Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Last Gasp of the Satanic Ridiculous and a Primer..

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today (tomorrow) would appear to be the 14th. That makes today Wednesday the 13th, Creepers! Still, time marches on. The most significant thing I learned from the fallout in Geneva, where France demurred from cutting a deal with Iran was that, if it had gone through, then Israel was going to attack Iran, or so Nitwityahoo told Zio-slut Fabius, who provided some kind of lame excuse because he got leaned on and then got promptly paid off, or someone did. My recollection of what I read is not leaping up all eidetic like, the way a porpoise at Sea World might.

One of the reasons I take a long time to form unshakable convictions is that I have to be certain there are no trap doors or hidden passageways to alternative universes of explanation. The same corroborating evidence has to keep coming up, along with even more evidence verifying what seems to be the only answer and it has to be accompanied by a wagon load of circumstantial that requires a team of woolly mammoths to pull it. Finally, it has to be a conclusion that certain people I trust have also come to and who, in some cases, have done quite a bit more research than I have. Then, absolutely finally, it has to be confirmed by my intuition. And then... absolutely and completely the final thing, I have to be willing to alter, adjust, or abandon the conclusions I have come to, when presented with compelling and irrefutable truths that contradict what I heretofore believed. So far this has not happened. In fact, the more rocks I turn over, the more I find the same Gila Monster and the more varied are the crimes and abuses. I know there are other criminals at work on the planet. It's the Kali Yuga after all. It's the time and place where scoundrels seem to be reproducing via halitosis mitosis. Yes, there are all manner of skells at work and the parameters of criminal enterprise seem to have no boundaries, which belies the use of 'parameters'. Engaged in the business of offenses against the public, are all types and kinds of cabals and entrepreneurs. They range in size, dimension and dastardliness from insect life, up through the raptors, all the way to the king of the jungle and that would be the T-Rex of the bad guys, who managed to snooker themselves a whole country, granting them sovereign status, under which to commit every kind of crime against humanity and Nature that they could conceive of. They even have (snicker) holy books that catalog offenses against others that are permitted by their god. No other religion comes anywhere near this. They are unique and so is the duration of their longevity at these behaviors.

Trouble seems to be right around the corner. There are ominous signs. One shouldn't be surprised at much, given the sort of people we have to deal with. When a certain mindset gets a forceful hand in foreign affairs, ugly becomes the new beautiful. In the capital of Redneck Retardville; injustice? It's what's for dinner. You have to be aware of how really crazy it is out there, as we pass through the Last Gasp of the Satanic Ridiculous. Pay attention! Be alert! Be aware! Know your options. For not much cost you can go camp on a beach in Belize and they speak English. Then you meet someone (grin). Seriously though, listen to your intuition. If you are 'connected' to your inner self, you'll get the broadcasts. Look at how quickly people reverted to the usual expectations in The Philippines. Imagine how it would be in the Land of Privilege with all those guns AND the nearby gated enclaves of the rich and super rich, whose mindset is responsible for the state of the system. Of course, not all rich people are bad. There are some fantastic rich people. I haven't run into any but I don't graze where they do. Maybe I'll run into one or some. You never know.

As has been stated here, ever and ever again, existence is scripted (to a degree). There is free will but few understand how that works. Given a certain belief system to begin with, the truth of it would be simply a matter of common sense but you've got to have an awareness of the structure you are operating in first. Here is the primary disconnect for the vast majority of people. They do not have an understanding of how things work. Now, a small disclaimer is called for here. In no wise am I implying that I am in 'full' possession of this knowledge but I do know several someones who are. It is not necessary for anyone to have a complete knowledge of the operations of the cosmos. I submit that that is likely impossible in the first place but... one can come to speaking terms with intellects that have access to anything that can be known. In truth, all of it is inside us. Think of the subconscious as a vast ocean and our conscious minds as inlets from that ocean. In this way we are all potentially in contact with everyone else AND everything else. On this subject we could spend a great deal of time, far more time than I have at present to spend. I will just mention a couple of things and give you a little imagery to consider in the coming paragraph.

First off, given that we are sitting on a vast ocean, it stands to reason that it's not just a bunch of water and nothing else. It is deeply connected to the function of memory; blue is the color of memory and the ocean as well. One might say there is a sympatico between them. At the bottom of this ocean are any number of sunken treasure chests. If you know how to get to them you will never lack for anything, for whatever stretch of time you 'choose' to hang around because that too is in one of the chests.

I'll hand off a little hint of it here and if you're smart and have good lateral speed you can run off right tackle and follow the blocking fullback. The cards are meditation devices. They signify archetypes and qualities, as well as forces that we interact with every day, always, until we come to peace with them. The Star represents meditation and its sigil is a fishhook. The Hanged Man (very still and stationary) represents water, in a different sense than the High Priestess who also represents memory. The Death Card is represented by a fish. Properly arranged you are informing the subconscious through focused meditation that via this process you are dropping the fishhook into the water, in order to pull out the fish of Death. The subconscious should be seen as a factory or foundry. You send the idea and the plans down and it makes the product or arranges the circumstances and situations that bring you into the location where what you have 'correctly' visualized will take place or manifest.

Over the long reach of years, all the way back to Atlantis and beyond, of which there is no longer any recorded history in the 'public domain' to reference in respect of, there have been some number of systems that have been available for the skilled practitioner to learn and acquire anything the imagination can picture. Anything.

Back around the 12th century, wise men from all over the civilized Earth came together to meet in Fez Morocco. Legend has it they were in a large circle, squatting on the sand and discussing how they might preserve the knowledge of the higher mysteries for future generations, given that a dark age was coming; that same dark age we are presently in. As the story goes, one of them went and drew a picture in the sand and- the rest of them, being wise men, after all, they immediately understood what he was getting at and so, The Tarot was born and given into the hands of gypsies and possibly other migrating folk, so that it could make the rounds of all the lands. The gypsies applied it to its debased form of operation, which was divination. Over the time between its creation and now, there have been insightful and intrepid souls who have tumbled to its real purpose. What The Tarot does, the Major Arcana anyway, is to give pictorial representations of the archetypes and desired qualities of the ineffable. The minor arcana is about the dance of the elements.

Eliphas Levi, no slouch when it came to understanding the higher mysteries said, “A prisoner devoid of books, had he only a Tarot of which he knew how to make use, could in a few years acquire a universal science, and converse with an unequalled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence. The oracles of the Tarot give answers as exact as mathematics, and measured as the harmonies of nature. By the aid of these signs and their infinite combinations, it is possible to arrive at the natural and mathematical revelation of all secrets of nature.“ Amen. I suggest you copy that quote and read it often.

The truth is that the truth can be found by anyone diligently seeking it. Just like Madame Blavatsky said, "There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling – the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come."

It's all in knowing where to look and all of the exhaustive searching on the outside will, eventually result in the search turning inward. Did the snake just swallow its tail there or what? We are a microcosm. All of us have heard that word (I think) and most of us might have an idea about its meaning; 'the universe in miniature' or something like that but... what does it really mean or, more importantly, how does what it means reflect on us? The answers are obvious and the answers are simple but they cannot be comprehended except by a prepared mind. All internal argument has to stop first.

In the end, no one can find the route, unless they meet the mysterious stranger first. There's no telling what guise he may appear in to test you. You may meet him, behave wrong and never know the meeting took place. I don't care how smart you are, how dedicated a scholar you are. It doesn't matter. Until the veils part you cannot see what is. We may see the world of the moment as a vast stinking pit of corruption and it is in a sense and it is ruled over by the henchmen of the King of the Underworld but... there is a pristine world hidden within that is more real than the world you experience yourself walking around in at the moment. There is a temporary world and an eternal world. There is the mortal world, inhabited by mortals and there is that other world inhabited by archetypes and immortals as well as many a curious life form. Those who have been granted the keys to Nature's secret kingdom walk in beauty and understanding always.

No, you can't get there on your own. You have to impress someone who comes and goes there already. This can be done by the acquisition of virtue, a towering intellect tinged with the necessary humility, by good works, by continuous devotion and the performance of austerities, by the acquisition of regenerated innocence and by pure zeal. There are various ways to get the attention of one of those mysterious strangers. They vary in their tastes and attractions. Once you've made that connection, your life, every feature of it, is somehow connected to your passage forward. You might be left to your own devices for decades. You might be thrown into the turmoil of life for all kinds of reasons and none of them known to you. It might be crazy and chaotic and it might be tranquil and serene, every case is different. It's important not to forget or to give up. You may think you got left alone but... you didn't. You got left alone just to see if you would think so.

Well, I had no idea this is what would get written. You never know what direction it's going to go in.

End Transmission.......

Seminar in London, Saturday the 23rd, Visible will be in attendance with others. Come if you can AND PEOPLE! I do a lot of work putting the hotlinks into the post. Some number of you simply ignore them. Several of you were contacting me for details about this seminar when the links have been here (in bold type) all along. The other links are often intriguing and interesting; your loss if you don't read them. I have to process a lot of information and links to come up with then ones I use. I don't mind directing people where they need or want to go but do presume I am aware of some amount of what people want to know and that it is probably there somewhere (grin).


Anonymous said...

I just started reading the I Ching for the same reason you recommend the Tarot. I find the wisdom contained therein appealing and if I fail to make contact via this medium and refuse to wise up I can still use the 64 hexagrams as a cool mnemotechnique. Also if I'd get 'Hangover drunk' each of the hexagrams make a better tattoo that the chinese words for 'fried chicken noodles' and I can keep my options open with hexagram 2 (receptive earth) and connect the lines later in life :)
Seriously, today I read 12. P'i / Standstill which was actually quite uplifting given the times we live in. Studying the I Ching is probably useful for any reason so that's what I'm gonna do.


Jenny said...

"the keys natures secret kingdom"... so true. So very true and just at the perfect timing for me to hear. Perhaps I will purchase a deck of cards. On weekends that I am home without my kids I often have a little bonfire out back, and my oldest daughters gift a few years ago- the I ching book comes out too. I keep notes on my results from the years. I can see how I have grown and it helps me deal with the hectic reality of my daily business life.
This weekend I will bring out a deck of cards by the fireside. The full moon will give plenty of light...have a great weekend. If I was in Europe I would come to the seminar... but not possible from this side of the vast expanse....except in dreamtime, then I am everywhere!-jen

Visible said...

When I lived in the woods in my tipi in Woodstock I used to study it and I had a copy in my hand when I met the Man on the Beach.

Laura said...

What a fantastic post, dear Vis, full of pearls of wisdom! It simply flows from that vast ocean to the words we now read, the energetic vibration contained therein....I am grateful for it's resonance within me.

Much of the time I have no words, only feelings, perhaps that shift from mind to heartful awareness, though both in tandem are vital...the sublime intelligence of the heart.

Thank you for your work...I appreciate all you are and do.

In grace, with love ~

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible. This very powerful entry had me transfixed. The last few paragraphs were accompanied by a crow sounding off outside my window. The crow promptly stopped once I finished the post.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A crow sitting on a fence post overheard a cow talking to a sheep, a goat and a pig as a few humans walked by their barbed wire enclosure..

"They all look the same to me"


Farmer said...


This reminds me of a story someone told me a long time ago, about a small child, that continually went to the to see Buddha. Buddha himself would not even see the child, much less his servants.

They shoooed him away with their bare feet, and hit him over the head with brooms.

Finally, after several occasion,the child said "sent word to the Buddha, and ask him if he would like the privilege of teaching me?".

To this day, the old monks tell this story, for it was the beginning of the laughing Buddha, and children being allowed in the monastery.

the BCth said...

The "mysterious stranger"....

I received contact with such a figure in the dream state, some years before I began to consciously question and unravel the Matrix programming. She appeared in the guise of an woman bent over with age, with her head covered in a shawl. She had dropped her large, black handbag and its contents had spilled onto the street. I volunteered my help to gather them up, and with each item, I got the sense that they were no ordinary objects, but that they concealed some unknown power and symbolism. The one I remembered later, a spider, convinced me then and there that she was some kind of witch. But I was more intrigued and thrilled than frightened. We started a conversation, walking together. She was sharp-witted but friendly, easily getting me to talk much more than I normally would, while hardly revealing anything about herself. As I wondered, her appearance shifted slightly each time I looked, until I could no longer say whether she was eighty or thirty. "How old are you, anyway?" I asked, and she laughed as if I had said something unintentionally hilarious. "What kind of question is that to ask a girl?" she replied, with a twinkle in her eye. "Hmm," I thought, and as we continued our conversation, I felt the beginnings of a bond forming between us. She played the part outwardly, but she felt distinctly more than of this earth. We arrived at a sunlit café. Now the pretence of ordinariness fell away, and she took me out of my body and I saw myself from outside myself, drawing simple curved lines on a sheet of paper, totally absorbed in the act of discovery/creation. Time leapt forward, hours and hours passing in an instant. The work now filled dozens of sheets of paper; it was a glorious fractal design, packed with infinite detail and meaning. A map of reality as seen by the boy. I was filled with compassion for him. He had no idea of the trials ahead of him, the hard road he was yet to travel. It was for the best that he did not know. His innocence notwithstanding, I had great faith in him. He would succeed in his arduous journey, if only he held fast to the way, come what may. I turned to the woman; she shared my faith and compassion. But she was already withdrawing from human form, soon visible only as an image in the stars of heaven. Beaming a transcendent love, she left me with her promise: "Though much time will pass before we meet again, I will never leave you."

You recommended the movie "Interstate 60" a few days ago, Visible, and I enjoyed watching it, thanks! Amy Smart is really something; she pulls off the "dream girl" role in a way that not too many actresses could. She was in "Peaceful Warrior" as well, in a rather more interesting and attractive (to me) role. The "mysterious stranger" idea is really given legs in that one, kinda over the top with the paranormal stuff, but very effectively used and well acted. The film is, on the one hand, kind of a pop-spirituality, new-age vehicle, but it manages to carry itself quite well in the execution. I was surprised and impressed. I would recommend it.

Anyone else get the feeling that evil's wave is cresting?

mike m said...

" The most significant thing I learned from the fallout in Geneva, where France demurred from cutting a deal with Iran was that, if it had gone through, then Israel was going to attack Iran, or so Nitwityahoo told Zio-slut Fabius,"

So fucking what!!!!

I would love to see the day when one of these jerkoffs grow a spine and tell the this fuck face nitwityahoo to just go ahead and do what the fuck he thinks he can get away with.

I expect nitwityahoo to be all talk and won't do a thing unless he blackmails the stupid cocksuckers in congress to stick their tongues deeper into his asshole and they sheepishly go along with him on the highway to hell.

I apologize for the vulgarities.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms.
There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness.
Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness."
Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

Metaphysical Musing

insiam said...

My youngest son (16) made a point of telling me about a dream he had recently. (Its the first time i recall that he has ever mentioned the content of any of his dreams). He said he had met a guy on the beach, who he described as being very tall (6ft 6in) with gray hair, and he had told him that he had known 'your father' for 26 years.

Strange thing is he made such a deliberate point of asking me if i knew who the guy on the beach was. He never reads the stuff i read or visits your blogs so he did't get the idea from here.


Terry Richard said...

Les, Since your battle, the flood of posts has been inspirational. They have all been very eidetic. I have also walked the beach in my Mind and Heart many hundreds of times, only four or five times did I hear the Voice of Many Waters. All questions answered in the crash of a few waves, then only answers that echoed in from my left and shook the ground under my feet and echoed out to my right side. Those moments of eternity and knowing have meant more to me that all the relativity existence of this current life. The few friends who were with me on those life altering moments have all drifted into the maze. Hearing your heart speak resonates with my being. You are one of my Brothers, this means much to me. I do not have any who I can truly exchange my hearts essence with. I have a wonderful wife and three budding young men of wisdom as sons. I share with them as much as can be harmoniously assimilated. I think the real reason the Serpents are so interested in knowing every thing about everyone is they are looking for the awakening Sons and Daughters of Freedom. They know where you are and have noted it. But they truly fear the possibility that Awakened Suns will use the power of geometric multiplication to amplify the quickening now taking place due to Mr. Apocalypse accelerating the progressive clarifying of the Royal Maze. Jesus identified them for all to see for this Age. It is a shame so many have chosen poorly. Only the Creative Forces have Free Will. At one time we, those with a Spirit, all had it. When we used it to come into relativity, we traded it for choice. Today, people mistake choice in relativity for Free Will. We have used it once since falling into the Royal Maze, and that was when we called out to theCreative Forces to teach us, heal us, use us, Please take us Home. When that call went forth, we set in motion the series of lives, progressions of courage, and millions of correct choices to prove to our Teachers we were worthy to once again receive our birthright-Free Will. Many have forgotten their birthright, this is the Karmic reaction to selfishness. Eternity and Infinity are everywhere, why have so many placed their Faith in relativity. I call to them every night. After the dirge, there is going to be a Symphony and we will all be a part of the Orchestra. I hope to meet you someday along with some of the other Real People you have introduced me to through your Word Fountains. I drink each fully. Maybe, we can even walk through the Cosmos as Brothers saying Nothing and imbibing Everything. Warrior to Warrior---My Blessings, My Prayers, and Yes, Love to You Les. Terry Richard

Unknown said...

Hadn't considered dream/vision states and meetings. Deep thoughts. Apparently things run quite deep indeed. It seems the isolation was/is for a purpose. Not that it is over, or even more fun, but nice to believe in a purpose. The god jewel/hologram/universes/whatever needs the darkness and the light to create the work of art (trap?) that it/we are.
My doubts still run as deep as my beliefs, but I am ok to surf the reality wave and see where it leads.

Oh yeah, BTW, don't be hating on the catfish. I forget if it was today's or yesterday's blog, but seriously...
They may be bottom feeding muck dwellers, but they don't hurt nobody. Don't be equating them with Israelis. WTF were you thinking?

Ray B. said...


Bravo! This is one of the best Visible Origamis (grin) you have ever written. Congratulations to you and your inner beingness!

"The subconscious should be seen as a factory or foundry. You send the idea and the plans down and it makes the product or arranges the circumstances and situations that bring you into the location where what you have 'correctly' visualized will take place or manifest."

I am not a Tarot user, but the similarities between what I do and what you have described are striking. When I realize I have a problem, desire, blockage, quest, etc., I form a loose 'picture' of that in my mind, get into an odd combination of stillness (meditation) and focus (concentration) while intending to contact Higher Self, hold that picture (more of a ball of related material, really) over my head, include a kind of questioning or intent within/around/through it, keep the focus until there is a 'shift' indicating it has been received or snapped up or gone somewhere, and then release it with a combination of thanks and the knowledge that something has been set in motion. (Perhaps my longest run-on sentence ever. My old English teacher would be shaking his head and grinning ruefully. Blessings.) Sounds a lot like a different description of your method...


"...for whatever stretch of time you 'choose' to hang around because that too is in one of the chests."

Amen. Truth!

I also enjoyed the quotes you put in. Brave, powerful, enlightened men and women. Namaste.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Funny synchronicity. The spell-checker in my browser highlighted 'Namaste'. When I clicked on it, the word it offered instead was 'Master'. Profound.

JerseyCynic said...

I sure feel alive and well after this read, Visible. So much so that I'm calling in "sick" today...thankyouverymuchplease! (this optical rectitis has a slow recovery period)

Visible said...

Nothing bad was said about the catfish. That was just an old southern way of preparing them for the frying pan. I believe I might have been engaged in an analogy; can't remember now

Anonymous said...

La Quenelle de Dieudonné is a recent invention to show how far the bullshitter near you can shove it. Here an example with zionist warmonger Bernard-Henri Lévy.


Unknown said...

I know. I've done it. Just didn't want to lose ground on my race to be the court jester;)

wiggins said...

We knew you were an International ras clad Vis....but, we never had you marked down as the Dalai Lama...repect.

Visible said...

Actually I am better known as the Deli Lama for my restaurant work.

bproman said...

May the universe continue to provide you with insight and creative joy.

Smyrna said...

Zeal got me 'there', Vis. Above all others that you mentioned. I didn't or don't have the discipline or temperament for the other avenues. Not being held back by having to work or go to school etc, at the time was crucial, of course. Much contemplation required.

I hope your London adventure is a winner and look forward to seeing some video of it in the near future perhaps. Cheers.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Return of the Son of Twitterhead with Blue Forceps Marks.



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