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Mr. Apocalypse; The Nijinsky of Calamity and the Nureyev of Serendipity.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then.

We like to talk about Mr. Apocalypse here. There is no one with bigger feet who uses them with greater agility and expertise, like a world class danseur or a matador. He is the Nijinsky of Calamity and the Nureyev of Serendipity. He's the Baryshnikov of unpredictable moves. He's the master pantser on the playgrounds of this twisted and freaky world. Maybe you think you got some strange tastes that no one else knows about... or maybe someone does but... trust me, when it comes to strange, you can't compare with the bent beyond description tastes of the professionals, for whom the nastier the better, because it makes their version of the almighty very happy when he envisions the crispy critter status of his anus felating acolytes. They push and shove, like patrons in an overcrowded third world discotheque, where the foam soundproofing just caught fire, hoping they can get the opportunity to outdo the competition in acts of pure and outrageous evil upon the innocent and helpless and the younger and more innocent the better. My rather creative mind has come up with some of the things they would do if they could and they were even possible but I will not share these products of a diseased imagination with you. No... not my imagination. I'm just channeling for the purpose of explication.

Anyway, Mr, inside the park home run, individual triple play, Tom Brady on spiritual steroids going 19 and 0 this season... with a power and perfection never before seen, man about town, Apocalypse is kicking the tires on the Armageddon Train (metaphorically speaking. Trains don't have tires but... you knew that). He was just in Houston and Houston has a problem (for the purpose of demonstration) with their aggressive politically correct and unabashed Satanist mayor who is not shy about telling everyone not on her agenda to, “fuck off and go be road kill somewhere.” Among many of her plug-ugly procedures, she demanded that five of Houston's ministers submit their sermons prior to their Sunday delivery. In the chutes for some time was her making all bathrooms open to anyone who identifies with whoever used to use them, even if they cross identify. Low and behold... it went to a vote and the electorate shot her down. People are waking up and who is it shaking their shoulder in their restless sleep? It is Mr. Apocalypse.

I'm telling you about this because I don't want you to lose faith just cause everywhere that you look, the menacing appearances loom and it looks like the whole world might break down at any minute and that could happen but if it does it will be for the purpose of demonstration. Once again, a recurrent visibilism; 'however much the darkness might expand, the light will concentrate at its points of being'. Therefore my friends, be ye one of the places where the light concentrates, or be ye near it. Keep in mind that if you are hammered on you are loved and all change, desirable or undesirable, are part of a sequence to take you to ever more rarefied circumstance and remember, it might not look like it but if you maintain, it will maintain you. Why else would it have worked exactly like that for all those glorious souls whose footsteps we walk in today? What? It should be different for us? It isn't, neither as far as the suffering or the success may go. It is always what it is for those who endure.... there is a prize past all imagining. Believe it or don't. That isn't my affair. You make up your own mind. I made up mine.

Those who come here on a regular basis are familiar with recent trends at these blogs; the ridiculous flat earth belief and those who are getting all offended that I am dismissive about it. I am dismissive about it because it is a crock of shit and no reasonable mind would entertain the idea for a New York Minute. I haven't even the slightest interest in checking in to whatever the hogwash arguments are. Some things, however strange they may appear at first sight, are worth exploring. This concept doesn't warrant even a first look. It is patently absurd. Then there is the sudden reappearance of interest in my hip injury. I wasn't able to post the video because when I sent it to James Jancik at Feet 2 the Fire Radio to recode it for the internet he said it had been damaged. I did post the official hospital documents and you would have to be a fatuous moron to argue against the authenticity of them. The purpose of slander is to cast suspicion of 'whatever' upon the one being slandered, believing that if you throw shit at someone, some of it will stick. It is a similar process to Fox News Headlines which make claims and then the following article either doesn't address them or presents an entirely different story than the headline advertises. The intention is to leave the impression of the headline in the mind as a truth soundbite when it is a lie.

Here is an example of what is most likely true about a recent event. Here is an example of what is probably not true about the event. These days there is something that is so to such a degree that it can almost be taken as true without inquiry and that is that the Crass Media lies every time it announces or prints anything and that the government is the same. It can also be presumed that in every matter where the interests of the elite are favored there is a great likelihood that that matter will succeed AND whenever there is a matter that favors the interests of the people in any general or specific way, that matter is likely to be stymied or fail.

Concerning the attack and the manner of attack that brought down the Russian airline, one can find many reasonable details that explain what likely happened in the first article and since we already know that most of the time airplane sabotage and a significant amount of other sabotage and terror activity is Israeli engineered or financed, it all makes sense. This is not the result of my desire to have it be so. It is what the facts of the past tell us and where there may be some amount of relative uncertainty, the weight of circumstantial evidence concerning the usual suspect is 'usually' great.

Butterflies are interesting creatures. You will note that they drink from mud puddles now and again. One might take a great deal away from that in terms of humanity. Also, they do not live for but a day as is generally believed but somewhat longer than that and when the sun departs from them they can no longer fly. Nature teaches us many thing if we would but watch and listen. Nature is a book that the wise can read at their leisure. Lao Tzu read this book, perhaps more deeply than anyone I have ever known or heard about. Of course many a great soul has come and gone in anonymity and presently there are many of them about in these times. Oh not so many by comparison with the mass of the population but still...

Some of you may remember some while ago when I mentioned that a person tangentially connected to the government wrote me to say that there was a movement afoot to place people at blogs around the internet as 'sleepers'. They were to build up a positive identity over time and become part of the community at the blogs and then, at a certain point, they were to awaken (grin) and set about creating animosity and chaos at the sites. I'll say nothing more on the matter at the moment and leave whatever conclusions there are to be drawn by those with the inclination to do so.

We must never forget that there is a war on and it is a war on many fronts, with a single agenda and that agenda is to divide us from ourselves and from each other. We can argue back and forth as much as we wish about who is actually behind it all. We each have our chosen suspects and good grounds to believe as we do but it is less important as to which of these culprits are 'the culprit' and more important to recognize that each and all of them are possessed and motivated by the same Sauron like force of ancient evil. When evil enters into our being it travels on particular highways of ingress. Selfishness and Greed are highways. Hubris and licentiousness are highways. All of the weaknesses and bent drives and ambitions that swirl about in the subconscious soup and which sing from the darkness of places older than history, are highways over which corruption passes into the human mind and heart. In these times, organized religion is one of the chief agitators against our peace of mind and is totally in the hands of the enemy.

The religion we see in the Kali Yuga is a mockery of what it is meant to be. This is disturbing because many of us are seeking a higher truth and a greater understanding of what exists behind the veil of appearances. We are seeking meaning in our lives, beyond the tawdry carnival of rampant and unsatisfying Materialism and what do we get? Not much and all of it either wrong or incomplete and that accounts for the burbling hysteria that fundamentalism engenders and we see this everywhere we look and fundamentalism accounts for the largest body of parishioners worldwide and is also the fastest growing faction. Madness can be contagious and in this case always comes about through a manipulation of the sexual force. This manipulation of the sexual force is going on at most every level of the culture and people like that Houston mayor are in the vanguard of pushing undesirable policies upon the rest of humanity. Salt Lake City just elected themselves a gay mayor too and that is pretty comedic, given the location. This is not indicative of the will of the people. As we know, elections are routinely fixed these days.

My suggestion to the reader is to look for the hand of Mr. Apocalypse in everything that happens these days. Huge and sweeping changes are on the menu, up and coming... what they are I couldn't tell you but they are coming and Mr. Apocalypse is the on site, active agent of the ineffable in all things manifest and his power increases by the day as the power of those who appear to be running the show wanes by the day. Confusion and fear move within the ranks of the powerful. This we do not see but they are all too aware of the whispers in their mind and the trembling of the hairs on the back of their neck and those cold and all too alert moments before dawn when they awaken and the enormity of their crimes plays out in their thoughts. They know something is coming. Something is coming for all of us but the relationship varies.

End Transmission.......

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Ray B. said...

Vis, good articles from the Truthseeker. Thanks.

I want to put on my aero engineering 'hat' for a minute.

Background: I believe Malaysian Airlines MH370 [Boeing 777] was hijacked by remote autopilot control and flown to Diego Garcia. Also, I believe the Germanwings Flight 9525 [Airbus A320] which crashed in the French Alps was commandeered by remote autopilot control. Given this, I am inclined to believe that the Russian Metrojet airliner [Airbus A321] which crashed in a mountainous area of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula was also commandeered by remote autopilot control.

There are two main reasons why I go this route:

First, modern jetliners are fragile. They are safe when flown within known limits, but are carefully-engineered to carry not one excess pound of structure beyond their placarded limits. Airliners are usually designed to Positive (pull-up) = 2.5G & Negative (push-over) = -1.0G. Structural breakage is 1.125x this limit. (Fighters are designed to 9G's, as a contrast.)

Second, jetliners have an altitude/airspeed area called 'coffin corner'. This area has been known since the early days and is carefully watched-for. It comes about at high altitude and airspeed, i.e., somewhat-beyond normal cruise. In this area, pulling positive G's will cause shockwaves to form on the upper surface of the wings and cause what is called a high-speed stall. If the upset due to the stall is major enough or asymmetric, it can lead to structural breakup due to the loads at high speed. Contrariwise, descending at too great a speed will cause shockwaves to form on both surfaces of the wings and tail surfaces and leads to shuddering, heaving, and loss of control. If any upset due to the shockwaves is major enough or asymmetric, it can also lead to structural breakup due to the loads at high speed.

(Lest anyone stop flying because of the above, I should point out that 'coffin corner' areas are carefully plotted-out and known to the flight crew. They are avoided in normal flight.)

Combining the above, it would be easy to commandeer an airliner by remote autopilot control, give it a series of pull-ups and push-overs at high altitude/airspeed, and cause it to be in 'coffin corner'. Just keep doing this until something 'gives'...


Also, I just ran across this valuable-source for the Russian MetroJet disaster. As of this writing, it is 78 pages from the “Professional Pilots Rumor Network” [pprune]. These are prof pilots analyzing all forms of data from the incident. (I haven’t worked through it yet.)

Other good comments sprinkled-in after this article from The Saker, slightly from the Russian viewpoint.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Zoner said...

You have mentioned the sexual force as an avenue of manipulation a few times lately and this brings up a point I have been pondering for some time.

This force, as many are, would appear to be present by design to facilitate a simple task - in this case, reproduction. However, for those of us "of a certain age", this aspect no longer seems relevant. Yet the "pressures" remain and what appears to be a natural drive, at least in this expression of the Human experience (me) are unwelcome and create unwanted base responses at the emotional level.

So, some guys my age buy the Corvette, hook up with women much younger, or become wandering beasts in search of whatever it is they think will slake that thirst. My question is this - can this "force" be channeled for a higher purpose? Can it possibly be manipulated by, for lack of a better term, "bad guys" (entities) to keep us in these base states that at least in my case can overwhelm the senses and bring about a certain temporary insanity?

Not trying to sound like a nutter or potential predator or anything, but the fact is, this "energy" is very strong, fairly relentless, and has been cranked up to "11" lately. I have to wonder - am I being played here or is it simply nature doing its thing?

If this energy could be channeled positively, I'm pretty sure I would be invincible. Or something. Anyone get what I'm about here? I do not wish to be a slave to this primitive stuff, ESPECIALLY f it can be used against us somehow.

Visible said...

This is happening every day in plain sight but it can also be positively manipulated by higher entities through aspiration and devotion.

GMO's Sorcerer said...

Tom Brady, unfortunately, and perhaps unwittingly, is a corporate GMO stooge. You know those quarterbacks take numerous hits to the noggin and Tom is no spring chicken in that department. While he spouts on and on about the poisonous nature of Post/Kellogg's/General Mills cereals, his boss, the CEO of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, is a family member and beneficiary of the business largesse of Kraft Foods, a corporate criminal GMO enterprise with Krap (pun intended) food. The recent history of Kraft foods is that the company has provided millions of dollars of funding to make certain that GMO labeling was defeated in state ballot initiatives. So, I guess Tom is the Patriot GMO kettle calling the corporate cereal pot black.
He shouldn't be boycotted, he should just be urged to eat Kraft mac 'n cheese.
That'll learn him.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Considering all that is, what blows me away is why we are compelled to keep coming back to this HELL HOLE, though I am sure I ain't comin' back. I've outgrown it already, but I'm still here. Gods, that sucks the big one, but I do enjoy making up for that fact by being as obnoxious as I possibly can.

Visible said...

I used that image because it is a real time application and was referencing Mr. Apocalypse and many another image was used as well. It has nothing to do with the corporate hogwash which is, unfortunately true. It's just a metaphor/analogy for a metaphysical power. If I have to filter every example used according to any long stream association of tangential relationships I wouldn't be able to add any color to my posts.

Ray B. said...

Zoner, I am also "of a certain age" and still feel the pressure. For some reason, maybe just stubbornness, I am refusing to take certain 'enhancement' pills. This brings in 'uncertainty'.

On the other hand, because of my clearing and cleaning of 'stuff' throughout the years, I am extraordinarily sensitive to all emotions. The last lady that I was with refused to do her own emotional cleaning. As I empathically 'bonded' with her in the act, it was like encountering weeks or years of unfelt-through 'stuff'. Reflexively and literally, I would 'withdraw'. I have not yet (romantically) encountered someone who has done their own work. I imagine empathically 'bonding' with her would be wonderful. Ah, well...

I notice that some of my 'pressure' is simply due to being in the presence of the opposite sex. Vive la Différence! There is also the 'force' of constant overt and subliminal sexually-based advertising.

On the more woo-woo side, I notice that a 'charge' builds up in the second chakra. If it is 'stuck', it becomes uncomfortable. When I call in my Higher Self and there is work done, that 'energy' tends to either be transformed or spread-out throughout the energetic body. Rather than a single, uncomfortable 'charge', it manifests more as a general 'enlivening' force. Recommended.

Certainly, the 'bad guys' want us in the lower centers as much as possible. They can both get a 'charge' out of us (literally), and limit our growth into uncontrollable areas (the upper centers). There is a war on...

(Unlike some, I do not view the lower centers as 'less than' and needing to go beyond them. I am trying to grow the upper centers, while still encompassing the lower centers. Whether this will work, or is only an intermediate stage, we shall see.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Zoner, I am not of "a certain age", I guess, but I too have felt a ramping up in sexual pressure lately. Probably it's got something to do with resonance. I mean, it seems like lust is just going way over the top, even more than it has been for some while. We're bound to feel this, if we're not pure. However, I know from personal experience that Visible is right when he says that it can be channeled to higher things. I've had some periods where I didn't think about sex at all, but was full of energy and love. Not so much now, but it goes up and down, that's just how it is. It is possible to channel it upwards, and it takes some work, but it's definitely worth it. I recommend being careful about it, though. Repression of the sexual force is not the way to go (look at all the pedophile priests and sex-crazed "guru"-types, e.g.). It must be sublimated. Love without lust, for everyone who crosses your path, and prayer and general good-will, practiced intensely will do it, as will creative endeavours.

A. Dundee said...

"...there was a movement afoot to place people at blogs around the internet as 'sleepers'. They were to build up a positive identity over time and become part of the community at the blogs and then, at a certain point, they were to awaken (grin) and set about creating animosity and chaos at the sites." A few days ago Clint Richardson on his Corporation Nation radio show #468, in tandem with Jan Irvin, revealed some very recently gathered "consciousness expanding" facts vis-a-vis Mark Passio. Jan Irvin has recently updated his site, in his "the brain" section, with pertinent documents that, to me, leave little doubt of identifying Mr. Passio as such a person pointed to by Les in the above-quoted sentences. Crazy stuff. I listened to Clint's radio show archive yesterday and then immediately viewed the source documents on Jan's site. And a day later Visible refers to the phenomena he mentioned in the past. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ray B. - OK, I'll put on my EE hat.

Clearly any fly-by-wire aircraft is sort of "remote-control-ready," but why on earth would the aircraft designer link the (RF) com system to the control system CPU? It would seem to me that would be about the last thing you'd want to do, if for no other reason than to keep the control software simpler. Specifically how are the control data received? Via satellite or via ground signals? In other words, where on the aircraft is the receiver's antenna located?

Also, I thought that the control system seeks to protect the aircraft by rejecting pilot commands to take the aircraft into dangerous dynamic conditions. Is that true? And if so, then you're implying that the putative RF input overrides that protective software. That seems like a really bad idea...

Do you know for a fact that ordinary airliners carry an always-on receiver interfaced to the control system, or are you speculating?

Don't misunderstand, I certainly agree that technically it would be completely feasible to remotely control a fly-by-wire aircraft, and furthermore, it would explain many unfortunate incidents, some of which you identify.


Anonymous said...

To the wonderful Les Visible,

Mr A is here, and boy does he have something to show you!

There is one rung lower than anti-semite, and that is flat-earther...
Vedic, Christian, Muslim, Buddist and jewish textx all agree...

...Looking forward to imho inevitable post where Viz sees through the grandest of satans lies.

search term "Eric Dubay"

Much Love Les.

Anonymous said...

So your serious response to a flat earth theory is that it's wrong just because it's wrong? You're slipping, man. Your handlers should have just let you get on board with and run with that one, and you know it. Sorry. Now you really sound like an ass about it, and not because the theory is ultimately true or false, but for the reasoning you employ to reach your very childish conclusion, if standards of rational debate hold up here at all. I guess it is the ONE BIG SECRET, that pesky flat earth. Nat'l Geo did a whole issue recently debunking various crackpot theories, and that was one of them, among such favorites as moon landings and flouridated water. Nice to see that you fellas are getting a bit unglued by all of this. I especially enjoyed reading your little hissy-fit on the topic. It was patently absurd, and you're a crock of shit to have said it. Thanks for the demonstration. I won't read here again... done with you. I will say this in parting, though: The earth IS flat. Go suck on that.

Visible said...

Thank you for leaving and not coming back. If you are telling the truth (doubtful, given your history) you have improved the whole atmosphere here and we thank you for that. And wishing to assist you in your permanent departure, regardless of your lack of capacity to sustain it, on your behalf I promise you that you will not be back. Now for the last word. The earth is not flat but your consciousness most certainly is. If ignorance is bliss you must be in paradise.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I have just sent you an email because I have tried to post a reply to John (#11) three separate times. Even with the 'confirmation' message, it has never shown up. So, we'll go the email route. Please post it.

If the three email addresses that I used don't work (don't show up for you), please let me know of how to proceed. Apparently, someone doesn't want my reply 'on air'. Thanks!

(If the post somehow shows up in triplicate, please delete all but one...)

On the 'f1at e@rth' topic, I suspect that the G**gle automated search simply includes the keywords, like 'f1at e@rth', anywhere on the page to justify the downgrading in the listing. So, all the troll/shill has to do is to get those words on your page to accomplish his/her/it's goal. The contents of the post may not matter.

Just a heads-up, as to whether to allow posts that include those words...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I put it up some time ago. I saw it there and now it is not there. How is it that you can post comments but you can't post that? Rather odd, the whole business.

Visible said...

Hopefully this time it remains.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

This Sunday's radio broadcast is now up.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Twisting Spinning Convoluting Hula Hoopla of Horseshit.

Anonymous said...

Ray B., Vis - I get it that the flat earth comments are injected to get us off topic as well as to discredit the site, and so I hate to bite at it, but I'd like to share a short description of one of the most interesting things I've ever seen. There's somewhat more to this story, but I'll cut to the chase...

Over lunch many years ago a few colleagues and I got into a discussion, not of whether the earth is flat, but whether or not the curvature could be accurately measured using simple equipment. One of the guys lived on a small lake, so we decided to wait until December when it would be frozen, then cut holes in the ice so as to use the water as a level. We set up three co-linear stations. At one end of the lake a small telescope (A Questar, for those old enough to remember their ads.) with an attached camera, in the middle of the lake 2 guys with a surveyor pole (the old fashioned kind with a round target at the top) and at the far end of the lake 2 more guys with a second surveyor pole. At all three stations we cut holes in the ice and made sure that the telescope, and both targets were the same height above the water. The lake was several km long.

I was fortunate to be at the end with the telescope. Looking through the telescope, with its foreshortened view, it appeared that our colleagues were standing on a gentle, snow covered hill. The 2 guys in the middle of the lake being at the crest of the hill, and the 2 guys at the far end of the lake over the crest. The legs of the far guys were not visible from about the knees down, where the guys in the middle were completely visible. We took a number of photos of the very prominent surveyor poles in order to average the difference in apparent height. (Amazingly, even though we did this early in the morning before the sun was too high, and it was very cold, there were considerable "heat waves," and as a result the target images danced around somewhat in the eyepiece. I recall we got a averaged height difference of around 45 cm. It was a memorable experience to actually see the curvature of the earth.


Visible said...

Anonymous Ray B. said...
(Fifth time!)

John, November 08, 2015 1:06:00 AM on Petri Dish:

Thanks for all the questions! To answer most of them, we have to go back to the political-hijacking days of the 1970s. To counter these, Boeing & Honeywell designed and certificated a system known as the Boeing Honeywell ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System. This was first implemented on mechanically/hydraulically controlled aircraft and had nothing initially to do with fly-by-wire. I am sure there have been many 'upgrades' in capabilities since then. I have no info on Airbus' version, but I am sure it is at least equivalently capable.

(There was a quiet 'scandal' in the 1970s when Lufthansa removed all B747 autopilots and replace/certificated them with Lufthansa's own design after learning of Boeing's 'takeover' enhancement.)

From: 21stcenturywire dot com/2014/08/07/flight-control-boeings-uninterruptible-autopilot-system-drones-remote-hijacking/

“The Boeing 777, along with other Boeing models, can in fact be flown remotely through the use of independent embedded software and satellite communication. Once this advanced system is engaged, it can disallow any pilot or potential hijacker from controlling a plane, as the rooted setup uses digital signals that communicate with air traffic control, satellite links, as well as other government entities for the remainder of a flight’s journey.
On December 4th of 2006, it was announced that Boeing had won a patent on an uninterruptible autopilot system for use in commercial aircraft. This was the first public acknowledgment by Boeing about the existence of such an autopilot system.

The new autopilot patent was reported by John Croft for ‘Flight Global’, with the news piece subsequently linked by a Homeland Security News Wire and other British publications around the same time. According to the DHS release, it was disclosed that 'dedicated electrical circuits' within an onboard flight system could control a plane without the need of pilots, stating that the advanced avionics would fly the aircraft remotely, independently of those operating the plane:

‘The “uninterruptible” autopilot would be activated – either by pilots, by onboard sensors, or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.’
Additionally, in the article entitled, ‘Diagrams: Boeing patents anti-terrorism auto-land system for hijacked airliners’, Croft outlines the clandestine oversight that government has with respect to the uninterruptible autopilot, making note of the auto-land function of the system and stating that the technology has its own power supply self-sufficient of any electrical systems on the plane:

‘To make it fully independent, the system has its own power supply, independent of the aircraft’s circuit breakers. The aircraft remains in automatic mode until after landing, when mechanics or government security operatives are called in to disengage the system.’”
To answer your second topic, Airbus aircraft do have autopilot functions that are supposed to prevent flight into unauthorized angles of attack, etc. That did not prevent Air France flight AF447 [Airbus A330] from being pushed into a post-stall condition and being held there by uncomprehending-aircrew all the way down to the ocean...

I am not an autopilot expert, so I do not know the intricacies of the Airbus protection modes. However, there is a difference in airplane response between a gradual approach to an angle of attack limit and an aggressive pull-back on the stick. In the latter case, it may be possible - especially in high altitude/airspeed conditions - to have aircraft inertia carry the maneuver past the imposed limits. This may be true for remote autopilot input, as well.

Best I can do, without deep digging...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Ray B. - Thanks for very comprehensive answers to my questions. From your references I'll do a little digging.


Visible said...

contact has been made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (grin)

Anonymous said...

Ray B. - It's interesting, then, that the hijacked 9/11 aircraft did not take advantage of the uninterruptible autopilot system - or wait, it couldn't be that ----. No, they'd never do something like that...


Ray B. said...

Hi, John! Good that we could finally 'connect'.

Yeah, several researchers have wondered how barely-Cessna-class pilots could navigate the updrafts and downdrafts around NYC skyscrapers, let alone doing a tricky wind-up descent into the exact area of the Pentagon where Navy financial-researchers were preparing to blow the cover on Dov Zachim's lost billions...

Also, most conspiracy theorists assume that the jetliner that cratered into the Pennsylvania countryside (if it did; the circular crater is suspicious) was shot down by a USAF fighter. What if, instead, the aircraft was 'snagged' by the Boeing uninterruptible autopilot system and simply directed into the ground?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

sorry, Vis... I was really drunk when I wrote that. You're a good guy, and I really have no beef with you. I like your writing, and have always been a fan. I apologize for having gotten too emotional about some dumb-ass theory of flat or round earths. Starting to sound like something out of Gulliver's Travels. Once again, do accept my apology. I normally don't behave like that. Red wine usually makes me happy. :D



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