Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Person's Heaven is another Person's Hell

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(couldn't figure out why Patrick put this up today and then I find out it's Shakespeare's birthday).

Where to start and what to say? As Aldous Huxley once said, “Maybe this planet is another planet's Hell”. ♫Yeah, it's hard to tell, it's hard to tell, but all true love's in vain♫ That doesn't make any sense does it? Lots of things don't these days. I can't go to a news site any more, or read any news that isn't either a total lie, totally absurd, or makes me embarrassed for the human race. This is why I haven't written anything for a few days. I don't know what to say. It's not that the well has run dry. That isn't possible. Things have to mean something and plenty of things mean something to me but, good grief! I'm surrounded by confused dunderheads, present company excepted, and what to do? What to say?

One thing I can talk about, is the crazy payback shit that has been going on recently and those of you who follow these sites will remember what I had to say some time ago,when I mentioned a conversation with my invisible friends, where I was told that someone was going to show up right in the middle of these freaks and catch them in the act with their pants down and how ingeniously clever he was going to be about the humorous aspects of the whole thing.

In recent time we have seen the massacre in Afghanistan, the prostitutes with the Secret Service in Columbia, who are protecting the prostitute in chief in the White House and a host of other things I don't need to mention but which you have all seen of late. Time zones differ, depending on which plane you are operating and speaking from. That's the essence of prophecy and prediction that a lot of people don't get and which makes them doubt so many things because it's not interpreting from their plane effectively.

Look for more and more absurdity and outrageousness. Look for high comedy and low activity, doing the foxtrot but they ain't foxes. They can't hit the high notes any more. They can hardly hit the low notes but they can definitely hit themselves upside the head and in another location, where no one wants to be hit, man, woman or hermaphrodite. I couldn't be more positive at the moment. Well, of course, I could but it's a whole new level these days. One of my 'stand by me' friends put in an appearance recently. It's one of those friends that some readers object to my hanging out with. Of course, those readers have never hung out with this friend so; what do they know? It's like the people commenting at this collaboration between me and my good friend Patrick Willis. One of them is named Solaraine and the other numb-skulls, who ask where the proof is and then don't read the link where all the proof is. It's funny how so many people don't connect me with the readings and I don't care at at all. What matters is that people hear them. The huge majority gets it and that is the important point. Those not getting it, are welcome to where that leaves them. They've become some of that humor coming up too.

Some things about people in general amaze me, as much as things about self important and well known people in specific. People amuse me about their paranoia and apprehensions; about their endless preparations for things and events that they have no real knowledge or evidence of. I'm not saying that preparations are not important. After all, life itself is preparation for death but... the lack of faith on the part of most people in, what for me is beyond doubt, in life, themselves ...and what lies beyond is mystifying.

For a long time I've been doing all of what you see here, and in general, for free. I live on next to nothing but don't lack for anything. Occasionally people get on my case for not having a 'real job', when I not only have a real job but don't do much else through every day that shows up on me. I don't worry about having no income by most definitions. I don't worry about all the work I put into recording my songs, which I also give away for free. Some might say they aren't worth more but that's besides the point. I don't worry about how everything that did happen for and to my music, turned out to be either sinking without a stone or enemy action. I don't worry about the same being the case with my books, or the inexplicable fuck ups and bad energy that has attended these efforts, or the idea on some people's parts, about how much work they put into one of them and their disappointment that it didn't turn into a best seller, proving the basic materialistic, non altruistic interest on their part in the first place, while I still have to be reminded of how much work they put into it and I certainly put more work into it and wind up doing it for free anyway (so far) and they wind up getting paid back anyway (though not as quickly as they might have liked) and make a serious profit, which they will (though not as quickly as they might have hoped for) and who get annoyed at me, by my occasional attempts to publicize the efforts, as if somehow they would be cheated out of their profits, when the intent was to increase them, for them, by this action, well... it's pretty weird. I don't mind though. It comes with the territory.

I don't worry about where my next journey is going to take me, when I walk out of here, headed for one thing and the real reason presents itself and I'm not leaving because there is any trouble on the home-front because it couldn't be better than it is at the moment. I don't worry about why it's all the way it is. I don't worry about people who promised to, not sending me K or how it sometimes appears from no recognizable location, though all too rarely (grin). I don't worry about people purchasing my car and then being upset about it, when others would have jumped at the chance and are probably pissed at me a little for not going with them in the first place. I just don't worry about about much of any of it and I don't know why that is either.

We need to know the difference between what we can change or effect and what we can't and just do our best no matter what. We need to know and unknow but we often don't take the trouble with the primary concern in the first place. Often we don't know what the primary concern is. That's too bad. That's a crying shame. Because, if we did know then we wouldn't worry about it either and that is a cardinal point. Then we wouldn't have be having to worry about all the wrong things and preparing for all of the wrong things and we wouldn't, one day, wind up in the same pool of bubbling hog lagoon consommé of shit, that the people presently having yogurt spilled on them and enslaved by bankers and shitmeisters, of the lowest order, on their way to the actualization of something they lied about and are guilt tripping the whole world in relation to.

The irony is that the people who should be reading this, are not reading it but they will have it inscribed upon them as a result; engraved for all time upon them, so that they don’t forget again... never forget, never again (grin). Oh yeah and 'Selah' a few paragraphs early. Uh huh, um hummm, uh huh.

We all know about, or rather we have all heard about, Karma, payback, pay off and pay it forward. If we did know about it and had been listening, when we heard about it, we would all not be worrying about this and that, or the inconvenience of working for free because we have nothing to worry about and we are not working for free. What goes around comes around, as you will certainly see, shortly. Then you may be a little disappointed about yourself for buying into that, “oh ye of little faith” thing, or missing the point about the talents and what got buried and what got used. Then you won't be seeing through a glass darkly and you won't be mystified about a particular entity being changed into an angel of light at the given moment. Anyone catching my drift here, or where all of this is coming from in the first place, or why you shouldn't be worried about working for free, or doing things out of the goodness of your heart in the first place?

It looks like I might have had something to say in the first place, or I might be talking to the wind but... the wind will carry it. If we listened a little more closely to the wind; given that the wind has a job most people are unaware of- and which does that job for free for the sheer joy of doing it- we might actually hear something and gain a lot of profit from it.

I could go on and on all day about these things and I do go on and on all day about them. And I do it for what? That's right. And you will see when a new living situation comes about for me, or when I get to be les visible, without a trace...or a few footprints end, somewhere in the sand, the mud or whatever they get left in. Now, I'm not uncertain about any of this and, in any case, we will see, won't we? That is, unless we don't see because we can't hear, or won't listen, or don't care or care about the wrong things. That's how it works or doesn't work. That's how it is.


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Ray B. said...

"Occasionally people get on my case for not having a 'real job', when I not only have a real job but don't do much else through every day that shows up on me."

This resonates on so many levels. Kudos on your doing your 'non-job' so well. We appreciate you...

As a half-aside, PBS has just started running a two-part (four hours total) documentary named "Money, Power and Wall Street". I saw the first half last night. It is carefully tuned to the outward story. The Fed and SEC were not controlled. There was no plan to crash the economy (and profit from it). Etc. Nevertheless, if you want a good summary of the picture being painted for the masses, this is it. (I did learn a lot about some of the [public] insiders at JP Morgan that I didn't know before.)

If you see it, view it with your 'spidey-sense' turned on. You may get a lot of surprises on who is working for the 'bad guys' and who is on the 'good guys' side.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

mike m said...

Vis, your postings have intensified the thoughts I have had before I even had the fortune of finding you.

I have at times even posted your earlier posts on blogs that I was perusing, for purpose of demonstration of course.

I try to help others feel the same peace that I am experiencing and have had some success but I astonished at the amount of resistance that is programmed into so many.

Oh well, the clock is ticking and I too feel that we are here in this time and place for a reason.

No need to fear or "prepare" just observe and be aware.

Peace to all who seek it.

P.S. you should have seen the shit storm I caused over at huffingtonpost when I stated some facts about the holocaust inc. , they even banned me for it ! What a surprise!!!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are wonderful.Just wonderful.Kauai

Neko Kinoshita said...

Funny, I was looking for this about an hour before it showed up, nonetheless I take exception to being "excepted" since I AM a confused dunderhead.

Never stop doing what is right. (like I'm in a position to tell you anything)

Awesome good stuff Vis.


Lee said...

Mr. Visible.

Can you define "for the purpose of demonstration" from your point of view? I checked online and get rather vague and ambiguous results.

Thank you.


Visible said...

I coined the phrase so I don't think you're going to find a translation, that said, it means exactly what it says and nothing more. The definition is the statement. Having to explain it puts me in an impossible position, I'll leave that to someone else if they want to tackle it.

Clarity said...

Visible, and All...

I can really relate to your words today. It's so true - all the crap going on is ridiculous and embarrassing. I don't know what's worse, though... the people doing all that is being done, or those who have no clue about it. In all fairness, that was me a short time ago. I take full responsibility for my ignorance, as I take credit for the path I am on now.

I am very encouraged by the crazy payback shit going on. Just look around - the little things are here, there, and in total, it's a sign of something much bigger. It is most definitely a sign of hope, and perhaps, in some way, a reward for trust and faith. Maybe natural consequence would be better than "reward", but as I am thankful for what I have, it does seem like a reward in some ways...

The things we need to know, for many of us, have come thanks to you, Visible. Screw the assholes who have anything negative to say about what you are or aren't doing. It says so much more about them than you... You know you are loved and appreciated here. Do you need more proof of that? (grin)

mike m, I noticed you used the word peace. That is exactly the word that came to mind as I read Visible's words today and thought of my life right now. Every rough patch can bring the first waves of fear, but Visible and the others who share here help me immeasurably - with reminders to trust, focus, and to remember my purpose and direction. It's amazing how quickly the fear is pushed away. What could have been a difficult time sees me now at peace. What is supposed to happen will happen, and when I have that in my heart, things are suddenly much easier.

*I wanted to thank the two people who mentioned my Edgar Cayce comment - noticed and appreciated!

*Thanks, also, to the person who posted the recent YouTube link. I'm sorry I forget who that was, but it was something about the illuminati no longer being on power... The speaker in the video was very interesting, and I watched some of her other videos. I got some good things from her.

Love, gratitude, and peace to each of you...

lightandlongshadows said...

"Lots of things don't these days. I can't go to a news site any more, or read any news that isn't either a total lie, totally absurd, or makes me embarrassed for the human race."

It's all just fucked. I've been in quite a funk the last week or two. We just got "smart-metered" a couple of days ago, one more nail in the coffin. Our landlords wanted it, yuppies, $*#%. I found myself looking forward to their ignorance reposessing their asses when the outrageous housing bubble here bursts, and it will, and they probably will too.
Fukushima has been on my mind alot lately. I'm repeatedly told whenever I mention it that "it's been taken care of". I must be reading the wrong news or perhaps reading is the problem. The economic news is beyond surreal, way beyond. I'm told by peers (who invariably can't answer the simplest economic questions correctly) that it will sort itself out. I have no doubt.

It's good to hear that your upbeat and positive. I've lost my sense of humour for the moment, it will turn up. Mostly I just have the overwhelming sense that I don't want to be here anymore. Yet here I am.

What a shithole.

Take care.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, if you're ever interested in monetizing your blogging I can direct you to a site (it's where I blog ~ Squidoo; build a lens now and take it for a spin) and I could help edit your posts for keyword dynomite! This would be more product oriented for commercial sales. But you could spin it with book sales, not just yours... Plus it's a real easy site to operate. :)

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I realize my earlier post went contrary to the gist of what you are saying. Just delete it once read.

Tell Patrick he has a wonderfully compelling voice like Vincent Price, but better.

Anonymous said...

Smart Meters are death meters. They will mess you up nine ways to Sunday. I'm dealing with them here in Texas - brain fog, joint pains, insomnia, whee, lots of fun.

Which brings up another thought. Les, I haven't seen you mention chemtrails in the scores of posts I have read of yours. You might have done so and I missed them; just wondered if you had any ideas about how they might be dealt with...using the power of focused group thought, etc.

lightandlongshadows said...

I went from posting here to watch RT on youtube and what's the first video?

Please God make it stop...mercy! MERCY!

I need a fucking bucket.
Wake me up when it's over would you?

mike m said...

Thank you for the acknowledgement Clarity but I cannot take credit for what I post, it just kind of materializes with out much effort.

But just like Vis it is a job that I enjoy.

May Peace wash over you!

Visible said...

Mia; Well, I've already forgotten whatever it was so, no harm done (grin).

Visible said...

This is one scary highway.

Richie (Dana) said...

I just wanted to say that my heart just swells with love and compassion for each of you. We are in this together and we are headed for a much better place soon.

This ridiculous foolishness is almost at an end. When you see these criminals being arrested and punished for their oppression of humanity that will be the key that unlocks our future.

Each of us has an actual piece of the Divine as that which must return to its source. The God of this universe loves you more than you can currently imagine. He will not let us down. He does not throw his children to the dogs.

Think of all the hard things that you went through in this life and how you came out the other side a better person. If you are feeling down right now, just try to see that it is for a purpose that is powered by Love. (That statement would be aprtial explanation for Les Visible,s "Purpose of Demonstration").

There are millions and perhaps billions of other souls in this universe who are watching you right now. They are all rooting for you and sending great love and hope to you all. It is our shining moment when we emerge from this nightmare having won the battle for the forces of Light and Love.
We WILL succeed and we will be with our true family from the stars again very soon. We will never be alone and never oppressed in this manner again. We will all become teachers of our friends out there and perhaps one day we can be the ones on the other side of this helping another band of lost souls find their way back to the Divine.

Keep your faith strong and know that we at the threshold of a simply amazing and rich future.

May the Divine grace of God bless each of you.

P.S. By the way, political correctness and bean counting is not allowed beyond the confines of our current reality.

grassapelli said...

You wrote: People amuse me about their paranoia.
And now we have, from George Ure, "Terrornoia. A psychological condition which drives organizations to monetize all aspects of crime imaginable.  Also:  Inability to distinguish between infractions, misdemeanors, crime, organized crime, racketeering, and terrorism. 

grassapelli said...

One more thing. "For the purpose of demonstration." In The Truman Show, the director puts on a storm over the small sailing boat for the purpose of demonstrating that Truman cannot escape from his world. That demonstration failed of its purpose. When Almighty God puts on a demonstration of any kind, His Purpose does not fail.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Okay I don't know how you knew (and of course you didn't) that my worry meter needed to be cranked down and this particular zippittydodah essay did the trick. Thanks for all you do not know you do, Vis. Loved the song. I remember it from when you used to gift them to us regularly like you are doing again ... "I hear voices on the blowin' wind ... They stir the leaves from where I've been" ... great stuff. You have my gratitude for those calming vibrations. BTW I liked the little whoop sounds in the backgroud ... nice touch. My hearing is not perfect so just the fact that I caught them made me feel good too. Gonna play it again Sam ... I mean Vis. Maybe play it again and again until you have to change the needle in the Motorola. (grin)

Clarity said...


A very wise and well-spoken man once shared this with me:

Life is a staged drama. We are all performers. We perform things for the purpose of demonstration, in that every word and deed has an effect, a karma. This is demonstrated on us and through us.

Love and peace,
~ Clarity

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"They" eat horses, don't they?

What a demonstration THAT is.
(couldn't help but notice)

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
some pop associations in the rubbish bin of my mind.

Abott and Costello, who's on first base, what's on second base, that's right.

Cat Stevens The Wind.
"I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul, where I'll end up I think only God really knows...."

sad to think that India is going materialist given my readings of a Yoga book, in detail, how to get there.
"And I'm on the road to find out. Da Da Da", another Cat Stevens (Yusaf Islam)

If Love is a drug , then God seeking is an elixir. the latter has long term transformative implications.

Anonymous said...

Hello L. and assorted peoples. The wind howls so bad up here sometimes it scares the cat. You can't hear it at all downstairs. I'm not arbeit macht frei right now either L. I have a couple bucks in change but at least no money from my labors is being used to kill innocent people in the middle east or to punch someone's ticket. Too much of that ticket punchin' has got the ol' nuclear armed banana republik in sad shape. I found a fun blog of another exile of empire in Oz land who thinks they are gonna withstand the fall of time in das bunker. I hope they have a fresh water fountain of youth to outlast those radioactive isotopes who have a pesky habit of hanging around for a really long time. That blog is really harsh on the land of the hog nostril inhalers. Speaking of hog nostrils I retired mine and I'm feeling 20 years younger. It is amazing anyone can live on the diet of pure shit that people gorge themselves on here. Keep it great or real great. Salute.

Steve said...

I will try and tackle this, for the purpose of demonstration of coarse. (grin) 
It's an orientation thing. Instead of working from a "whats in it for me" limited understanding. Limited in a practical understanding of the vastness of our situation. 
It becomes a "how may I serve" taking into consideration your own unique talents and equally importantly the unique talents of those around you within each particular circumstance. This way the parts serve the whole with a humble understanding of nothing is mine nor am I in need of anything, all simply being for... The purpose of demonstration.

Richie (Dana) said...

I propose that it is we who are holding up the show and that would be because we are concentrating on the evil actions of others instead of creating the world we wish to live in.

We know it is true that once you have enough individuals joining in a common goal, that goal will manifest. Just look how awesomely successful these evil beings have been. This fact cannot be discounted or ignored. A very small group controls 7 billion? Wow.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are drawn to Visible? He is only verbalizing his experience in this life and yet in many ways it matches yours. Why is that?

Try to see that it was actually your aversion to evil that brought you here. Those evil beings have done you a service. They woke you from your slumber with their horrible ways and now you see more clearly.

My question to you now would be, what do you do with this information? Do you continue examining each minutia of the evil beings actions, or do you begin to see some potential here? If they can change their reality, why can’t we?

We all know in our hearts that Love is much more powerful than evil. We actually have it easy. (grin).

With Visible as the catalyst, I see some awesome souls yearning for this to stop and a better life to begin. I also see that there are actually no obstacles in our paths for that accomplishment.

We live in this crazy place where up is down, black is white, war is peace and we reject it in unison. Because we reject that, I will say that Visible has one of the highest “jobs” in existence today. The benefits are incalculable. For uncounted times, I express my profound thanks for the work that Mr. Visible shares with us all.

If you imagine yourself as a Loving God, what would you do with your created beings who wish to do evil? Fry them in hell for an eternity as the churches teach?
I cannot speak for God, but I would let them have what they want. Pretty simple thing to just create a friggin hellhole and quarantine it and let them go for it. Perhaps they might learn something?

“For the purpose of demonstration”, there may be others who wish to experience this for learning purposes, as new worlds are always being created and this knowledge may be extremely beneficial to others.
This is where you come into the picture show. You are the ones who never wanted to do evil but only came here to experience it for the purpose of higher learning. The very fact that you are now reading these words is proof. Your journey is almost complete. The last 5 minutes of the show is playing.

With the greatest love and care we wake the remaining souls to remind them of their mission.

Seek the Divine my friends and abolish fear as it is just an illusion.
We have nothing to fear as we are Divine and eternal.


Steve said...

"It looks like I might have had something to say in the first place, or I might be talking to the wind but... the wind will carry it. If we listened a little more closely to the wind; given that the wind has a job most people are unaware of- and which does that job for free for the sheer joy of doing it- we might actually hear something and gain a lot of profit from it."
That's a beautiful meditation, thank you.
You are on solid ground Vis, setting a wonderful example. May your rewards expand infinitely within and without.

Anonymous said...

Before retiring to the dream state, this one's for Lee,

...we'll all be together again...

and in case you missed Paddy cryin'

*for purposes of Demonstration...
two fellers on a bridge, b'lieve one was from Arkansas...
Get it ?

Thanks for the demonstration of Faith...


Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

You know him from his 'all the proof in the world' website.. Here is another part of his site. If you have the motivation and the time, go by and tell him how much you appreciate his courage and his work. That kind of thing means a great deal.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So you live by the philosphy of "All you need is enough, for what do you do with more than enough?" If that was the thought paradigm for the masses of today, we wouldn't be having too many problems.

Moshe Levin said...

Who owns google?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami awaits-

The Long Way up the Mountain on Memory Lane.

Visible said...

Who wants to know? Ask Sergey Brin.

Anonymous said...

pierre at 2:01,

India is now in thrall to the zio-horde. They can't help but become a materialist Bollywood nightmare now.


brokenbeat said...

Greetings All,

In my recent travels, it has been illuminating to be in close proximity to some that are totally clueless to the true nature of reality, getting all input from conventional sources and with no compunction whatsoever to seek and grow. It has given me greater appreciation for those that have with expanded awareness and accompanying shift in priorities. It is clear that we a far fewer in number, but not necessarily in influence as has been eloquently stated by many here.

Interestingly (to me in any event, and hopefully to some that read this), I had my natal chart read (yet again), but this time by an "evolutionary astrolger" that was well-versed in many modalities including Vedic. Apparently, I have an unusual and somewhat auspicious chart in many regards and have been told so before, but many accurate correlations in this reading were accompanied by new insights. It seems, among other interesting placements, I have Saturn in the high heavens and this portends some impactful acheivement in career matters especially when taken with the chart as a whole.

At one time this would have mattered to me, but no longer. When I indicated that I intend to dedicate my life to be of service, I was told I might end up as an old man of the mountain dispensing wisdom. Of course, I could be of service even with a more conventional career, but it seems that this contribution is to come much later in life.

Together with a terrific Tarrot session last week (with several other divination modalities as well), it seems that I am at a critical juncture in my life (as I sensed) and I may finally discover my authentic self and my divine purpose.

I am taking all of this with humility (I know it may not sound like that!), and am grateful for any opportunity to grow and be of service. Material reward in this temporal realm is not of import, but I am not adverse to same either as it can be of overall assistance as well as personal comfort.

I am also grateful for the role models illustrated and the wisdom shared by Vis and the commentors on his blogs. We are a family with ties that extend beyond this time and space.

Peace be unto y'all (homage to my current locale),

John V.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lee said...

Thank you Clarity and others who responded to my question to Les Visible " For the Purposes of Demonstration".

Les Visible gave me answer that was neither right nor wrong, explained and not explained. In other words, the Invisible run around you get from a gifted and benevolent spiritual guru. So, lesson learned. Ask a vague but deep question and get a vague and deep answer.

ALL of you are most kind in responding to something I am trying to overcome and learn in this life. The train wreck. Also known as My Life. I see that with peace, love, comedy and tragedy.

Thank you Les Visible, and the rest of you, my extended family, here.


Ray B. said...

Richie (Dana), Thursday, April 26, 2012 5:42:00 AM

"...we are concentrating on the evil actions of others instead of creating the world we wish to live in.

"...once you have enough individuals joining in a common goal, that goal will manifest. Just look how awesomely successful these evil beings have been. This fact cannot be discounted or ignored."

"...or do you begin to see some potential here? If they can change their reality, why can’t we?"

Thanks, Richie. That is very profound and gets to the heart of the matter.

If I remember correctly, the 'shield' of Skull & Bones has a clock that is set five minutes ahead of time. The mundane explanation is that they (through CFR, Bilderburgers, etc.) have advance notice by setting the agenda. A more esoteric explanation of this 'shield' is of taking action on the manifestation or magick level, so that they know what will play out before it actually manifests.

To counter this, one has to mount a stronger manifestation energy at the same level and/or manifest from an even higher level.

I think that everyone who is exposed to the state of the world has one of three reactions: Inaction (fact-chasing or withdrawal), Action, or Transcendence. (Sometimes the second and third are combined...)

On the Action side, it is important to find the actual 'prime mover' (in addition to all-God allowing it). Otherwise, the conditions will simply reoccur in a slightly different form. Once this is accomplished, a combination of action from 'below' the prime mover and action from 'above' the prime mover is most effective. If the prime mover is 'turned', a form of good 'trickle down' will occur (grin).

I submit that the above is already in play. It will be interesting to see what 'manifests'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Alabaster Dream Castles and Fewmets under Glass.



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