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Nut-Jobbers Deluxe with Extra Cheese

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Oh, The Petri Dish is seething these days, seething with malcontents, discontents, depressives, deludants and nut-jobbers deluxe with extra cheese. I notice it at the comments. I notice it in my email box. Yesterday I get an email from one, 'Old Boy' (connection to the film?). He's telling me that he took one of my radio shows and did a Patrick Willis reverse of some kind and spent eight hours on it. It was important for him to get that across. Then he asks me if I got it? Since I didn't, it raised a flag that he would ask. Don't you assume that your email got through and don't you usually wait a decent period of time until you go inquiring after it? Could this person just be looking to unsettle me? Well, I wasn't thinking that yet. So I wrote back to say that I didn't get anything from him and then I got two emails going off on me for my insensitivity in my response and my indifference to his eight hours of work. He went on to tell me how singular and beautiful it was but I would never see it. It was going right into the bin. He also wasn't going to come around anymore. Some people really do take themselves way too seriously and seriously exaggerate their importance to me; especially when I've never heard from them before in the first place. I'm thinking, if the guy did send the file and he didn't break it down to mp3, or the right sample rate, it would be too big for gmail; that is, if he sent it and wasn't just trying to guilt trip me and throw me off my game. What kind of person, allegedly puts so much time into such a project and then starts acting snippy, before it is even established whether I heard it or not?

I get emails from a Satanic wannabe who threatens to destroy me but who doesn't seem to be able to get around to it. I get comments sometimes that are engineered a certain way and I am starting to suspect that there is a crew, or several crews out there, whose job it is, is to fuck with certain people and see if they can throw them off of their stride. That doesn't happen. I look at whatever it is, at least the first couple of times and after that, it has an automatic routing. As soon as I identify the author, and that can happen in just a few words, it's gone.

People bombard me with links to videos, interviews, music and just about anything. I don't have the time in a day to view them all and have to operate off of an intuitional facility. I don't want the reader to stop sending me things and especially I do not want them to stop putting links in comments, because other readers benefit but everyone has to understand that there are only so many hours in a day.

People bang the drum about Jim Stone. I don't know one way or the other and I am permitted that posture. I don't want to get into stupid arguments with people about anything. Some people, when they can't convince you of what they believe is true, hold you in contempt. They take it personal that you don't drop whatever you are doing and swallow whole whatever they are selling. People are always going off about HAARP and don't understand what HARRP does. Of course there are weather weapons but sometimes the weather is just the weather, same as a banana.

My root state is, “I don't know”. I also don't care about a lot of external phenomena because 'everything is under control'. This is a lens through which I see things, that and 'for the purpose of demonstration'. I seldom think much about Masons, Illuminati or any other secret society, except the one I belong to and don't know the name of (grin). I'm assuming the initiations I've gone through are connected to some group. I am seldom told anything and I'm told there's a very good reason for that.

I'm thankful that the vast majority of readers and listeners are more than sane, because generic sane is not sane. You become insane and dysfunctional when your intention is to conform to a social structure that is pathological and abnormal. Most present day cultures are like this. People try to fit in and adapt to ever more bizarre constructs, that are fueled by warped political correctness and venal self interest on the part of scoundrels and psychopaths. That is insane and that is what people become when they live on the corner of Shit and Go Blind. Thankfully, we have The Apocalypse on our side and the waking up factor is exponential as time goes by. The curve of awakening become steeper and broader. They are racing against time in a battle they can't win because the battle has already been won. We are living in the echo of a victory that has not physically manifested but which is precipitating down from the ethers.

There are many industrious souls and I want this post to contain a positive note. This will also introduce you to a website where you can attempt the same thing if you have the chops. We have a long time reader named Imron, who comes around here regular and doesn't comment so much anymore. He has visited me several times and I know him as one of the most honest and industrious people whose path has ever crossed mine. He's been seriously engaged in restoring his business. He was driven out of it by the usual suspects at one point but he is one pointed and comprehensively working to make his dream come true. His intentions in the aftermath are honorable and I bring him to your attention for several reasons. One is that of a single example of the right stuff among us and which is representative in a lot of the people who come here and another is to provide inspiration for your own potential efforts. We have to get out of the mindset that the world is ending. The world doesn't end. It changes. We change, until we become changeless. When we can no longer change, death appears to liberate us from the confines of whatever entangled us, to the point that we couldn't proceed forward. Everything is orchestrated and programmed and this is why I'm not overly concerned about certain details. I don't believe that we're all fucked. I think there's a lot of hocus pocus and a lot of bad information on all sides of the fence.

The world is very much like an amusement park, a circus, a carnival, a theme park, a game park, a coliseum, where we compete against long enduring obstacles and traps, where we compete against each other and war against ourselves because of the separated self feature. It's all about arriving at a place where you don't compete at all, where you have 'arrived'. It's a place where you pass by all of the attractions that people give their lives and more for and you are not attracted to them. They're there for your use or for demonstration whenever that's required. The under control feature that appeared out of control, has now revealed itself as being completely under control, in that significant moment for the purpose of demonstration.

What you see in this world is an endless routine of people going about their personal business, over and over and over; succeeding, failing, living and dying, over and over and over. The environments change. The conditions change and there's only one piece of business that ever has any lasting importance and until a person addresses that they are just spinning their wheels. This is not to say that many of the things we get up to are not relevant and need doing. Dharma and Karma are very real and good Karma is preferable to bad Karma. You might think that this would be transparently obvious but for some reason, a lot of people don't get this and run around making all kinds of bad Karma. Maybe they've convinced themselves that there is no overarching authority. In times of material darkness, the smoke from various passions can completely obscure the vision. You're surrounded by energy magnets of considerable power. They're the human state equivalent of Venus Flytrap plants.

Study the world as it goes past you. Observe the direction and result of what people get up to. You learn all kinds of things, watching people of different ages. I'm not saying that there is no purpose to anything. I'm saying there's one purpose to everything and if that awareness is present in everything you do then everything you do is an expression of it. We wouldn't be here if we didn't have a job to do or bills to pay. The point is to become untangled from the mix, not further entangled into it but... the draw of the thing is very strong in this period of time and that is why so many people are flowing with the current as it travels on its way to the abyss, for the purpose of demonstration.

The evidence of what is taking place should be as clear as water from an uncontaminated spring. However, if the senses doing the perceiving are contaminated then you're going to get wrong information. It's like wearing special glasses that have their own hallucinations embedded in them, or they channel all the primal atavistic urges for war and plunder and people think what they see is what is in front of them instead of a morphed reality driven by dirty fires. Well, that's how it is today. It's better than that but it is much worse too, depends on where you are and it depends on who you are.

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Anonymous said...

"They are racing against time in a battle they can't win because the battle has already been won. We are living in the echo of a victory that has not physically manifested but which is precipitating down from the ethers."

you are a clean, clear channel for the Divine...these words come from a place of Knowing for all of us to vibe to. namaste.

the 'flies' swarming your inbox are from the massive cloud hovering over temporal time...some have buzzed over to you hoping for an out...arguing for their visions....fearing the loss of their rotting temporal 'host'....but until they stop behaving like flies on maggoty pink slime they will not hear the message. they will remain hyper craving mindless flies in search of sustenance. to be 'human' is beyond them. maybe next time....maybe not.

don't exhaust your good heart on their panicked bowel empty-ing need to legitimize their world view...their world view is what is fucked...not 'all of us'.....

ha and cheers!

liz in the big burrito

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I've come to the conclusion we're here because so many of us are addicted to the ego trip of life. We return again and again until we realise we don't need it anynmore. I don't need it anymore, but I used to. I have nothing vested in this realm anymore, and just find it an annoyance, but I'm still here; so I guess there is something I'm still supposed to do, though I have no clue on what that is. As far as I'm consciously concerned, there's nothing left, and for what duration remains; I'm only working as hard as I absolutely have to. The only obligation I have left is to finish my contract with myself, meaning doing whatever the Hell I wanted to do before I was born to this form.

Then there's the Bodhisattva. Not that I'll ever be one of those in the perceived 'future' of my stream of consciousness. I've stopped being so masochistic as to want to wade through this repulsive sewer again.

Anonymous said...

I guess that "old boy" sure showed you what all(smirk).


I've been meaning to email you about something but I wonder if it wouldn't get lost in the shuufle.

I'll give it a try anyway.

Anonymous said...

People tell stories about what has happened to them, primarily for two reasons - because they want to be admired, or they want to be pitied. Likewise, we select our friends based on whether or not they help us maintain the illusion of our own grandeur...and unless we can truly disconnect ourselves from the illusion of our own self-importance, we cannot catch a glimpse of the actual grandeur of the universe. In reality, we use our "friends" as shields against the onslaught of the infinite - they help us prop up our sense of self-importance, and in so doing, they actually hinder our spiritual growth. They help to keep us trapped in the me-me-me center of the universe. Which is exactly what those who feed on us and remain unseen, want. We have two minds. One of them is ours (the infinite mind), and one of them is the mind of an outside force (the predator's mind). The second mind was placed into us by an entity that holds us hostage. And that second mind is the one that reduces everything to the me-me-me perspective. It is the mind of the predator, and that predator feeds on our energy (that's how it "eats"). When we waste our energy by defending our actions against attacks on our self-importance, we feed the predator. And that's why the predator's mind is actually our only truly working mind, most of the time. The predator tells us to defend our self-importance, to stand up for ourselves, to fight back against anyone who degrades us or makes us feel small. And the predator does that to control its food source (to control us). The predator eats our energetic awareness; it creates pseudo-concerns that prompt us to work like hell to alleviate them, and when we do this, small flares of energetic awareness emanate from our being - which the predator proceeds to gobble up, leaving us at our previous state of greatly reduced energy. The predator constantly plays us off against the epicenter of our own self-reflection, trapping us as its perpetual prey. If you tax the predator's mind with inner silence, the predator will eventually flee. But until you realize that you possess two minds, and that inner silence is the key to getting rid of the mind of the predator, you will not be able to access your true mind (the infinite mind) on a constant basis, and you will continue to waste your precious energy - energy that is vitally needed so that you might fly off in any direction you choose, into the vastness of infinity, free as a bird...

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Right on, Vis. I like your songs; the musicians provide great accompaniments, too.

A few days ago, in an online radio interview, Jim Stone said that the strange noises that have recently been heard around Clintonville, Wisconsin were coming from a subterranean battle occuring in the underground bases of the US Government, where opposed forces were contending for control of the USA. Strange noises have also been reported in many other parts of the world, but Jim Stone didn't comment on that. I guess that's what happens when you have a "mole" in your organization. (canned laughter)

Anonymous said...


apologies for being off topic and no dispersion being cast, nor desire to mix it up with Rense website (i doubt if Rense is aware of this), however do you (your internet people) know about this?

i linked to your Smoking Mirrors via Rense

the link comes up like this

note the .de (after blogspot) - that's Fed Republic of Germany - yes?

linking via Petri Dish, to Smoking Mirrors the site comes up as

note the .com - not . de

i don't know much of anything about internet, but if your website(s) are running via Fed Rep Germany -(meaning they may claim your website as theirs) and given that said nation has various stringent laws preventing free speech discussions on specific topics, with very harsh punishments for violations of, well, one could say there's potential for problems

apologies if this is all worked out, but it doesn't seem like business as usual



Anonymous said...

hi everybody, this is Imron. I just wanted to thank Visible for linking my campaign and bringing it to your attention. Though, I rarely comment, I have been following the blogs for years and read all the comments as well (well not all the coments...some posters once I see their name I know to skip it :). I would love your support, and I know not everyone cares about jeans, but even pledging at the $4 level would be awesome... but even helping to spread the word would be invaluable. Thanks again Visible, and I hope to visit you again soon.

Anonymous said...

aspersions - not dispersions



Anonymous said...

the bad stuff is gettin' deep, but Visible stays above it and helps others to do the same!

for Imron and any others similar, interested

an other funding option for creative and such projects:

Indiegogo offers "Flexible Funding" meaning whatever is pledged is what the project receives (minus whatever Indiegogo's cut is)

KickStarter only pays if the specific funding goal is met; if 4950 is pledged of a 5000 goal - the project gets zero

with Indiegogo - the project receives 4950 (minus the Indiegogo's cut)

Visible - if you're lookin for funding for books, music, etc. this might be one for you (?)

Harmony to all beings!


Anonymous said...

one more thing, actually a couple more

i don't know if Imron might see this, so, if not, maybe someone who knows him can pass it on

"Grey water recycling", if not already familiar is a very excellent way of recycling water - (may work very well in denim-clothing washing - and at very least it can cut expenses for other water usage)

LA, SoCal in general was attempting to jump-start Grey water recycling, but may have stalled out, since i was last in that area (8 months ago);

there are other grey-water systems in US, now coming online that are/can be used at industrial level ...(a little internet research will turn up a few at least)

Also - i got a "ring side seat" to that business in LA, Imron is attempting to re-establish in - that means - close enough to see (know) the dirt ... that's all i'm sayin' here ... i'll be sending wishes to ineffable on Imron's behalf (and not towards his (evil) competitors)

Peace to all beings!


brokenbeat said...

Those that profess to know generally don't and those who admit they don't have a better handle on the truth.

I have a friend who insists that a certain ontology is beyond discussion but limits her input to a few channeled sources. It seems that there was a resonance with certain seeds of truth and she swallowed the package whole. I've suggested balancing these sources with others - that in every grouping of information there is going to be misinfo/disinfo - due to distortions of the receiver, noise on the channel, or restrictions/limitations/malice on the part of the source.

I know many people like that; they have found a comfortable campsite on the side of the mountain and have abandoned the climb to the summit. An acceptable alternative to the conventional has been discovered and the correction of major obvious flaws provided the imprimatur with which many other points are blindly accepted.

This dangerous practice occurs throughout our society whether it is a political party or sports team to which they are swearing allegiance. Essentially, the false dichotomies provide the dividing function and cognitive dissonance assists with the conquering. It is unaware human nature to want to belong to a group, possess a belief, and defend all the tenants - made all the easier with talking points and doctrine. In the case of more entrenched, networked groups, a background of disinfo from peripheral institutions provide dovetailing support.

Just how coordinated and directed our institutions of religion, science, education, politics and economy are is difficult to ascertain as are the layers of those doing the coordinating and directing. The sophistication is such that damage control ops shunt questioning souls into non-threatening alt. camps and "limited hang-out" discoveries deflect attention from the inner layers.

With regard to Stone, Fulford, Wilcox, they could be anything ranging from legitimate to dupes to operatives. The info provided cannot be taken at face value as knowledge.

At the least, they provide insight into the plausible over-arching manipulations. Our nature is so well understood and played to so effectively that using our free will is nearly precluded due to our lack of awareness. The potential remains, however, but awareness must be grown through discerning knowledge in the glut of info and building wisdom through action. Know thyself, learn about the world and connect with the divine within and without.

Amongst the mis/dis-info are the predictions. Many have come and gone, most recently Clif High's, and others looming on the horizon, most notably the Mayan/ Hopi/McKenna's. Are these to be taken seriously? Could they be psy-ops? Are they to distract us and keep us off-balance, or build up our hopes only to have them dashed? Drake holds out promise that changes are coming soon. The Cass. are now saying the "realm border crossing" will arrive in 2014(the finish line has been moved).We knoweth not the hour...

Ghandi said, "Live your life as if you are going to die tommorrow, but learn as if you are going to live forever". Sage wisdom indeed - connect now with the divine and live from the highest principles, but learn your true nature, grow awareness and pay at least cursory attention to this world that we are in, but not of.


John V.

Anonymous said...

Lo Viz did you get my comment about my ipod contents and bowel movement update. It is majestic and beautiful. I spent three years on it. If you don't post my comment I'm going to turn off my machine and go outside. With love the smartass punk.

MiaBellezza said...

I have serious concerns re Fulford. The very fact that he has associated with this Romanov, who is not a Romanov, and who has put a video out claiming himself to be the anti-christ = anti-peace and calling for a revolution should raise a lot of red flags. Fulford later wrote in his blog that he just wanted us to see who these other people are, but then sits down again with Romanov and the other guy as if he is working in cooperation with them. So is he with these guys or what. It does not pass the smell test. I have been reading his blog updates for years and quite frankly none of it makes sense. Fulford also attended a Jesuit school in Japan. Jesuits are under the Black Pope and the Knights Templar were warrior priests, IOW Jesuits. Fulford put out a video fingering them and I mistakenly thought he was on the right track but by putting it all together it still does not make sense. I guess I'm just missing something or not. It could be he has very good intentions, but just got too deep into and can't see the forest for the trees. He's also maintained that there is no radiation problem in Japan?????? Hello

MR said...

John V, well said.

I used to follow prophecies, channelings, astrological happenings, all the while waiting .... waiting.... waiting for Godot. One day I said that's it, I'm going to live as if the world is never going to come to an end, only I am. I began a new spiritual discipline, and found a way to be of service in my community. I stopped reading channelings and prophesies and started living my life becoming aware of myself living it. This has made all the difference.

I don't resonate with a lot of those prophets out there right now. I think there is a good chance many are paid tools for those in control. The best thing we can do for the world and for ourselves, is to do what Les keeps saying to do. Seek the Divine in all that we do, in all that we see, and to do it with the intensity that the world depends on us to do so.

Waiting for all the bastards to get arrested is a little like waiting for Godot .....


Zel said...

"I get comments sometimes that are engineered a certain way and I am starting to suspect that there is a crew, or several crews out there, whose job it is, is to fuck with certain people and see if they can throw them off of their stride."

It's quite likely that's exactly what is happening to you. I know Israel was putting together squads of "information volunteers" whose purpose was to explain the course of events in a favorable light to them, to advance their agenda in public forums and cause strife in unfriendly online forums through trolling. You've most likely been marked as a scamp/rogue/malcontent, you take your pick, and they'll fuck with you just for the hell of it, see if they can divert your energy down non-constructive channels. You're a martial artist in some discipline or other, so you'll easily understand that trick, if it becomes too blatant.

In any case, I was touched the other day, when you spoke of your heart being broken too often, failing to live up to your own standards so often, and man, it was like you peeked into my heart. I often find that in your blogs, or often think of where you're going with a thought and find that I'm right later in your post or another day, in another posting, but say nothing, because it happens so often I feel it would bring an automatic call of 'bullshit'.

Endure while you can, speak the good word, and fix your intent on Shangri-La. Some days I can almost see it, other days it's gone beyond recall, but perhaps the stars are turning our way, eh?

Keep up the good work.

Richie (Dana) said...

John @ 8:55

I do like your thoughts.

Something that impresses me....

What if you could always remember past lives?
What if they always do, and it is not a big deal at all?
You just "walk in" another when this body is done.
While this happens, the True Beings are forced to forget any past and are made to believe this is the first time.
What if it is not?
What if evil created a unfair advantage?
Does "banking" come to mind?

The question does arise...
Am I willing to give my "life" for this cause.

I do not direct this to you in a personnel way. It is only my personal experience and your words that made me share.

If my life is required in this battle of good and evil, then I give it now freely. Come and take me my friends.
I will here challenge Mr. Visible to prove me wrong in the dedication.
This would be where the real problem lies.
When do we become willing to give up all?

I dedicate this life and this Being to the Divine.
I have nothing else.
I know that I continue after "this"


Anonymous said...

I just want to assure you, Les Moniker Visible that I am not a member of a crew. I am anonymous, I am legion, I have legionnaire's disease.

Anonymous said...

nice share 'v'. food's always better when the chef's in the kitchen.(grin)

anon 5:41 and john v., et al; people who actually think for themselves eventually come to the same conclusions.

a taste for what is, a nose for what ain't, and a memory for the way that leads home.

cause you can't 'know' anything that you don't re-cognize.

Anonymous said...

Your acolytes sound like you...
"Yes its all so crystal clear...poor lemmings can they not see the radiant light of undifferentiated consciousness co-mingling with the primordial sensory dator information emanating from my transcendent ego, ergo I go..sweet dreams, Dracula.

F-Troop, Mr. Ed, Howdy Doody, (Janis Joplin), Maynard Krebs

uninformedLuddite said...

I spent 14 hours in a deep trance yesterday and astrally projected myself into your bathroom and you completely ignored me. I must say that I am very disappointed with you Les and will be throwing myself into a bin shortly. And mush like a sentence should never begin with the word and it is never ever a banana.

Anonymous said...

shouting over hedges in the Maze
to each other:
"it's like this!"
and it never seems *quite* apt...
well of course it doesn't...
no one can speak
your language
but you.

brokenbeat said...

MR: I agree waiting without doing the work is foolhardy. My concern is rather that there may not be enough time to be ready and I don't refer to physical prepping but spiritual growth. This is a unique time with a covergence of likely tyranny, collapse, degradation, warring, and possible earth changes, alien disclosure/deception and dimensional shifts. Does the business as usual approach still apply? Extraordinary effort is required me thinks, but there is grace for those sincerely striving.

Richie (Dana): True beings are certainly at a disadvantage until they awaken and gain gnosis. Counterfeits typically occupy superior biological vessels in terms of genetics (beauty, strength, perhaps intelligence) and comfortably fit in with the world and don't suffer from "divine discontent". My understanding is that they do not posess the higher emotional and intellectual centers, but this does not preclude them from developing siddhis such as past-life recall. I had never considered that they posessed this by default. If that is the case, it must be a well-kept secret or just amongst the controlling elite that would be maintaining a legacy of mystery schooling over generations in any event.

More to the heart of your reply is the matter of dedicating one's life in service possibly to the point of losing it altogether. I share your position that this is all we have to offer, but I would add that we can serve to a greater extent if we can gain some degree of enlightenment and be boddhisatvas to others on the path. I don't intend to be cannon fodder.

Anon at 10:17: Of course you are right - these are all logical conclusions to anyone who is thinking for themselves and seeking. The truths are all available, now more readily than ever externally, and have always been there for us internally. It is a matter of recognition as you say...recognition of a previously known truth...remembering.

Thanks to all for these replies and the thoughtful comments on all of Vis' wonderful posts. It is evident that this is a community of sincere seekers on many paths. That appeals to my eclectic nature.


John V.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Thomas Aquinas, Sigmund Freud, Rheumatoid Arthritis Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Last night I was reading this blog whilst watching a doc about Damien Hirst ( wow - Id never seen those incredible " stained glass windows " he made with butterflies . Just brilliant)

At the exact time I read these words , from one of the first comments :

" the 'flies' swarming your inbox are from the massive cloud hovering over temporal time...some have buzzed over to you hoping for an out...arguing for their visions....fearing the loss of their rotting temporal 'host'....but until they stop behaving like flies on maggoty pink slime they will not hear the message. "

my TV screen showed thousands of flies in a perspex box , feeding on " maggoty pink slime " from a cows head , then flying into the next box to be frazzled on a bug-zapper .

A "wow "moment , even for me , who experiences synchronous events quite often .

" Come , Apocolypse , come ! "

( to paraphrase Morrissey )

I wish everybody good dreams.


Electrolux said...

Hang in there. Unfortunately there is a lot of suffering minds practicing selfish practices in this Dreamscape of Desire. Of course it's best not to suffer but the suffering that we generate for ourselves has a way of clearing the mind after a few million eons. Just how long a Being decides to "bang their heads against the wall" is a personal choice. Beings can't be rushed. To have someone point us in the right direction is good Karma. There is no power to make us go. The Universe is not a nanny state nor is it separate from us. No more separate from us than a dream we may have tonight. The happy ending has already happened we just haven't realized it yet. Thanx for your positive influence.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Halitosis Winds from the Corruption Choir.



Joseph Brenner

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