Sunday, March 29, 2009

International Corporations and the Heart of Darkness

Usually I like to just say my piece and if you think I don’t have my facts in order then you can call me on it. Sometimes I make mistakes. I got a name wrong recently and I fixed it but generally I’m not wrong. It’s not that I’m wrong or right that seems to be the problem. The problem is that most people just don’t want to hear it. It could be that they know deep inside, in that place their greed and ignorance cannot veil, that somehow some of the blame comes back on them.

I have to hand out more than the usual amount of links today, as I did in the recent Smoking Mirrors, because sometimes clarity is central to understanding. Maybe it’s not sometimes, maybe it’s always that way. What I am going to say ties into the ongoing bank bailouts and the drug war and the war on terror and directs you back to something Marx said about wars being engineered for economic gain. It’s the men in the suits with the fountain pens who pull the trigger on the guns around the world.

I don’t know how far back it goes. I suppose, in one form or another, it’s always been there. Sometimes, like now, it’s got a full head of steam and 95% of the politicians are shameless whores for money and sometimes there are laws as safeguards that take lawyers a little longer to circumnavigate them. Where do you want to start? I won’t mention United Fruit cause you know all about that. You want to start in The Congo? You want to start in Columbia? Yeah... they’ve been at it in Columbia for awhile. You want to start in India with Monsanto who came up with the unique method of getting your victims to kill themselves? The suits at Monsanto have a nice spin on their end of the shit stick. They came up with their own version of that brown cotton candy. You see, it’s debt that’s responsible. Someone might ask them if there’s a connection between them and that debt but they’d just hand out more of the brown cotton candy.

We might look into the world mining interests. Most people don’t know much about corporate mining at home and abroad. Then again, most people don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground but it doesn’t stop them from mining there, anymore than it stops the corporations. Don’t get me started about Rothschild mining interests and Rio Tinto via West Papua. You might remember in one of Bushligula’s campaigns that mining interests were his biggest contributors. Maybe it was both campaigns.

It’s all about psychopaths in the playground. You’ve probably got enough to read by now so I won’t link anything about the arsenic poisoning of the Eastern European water supply or what that soybean mogul is doing in Brazil or... maybe I will. I will avoid the question of whether McDonald’s has anything going on with South American beef. I don’t want Snopes coming after me. Because, by this time it should be clear that some of the most serious killing operations are the corporations. Heck... we’ve even got a corporation whose business is killing for corporations and that would be Blackwater. Eric Prince is just another compassionate Christian like Bushligula is/was.

So what it really comes down to is materialism and you can’t leave out glamour either. Glamour is the shine that gets put on the ass of materialism which makes you hard and gets you thinking you might like to knock off a piece of that. Glamour is the beads of water on a sun tanned ass with shades and a glass of scotch, lying in a lounge chair in the Caribbean laid out in that magazine. That’s not nail polish on her fingers, that’s blood.

Certain nations are more deeply invested in this kind of thing around the world because certain nations are more into materialism as a religion. I suppose it could happen anywhere but at any moment it is happening more in particular places and those are the places that are also most involved in The War on Terror and the War on Drugs. The war on Terror is the cash cow of munitions and security firms as well as construction and sundry; communications and banking but... banking is on all sides of the equation. The War on Drugs is mostly the province of the pharmaceutical and liquor industries as well as the law enforcement dime but this is something you would tend to know anyway because all you have to do is follow the money.

Whoever is hauling in the most money are the same interests that owns the politicians and also prints the money out of thin air and then uses it as shackles for the limbs of the population of the world and to manufacture the whips that drive the workers at the wheel of industry.

In the end it’s all about slavery and indifferent murder and the blood is used to lubricate the machinery and oil the chains. You don’t want to think about this because it hits too close to home and you wouldn’t want to have to think about not buying some piece of crap you don’t need; would you? No, you wouldn’t want to do that, not when your eyes are fixed on that ass with the glistening beads of enchanting fantasy and you’ve got that trouser trout leaping in your pants.

Of course, the common mind will comfort itself with the knowledge that they are just putting food on their families and working to make their nation safe; worshiping the corporation Jesus, in the corporation church and being massaged into a vacant eyed docility with a surfeit of the rapidly vanishing good things in life. Yes... those churches keep getting bigger along with the preacher’s hair and his bank account... except that a lot of those churches aren’t getting built now are they? They look like the landscape outside of Marbella on the used to be the Costa del Sol.

Yes... Wal-Mart keep pumping out Fat City on the cheap and Rupert Murdoch is pumping out the cheap news with the pneumatic tits and inquiring minds are deep diving through celebrity underwear as a generation of vipers clicks away at the Gameboyz and cellphones while their minds surf the froth of a Starbucks latte in their mind and it’s gotten a little darker and a little leaner and a little more ominous but maybe that’s just part of the drama that adds to the excitement. Everything is going to be alright, you bet.

The thing is... well, the thing is that particular conditions always lead to particular results. You add certain elements together and you are going to get certain compounds. You combine certain social forces and you get certain social conditions and the same goes for economic conditions and so on and so forth. It’s like music. You set the beat a certain way and then you add in the particular instruments that move along a pathway of notes and you’ve got your theme song which always turns out to be some form of “Kansas City here I come”. Kansas City is just a metaphor for wherever you wind up because that is where you were headed. Why did you head that way? You were herded is what happened. It was part herding and part luring. The lures were placed all along the way like candy on the path to the witches’ house and I probably can’t use that image now because the PC police will be at my door.

You toss a lot of solvent soaked rags into the corner of your basement and you see what happens. It all adds up to whatever it adds up to, depending on what you added together. You can see what the components are if you care to look. What do you think it’s going to add up to?

Let me ask you this. Do you think it is okay for business interests, with the help of politicians, to murder and enslave entire populations so that you can have a more convenient lifestyle filled with useless crap? Do you think its okay when it turns out that you not only can’t get your useless crap anymore but now you are on the receiving end of the policies you pretended weren’t taking place? Let me ask you one final question; at what point do you think this is all going to dawn on you and where do you think you are going to be when that happens?

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Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Surrounded by Beautiful People

Let me see... if a day is like a thousand years then we are in the seventh day of this most recent excursion through a period of historical record. Evidence of places called Atlantis and Lemuria exist and we are occasionally hearing about some expedition that has discovered the location of one of them but then we don’t hear any more and I suspect they don’t know any more.

If you attempt to read that ponderous piece of dense and questionable literature from Gurdjieff entitled, Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson” you get the idea that the history we no longer have any record of goes way, way back. If you attempt to read the even denser and more ponderous tome, “The Urantia Book” you find that history goes so far back you wind up looking at your own rear end; just remember not to drop this book on your foot or you won’t be walking anywhere for awhile. If you take a look at some of the Scientology literature that keeps winding up on Usenet, much to the chagrin of these spiritual neo-Nazis, you find that history is nothing more than science fiction and that too goes back farther than any sane person wants to remember.

The Hindus talk about ‘kalpas’ which are enormous reaches of time and the Buddhists are no slouches either when it comes to years like the grains of sand on the Sahara. It makes our pitiful stretch of bloodshed and torments seem like the wink of an eye. Since I am a student of ‘occult’ history; which is very different from the more pervasive yellow sheet history that you get spoon fed by the mind monitors in your halls of not learning, my view is that whatever history there was you didn’t get much of it. You got bunk, as Henry Ford called it. You got the history written by the victors upon the skin parchment of the victims.

It appears that we don’t know much about what came before and it looks like we generally don’t know jack about what’s coming. Here we are in the seventh day and the one thing you might reasonably expect is that we might have learned something about how to behave toward each other but we haven’t learned a damn thing about that either.

For a good example, take a look at this. Under the hammer-hand of ‘hose-me’ Mubarak, the Egyptian authorities snatched a large herd of dangerous sheep on their way through the tunnels into Gaza. Possibly your first thought is that these sheep were going to have child suicide bombers strapped to their bellies like some replay from The Odyssey and then a bunch of Hamas cowboys would stampede them across the Israeli border.

Perhaps they were going to inject the sheep with TNT, stick a fuse in their ass and then launch them via wooden catapults into settler communities? What kind of walking upright lizards have so much time and rancor on their hands that they can get up to rustling sheep from a starving and brutalized population? We haven’t learned a damn thing. We behave like a predatory, cannibal virus on this planet. If you look under a microscope at the Ebola virus you’ll see milling IDF figures barbecuing Palestinians over a slow fire.

You might think we’ve come some distance since Vlad the Impaler was Mr. Shish Kabob or Tamerlane was engaged in his human masonry projects but we haven’t gone anywhere at all. We are still, as far as the larger body of our fellows goes, a mob of hydrophobic swine feeding on each other. On the one hand are billions of Schmoos who make the Dodo Bird look like a Fulbright scholar and on the other hand there are some thousands of two legged Komodo Dragons who think everyone else looks like a Japanese tourist with a camera who got too close. They’re knocking back the Schmoos like popcorn at a snuff film and it just goes on and nothing changes.

Seven thousand years of brutal inhumanity and we haven’t learned anything. How many men like George Galloway have we got? Where is the outrage? In a just world, Israel would now be fused glass and 90 some percent of our political and religious leaders would be locked up in cages in a Zoo of Remembrance as an example of how not to be.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Seven thousand years and counting and the only difference between you and the classical image of the cave man are your weapons and appliances. Other than that, nothing has changed.

Here we have one of the most powerful militaries on Earth. Daily, they are killing the people they have driven off of their own land into tiny concentration camps... for sport and amusement. They walk around wearing t-shirts like this. And the world sees nothing wrong? They waltzed into the area and began poisoning the Palestinians wells, they murdered whole families and villages and drove 700,000 people into exile and now they are crushing those who will not go away into smaller and smaller ghettos while wringing their hands over some injury done them and which they have magnified beyond any connection to reality and... if you say anything about it they want to throw you into jail and... the world says nothing.

Here and there, across the world, are pockets of human beings surrounded by sleepwalking zombies and ravenous vultures who feed upon them. How can so many of us be so blind and senseless? How can so few of us be all that there are of us?

In The Congo, where six million really did die, they used to dig into the ground with shovels to extract this special metal that goes into cellphones and Playstations and other gadgets. The women who truck the shit out in baskets wear a rope around their foreheads to carry the weight. The rope cuts so deep that a permanent calloused groove remains and now they don’t have shovels any more because the militias took them and so they dig with their hands. Rape, murder and mutilation are a daily affair in this land about which the world does not care.

Senseless cruelty and starvation abound while rich men have lunch and talk about world hunger. Meanwhile your world is crumbling too, isn’t it?

Seven thousand years of film on this present reel and all it is... is hunger and fear on one side and debutante balls on the other.

Just another pointless rant against a deaf and unfeeling world but it needs be said. Maybe someone will pull a printout from a smoking landfill of a dead civilization and read it some day.

Well... I’m hopeful (grin). I have no idea why I am hopeful but I am. I keep thinking that ‘they’ have to wake up. They have to wake up someday don’t they?

I don’t know what’s going to happen to that herd of sheep but it’s probably the same thing that’s going to happen to you.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Too Fat to Fly and too Selfish to Try

Someone got on my case a few weeks ago for what he perceived as unnecessarily dumping on fat people. Well, he’s a cranky sort to begin with and often goes off the handle for reasons known only to himself. However... to be fair to me and... that’s just as important as my being fair to you, I’ve got no beef with fat people... heh heh... that doesn’t sound right. Let me rephrase that, I’m not prejudiced against anyone or anything except for ignorance and gross materialism which both operate together. I’ve also got something against unbridled greed and psychopathic behavior toward the masses. You could probably throw in a few other things like genocide and various criminal behavior but that should go without saying.

When I talk about fat and how we could power whole cities by the energy generated by the friction between the thighs of the pathologically obese, as they make their way back and forth from the icebox, I am talking about cultural disease and what better place to talk about that than right here at “Reflections in a Petri Dish”?

Now... both ignorance and materialism come into play here... as does some amount of unbridled greed and... on a deeper level, the need to insulate one’s emotional being from life’s vulnerabilities which ties into something I believe which is that civilization is humanities reaction to pain and... all of this catering to appetite; this need for insane conveniences and ‘push a button and make it happen’ mindset tends to set my teeth on edge because this cancerous mentality that seeks to consume without end and demand without shame, just so happens to intrude on my ability to move about freely in what should be a beautiful world without being threatened by raging brontosauruses and Tyrannosaurus Rex’s who either want to crush me with their insistence on taking up all of the world’s available space or eat me if I stand around long enough.

I’m not talking about being crushed by being sat on by someone who has to pay for two airline seats or should be wearing a sign that says, “wide load” when they come down the sidewalk or try to get past me on a public conveyance. I am talking about the mindset that causes a person to operate as if they are entitled to their space and mine. This is why I live in the more remote rural areas as a matter of necessity and why I avoid urban areas the way I avoid doctors. Both of them are harmful to my health and ought to have warning stickers.

It’s the stupidity and laziness of it that gets me. It’s the lack of all restraint and the opting for immediate gratification that gives me a certain kind of mental shingles. Let’s look at soft drinks. Let’s look at the Big Gulp phenomena. Let’s look at the supermarket carts that are loaded with this shit. Let’s walk into any supermarket and notice that there are more soft drinks along with junk and processed food than there is real food. Where did all these incredibly obese people come from? They came from the soft drink aisle by way of the doctor’s slips from indulgent parents that fabricated an ‘issue’ that got them out of the physical education thing in school.

Let’s look at aspartame. Aspartame does not help you maintain a certain weight and it does not help you lose weight. It causes you to gain weight. If you add in the various varieties of sugar in the non-diet drinks you are looking at one of the main reasons for Michelin Man Flu. You should take one of those soft drinks that probably now come in a fifty gallon drum and you should read the amount of sugar that is included. You should try to do the math and once you have figured out the weight in terms you can deal with then you should go down to the super market and buy that amount of sugar and pour it all out on your dining room table and look at it. That... and a whole lot more than that went into you and... consider... add up how many soft drinks you drink in two months and you might well find you have consumed that fifty gallon drum or more. Then you might do some addition according to years and...

Now you know why there is a diabetes epidemic and why so many people are in terrible health and near bone dead stupid besides because... this stuff does things to your brain a lot worse than illegal drugs do and... it’s perfectly alright for these corporations to sell it to you and to put junk food vending machines in elementary schools. You know why? It’s going to be so much easier to get you to do what ‘they’ want you to do and you’re not going to be in much shape to resist are you? What this means is that when whatever barbarians take over I’m going to have to watch out even though... even though I and some other number of people are not doing the insane things that you are.

So you get in your car and you drive to the fast food restaurant and you waddle inside and you get however many family packs you need; whether you have a family or not and you eat it. Or you go to the freezer and you take out these frozen monstrosities which have ingredients with names longer than any German word I’ve ever come across and sometimes contains more than 60 of them; I’ve checked so, you can verify if you need to.

Now you add in that TV watching thing and the consumption of the colorfully packaged shit I was just talking about and now what have you got? You’ve got a nation of beached whales asthmatically wheezing into the lightless, alcoholic, American night. Yes... we need to add in alcohol too. We might as well throw in polyester and pleather and Styrofoam too.

Of course... putting this crap in your body is a slow and sometimes not so slow act of suicide but... what about the things you are putting in your head as well? Why are you being fed all of this crap? Maybe it’s because you like crap and maybe it’s because somebody knows it’s going to make you more pliant, less aware and stupider by the day.

You don’t want to hear about it... no... no... tomorrow will be a better day. You’ll wake up looking like Tom Cruise with an enormous Johnson or that chick from the soap opera with the pneumatic tits that look like the nose cones of a rocket when she lies on her back. If the surgeon can’t make it happen then they’re going to have a pill for you by the end of the week. Ah... but you can’t afford the surgeon any more and now you’re going to need two cardboard boxes to sleep in; two big boxes, refrigerator boxes.

Yeah, I’m insensitive, but I’m not half as insensitive as you. Look what you did to my planet. Yeah... take a look.

What this all means is that the really awful things that have been happening over the last couple of decades can be laid at your doorstep because you went to sleep. You thought eternal vigilance was the price of being able to get into Wal-Mart early. You now believe that three buildings came down at free fall into their own footprint and one of them didn’t even get hit by a plane. Meanwhile, worse things happen to less soundly constructed high rises and there’s no repeat of the phenomena; much less 3 in the space of a few hours.

So... what this got you was an ever increasingly slew of repressive laws with more and more people being labeled as terrorists by the terrorists who are running the show; or think they do. This mindless prostitution of your humanity in the service of your appetites doesn’t just affect you. It affects real people as well. Herein is the problem.

Well, I think I’ve said all I have to say about this today and you can think about it for whatever time you think you can spare but I’m not sanguine about your giving it much thought at all because it surely couldn’t be your fault. It has to be somebody else’s.

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