Saturday, April 28, 2012

Making Friends with Mr. Apocalypse

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May your noses always be straight and true so you can smell out the truth inside of you.

(as I am on the near verge of publishing my new novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine “I am looking for a publisher who will also have an option on the most recent book published. Failing any takers, I will just self-publish with Amazon- or someone similar but I throw this out there, in hope of some kind of Kevin Bacon connection where someone knows someone or is someone and wants to get engaged with me in making it happen. Our phone lines are now open, metaphorically speaking- grin-)

Readers of this blog may remember a couple of years ago, when I was in Italy and came near death or consuming madness and how I did an arcane ritual that lasted all day and at which I was told Lady Nature got her powers back. I don't know the literal truth of many things. I do know that one thing can be said and one thing can appear but the meaning may be profoundly other sometimes, so I leave it at that. There are signs of all sorts of curious things happening in Nature. The barriers between this world and The Devic Realm are being changed. Portals are opening and restrictions are being adjusted. I know this from first hand experience and have an invite that I will exercise when the opportunity arrives. You can't go anywhere until you can go there.

We've all heard, “merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream”. That is a literal truth. Maya, who weaves the dream web, which enthrals and intoxicates us, spins the matter out of her own being. This gives us a playing field, upon which we can go through the changes that will permanently free us. It's a conundrum. It's ironic and these days a lot of people are catatonic when they're not autistic. That also implies portals elsewhere. You have this whole projection of “the world and everything that's in it”, along with “the devil and the deep blue sea”. Scylla and Charybdis are out there somewhere, beyond which, mermaids linger and ancient mystics, wash their bodies with sunlight, pounding sand until their ship comes in and sets off again to...ports unknown sketched from long forgotten memories newly remembered. Memory is a deep well and it is said that remembering is the most important feature of realization. I wouldn't know (grin).

So, here is the world, only existing as a construct for the purpose of escaping from it. That's the real meaning of 'for the purpose of 'demon'stration and the fact that everything is under control. In every case where it appears not to be, that is just one more case of cosmic somnambulism. Walk with me, go on, we're headed for the sunny side of the street, no reason for fear or alarm. Maybe you get it and maybe you don't. Maybe someone else gets it and maybe they don't but... the whole thing is a very simple affair. We are dreamers and the object is, dreamers awake! We are in The Apocalypse, where awakening is the point. Apocalypse and Revelation are the same... the meaning; to reveal, is not a complicated consideration. So, most of the readers here know this to be true, at least, generally true. So... why are we not fully engaged in that understanding and the performance of requirements? That is a puzzle. There it is. That's how it is. There we are and... hmmm, there we are.

I'm glad I'm not in Italy at the moment, nor plan to be shortly. I know weird shit is happening but this is off the charts. This is monstrous. The amusing thing about it, if it is amusing, is that when you go to the post office in Italy, you are in for one of those motor vehicle department experiences. I have never seen red tape and going the long, convoluted way (most significantly affected by the inevitable decision to choose the most time consuming and frustrating course possible) round like I have in Italy. I had noticed that the tax police, the money police, are the most feared entity there. They’re called the guardia di finanza. They don't like Italians going to Switzerland and not paying their duties/VAT coming back. I was on a train once, coming from Luzerne and headed for Bari, when some Guardia Finanza got on. When they got to my seat, which I was sharing with an elderly Italian couple and some other guy. I was dressed like the hippie I am, they tore apart the luggage of this couple and the other guy and paid no attention to me whatsoever; not even asking for my passport or anything.

I've got some strange Karma in Europe; quite the reverse of what it was in the US (the land of 'it's not US, it's someone else' and do you know the way to Brooklyn or should I just go fuck myself?) Possibly on this same trip, returning from ‘performing' at a 9/11 event that included David Ray Griffin and Niel Harrit, I got pretty lit on my way into Milan. It doesn't happen often but it does, or did, happen. I got into an altercation with a woman at a tobacco kiosk and the police came. In the process of the engagement, it occurred to me that they were going to arrest me. I thought, oh no! So, I sat down and they began dragging me across the floor through the train station, a long way. They were not pleased. We got to the exit and they just tossed me out. That was it. Strange.

When you come out of the train station in Rome, at night, you see dozen of carabinieri standing around in combat outfits by a great many police cars and they are some of the meanest looking dudes I've ever seen. The police in Germany, my experience, are the nicest and most polite public servants I have ever encountered, though I hear they can be otherwise in places like Frankfurt). The Swiss, well, the Swiss are the Swiss. The whole culture is dominated by money and the pharmaceutical empire. I don't care for Switzerland, though I have met some good people. France is the most beautiful of them all but of course, the French live there (kidding!!!). On occasion I would see some Americans in a shop and they would start right out, talking loud and fast in English. The Ugly American is a reality. I always try to speak the language wherever I am. They appreciate the effort, regardless of your limitations (most of the time). I haven't been to the UK and have no plans for that, though I might go to Ireland. Sometimes I wish I had a sugar daddy. Should I advertise on Craig's List? I was dreaming about owning this for a while. It was about 500, 000 Euro at the time. I could have managed 600 Euro and maybe even gotten 6,000 Euro together but... heh heh. It would have been nice though.

Any day now, we could be in the day when the whole world changes, for the better and the worse. It's around the corner but we don't know how close. It's limping at the moment. It's weary and restless at the same time. An electric tingle attends the hours of approach. For some it means a new beginning and for some, that's all she wrote. I think about all the things I could want in the whole world and I only come up with one thing; a nice place to live. The house I am in is not user friendly. It was designed by someone who didn't know what they were doing. Hey! I'm glad to have a roof over my head but... I often dream about somewhere that suits my vision of it all... an arboretum, an eco-friendly pool, with things growing in it, a sauna, sculptured and private grounds; somewhere to run with the hounds, somewhere to sit in the soft wash of moonlight, with the impression that something friendly and wonderful is in the treeline over there. I have been able to predict a few things in recent years. I was announcing that I was going to Europe for some months before it worked out, well beyond expectation. I would discuss it from the stage at my gigs on Maui. So, I know such a house is coming. It will simply arrive the way these things tend to.

Some of us have a lot of friends (or think we do, until things go sideways) and some of us do not have many friends, (or think we don't) but there is one friend that everyone who comes here should have and that is Mr. Apocalypse. He's all over the place these days, tapping with his walking stick, feeling his way like a blind man, only he ain't blind; lifting up skirts with his stick, tapping at the entrance to burrows and singing, “Come out, come out, wherever you are”. He's underground and he's above ground. He's behind and in front of you. People should approach him as a real being and make friends with him. He is a very engaging fellow. He's an excellent conversationalist and he knows everybody; all the doormen at the right places and all the guardians at the gates. When you walk with Mr. Apocalypse, you just know that things will be, even if they aren’t at the moment, okay. You kind of know that you are too cool for school, even though you are in school all the time. You can wear your shades night and day, because, when you're cool, the sun is always shining.

It's a wonderful thing, not to be an expert or to have the idea that I am well informed. I don't know who built the pyramids and I don't know much about nephilim and anunnaki. I don't know why the English and their colonies drive on the left hand side of the road and what that has to do with Hebrew reading from right to left and what that has to do with London being the world financial center. I know there's a connection. There are all kinds of connections, hiding in plain sight. We are all of us hiding in plain sight, hidden from ourselves and each other. Mr. Apocalypse is taking care of that though, even if it seems to go slow. Everything is being arranged into place. The proper lighting is deployed, to set everything off to its best advantage and disadvantage. I just know this must be true, which brings me back around to that whole thing about what's been ever and ever going on around here and what its purpose is and why we don’t have a deeply visceral awareness of it.

I sometimes think of the other side of the equation as being possibly like the River world series by Phillip Jose Farmer. I get the definite sensation that there are spectacular landscapes, where I can, in luxurious repose, recline and contemplate the endless stretch of my behind; meaning what is behind me, not my actual callipygian proprietor. I'm glad you're all informed about the linguistics employed so I don't have to explain anything. Always more riddles wrapped in enigmas, like what does, “Get the behind me Satan” have to do with buggery? As I see myself about to digress, I remember that mass murderer, Winston Churchill, saying that "The real traditions of the British Navy are rum, buggery and the lash.
“I’m guessing that extends to banking, politics and religion as well and what do you know? There's plenty of evidence for that argument. I'm not being very politically correct here (how unlike me). Aeschylus said “in war, truth is the first casualty”. I would say, in that context, the first casualty of political correctness, is humor. There is no mirth in that wretched afterbirth.

When you can't laugh about something that is attended by so much humor, human and cosmic, then something is wrong. Humor allows observation from a distance. You get too close up on something and it's not funny anymore. Well, I'm too close up on this post so I guess I should put it up and get some distance. That seems to assist perspective and that’s another thing Mr. Apocalypse knows all about.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Oh yeah, today's song is poorly engineered but I include it for the lyrics and connections to the posting.

There will be a radio show Sunday night at the usual time and place.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Person's Heaven is another Person's Hell

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(couldn't figure out why Patrick put this up today and then I find out it's Shakespeare's birthday).

Where to start and what to say? As Aldous Huxley once said, “Maybe this planet is another planet's Hell”. ♫Yeah, it's hard to tell, it's hard to tell, but all true love's in vain♫ That doesn't make any sense does it? Lots of things don't these days. I can't go to a news site any more, or read any news that isn't either a total lie, totally absurd, or makes me embarrassed for the human race. This is why I haven't written anything for a few days. I don't know what to say. It's not that the well has run dry. That isn't possible. Things have to mean something and plenty of things mean something to me but, good grief! I'm surrounded by confused dunderheads, present company excepted, and what to do? What to say?

One thing I can talk about, is the crazy payback shit that has been going on recently and those of you who follow these sites will remember what I had to say some time ago,when I mentioned a conversation with my invisible friends, where I was told that someone was going to show up right in the middle of these freaks and catch them in the act with their pants down and how ingeniously clever he was going to be about the humorous aspects of the whole thing.

In recent time we have seen the massacre in Afghanistan, the prostitutes with the Secret Service in Columbia, who are protecting the prostitute in chief in the White House and a host of other things I don't need to mention but which you have all seen of late. Time zones differ, depending on which plane you are operating and speaking from. That's the essence of prophecy and prediction that a lot of people don't get and which makes them doubt so many things because it's not interpreting from their plane effectively.

Look for more and more absurdity and outrageousness. Look for high comedy and low activity, doing the foxtrot but they ain't foxes. They can't hit the high notes any more. They can hardly hit the low notes but they can definitely hit themselves upside the head and in another location, where no one wants to be hit, man, woman or hermaphrodite. I couldn't be more positive at the moment. Well, of course, I could but it's a whole new level these days. One of my 'stand by me' friends put in an appearance recently. It's one of those friends that some readers object to my hanging out with. Of course, those readers have never hung out with this friend so; what do they know? It's like the people commenting at this collaboration between me and my good friend Patrick Willis. One of them is named Solaraine and the other numb-skulls, who ask where the proof is and then don't read the link where all the proof is. It's funny how so many people don't connect me with the readings and I don't care at at all. What matters is that people hear them. The huge majority gets it and that is the important point. Those not getting it, are welcome to where that leaves them. They've become some of that humor coming up too.

Some things about people in general amaze me, as much as things about self important and well known people in specific. People amuse me about their paranoia and apprehensions; about their endless preparations for things and events that they have no real knowledge or evidence of. I'm not saying that preparations are not important. After all, life itself is preparation for death but... the lack of faith on the part of most people in, what for me is beyond doubt, in life, themselves ...and what lies beyond is mystifying.

For a long time I've been doing all of what you see here, and in general, for free. I live on next to nothing but don't lack for anything. Occasionally people get on my case for not having a 'real job', when I not only have a real job but don't do much else through every day that shows up on me. I don't worry about having no income by most definitions. I don't worry about all the work I put into recording my songs, which I also give away for free. Some might say they aren't worth more but that's besides the point. I don't worry about how everything that did happen for and to my music, turned out to be either sinking without a stone or enemy action. I don't worry about the same being the case with my books, or the inexplicable fuck ups and bad energy that has attended these efforts, or the idea on some people's parts, about how much work they put into one of them and their disappointment that it didn't turn into a best seller, proving the basic materialistic, non altruistic interest on their part in the first place, while I still have to be reminded of how much work they put into it and I certainly put more work into it and wind up doing it for free anyway (so far) and they wind up getting paid back anyway (though not as quickly as they might have liked) and make a serious profit, which they will (though not as quickly as they might have hoped for) and who get annoyed at me, by my occasional attempts to publicize the efforts, as if somehow they would be cheated out of their profits, when the intent was to increase them, for them, by this action, well... it's pretty weird. I don't mind though. It comes with the territory.

I don't worry about where my next journey is going to take me, when I walk out of here, headed for one thing and the real reason presents itself and I'm not leaving because there is any trouble on the home-front because it couldn't be better than it is at the moment. I don't worry about why it's all the way it is. I don't worry about people who promised to, not sending me K or how it sometimes appears from no recognizable location, though all too rarely (grin). I don't worry about people purchasing my car and then being upset about it, when others would have jumped at the chance and are probably pissed at me a little for not going with them in the first place. I just don't worry about about much of any of it and I don't know why that is either.

We need to know the difference between what we can change or effect and what we can't and just do our best no matter what. We need to know and unknow but we often don't take the trouble with the primary concern in the first place. Often we don't know what the primary concern is. That's too bad. That's a crying shame. Because, if we did know then we wouldn't worry about it either and that is a cardinal point. Then we wouldn't have be having to worry about all the wrong things and preparing for all of the wrong things and we wouldn't, one day, wind up in the same pool of bubbling hog lagoon consommé of shit, that the people presently having yogurt spilled on them and enslaved by bankers and shitmeisters, of the lowest order, on their way to the actualization of something they lied about and are guilt tripping the whole world in relation to.

The irony is that the people who should be reading this, are not reading it but they will have it inscribed upon them as a result; engraved for all time upon them, so that they don’t forget again... never forget, never again (grin). Oh yeah and 'Selah' a few paragraphs early. Uh huh, um hummm, uh huh.

We all know about, or rather we have all heard about, Karma, payback, pay off and pay it forward. If we did know about it and had been listening, when we heard about it, we would all not be worrying about this and that, or the inconvenience of working for free because we have nothing to worry about and we are not working for free. What goes around comes around, as you will certainly see, shortly. Then you may be a little disappointed about yourself for buying into that, “oh ye of little faith” thing, or missing the point about the talents and what got buried and what got used. Then you won't be seeing through a glass darkly and you won't be mystified about a particular entity being changed into an angel of light at the given moment. Anyone catching my drift here, or where all of this is coming from in the first place, or why you shouldn't be worried about working for free, or doing things out of the goodness of your heart in the first place?

It looks like I might have had something to say in the first place, or I might be talking to the wind but... the wind will carry it. If we listened a little more closely to the wind; given that the wind has a job most people are unaware of- and which does that job for free for the sheer joy of doing it- we might actually hear something and gain a lot of profit from it.

I could go on and on all day about these things and I do go on and on all day about them. And I do it for what? That's right. And you will see when a new living situation comes about for me, or when I get to be les visible, without a trace...or a few footprints end, somewhere in the sand, the mud or whatever they get left in. Now, I'm not uncertain about any of this and, in any case, we will see, won't we? That is, unless we don't see because we can't hear, or won't listen, or don't care or care about the wrong things. That's how it works or doesn't work. That's how it is.


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Songwriter by Les Visible

Sunday's radio show is now available for download (first time I've posted since then so,there you go).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Of Helium Heads and New Beachfront Properties

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings Earthlings. Welcome to the skybox seats above the Petri Dish. Unidentified lifeforms are writhing about in a sort of sinuous, tantric tangle, like the wall behind Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate near the end of the movie. These things rise above the surface of the soup but the soup surface has a thin plasticine skin. It illustrates the bodies as they rise, so you get a partial picture. This all seems to tell me that I should continue with the theme of prophecy and predictions. An inquiring mind might ask why I am talking about this subject at this time. I think it’s because we are going to see some of it real soon now. Yes, I get that sense.

Today I want to showcase Edgar Cayce and maybe other things; probably some other things. Edgar made a lot of predictions. Here is short listing of things yet to go down. The first link is much more extensive. Mister Cayce seems to have been pretty legitimate. He wasn’t a hundred percent but he himself said that what may happen can always be altered by the impact of human effort and consciousness. As you can see, Cayce is not nearly so dread filling and dire as Dr. Chiappalone and I would tend more toward his findings myself. I'm going to toss Mother Shipton in here right now because I know there is percentage of readers who are too lazy to go and look her up (grin). She's worth checking out.

I never spent much time in Kalifornia and what I am going to say is anecdotal and not meant to give offense. I was in Kalifornia for about six months at a time, several times. I always noted something insubstantial about the place. San Francisco was filled with a witchy vibe and LA had more of a brooding demon that sat on the hills near Griffith Park. I saw him on several occasions. I spent some time in The Hollywood Hills and the vibrations coming out of the houses were pretty strange here and there. Bret Easton Ellis writes about the side of things there, in a way that corroborates some of my experiences. LA is a very decadent and dangerous town, maybe not as much as Atlanta, New Orleans and Houston but, pretty bad. Some cities are ghettoized, like New York City. LA has ghettos but trouble can find you anywhere. I'm not speaking of color line ghettos exclusively but also about vice and the areas of town where it goes down. In LA that would be anywhere. I don’t mean to imply that ghettos are less savory and human as anywhere else but, if you're not from around there, it can be challenging and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

Sometimes walking along Hollywood Blvd I could see cartoon characters climbing up out of the sidewalks. There was the sense of an abyss beneath the sidewalk and a sense of impermanence in everything that was manifest. It had a Never Neverland aspect. Because of the climate and what was formerly a place where it was easier to live off your surroundings, many types of people gravitated to Kalifornia. It's the airhead capital of the world. They turn into real helium heads, once they migrate across the waters to Hawaii. Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “at one point, God picked up the Eastern Seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose rolled to Kalifornia”. I think he was talking about architecture but it applies generally. I found Kalifornia to be very spooky and transitory, like it could disappear or fade away at any point. I'm fairly convinced it will, at some point, slip into the sea. I've had dreams about some huge event there. In my dreams, I was in LA and it got very, very quiet. The stillness was terrifying. Something was about to happen. I don't remember now if something did; such is the nature of dreams, “we are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep”.

You'd see the most attractive hookers in the world, walking down the street in LA and if you walked up Santa Monica Blvd at night, you'd see a whole lot of Brad Pitt and Ryan Phillippe clones hanging in the alcove entryways of shops closed for the night. We all seem to have to walk on eggs these days because you can't swing a dead cat in an orphanage anymore without offending someone. That's all been brought about by these people. You'll find this link to be the most comprehensive and extensive of its kind anywhere up until this moment. It really shows you how far its gotten, along with references to things past.

I always thought that New York City would go down. I never thought much about The New Madrid fault line. I’ve thought about Atlantis and I always thought it was off in the area of The Bahamas and that the Bermuda Triangle was somehow connected to it. I always expected Las Vegas to come to a bad end and one day resemble the way it looked in Cherry 2000. I'm not a prophet but I think all of us can come to ballpark projections about certain things, just by looking at conditions and the players.

There is a small school of thought that believes the Kali Yuga is going to end this year. There's a much larger school of traditionalists that think it's going to go on for a long, long time yet. What I think is that they're both right and that a mini golden age is going to come into being but it will be temporary. No doubt the truth lies at right angles to all of these, except of course, the truth doesn't lie. I like to think of the truth as a person. I enjoy giving personalities to forces. They do have personalities, which are defined by their operations. I see the truth as a lady and she rides on a horse. The horse would be the one that carries the truth and that could be you or I, so long as we go in the direction that the reins request.

The road we are walking is firm beneath our feet in the present but it becomes increasingly more insubstantial, as we attempt to see up the road. Perhaps the road bends, because the projection of our minds is bending. Perhaps it goes up or down depending on the mind's projection. Perhaps it is dark or illuminated, depending on the condition of the mind perceiving it. It's all about intention and perception. Most people don’t get that intention is destiny, just as character is fate ...and perspective emerges out of intention, because we tell ourselves what to believe, according to what we are after, We justify things and we explain them to ourselves in terms that satisfy our justifications. This is readily observable most anywhere you go. Everybody is running around in some permutation of having been divided and conquered and they spend their time defending the actions of the people who did it to them.

Peer pressure; the desire for acceptance, the desire to advance and be upwardly mobile, to cut deals and to sell one's ass for exposure, influence and wealth, are common features of our shit on a shingle culture. It's the American way. It's the way of decline in the fall of the west and it has to fall because the corruption has rotted out the supports of the infrastructure, as if super termites showed up like a Biblical plague. This is all good news that looks bad in the short term. Once again, it's about perceptions. We're not all seeing the same thing and that is determined by what we want to see. I'm repeating myself but so are a lot of other people in other ways. Dogs return to their vomit and some package it and put it out between glossy covers, in CD cases and all manner of shrink wrap for public consumption.

What most people are not seeing is the new world precipitating downward. It's coming in emerging technologies and new ways of seeing and the new ways of seeing are the resulting reaction to the old way of seeing. Awakening is responsible for this. It's pleasant in some cases and unpleasant in others but... we know that and it can be both for any and all of us for periods of time.

Let's consider the mathematical aspect of the cosmos, in consideration of critical mass. You may not notice much until critical mass is achieved. It can be masked and camouflaged by all sorts of things and principally by appearances and this is all designed to keep people from seeing, because that is the job of appearances. It's all orchestrated but people don't want to accept that because it interferes with what they want. It interferes with what they want. This is why dispassion and achieving a desireless state is recommended by the masters. It provides clarity in vision. At the same time that is only a part of the picture because you should have a consuming passion that lights up the atmosphere and vibrates into the secret recesses of Nature and that, that causes reactions and some who have preceded us have spoken about these things but, as usual, most people don't pay any attention.

I just heard a line in a movie. This fellow has prepared a dinner for his date and as a result of taking a super drug that makes you smart, he has been doing some impressive things. She says to him, “Is there anything you can't do”? He replies, “take my eyes off of you”. I guess that should apply across the board in all things and depends on what you have your eyes on.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bad Spaghetti-O's, Bad Poetry and Tribe Slime Culture

Patrick did a number on the latest Smoking Mirrors
(youtube won't let me comment at the site; no surprise there).

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's not the easiest job in the world, juggling the viewpoints, opinions and beliefs of a large number of individuals. The people who come around here are mostly pretty well informed about a lot of things. Sometimes, it's just information without much practical use. Sometimes it's practical. What's practical for one person is not necessarily practical for all. We've got different goals, different needs. Some of us are on different rays and different imperatives apply. Most all of us have two hands and two feet. Most of us have a brain and a heart but our objectives can vary widely. Some of us have families and children. Some of us don't and both sides may well be very content with what they do have, without that reflecting negatively on either. It just makes their circumstances different and affects their priorities.

Some people get really out there with fears and expectations. Things like this always make me think of “the best laid plans of mice and men”. Given that the cosmos has a deep sense of humor and irony, I always think there will be some glaring hole in the plans and preparations that don't reveal themselves until further down the road. The corruption just gets worse and worse. Somehow people have gotten the impression that the Afghanistan conflict has ended. This is because they announced it ending two years from now but it's not ending. Nobody knows where it 's all headed from here, except The Shadow 'and' the thing The Shadow gets its existence from, as a result of blocking the light. News like this is proliferating like deranged multipliers out of The Sorcerers Apprentice. You can't go to any local or national news, without hearing about shootouts, car chases, spree killings and all the colorful pressure response reactions that are the confetti and wind torn bunting of The Kali Yuga. Everybody wants to get their licks in. Things that shouldn't have happened are allowed to happen, against all odds in (dis)respect of the criminal justice system, which now exists to give all criminals latitude and license, especially if they are well-heeled shitheels. Tribe slime, like Michael Bloomberg and Little Georgie Sorrows, are plotting and planning the trepanning of the human race, which has apparently been lost, ever since it was turned into a three-legged potato sack jaunt.

The sheer weight of suspicion, evidence and conjecture, along with whatever I left out, seen at the alternative news sites, is off the charts in bulk and iridescent brine, filled with dayglo shrimp, swimming upside down in the Fukushima currents, in the rain and ruin, the infected tide pools but... what we are really drowning in, is indifference. Thousands more people follow the slag slut episodes of The Kardashians than anything connected to Fukushima, or the rape of the economy, or the threat of world war, or what they put in their mouths and especially what comes out of their mouths.

A really big earthquake is brewing in several locations, especially that big fault line that runs from Mexico up through Kalifornia. I coined that phrase decades ago and I still haven't gotten a dinner (grin). Volcanos are smoking and people are choking (or will be and should be) from pink slime comestibles. Heroin's cheap, it needs to be. Opium is also the opium of the people, as yet another Tribe member didn't say, prior to instituting the deaths of tens of millions in Russia and here is why Gunter Grass's poem sucks. I noticed the same thing with fairly recent, sorta war, poetry from Ferlinghetti. It ain't spaghetti, it's Spaghetti-o's that comes in a can. Yeah, it's canned, like the laughter that accompanies our permitted debasement of self, honor, integrity and all those other ghosts from Christmas past.

Here's why the poem sucks. It's disingenuous. It skirts all around what is so and why it's so. A man of that age should know better. Is he worried about his legacy? Well, I guess that means he has one. Uh huh. Of course, you don't usually win a Nobel Prize, unless you are 3 bottles short of a six pack in the dark of the night; sometimes you wake up, more clear than ever before and it all comes to you. Perhaps you weep and perhaps you cannot weep but you know. You know what you have done and what you have not done. You know if you tipsy-tippy toed your way through the Nightshade in the tulips and it's not Tiny Tim singing, it's Marilyn Manson.

When you take the inspiration out of what you do, which involves removing the honesty that would have spawn real controversy and eye-opening among the sleeping dead, you've removed whatever might have been there that would have made the thing worth reading or listening to. There's not much more pathetic than a poet who cuts off the access to the actual author. Of all the arts, this is the one least crafted by human hand and mind, without that input, you get shit and dribble-drivel, something like an old man at the toilet late at night, trying to pee. That's what you got.

No one can tell me that Grass and Chomsky and all the rest of the sidestepping gatekeepers don't know what really happened and is happening. Grass's poem is like the white flour in the industrial silos and warehouses. They take all nutrients out of it. It become an inert and nothingness matter. This is so the rats and cockroaches won't eat it. They pump it all back in when they make that Wonder Bread that builds wrong bodies 12 different ways. You can take a whole loaf of Wonder Bread out of the package and crush it into a ball the size of a baseball. Nice. Really nice. All you need is some pink slime spread. Yeah, the color comes from the pimentos, not blood from the stool of The Kali Yuga, presently occupied by rank after rank of marching shit golems; anthropomorphic entities of no fixed identities, shifting with the tides of the moment. Face and shape-shifting, into whatever the commercial says they are.

WTF is going on? Well, cats and kitties, the shit that has been impacted on the inside. That impacted colon on the astral plane, is being exposed to the colon cleansing chemicals of the cosmic, internal, janitorial service. Once an age gets to that 'outta here' state, it's in the same condition as your usual carnivore, sitting at the window, in a geriatric holding and loading zone. Things don't work like they did because they're all gummed up from congealed slime. No one paid any attention to this when they were young and now they see where that led, if they see, which probably they do not. So... all of the unbelievable crap that keeps pushing earlier crap off of stage, is being hosed out of the more invisible confines where it has resided for some time. When a new age comes in, it's going to need an empty house. You can trust that, over time, it will get all fucked up too (Kali Yuga) but we're not there, except in respect of the one departing and that one will take everything attached to it along with it. If you haven't detached yourself from the impacted state, you'll go where that colon goes. Otherwise, the benign and loving intent of that which cannot be named or defined, will shit you out unto a land of bright, though temporary, promise and you can get your towel, your cooler and your sunglasses and go sunbathe on the warm, or cool, clean sands of serenity. Pardon me for the scatological graphics. I guess we all wind up on Paracelsus's chaffing dish at one point or another.

Mad winds are swirling in the rat-fucked enclaves of the urban nightmare. The pressure of the bodies passing, drives up the heat. The steam from Hell's Kitchen, rises up through the manholes and gratings, along the sidewalks of zukunft Detroit, ubiquitous from Karachi to Cairo, from Mexico City to New York. We're surfing on a sound cloud of bad vibrations. Something good (the soundtrack will be there at the end of the posting) is resonating underneath. The darkness and confusion is being pressed outward. It's a cyclic thing. It's a natural routine in the natural order. It looks bad to the temporary mind, trapped in the comings and goings of lifetimes, forgotten to each other, between the hiatus points but... never fear... it's almost here or... well, 'or' for those of you without a rudder or an oar. The symbolic is often obscured by the appearance of the mundane and ordinary seeming. We miss the dramatic edge and meaning in the humdrum of the hypnotic state. Soon enough we can stop asking ourselves, “Is that all there is”? All there is, is going to be multifariously manifest in specific and general ways and the varieties of destiny, implicit within the mix, or in the purity of exception. This, all of this, is one more posting from the hinterlands of wilderness in the land of locusts and wild honey.

Disappointment always has a lot to do with expectation. Every expectation cannot be met, depending on what you signed up for in the first place. Those unlucky in the karmic lottery will be finding their expectations fulfilled due to low expectation and wherever that particular train is running, one should always remember that it is on fixed tracks.

On we go, into the fields of 'you never know'. On we go, our tracks illustrated in the bloody mud, covered by snow in our passage, invisible on the hard rock surface, or disappearing in the endless returning surf upon the sand. Inward tracks and outward tracks, run on their courses, for each and everyone, according to what they think they want and where it's located. Your guess is as good as mine but... I'm not guessing, I'm relying. Good luck to you, sportfucking in the high, wide and lonesome. You're going to need it.

End Transmission.......

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Kings of the Highlife and the Cannibal Pigs

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May your noses always be on the scent of roses by any other name.

They call it Good Friday. I call it tomorrow and if you think about it, that's not irreverent. I still don't understand why they don't call it Bad Friday but... I do get the point of the sacrifice implied. I'm also pretty sure that it's also one of those roses by any other name, though traditionalists from the 'my way or the highway' demographic may beg to differ, though I don't think the word 'beg' will actually be included in the response. Mithra! It's getting deep in here (good thing I edit before posting, I'd left the last 'e' off of 'here'), speaking of other things which also smell by any other name, which I wasn't but... what difference does that make?

The paper of false record; The New York Swines, may have broken a record for the number of alleged, inferred and suspected ofs, with their latest caper off into the realm of fantasy, as a prelude to bloodshed (check out the comments, people are waking up). Meanwhile, the government not of or by the people, is looking to execute a man, or several, that they tortured relentlessly, in order to force them to admit to crimes that were performed by the people who employed the torturers; that's Kafkaesque at its best. It rhymes with burlesque, which I think is no accident. Yes, they tortured these men and now they intend to kill them for crimes, COMMITTED BY THE PEOPLE DOING THE TORTURING. Israel did 9/11 with a consortium of freaks, psychopaths and sundry, at the command of bankers, whose dynasties have been entrenched for generations. The next time someone gives you grief for saying that Israel did 9/11, just tell them you can prove it; that you have ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD. Tell them to read the contents of that link and then refute it. They will not be able to. Then you may tell them that both denial and stupidity can be found at closing time, when the bars close and all cats are gray. Tell them they can go home with one on each arm, like they were the King of the Highlife. Here's how it is when 'you don't want to know'. You find out in ways you don't want to.

Yes, Easter is here and those for whom irony is a mystery, will be sitting down to a pricier pig than they've been used to. This is the result of governmental killings of pigs being 'grown' (is that the right word?) by small, independent farmers. This is the result of cracking down on small businesses so that the super pigs have a monopoly, on selling their relatives to the people who want to eat pork, on the day of resurrection. Did I say irony? Now let me see... one of the primary tenets of the founder of a particular religion was anti-materialism, “in all things, walk thou contrary to the world”. Let me see, what animal most symbolizes materialism and the greed and hunger that accompanies it? This definitely accounts for the big bank accounts of all the big haired preachers, with that ten pound Rolex on their wrist. Once again, irony rears it's bonny head because, to be sure, time spent in this manner is expensive and should be treated with the respect that the cost indicates.

The anti-Muslim tear is being big money fueled and financed in a wide variety of venues. Reducing humanity to the consciousness of livestock, will cause the departure of the higher virtues. That's the point, after all. No animal behaves like a human being, who has allowed themselves to be turned into an animal. This is the payoff for materialism. This is the fruit of the blind worship of objects. It turns you into swine. This is why people get stampeded at Wal-mart's and all the big box, shit stores ♫here, there and everywhere♫ They came, they saw, they consumed and then they vomited. It's reverse engineered projectile diarrhea. It's garbage in and garbage out and the direction from which it appears does not change the quality, kind or consistency of the item. Dog eat dog worlds, always leads to the veneration and exhalation of amputee love ...and they vote and they have rights! “Wow! Look at the missing limbs on that chick”; probably a reaction to Venus de Milo.

The essence of all religious holidays is contained in Nature. Humanity grafts present tastes on to the dynamic, depending on the main theme that's operative, according to prevailing, planetary influences. Mithra! It makes my head swim and that's why I always wear water wings on my ears. Hmmm... Myth Ra? Probably a coincidence; “once is coincidence, twice is happenstance. The third time it's enemy action”. So said Goldfinger to Bond, just before he tossed the cat to Oddjob.

'Icons to the left of me, icons to the right, into the Valley of the Golden Calf, marched the larger portion of the population'. I'd have to say that the discovery or invention of things like Viagra is one of the worst things that could happen. There's a reason why your dick shouldn't work that well at a certain age, unless, of course, you've got it enrolled in a dick management program and then you're covered, according to motive, means and opportunity. If you're not enrolled, it's a recipe for disaster because, well... I'm not going to diagram why that is. It's a fairly complex subject when properly explicated and most of you can suss it out on your own anyway. It does account for Donald Trump buying The Miss America pageant.

I remember The Donald hosting a dinner (didn't get a dinner) at his chandelier infested home at Mar-A-Lago Club in Florida. He had about twenty or so of the Miss America contestants there. Heh heh. These pneumatic, blow-up dolls, seem to be his idea of a human trampoline. In these specific cases, the nipples are nozzles for the bicycle pumps. These airbrushed Barbie Dolls tell The Donald that he has arrived. Given that they smell like a high end version of one of those chemical factories along the New Jersey thruway, I'd have to demur. I remember, one night, walking out of Lahaina, toward 505 Front Street. I was headed for Pacifico's, a pricey ocean-side fish restaurant, where they had a jazz combo on the weekends. The players would change now and then but it was always good. I was about a hundred yards away, when two young ladies, who would not probably have made the cut for the pageant, passed me by, most likely coming from that general location. Immediately as they passed me, my mouth was filled with the taste of awful perfume. It seems that the scientists who work in that area; one of the most important areas of human research and no doubt, in some way affiliated with bio-weapons research, had come up with some kind of a suspension additive that caused the substance to hang in the air. It was a good fifteen minutes before the taste left my mouth, no doubt the Beck's that I probably had on arrival, provided some assistance.

I'm in awe of the massive laboratory setup I used to see in certain bathrooms. I think about all of the varieties of unguents, powders, smearables and the rest that are required to transform a potentially beautiful woman into a character from Beetlejuice. The true, highest perfection of that beauty is not comprehensively evident until they cry. Of course, I was probably crying before that. The Asians raised this to the height of ridiculous with foot binding and the Geisha/Kabuki motifs. Yeah, the age of materialism; piercings, tattoos and cosmetic foot surgery, so that they can wear Jimmy Choo shoes. Did I mention anal bleaching? This and all the rest of the 'enhanced living accessories' are fertile ground for endless war. It gives a whole new meaning to, “by way of deception”.

You may think I'm digressing but I'm not. It all ties together. It's all of a piece. It's all got a reason and a result, according to the purpose of demonstration. You can ask yourself, which came first, the chicken or the Easter egg? Most people wouldn't get the irony of that one either, just like Good Friday being tomorrow but we're all about opaque and abstruse in these parts. That's how gnostics are. Anybody can be a gnostic, you don't need a uniform or a membership card, you just have to walk the talk and understand the difference between serpents and snakes. That particular consideration is active all the time but gets the Twitter treatment most of the time.

I first discovered murderous thugs and the ubiquity of corruption by reading history. As bent out of shape as it may be, in respect of actual occurrences, there's a lot to be learned there. Later on, I was exposed to it in real life, directly and indirectly. I discovered that life's not fair, if you have one eye closed. I discovered that what most people take to be the penultimate of freedom and release, is a spider's web. I discovered a lot of things, which I routinely forget and have to constantly remind myself of, or be reminded of. It's like watching TV. When you first start doing it, you are aware that you are doing it. In a few minutes you've forgotten yourself as the observer. This is how people get sucked into everything else as well.

So, they're going to go on playing “Game of Thrones” for the moment. There's always some version of that at work, for the purpose of demonstration. It will turn out like it always does, until it turns out different, as one might suspect could be the case in these unusual times, when so many varieties of force and conditions are all in play. One might say, “You can't make this shit up” but might better say, “You shouldn't make this shit up”. Seeing as we have, or someone did, in a powerful enough manner to make it palpable, I'd have to say it all comes down to how much and what kind of 'touchy feely' you can handle. It's certainly one of the reasons that I tend to avoid crowds and... ham sandwiches? Well, that goes without saying.

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Visible and The Critical List: Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ The Bitch in the Beemer ♫
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Monday, April 02, 2012

Nut-Jobbers Deluxe with Extra Cheese

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Oh, The Petri Dish is seething these days, seething with malcontents, discontents, depressives, deludants and nut-jobbers deluxe with extra cheese. I notice it at the comments. I notice it in my email box. Yesterday I get an email from one, 'Old Boy' (connection to the film?). He's telling me that he took one of my radio shows and did a Patrick Willis reverse of some kind and spent eight hours on it. It was important for him to get that across. Then he asks me if I got it? Since I didn't, it raised a flag that he would ask. Don't you assume that your email got through and don't you usually wait a decent period of time until you go inquiring after it? Could this person just be looking to unsettle me? Well, I wasn't thinking that yet. So I wrote back to say that I didn't get anything from him and then I got two emails going off on me for my insensitivity in my response and my indifference to his eight hours of work. He went on to tell me how singular and beautiful it was but I would never see it. It was going right into the bin. He also wasn't going to come around anymore. Some people really do take themselves way too seriously and seriously exaggerate their importance to me; especially when I've never heard from them before in the first place. I'm thinking, if the guy did send the file and he didn't break it down to mp3, or the right sample rate, it would be too big for gmail; that is, if he sent it and wasn't just trying to guilt trip me and throw me off my game. What kind of person, allegedly puts so much time into such a project and then starts acting snippy, before it is even established whether I heard it or not?

I get emails from a Satanic wannabe who threatens to destroy me but who doesn't seem to be able to get around to it. I get comments sometimes that are engineered a certain way and I am starting to suspect that there is a crew, or several crews out there, whose job it is, is to fuck with certain people and see if they can throw them off of their stride. That doesn't happen. I look at whatever it is, at least the first couple of times and after that, it has an automatic routing. As soon as I identify the author, and that can happen in just a few words, it's gone.

People bombard me with links to videos, interviews, music and just about anything. I don't have the time in a day to view them all and have to operate off of an intuitional facility. I don't want the reader to stop sending me things and especially I do not want them to stop putting links in comments, because other readers benefit but everyone has to understand that there are only so many hours in a day.

People bang the drum about Jim Stone. I don't know one way or the other and I am permitted that posture. I don't want to get into stupid arguments with people about anything. Some people, when they can't convince you of what they believe is true, hold you in contempt. They take it personal that you don't drop whatever you are doing and swallow whole whatever they are selling. People are always going off about HAARP and don't understand what HARRP does. Of course there are weather weapons but sometimes the weather is just the weather, same as a banana.

My root state is, “I don't know”. I also don't care about a lot of external phenomena because 'everything is under control'. This is a lens through which I see things, that and 'for the purpose of demonstration'. I seldom think much about Masons, Illuminati or any other secret society, except the one I belong to and don't know the name of (grin). I'm assuming the initiations I've gone through are connected to some group. I am seldom told anything and I'm told there's a very good reason for that.

I'm thankful that the vast majority of readers and listeners are more than sane, because generic sane is not sane. You become insane and dysfunctional when your intention is to conform to a social structure that is pathological and abnormal. Most present day cultures are like this. People try to fit in and adapt to ever more bizarre constructs, that are fueled by warped political correctness and venal self interest on the part of scoundrels and psychopaths. That is insane and that is what people become when they live on the corner of Shit and Go Blind. Thankfully, we have The Apocalypse on our side and the waking up factor is exponential as time goes by. The curve of awakening become steeper and broader. They are racing against time in a battle they can't win because the battle has already been won. We are living in the echo of a victory that has not physically manifested but which is precipitating down from the ethers.

There are many industrious souls and I want this post to contain a positive note. This will also introduce you to a website where you can attempt the same thing if you have the chops. We have a long time reader named Imron, who comes around here regular and doesn't comment so much anymore. He has visited me several times and I know him as one of the most honest and industrious people whose path has ever crossed mine. He's been seriously engaged in restoring his business. He was driven out of it by the usual suspects at one point but he is one pointed and comprehensively working to make his dream come true. His intentions in the aftermath are honorable and I bring him to your attention for several reasons. One is that of a single example of the right stuff among us and which is representative in a lot of the people who come here and another is to provide inspiration for your own potential efforts. We have to get out of the mindset that the world is ending. The world doesn't end. It changes. We change, until we become changeless. When we can no longer change, death appears to liberate us from the confines of whatever entangled us, to the point that we couldn't proceed forward. Everything is orchestrated and programmed and this is why I'm not overly concerned about certain details. I don't believe that we're all fucked. I think there's a lot of hocus pocus and a lot of bad information on all sides of the fence.

The world is very much like an amusement park, a circus, a carnival, a theme park, a game park, a coliseum, where we compete against long enduring obstacles and traps, where we compete against each other and war against ourselves because of the separated self feature. It's all about arriving at a place where you don't compete at all, where you have 'arrived'. It's a place where you pass by all of the attractions that people give their lives and more for and you are not attracted to them. They're there for your use or for demonstration whenever that's required. The under control feature that appeared out of control, has now revealed itself as being completely under control, in that significant moment for the purpose of demonstration.

What you see in this world is an endless routine of people going about their personal business, over and over and over; succeeding, failing, living and dying, over and over and over. The environments change. The conditions change and there's only one piece of business that ever has any lasting importance and until a person addresses that they are just spinning their wheels. This is not to say that many of the things we get up to are not relevant and need doing. Dharma and Karma are very real and good Karma is preferable to bad Karma. You might think that this would be transparently obvious but for some reason, a lot of people don't get this and run around making all kinds of bad Karma. Maybe they've convinced themselves that there is no overarching authority. In times of material darkness, the smoke from various passions can completely obscure the vision. You're surrounded by energy magnets of considerable power. They're the human state equivalent of Venus Flytrap plants.

Study the world as it goes past you. Observe the direction and result of what people get up to. You learn all kinds of things, watching people of different ages. I'm not saying that there is no purpose to anything. I'm saying there's one purpose to everything and if that awareness is present in everything you do then everything you do is an expression of it. We wouldn't be here if we didn't have a job to do or bills to pay. The point is to become untangled from the mix, not further entangled into it but... the draw of the thing is very strong in this period of time and that is why so many people are flowing with the current as it travels on its way to the abyss, for the purpose of demonstration.

The evidence of what is taking place should be as clear as water from an uncontaminated spring. However, if the senses doing the perceiving are contaminated then you're going to get wrong information. It's like wearing special glasses that have their own hallucinations embedded in them, or they channel all the primal atavistic urges for war and plunder and people think what they see is what is in front of them instead of a morphed reality driven by dirty fires. Well, that's how it is today. It's better than that but it is much worse too, depends on where you are and it depends on who you are.

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