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Support the Dupes who Die in the Banker Wars.

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[It looks like visible will be in attendance at the London Seminar on the 23rd of November, provided... provided he can find reasonable accommodations in the most expensive city in the world besides Hong Kong. Should that be the case... (nothing happens or does not happen without the action or consent of the ineffable), ♫I'll be there♫ Otherwise, should visible be hampered in the execution of this endeavor by the aforementioned, or due to present planetary negativity factors, given that this event is taking place in November (Robert Phoenix will be letting me know about that). If visible is unable to attend, he will post an appropriate video rendering as a reasonable facsimile of what he would have done in person] Looks like it's a go= this is an update, I think.

Dayum! Some ssssssstrange things are happening. If you read yesterdays's Smoking Mirrors, you will remember my mentioning that a link had appeared in my bookmarks, which I had never seen before and it was about Israelis caught with detailed maps of nuclear installations in the U.S. /not thinking (how very unlike me- grin) I posted it, only to be notified by a reader that the link was 12 years old! (Thank you for that!) Now, my computer was hijacked over a month ago and my only 'admin' user account is now listed as 'visitor' and I am listed as guest and I haven't been able to find a way around it and various circumstances have kept me from attempting a format and clean install of my OS. I'll have that sorted by a tech, I hope, this week. These invaders were doing all kinds of things to my system for a week or so and then backed off and I haven't seen anything of them since but... their work remains. Arguably, I should have checked the date on that mysteriously appearing link. I didn't. I've got too few hours in the day for the things I do and so I move at high speed through my days. This is a warning to put a stop to that. Once again, my apologies for not being comprehensive. I'm learning but... I'm a slow learner, sometimes.

As most of the people who come around here know, I watch professional sports (U.S. sports). I do this for various reasons. One is that I played the major and minor sports all through my early life. Even at 35, I was traveling around Virginia with a pick up group of other men and we would play local, black sandlot teams. We won as often as we lost so... we were credible. I was the pitcher. I have always loved sports. I love the competitive energies, within reason, so long as they remain good natured. I also watch now because there is a lot going on besides the games, including the unbelievably crass commercials, the things the announcers talk about and all the things that an observant mind can pick up on. I learn things. The main thing I notice, besides the surreptitious and ubiquitous tits and ass, is the slavish pandering to low level, patriotic emotionalism concerning, 'support our dupes'. Yes, 'dupes'. Every single game, they have cameras showing a couple of dozen uniformed drones in the owner's box, or they're out there, before the game (like at The World Series), singing one or another of those bombastic and pompous, threadbare and saccharine songs from The Wayback Machine; ♫my country tis NOT of me, license is liberty! The banks are God. Land where our father's died because their leaders lied; may e v e r y mountain slide down on top of them♫

If there is one hard-wired lie that dwarfs all the rest, outside of the lies that Israel is founded on, across the entire world, it is this lie about service to one's country at the cost of one's life, limbs and reason. If there is one thing that will turn public opinion against you, it is calling attention to this bullshit, brass band accompanied passing, of a monster load of stinking shit! Up and down Main Street, this massive, triple tractor trailer load of banker financed shit, travels. It's like a Mardi Gras of death and dismemberment celebrations. Veterans limp down the boulevard. Old fossils, dressed in moth ball scented, forgotten and ill fitting outfits, attempt to swell out their sunken chests in pride at what they are absolutely clueless concerning. World War One, the first major effort by international bankers, after their success in establishing the Federal Reserve, was one of the ugliest periods in recent human history. Imagine the carnage at these battles! Imagine the bankers; Rothschilds, Schiffs, Warburgs and all, rubbing their hands in glee over their profits. Imagine the solemn speeches by all the sober faced politicians with the morals of a crack whore. Once off the stage they are behind the scenes also, rubbing their hands with glee. Next, these same vile creatures orchestrated World War Two. Imagine the carnage!

Oh, they were busy little psychopaths between the conflicts as well, spreading death and disorder in the name of imperialism around the world. Then they created the Korean conflict. Here's a little primer on that one. Around this time they began to understand that they could have their cake and eat it too by manufacturing controlled conflicts abroad, in specific areas, where business interests could be served. So we got the Vietnam War, once again, courtesy of the international banker, the munitions industry, The Pentagon and all the corporate swine who feed off the conflicts, with all of this aided and abetted by the political whores who "sign ze papers old man". Following the Vietnam conflict, there have been so many nasty little incursions and excursions, in and out of the slasher and snuff film world, of the beasts who create them.

Now we have arrived at the apex of idiocy, as The Monster of the Middle East, who we have allowed to grow to the size it is, seeks to plunge the whole planet into a raging conflagration. Behind the scenes these monsters are preparing to visit Hell-fire upon Iran. They can see the writing on the wall. One of the positive benefits of The Apocalypse is the awakening taking place in the human mind all around the world. No mind is immune. Despite being corrupt to their bone marrow, the leaders of the free (snicker) world are aware of the great danger that Israel presents to every other living thing. Negotiations are underway to resolve the long standing crisis with Iran. Israel does not like this one bit. Israel is all about death and destruction. Keep in mind that 94% of the Israelis, 94%!!! supported Operation Cast Lead.

They are up to something this very moment. Let us hope they get caught at it before they commit it.

The incredible and self destructive activities of the bankers and the super rich, are all being directed by Mr. Apocalypse. There is no way that if they were reasonably sane, they would proceed as they are doing. It IS for the purpose of demonstration. Seen from one perspective, one can reason that they are well protected and secure in the commission and continuance of their crimes. However, as Lao Tzu said, "At no time in the world will a man who is sane Over-reach himself, Over-spend himself, Over-rate himself." If you want to KNOW how things ALWAYS turn out, read this. The universe, this planet we occupy, the stars in the sky and the mites in your skin, are all bound by mysterious laws. These laws are mysterious because the majority of us live in ongoing violation of them. We are damned as civilized nations for the way we treat animals, (some of us are doing something about it) if for no other reason and there are other reasons. Believe me, there are other reasons. A man or woman in possession of wisdom knows that there are times when little can be done. Things must run their course but there is no law that says they have to run over you, unless you are running things, or think you are.

This is the truth, wars are initiated by bankers. They create the economic conditions that foster and foment the human desire and capacity for war. By their manipulation of the economic and political climate they can manipulate the emotional climate and by their control of the media, they can control the public's perception of events. Thusly they create canon fodder out of the youth of the country. They do this by crashing the job market and the economy, which puts the citizenry in extremity and which funnels them into the military, with the promise of an education, after their term of service. Meanwhile, members of 'the chosen' Tribe avoid the need for this and make up 25% of the students in Ivy League schools. Not only is a certain large faction of the Tribe responsible for a large number of humanities ills but they reap the majority of the benefits available by hook, or by crook. Competing for a share of the responsibility in the SNAFU status of contemporary existence is the collective of ordinary ignorance and greed that gets led around by the stomach and the genitals; reaping the woes and maladies that attend the ongoing satiation of these appetites, effectively selling their birthright for a mess of pottage. Who sells them all of these ideas and opportunities? It's a vicious cycle.

Runaway materialism leads to ever more toxic and serious insanity. Materialism always results in the guaranteed and certain decline and destruction of the culture where it is allowed to flourish. Balance cannot be maintained in such an environment so it is a matter of time. Make of this what you will. Consider your surrounding and the implications with whatever degree of attention you think it merits. Size up your circumstances and factor in the writing on the wall and what common sense (should you possess any) tells you and plan and act accordingly or don't. Pay attention or don't. Wise up or don't.

Until the international banking cartels are shut down and the bankers thrown into jail, along with the majority of those at work on Wall Street, you are ever more definitively screwed. Either you go along with the program until extremity and desperation has made violent revolution the only option, or... you all step away from the machine and collectively demand the resignations of all of your political representatives and see to all of the other changes that are necessary. Then... then there is the mysterious will of the cosmos. No one knows what it intends but we will definitely find out. We will find out.

End Transmission.......

Last night's radio broadcast is up now.


Visible said...

Today, more black men are behind bars today than were enslaved in 1850.

Visible said...

Brilliant writing from one of our best.

mike m said...

Was watching the Family Guy last night and there was one scene where there was the head of a WWII vet sitting on a park bench saying how he "gave to his country" and Brian replied "I think you went to far". I laughed my ass off.

And the British are honoring their cannon fodder with poppies on their lapels being totally ignorant of the history and what those poppies represent.

I'm glad I was aware when my son was in high school. I signed a letter that the military recruiters could not contact him. I guess I had a clue and my suspicions about 9/11 were legit.

Maybe if these fools would stop volunteering for this shit this nonsense would abate but alas, being a dimwit and susceptible to propaganda go hand in hand.

Visible said...

People are having real problems commenting, due to the pettiness of Tribe operatives. If you fit the description of one who is having such a problem please email me.

Odin's Raven said...

See also Hidden History The Secret Origins of the First World War by G.Docherty and J.Macgregor. This is basically a summary of the suppressed work of Carroll Quigley.

Secret History

Anonymous said...

A few years back I was in Atlanta, Georgia, and I went into this convenience store to get some supplies. A clerk was ensconced behind some bulletproof glass at the rear of the store. Now, I believe this was on Veteran's Day (or Memorial Day), because for some reason I felt compelled to talk to him about wars (he was a complete and total stranger). I think the conversation began over a comment he had made about general political corruption. Anyway, I told him that war was primarily centered around the extermination of certain classes of people in certain countries (always the lower classes). The primary objective of war, is genocide. There are secondary and tertiary objectives, sure, such as the usurpation of a nation's resources, or the destruction of the infrastructure of said nation, so that "the usual suspects" might step in and rebuild the mess. And, of course, we typically find that the nation being warred against, had made the egregious sin of not having a privately owned central bank that loaned money at interest. But basically, war was about killing the non-privileged class, on both sides of the conflict. He looked at me like scorpions were crawling out of my forehead. He told me that a friend of his had come in, only the day before, and this friend was very high up in the U.S. military. And he said his friend had told him the very same thing that I had just told him, almost verbatim. And this is what we are all supporting, of course, whenever we swell up with pride, as that national anthem is played, at our favorite sporting events. The irony is, those events are far from "sporting" - there is no such thing as a level playing field, and certainly not in professional athletics (or major college athletics, for that matter). More on that at some other time, perhaps...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. It’s very sad to see the maimed “warriors” who have returned home, especially when you are aware of how thoroughly brainwashed they are. They cling to some fantasy for dear life. I’ve often supposed that if they do not they would find life more unbearable than it already is for them. I watched my father for forty years. Life for him was wretched before world war 2 and just as wretched after. He was wounded in the trenches in France at the age of 20. A piece of shrapnel entered his head, hit the back of his skull and ricocheted lodging in the roof of his mouth. He survived, losing an eye, some teeth, his sense of taste and smell and suffered a form of epilepsy complete with grand mal seizures due to the brain injury. First thing every morning he would ingest a handful of pills and did the same before going to bed at night for the remainder of his life. The VA doctors monitored him the same as they would a lab rat for about 15 years. After that, due to advancing technology, they lost interest in him. He wasn’t expected to live very long. At the age of 76, he died on the floor of a VA nursing care facility, filthy, unfed and unnoticed for about six hours. Glorious, eh? But don’t you dare attempt to educate anyone with facts about wars. They’ll hurl insults at you and run from you holding their heads screaming all the while. Henry the PIG told us how useful and dumb military men are. When you inform the unaware of this little tidbit, watch their reaction; it’s similar to watching a screen go blank and you can hear the white noise along with the flat tone. Serena

Anonymous said...

WW1 was a turning point in history. No one knows exactly why it happened. It would appear that someone wanted the Ottoman Empire to fall but there is probably more to it than that.

WW1 went a long way to showing that the human race is indeed crazy. There didn't used to be customs checkpoints at every border entry until WW2. Science has allowed for wholesale battle field slaughter. No more horses to battle. Instead motorized and mechanized war machines.

Another thing: after ww1 cancer rates began to soar.

Plus, the worst flu epidemic ever.

WW1 was a foothold for hell on earth.


David V said...

Here goes a comment...

There's a B&W WWI movie featuring Kirk Douglas, that really nails it. Sorry, I don't recall the movie's name. It's about three soldiers being put on trial for cowardice simply because they actually survived an attack, from which no one else returned.

I am a pessimist. Despite the recent grounds for hope and optimism, I think the Iran shebang is a done dal, and will go on as intended. There are too many long-standing plans and plots which depend on there being a WWIII in order to succeed. Too many cooks at the pot. We're looking at crazed, demon-possessed people who are playing their end game with the whole world as the poker chips.


Anonymous said...

Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory (1957) is among the most powerful antiwar films ever made. A fiery Kirk Douglas stars as a World War I French colonel who goes head-to-head with the army’s ruthless top brass when his men are accused of cowardice after being unable to carry out an impossible mission. This haunting, exquisitely photographed dissection of the military machine in all its absurdity and capacity for dehumanization (a theme Kubrick would continue to explore throughout his career) is assembled with its legendary director’s customary precision, from its tense trench warfare sequences to its gripping courtroom climax to its ravaging final scene.

Visible said...

Someone should be writing film reviews (grin).

Martin Maloney said...

Yes, you are a slow learner. If you go online with Windows, then you're hanging a big "HACK ME" sign on your computer.

Make friends with a geek. Pay one, if you have to. Get Linux on your computer.

I use Linux Mint, because its user interface is close to that of Windows. There is less of a learning curve than there is with other versions.

Then get a VPN (Virtual Private Network.) It'll set you back around five bux a month.

Think of the above recommendations as figuratively putting a chastity belt on your computer.

Anonymous said...

Come on readers of Les Visible in London, surely someone out there is able to provide accommodation for Les V for a couple of nights ? Can't one of the organizers do something ?? Peter

Visible said...

I'm covered. Thank you Peter. I've located inexpensive lodgings.


As for my getting hacked. You are operating from very limited information. I've been on the net since '95. I'm no novice and I've never run into this kind of thing before in all these years I've been doing this.

As for using Windows I have safeguards in place and I have over a dozen VPN's.

These people came after me personally and specifically and told me so. They took over my computer to teach me a lesson initially and then they found out they were wrong about a couple of presumptions and they went away but... they left the situation in place. If it were a really big deal I would have changed it all weeks ago. I only brought any of it up as part of what I've been going through.

I don't feel like relating the whole story here because of the time it would take me to type it out. It's just another part of the movie.

Unknown said...

Hi Vis

I repost this on Reflections, only because its relevant to what you say.

Many who served have broken the bonds of indoctrination and are working hard to untie the bonds of others. Its a razor edged task, as the emotive bonds are mighty powerful, but its well worth the effort.

I hope very much to see you in London.

Be safe and be well



Whose war
My war
Your war
Our war
Their war
Politicians war
Corporations war
Bankers war
The old lie
Betrayal today
Betrayal yesterday
And tomorrow
We stand
And hold ‘they’ to account There is much to remember
This Remembrance Day

Ray B. said...


A group of us were traveling around the backwoods of England, looking at sacred sites. One day, I ended up at a teeny village and looked at their WWI memorial stone. This itsy-bitsy village had, say, twenty names. A huge fraction for the size. After that, I kept an eye out for the stones in each mini-village we passed through. Backwoods village after backwoods village had long lists of WWI names. (WWII name lists seemed much smaller.) This was when I got a good gut-feeling of the human cost of WWI. I am still angry/sad when I think about it. What a waste...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Micky said...

Strange only last night I experienced the venom of a brainwashed group when I dared to question the actions of the armed forces,and today you described the same attitude I am finding this sort of thing happening not daily but very frequently,I can't quite get my head round it,maybe I am just not used to being right about everything well almost everything. I guess some of us can see better in the dark and as the curtains are drawn back and light penetrates the darkness more people can see the truth,but most of them cover their eyes,anyway enough of my rambling on top post again Vis and if you were ever to consider a change of work try joinery as you hit the nail on the head every time

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Only among Men is Nature's Law of 'survival of the fittest' thwarted and indeed reversed; for in almost every generation the fittest are sent forth to be slaughtered by orders of the stunted, the twisted, and the senile." -- Sidney J. Harris

Unknown said...

Wait till they start hacking into your debit and credit card accounts. If you bank online check your balances everyday. Just a tip.

Anyway, thank-you for writing so often...I don't feel so alone in my sadness and desperation towards the overwhelming ugliness in the world.

Finally, got off facebook because of all the private messages I got telling me my protests were "not appropriate." Argh....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for words of truth and for telling it like it is Visible!

No more wars for zio-nazis!

Let Israhell fight its own wars; meaning a parasite can't fight its own wars; meaning the illegal entity will join civilization or perish.

End the judaic-supremacists' global war against all non-judaics!

Stop the zio-nazis move for judaic one world government - coming after its dirty works are completed with destruction of the middle east (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria are not wars, but are nothing but campaigns of destruction - to make Greater IsraHell reality.

Rothschilds et al banksters, their duped supporters, i.e. the global crime syndicate, owe the world reparations. Confiscate all of their ill-gotten wealth and return it to all non-judaics - starting with all Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe, followed by Vietnam, and then to Middle East. Insane idea - Rothschild family alone has half the wealth of the world under its control.


formerly brain-washed-duped, but victim no-more of judaic tyranny.

David V said...

I see that someone else saw the same movie. I didn't know it was a Kubrick, but that figures. Very powerful movie. The incredible indifference, on the part of the generals, to the death and suffering of their own soldiers was breathtaking.

Insane doesn't begin to describe WWI, where upwards of a hundred thousand died in one day of battle, and a million died in the first 4-5 months. How could anyone, sane or even insane, keep sending wave after wave of men back into that meat grinder?

Another good movie, while on the subject, is "The Shooting Party" (I think) starring James Mason. It depicts the incredible decadence of the British aristocracy in the months immediately before the war. At the movie's end, a rolling list tells which characters in the movie died in which battles.

My older brother got drafted and sent to Viet Nam in 1966. To this day he believes it was a just cause. "What were we supposed to do, wait until the Communists were on the Mexican border?" Rather than trying to tackle the various absurdities of that argument, I simply pointed out that, since we're now buying shrimp from Viet Nam and since they welcome American tourists with open arms, even though the place is still Communist, why couldn't the same thing have happened back then?

My brother also believes in the whole war on terror crap. "The only thing I had against Bush was that he didn't finish the job getting rid of al Qaeda in Afghanistan before he invaded Iraq". I said that Iraq was the prize all along, before Bush even took office, and that al Qaeda has worked for the CIA since the Reagan years. He looked at me like I had just escaped from kindergarten. I believe he's a regular Fox News and Hannity/Limbaugh imbiber. Needless to say, I don't spend much time around him.


Anonymous said...

when bush senior was elected to the office of president of the usa in the late eighties a jewish co worker came over smiling like a cat who swallowed a camery stating to me thet america has it's first jewish american president. i asked him as to how did he arrive at this conslussion as bush senior was a episcopalian christian protistant denomination. he replied that the senior bush was a direct descendent of col. solomon bush the famous jewish american revolutionary war hero. i doubted his claim but with all that happened i believe him now. this explains the reason behind bush's role in getting america involved in the first iraqi war. the subsequent stealing of the presidential election twice by bush junior and getting america involved in the the second iraq war and the afghanistan war and looting oof the us treasury and transferring the wealth of america for the benefit of israel and the khazar judaic banksters.

Solomon Bush: Is Remembered As A Soldier and Citizen
by Seymour "Sy" Brody

Lieutenant Colonel Solomon Bush was the highest-ranking
Jewish officer in the Continental Army and was decorated for his bravery in action.
The son of Mathias Bush, a merchant, he was born in Philadelphia in 1753.
His first duty in the War of Independence was as
deputy adjutant general of the Pennsylvania State Militia.
At Brandywine, the militia encountered the British Army. Bullets
and cannon balls flew through the air as the two armies intensified
their battle. Captain Lewis Bush, the colonel's brother, was mortally

Colonel Bush was deeply involved in the battle and he received a
near-fatal wound that affected him for the rest of his life. Although he
survived the battle, he was captured when the British took Philadelphia.
He was later freed in an exchange of prisoners between the British and the Americans.

Upon his release, he applied for rations and back pay, and the Supreme
Executive Committee of the Continental Army reviewed his request and his records.
The review disclosed the distinguished and brilliant service that Colonel Bush had rendered in and out of battle,
especially during the winter of 1776, "when the service was critical and
hazardous." The Supreme Executive Committee presented him with a
special citation.

After the war, Colonel Bush went to England seeking better medical
care for his war wound. While he was there, he again found himself in a
position to serve his country.

The British, still smarting over their loss in the Revolutionary War,
were pursuing a policy that finally led to the War of 1812. The British
were seizing and searching American ships and conscripting their sailors
into the Royal Navy.

In England, there was no American Consul or Ambassador present
to intervene, so Colonel Bush took it upon himself to act on behalf of
his fellow citizens. He reported his efforts to President George Washington,
whose answers contained warm commendations for the Colonel's successful interventions.

When he returned to America, Colonel Bush applied for the position of Postmaster General,
which had recently been vacated. He was the first Jew known to have been considered for a Cabinet
rank in the government. He failed to get this appointment and his unhealed war
injury hastened his death in 1796. Prior to his death, however, Colonel
Bush contributed toward a new building for the Mikveh Israel Congregation in Philadelphia.
He will long be remembered for his service to his country as a soldier and a citizen.

This is one of the 150 illustrated true stories of American heroism
included in Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America, © 1996,
written by Seymour "Sy" Brody of Delray Beach, Florida, illustrated
by Art Seiden of Woodmere, New York, and published by Lifetime
Books, Inc., Hollywood, FL.

insiam said...

Look at these set of pics form the "'Lord mayors Banquet'. Study each picture. Everyone is a story - if you can read pictures.

This is 100000000000% real to them. This is how they entertain and amuse themselfs.

The last picture says it all though. The whole show, all the suffering, war, poverty. disease, ...... is all to keep the pigs (same familys for ....... how many year?) priveliged, amused and pampered. Supported by 'stupid'.

The irony of the article heading is off the scale.

insiam said...

addendum to last post (i'm jsut blown away by those pictures they just clarify the whole show):

It helps when viewing the pics if your realize that they are the real insight in to thier lives and midset. The daily public face is the real show

Irony being that stupd thinks those pics are the show and the public face reality .

insaim said...

Just one more thing to add to your viewing dsipleausre :)

When viewing the final picture if one imagines the smell that inhabits the gallery of a fine art auction, often inhabited by a similar ilk, then one will have the very full picture. For those readers that haven't had the pleasure> It is not in anyway pleasant. There is a certain stench of depravity that can only be generated by this class. Very strange!

Anonymous said...

If you look around 9/11 at the capture of the israeli targeting teams, you will note that israelis were caught trespassing at tens of US nuke plants. All were caught sneaking in after dark and also many teams were caught conducting surveillance on many dams and power plants.!!!

josey said...

Does anyone really believe that rounding up the majority of psychopaths in charge, and putting them in jail, would accomplish what's needed over the long term.

Wouldn't there always be many left with the ultimate goal of freeing their cohorts at any expense and getting back power, and instituting even more mayhem, in a "next phase' of attack and subterfuge?

They are different, soul-less, evil, determined, tenacious, and relentless.

No jailing is not a solution. Maybe, maybe, it would give us a short reprieve. Plan B anyone348 ?

robert said...

Dear Visible,

When we shake ourselves free from the trance of constant war drums, it truly is bizarro world!

Antidote to the doom and gloom infection (from staring too long at the planet’s problem children running amok):
The fearful would-be tyrants are TOTALLY BLUFFING about the imminence of the full dystopian nightmare, bluffing with every piece of ill-gotten gain on the table, in the pot, winner take all.

"They" need more time than they have left, to grow more psychopaths and lower the health, wealth and vision of the populace below the point of no return!

The movie "Idiocracy", projecting the result of the "dumbing down" project into the future, shows the problem: the gradual process of pushing down general awareness is racing against a Cosmic alarm clock going off and triggering a burst of consciousness, rebounding from the squeeze play and reclaiming long-suppressed perceptual power.

One reason for the accelerating suction of the wealth vacuum cleaner, since no one in the upper crust needs any more personal wealth, is the urgent need to "up the ante" on all their minions' bribes/incentives to keep the con going, keep the lid on whistle-blowers, to keep the straight poker face on at all costs.

Pump that Ponzi! Pump that Ponzi! Pump that Ponzi!


Because "They" are ALL IN and have nothing left (no reserve pool of psychopathic resources) to pull out of their asses if the marks (the rest of us) see through the con!

With long cons (this con is millennia long!), the leverage is to get the mark to react as you want them to, control the rhythm of the mark's moves, then get the mark to make that one committed move in the desired direction which allows the con to succeed!

Getting the people to overreact and rise up before a critical mass has broken the trance of the mass mind, would be one way for the mark to commit, putting head-in-noose.

This explains the steep upsurge in all the race baiting, LEO thugsterism, and all the in-your-face provocation aimed at all non-KoolAid drinkers, to provoke a reaction which "They" can handle when "They" expect it.

The fact that people have not been triggered by the provocation, is not damning evidence against their courage or awareness, but tactically correct, like a boxer NOT being suckered into going toe-to-toe, evidence of the higher dimensional chess game. The sleeping giant is stirring in Its sleep, pretending to still be asleep, heeding deep survival instincts not to rise until the time has come....

The unplanned NSA revelations were quickly spun by the lapdog MEdiaMatrix to generate fear and train the little people to withdraw even farther into their shell and redefining their comfort zone into an even smaller mental prison cell. Crisis turned to Leviathan's advantage temporarily, on the surface.

However, just like an over-bored wife, tired of getting fu**ed the same way over and over, finally decides that her ecstatic potential deserves a better conductor and leaves her self-absorbed SOB for someone new, so the much maligned sheeple, getting fu**ed faster and faster with no pending orgasm coming forth are being awakened the hard way by an accelerating crescendo of painful wake up calls.

Denial, all of the Regressives’ rationalizations and the momentum of a lifelong cult trance can only suppress the pain for so long.

The moment that the pain of trying to stay asleep while the tent gets filled with icy flood water becomes greater than the pain required to open eyes and start dealing with the s#!+, at that moment, the con blows up for good!

A critical fraction of the population begins to see through Roddy Piper's special glasses and "They" will lose their only strategic advantage; the willful ignorance and active disbelief of their marks about the malevolent intent (and very existence) of the upper crust.

Like a scab long past its usefulness, the upper crust will be torn off and the nightmare will fade in the light of the new dawn....

insaim said...

@Robert ...

"However, just like an over-bored wife, tired of getting fu**ed the same way over and over, finally decides that her ecstatic potential deserves a better conductor and leaves her self-absorbed SOB for someone new, ....."

Odd way to make a point ..... in fact crude. Many people have a standard physical relationship and live quite happily. Your view on such matters seems disturbing and ... well im not a psychologist but i'm sue the readers will have their own ideas. Yuk!

Unknown said...

one could write a book about the insanity of "patriotism to one's country" to go and kill other innocents in your outfits for death all for the profits of the insane, the bankers, the killing machine called defense as something one should be proud of doing for one's country??? that is crazy physcopathic shit...

then we have the other killing machine for profits that is killing our animals in the same sick way....i could go on and on at how our animals are a source of unconditional love and also a healing agent to those that know better...these beautiful souls our precious animals have been battered by these demons....and they don't give a shit...again, they make us think this is normal....

many are awakening to the cost of the inhumane way we treat our animals....the documentary below gives insight into the scope of this is difficult to watch!! i have always been at one with the animals and see the wonder and beauty of their precious loving nurturing souls animal is not corruptable like the sick demonic humans on this planet...

this world is awakening to the horrors these demons call normal....a sick bunch with a disease that only death and transmutation can rid us of such creatures...their time is near...a sick criminally insane bunch that will NEVER turn to the light and through the divine plan have been given full allowance to self destruct...the plan is working for that is all they know....lies and deceit, hate, death, destruction, misery, pain, disease, greed, lust, exploitation, power...the opposite of everything a divine soul is graced as part of their heritage with truth, honor, love, peace, joy, creativity, respect and is no wonder the divine spirit has had enough of this evil sickness and cannot wait to see these bastards suffering in the transmutation of their own free will...these bastards prefer evil and death (except when it comes to their own death for that scares the shit out of them they are nothing but lying cowards)...

they have lied and trapped divine souls into giving up divine energy for their sick asses...with their propapganda but that no longer works for the awakened one sees right through their agenda with ease....

love your animals as you do any other soul in this sick mess...for their souls are trapped here as well....they are here as a support and healing agent for the divine...remember how you feel when greeted by a loving animal that has nothing but unconditional love for you...

Lots of LOVE

Rabbit said...

Yes Les, Talmudia is definitely up to something. After failing to get the US to start WWIII for them, they've turned to their natural allies the Wahhabi states of hate. Saudi Arabia is gearing up to have a shot at Syria themselves it appears. To their great shame the Pakistani military is working with the scum to help prepare. The filthy lucre of the Wahhabi scum has made enormous inroads into Pakistani society. Radicalising, corrupting and degrading and that means even the only Islamic nuclear weapons essentially are in control of the same side in all this.

If the Saudi scum do attack Syria, I wouldn't be surprised to see a full scale missile attack and possibly an invasion by sea and land and air of Saudi Arabia by Iran and Syria. It is my earnest hope that this is how they will react. It will result in the worst of outcomes, a full scale Sunni/Shia war but history will have put the Shias in the forefront for the battle for Islam and even for the human race. Because if Syria and Iran fall to the scum, there will no longer be any independent Muslim nations, they will all be under control of the Banksters and there won't even be any resistance left to them. I fully expect if it goes this way that a lot of Sunnis will join the Shia side because true Muslims won't have any trouble seeing which side is the devil's. It may mean Mecca and Medina end up back in Muslim hands (Wahhabis are not real Muslims) or it may mean the Middle East really does go up in flames like the worst predictions have it.

Whatever else is going on, it seems obvious that the usual suspects are demanding a WWIII and they are not going to take no for an answer.

It would be a good time for Russia to consider taking out the "Saudi Royalty" (sic). A few missiles into the right laps and we will see Saudi Arabia turn inside out and they won't be any help to the Zionists thereafter or a danger to Muslims either. I do not see how the USA would be able to say much, so long as Russia puts out the story of their need to make this pre-emptive strike since the Saudis have threatened them with terrorism at the Winter Olympics.

I can dream I suppose.

Rabbit said...

Just reading about the problems with the Zio vermin soiling the site and making their little snail trails. If I might be permitted an indulgence I'd like to say something about Talmudia and the Talmudites.

Death to Israel, death to the Jewish Banksters and may they along with all their filthy, cowardly, cretinous supporters have a swift and uncomfortable trip into the abyss when their turn comes. They can fuck with the world, they can make complete swine of themselves all they like, they will never move up or out, they are doomed to remain in lower realms until such time as even the pale feeble spark of their existence is switched off. God gave them life the way a spark flies from an angle grinder, but unless the life learns enough to fly on its own then it will burn out too, just like one of those little ferrous sparks.

Rabbit said...


Mate you need to warn people before making posts like that. Imagine if someone was just about to eat their dinner. Yuck! You even put me off the other thing I was actually planning before making dinner in appreciation. In my experience only girls who have too much experience feel a need for as much variety as you imply wives need for the record.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Dragon of the Apocalypse at the Crossroads of Impasse.

Unknown said...

one could write a book about the insanity of what is called freedom and "patriotism to one's country" these demonic creatures send the brainwashed to go and kill other innocents in their outfits for death for the profits of the insane, the bankers, the killing machine called defense as something one should be proud of doing for one's country??? that is crazy psychopathic shit...

then we have the killing machine released upon our animals in this same sick way....our animals are a source of unconditional love and healing for those that know better...these beautiful souls our precious animals are battered by these demons....again, they make us think this assault is normal....the documentary link below gives insight into the scope of this insanity....

awaken to the horrors of what these demons call normal....a sick bunch with a disease only death and transmutation can rid us of...their time is near...a sick criminally insane bunch that will NEVER turn to the light and have been given full allowance to their own self destruct for that is what they is no wonder the divine spirit has had enough of this evil sickness and cannot wait for their transmutation brought on by their own free will...these bastards revel in their own evil and death (except when it comes to their own death for that scares the shit out of them they are nothing but lying sniveling cowards)...

Lots of LOVE

dirtykid© said...


In regards to your computer problems. I have been known to use tools found in Hiren's Boot CD, when I might be required to re-hijack the administrative accounts of computers which do not view 'enterprise admin' as their only true god. There are some simple tools from password resets, to hardcore offline registry hive editors... Some of these things can lead to disasterous consequences if used incorrectly, while others are actually fairly straightforward. Worst case scenario: if this is a PC, install a virgin hard drive and install an OS to it, then grab your data from the old drive...

I know none of this is an ideal situation of waving a magic wand. If it were that simple, I'd have not had the illustrious (albeit apparently over) career I've had these past decades. ;)

Visible said...

Steve, you need to put a comma after that first LIAR KING.

Eudoxia said...

@ Rabbit and insiam and of course Robert.

I really don't think Robert intended for his description to be taken literally. I interpreted it as a euphemism and nothing more, and a clever one at that. I, for one, did not interpret it to imply adultery. Far from it. It applied freedom from tyranny and/or oppression and and elevation from the lower chakra orientation or as Viz would put it going up a notch on the Maslow scale.

The bestial, carnal sex the majority of humans on earth enjoy is just that and the sooner one escapes from it's desires the better off they are. In the East they have tantra in the West they have pornography. Such is the sick, twisted world we live in thanks to the psychopaths of the depraved realms attempting to inflict their psychosis onto us. While they think they are able to recoupe the sexual energy they expend in their orgies and the fulfillment of their depraved sexual desires by sucking the life force out of infants during their satanic rituals, the sick fucks are deluded and as for their fate, far be it from any of us to determine. Sorry if I've offended anyone but it's just the way it is. Peace All

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Israel Killed John F. Kennedy and it Wants to Enslave or Exterminate You.



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