am thankful
on Thanksgiving that
I am not you
and grief sticken too that
you are a part of me
Here in the pumpkin pie wilderness of
the land of the free.

Patrick Willis: Thanksgiving, The Day After

Friday, November 20, 2015

Weaponized Mayhem and Madness at the Turning of the Age.

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It's hard to know how to go when you can't see past the bewildering foliage of the moment and especially when you can't see over the curve of the planet or apply some kind of personalized Google Earth that sees up around and into things. Much as most everyone that comes here knows that it's all 99% bullshit out there, it is a labor indeed to consistently reject the impact of the lies streaming at us 24/7. It takes a unique and disciplined mind to accomplish this. We are assaulted with sounds and images without respite and you can add into that all of the invisible waves bouncing around the landscape at all times. Some of these may be not so harmful overall and some of them we know to be toxic. One experience I had was a short time spent under a high tension wire. I've never forgotten it.

It's not just the microwaves and whatever HAARP actually is, it's not simply all the weaponized frequencies that are being directed at large population masses, it's the focused, occult force, resonating from the hive mind of twisted psychopathic freaks and acting upon the collective unconscious for the promotion of all manner of perversion and mayhem. You can take it to the bank that there are some number of genuflecting sycophants of the dark side, bobbing up and down and reciting vile chants and ceremonial imprecations, seeking to call up residents of The Pit for the purpose of the enslavement and torment of the human race. How logical is it that this is real? Aren't there all sorts of monks and members of many faiths who join together in fellowship and prayer, directed at the benefit of humanity? Why would the opposite not be taking place as well? Of course it does. The Kabala Boys and Vatican Vipers and sundry are all intently fixed upon every possibility of greater harm. Behind the scenes they are swinging their own kind of censers and plugging daggers, or other devices of penetration, into small children, while shrieking out the name of whatever demon they are summoning to the manifest plane. Of course, much worse that this is going on and that's pretty bad already.

I was reading where someone said that the Paris attacks were setting back the migrant infusions for a good piece of time and that they had shot themselves in the foot by bringing it about and then... I see where Hollande just said that the attacks wouldn't affect the state sponsored migration movements at all. Travel enough and you will hear almost anything. If it sounds plausible, the mind is inclined to believe it but... I suggest, question everything. Sometimes our biggest problem turns out to be something we accepted as being true a long time ago and which is now a part of us, too intimate to question.

It you look with any sort of sustained intensity at the world around you, you see tens of millions who operate out of a programmed understanding of what they believe life is all about, as well as what is desirable and what is not. Many bug eyed religions are awash in hypnotized acolytes who take the most absurd things as gospel. Their ministers tell them one thing one week and another thing the next week and contradict themselves as if it were some kind of integral yoga of their faith. They tell every kind of cynical lies directed at supporting a murderous administration on the political end, setting them against people they have never met and cultures they have never experienced and exhorting the young to put on a uniform and head off somewhere they have never been and kill everything they see for the profit of godless bankers.

Last month in the NFL it was Support the Breast Cancer Financial Scam and it was pink everywhere. Not a dime of that money will ever find its way to a cure of anything but fattening the wallets of the Tribe con artists who came up with it. Now.. this month, we've got Support the Young Dumb and Full of Cum military service scam and all the coaches are running around with cammy headsets and cammy baseball caps. The only one not doing this is Bill Belichick. Maybe next month it will be Salute to Hanukkah and Shotgun Santa Claus month. Instead of helmets the players can wear yarmulke beanies with spinning helicopter blades on top.

We've been scouting around the wider landscape of this blue green planet and noticing some interesting things about perversity. We engaged this by using the search engine to locate places where certain action goes down and found that it was very hard to find in rural locations and smaller towns and villages. The bigger the city was, the wider the selection. We also noted the presence in university settings, out of all proportion with everywhere else, of all manner of agendas that you just don't see at a wider reach. We came across many a curious situation that seemed to say to us that diverse destinies are afoot for specific locales.

As we looked deeper into the mix we saw trends massing and expanding in a kind of time lapse manner and the harder we looked the more it slowed down and sped up at the same time. That is to say that it was slow in the places where we were understanding the meaning of it and fast when we put our attention on the way the trends indicated they would be expressing themselves and we noted a rising hysteria of a religious nature and this made sense to me because the world is changing in such a way that most minds are unable to change in concert with it, so they believe all the nonsense about the national identity and they head off into the last refuge of scoundrels and meanwhile, immersed in fear because they have no idea of what is going on, or what it means, they seek after supernatural solutions that are interpreted for them by materialists. I doubt I am making much sense but there is a sense of something in what's been said... moving right along.

What is interesting about this Salute to the Military Industrial Complex at the NFL is that it was set in motion BEFORE the Paris attacks and the more we look into the Paris attacks the more we see all kinds of operations that were in motion prior to or in concert with the attacks. Obviously the whole thing was orchestrated and once again, we only have to take a look at the theater where one of the attacks went down and the fact that the owners had just sold it prior to the attacks after being there for 40 years and then hightailing it to Israel.

We don't like to pay much attention to events like the Paris attacks anymore. They are a waste of what time we have left here. By this juncture it is pretty clear that all the terror attacks going on are being managed by the same people and whatever terrorist armies, like ISIS that exist, have been created and are controlled by the same Satanic cabals financed by the same Satanic bankers. As we look deeper we find that most of the big time international crime is also being engaged in by the same people who finance everything else, or are so financed. There are some amount of entrepreneurs out there but they get the wack a mole treatment cause they aren't in the big leagues. They aren't connected

We were supposed to go down to the Police Commission tomorrow to complain about the incredible lack of professionalism on the part of the local police who are about as efficient as a lawn jockey playing hockey... a lawn jockey of no particular color by the way. I think the only color they don't come in anymore is black. So I am speaking of a contemporary lawn jockey playing hockey. One officer Murray came by when I told them I was going to the newspapers. He had nicely jelled hair and he didn't give a shit to the point that his contempt and impatience were palpable and when I thanked him for his perfunctory and indifferent performance.. At that point as I reached for his hand to give him a hearty handshake, he extended two limp fingers which was strange and freakish and I have no idea what it meant and that is kind of how it is here a lot of the time, meaning to cast no aspersions on the island culture in general. I've had some fine times here... just not recently.

I brought up this last to preface my call to the Police Commission about my hearing there tomorrow. The secretary informed me that I was supposed to be there from 8:00AM and possibly until the end of the day since there were 17 complaints to be heard. I was told there were so many because the last Commission meeting was canceled. I told her that that was not actually why. It was because the police on this island are thoroughly incompetent and it makes sense that people would complain on a regular basis but the good news was that nothing would get done and she could inform the commission that I wouldn't be coming in because I already have a passing familiarity with corruption and general indifference and that Hawaii and all those employed in the defense of reason and justice here should be rightfully proud of service rendered and service received, even if there was none of either. She wasn't amused I don't think but I'm guessing in her job she has heard some variations of this before.

We'll close by saying we have found a game plan for our own movements and just as I suspected, the ineffable has arranged the best solution for me at this time. Everything necessary to effect the change has materialized and we are... as they say... good to go. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

We hope to have a radio broadcast for you this Sunday and will notify in the comments section when it is ready.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Monsters of the Unreal are Marching into The Minefield of Exploding Cowpies.

An early bird special

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Well this certainly isn't politically correct. You just hate to see that kind of thing. Obviously the husband of the officer who died (yes... she was a female) must be confused cause... how can he miss the courage of a creature like Bruce Jenner transiting into a new life form? Jenner John's are going up all over the country now. However, since we don't understand what is going on any better than this fellow does, we'll move on to something else, commiserating for a moment with all of those who lost loved ones in the Israeli orchestrated attacks of 9/11.

Speaking of Israeli orchestrated attacks, let us turn our attention to the recent massacres in Paris and share this interesting tidbit which was mirrored in the 9/11 attacks. What is also mirrored in ALL of the attacks over recent years is that, once again, there was a military exercise taking place on the same day.
If you go to the Crass Media, you find that there are so many slithering lies of duplicitous darkness running across the pages that you can't read them. There is not enough time in the day and there is certainly not enough gullibility (on my part) to wade in the septic swamp of these pustulous prevarications (I'm starting to sound like Spiro Agnew).

It is obvious that those who control these terror attacks, when they actually happen and... who manipulate the information when they don't happen; like Sandy Hook and The Boston Marathon, have certain results in mind and we are seeing the reality of that in all of the bombastic strutting and fretting going on as a full press in the media. It really astonishes me that they think people are that stupid and what astonishes me even more is that... they are. There is some kind of headspace where people just can't believe that all these world leaders would lie to them or that life could possibly go on as it does and for all of the people behind the vast charade of appearances to be as corrupt as they actually are AND they are. Here is yet one more example of Tribe gotcha, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse and it is one more example of what the people behind the scenes get up to. What is amazing here is that this guy put an ad up on Craigslist. You know Mr. Apocalypse had something to do with that. Once again we return to the words of that strange philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.” Here is yet another Tribe action that Mr. Apocalypse has ripped the covers off of. As we have long maintained, Israel was created for only one reason and that was to create a sovereign nation that allows for an international crime syndicate to flourish without restraint.

Those of us who are not seduced by the blandishments of the material and the entertainments that squeeze out of it like fluoridated toothpaste are also not taken in by compromised figureheads who lie with such frequency that the only time they tell the truth is by accident and that accident is usually catastrophic and then obfuscated and explained away until it becomes as if it never even happened. We who are not taken in by these things have some kind of immune system in operation. For this we should be extremely grateful. There is something that comes with this awareness that manifests as a form of protection. It has a way of transmitting information through the intuition, which is not being blocked by the force of the lies which are not believed in. it's another one of those cosmic and inexplicable things.

One of the most important things for any seeker to remember is that it isn't over until it's over, as the baseball sage, Yogi Berra once said. Too often one can fall by the wayside in despair because of the relentless press of the invisible vintners whose passion is to make wine out of us. It wouldn't hurt so much if we had not become attached to all the things that are being taken from us. This is one of the tragedies of manifest existence. No matter what you may acquire in this life and no matter how sweet a run you might have for some extended period of residence here, you will lose it all. You will lose everything but what you have been made into in the process of living. For some this is a very good thing and for some this is a serious burden that can only be removed through the karmic circumstances necessary to bring it about.

Times are grim and we must seek to find what beauty and joy we can under the threat of an approaching Armageddon. Speaking only for myself, I have never found it so difficult as it has been of late and believe me, I have seen some difficult. My living situation is threatened. My financial sources are either dried up or challenged and I would think that many would consider such a situation dire, or even a testimony upon ones choice of path but for myself... my days are calm and I am certain that everything will resolve itself in a positive fashion. By now, I know that everything that happens is only brought about to test my faith and handled without alarm or panic, it will only increase the faith. This is what I believe. Sooner or later, even when you are as consciousness challenged as myself, the point gets made and you no longer buy into negative appearances. It is just weather and the weather constant is change.

Because the monsters of the unreal have not yet stepped into the minefield of exploding cowpies, we still witness their profane and psychopathic dancing and preening on the stage of the world's attention. This is all happening for a reason and at no time is the whole of everything not in the controlling hands of the invisible ineffable. Soon enough the mighty are going to fall. Many of them are being driven insane as I type these words. They are going mad. The rudder of stability within their hearts and minds is broken. The times in which they formerly prospered are fading away. The source from which they have drawn their power is being shut down and the power is being rerouted. These are not speculations on my part. Whenever humanity passes from one age to another, this happens. The appearances and manner of the functioning of the archetypes changes. The infrastructures, that had been expressions of the resonating archetypes of the age passing, are all in a state of transformation.

What we are witnessing is a playing out of grand dramas, all for the expedient working out of karma created and invested in the bank of karma where it draws its own form of interest. This bank is directly connected to the experience generators that Shake and Bake circumstances out into each day of the manifest. It is all under control and all part of the movie. It is comi-tragic; a comedy if you can laugh at it and a tragedy if you can't.

At the moment, as this posting is being composed, Mr. Visible is watching, “Hotel Rwanda” again. The epic scale of what took place there beggars the imagination, as did Bangladesh and so many another horrific disaster. I could list more of these but what would be the point? In so many of these episodes, the real travesty and tragedy was that nothing was done, as this movie, which is based on real events, clearly shows. These are the kinds of leaders we have. These are the kinds of leaders that the French and the Belgians have and it's been going on since the colonial periods and the wonderful tenure of King Leopold.

This has all been the result of the drive and imperative of business. Commerce drives politics. Commerce buys and sells politicians and Commerce gets its money from the bankers. Commerce paints the landscape with products and molds, accordingly, the mores and appearances of the times for the purpose of fixing the collective attention on more and more products and objects of convenience, until humanity is ever further, more and more separated from Nature, both the greater Nature and their own individual nature and this leads to perversity that becomes ever more and more perverse. This leads to ever increasing levels of insanity. The human psyche can only take so much of this kind of thing and remain human.

There was nothing human or humane about Rwanda and it was all the fruit of businessmen and politicians, inflaming simmering animosities between people. They did this in Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia. The world stands indifferently by as the Israelis genocide the Palestinians, whose lands they stole and have continued to steal until there is almost nothing left to steal ...but they intend to steal that too. If you now go to Google, you can no longer find these maps. What you find is page after page of Zio constructed refutation of the maps. It is prima facie what is going on in the kingdom of money and murder ...but so little attention is being paid and all of the other unrest and wars throughout the entire mideast are the psychopathic step-children of the illegitimate nation of Israel.

When I was in India, I saw how cheap life could be.

Something like a million people died in Rwanda.

I have no idea how all of this is going to be resolved. All I know is that it will be and... from what I can see... at great cost. Some places will be leveled and some remain untouched. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Summer Sun is Shining on the Potato Salad

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What is is the was of what will be but now is all we ever have. If you don't get this you are invited to dream on.

If you are an American, as I once was before I knew better, I am guessing you are as proud as punch that 'only in America', we have a trustworthy democratic system that is as incorruptible as potato salad sitting in the hot sun for hours at a Fourth of July picnic. Here is clear evidence at one of the principle active agent locations where the effect of sunlight on mayonnaise is a growth industry. BUT... when you have equally incorruptible and exceedingly humble candidates like this (cough) stellar example of sunlight on the potato salad it's win win. ♫You can't have one. You can't have one. You can't have one without the other!♫

If you need ongoing proof of Mr. Apocalypse rocking the Cashbar, you need only peruse Ben Carson's resume of a scholarship to West Point and his protection of white folk during riot time. Why would someone with such a level of prominence be motivated to tell the kinds of lies you can hear on a barstool in the local pub any day from opening to closing, as all the Vietnam Vets that never were, tell their tales of war heroics ( cue Bruce Springsteen- Glory Days)? Mr. Apocalypse is whispering in their ears. By the time this is over, Ben and his buddies will all be dead certain that they were the catalyst for Theseus making it back to Greece with The Golden Fleece.

I've had a lot of interesting things happen to me in this life. Once I got to hang out with Elvis Presley and even had a chance get deeper into his day to day but I walked away because he was surrounded by hard cases that didn't want someone added to their number and I've always hated the idea of being a hanger on of anyone but the ineffable. I've told this story and others any number of times but you know what? Not a single lady ever slept with me because of them and I never made a dime out of spinning the tales. What you get is an ego boost in your own mind; nothing more. Why would any man or woman need an ego boost when we are all potentially a friend of the ineffable? I can't think of a higher honor. Let us say I get nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature (never going to happen). Do I want to be listed with the same kind of flacks ( in an unfortunate number) who won simply because their winning was part of a program of promotion that I want no part of? It would be like winning The Peace Prize. Look at some of the people who have. The whole Nobel process and just about all award constructs of any sort have all been politicized and weaponized.

Awards are one thing. Standing the test of time is another. Being a big deal in a fortunate karma segment of time and being completely forgotten once you are gone is one thing. Being relatively unknown in your manifest segment of time and... well, doesn't it make sense to aspire to a higher state of service, regardless of the kind of notoriety that results in more flies and mosquitoes buzzing around your head? Some people seem to think it is a positive tradeoff. I can't imagine why. A real success is to be able to go about your life with the fewest other lifeforms being able to bug and bother you.

This is an age of lunacy and hypocrisy having sex with each other in public places. Here is a lovely example of the two in flagrante delicto. The insanity is happening at every level People just lie with never a concern in the world and it troubles them not at all that they provide no verification whatsoever, or resort to politically correct jargon in self defense of their pompous idiocies. Here is some telling evidence of the sort of ruthless sophists running amok in the educational system. Meanwhile... there is a raging violence of mindless thugs, transplanted into formerly civilized zones by chief Rothschild agent- Little Georgie Sorrows. Most definitely heads are going to roll.

There seems to be no limit to venal hungers of the privileged. That she cannot see the irony is impressive. We have posted here only a very small portion of the many examples of wack that we are encountering in our travels each day.

It is everywhere you go. I have spent most of the last year, except for my still inexplicable assault, in a more or less easy going situation here where I have been living. Then the son of my landlady has appeared and decided that he is going to dictate everything that can or cannot take place here in one of the more dysfunctional perspectives that I have seen in some while. It is time to move on and I was in no mood for it but one does what they must. Quality of life is job one so... somehow... in the next month and a half, Mr. Visible has to find a new location. I suspect the hand of the ineffable in this and- truth be told- even basic services promised to me long ago have failed to materialize. I have long noted the fog of confusion and laid back lassitude that is a ubiquitous reality here in the islands. Never have I encountered such a large group of say anything and do nothing residents; not to mention simply not showing up, even when you are intending to pay them to do so.

I was dumbfounded when I managed resorts on Maui at how often people that I was going to give a good sum of money to, wouldn't even put in an appearance to provide the service they were being well paid for. Sometimes this was several hundred dollars a pop but... then I had to call someone else and someone else and sometimes weeks later the original client would appear all bent out of shape because I hadn't waited for them to show up. You really can't let maintenance for plumbing problems and similar concerns simply hang in space for the convenience of the serial tardy.

I have learned a great many painful lessons about taking people at their word or relying on their professed competence. I've never been able to fully understand these things because I have never operated that way myself. If I say I am going to be somewhere, I show up. If I say I am going to do something I do it. That has always seemed to me to be the best policy but it is more often than not, not the policy around these locations. You just have to laugh and stay proactive. It makes no sense to get angry. The world is in such a turmoil in so many places and at any time it could get exponentially worse. There are powerful entities working tirelessly in that direction and they are crazy. They are insane. Another world war looks like the best demonstration of their time and attention. They have no concern for the lives disrupted or lost. These things are mere ciphers to them. That qualifies as crazy in my book.

All over the world there are tens of millions of people living in a state of emergency. Something like 47% of the population in America is living below the poverty line. The domestic police forces are experiencing some sort of intense brain fever. They are shooting cattle ranchers and 6 year old kids. They are body slamming the elderly up against their cars. They are shooting a guy in a department store who is holding a BB gun for purchase while talking on the phone. Dozens of events like these play out every single day in The Land of the Free. Well over a thousand people have been killed this year for reasons that remain a mystery. The police threw a flashbang grenade into a home without even announcing their presence and injured 3 small children. They tossed one into a crib earlier in the last year or so. They are routinely beating people down in public and this has become a growth industry for Political Correctness Nazis. The amount of things going wrong or threatening to escalate into all kinds of tragedies is off the charts and now there is all these ominous earthquake signs in Oklahoma and elsewhere. Some of it is caused by fracking and some of it may just be the spirit of the Earth pushed to extremes it will no longer tolerate.

With all of this happening, it would be petty and selfish of me to complain overly about the inconveniences I suffer or the more than occasional uncertainties that manifest. When I compare my situation with millions of other souls I try to keep a sane perspective and fulsome gratitude always uppermost in my heart. It could be ever so much worse. I am not only grateful for the small kindness of every day but especially that I am not possessed by the sort of consciousness exampled in the links provided today. It is one of the greatest things in the world simply to not be stupid; avaricious, vain, obsessed with compulsions and irrational drives. Of course, none of us are immune to these possibilities so it pays to pay attention at all times. Nearly all of our troubles begin in our minds, prior to manifesting in our lives.

We need to practice a calm, stability and consistency in our being. The world is only secondarily our concern. We are our own greatest concern because that has everything to do with the way the world appears to us and what it presents us with. There's that great line in Kipling's poem, “If”,
“If you can keep your head when all about you. Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,” Oh... let's just post the whole poem.

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!”

A heroic piece and certainly possessing some amount of good advice. At least it does for me. It is also a reminder that a hundred years ago and a hundred years before that and that... life has always been fraught with the same challenges and difficulties. Some times look better to us at a distance but perhaps they were not and it really all depends on our position in the mix more than anything else. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Mr. Apocalypse; The Nijinsky of Calamity and the Nureyev of Serendipity.

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We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then.

We like to talk about Mr. Apocalypse here. There is no one with bigger feet who uses them with greater agility and expertise, like a world class danseur or a matador. He is the Nijinsky of Calamity and the Nureyev of Serendipity. He's the Baryshnikov of unpredictable moves. He's the master pantser on the playgrounds of this twisted and freaky world. Maybe you think you got some strange tastes that no one else knows about... or maybe someone does but... trust me, when it comes to strange, you can't compare with the bent beyond description tastes of the professionals, for whom the nastier the better, because it makes their version of the almighty very happy when he envisions the crispy critter status of his anus felating acolytes. They push and shove, like patrons in an overcrowded third world discotheque, where the foam soundproofing just caught fire, hoping they can get the opportunity to outdo the competition in acts of pure and outrageous evil upon the innocent and helpless and the younger and more innocent the better. My rather creative mind has come up with some of the things they would do if they could and they were even possible but I will not share these products of a diseased imagination with you. No... not my imagination. I'm just channeling for the purpose of explication.

Anyway, Mr, inside the park home run, individual triple play, Tom Brady on spiritual steroids going 19 and 0 this season... with a power and perfection never before seen, man about town, Apocalypse is kicking the tires on the Armageddon Train (metaphorically speaking. Trains don't have tires but... you knew that). He was just in Houston and Houston has a problem (for the purpose of demonstration) with their aggressive politically correct and unabashed Satanist mayor who is not shy about telling everyone not on her agenda to, “fuck off and go be road kill somewhere.” Among many of her plug-ugly procedures, she demanded that five of Houston's ministers submit their sermons prior to their Sunday delivery. In the chutes for some time was her making all bathrooms open to anyone who identifies with whoever used to use them, even if they cross identify. Low and behold... it went to a vote and the electorate shot her down. People are waking up and who is it shaking their shoulder in their restless sleep? It is Mr. Apocalypse.

I'm telling you about this because I don't want you to lose faith just cause everywhere that you look, the menacing appearances loom and it looks like the whole world might break down at any minute and that could happen but if it does it will be for the purpose of demonstration. Once again, a recurrent visibilism; 'however much the darkness might expand, the light will concentrate at its points of being'. Therefore my friends, be ye one of the places where the light concentrates, or be ye near it. Keep in mind that if you are hammered on you are loved and all change, desirable or undesirable, are part of a sequence to take you to ever more rarefied circumstance and remember, it might not look like it but if you maintain, it will maintain you. Why else would it have worked exactly like that for all those glorious souls whose footsteps we walk in today? What? It should be different for us? It isn't, neither as far as the suffering or the success may go. It is always what it is for those who endure.... there is a prize past all imagining. Believe it or don't. That isn't my affair. You make up your own mind. I made up mine.

Those who come here on a regular basis are familiar with recent trends at these blogs; the ridiculous flat earth belief and those who are getting all offended that I am dismissive about it. I am dismissive about it because it is a crock of shit and no reasonable mind would entertain the idea for a New York Minute. I haven't even the slightest interest in checking in to whatever the hogwash arguments are. Some things, however strange they may appear at first sight, are worth exploring. This concept doesn't warrant even a first look. It is patently absurd. Then there is the sudden reappearance of interest in my hip injury. I wasn't able to post the video because when I sent it to James Jancik at Feet 2 the Fire Radio to recode it for the internet he said it had been damaged. I did post the official hospital documents and you would have to be a fatuous moron to argue against the authenticity of them. The purpose of slander is to cast suspicion of 'whatever' upon the one being slandered, believing that if you throw shit at someone, some of it will stick. It is a similar process to Fox News Headlines which make claims and then the following article either doesn't address them or presents an entirely different story than the headline advertises. The intention is to leave the impression of the headline in the mind as a truth soundbite when it is a lie.

Here is an example of what is most likely true about a recent event. Here is an example of what is probably not true about the event. These days there is something that is so to such a degree that it can almost be taken as true without inquiry and that is that the Crass Media lies every time it announces or prints anything and that the government is the same. It can also be presumed that in every matter where the interests of the elite are favored there is a great likelihood that that matter will succeed AND whenever there is a matter that favors the interests of the people in any general or specific way, that matter is likely to be stymied or fail.

Concerning the attack and the manner of attack that brought down the Russian airline, one can find many reasonable details that explain what likely happened in the first article and since we already know that most of the time airplane sabotage and a significant amount of other sabotage and terror activity is Israeli engineered or financed, it all makes sense. This is not the result of my desire to have it be so. It is what the facts of the past tell us and where there may be some amount of relative uncertainty, the weight of circumstantial evidence concerning the usual suspect is 'usually' great.

Butterflies are interesting creatures. You will note that they drink from mud puddles now and again. One might take a great deal away from that in terms of humanity. Also, they do not live for but a day as is generally believed but somewhat longer than that and when the sun departs from them they can no longer fly. Nature teaches us many thing if we would but watch and listen. Nature is a book that the wise can read at their leisure. Lao Tzu read this book, perhaps more deeply than anyone I have ever known or heard about. Of course many a great soul has come and gone in anonymity and presently there are many of them about in these times. Oh not so many by comparison with the mass of the population but still...

Some of you may remember some while ago when I mentioned that a person tangentially connected to the government wrote me to say that there was a movement afoot to place people at blogs around the internet as 'sleepers'. They were to build up a positive identity over time and become part of the community at the blogs and then, at a certain point, they were to awaken (grin) and set about creating animosity and chaos at the sites. I'll say nothing more on the matter at the moment and leave whatever conclusions there are to be drawn by those with the inclination to do so.

We must never forget that there is a war on and it is a war on many fronts, with a single agenda and that agenda is to divide us from ourselves and from each other. We can argue back and forth as much as we wish about who is actually behind it all. We each have our chosen suspects and good grounds to believe as we do but it is less important as to which of these culprits are 'the culprit' and more important to recognize that each and all of them are possessed and motivated by the same Sauron like force of ancient evil. When evil enters into our being it travels on particular highways of ingress. Selfishness and Greed are highways. Hubris and licentiousness are highways. All of the weaknesses and bent drives and ambitions that swirl about in the subconscious soup and which sing from the darkness of places older than history, are highways over which corruption passes into the human mind and heart. In these times, organized religion is one of the chief agitators against our peace of mind and is totally in the hands of the enemy.

The religion we see in the Kali Yuga is a mockery of what it is meant to be. This is disturbing because many of us are seeking a higher truth and a greater understanding of what exists behind the veil of appearances. We are seeking meaning in our lives, beyond the tawdry carnival of rampant and unsatisfying Materialism and what do we get? Not much and all of it either wrong or incomplete and that accounts for the burbling hysteria that fundamentalism engenders and we see this everywhere we look and fundamentalism accounts for the largest body of parishioners worldwide and is also the fastest growing faction. Madness can be contagious and in this case always comes about through a manipulation of the sexual force. This manipulation of the sexual force is going on at most every level of the culture and people like that Houston mayor are in the vanguard of pushing undesirable policies upon the rest of humanity. Salt Lake City just elected themselves a gay mayor too and that is pretty comedic, given the location. This is not indicative of the will of the people. As we know, elections are routinely fixed these days.

My suggestion to the reader is to look for the hand of Mr. Apocalypse in everything that happens these days. Huge and sweeping changes are on the menu, up and coming... what they are I couldn't tell you but they are coming and Mr. Apocalypse is the on site, active agent of the ineffable in all things manifest and his power increases by the day as the power of those who appear to be running the show wanes by the day. Confusion and fear move within the ranks of the powerful. This we do not see but they are all too aware of the whispers in their mind and the trembling of the hairs on the back of their neck and those cold and all too alert moments before dawn when they awaken and the enormity of their crimes plays out in their thoughts. They know something is coming. Something is coming for all of us but the relationship varies.

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Monday, November 02, 2015

Light is Breaking in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

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Here at Petri Dish we are all about cataloging the absurdity of our run away into darkness culture. Cultures were once much more separated than they are now. Since global media; pretty much all in the same hands, due to companies being publicly traded and then privately bought up by the people who control the currency printing presses (one way or another) and the internet, are internationally interpenetrating, we now live in an age of duplicitous information saturation. You could also say we live in a world of lies. Well... this has been the case for awhile, since a self chosen cabal of Satanic Materialists has been at great pains to deceive the rest of the world for some time.

Along with the world becoming so similar at every reach, due to the plague of Materialism Fever, there is also now the presence of Mr. Apocalypse, who is not only exposing the lies at an ever increasing speed but who is also displaying them as the tragic farces they are by creating circumstances of ironic exposure that show them in their most ridiculous light. Here is one glaring example. I can honestly say that I saw this coming a long time ago. I think it is time for the rest of us to take this venal and vile fantasy mainstream and world wide into the court of public opinion and into the courts of law as well. Though our courts are compromised by the plague of Noahide infiltration, with Mr. Apocalypse at our backs there is a wind of change coming. Who says we can't sue these fiends on behalf of the human race? It's just a thought but... if there are any courageous lawyers out there you definitely have an articulate and argumentative client in me. I have already established my effectiveness in this regard by being the single example of a landmark case where ALL the odds were stacked against me and where it had never been done before or since.

With every passing day we are hearing about more and more absurd theories and belief systems. Once we had Heaven's Gate, as a sort of 'ahead of its time' anomaly and now we have Hell's Backdoor as a consistent and repeating theme, 24/7 ...and the idea of ever larger and more numerous Heaven's Gate clusters of group departures seems extremely logical and... predictable. You can expect people, singly and in groups, to start offing themselves with regularity. The human mind can only tolerate so much and when you are talking about the untrained and brainwashed minds of an ever dumber, more selfish and deceived populations, I would say we have come right up to the outer margins of the bending end. Not only are people going to be offing themselves but also each other and that is already happening. Their desperation is becoming unbearable.

That was a pretty negative paragraph wasn't it? Well... if you can't see these things then you are probably in the midst of them. It is so logical it is mathematical. Once the focus of the human mind goes completely out of focus, you wind up with a society filled with people who can't see where they are going. The result of this is that people get fearful. Then they get angry. Then they run into each other. Then the expected happens. If it were not for my certainty that luminous intelligences are tracking us and guiding those who have the 'insight' to be guided, I would say we are all doomed.

Right here in the Valley of the Shadow of Death I can feel the light breaking. I can't see it. False dawn surrounds me on all sides but I can feel the light. I can feel the force of good, concentrating and expanding at the same time. I sense this because even though, in my own life, my days have been fraught with difficulty and all forms of uncertainty, there is a deeper confidence that fills my heart and won't go away. Even when there is no sign of improvement, I can sense the higher value of what lies just out of reach and somehow, I know, if I can just keep going for another mile, another day, the rules of ageless wisdom tell me I cannot fail and neither can you.

In these times of materialism, I am astounded at the number of people who are marching double time into any and every available darkness and embracing the most outrageous and ridiculous lies. They so desperately need something to believe in that they will accept near anything simply in order to have something to lean on. Unfortunately, it is consistently something external to them and as life becomes increasingly more cartoon like and more absurd, so too does what they lean upon and depend upon. It should be obvious, but it is not, that as external stability becomes more and more unstable, what lies within has an ever greater potential stability and that is the point of the whole exercise in the first place.

The point of this ever more toxic and unbalanced, pell mell runaway chariot of the horses of the mind, is to provoke the emergence of the controller from within. For those with the fortune and vision to capture this understanding there will come the ability to navigate their way through the swirling chaos that surrounds them. It's logical. It's mathematical. However much the darkness expands, the light will concentrate. It is simply a matter of one gravitating to the heart's most sincere desire. If it is pain and loss you seek, it is there to be found. If it is clarity and joy that you seek, it is there to be found. In these times, it is all there. One is to be seen everywhere around and the other is to be seen within. You will be drawn to that upon which your greatest attention is given and even if you are overwhelmed otherwise, the force of your love will save you if that which you love is true. No shadow, no matter how great, can hold its place against the light of a single candle.

A few years earlier I never thought I would experience such a series of trials and states of want and uncertainty again. It seemed as if the enjoyable routine that I had attained to would be a fixture in my life and I was happy in my fashion in ways that I had not been since the carefree and all too brief period of much earlier times. Then into my mind came the clear understanding that it would all change, that it must change so that what needed to come would be able to come. It made no real sense but I watched it happen and all of the predictable delight of the day to day went away and I have yet to see the profit of being suddenly cast upon these unknown waters... still... in all the periods of tumultuous change, treachery and betrayal, the certainty of the unseen has never left my mind. Even in those short moments when I railed against the seeming injustice of my state, I could not shake the abiding calm that told me; “ignore appearances, nothing is what is appears to be. This is only the outworking of destiny and all will be well.”

I say these things today because I know that others are experiencing their own versions of similar states of discontent and trial. Others are encountering loss and elsewise, as what was familiar to them is being swept away and replaced by one form of suffering or another and I tell you, as scripture has told you, “Be of good cheer. The end of your sorrow is near.” Life is a brief dream in a world of shadows and insubstantial things that look solid and have the sense of permanence about them ...have the persona of what is real ...but there is nothing solid and nothing permanent here. It all comes and goes and so do you. It is where you go that makes all the difference and it is where you are that determines where you go.

Always remember the thoughts and words of those who have passed before. Remember the tales told of their trials and sufferings. Remember that they passed into the blessed regions from which locations they guide every seeking soul this very day. Remember the promises of the great teachers who have preceded us. Try to remind yourself that just because you cannot see the divine does not mean the divine is not there. You would have no life without the ineffable. The divine is the life within you. There would be no life otherwise. It is like the sun which provides, in one fashion or another, everything external in the manifest sense because all form is frozen sunlight. It should be a reminder of that spiritual sun whose light and power are so much greater and without which there would be no physical suns or anything else. Truly, I know how hard it can be and this is precisely why I speak to you about it today. Help really is on the way. It does not come when we want it to. It comes when we need it to and we are made strong in the interim.

I pray that we all find the comfort and succor that we seek and believe it will be so. Carry on in the best fashion of which you are capable and beyond that... trust in the benevolence of the one who loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

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