Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Black Friday Palindrome Boogie Down

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An announcement and then to the post. The usual creeps have been shutting down people's ability to comment and also blocking their ability to email me. It's selective, some amount get through, many do not. I have an axillary email; Also, I lost the business card of a man from London and cannot thank him for his kindness in putting me up before I left. Richard, I hope you see this. I can't keep this kind of thing at the top of my posts indefinitely (grin).

Probably because it is happening in a toe to heel, Chinese foot binding manner of increments, most people don't notice us not so suddenly getting to... how the Hell did we get here? Of course, for some reason, the Israeli trained, American police forces have to shoot the dog. Now they are shooting toothless, 16 year old geriatric dogs. In concert, tandem, or whatever you call 'at the same time', the west's most powerful and relentless enemy is proving the 'purpose of demonstration' module by making themselves the single, strident voice of prevarication and menace. For the first time, it is becoming clearly apparent to a much wider audience who is the troublemaker. These days, no one likes Israel; not even those who are compelled to interact with it. Even Israel doesn't like Israel. It's become a hotbed of incestuous self hate. Once again, the words of Nietzsche ring true, “those whom the god's would destroy, they first drive mad.” Believe it. This is the case ubiquitously, whether it be shooting harmless household pets, or being the worst example of what you accuse others of.

I've got a small handful of malcontents who actively dislike me. They got their reasons. A couple of them, like Jong, are gay and can't seem to understand that I have no opinion on that form of expression; there but for fortune goes I. I don't like the political engine that works them and is near 100% Tribe controlled. I am opposed to the destruction of the family unit as the essential building block of society in the same way that a prosperous middle class indicates a cultural success, regardless of the fact that it will end as all things temporal must and has... ass is glaringly evident. I realize the way I fashioned that last sentence goes contrary to the rules of both logic and something... something else but, so what?

So it is that today I get an hysterical screed from one of these fellows about how hypocritical it is of me to fly on planes and tell people they shouldn't. It could have been phrased differently, if advising me were the point, rather than slinging shit out of the prison cells of their own self confinement, it wasn't. The fact it that I almost never take a plane. I travel a lot but I never take planes unless I have no choice. I take trains and buses, over long distances, and the cost is no great discount over planes but... it was a good point. Truth is, we're all caught up in this garbage, personally and collectively and we're all susceptible to conviction by cherry picking, agenda artistes.

Despite my being guilty of what I tell people they shouldn't do, I do the best I can, considering. It ain't easy being me (grin). Seriously though, it isn't. The problem with life is that life is the problem. Rather, one should say that life continues because of the problems inherent in it. Once there is no longer any problems, life is no longer what it was. Everyone else can't even see you unless you want them to. The mass of humanity is a big washing machine full of problems and it's an old style washing machine that has a ringer attached to it. The majority of the problems are common problems. Some do better with them than others, as a result of maturity, grit, any number of things and both visible and invisible assistance. Some of us don't have the usual problems. Some of us have the unusual problems and both classes of problems have two main possibilities. On the one hand, our problems cause problems for others and for ourselves, so one might day that problems have a healthy reproductive system. On the other hand, the problem can be grit, like that particle of sand in the oyster's shell which creates the pearl. Life is a long running allegory. It's a multiplicity of fables and parables acted out in human form for the entertainment of someone and the edification of few.

One of our great collective problems is that we get engrossed in the drama to the extent that it not only becomes real but we become capable of terrible crimes for the most ridiculous of reasons. If you were to go to a hundred people and tell each one of them that none of this is real, you might not get a single one of them to agree with you. That is why a certain narrow highway of life has such little traffic. You might think with all the people kneeling in one place, salaaming in another and putting their hands together to say, “Namaste” that it might look more like the line outside Wal-Mart this Friday. Ah... the irony of calling it Black Friday. Ah, the proliferation and profusion of irony on all sides. The operative definition of stupid is, “those who cannot see the irony.”

Existence is a palindrome. That's what that Alpha and Omega thing is all about, or, if you prefer, “before Abraham was I”. Of course, we're talking about a Syrian, not a Hebrew. Designations don't matter actually because the one who does come has not been processed through marketing, is not the brainchild of corporations and has allegiance to nothing here. “but this one does not sleep.
Is born anew in every breath, shines from each shining eye, cannot and will not forget, carries us past the trouble and regret. In tongues forgotten, he has come, to every race in every time, dressed as everyone, always unknown, alone and waiting...”

The truth is both simple and eternal. If we don't see it, we don't want to. That is the problem with every soul on the planet now. Any fool with even borderline intellect could, with a minimum of industry see that Israel was behind 9/11 but... at what price? Once you see what is actual... it becomes contractual- you are responsible for what you know. The whole of the human race lives in degrees of personal and collective denial because... if you know something is so, you must speak, you must act and if you are such a shrinking violet that you can do neither... you still know. You still know.

Crazy shit is going on. It is the order of the day. The lies are being nailed for public view. The video tells a comically outrageous truth. It is what it is. Look at the ill made arguments in the comments and how they get skewered by those with a mind and... that makes you think. How come, in this world when so many people can have a Holmesian insight, can there be so little concerted vocal courage? It comes down to simple chicken shit. People see but... they won't say. It costs too much but... now... now... that's changed. The world has changed in that incremental, Chinese footbinding, toe to heel step by step progression. Things are not what they were. Our time is coming. Their time is going. Say what you will. That is how it is.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ambulatory House Plants and Burning Bacon Heads.

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Do you hear that sizzling crackling sound? The air is filled with a smell like burning bacon. That's the result of those coals of fire on the head of Binnie 'the snake' Netanyahoo. He is in an agony of rage, due to Iran out suaving him, which is not difficult, given his complete lack of class. He is incandescent with fury as the Five + 1 (is that a Jim Morrison song? Way back in the atavistic memory I'm getting a hit of something like that). Nothing pisses off a megalomaniac so much as when the classes of people perceived to be below them do not do what they say. How about a nation of megalomaniacs led by a scat circle of super nova, megalomaniacs? That link should give you a good idea of the kind of unintentional humor you run into in academia these days.

This is possibly the most important article you will have read in a long time; massive wakeup is going on behind the scenes and remains unreported on by the Tribe owned, Israeli firster, Zio-Ogre Media. I don't think the devil is going to be impressed when Dunce Cap Bush tries to use the argument about what he did with the rest of his life. No doubt the devil will say, "You know, John Wayne Gacy already tried that one on me and he was a piker compared to you." Check out what Tribe art dealer Stephen Koschal did with the painting of the Disney Dwaves and the Chicago Cubs. This guy is a true representative of his genetic heritage. Even his own mother sued him! Pay careful attention to just what a sleazy customer this creature is. He has lowered the limbo bar to the subterranean. No doubt they'll send Gacy to the gates of Hell to welcome him when the time comes. One of my invisible friends just said to me, "Not a bad idea visible!" That brought a smile to my face. I think it might just happen now. I wouldn't put it past the ineffable. He's got a big sense of humor.

Let's be honest about the state of the world of the moment. The Lord of the Darkside has been hard at work over recent decades, making sure through his earthy representatives that the nastiest and most depraved among us get put into positions of power and... when they are at the level of common footsoldier or more correctly, 'footpad', such as the military grunt, the beat cop, the security guard, the TSA worker, they strive to get the most aggressive and dysfunctional troglodytes they can find. They have their ways. They test the military recruits with those psychological multiple choice tests and every time they come up with the kind of person who tortures and kills household pets and sets buildings on fire, they flag them as intelligence assets and send their profile over to the CIA. If the subject was a Cheetos eating video game freak, they send him to drone school. He's already so desensitized to the real world that there is no Real World, except on MTV.

I remember one time, before these blogs were happening and I used to be a 'star poster' (♫Ho-sanna Heysanna, sanna sanna Ho!♫) at The Best of the Fray, which was a forum at Slate. There was a particularly malicious, Canadian Zio-bot named Schadenfreude there. He really hated me. I was engaged in a discussion with someone on the cultural merits of Paris Hilton. This was in the middle of her 15 minutes of fame. Schadenfreude interjected himself into the conversation and said, “I'd do her.” It was then that I realized there are many mysteries concealed beneath the human skin that are best left as mysteries. I used to get hammered and tonged there every day because I was surrounded by New York City style Tribe members and their fawning sycophantic gentile house plants. You can imagine the shitstorms I created each day as I was saying pretty much there what I say here and even more so when it came to certain historical fantasies. Of course, the forums were monitored by a Tribe member who, in a momentary lapse of awareness, conferred a star on me, to the delight of some and the screaming and kicking, hair pulling frenzy of others. Of course then it looked like I was being given credibility by the liberal asswipes that ran the place. In the end, they took down the entire star system just to take away my star. (whaaaaa!!!) Man! What a pretentious gaggle of self important pseudo-intellectuals. I have never seen their like again.

Toward the end of my tenure there I created an anonymous blog called “The Worst of the Best of the Fray” where I went to town on all those effete martinets but... I never mentioned it. Sure enough, after a few weeks, one of the regulars, a Michael Ryerson, (lawyer) stumbled on to it. These people were always trying to jump up the forum's web presence. Some of them were pathological about the site getting mentioned in the search engines. Knowing this, I knew someone would eventually find my little satirical effort. It became the cause celebre of the next month or so with many of the Fray regulars coming over to tilt lances with whoever it was that was writing these scathing critiques on the posters from Best of Fray. I never acknowledged it being me though some suspected that was the case. Many of you, being as literate and comedically gifted as you are, would have had all kinds of fun over there. I was known as 'Appolonius'. Any number of people had Greek and Roman names as befitted such a pompous crowd.

Well, I'm getting away from the subject of the post and... what do you know? There was no subject of the post. I'm out of here tomorrow, headed off to this speaking engagement in the belly of the beast tomorrow and I shan't be back here until Sunday. I don't have anyone to post the comments while I'm gone, though I'll have that covered most of tomorrow so... if there's a lapse in seeing your comments, hang in there and I'll be back at it shortly.

As I have long maintained, Lady Nature is every bit a matter for concern as anything pending in the poisoned minds of the Israeli/Satanist collective who... are the preeminent bipedal enemy of humanity at this time. A few shrugs by the planet and a whole lot of people could be Sayonara-Land bound. It's said that a new land mass is going to appear in the Pacific and those of us meant to survive are somehow going to wind up there to ♫Carry on♫ Myself, I don't know. I'm a little more than cautiously optimistic. I have no idea why. It's just that inside, everything feels fine.

The awakening is causing all kinds of positive efforts on the part of those who are usually in the pockets of big business. There has been few industries as aggressive in their pursuits of profits at all costs as the bio-tech industries. What is truly sad about all of this is the looming specter of Fukushima, just over the horizon line. No one knows at the moment what is what and what is not. It runs the gamut from extreme sensationalists, using the tragedy to pump up the reach of their own personality profile, to those who say it's all a hoax and there's no such thing as nuclear energy or nuclear power, which probably means they're right about the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy as well (sigh). The system has to come down. As an act of mercy and compassion it has to come down because of things like this. Glenn E. Singleton and Verenice Guitierrez are definitely getting honorable mention on the Wall of Shame and Infamy.

The System has to come down because of the proliferation of Grinch's, like this splendid example of a boil on the ass of a demon. He's also going on the wall. The reader is encouraged to send in their own entrants. Of course, there will be the singular, world class motherfuckers, whose acts of depravity are truly special and who will be noted for their exceptionalism. Then there'll be the second tier, those exceptional enough at what they've done to be widely known for it. Finally there will be those like Singleton and all the sewer rat bureaucrats who make the actions of the greater monsters above them so much more acceptable and easily accomplished. When you see monsters getting away with all kinds of things, inexplicably, I mean, just read about this Creature from the Black Sassoon. I've never even heard of him before. Anyway, when you see this sort of thing and can't figure out how it's going on and on for such a significant period of time, involving so many name people and such crude behavior, you can one hundred percent presume it is Satanism. There are Satanic dynasties like The Rothschilds and there are any number of families where fealty to the Lord of the Darkside is operational and carried on by their offspring and their offspring, possibly sacrificing one here or there for the material benefit of the rest of them. All kinds of wild shit is going on. Upstate on Westchester estates there are black masses and the same applies to New York City penthouses. Usually when ritual murder is taking place they like more private settings, like that French serial killer couple in the south of France and, of course, wait for it (drum roll) he's a Tribe member!

The thing with Satanism is, it works. It's a process by which you provide something to get something, with the understanding that, upon your death, you're bound over for whatever arrangements you've made for the acquisition of whatever you got. Some might think this all preposterous but there is a thousands of years tradition and lineage that illustrates the reality of belief held in it. Honorius the Pope was a real sweetheart. This kind of thing is going on all over the place. Evil is attractive and intoxicating, like power, sex and wealth. For some people it is very much an aphrodisiac. Keep in mind, some of these people can already have anything they want and have had. They get bored.

Well, you can read all about this stuff all day long, all through the week and on into next year. You can go to LA. Or NYC and if you know how to go about it, you can find yourself in the middle of it fairly quickly, especially if you are young and attractive. The Satanists, The Golden Calfsters, The Scientologists and any number of personality cults that you may or may not have heard of are all pretty much the same thing. I've no use for any of them but people do, people do.

For a lot of people with stars in their eyes if someone famous tells them to take off their clothes, they're glad to oblige. Take a look at what goes on at Mardi Gras and Spring Break. People will do all kinds of things because they've confused license with liberty. They've confused notoriety with fame. They wanted to push the envelope and they got 'folded spindled and mutilated'.

So it goes. So it goes.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lowering the Moat Portcullis against the Unseen and Unwelcome Visitor.

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The promoters of the seminar in London are offering 5 tickets for five pounds (I think that's five pounds per ticket) for those who want to come and hear me. Details are sketchy, so I suggest that those possessing an interest contact Tahra at the Seminar webpage for details, especially if you have four people in your pocket with five pounds in each of their pockets (grin). There's a Charles Iwanga in the seminar comments to whom this may apply. He says he's 'skint' (grin).

As I have mentioned, perhaps more times than some readers might wish, I watch the NFL games on the internet. I don't watch them simply due to their being sporting events. I watch them for insights into the culture. Since I will never again, set foot on the American mainland, for so long as the Zio-Communists and Satanic Fascists have control of it, I need to see what's taking place there, even if it is only a limited view. It helps me find a perspective on what it's like there in a certain demographic. There are the subtleties that come across in what the announcers say and then there are the commercials, which brings me to my first observation for the day.

Nothing is sadder than to see some movie actor, like Tommy Lee Jones, or any of them really, making a commercial for some corporate monster after having made many many millions in this lifetime and finding themselves thinking they need yet more money and not caring who they get it from. Along with Tommy (whose films I enjoy) were James Earl Jones (who has long been a fixture in commercials anyway. He's the Walter Cronkite of Madison Avenue) and there was Malcolm McDowell, whose life is clearly marked on his face. I won't say any more about him. It's not my place. I guess I can understand when people like Nicolas Cage run out of money, as a result of buying up castles all over the world, during a bout of extended temporary insanity but people who get tens of millions of dollars for a film, or at least a few million every time they step in front of a camera... hmmm. When you make that kind of money, that kind of money makes more money and then you have a whole lot of money. Still, when you look like you actually emptied the cup that Hercules or Ulysses (I forget who) was challenged to empty and which turned out to be connected to the ocean, well, maybe you do need more money.

So I look into the faces of the crowds, howling like loons, faces painted, bellies bulging, minds filled with an excitement, manufactured by the culture and very much like patriotism and nationalism. You see, certain toxic mindsets are all-important to the sustenance of this 'survival of the sneakiest' culture. They like to do 'end runs' when they can; that's a football term. Life, like football, has rules. These rules exist to give a sense of control, balance and propriety to the usual proceedings taking place, among which always appears (at intervals) the expected offenses occurring as a matter of routine. In football there are referees to spot the infractions and deliver the penalties. In life we have (selective) law enforcement. The more that the force of materialism predominates in the culture, the more frequent and the greater in number are the offenses that ensue, until (we're getting there) it becomes a melee of a free for all, a wild-assed collective snatch and grab, where law enforcement is easily as corrupt as the very worst of the criminals and where the ordinarily honest, are forced into criminal behavior in order to survive and where weird and pointless shit like this happens. We need not look too far for the main source of almost all of the world's ills. These lovely creatures, along with the Satanists and companion mindsets at large can be clearly seen for what they are ...and how many times do I have to say that 94% of the Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead (and not just Israelis either)? Ironically, this is the same percentage of the media owned by the Baal worshiping segment of The Tribe. Another irony is the number of residents resident in The Criminal Syndicate Nation, in comparison to a similar number which has popped up all through the last century, in search of validated parking.. and which parking area was remarkable quiescent until right around the time they shot Kennedy. No, for 15+ years there was nothing to speak of being said (Hmmm that sentence seems a little odd) Then, from out some dark cavern there lumbered the largest and most effective PR machine ever seen

Lately it's getting near as hot as that location to which so many of the elite and chosen are bound. We can start looking for incidences of spontaneous combustion. We can also start looking for serious reactions by Nature in disrespect of fracking and all those various technologies that are causing the consolidation of methane clouds in low lying areas. Where is that big electric billboard that has the countdown for Critical Mass? Where is that camel who stands patiently by the large haystack, bent to it's knees by the weight on it's back? In the air there is a static electricity that sounds a lot like what you hear standing next to one of those anonymous transformer buildings. These days, there's a tape deck and speakers inside those rooms, to give the impression that transformers are humming. What's really happening is these anonymous rooms are occupied by the civilian equivalent of drone operators who sit in front of dozens of small computer screens and who watch you pee and whatever other things you do in every room of your house

Here is an example of how incredibly corrupt the country of America is at this time. Only the continuing presence of a mesmerizing and pervasively blanketing miasma, is keeping the populace from storming public buildings and gated communities around the country; don't forget those urban highrises... and hauling those vacuous sociopaths from their offices, boardrooms and dwelling spaces. America has been hijacked. Presently the final looting of everything left of value is taking place by those who bear no loyalty whatsoever to anything but money and self interest. They will rue the day when the public awakens and be they in Patagonia or anywhere else, plotting their next escapades, justice and retribution will find them.

As obvious as it should be to anyone who does not have a sprouting potato for a head, keeping in mind that even though a potato has eyes it is blind, like so many who have a mind but cannot think, who have a heart but cannot feel, in whose lives everything is a simulation of something gone from their memories... what is obvious, is blindingly so, in both cases. On the one hand, unavoidably apparent and on the other hand, so present it is threatening and demanding of eyes wide shut. Ever notice how uniformly resistant a certain segment of the population is to truth? It doesn't matter where you run into them at. One of my best friends voted for George Bush and this is a person I have traveled to other worlds with. When I tried to extract an explanation from him, I got some kind of rambling monologue wherein he completely bought into the lies tumbling from that fool's mouth. Another very close friend will hear no ill of The Tribe in any shape or form because he is fully aware of the effect that holding certain views can have on one's career at this point in time. Of course his arguments are the sort of fatuous gerbil shit that can only be found in the Crass Media and wouldn’t you know it? This fellow actually claims to live by the grace of the ineffable. Things like this make me laugh. He started telling me how Assad had killed 90,000 of his subjects. Even at this late date, neither of them have come to the realization of what lying sacks of shit nearly all contemporary journalists are.

I love my friends but I've come to accept that we are all, individually, moving at different speeds and not going to arrive at the same conclusions or places at the same time. We make different sacrifices for different reasons. I remember those various windows of time and opportunity that existed in the lives of so many of the people I knew. ♫How I wish, I wish in vain, that we could stand in that same room again. Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat, I'd give it all gladly, if our lives could be like that♫ I remember us being free and unencumbered, able to try our hands at anything. I remember the things that came along and got their attention. In some cases they were drawn to them and in other cases the forces or entities moved in on them. I watched some of them go from passionate idealism to the pragmatic or acquisitive. I watched their values change. In some cases I watched them disappear over the horizon, gone somewhere, in search of something. Some number of them died from excess and some from misadventure. Some got swept away by one spiritual teacher or another, though these were in the minority and some of them are still there today. Some of them are friendly but distant, as if some kind of abacus of dogma, or a curtain of belief, were stretched across the space between us. Some take a dim view of me, based on my perceived heresies and eccentric lifestyle. These are the reformed whores whose self righteousness is aflame with the projected purity of their own reflection. There aren't many of those and if there are, I no longer remember them (grin).

I remember the music that accompanied the segments of time and lying flat on my back in a dimly lit room, with several other people, all of us tripping on acid, somewhere in Makawao, Maui, while we listened to a mix tape of memorable and moving psychedelic music put together by Steve, who was a DJ, radio announcer at the time and is now, of all things, a lawyer. He used to get angry at me and offended for the slightest of reasons. I never could figure it out.

I remember a handful of exceptional people. Some were exceptional in the moment and then gravitated to the pedestrian afterwards, making those accommodations almost everyone makes to the world, for the purpose of security and sustenance. I've yet to find the right fit of compromises for myself. Tragically, there may be none (grin). Unless the cornucopia appears in the sky before me, unless serendipity kisses me on the check in following months, I'll find out about compromises and accommodations but... for some reason, it never gets to that. Something always appears, as if by magic, out of the empty desert, borne on the wind by jinns and delivered at the dark of the moon. The next day the desert is empty again but my whole world has changed in the meantime.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Last Gasp of the Satanic Ridiculous and a Primer..

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Today (tomorrow) would appear to be the 14th. That makes today Wednesday the 13th, Creepers! Still, time marches on. The most significant thing I learned from the fallout in Geneva, where France demurred from cutting a deal with Iran was that, if it had gone through, then Israel was going to attack Iran, or so Nitwityahoo told Zio-slut Fabius, who provided some kind of lame excuse because he got leaned on and then got promptly paid off, or someone did. My recollection of what I read is not leaping up all eidetic like, the way a porpoise at Sea World might.

One of the reasons I take a long time to form unshakable convictions is that I have to be certain there are no trap doors or hidden passageways to alternative universes of explanation. The same corroborating evidence has to keep coming up, along with even more evidence verifying what seems to be the only answer and it has to be accompanied by a wagon load of circumstantial that requires a team of woolly mammoths to pull it. Finally, it has to be a conclusion that certain people I trust have also come to and who, in some cases, have done quite a bit more research than I have. Then, absolutely finally, it has to be confirmed by my intuition. And then... absolutely and completely the final thing, I have to be willing to alter, adjust, or abandon the conclusions I have come to, when presented with compelling and irrefutable truths that contradict what I heretofore believed. So far this has not happened. In fact, the more rocks I turn over, the more I find the same Gila Monster and the more varied are the crimes and abuses. I know there are other criminals at work on the planet. It's the Kali Yuga after all. It's the time and place where scoundrels seem to be reproducing via halitosis mitosis. Yes, there are all manner of skells at work and the parameters of criminal enterprise seem to have no boundaries, which belies the use of 'parameters'. Engaged in the business of offenses against the public, are all types and kinds of cabals and entrepreneurs. They range in size, dimension and dastardliness from insect life, up through the raptors, all the way to the king of the jungle and that would be the T-Rex of the bad guys, who managed to snooker themselves a whole country, granting them sovereign status, under which to commit every kind of crime against humanity and Nature that they could conceive of. They even have (snicker) holy books that catalog offenses against others that are permitted by their god. No other religion comes anywhere near this. They are unique and so is the duration of their longevity at these behaviors.

Trouble seems to be right around the corner. There are ominous signs. One shouldn't be surprised at much, given the sort of people we have to deal with. When a certain mindset gets a forceful hand in foreign affairs, ugly becomes the new beautiful. In the capital of Redneck Retardville; injustice? It's what's for dinner. You have to be aware of how really crazy it is out there, as we pass through the Last Gasp of the Satanic Ridiculous. Pay attention! Be alert! Be aware! Know your options. For not much cost you can go camp on a beach in Belize and they speak English. Then you meet someone (grin). Seriously though, listen to your intuition. If you are 'connected' to your inner self, you'll get the broadcasts. Look at how quickly people reverted to the usual expectations in The Philippines. Imagine how it would be in the Land of Privilege with all those guns AND the nearby gated enclaves of the rich and super rich, whose mindset is responsible for the state of the system. Of course, not all rich people are bad. There are some fantastic rich people. I haven't run into any but I don't graze where they do. Maybe I'll run into one or some. You never know.

As has been stated here, ever and ever again, existence is scripted (to a degree). There is free will but few understand how that works. Given a certain belief system to begin with, the truth of it would be simply a matter of common sense but you've got to have an awareness of the structure you are operating in first. Here is the primary disconnect for the vast majority of people. They do not have an understanding of how things work. Now, a small disclaimer is called for here. In no wise am I implying that I am in 'full' possession of this knowledge but I do know several someones who are. It is not necessary for anyone to have a complete knowledge of the operations of the cosmos. I submit that that is likely impossible in the first place but... one can come to speaking terms with intellects that have access to anything that can be known. In truth, all of it is inside us. Think of the subconscious as a vast ocean and our conscious minds as inlets from that ocean. In this way we are all potentially in contact with everyone else AND everything else. On this subject we could spend a great deal of time, far more time than I have at present to spend. I will just mention a couple of things and give you a little imagery to consider in the coming paragraph.

First off, given that we are sitting on a vast ocean, it stands to reason that it's not just a bunch of water and nothing else. It is deeply connected to the function of memory; blue is the color of memory and the ocean as well. One might say there is a sympatico between them. At the bottom of this ocean are any number of sunken treasure chests. If you know how to get to them you will never lack for anything, for whatever stretch of time you 'choose' to hang around because that too is in one of the chests.

I'll hand off a little hint of it here and if you're smart and have good lateral speed you can run off right tackle and follow the blocking fullback. The cards are meditation devices. They signify archetypes and qualities, as well as forces that we interact with every day, always, until we come to peace with them. The Star represents meditation and its sigil is a fishhook. The Hanged Man (very still and stationary) represents water, in a different sense than the High Priestess who also represents memory. The Death Card is represented by a fish. Properly arranged you are informing the subconscious through focused meditation that via this process you are dropping the fishhook into the water, in order to pull out the fish of Death. The subconscious should be seen as a factory or foundry. You send the idea and the plans down and it makes the product or arranges the circumstances and situations that bring you into the location where what you have 'correctly' visualized will take place or manifest.

Over the long reach of years, all the way back to Atlantis and beyond, of which there is no longer any recorded history in the 'public domain' to reference in respect of, there have been some number of systems that have been available for the skilled practitioner to learn and acquire anything the imagination can picture. Anything.

Back around the 12th century, wise men from all over the civilized Earth came together to meet in Fez Morocco. Legend has it they were in a large circle, squatting on the sand and discussing how they might preserve the knowledge of the higher mysteries for future generations, given that a dark age was coming; that same dark age we are presently in. As the story goes, one of them went and drew a picture in the sand and- the rest of them, being wise men, after all, they immediately understood what he was getting at and so, The Tarot was born and given into the hands of gypsies and possibly other migrating folk, so that it could make the rounds of all the lands. The gypsies applied it to its debased form of operation, which was divination. Over the time between its creation and now, there have been insightful and intrepid souls who have tumbled to its real purpose. What The Tarot does, the Major Arcana anyway, is to give pictorial representations of the archetypes and desired qualities of the ineffable. The minor arcana is about the dance of the elements.

Eliphas Levi, no slouch when it came to understanding the higher mysteries said, “A prisoner devoid of books, had he only a Tarot of which he knew how to make use, could in a few years acquire a universal science, and converse with an unequalled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence. The oracles of the Tarot give answers as exact as mathematics, and measured as the harmonies of nature. By the aid of these signs and their infinite combinations, it is possible to arrive at the natural and mathematical revelation of all secrets of nature.“ Amen. I suggest you copy that quote and read it often.

The truth is that the truth can be found by anyone diligently seeking it. Just like Madame Blavatsky said, "There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling – the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come."

It's all in knowing where to look and all of the exhaustive searching on the outside will, eventually result in the search turning inward. Did the snake just swallow its tail there or what? We are a microcosm. All of us have heard that word (I think) and most of us might have an idea about its meaning; 'the universe in miniature' or something like that but... what does it really mean or, more importantly, how does what it means reflect on us? The answers are obvious and the answers are simple but they cannot be comprehended except by a prepared mind. All internal argument has to stop first.

In the end, no one can find the route, unless they meet the mysterious stranger first. There's no telling what guise he may appear in to test you. You may meet him, behave wrong and never know the meeting took place. I don't care how smart you are, how dedicated a scholar you are. It doesn't matter. Until the veils part you cannot see what is. We may see the world of the moment as a vast stinking pit of corruption and it is in a sense and it is ruled over by the henchmen of the King of the Underworld but... there is a pristine world hidden within that is more real than the world you experience yourself walking around in at the moment. There is a temporary world and an eternal world. There is the mortal world, inhabited by mortals and there is that other world inhabited by archetypes and immortals as well as many a curious life form. Those who have been granted the keys to Nature's secret kingdom walk in beauty and understanding always.

No, you can't get there on your own. You have to impress someone who comes and goes there already. This can be done by the acquisition of virtue, a towering intellect tinged with the necessary humility, by good works, by continuous devotion and the performance of austerities, by the acquisition of regenerated innocence and by pure zeal. There are various ways to get the attention of one of those mysterious strangers. They vary in their tastes and attractions. Once you've made that connection, your life, every feature of it, is somehow connected to your passage forward. You might be left to your own devices for decades. You might be thrown into the turmoil of life for all kinds of reasons and none of them known to you. It might be crazy and chaotic and it might be tranquil and serene, every case is different. It's important not to forget or to give up. You may think you got left alone but... you didn't. You got left alone just to see if you would think so.

Well, I had no idea this is what would get written. You never know what direction it's going to go in.

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Seminar in London, Saturday the 23rd, Visible will be in attendance with others. Come if you can AND PEOPLE! I do a lot of work putting the hotlinks into the post. Some number of you simply ignore them. Several of you were contacting me for details about this seminar when the links have been here (in bold type) all along. The other links are often intriguing and interesting; your loss if you don't read them. I have to process a lot of information and links to come up with then ones I use. I don't mind directing people where they need or want to go but do presume I am aware of some amount of what people want to know and that it is probably there somewhere (grin).

Monday, November 11, 2013

Support the Dupes who Die in the Banker Wars.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

[It looks like visible will be in attendance at the London Seminar on the 23rd of November, provided... provided he can find reasonable accommodations in the most expensive city in the world besides Hong Kong. Should that be the case... (nothing happens or does not happen without the action or consent of the ineffable), ♫I'll be there♫ Otherwise, should visible be hampered in the execution of this endeavor by the aforementioned, or due to present planetary negativity factors, given that this event is taking place in November (Robert Phoenix will be letting me know about that). If visible is unable to attend, he will post an appropriate video rendering as a reasonable facsimile of what he would have done in person] Looks like it's a go= this is an update, I think.

Dayum! Some ssssssstrange things are happening. If you read yesterdays's Smoking Mirrors, you will remember my mentioning that a link had appeared in my bookmarks, which I had never seen before and it was about Israelis caught with detailed maps of nuclear installations in the U.S. /not thinking (how very unlike me- grin) I posted it, only to be notified by a reader that the link was 12 years old! (Thank you for that!) Now, my computer was hijacked over a month ago and my only 'admin' user account is now listed as 'visitor' and I am listed as guest and I haven't been able to find a way around it and various circumstances have kept me from attempting a format and clean install of my OS. I'll have that sorted by a tech, I hope, this week. These invaders were doing all kinds of things to my system for a week or so and then backed off and I haven't seen anything of them since but... their work remains. Arguably, I should have checked the date on that mysteriously appearing link. I didn't. I've got too few hours in the day for the things I do and so I move at high speed through my days. This is a warning to put a stop to that. Once again, my apologies for not being comprehensive. I'm learning but... I'm a slow learner, sometimes.

As most of the people who come around here know, I watch professional sports (U.S. sports). I do this for various reasons. One is that I played the major and minor sports all through my early life. Even at 35, I was traveling around Virginia with a pick up group of other men and we would play local, black sandlot teams. We won as often as we lost so... we were credible. I was the pitcher. I have always loved sports. I love the competitive energies, within reason, so long as they remain good natured. I also watch now because there is a lot going on besides the games, including the unbelievably crass commercials, the things the announcers talk about and all the things that an observant mind can pick up on. I learn things. The main thing I notice, besides the surreptitious and ubiquitous tits and ass, is the slavish pandering to low level, patriotic emotionalism concerning, 'support our dupes'. Yes, 'dupes'. Every single game, they have cameras showing a couple of dozen uniformed drones in the owner's box, or they're out there, before the game (like at The World Series), singing one or another of those bombastic and pompous, threadbare and saccharine songs from The Wayback Machine; ♫my country tis NOT of me, license is liberty! The banks are God. Land where our father's died because their leaders lied; may e v e r y mountain slide down on top of them♫

If there is one hard-wired lie that dwarfs all the rest, outside of the lies that Israel is founded on, across the entire world, it is this lie about service to one's country at the cost of one's life, limbs and reason. If there is one thing that will turn public opinion against you, it is calling attention to this bullshit, brass band accompanied passing, of a monster load of stinking shit! Up and down Main Street, this massive, triple tractor trailer load of banker financed shit, travels. It's like a Mardi Gras of death and dismemberment celebrations. Veterans limp down the boulevard. Old fossils, dressed in moth ball scented, forgotten and ill fitting outfits, attempt to swell out their sunken chests in pride at what they are absolutely clueless concerning. World War One, the first major effort by international bankers, after their success in establishing the Federal Reserve, was one of the ugliest periods in recent human history. Imagine the carnage at these battles! Imagine the bankers; Rothschilds, Schiffs, Warburgs and all, rubbing their hands in glee over their profits. Imagine the solemn speeches by all the sober faced politicians with the morals of a crack whore. Once off the stage they are behind the scenes also, rubbing their hands with glee. Next, these same vile creatures orchestrated World War Two. Imagine the carnage!

Oh, they were busy little psychopaths between the conflicts as well, spreading death and disorder in the name of imperialism around the world. Then they created the Korean conflict. Here's a little primer on that one. Around this time they began to understand that they could have their cake and eat it too by manufacturing controlled conflicts abroad, in specific areas, where business interests could be served. So we got the Vietnam War, once again, courtesy of the international banker, the munitions industry, The Pentagon and all the corporate swine who feed off the conflicts, with all of this aided and abetted by the political whores who "sign ze papers old man". Following the Vietnam conflict, there have been so many nasty little incursions and excursions, in and out of the slasher and snuff film world, of the beasts who create them.

Now we have arrived at the apex of idiocy, as The Monster of the Middle East, who we have allowed to grow to the size it is, seeks to plunge the whole planet into a raging conflagration. Behind the scenes these monsters are preparing to visit Hell-fire upon Iran. They can see the writing on the wall. One of the positive benefits of The Apocalypse is the awakening taking place in the human mind all around the world. No mind is immune. Despite being corrupt to their bone marrow, the leaders of the free (snicker) world are aware of the great danger that Israel presents to every other living thing. Negotiations are underway to resolve the long standing crisis with Iran. Israel does not like this one bit. Israel is all about death and destruction. Keep in mind that 94% of the Israelis, 94%!!! supported Operation Cast Lead.

They are up to something this very moment. Let us hope they get caught at it before they commit it.

The incredible and self destructive activities of the bankers and the super rich, are all being directed by Mr. Apocalypse. There is no way that if they were reasonably sane, they would proceed as they are doing. It IS for the purpose of demonstration. Seen from one perspective, one can reason that they are well protected and secure in the commission and continuance of their crimes. However, as Lao Tzu said, "At no time in the world will a man who is sane Over-reach himself, Over-spend himself, Over-rate himself." If you want to KNOW how things ALWAYS turn out, read this. The universe, this planet we occupy, the stars in the sky and the mites in your skin, are all bound by mysterious laws. These laws are mysterious because the majority of us live in ongoing violation of them. We are damned as civilized nations for the way we treat animals, (some of us are doing something about it) if for no other reason and there are other reasons. Believe me, there are other reasons. A man or woman in possession of wisdom knows that there are times when little can be done. Things must run their course but there is no law that says they have to run over you, unless you are running things, or think you are.

This is the truth, wars are initiated by bankers. They create the economic conditions that foster and foment the human desire and capacity for war. By their manipulation of the economic and political climate they can manipulate the emotional climate and by their control of the media, they can control the public's perception of events. Thusly they create canon fodder out of the youth of the country. They do this by crashing the job market and the economy, which puts the citizenry in extremity and which funnels them into the military, with the promise of an education, after their term of service. Meanwhile, members of 'the chosen' Tribe avoid the need for this and make up 25% of the students in Ivy League schools. Not only is a certain large faction of the Tribe responsible for a large number of humanities ills but they reap the majority of the benefits available by hook, or by crook. Competing for a share of the responsibility in the SNAFU status of contemporary existence is the collective of ordinary ignorance and greed that gets led around by the stomach and the genitals; reaping the woes and maladies that attend the ongoing satiation of these appetites, effectively selling their birthright for a mess of pottage. Who sells them all of these ideas and opportunities? It's a vicious cycle.

Runaway materialism leads to ever more toxic and serious insanity. Materialism always results in the guaranteed and certain decline and destruction of the culture where it is allowed to flourish. Balance cannot be maintained in such an environment so it is a matter of time. Make of this what you will. Consider your surrounding and the implications with whatever degree of attention you think it merits. Size up your circumstances and factor in the writing on the wall and what common sense (should you possess any) tells you and plan and act accordingly or don't. Pay attention or don't. Wise up or don't.

Until the international banking cartels are shut down and the bankers thrown into jail, along with the majority of those at work on Wall Street, you are ever more definitively screwed. Either you go along with the program until extremity and desperation has made violent revolution the only option, or... you all step away from the machine and collectively demand the resignations of all of your political representatives and see to all of the other changes that are necessary. Then... then there is the mysterious will of the cosmos. No one knows what it intends but we will definitely find out. We will find out.

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Last night's radio broadcast is up now.

Friday, November 08, 2013

An Apocalyptic Frottage in an Age of Hannibal Lectors

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Where are you Will Graham and Clarice Starling when we need you?

Slowly but surely, the air (or whatever force) in the bubble presses against the skin of the bubble and sooner or later, the bubble bursts. The same is true for the camel's back and any allegory for Critical Mass that you want to use, sooner or later, the chickens come home to feed, except that they're 15 feet high (courtesy of Monsanto) and will eat anything.

Now here is something that any objective reader with intelligence will see through in a heartsbeat. Besides being similar to a Cliff Notes Wikipedia entry, there are targeted sentences of intent. I'll leave it to the reader to fathom it out. Also, why would a Satanist call himself Elijah AND the photo at the top is interesting too. Far be it from me to say one way or the other that this is written for a purpose other than it appears to be, for the purpose of. Far be anything from me now that I think of it, which is not an authentic part of my intrinsic and eternal nature. This is what gets obscured in times of material darkness ...because the emphasis is put upon all things transitory and that is taken to be how it should be the public at large. It's all a product of conditioning. If you repeat a lie often enough it obtains substance. Over time and sometimes, it seems, before you know it, it's right there in that empty lot that isn't empty anymore. It could happen that an entire ghost city gets constructed, a kind of dark spirit overlay, upon whatever may have been there before and it becomes the new real. It is easiest to be deceived by things that emerge slowly over time. Whole generations are groomed with lies and perversions, as we can see in the world around us at present. As collective insanity is nurtured from the top down, the laws become ever more absurd. On and on it goes, absurdity piled on to absurdity. This way, when the rare person, still possessed of curiosity about the state of the world around them scratches the surface, they'll see a similar absurdity fossilized up below it.

I tend to read most anything because I often learn something from the most obscure and sometimes doctrinal sources.

Although the breakdown in the longstanding infrastructure of governments and religions is a necessary and unavoidable thing, certain aspects of life do not take place in a vacuum. Some facsimile of a former template will always arrive or be inserted into the absence created by the departure of whatever was there before. One reason why one should not reject things because of their provenance, or the fundie slant of the argument is that you never know when you'll find something out. Beneath the seemingly innocuous surface of this banal Loony Tunes culture, all sorts of things are going on; in the basements of houses, in wild places, in empty and abandoned warehouses and other structures. We live in an age of Hannibal Lectors

Mr Apocalypse is backstage of the world theater. This is the place where people rehearse their real intentions in their minds, prior to acting them out, if they ever do but... some form of demonstration always occurs, if only as a result of what can no longer be internally restrained, breaking through to the surface via the weakest link in the chain that, until that moment, held it back.

Many things are slowly emerging and as a larger collective mind links up to them, their power increases. Then... and then there are the dumbasses that prove 'a little knowledge is dangerous' and who make ridiculous comments like Hanuman is just another manifestation of Shiva." Whenever you're reading someone and their scholarship is either non existent, or bent to accommodate an agenda, you can suspect that there's a lot wrong with where they're coming from, even if their basic premise (Obama is evil) is more than ball park accurate.

In the land of guns and rage. In the land of haves and have nots (cue Lauren Bacall, ♫How little we know♫). In the land of ghost buffalo and Native American spirits. In the land of spontaneous violence, at the hands of roid rage robo-cops. In an age of unstoppable negative destinies, converging on a positive result, that cannot be presumed from appearances, the walls are tightening everywhere. In an age where both sides of the bad guys are now on the same side of the wire AND you are behind that wire. In the land where all the rules are made by those who break the rules and who snarl and sneer in the face of their own destruction. In this age and in this land and in all lands where this declining age approaches that steep drop, where at last "the center cannot hold" and things do fall apart, ONLY those connected to that which continues will continue. The rest will go to their assigned locations or be mulched under, into the nitrogen rich atmosphere of Karma pending.

Huge bodies are shifting in the material darkness, as long vested interests, arrange themselves for the Armageddon Polka. Gog and Magog are going "Aleman right" and "Aleman left" but you can see how that would work even if it is a polka. It's a perpetual square dance for those who can't get outside of the box. How strange is it, the way that poorly translated and much abused scriptures would dovetail to such a degree, with the appearance of this critical pending moment on the grand stage?

The stupendous rapacity of the greed-heads is breathtaking; already in possession of more than they can count, immune to taxation, the beneficiary of outrageous interests, collaborating with one another to yoyo string The Big Board of Commodities, up and down at their pleasure and for their profit, while maximizing the costs to the workers, through minimizing wages and benefits, while at the same time, offshoring labor and manufacturing; in essence, bleeding the country white. Vampires by any other name would still be vampires. They have shit all over themselves. They have shit in their pants and only they are immune to the stench. The public mills about like poleaxed steers, as outrageous crimes take place with impunity... so far. They had all they could ever need. They could have wallowed like pigs in the plunder for the length of their term here but nothing would satiate them but that they could squeeze blood from a stone. They have wrung humanity dry but humanity is not without their shepherds and these not only protect and guide both the good and the clueless but the evil as well all of their appointed ends.

We live in the Age of Chemical Reaction, where the combination of low level desire and the pockets of shit-fire gas, wreathe one about each other, in tendrils of ominously flammable potential. Everything is combustible, the plastic and the by product gases, the hog lagoons and compressed shit servants rubbing up against each other in dangerous friction; the mindless, by reflex, frottage of masturbating dooms, to each according to the dispositions of their hearts.

In the end, we will all stand and be counted for what we did and did not do, for what we did and did not say. In the end we will look through a continuum of vision, to see the totality of our passage from beginning to end. We shall stand in awestruck wonder and see those other passings that came before in other forms, across the vast expanse over which we have come. Imagine the disappointment of recognition and realization at what might have been. Truly, we have seen through a glass darkly. For those who, in this moment, comprehend the meaning and essence of it, stand fast in your assurance and be overwhelmed with gratitude that you have been permitted to see what so many would not and could not see. "How could I not have known? How could I have been so blind? Alas... alas..."

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Monday, November 04, 2013

The Warlocks of Wall Street and The Devil's Buttboys.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Here we are at the cross pollinating culture blog AND- not a day goes by when we don't have something behind something behind something, intending something else. Meanwhile, the Zio-Nazi, Tribe created, TSA is in search of their own, Genrikh Yagoda. It' s hard to really gear up into a full blown police state without having a front man who looks and acts the part in a uniform. It should come as no surprise that... in an imperialistic, materialistic, Mammon worshiping wasteland of a -'seemingly', formerly impressive, socio-economic experiment of a country that a stone cold, sociopathic, empty suited, dung beetle of  a whatever he actually is, would be the figure head of the country. It also stands to reason and conforms to the laws of ordinary logic that the most materialistic, blood thirsty, Satan worshiping minority on the planet, would be in charge of looting and destroying that self same, 'seemingly' formerly impressive socio-economic experiment. These things need to be hammered, imprinted and branded upon human consciousness at every possible opportunity. These are monsters! Here be monsters.

Flashback (to the last couple of posts)! We merely scratch the surface. Whatever you hear, it's worse. In a sane world, in an allegedly sane 1st world country. The government or a powerful citizen's action group (no such thing) would be launching class action lawsuits against all the major fast food chains, all the major soft drink manufacturers, all the most abusive major manufacturers of drinkable and edible shit, like Nestles, Coca Cola, Pepsi-Co and the lot. In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, the heads of every major bank would be in prison for multiple felonies, Rico offenses and crimes against humanity. The same would be true of the Warlock's of Wall Street. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country (yes, I know I put the comma in different places so piss off), nearly ALL of the major players of the previous administration would be in jail, along with a considerable number of the members of the present administration.

In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, many of the high ranking members of both The Justice Department and Federal Law Enforcement agencies would be in prison for being traitors and for breaking quite some number of the offenses they are empowered to stop. In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, all ties to Israel would be cut and they would be designated an enemy of the state and all professed dual nationals would be deported, permanently as a result of committing the 9/11 attacks and many others, with the assistance of the administration of the time and the intelligence services (see also).

In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, there is no way that the country should have sunk to the levels of comparison that it has. Some things are going right. It is fitting that the Houston Texans should lose over and over again, sometimes remarkably so, when Barbara Bush, George Bush and other reptiles are in the stands. Things behind the scenes have changed dramatically. Why is there little evidence of that down here? It is because we are in the theater of time and the archetypes responsible for ongoing transitions are not. Be patient. Don't be stupid. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country the author of this blog would not have to risk offending people by pointing out how incredibly stupid so many people are. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country the author of this blog would not have to hammer on and on about America's number one enemy (Israel) but the author has to until something is done. The author has to speak truth to power because... IT WORKS! It works just like Nom miyoho renge kyo AND for the same reasons. There is a time for warriors and a time for harmonic maintainers. This is a time for warriors and as Lord Krishna says; "There is nothing more auspicious for a warrior than a righteous war."

Wars are not exclusively conducted with physically applied weaponry. There are all kinds of ways to wage war AND if you wage it with the certainty and conviction of the all powerful, you are victorious long before it becomes evident. Word! (speaking of rare times that I utilize contemporary colloquialisms, which we weren't). When your cause is righteous, you cannot fail. You only fail when you divert from the righteousness of your cause. Many are those once bearing standards who have become the devil's butt boys, like Governor Jerry Brown.

It is extremely hard in this day and age to hold to one's integrity even unto death, which will never come if you are really connected or it will be for the purpose of demonstration and you'll get a heads up on that.

One has to hew the line and let the chips fall where they may. One has to endure slander and all manner of cowardly crimes and seldom give it a thought because... one knows how it eventually turns out. You have to have the necessary measure of conviction and certitude. "How important is certitude'? It's one of the pillars of Islam. It is indispensable for any one presenting themselves as one in possession of certitude. Like integrity, you cannot progress without it. One can be all kinds of reckless and unpredictable, appearing as all kinds of things to all kinds of people but... if one has these two qualities, welcome to a fait accompli. Yes, pull up a chair because you will be there forever, once 'there' becomes 'here' and it ALWAYS does. Do you want to know unequivocally where you are headed? Take a close look at what you are doing. Assess yourself within by comparison with those you purport to emulate and remember the ultimate arbiter has a capacity of latitude and fully comprehends the force and reality of things done out of Love. Those who love much are forgiven much and if you are going to be hard on others, you have to be even harder on yourself. Done!

People, it isn't difficult to understand. It might be difficult (and is) to perform, until it becomes a piece of cake when the investiture arrives (as it will). This is the reason so many step aside, give up or fail. It always has something to do with lacking the necessary passion or selling out. As soon as you put a price on what you do, you wind up packaged and on a shelf, with a due date.

Who is devoted to Blackberry? Like I said, things have changed on the higher planes and change is precipitating down, now.

Here's a mystery for you. Think of all the real shits that are out there; the Hillaries, the John Kerry's, the Obamas, the Chucky Schumers, think of the vast numbers of powerful entertainers, business magnates and sundry.Why is it that none of them comes forth and tells what vile nasty creatures they were. There's no cry for atonement, no public remorse, no catharsis of the soul. It can only mean that the cosmos has it's thumb on them. Why are there no high level Satanists and 'connected' government pedophiles going public and telling all? I don't mean that obvious shill who shows up now and against on Makow's site and purports to be from Australia, I think. It has got to have to do with directorial control of life's plots and it's overall direction. Still, it's a mystery.

If you want to see just how vile the gamut of these Hell-bound freaks is, experience them in their own words. It's the Gospel of Wealth all over again. Should any or all of these miscreants be torn apart by angry mobs or found hanging from public light fixtures it will be less than they deserve. These creatures can no longer be called human and soon enough they will cease to be. They have forfeited their right to incarnate on two feet, lest it be as a kangaroo (unfortunately and despicably) bound for dog food. The cruelties of this time are much greater than we are aware of. There is a darkness on the soul of some that is horrific in it's texture and density. As the shadow knows, "What evil lurks in the heart's of men?" There are truths in the backgrounds of many of these fiends that is awful to be sure. John McCain fought tooth and suppress all inquires into MIA's in order to shield his role as a collaborator with the, so called, enemies. You can be sure that equally unpleasant and quite possibly far, far worse is true about all of the rest of them, Kerry, Graham, Cantor, the Tribe member, Senate Bitch Twins of California. These are criminal elements so steeped in privilege that they are the human equivalent of cowboy coffee.

We should all thank our lucky stars that regardless of the difficulties of our present situations, we are not like these doomed and damned souls; in those cases where souls are actually resident. Strive hard!

End Transmission.......

Apologies for no radio broadcast. I was all set to go when something in me said, "No." It was the same with  the most recent Origami. Things are changing.