Friday, June 24, 2011

They're not Crazy, they're Stark Raving Mad

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I wound up with an extra day, so I thought I would put it to good use with radio shows and another posting. Of course, another posting is not a bad idea, if you can find an idea to fashion the post around. I noted that there’s a certain amount of buzz going around concerning an Israeli (is there any other kind) false flag against Germany at the Women’s Soccer Championship, or whatever it’s called. I’ve noted a lot of negative events concerning Germany lately. The idea that someone could pinpoint an event intrigues me but we won’t know until the 26th and I’ll be in the woods and on the road, so I probably won’t know anyway right off.

It ties in with my idea that they’re planning something before the Flotilla arrives to take the focus off of whatever heinous acts they have in mind for these heroes ...and heroes they are. It truly blows my mind to look at the state of the world in these times. It’s a cartoon. I see stark raving insanity around the globe and it can’t be the result of the efforts of a handful of demonic world shakers. It’s as if the entirety of the negative and crazy, subconscious impulses of collective humanity are being forced to the surface.

It may not be commonly known but materialism makes you crazy. All of the obsessions and compulsions and ticks, involuntary winces and Tourette like outbreaks, are due to oppressive materialism. It’s a no brainer that dialectical materialism led to the biggest mass murder spree of all time, performed by the craziest pack of materialists on the planet. It’s great to see the residue of Russia recognizing the heritage of the chief on-site architect of the whole mass murder jamboree; keeping in mind the same, concerning the principal paper architects of the same.

Materialism is the kind of thing that makes rolling in road kill romantic, especially if you ran it over on purpose just for the cosmetic value. Any fool can and should look at the ubiquitous proliferance of materialism and observe the unbridled appetites and raging consumerism that ends up with people hanging from hooks for sexual pleasure and demanding the right to do it in the town square. It’s the reverse philosophy of crucifixion with Sarah Silverman as the master of ceremonies. The highlight of the affair is a collective golden shower that results in a strange spiritual transcendence, complete with seizure like jerking, St. Vitas’ Dance routines and a little meth infused tarantella to round out the festivities, accompanied by a Zydeco soundtrack played at 78 RPMs.

Materialism demands more and more, quicker and quicker and ready to go. All you have to do is tear off the packaging and dig in. Self respect goes out the window, along with all of the virtues you used to see before materialism became the order of the day.

One of the fruits of materialism is that everything kills you. Materialism is death on steroids with a racing engine. It slips into every product and situation and revels in the mind of the dying, who celebrate strange notions of freedom and liberty, while bound on the rack and fondled by demons. Hell opens her gates during bouts of materialism, because that is the honorary lifestyle of Hell; just as all of the intricate bullshit philosophies that attend ages of materialism, are penned down below. They make things like the Khmer Rouge possible. They inspire the American ambassador to petition the UN to recognize Pol Pot as the legitimate representative of the Cambodian people. Is it any wonder that you see what you see today? We’re in Batshit Estates, just down the road from Looney Tune Holler.

Once you figure out that your leaders are possessed AND crazy, you won’t have to scratch your head so much. Materialism eats its young and that is why cannibalism appears in the last stages of materialism. It’s also why zombie movies are so popular because people are turning into them. They’ll be like those ‘zine queens’ (Thorazine) that you could dance with once a month at the mixers I attended at the Norman OK mental institution I was in. I was doing undergrad work at the time and went on for my master’s and doctorate at The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane.

I had voluntarily signed myself in to that place because they told me I was crazy in The Air Force. It took me about six months to realize that they were the ones who were crazy. Imagine my disappointment on one level, when I realized none of these people would ever be able to cure me because they were mentally ill. As I went on with my studies, I saw some examples that were downright amazing and would have been hilarious except that they had the power of life and death; in their own minds. It finally occurred to me that I was walking around in a global mental institution wherever I went. What conceals this fact from most people is the presence of seemingly predictable and rational patterns in human behavior. It gives the impression that people have some idea of what they are doing and what it all means (sound of an annoying buzzer); not.

I feel pretty good about the whole thing because I have a reliance factor; something I rely on, to keep me sane and safe so far as it fits with the program. Nobody is safe in a world of mortality. Immortality is an option (later for the explanation of that). This is why I believe all death is suicide. There are billions of wrong way highways and only a few right way outahere highways.

Well, strange days are coming. Did anyone see that (imaginary?) city in Russia (or was it China?) that appeared out of the mist? I’m sorry I didn’t save that link. If anyone has it, please hotlink it in the comments section; shades of Shambhala and in the right general location too. If it wasn’t real how did they get a picture of it? Okay, okay, don’t explain it to me (grin).

Some of us are sane, more or less, but we are definitely in the minority. One of the problems of perception that people like us have, is getting our head around what’s really going on in the heads of the heads of state, religion and the economic sphere. We may think they’re misguided, flat out evil, under the control of those who will kill them if they don’t hew the line (possibly true) but the truth is, even if some portion of the rest is also true, that they are crazy, nuts, not in their right minds.

I’ve said they’re being ‘pushed out’ from within to ‘act out’ for purposes of demonstration. There’s no point to the demonstration if some portion of us doesn’t remain or doesn’t return. As you know, I’ve got my own take on it all; not to say that I’m necessarily right. I’m just banking on ‘ageless wisdom’ and the cyclicity of life, under the aegis of a permeating consciousness, within and without. It’s alive! (grin) So are we and there are certain things you can only accomplish in a body, so a certain amount of focused industry is just the ticket; the ticket onward.

I used to do all kinds of street theater (initially why I came to the negative attention of the authorities). I used to wear a badge and walk a friend of mine around in handcuffs and interrogate him in crowded restaurants, with another friend who also played a cop. Then there were the episodes in the white lab jacket, giving on the spot analysis of the various mental disorders that went by me on the street. I’d have friends around as interns and it was supposed to be a teaching seminar. I never got apprehended in any of this but they heard about it later because I heard about it later. The thing is that it was so real that most of the time people around it thought it was real. There’s a point to this paragraph but you’ll get it, I suspect.

Well back to the getting ready stuff. The solstice party is coming up and then it’s a long trip somewhere for a couple of weeks. It’s looking good for staying in touch and I did all the radio shows, I think. Keep in mind that you are surrounded by crazy, dysfunctional people and some of them have guns. Be nice to the mental patients and retain a professional demeanor. You can provide a lot of comfort, once you are able to see what they are suffering from. You can certainly provide more comfort that actual professionals, the same way you can cure or ease a lot of back problems with certain types of massage and Shiatsu, a lot better than surgeons can. Surgeons are mostly dangerous and only very occasionally necessary

Once you see that you are indeed in an open ward mental institution scenario, you will be amazed at how it transforms your perspective on things and how very useful it can make you; there’s no shame in the humorous side of it either. I’ll see you later if there is one; stay frosty.

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(true story about a crazy person)
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Cognitive Dissonance on Revolution Road

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

What’s the big event headed our way- metaphorically speaking- that’s not being talked about? That would be the large flotilla endeavor. This is a great deal more massive than its predecessor and we remember what happened to its predecessor. People were shot dead in cold blood and others were seriously injured. Large sums of money and credit cards were stolen that were later used in Tel Aviv stores. It looks like it was a capital crimes, armed robbery as much as anything.

I’m not very successful with predictions, except for trends and general atmosphere. Any number of people can do that because A connects to B, which connects to C and D. Yes, the knee bone is connected to the leg bone, on the dancing skeleton of world affairs. However, it seems almost a no brainer that Israel will do something before the flotilla arrives. It’s possible they can get various governments to stymie the operation, though they didn’t stop the last one and this one is bigger with more support. Israeli bagmen are running all over the planet, with funds stolen from the American and Crown Colonies, in search of votes to reject Palestinian statehood. On the other hand, I suspect, no matter how many tiny island principalities they garner, Palestine can/will simply declare statehood.

It is interesting to see how slowly things are coalescing in the world situation. It’s also interesting to see the muted coverage of worldwide uproar over the behavior of bankers which, surprisingly, people are aware of. How can the common citizen be aware of something in one place and mostly clueless in another? Maybe they’re not. It’s just reported other than it is. I don’t know but that is a possibility. They are rioting in Greece, Spain and other localities; it looks like it’s going to come to a head in Ireland. The protests are becoming increasingly more serious, with the use of fire arms being employed. When you add this in with the various Arab uprisings you get a global climate that is volatile and getting more so.

I have studied the French Revolution a bit. I’ve read some amount of occult history concerning it and including people like The Comte De St. Germaine and Cagliostro. When they stormed The Bastille, Cagliostro was no longer there. St. Germaine alerted a number of high profile people like Marie Antoinette but they didn’t listen. Surely the aristocrats could see the rage building in the streets. Surely they were informed about the massing of revolutionaries outside Versailles. They didn’t listen. I am sure there were some who went abroad, just as there were very few people in The World Trade Center on 9/11. I don’t think that’s a legitimate parallel but I wanted to say it (grin).

I’ve read descriptions of the lifestyles of aristocrats in France at the time. Many of them had half a dozen coachmen and all sorts of attendants and lived in great opulence, while employing memorable decadence; rouged and cosmeticized, they had quite a number of young boys bedecked the same way. They had their way with whatever youth was in their fiefdom and opposition to this was futile. You could see this kind of thing coming in the matter of Giles De Rais; another interesting story.

The French aristocrats were very well off and the people were becoming increasingly desperate. This is very much the same as in the U.S. at this time. The comparisons are powerfully indicative. The decadence is there and we’ve seen it rear its head now and then but mostly, the public awareness of it is suppressed. The abuse of the public, which amounts to a private police force for the rich, designed to pound the population into servitude, is there. It may have been worked differently but, all in all, the key working element is the vast distance between the fortunes of the rich and the poor; many of whom used to belong to an increasingly diminishing demographic, the middle class. When the middle class is pushed into a corner, you have revolution. You don’t get a real revolution without the assent of the middle class. It seems to be so clear, but it’s not reported on, that the middle class is being pushed into this situation. You may argue with my premise that there is no revolution without the involvement of the middle class but you would be wrong (grin).

The thing is, few of us can visualize what is possible to happen and how swiftly it can occur. It only takes that critical event that sets the whole thing off. When people are put in a position where they are faced with a condition where their survival is in question, they lose their fear.

The arrogance of the French aristocracy was something else and so is that which is reflected in the mind set of The Master’s of the Universe. Mitt Romney announced that he was also unemployed. They can’t help themselves. They can’t control what is coming out of their mouths and they can’t control the compulsion to do weird and inexplicable things. The script girl has a magic wand of cosmic will, which she is wielding offstage.

I am sure that many of you note how slowly things seem to be progressing. It is agonizing, this slow march down to the inevitable moment. Some may think that this is how it will continue but I suspect it will reach a point where it spontaneously accelerates around the world. I think there are stages to this and at least two more that are on the way. The one approaching next is very close. This is just my sense of it. I see seriously explosive potential with the flotilla. Israel only behaves one way. They have a motto, “when it doesn’t work, use force, when that doesn’t work, use more force”. Like the French aristocrats they cannot conceive of any real opposition to anything they do because they can wag the bitch and there are a few of those.

They have introduced themselves into every area of critical control and they have financed their takeover of so many things by simply printing the money, which they managed to arrange. Of course they don’t want the Federal Reserve audited. It is their personal piggy bank.

The one thing you notice, which makes upheaval and revolutionary transformation inevitable is... none of the protagonists engaged in the systematic abuse of the public show any inclination to change their minds and behavior. They just motor right along. It’s like they are on rails. The cosmos doesn’t let the possible consequences of their actions occur to them. They are in a dream like state, where the personal will is preeminent; they got that In Hoc Signo Vinces thing going, along with a dose of Droit De Seigneur. They are like actors performing scenes from a gallows yard, with the gibbet in the backdrop and they are making pretentious speeches, which are transparent lies. They are convicted out of their own mouths, without the need for a judge and jury.

One of the things I do not understand is the exceedingly low level of performance and professionalism engaged in by the propaganda machine. They keep trotting out Adam Gadahn and Zawahiri. They paraded Bin Laden around for ten years. All of it was so unconvincing and badly done that it was amusing, albeit tragic as well. You would think, with unlimited resources, they could employ the most creative liars around but they bumble through these games that are at an elementary school level. Still, a lot of the public buys it. Yet, years ago a CNN poll showed that 83% of the population thought something was off about the official explanation for 9/11.

There are a lot of peculiar things going on that don’t make sense, given what I’ve seen otherwise. I can see where a particular permutation of cosmic force is working through these clowns and who also doubles as the district attorney down the road. I can see the workings of the main power, as it initiates events that follow an invisible script but sometimes I can’t make sense of some of the cognitive disconnects going on. It could be only the lack of substance in what we’ve been told. We assume we are above all the propaganda activities of these clowns but to some degree it affects all of us. It’s like having a kind of blanket resting on and pressing down upon one’s head and shoulders. It is wearying but we do soldier on.

There might not be a radio show this weekend because I’m transferring to a new computer and everything I need is on the old computer which is in the shop. Sometimes these things happen. Stay frosty people and keep your eyes open because I suspect something world changing is right around the corner.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's the End of the Beginning of the End

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It’s staggering. It’s stunning. Things like this just heighten the absurdity that is epidemic on all sides of us. China is also building large cities with no one in them, somewhere to the north of what everyone else is south of.

I can’t make head or tails of any of it anymore. So many things are happening on so many levels. From the cultural, to the financial to the governing bodies, reeking with corruption, like a burning landfill in a third world country; the remnants of civilization are picking through the wreckage. Whole cities in the US are falling into disrepair. Calamities are hitting right and left. Massive inflation is coming because you can’t print money 24 hours a day, without the price of everything rising, as the value of it all descends into a dark pit whose bottom cannot be plumbed.

The very idea of uniformed thugs strip searching babies that can’t even walk; beating retarded people into the ground and identifying them as terrorists. How can such a thing be? How can the airports of the so-called greatest country on Earth be in the hands of twisted Neanderthals with scanners and surgical gloves, running their hands up in and over the genitals of travelers? Strange days have found us.

People are being jailed for not paying their bills. Wherever you look, the energy behind these crazy fascist activities turns out to be Israel. The scanners and the TSA are the brain child of Michael Chertoff, who now makes his living off of the scanner industry. His head looks like a death skull. His dual national associates are at the top of the shit heap of government and industry. Goldman Sachs is looting the landscape and there is no reaction, no response. It just goes on and on.

Larry Silverstein owns the Sears Tower in Chicago. Rhambo Emmanuel is the mayor of Chicago. Bubonic Plague has been married with e-coli. Fear strikes at the heart of the public from all directions. Stupidity militates against awareness. The TV drones on with endless banalities, hawking products that few are able to afford any longer. Yet each day arrives and somehow the horror show limps along toward its destined meeting, with whatever spark will ignite the tinder of terrible destruction. Fires rage out of control across the American west; tornadoes... god knows what is waiting in the wings. Somebody found some strange fungus in three of the Joplin casualties. This fungus comes about when dirt becomes imbedded under the skin. What the heck does that mean?

As the currency presses go berserk, billions are poured down the toilet in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and... the point is to enrich the munitions manufacturers, gain geopolitical advantage and to nail down stolen resources, which can’t be properly delivered because those who live in the Graveyard of Empires are going to be working with a vengeance to blow it all up. Are there dozens of other ways that all of this could be handled? Of course there are but the point is to do it from the most wacked perspective that can be arrived at, because those operating the machinery have gone insane.

The Apocalypse is raising the blinds on the collective vision of those who have been working to see; who have been engaged in efforts to serve their fellows. The blinds are coming down upon the eyes of those who are preying upon their fellows. It is as if you are in a car and you block out the whole right side of your view for reasons unknown and you motor on with no awareness of what is in the blind spot.

It’s a dual use apocalypse. It is granting sight on the one hand and it is creating blindness on the other. For those being made blind, there is no awareness that this is taking place. The adjustment of vision immediately transforms into normal, as if it was always so.

Look at Congressman Weinersnitcher. Here is a seven term public official who has invested his life in coming to the position he is in. He had ambitions to be mayor of New York City. Out of the blue, this paragon of Zio-virtue sends a tidy whitey bulge photo to a woman he follows on Twitter (I don’t go anywhere near Twitter because I am not a twit). Then it comes out he’s been doing this kind of thing with other women and then it turns out he was communicating with a 17 year old girl; although that’s perfectly legal from my standpoint, it’s a clarion horn in the social spectrum. It’s a big, loud braying jackass of a failure in reason.

Consider this... there is no justification or rationale for what he did and he could have engaged in a variety of similar escapades, with little fear of exposure, so long as he took a clandestine route. Now this man takes his whole career and flushes it down the toilet behind a series of actions with no discernable payoff. He basically stepped out of concealment and with a bullhorn shouted, “Destroy me”! There is only one possible explanation. He was made insane by the force of The Apocalypse, hammering on that blind spot.

Newt Ging-Grinch has a $500,000 line of credit at Tiffany’s. What? He wouldn’t cancel a luxury tour and he’s running for president and blowing off engagements with the public. He charters a private plane to ferry him around but can’t afford $35,000 for a contact list of Iowa residents. His wife is looming over the top of professional campaign workers and turning the dials in all directions, as if purposely intending to screw the pooch but maybe that’s Newt’s job... a little dog day afternoon. What is the cause of this behavior? It is insanity brought about by our friend, The Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse has increased in intensity. I can feel it trembling in my being and it is something difficult (but not unmanageable) to stay in command of. New powers of perception that I didn’t have before have opened up in the last few days. I am assuming this is happening to some of the readers too. All of a sudden I can tell what’s going to happen in a film with near 100% accuracy. This went on all evening last night as I worked on other things, which is what I do; run a film and then operate on a project. It has some kind of awareness effect that allows part of me to be distracted while something from somewhere else pours through unhindered.

Yes, it is accelerating, which means that more and more Weiner’s are going to be acting out, without being aware of the consequences. It’s going to be entertainment, the like of which we have not seen before. Brazen acts of amazing hypocrisy (Nancy Pelosi) are commonplace. Over the course of this cosmic vaudeville, there is no awareness of the actual state of their being. Some pending Sarajevo, with a surrogate Arch Duke Ferdinand, is lumbering across the landscape and looking for a place to land and combust. The forest we can’t see though is tinder dry. Drunk and blind destiny walks the corridors of power around the world. Lucky Larry Silverstein is sitting somewhere and saying to himself, “Why not? What is anyone going to do when they can’t even send the Justice Department to Wall Street”?

The Apocalypse vibrates. It radiates. It permeates, granting vision and blindness. There is no defense against it. It will have its way. The predatory ghouls who have abused us for so long are being forced out into the open and soon, a series of incidents are going to have them whistle-blowing each other. “He did it”! The state of the government and those governing is in imminent danger of total meltdown. It would not surprise me if Hilarious Clinton or any one of these Nimrods took off all their clothes and ran screaming up Pennsylvania Avenue. It would not surprise me if Orin Hatch was suddenly video-taped with a sheep. I wouldn’t bat an eye if Chuckie Schumer suddenly walked away from his office and descended into the New York subway, looking for a place to take a nap.

Others may have their interpretation of the cause for the behavior we are seeing. To me it is a clear as the sandy bottom on the Caribbean Sea. I can see the fish swimming aimlessly to and fro, just like the politicians and financiers of the moment. The Apocalypse is vibrating in the water. The water surrounds the players. A certain kind of rapture of the deep is taking place. It’s time to visit the concession stand and get some refreshments. The main feature is about to begin.

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Friday, June 03, 2011

The Blood Drinking, Zombie Cannibals are Imploding

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I said it recently and I will say it again; “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad”. From the Zio-Con Weiner, ‘tidy whitey’ boy, to Sue Wallis in Wyoming who wants to slaughter horses for food and is connected to a slaughterhouse and the lobbying industry, the insane are rising up among us, consonant with the degree of self interest that motivates them. Self interest is a primary driving force behind insanity. Arrogance, fascist oppression, intentional poisoning with laboratory agents made by corporate and government practitioners of the scientific black arts, are all mad as hatters.

The money men are losing it. The politicians and police who serve them are losing it. The economy is losing it; strangled by the machinations of the few, who cut off the flow to the rest of us. A system must operate as a system from all levels. When it becomes perverted it begins to die.

Yet another greedy swine, Stephen Swartzman has gone nova with mind parasites. Read the article on what this raging egotist has been up to; one million dollars for Rod Stewart to sing to him; Patti Labelle singing that he’s got the whole world in his hands and look at those in attendance. This is like the man who made the faulty body armor and then paid ten million dollars for his daughters Bat Mitzvah. You can find the lineup of musicians who played at that for huge sums of money, while soldiers died on the battlefield, in wars that were engineered by the drinking buddies of these men and women. You can look at the pictures to the right of the article and read about the behavior of celebrities, who are also insane and acting like it.

I spoke about Satanism in the last posting at Smoking Mirrors. As anyone would know, Satanism is very big in Hollywood, always has been. Here’s a Christian forum thread that talks about all sorts of things and you can find pictures of Sammy Davis Junior, John Travolta. Jayne Mansfield and a host of others, getting photo-ops with Anton Szandor Lavey, by utilizing the search engines. Of course, Scientology qualifies as an ancillary engine of similar cant. If you read the Laurel Canyon stories, you’ll be knee deep in all sorts of oddities and speculations about lifestyles and deaths of the famous.

Stephen Swartzman is Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones is a satanic organization. My mind comes around on occasion to a Massachusetts Senator, who presented himself as one thing and now is an agent of another. It’s foolish to tell yourself they do this for money and power. These might enter in as motivations that brought them into the club but after that they do it by directive. They do what they are told.

These things flourish in times of material darkness and glamour. It’s like the way certain bacteria spread in warm, dark environments. This is exactly how it is. The world you move through is ruled by these cabals and is the explanation for the madness being manifested by TSA and all of the governing authorities who have their marching orders handed to them. They are in the club.

Every so often I hear from a misguided soul who has these outbreaks of writing in all caps; a sure sign of mental derangement. This person insists that all Masons are bad. This type of person is a dupe of the very thing they imagine they are exposing. They are actually working for the dark side when they seek to spread this kind of BS. All Masons are not evil. All Christians are not evil or insane. All members of any of these larger aggregates of humanity are not evil. When you study the tenets of these organizations you learn that they are vehicles for higher understanding, when they are operative in their original form. They are parts of the building blocks of society and you don’t have a society, without organizations and groupings of like minded souls seeking the expression of their beliefs. Whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, it is essentially a benefic construct, when it seeks to express the higher reaches of human imagination and possibility. The deeper interpretations of things are not known by the general public. They get the moral codes and rules of life by which to abide and in good times it is a good thing.

You hear all sorts of things on the internet about Albert Pike. Here’s a brief bit of evidence of what goes on in the interpretation of occult things and the performance of occult orders.

There is a system. There is more than one system, whereby things can be made to happen and can be prevented from happening and so on and so forth. The world you move in has its foundations and features because of this. It’s because of the tool and die people and the dreamer people that you have what you see around you. If all of this is evil, then you are evil too. It doesn’t work like that. There is a system and it can be manipulated in various ways and the understanding of how to employ these manipulations, is in the hands of organizations that have physical and non physical residence in certain locations.

A system becomes corrupt when those controlling it are corrupt, which is why a high moral standard has always been demanded by those seeking to enter into the mysteries. The mysteries of light can be perverted by the intelligences of darkness and this is more so or less so, depending on the tenor of the times in which you find yourself.

There is a great deal that I do not know but one thing I do know is that everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration. This is how those in the general public, evolve into inner councils and the like. There’s more than one of these things, going on for centuries, for the performance of a ‘demon’stration. They come up against each other. They are populated by corrupted and not corrupted agents of varying agendas. This is the thing about humanity finding its way; being shepherded and also driven in a variety of directions for particular purposes. Keep this particular phrase in mind, “By their works ye shall know them”.

In darker times, the inner chambers of ‘whatever’ can become corrupted by the self interest and profit and control seeking entities, who are always busy looking for ways to turn you into either an omelet or the bad guy; when they are the bad guy.

Some people think they are very clever. They paint themselves as the victims of histories and policies that they caused and promote. You can look right at it, if you have any objective reasoning and see what’s going on. It’s been going on for awhile. There are more facts than anyone needs to get the ball rolling and the ball is rolling, just like those precision engineered balls that rolled down the viaducts in ‘primitive’ Peru, with lazar like precision in composition, which sort of ties into the new discoveries that the pyramids were wired and might have been a source of power.

The disease of evil is in a terminal phase. It looks for quick fixes and cures and most definitely it is looking to lay blame elsewhere and create distractions to take your attention away from the fact, that it has done what it has done ...and so all sorts of odd outbreaks of viral threat by certain cabals are a warning to non cooperating countries; Eric Cantor coming off against his Tribe associate Weiner, shows that there is dissension in the ranks. Certain scaly dinosaurs are agitated in their lower parts because of their conspicuous consumption of the world’s goods.

Evil never wins but it does horrific damage on its way out. It does it to maintain its profits and to increase them. It does it to distract from its actions and it does it for pleasure because evil takes pleasure in the misery of others and evil is assisted by powerful non human energies that can accomplish all kinds of mischief through perverted magics for the purpose of: gain, control, position. These lodges, orders, organization follow humanity in its quest toward self realization. Some dramatically assist in this and some operate for their own purposes.

The Apocalypse is pushing the evil out in all of us. It is pulling up the curtain and it is ushering the players forward. The players think they are operating according to their own intentions but this is not so. This is a dramatic rendering, that the world needs to see, concerning what has been being done to it. These shameless predators cannot help themselves. They announce themselves and.. and...? Something has gone wrong with the program. One would be entertained and informed to watch that great film, “Time Bandits” and pay close attention.

All Masons aren’t evil. Masonry isn’t evil. It is the men in high positions who have corrupted the light, who are evil and deluded in their pursuit of power and privilege and the more they take for themselves; the more they take from you. Hopefully the reader will get the message that is being presented here and not be off tilting at windmills and imaginary dragons. There are dragons real enough to be concerned with. Systems and orders are based on verities and some endure and some do not. Some are benign and some are not. Some are compromised. Many good people are about and working for the good of all. We are in the middle of enormous transformation, so it is good to be focused on what is enduring and what is basic.

End Transmission.......

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